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  1. Congrats to HS, OWR, and Carthago Best of luck
  2. Congrats, Leopold and condolences, Adam. Good luck with both your new journeys. o7 t$
  3. I'd be in support of this, hopefully it'd address the new issues caused by the recent score change while also still addressing the issues that change aimed to correct. Thanks for making the suggestion @Roberts.
  4. Welcome! How are you finding things so far?
  5. I'm glad to hear that! Look forward to seeing you around
  6. Welcome to the forums! How are you finding the game so far?
  7. I'd have to see it in action really but I like this part especially. In theory, it sounds like it could be neat.
  8. Before the beige changes, @Alex, one of the ways people would break out of being perma-cycled was by declaring wars on less experienced members and trying to bait them into beiging you. It stopped easy nation cycling by preying on the less experienced and requiring individuals to be disciplined and milcom teams to be very on top of things in terms of keeping up with memberships and not awarding too much beige time to people. The concern people have is that even by giving beige back, without aggressive wars awarding beige (or some other change that accomplishes something similar), it is still too difficult for people to break out of being permablockaded and makes it too easy for the winning side to permablockade the other side. In short, the old beige mechanics required a lot more strategy and skill to maintain permablockades, the recent changes and new proposals remove a lot of that strategy and also make it more difficult to break out of permablockades/turn a war around.
  9. Mine's based off a story I used to write sometime around high school/college. Never got even a little close to finishing it but had fun creating the background/characters, so when I joined here, I made it my theme.
  10. It was 2.1 days but it stacked. If you were beiged twice, you got 4.2 days, for example.
  11. Massive casualty reductions don't much matter if you're outnumbered and have no means to recover. With removing beige, there's no barrier to stopping an alliance arranging perma-blockades and sitting on you for as long as they want. There really should be an alternative in place prior to removing a mechanic this important.
  12. Can you leave this mechanic in place until you have an alternative ready to go? Otherwise, it'll do exactly what you say you don't want it to do should a war break out anywhere.
  13. This was not slotfilling, @Alex. The alliance war distinction that Sphinx made refers to a time when you should expect as an alliance leader for your members to be triple slotted and so yes, sending people to hit them is intentionally blocking that. That's not an assumption you could generally make in peace and, in this particular situation, E404, a non-pirate alliance in a sphere, generally wouldn't be triple slotting TCW members unless declaring an alliance war because that is an act of war. If they were declaring an alliance war, that would be exceptionally easy to spot as there'd be a multitude of wars between those two alliances. To say that alliances will permawar each other to keep each other from getting hit will never happen because the only way to effectively do that without achieving the same outcome as being warred is to not fight at all and just hold the slots. Ergo, actual slotfilling. This was an alliance raiding its own members to recover cash from a member they hoped would wake up but isn't guaranteed to. This is a practice several alliances do and have done for years, a practice which you have ruled previously to not be slotfilling. Most members don't switch policies because they aren't raiding consistently and no one ever remembers to change policies in peacetime. They attack with smaller units than they would during an alliance war or even than a career raider would sometimes because it's a one-off raid, it's supposed to be economic. Your goal is to beige, the loot along the way isn't the primary objective and most alliance have minimal military on them during peace as well. They aren't going to max out their military for a single raid - that's expensive and ill advised.
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