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  1. Don't need beige discipline when one person can wipe them out full stop. They don't get enough to rebuild. Look at all the bad it did! Oh, wait, it didn't. Oops. Once against inst's armchair generalship falls short of actual successful battlefield tactics. You'd think coming from the one person he claims in all of Coal A to understand plane meta he'd stop backseating and listen, but in his own mind of hypotheticals, only inst can ever be correct. Do everyone a favor and disappear again, hun.
  2. As someone downdeclaring, you're full of shit, we didn't beige hold, lol. I didn't hold a SINGLE one of my 36? Wars. Infact they got ripped so brutally because I didn't, because they couldn't rebuild in 2 days of beige, certainly not faster than I'd take 5 more down. Btw for those unaware, this is inst, Incase you were wondering what woodwork this random nincompoop came from.
  3. Uh, no, lol? Rose lost less members because upper tier whales tend to be old, dedicated players anyway. My friend Raine in rose hates war and doesn't fight much but she's still around and has been for years. This might shock you, but newer players, who happen to coincidentally be low tier, aren't as invested or dedicated to the game. In general. Tell me what exactly you think happens to the undisciplined rabble who just lost a 2:1 engagement when they find their core tiering being on the wrong end of a beatdown? How much do you think they lose? Gods sakes if you pe
  4. This is why Kung should be a delegate to future peace negotiations.
  5. Bro the United States is one the most Capitalist, right wing countries in earth and it's got a taxrate of 22% for basically anyone not in poverty, which essentially translates to "gets paid a sort of livable wage". Soooo, it doesn't add up how exactly? Also these don't affect anything you'll always get the same revenue it just changes a few numbers for aesthetics lol.
  6. Oh god an ANCAP? Good news TFP, your newest member of Oxymoronville has just arrived off the train. Please collect him from the station before we have to put up foam mats on the walls to stop people smashing their heads off it and getting concussions.
  7. If I pay double do you come included in the deal? Asking for a friend. Well the average height of a guillotine is 7.5ft, and it should be about 7-8long, and it should be wide as your average person. Image example to help.
  8. Y'know Bawss, there is a solution... You get the timber, I'll get the steel. @Alexandra B and @Redarmywill get the bottles and gasoline. @emiwill sit in the corner being a nerd like normal. ALL IN MINECRAFT OF COURSE ID NEVER EVER DESTROY THE STATE IN A BALL OF FIRE WITH A HOMEMADE GUILLOTINE I PROMISE CIA.
  9. "Adrienne rhymes with pants" I mean sure maybe if you're like, speaking Klingon, maybe? Even then I'm not sure.
  10. Dude you're a crappy micro. "under appreciated" lol. Ngl this sounded kinda like the big angry micro version of Elliot Rodgers video message. All you smoler micros out there I'd reccomend you get yourself to safety quick lol.
  11. Idk man, I got good pretty fast myself, and built a micro from scratch that itself was good enough to go 10:1 against the IQ meatshields who cried to daddy BK to save their Offensive gone horrifyingly and unimaginably wrong. And I was the only high functioning member of gov! I just don't get how people get to this point, I guess? Like I really just don't get it, did i skip a few chapters or what? There were hard parts to it just not this, not for me, lol.
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