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  1. You're talking about nerfing everything else on spies already. If those go through, there's no reason for nerf Spy Sat. Don't over-correct everything in one go. ^ This
  2. Need to look at the rest of these and play around but I don't think reducing Spy Satellite down that much is a good idea, especially when it's not even really gotten play time. Don't nerf something before you even get to really see it in action.
  3. It would be really nice if the war screen showed the military counts for you and your opponents. Eliminate the need for a personal war sheet or a ton of tabs open to check all these things. Edit: Apologies, I just realized this wasn't the war screen but the page leading to each of the individual military purchase pages but I'll leave the above anyways because it's still a good suggestion that people have wanted for a couple years now. For the military page, it would be nice if maybe instead of seven individual pages and the guide to each of them, we just had one page with all
  4. He's still your brother, he just grew up and went away to college is all.
  5. Looking forward to our continued relationship. Love you guys ❤️ o7 Imperium
  6. Just as a note, for the PnW discord, you can make a report in a ticket if there's something we've missed. There's also the report feature here on the forums for comments that occur here.
  7. Asking for an LGBTQ flag to be flown is an odd term request for an alliance that once refused to fly a similar flag as a peace term because they deemed it OOC....
  8. 10/10 DoW 😁 Good luck and have fun!
  9. If you look here, it'll show you how much food you use per day: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/revenue/. I'd say focus on building your military and, for improvements outside of that, focus on mining resources (pick one of your three - oil, uranium, iron) and selling those. For resource improvements, the more you have of one kind, the more you produce, so pick one and focus on that. For military, I'd mostly just focus on barracks until you've grown a bit more.
  10. Hey @Sabb Alborz! Welcome to the game I wouldn't recommend building a farm because when you're just starting out, you don't have the infra/land you need to make it worthwhile. It'd be better for you to buy than grow your food. The approval ratings are affected by a number of things. I'd say the biggest reason most bigger nations are at zero is due to war. Approval ratings don't impact your nation though, so it's not too much a concern for them. As another recommendation, you should look at joining an alliance before your time on beige is up. Definitely take your time and find one t
  11. Evidently. Oktoberfest was 5 years ago.
  12. There's a world of difference between being reaccepted as a member after a year long hiatus and being allowed to keep the title of leader during a year long hiatus lol
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