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  1. Ivan Ivanov

    2019 Award Suggestions

    Best Game Suggestion and Best Game Suggestions member. Not that that’s me, though, but I’ve seen some good ones.
  2. I do not understand a single thing about the politics of this game. I’m a simple man. Game Suggestions is where it’s at.


    what the fricc is going on right now someone explain

    1. ArcKnox


      -KETOGG (KT, Empyrea, TGH, Oblivion, Guardian, Grumpy) gets blue balls from the peace and hits Chaos bloc because it's the only thing not attached to a gigantic web of chaining defense treaties

      -TCW gets war plans leaked where it plans to roll Chaos and ask t$/NPO to roll KETOGG

      -KETOGG and Chaos end their war and declare on the participants in the leaked Chaos war plans

      -Half the game gets called in by aforementioned web of chaining defense treaties

      -The Syndicate (and unnamed affiliates *cough* NPO *cough*) declares war on Grumpy and Guardian and states its intent to keep the war contained to those alliances and only those alliances if KETOGG/Chaos does. There are differing interpretations as to whether this was or was not in support of BK sphere, and various shades of gray in between.

      -NPO declares on TKR

      -t$ withdraws from the war

      -YOU ARE HERE-

    2. Ivan Ivanov

      Ivan Ivanov

      So basically, A attacks B. Plans of C to attack A and B get leaked, so A and B team up to attack C together?

    3. Thalmor


      Yes. But add in D attacking A and B to help C even though C and D aren't suppose to be working together anymore.

  3. Ivan Ivanov

    National Projects during wars

    This. I don’t think this suggestion needs further discussion.
  4. Ivan Ivanov

    An Orbis Chronicle: The Endgame

    Uh.... Yes. I agree.
  5. I’ve stated it before, but one thing we definitely need with cities is the ability to buy infra to a certain point. e.g I’ve got 1874.43 infra, and I put into the box “2000”. The game would then buy 125.57 infra. It’d be very easy to repair after wars. Perhaps you could also bulk buy infra in all cities to a certain level?
  6. Ivan Ivanov

    The cure for everything is saltwater

    Beware the kraken!
  7. Ivan Ivanov

    New Project: Telecommunications Satellite

  8. Wait. IIRC an old glitch in iOS Minecraft allowed you to duplicate items by getting two players to grab them from a chest at the same time. History repeats itself?
  9. Ivan Ivanov

    ANN - Ghost Ships and Magic Treasure!

    Ah, elementary, my dear Watson.
  10. Ivan Ivanov

    Delete the game

    Approved. Nothing to debate here.
  11. Hi, I’m back, what’d I miss?

  12. Ivan Ivanov

    Turn on/off treaties in the Treaty Web

    As in game mandated and supported blocs? That doesn’t sound that bad. They’d form like an alliance, except without a bank or something similar.
  13. Ivan Ivanov

    KNN-Its the end as we know it

    Pirate Island Times: infinity +1 more reliable
  14. Ivan Ivanov

    Military Perks and Black Market

    Holy shit this existed?
  15. Ivan Ivanov

    Turn on/off treaties in the Treaty Web

    I like both of these ideas. Simple, seems easy to implement, and wouldn’t negatively affect the game. Seal of approval.
  16. Ivan Ivanov

    Treasures - Random idea that might be trash

    It’d be cool if all the VIPs could vote on a new treasure idea, like colour bloc voting. Also on the original idea, did you mean put money and resources forward like a bid in an auction?
  17. Ivan Ivanov

    Quality of Life Improvements

    *Carefully, he’s a hero*
  18. Ivan Ivanov

    Quality of Life Improvements

    Found mine! Seriously, though, thank you for the compile. I can’t imagine the amount of stress taken off of Alex’s shoulders now that he doesn’t have to look through each suggestion.
  19. Ivan Ivanov

    A Serious Message For Orbis

    Get well soon, comrade. #disbandwalletandjoinbiel
  20. Ivan Ivanov

    Small Thing Regarding Forum Reputation

    I vote we change all high upvote names to “Minesome’nt” “Noctisn’t” and “Duelosn’t”.
  21. Anyone have a list of every default war declaration message?

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    2. Dio Brando

      Dio Brando

      Welcome to Orbis
      Get off my plane
      Say hello to my little friend!
      Me too, thanks
      Luke... I am your father
      We don't like you
      Gib me all ur moneyz
      Do you feel lucky, punk?
      Hasta la vista, baby!
      A not-so-general dispute
      I couldn't come up with anything better than the default
      We have come to liberate you
      You're a disease, and I'm the cure
      We like taking candy from babies
      You brought this on yourself

      All I can think of.

    3. Alex


      I do

    4. Ivan Ivanov

      Ivan Ivanov

      Could you message it to me, Alex? I’d like to come up with some more defaults and I would like to see all the ones already in the game. Thank you too, Dio.

  22. Ivan Ivanov

    End off-shore banks for Alliances

    I like the idea of making the alliance bank unlootable. Would make the first attack be a naval battle to blockade, and because of it requiring an extra turn to pull off, would reward people who react quickly and deposit all in the AA bank before a blockade can be set.
  23. Ivan Ivanov

    Space Race

    I really like the alliance project idea. Huge, endgame stuff that provide big benefits either to the entire alliance or globally, stuff like boosts to income or reduced radiation.
  24. Ivan Ivanov

    Few ideas.

    I like em all, especially the resource cap. That seems like it boost prices in resources (but I’m not studying economics, so I’m not positive). Perhaps the resource increases could be projects, or to make it more interesting, an improvement? Losing the improvement would lose half the resources stored in it to the attacker, and the other half destroyed. This would discourage the use of pirate, which seems to be the meta.
  25. Ivan Ivanov

    Mass Infra Buying

    But what will happen to all the decimals when we do th change? Will you round up or down?

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