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  1. Did he actually? 😂 I would think this was a joke, but it's Kastor, so clarification needed.
  2. We moved to Discord a few weeks ago: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/36638-have-you-heard-of-discord-a-revolutionary-leap-by-tkr/
  3. "To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal." - A.P.J. Abdul Kalam ~~~ Dear Friends and Enemies of Orbis, I’m writing to you all today with some important news. Our devoted king, Canbec, has decided to retire. I’m sure this news has not already been circulating all last night and today and will come as a complete and total shock to all. Whether you love him a lot or only a little, Canbec has been an incredible part of both our alliance and Orbis. He’s served The Knights Radiant with great love and devotion since July 2021, when he joined gov as a High Prince of War and began moving up through the ranks. He’s led the alliance since January 2023 and has done an amazing job. He saw us through five wars, two blocs, and one very successful merger. He helped raise two protectorates to allies. He served on the development team. And, arguably most impressive of all, he achieved what many thought was impossible: convincing TKR to move from Slack to Discord. Canbec, you’ve been an amazing leader for the last year and an even more amazing friend for the last three, and I’m grateful you’ll be sticking around as a Shard. Thank you for everything you’ve done for TKR and thank you for the trust you’ve put in me and in Ben to continue moving TKR forward. You’ve left us some big shoes to fill, and I hope we’ll do you justice. I also want to thank our allies, Grumpy Old Bastards, The Immortals, The Forgotten Realms, and Space Engineers, for supporting us during this transition. I look forward to working more with you in the coming months. Lastly, thank you to our members for believing in us and trusting us to serve you. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together. All the best, Adrienne, Queen of the Heralds ~~~ Dear Frenemies Orbis Wide: You can’t get rid of me forever! It is a sad occasion with Canbec’s retirement. Our game and community are better for all that Canbec has achieved and we appreciate everything he poured into it. Thanks for bringing us into the 21st century on Discord, designing some beautiful war badges, and seeming to answer DMs at all hours. You should be proud of all that you accomplished in milcom, growth in econ, implementing new tech, and making us some wonderful new friends in FA. Enjoy the best role in the game: retired former leader, advisor, and shard. You’ve earned your rest. Looking forward to your nitpicking of our future decisions! I’ll Leave the Rocking Chair Warm for Ya, Benfro, Prince of the Heralds ~~~ tl;dr:
  4. He may be a pain in the ass, but he's our pain in the ass. Noooooo touchy!
  5. Alright, alright, I get the point. Go back to your little pity party and enjoy thinking everyone else is horrible and maleficent and out to get you and I'll stop thinking you're reasonable people willing to consider alternative viewpoints and we'll all be happier for it.
  6. It's not gaslighting to say "hey, this doesn't align with what I've heard from others; I think there's been a misunderstanding." Get a grip.
  7. Was as an example of thought process/potential misunderstandings. Regardless, from what I've seen at least, you weren't as clear as you thought you were. At the risk of sounding like a broken record here, you should keep an open mind and consider that you might have misinterpreted what they were saying given that you may have been operating off different base assumptions. It might be worth talking to them. Anyways, we're moving off topic a bit and getting a bit redundant now too, so that's the last I'll say here. Do with that advice what you will and have a good night. Or day, I suppose.
  8. It should be pretty clear to you from reading this thread that there were misunderstandings as to what was being asked. You can literally see comprehension dawning on me in my post a few up. So I think you should re-examine your assumptions regarding how that all went down because it's pretty obvious to me you weren't on the same page.
  9. Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by lack of thorough communication and misunderstanding. From what I know of them, and better understanding your position from what you are saying here, you guys were on different pages and didn't understand what the other side was looking for.
  10. Elaborating though, people don't want to include future allies in the NAP because they can't really speak for them. They didn't fight in the war and they weren't even tied when the war happened, so they can't be a signatory of the NAP. That said, I do think it's ridiculous to expect someone to honor a NAP over an MDP. And thus, they're sort of defacto included in the NAP. You can attack them, as they aren't actually included in the NAP, but you can't fault an ally for defending them. If anything, it's a fault as it's a way to get around a NAP by attacking allies of NAPed parties moreso than anything else. Breaking the spirit moreso than the letter. Edit: After reading some more of the debates around RON and whatnot and seeing some examples/re-reading the above, I think I would agree that adding a clause saying "we won't attack your prots or [uninvolved/future] allies" is a fair/decent middle ground that clearly includes how people view this issue in the NAP, as it's not speaking for the allies - they're free to go about and do whatever they want still - because isn't actually including them in the NAP and binding them in the same way a signatory would be. That said, I do still think it's implied and given that people have made this sentiment clear for years, you know what you're getting into by doing it. It's not ambiguous, you're pushing limits.
  11. Now we're just going in circles 😄 "No one's done it before" --> "Well, no one's f*cked around and found out before" --> "Okay, but no one's done it before"
  12. You haven't seen it because generally people haven't messed with MDPs of someone under a NAP, because they know most people would say MDPs trump NAPs and act accordingly.
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