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  1. Cataclysm is a kickass name. Congrats, you guys, and best of luck!
  2. It was several years ago, I couldn't tell you.
  3. The reason the two day seniority requirement exists isn't to allow new players to learn the tax rate. It's because, iirc, some folks in the past had a bot to push all inactive members down to applicant so they wouldn't loot the bank and return them back up to member for each of the turn changes. So I don't see that going anywhere anytime soon lol. I do agree with returning taxes to beiged nations. I thought it was a bad idea to make them untaxable back then and still think it is.
  4. Press buttons for a man and you help him war for a day. Teach a man to press buttons and you help him war for life.
  5. Props, TLE. Give 'em hell ❀
  6. More garbage lies. Never change, Inst. Smh.
  7. Hello! To delete a city, you need to first sell down infra and then you should see the option to delete the city. Hope this helps!
  8. You don't recognize them just from fighting them over the years?
  9. *whines in reaction limits*
  10. It's not unfair at all, particularly since I'm evidently one of the people you're responding to, but given the rest of your hot takes, I shouldn't be surprised you think so.
  11. You downvoted two of my posts and no where at all did I say any of that. It was basically the opposite actually. Nor did nearly anyone here, regardless of their feelings on the situation or Ana. I think you should actually read before jumping the gun and posting.
  12. Alyster, those things you brought up weren't really the issue behind those alliances disbanding and I think you know that. What you said is pretty unfair imo given what all went down. That being said, Alyster was there for it and his efforts were one of the biggest contributors to TKR staying afloat. He worked incredibly hard to give the community something else to focus on and to organize events and raise morale. So, lay off him people. Let's just move on.
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