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  1. Well, shit, that's unfortunate, especially the hospital being unstaffed at the time. Have the police revealed any further details on what the mentioned warrant was on, and what offenses they were for? Not quite sure on the whole, police station lights turned off as the residents were outside though.
  2. With all due respect, peace talks have already been taken out the back and shot by the unwillingness of IQ to present terms to us. At that point, considering that we're getting stories of how the war's been prolonged from IQ membership is vastly different than our own experience, we may as well just set the story straight here and hope that pressure coming from another direction may do some good, because as perhaps you've seen, what was happening before didn't do much.
  3. I think then the issue is how do you propose to move forwards? Because we've been sitting at the table for over 20 days, and the other party's refused to show up. Normal channels did not work. Channels through contacts did not work. What possible other channels are there other than the public forum? It's a long shot that maybe internal alliance pressures can maybe force IQ alliance leadership into actually doing something, but it's still better than the absolute nothing that we've had before. IQ has more or less forced this to continue indefinitely, and unfortunately, we're stuck along for the ride because it takes 2 to peace out.
  4. At the risk of being drawn back into the discussion over this, the incident in question was solely done for a treasure, which Roq then responded by claiming that it was slot filling and that he was going to report us to Alex for rule breaking, unless we committed to air strikes. Unfortunately whether or not this would have counted as war interference slipped our minds as the immediate response was to look at game rules and request that Alex weigh in on things.
  5. @Kastor, you basically have to be a god of diplomacy to have anything approaching feasibility with that. The game environment just isn't conducive towards neutral alliances. It's all a matter of time before you have a protector get tired of you sitting there quietly, like as happened with DB, or people just end up deciding that they just want to hit you for fun and profit, like the TFP of the isolationist days.
  6. @Noctis Anarch Caelum, @Marxalot, due to the legal fight over Marijuana, it's not surprising that there's been issues with cannabis related compounds. Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, and this means that even if the state makes a law saying that the purchase and use of marijuana, be it medical or recreational, you are committing a crime. The bans done on these compounds, WIN-55,212-2 and other compounds such as it are only a consequence of the ban on marijuana, not a new thing done in order to prevent the wider masses from receiving a new wonder drug. Even CBD, while legal due to possible medicinal benefits, is only legal if it has under a certain amount of THC within it, which is a controlled substance.
  7. What was Leyaul banned for anyway? Multis? Cheating in money or resources? Unsavory things on his nation page? If it's the first two, then there's going to be issues actually getting it back from deletion. Beyond that though... taxed money even in TFP ends any legal rights you have to those funds. Only thing that would override that would be written agreement saying otherwise.
  8. Are you perhaps suffering from some selective memory failure? Your immediate demand was to airstrike, or we were slot filling and you'd report us. Not airstriking is not slot filling, or there's a lot of people that should be getting warnings right now. If you feel that's the case, then I'd suggest you issue the reports you're so fond of using and get those warnings going. The entire purpose of why we were there was for the treasure, and we wrote that on the tin. In of itself, the purpose is to actively close the war. It's even more clear cut than sitting on people is in whether or not it's violating the rule against slot filling because sitting on people means you don't have the intention to close the war, and you usually want to drag that war out as long as possible. So no, I didn't expect it to be reported because there are no rules broken, and I'm not in the habit of making sets of fraudulent reports to the mods.
  9. @Roquentin, if that was all you needed us to do, then perhaps you should have suggested it rather than threaten moderation on us if we didn't airstrike. Perhaps it's because you think differently than I, but using or threatening to use game moderation as your personal attack dogs is utterly detestable. As for leaving the war, perhaps you missed it, but we were in there solely to honor our ODP with FR. Pray tell me what would possibly make us stay in that war when that reason no longer exists? That being said, issues with NPO? Hmm. Well, good to know my suspicions to be confirmed. I was talking about Adrienne because I was attempting to be as transparent as I could to Roq on what was happening, so he would know what was happening with Adrienne, and that Adrienne would know what was happening to Roq. Perhaps I could have kept things compartmentalized between both, but since Adrienne had already known about the entire issue with Roq before I myself had known, I felt that the cat had already been let out of the bag. Apparently, that was a exceptionally poor judgement call. That being said, I will freely admit I was biased against Roq. Not because he was NPO, or IQ, or any real past events, but because he immediately threatened to sic moderation on us if we did not comply. That being said, I was still willing to hear him out though. If he had suggested something like the workaround he just mentioned earlier on this page, then I would have accepted such a compromise. I myself had actually forgotten that treasures would be transferred upon defeat in any wars, not just defensive ones, and had not thought of it. Not the first time I've forgotten such a game mechanic, unfortunately. I only found out that CIA lets you get 3 spies a day now only a few weeks ago, and before our re-entry into the war, had to trawl the forums again to confirm if fortify still gave resistance.
  10. May I request clarification on what exactly determines if two players are multis, @Alex? I was under the impression that two players on the same IP are perfectly legal in the game unless they begin trading with each other or start mucking around with each other. Victor and Jalisco here are brothers playing from home, hence the same IP here, and at the very minimum, with how much Jalisco flames the hell out of me, they're very different people. As an edit, I checked the game rules, and this was what is said: Exactly what proof here is that the nations are multis if you've not even gotten the other side of the story?
  11. The hell? Where did this come from? Coz I don't remember ever saying that. Mate, "fast pace" = navals and ground, not air. You don't do a single air hit if you want to get it done at its fastest. Why would we try to do air hits if we wanted to race for it? As for Adrienne's wishes, the issue was because Adrienne had been notified about the threat by Alfred before I had know about it, and had requested that I notify her of what was occurring. Hell, she was one of the people who briefed me on what had happened, and she was none too receptive to us pulling off the demanded airstrikes. As for this talk on how you don't see that it was a an attempt at blackmail because people report people all the time for treasure transfers, perhaps it's just because we're just unable to understand each other's mindsets here, but you titled the PM with, "airstrike dalinar" and bodied it with, what is summed up as, "otherwise you are helping him and we will have to report you". To my own understanding of the English language, this offers us a demand, and two options. First, we airstrike Dalinar, and you don't report us, or second, we don't, and you do. This is completely conditional, and is not your norm of, "people report treasure hits all the time", unless you were trying to tell us that no matter what we did, you would have reported us to Alex, in which case you completely failed to communicate as such. As for the nationstriking issue, the matter here is that it's on what is viewed as, and very much is, using the mods as your personal attack dogs on what was at least considered by me as something that was a clear cut frivolous report that didn't have standing. It's like when people use 911 for prank calls. You can get legally whacked for that.
  12. So uh, @Frawley, how's TFP going to be listed now that we're in the war again?
  13. Experience from AC has taught us that you can never have enough dogs dogpiling on KT-TGH.
  14. @Victorystar We're solely here to honor the invoked treaty with FR. We're not activating it. Though, with everything, that's also kinda gotten cocked up. To KERTOG, good luck out there, and let's have a damned good fight. We're probably going to need the luck more than you, but I've always wondered what PTSD from getting massacred by KT felt like. Special thanks to @Bluebear for rolling out the welcome mat, Thaldad @Thalmor for getting my hopes up, Afrika Corps for sinking said hopes, and some special certain someones who broke the laws of dibs. We'll see you, your dog, and everything you love burn for that.🤬🤬🤬 Additional thanks (and apologies) go to @Mhearl for not killing me via strangulation by my own entrails he had stronger hands than I thought, @Vack for not instantly beheading me Guillotine was easier and saved effort, and @Trajan for not ordering me crucified view from the Colosseum's not shabby from the arena. 😰 Final thanks go out to my government for their work on figuring things out and getting things set up, and TFP's membership for their enthusiasm. Again, best of luck to everyone we'll be fighting against, and let the pixels burn! Cheers!
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