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  1. We've also been playing long enough to understand how Alex moderates these. Like I said, it's nothing new. That's the only part of this I'm taking issue with, this attitude of being like "oh, this is changing midwar". It's not, it's been this way for years. If you think that it should be approached differently, that's another story. I agree with you on the purpose of the rule and if people have ideas for a better way of handling it, I would hope Alex would be all ears. I, however, don't really.
  2. You missed this bit below, Pablo. This is how he has defined it for years, it's nothing new. Fight, you're fine. Sit and/or only fortify, you're not. And he generally gives time to see if you'll do anything. It's not generally 12 MAPs and he's immediately on your ass. I'm glad the ones that were clearly wrong were corrected, however.
  3. Agreed but it's much less user friendly. If only the two would combine forces.
  4. I like this newfound attitude. Finally done away with the pillow?
  5. People can take a joke, dude. The overall idea was pretty funny. But you're also very visibly bitter for whatever reason, as seen here, hidden through your initial post, and on RON and that's what people are reacting to, I believe.
  6. The idea is. The execution when you actually read through it is a tad lacking. 4/10. Clock can do better.
  7. Your first mistake is thinking it ever had one.
  8. I'll leave Morf and Wizel to give you a proper response but would encourage you to consider how things have changed since then and to read through this thread.
  9. Roberts has recently learned the way to Wizel's heart is a pack of crayons
  10. ----- Roberts asked nicely
  11. Y'all have missed my point entirely but that's fine. I grow weary of this.
  12. That's news to me but even if so, doesn't change the rest of my points.
  13. I think you're projecting. Correcting rewrites of history is not salt. You weren't in on the initial blitz and, from my understanding, you guys weren't invited and you joined late of your own accord. And you just affirmed that it was over getting hit, just as I had said, which is fine - that's a valid enough reason to go to war. You didn't hit for hegemony whatever though and your entire history after that shows that because there have been plenty of opportunities in between to be just that, as other alliances have done. Painting yourself retroactively as a historically anti-hegemony force is a little much. If you want to be one going forward, by all means, go for it.
  14. No, I don't care if you're anti-TKR. But that's not the same thing as anti-hegemony like you guys are claiming.
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