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  1. Hey Devins I'm Adrienne, I'm in TKR where you're applying. Definitely hit us up on discord or message me in-game and get your application going! Whether you finish it and get through or not, we're happy to answer questions you have about getting started in the game. In short though, Jaden is right. Disease depends pretty heavily on what you're trying to do, especially at your size, and 11% isn't that bad, especially if you're focusing on resource production and/or raiding over commerce
  2. That tongue on the BK sig kills me every time. o7 BK, super happy to see this up and excited to work more closely with y'all 😊
  3. Messaging is allowed in game so as long as they don't contain anything that breaks game rules/harassment. Also, imo, they should always reply if you message them back. Automated or not, the replies go back to a real person. Good test of a worthwhile alliance 😛
  4. But we don't require it, just Slack. So @Joe Nobody, alternative option
  5. See @BigMorf! It's not just me who corrects your grammar!
  6. Gonna have to change that signature of yours now, @Rockefeller
  7. Transmission from the Chocolate Castle Today, a new era, a new future of Chocolate Castle begins... What kind of teleprompter manager are you? This is those traitors' speech. Seriously, get a grip on yourself. Ahem. Where was I? Right. The previous so called chocolate patriots and liberators have been halted in their attempts to overthrow the tolerance that we have been trying to bestow upon the land. Mint chocolate is truly a wonder and Hershey's is still garbage but hey, more good chocolate for me. These intolerant radicals have learned an important less
  8. Now the real fun begins... slowly pulls an Andes bar from her desk drawer and grins menacingly
  9. @Horsecock, I made you a new pfp.
  10. April Fools. The wars will continue tomorrow.
  11. @Horsecock, @Denison, and @Firwof Kromwell are Notre Dame fans. Valid CB.
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