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  1. If your entire argument that your play style is balanced hinges on an entire alliance engaging in what would be a 4-8 week endeavor of perma slotting you to nuke your improvements, costing them more than they gain, while you continue blasting their high infra people, All so that you are tragically forced to spend, what, 50? 75? MAYBE 100m ONCE to get improvements back? No, the commerce ones and recycling and stuff don't count. Those actually COST you money at that low infra, rather than positively generate, last I checked. So you'll only need enough to get the resources for nukes. Which is what, 1000? 1200infra? 105m, I did the math, you need very little for your improvements too, across all 38 cities we're talking a cost of maybe 125m every couple months. Are we supposed to believe that you don't make many times more than that from bounties and payments, on top of your existing savings, on top of the damage you do in that time? Unless this alliance is meant to keep you permanently blockade cycled for literally until the end of time. But that's a rules violation, last I checked since NPOLT, permawar like that isn't permissible. Is your entire argument really hinging on people violating game rules? Or that anyone who thinks about this for longer than 3 seconds thinks it's worth weeks of trouble to cost you 100m and some change for taking multiple times in that damage? No wonder you've worded it the way you have. Because what it actually is, is blatantly absurd and nonsensical.
  2. Oh god, the pretend anarchist is back. For all the older folks who don't recognize him, this is Noctis. I am given to understand in Cybernations he went by the monicker "Methrage" if that's more befitting your memory. How wretched a fate that we should all have to suffer his existence again. I see he even fakes faith too now. Though to be fair to him, so don't most of its supposed adherents these days.
  3. Sir, this post is four years old. Get a clue and stop grave digging threads.
  4. Nice to see someone put so much effort and Roleplay into a theme these days. Good luck!
  5. I wasn't specific enough, I was more focused on the broad stroke comments about the community as a whole, and less about anything Alan testified of himself personally. The difference, primarily, between him and the people he is upset with, at this point in time from my perspective, is self awareness. Broken clocks, twice a day, yada yada.
  6. The quality of the folks spending their time here to argue Alan, and the fact that some of them can't manage it without leaning on casual misogyny as a crutch, in public on the forums (not that a discord shitpost of it would be classier), is all the testimony anyone anywhere needs to know that, regardless of Alan's own vast and varied faults... He didn't miss with a single one of those points.
  7. So, two whale focused projects, I am a whale, I guess we can consider this a market survey of the intended customer. $1,207,200,000 for the first project. $833,750,000 for the second. About 2b in total. More or less city 40 for me. Yeah no I'll take the city. You can just keep these tbh, nuke turreting isn't enjoyable (and never was), the part where someone on the losing side of wars could do anything more interesting or enjoyable than login once a day are long, long gone. I mostly don't even bother. Hell, I don't even remember to have to decide not to bother to begin with, because it's just so goddamn boring. Might as well just lock my account for a month, same level of activity just about lol.
  8. Holy shit will the mods please mute this fool? All he does is spam nonsense nobody understands.
  9. What in the cinnamon toast !@#$ just happened?
  10. World War One? ... I don't like where this is going.
  11. This is the first war in years I'm please to be a part of instead of inconvenienced! Thank Singularity for this life changing opportunity!
  12. Ah, good, the Hazbin Hotel references are already starting.
  13. Nevermind that basic thought experiments destroy any claim to unbiasedness anyway. If indeed, the reporter, who is also gov, is an unbiased and journalist and would report any juicy information he comes across. Then why are your gov channels not constantly leaking? Is that not bias? There's a literal fricking reason that the most basic tenant of Ethics in Journalism and Integrity is that reporters should have no involvement in politics at all. This is why. That CB was entirely valid, and the people coping about it are only doing so because the conduct was not directed at them or to their detriment. Stop letting gov do this shit. Not even just for this, but like, maybe there'd be a handful less players complaining about nothing to do if there was a bright career option in journalism because the entire job crew wasn't made up of gov from major alliances, already doing some of the only actual things more interesting than logging in available to the game, lol.
  14. Personally I'd suggest crafting resource sinks actually worth acknowledging the existence of. If you resource sink provides so small a benefit I have to take down exact numbers of the before and after to notice a difference, there's not really any point in it. The extra military value gained from another city may take longer to achieve but is a lot more visible and worthwhile.
  15. So weren't I and Kastor...? You do understand this is kiddie table shit, right? It's not special, far bigger and grander has been dealt with without a new thread made for every big infodump response. Not sure why that's hard for you to grasp. Perhaps too much time spent salty at being kicked rather than thinking. Would explain how you got kicked from someplace so low bar as Rose, I suppose. Glad to entertain.
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