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  1. Ex-DEIC/Acadia, now Rose, longstanding running joke about Clarke's sister and the DEIC bank or something. The Pigeon loved it.
  2. Maybe you ought to investigate the differences between his posts and yours....
  3. I think you're confusing more than one thing here lol
  4. Er - can't see your text friends. Might want to not use white. Good luck though.
  5. This dude has posted stuff like this previously and no one actually knows who he is/why he posts about us, so sue us for finding the humor in it and having some fun.
  6. Only 3050 days to reach equilibrium! \o/
  7. It's in the bank API, so only people with bank perms for an alliance can access it.
  8. I don't see why. If it's their update timezone, that removes some key and fun strategy and I disagree with that being public knowledge. If it's their display timezone, that's really none of your business....
  9. Hmm, okay. That could be a good option/might solve a few other issues I'm trying to figure out (maybe)....
  10. I may have already added the former to my ongoing list 😶 What do you mean by preferential/ranked?
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