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  1. War Stats 3.0

    Aww... Well, at least the accuracy for non-infra stuff's pretty there. If Frawley posted his stats, we could probably get a fairly accurate measure of damages via combining Frawley's infra and military damage and Johan's loot damage.
  2. Meh

    Well, you could always go out with a bang. But, barring that, you can always donate what you have towards a good cause (cough many cough people need cough rebuilding cough resources cough).
  3. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Alright, that's mildly disturbing. I'm getting shades of crazy religious zealot here.
  4. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Welp. Glhf guys, and remember to get the political discussion containment room ready to go. it appears you might need it, along with some folks to lock it back inside of that room.
  5. Important ODN Announcement

    We stand here today in the memory of the Orange Defense Network. While I did not know them well, or, for that matter, barely at all, I'll speak some words on their behalf at this solemn affair. ODN was a NPO protectorate. They were great fans of the color orange, bros who vowed to fight together in defense of the networked nations, and guys who stared the Mongol Horde in the face and asked for more. They may not have been gifted with a sense of self preservation, but they were indeed gifted with a sense of courage, though some may say foolhardiness, with a set of giant balls, though some may say that it drew away too much blood flow from the head (different head, get your brain out of the gutter), with loyalty, though some may say poorly returned loyalty, and with honor, though some may say it to be a wish to be put out of their misery. No matter what we may say though about their gifts, I believe that all who are here can agree on one thing. For ODN, we salute you, for this unique decision on behalf of your alliance, and for your sacrifice to the currently watching, popcorn munching, pixel burning audience to sate their hunger for war. Amen. Alright guys, how was the eulogy?
  6. Important ODN Announcement

    Errr... Well, you're not lacking in balls. Self preservation.... well, speaking as someone who was did that against TEst, good luck. o7 But seriously, yer gonna die so goddamn hard. I'll begin writing the eulogy.
  7. Thank you, Inquisition Coalition

    No idea. Let's ask other folks. Keegoz already mentioned Sandbox Mode Coalition.
  8. War Stats 2.0

    I mean... If LeoTheGreat pulled out stats talking about how we were slaughtering IQ, I'd probably be be laughing pretty hard. Mostly because Leo's the one who's been rolling around discords the entire war and saying how IQ's slaughtering not-IQ and he's waiting for us to surrender any day now. Now if was us who posted it, tbh, I'd be feeling pretty bummed.
  9. Thank you, Inquisition Coalition

    I hereby declare the Non-IQ coalition needs a better name.
  10. War Stats 2.0

    Alright, in a little more plain language, you do not make up the majority of IQ or even NPO fighters, and those tactics aren't something I'm seeing very much on the field.
  11. War Stats 2.0

    Those brains aren't exactly showing on the field, as the entirety of NPO or IQ you do not make.
  12. War Stats 2.0

    That's not stopping you guys from actually doing that in practice though.
  13. War Stats 2.0

    Begging? Oh son of a !@#$, that stupid April Fools peace channel where nothing happened but shitposting and people sending each other demands for peace, usually to the order of reps, and making the alliance anthem throat singing is biting us in the ass. Damnit. @Abbas Mehdi you were right about that. But... at this point in time, might actually be cheaper for us to let the minis get bombed into something resembling the Middle East right now and building them back up. Airstrikes are pretty expensive when you got a lotta planes.