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    Alliance Government Tier Numbers

    I do spend a lot of time in this subforum. Sorry about the mess, I just got home. But I like this idea! It would make it easier to have game-mandated minister roles like FA and IA. I also think that instead of just increasing, we should be able to create additional roles at will, kinda like discord.
  2. Ivan Ivanov

    Credit-paid auto messenger

    Before I start anything: this idea is probably going to be controversial. Downvote as you wish; I've got the karma to spare and I'm prepared to receive hate and possibly much needed criticism for this idea. I suggest that we implement some sort of automated alliance recruiting bot that runs on credits. This bot would automatically send a message to each new nation created, the contents of which can be specified by the user. To prevent spam from every alliance, it would cost a large amount of credits (10 maybe? More, less?). Thoughts?
  3. Ivan Ivanov

    BoC and TF Presents: A Meme Competition!

    *walks in, stage left* *wild applause, I wait for it to die down with a look on my face that indicates I can barely hold in my laughter* "Ahem". "KT man bad" *whole theater ERUPTS* massive MEME very cool thx
  4. Ivan Ivanov

    Market regulations

    10 farms per city might actually be a smart idea, I like it. It would certainly stop the flood the OP is suggesting.
  5. Ivan Ivanov

    Credit-paid auto messenger

    I think it should be a rent service, 10 credits per two days maybe?
  6. Ivan Ivanov

    Credit-paid auto messenger

    And that’s the thing; I don’t want to make it cheap because then every alliance would use it.
  7. Ivan Ivanov

    Liberation Time!

    Wasn't that a global war from a while ago?
  8. Ivan Ivanov

    Liberation Time!

    Uhh... I don't spend much time in the Politics part of this game, I'm more of an '&' guy. Someone want to explain to me what's going on here? Civil war? Feeder alliance attacking mother?
  9. Ivan Ivanov

    LAST ONE TO COMMENT WINS $1,000,000!

    holy cheeseitz this thread is still going
  10. Ivan Ivanov

    Most viewed page on leaderboards

    wy does yuo thin k of its is baed idae? srory i not no good inglish. And you've said it before yourself, you want feedback, not straight disagreements. GIVE FEEDBACK.
  11. Ivan Ivanov

    Insert thread @here

    Wait so what happened last time?
  12. Ivan Ivanov

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    l o l looks like the romans had had enough of Greece
  13. Ivan Ivanov

    "The Die is Cast"---SPQR is Here

    I better be seeing all War declarations in Latin or someone’s getting fired.
  14. Ivan Ivanov

    War Morale

    How’s about for every 10% decease below 50% in government approval you lose 1 resistance point damage? e.g at 41% resistance a ground battle will do 10 res damage. At 40, it does 9. At 30, it does 8. etc.
  15. Ivan Ivanov

    Baseball buff

    Yeah man I like this idea! The increase of cost in stadiums is pretty okay also. Will they keep their commerce increase?
  16. Ivan Ivanov

    Baseball tournaments

    I propose we implement a system that makes multiple nation baseball tournaments easier. It works like this; A number of nations sign up for a tournament, with the host nation of the tournament setting the joining fee. For this example, let’s say the joining fee was 1 million, and four nations (including the host) are participating. The current baseball algorithm plays a game between nation 1 and 2. Let’s say nation 2 wins. Then, the algorithm plays a baseball game between 3 and 4. Let’s say 4 wins. Finally, the algorithm runs a game between 2 and 4, with nation 2 winning. Nation 2 wins the four million dollars, or whatever the total amount of money the joining fee was. Of course, the joining fee can change, perhaps even costing recourses instead of money, and the amount of nations participating can change as well.
  17. I like the current login reward system. It builds up after a while, and you get 300k each day. But as you grow bigger 300k becomes less of a bonus and becomes almost nothing. Which is why I propose that more awards be added to the login system, but over a longer period of time. e.g 10 days of continuous login: 1 million, 50 days of continuous login: 5 million (maybe higher, maybe lower, you get the point). Perhaps even change the daily amount from 300k Max to a different amount based in score. 200+ score the max could be 400k. 1000+ score the max could be 1 million. Numbers change, of course, but the basic principle is there.
  18. Ivan Ivanov

    "The Die is Cast"---SPQR is Here

    2020: Year of the cavemen themes
  19. Ivan Ivanov

    War Morale

    It’s not grammar nazism. I go back on my statement I made on one of your other barely legible posts. You are playing an English speaking game, with the majority of its players speaking English. If you don’t learn how to speak basic English then I’m sorry we can’t do anything with your ideas (tbh they were all pretty bad anyway).
  20. I propose that players have the ability to directly send money to a nation. Sure, we have the current method of selling 1 food or something similar, but we could simplify the process. This change would benefit banks, peace talks, etc.
  21. Ivan Ivanov

    Fortify rebuff

    Ah, I get it now. Your idea isn't actually that bad. One fortify equals (e.g) 5% more casualties of enemy, 2nd fortify could do +10%, third +5%, fourth +2%. I actually like this idea now.
  22. Ivan Ivanov

    Combine Nukes and Missiles

    A missile without a warhead makes the missile do nothing. A warhead isn't always nuclear, it could be just the explosive of the missile.
  23. Ivan Ivanov

    Beige timeout date

    I'm not beige, so I can't find exact evidence, but doesn't the game do this anyway? I thought it showed turns remaining in beige with the days next to it.
  24. Ivan Ivanov


    This idea seems somewhat useful. A quick way to end a war if someone is being rolled and wants it over and done with. It seems like it wouldn't get used much so I'd put it on low-priority but besides from that it seems okay.
  25. Ivan Ivanov

    Combine Nukes and Missiles

    I'm not even going to try deconstruct this post. Just, no. Could we get a delete on this one, admins? THIS IS NOT HOW A MISSILE WORKS, AND NOT HOW IT IS RIGHT NOW.

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