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  1. Quichwe10

    Shifty News Network-Voters Guide to the 2018 Rose Presidential Elections

    Who won?
  2. Quichwe10

    That was slightly but not really entertaining.

    To put in a bit more coherent bit on why we decided to break with OP La Mafia, after both the split of a good chunk of its gov into Defcon 1 and OP's rebranding into La Mafia, it's basically devolved into the equivalent of a long distance relationship that's just faded away. TFP didn't actually realize OP had been rebranded until a few weeks later when I poked my head into their discord because I noticed their server icon changing and asked where the TFP alliance embassy went, and then nobody talked to each other up until now. We felt that it would be better to just discontinue the treaty due to the extremely vast distance that's grown between us, and also because we seriously have a pretty big number of treaties as well. In hindsight, maybe we should have just made the title of this be "It's not you, it's me" and themed it as a mutual break up. Anyway, while we may be parting ways, best of luck to La Mafia. I don't know all too much about your current gov, but it was good to have you with us. And, @Epi, while your analysis isn't too far off mark, we also have a vested interest in playing so we all don't die. You may blame TEst for the last one. +1 for that and using The Count in a meme.
  3. Quichwe10

    Shifty News Network-Rock n Roll Fantasy

    Sooo.... Where do we go to get the trademarks and copy rights? Is there a Sheepy office for Intellectual Property?
  4. Quichwe10

    Sorry, no Rerolls this time.

    frick, if that means IQ makes condoms, Gerber might be a good investment.
  5. Quichwe10

    Containment Breach!

    Remember to keep an ample supply of Class D personnel on hand.
  7. Quichwe10

    War Boys I: The Legend...CONTINUES

    Roz now anti-hero?
  8. Quichwe10

    Shifty News Network-Insider report from the globalist cabal

    Mein gott, I just got back from a week and a half long vacation, what happened.
  9. Quichwe10

    How do i get a statekraft account?

    ...Huh. I managed to grab an open key to the game off the 80 keys released in Twitter last year. It's... well, quite threadbare. Also, budgets don't seem to work, and there's an error when I try to see the Territory bit of the game. There's no trade, no technology, and not stocks as well. Any other community stuff is also missing.
  10. Quichwe10

    Maintain Balance?

    Well, if we're talking making the game dynamic and less stale, yes, you could do that. Unfortunately, that tends to lead to an issue of a "no u first" at times, since the side that breaks up first becomes weaker and can get his by the people who didn't break up yet. And... Personally, experience from TEst has taught me quite well that an alliance cannot hope to stand alone, and as such, we must make allies if we are to be able to prosper and keep a hold of said prosperity and the wealth that comes with such prosperity.
  11. Quichwe10

    200th missile launched

    Usually don't use missiles very often due to both my size and my terribly shit luck with missiles getting shot down. For me though, the main turn off is the MAP cost and the fact that usually my mass airstrike can deal a hell of a lot more damage and possibly get me Air control, or my ground attack can run in and smash all the banks and get me cash, or my naval attack that stops aid from flowing in. It has it's uses, but that usefulness kinda starts to fall off later into the game, though last ditch missile strikes are always fun.
  12. Quichwe10

    Continuing death of democracy

    A full republican government structure usually tends to suck. TFP's current government form is sorta elective monarchy at this point, since we don't actually have terms but gov is done via nomination and general acceptance from gov and membership. However, a lot of decisions are run through the membership in order to take suggestions and opinions on things. It's a bit slower, but usually helps me cut down on workload and also pick up things that I missed on by myself. However, it's probably a bit of a unique thing that stems from both the fact that most of our membership usually sticks to themselves and rarely outside of the alliance and from there being a very distinct lack of codified roles, rules, and procedures to follow. Much of our actual democratic processes is done because that's how I'd rather it be.
  13. Quichwe10

    American Embassy In Jerusalem - My Thoughts

    Personally speaking, not really a great fan of it due to that know murdering several paths to peace between Israel and Palestine. That, and I'd also like the Middle East not to be a perpetual bonfire for the rest of my life, which this doesn't help. And finally, really hoping the GOP popped the diplomatic security budget up since last time, since I got a feeling there's a lot more risk in Jerusalem rather than Tel Aviv.
  14. Quichwe10

    An Orbis Chronicle: The Fall of Buorhann

    Gone by the time I finished the first page.
  15. Quichwe10

    An Orbis Chronicle: The Fall of Buorhann

    *sigh* Well this has been a shitshow.

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