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    Many mistrades are to buy food for 2k+ PPU from clicking on the Create Offer page and then forgetting to change the resource type. An easy fix to this would be to set the Create Offer default resource type to match the resource of the originating page. ie. if a player clicks Create Offer from a screen that was filtering on iron, then the default resource should be iron instead of food. If the originating page isn't filtering on a resource type, then just leave the default resource type to food. I think this would be as simple as appending something like "&defaultResource=iron" to the Create Offer button and updating the Create Offer page to consume that parameter. If this is too much work, then a simpler change would be to just unset the default resource type. Leave it blank, thus requiring players to select their desired resource.
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    I'm sorry, but, I'm truly confused. Can we call their art demands stupid while also viciously defending the joke terms of this war as inconsequential and utterly non-punitive?
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    Hopefully not in the top 10 of VMers. 😜
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    I mean mechanics might be one thing that may inhibit war but I think that is a fairly large cop out. The treaty whoring that we've seen is by far the largest cause for wars to not happen for extended amount of time. Hypothetically let's say t$ wanted to hit NPO. NPO is tied to quite a few alliances, who themselves are tied to even more alliances. Very quickly t$ would have to fight 20+ alliances to hit NPO. So the logical answer is to therefore get enough alliances on board on their side to be able to compete. Most alliances have their own plans so convincing them can be hard, there also usually is tussling over when everyone can/wants to do it. Now multiply that by the fact they need to now coordinate with 20+ alliances and you work out quite quickly why wars and organising them take an agonisingly long time. Spam treaties more and the longer wars will take to happen.
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    If anything, what you just said proves Adrienne’s point. Not only are you clearly ignorant of your prot’s actions, but you have yet to realize that the actions of your prots are a direct reflection of you. While you can attempt to put the blame on Robert Gero for your shortcomings of judgement & communication in this particular situation, blame/ridicule should still be directed to Pantheon and its leader. Best wishes on improving Pantheon’s brand 🙂
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    Hola! My fellow blood sucking tyrants/rulers/(ahem!) angels - I hope you are having fun. Playing this game for a few days and am liking it so far.Now is the time to join an alliance since might stick around and be a pain in the <<edited by admin>> for some time. Looking for an alliance which gives certain degree of freedom(in farming) but can have rules which are practical.Also if the tax is non-existent or super low that would help.If there are grants and free loans for a new player that would help also for the many cities+army I need. Also is there any guide which can point me to nation score and suggested army information? Thanks. ciao. -KN
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    Yes yes yes, clearly our unwillingness to budge from your sides refusals was clearly the reason it dragged out 🙄. As I said had the terms reached been proposed by your side early on the war would have been done long ago. We didn't have a need to peace out, due to all the winning. Virtually all the talk I saw in our channels was "We're fine letting this go as long as it needs to". No needed a peace, was there even a want? Not really. It was a more apathy towards peace. If it happens it happens, if not, that's okay too. The fact that you think the terms were ridiculous just further solidifies the fact of how little you actually understand about these games. The fact that you think the side who supplied the original terms had to make counter offers is hilarious. As someone who actually does contractual negotiations, when coming from the position of power (see: winning side) and you go "we want X", and the side coming from no power (see: losing side) goes "no". The onus doesn't fall on us to find a compromise when there's no reason to. You guys need to come up with something we find acceptable. The fact that you don't understand that sort of thing.. I mean.. SRD my man. I'm at a loss for words. Going to go back to ignoring you, consider your overwhelming ignorance a victory.
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    Automated Trading The use of any script, bot, macro, or other form of automated trading is strictly prohibited in Politics & War. These programs give players who use them an unfair advantage over normal players, and use of them is punishable by banishment. --------- 01/12 06:44 am BlackAsLight of Native Australians accepted your trade offer. BlackAsLight received $15,727,422.00 and in exchange you received 7,782 food. 01/12 06:44 am Talus of Golgotha accepted your trade offer. Talus received $4,482,578.00 and in exchange you received 2,218 food. I mistakenly put a buy offer in for food at 06:43/06:44 and before I could cancel it the above happened. As we all know TKR will never return those as they do not believe in sportsmanship and fair play. My suggestion to ensure going forward that levels the playing field is and to stop automated bots, and therefore TKR members, having an unfair advantage over normal players: to minimise the amount of times an automated bot can ping the API for data rather than having a dropdown menu for selecting resources, use a checkbox instead have a minimum length of time that the API updates and before anyone says the bot isn't automated, the only thing that isn't automated is someone has to click a link, everything else is automated.
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    My post was in reference to your reply of Adrienne. Based on the information that you provided, I was able to present my thoughts in the manner that I did. No agenda needed. What narrative am I trying to push? That Pantheon is terrible? I don’t feel the need to push that narrative as you’re doing a stand-up job of pushing that narrative yourself.
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    Good, strong, professional alliances fight long wars. Weak alliances can't. We've reached a stage of the game where a lot of the fat has been boiled off and a few bad rounds aren't that intimidating.
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    What: Ban @Noctis from positing on the forums indefinitely Why: Derailing almost any thread he steps foot into and constant complaining. ...... We must protect the "down vote hippo" at all costs (Hippo part is a joke, the rest is legit) So today i ask all sides of Orbis from TKR to BK to sign this to tell Alex we have had enough! Lets make the forums a better place to hate, lets keep the toxicity a acceptable level! We need to protect our wildlife and keep people from poaching our Hippos
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    As a general reminder about how term 1 of the peace accords affects Grumpy, people seem to be under the impression that grumpy's name is supposed to be changed to grumpy. This however is false, as grumpy refers only to grumpy, but not grumpy, as grumpy is the acronym of grumpy, and the term only affected the acronym. As such, to say that grumpy is grumpy is wrong, and to demand that grumpy change grumpy to grumpy on top of changing grumpy to grumpy falls outside of the scope of the treaties signed by grumpy in order to end the war between grumpy and Coalition A. Grumpy's name is not grumpy, and though below grumpy on grumpy's alliance page says grumpy in accordance to the treaty that demands that grumpy changes grumpy to grumpy, this still does not mean that grumpy is grumpy. All it is is that grumpy's acronym grumpy has been changed to grumpy in accordance to the treaty signed by grumpy ending grumpy's war with Coalition A, and has no bearing up grumpy having been changed to grumpy alongside grumpy being changed to grumpy. I hope this clarifies things up to everyone @Ockey5.
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    The rivalry that shaped this game the most was Paracov vs Syndsphere.
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    You can calm down there. You may not like it when people bring up what you done to regain control of Pantheon in a negative light. We get it that in your eyes you rode in as a white knight to save an alliance making death noises. That is your perspective. Others have the view that you took advantage, done the alliance dirty, no different than what you are claiming DustyDart done. So instead of coming out here beating your chest, trying to climb the podium of higher morality over the cesspool, you can reflect how your alliance can be a better protector and train your little minions. Let's be honest you have obligation to ensure their success which you failed. OOC: Many of those people you view as toxic have been extremely helpful with the micro I belong too. You might forget that we are all playing characters in this game. Some people are villains while others are heroes. If people are choosing to walk away from the game because they cannot understand this than they were truly never playing the game. Like it or not the game is called politics & war. Not arts & crafts. So being able to have various opinions and drama is good for the game overall. If you and others wise to take a moral position than we need players to take the immoral stance. It's already a boring game where nothing happens so grab your crew and I'll grab mine so we can have a good old politic drama fight in public. Let's make PnW great again.
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    One of the main terms in Knightfall is getting rid of a trade bot to prevent people from screwing up a trade offer and not having enough time to fix it before someone pounces on it. This proposal all but ensures that if someone enters their trade offer wrong they will get screwed over. I know from personal experience I have screwed an offer up, say click sell instead of buy or vice versa but was able to quickly take the offer down before losing it. This would eliminate any possibility of being able to quickly fix your mistake.
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    Well this got sirius.
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    I strongly agree with Alex about the trade bots and automatic offers. One of the things I like about this game is for someone who is especially motivated and active, they can make extra money day trading, posting lots of offers buying and reselling resources and profiting off the difference. I really like the dynamic of having a choice of whether or not to just accept an offer and get what you want immediately at a less favorable price, or post something at a more favorable price at the cost of having to wait on it to be accepted and with the risk that it will not be accepted at all. More active players who are willing to wait and keep posting offers will get better deals. And it's fun to come up with strategies to post offers in a way that are more likely to be accepted and outcompete other traders. It's also favorable to newer players and smaller nations because smaller trade offers are more likely to be accepted quickly and less likely to be undercut. There are diminishing returns to how much you can earn day trading. Speaking personally, when my nation was much smaller and my income was in the 5-15 mill a day range, I often earned somewhere around a million a day trading resources. And even when I wasn't day trading, I still made a lot of effort to get the best prices that I could when buying or selling resources for my nation. As I got bigger, it became a smaller percentage of my income and stopped being worth the real-life effort to optimize. Now I do more of a mix of posting or accepting offers depending on how big the spread is, how much I'm trying to buy or sell, and how pressing my need is to make the exchange. I'll even say that it's taught me some things that can apply to real life economics. In particular, the idea that you can get better prices for yourself if you have more time and keep money and/or resources sitting around available to be traded. Having to balance getting better prices vs the opportunity cost of keeping aside cash and resources for trading.
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    So let me guess Sean was secretly leading the alliance.
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    Not gonna lie. Pantheon's micros have had it pretty rough this war. Sirius I. Leader quits over downvotes (taunts TCW...and loses) II. Heir Joined BK III. Nova Riata Spy / Multi IV. Bank Theft V. Overthrown Democracy VI. Democracy strikes back and deposes leadership VII. New Leadership drops Panth VIII. Sirius peaces Nova IX. Sirius gets hit without allies X. Sirius gets couped by Dusty Godfury Leader has been AFK for a month Drops all their protectorates after seeing down votes... Debates with 28 point posts. United Hoods Merges with the most inactive alliance in the top 50. Discord not required. Bonus Round: The Crimson Entente Declares war on Nova Riata. No offensive wars... Surrenders to an alliance pinned and 1/6th their size Steals Bank / Disbands @DustyDart You're late. Nova's got the luck of the Irish. Literally every opponent dies a few weeks in.
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    I think 1, 3, and 5 as well as the bugfixes are what you can realistically expect sometime in the future. I don't have any desire to set up automatic trade fulfillment or allow trade bots in the game, however. You said it yourself - the market is one of the best parts about the game. Automating it into something meaningless would, I think, quite effectively destroy one of the best parts of the game. Opportunities for arbitrage make the game far more interesting in my opinion. Communication about trades, speculation on prices, etc. all add to the important of in-game coordination and activity. Letting algorithms decide all the buying and selling would remove a huge driver of activity in-game.
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    I call upon thee @Radoje
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    Damn... And I thought I had it tough. xD
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    Hey I did that once and TGH made a meme out of me. EDIT: Found it, I wanted to click timeline... >_> @Hodor https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/23445-propaganda-time/&amp;do=findComment&amp;comment=373448
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