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  1. 👀 (Congrats to both Solo and Luci. Enjoy your retirement, Luci )
  2. Most alliance require the use of Discord (or an alternative platform) for coordination and community building. If it's just the Discord platform itself you don't like, The Knights Radiant uses Slack instead.
  3. Hey that's @Bradley's thing! Enjoy retirement, Vemek, and congrats Keram
  4. Congrats on your first birthday, Bourbon Street! Loving the snazzy new flag and these drinks are incredible. To many more 🍸
  5. Stealing cakes and insulting the food they worked so hard on? Sounds like the lack of invitation was justified cause y'all are shit guests. Best of luck, Bourbon.
  6. We do now! ahahaha Thank you both for the clarification
  7. No one said they died lmao. But most people aren't in other nation sims like CN and NS and a lot of folks don't use discord extensively except for this game, so when they left, they left and you didn't hear from them again. You're the one making this more dramatic than it is lol.
  8. It was supposed to read mentally and emotionally, I'm not sure how physically snuck it's way into there but yeah, it was heavy. If you weren't there and dealing with it directly, you don't know how it was, so please don't tell me it's "out of proportion". I was a leader during that war so I was in the thick of it and I know exactly how it was and the effects it had on me and other leaders/gov at the time. Saying it was "more mentally and emotionally draining than any game has a right to be" is nothing short of the truth. If the topic bores you and you want to talk about IRON, go talk about IRON.
  9. Good. I don't know why the progress bit scares you and that it does kind of scares me to be frank but the other was intended to be intense because that time period was... kinda intense. It was a shitty time and it's not an event that needs repeating. That said.... This is more or less where it's at now soooooo.... I definitely think you're blowing the current state of things out of proportion. NPO isn't an active bad guy or big bad wolf - it may still be present in folks' minds but it's mostly just history at this point. Current events and alliances are receiving plenty of love, believe you me. This thread and one other instance of a mention this are the other major mentions of what you're referring to I can think of in recent times and mentions of it should continue to lessen as times go on.
  10. With all due respect, if this is your takeaway from what was said, I don't think you got the point of the posts. My end conclusion was also that we need to continue moving on from it. The rest of my post and I presume Tartarus's as well is simply trying to further explain the sentiments at the time, because people who have come since then don't understand what it was like at the time - thank God for that - but they need to, to understand the mindset of some of the older players and why some folks might still be the way they are at times. You can call it a weird attitude/involvement or detached from reality if you want, that's your prerogative. But the truth of the matter is that people do get attached to the game and their communities, always have and always will, and that period was damaging on multiple levels. I'd rather help spread understanding than minimize the experiences of those who were present at the time. Player mindsets and sentiments isn't everything I'm referring to either when I talk about recovery so don't make this out as though it's some weird overly emotional thing and dismiss it. We also lost NPO, old BK, GotG, etc who, like them or not, filled a role of being major players and major spheres. We're better off without them but make no mistake - their departure left a crater in game politics. I feel like we're only really now beginning to fill that void with alliances like TI and Aurora who were young at the time all this went down but who have become more formidable in their own right since. That took time. You can't fix something like that overnight. And like others have said, the return of things like terms from alliances who would normally do them (as fricking annoying as it was to be on the receiving end of that this past war) is a good indicator that things are beginning to normalize again. NPOLT (and NPO and co by association) get talked about so much because it was a defining game event. There's nothing wrong with that. That said, I'd much rather the NPO accusations/assumptions of accusations stopped too and have said as much for years. I'm certainly not condoning it as you're implying but you're not going to achieve your desires with regards to this with a "suck it up, buttercup" attitude that's dismissive of the substantial progress that has been made in the time since NPOLT. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. But these issues have lessened significantly since then and will continue to do so, especially as the distance between now and NPOLT continues to grow and alliances themselves continue to move on, gain new leadership, and take new paths.
  11. Even this is a heavy understatement. It was to the point that even the most active players in this game no longer wanted to engage anymore and that takes a substantial effort. When even alliance gov and leadership don't have the heart to continue and start going inactive, that's a new level of fatigue. It was more mentally and emotionally draining than any game ever has a right to be and there was no end in sight. We were fighting an opponent who was quite literally determined to eliminate us from the game and they were doing a rather good of it up until the point the cheating scandal broke. The end of that war was incredibly abrupt and the only reason it did stop was because of the opposing member response to temporary bans handed out to their leadership from the cheating scandal verdict. As you stated, had a heavy toll on the game and thousands of players - friends, alliance mates, alliances, etc. - were gone. We've all got friends from then we've never heard from again. It's something I'm glad we're recovering from - and yeah, honestly, I would still say we're in recovery in some ways and I'll agree with the general sentiment that the game as a whole may still be a bit gun shy over it all and I hope we continue to move beyond that - but it's leaps and bounds beyond where we were even a year ago. We'll continue recovering and moving on but I hope we'll never forget because the last thing we need is a repeat.
  12. Is it O'Fortuna or Fortuna? I've seen both
  13. Wow. I never expected you to retire, SRD. Congrats on a well deserved retirement and condolences, Presidential ❤️
  14. I haven't heard of these yet. Post them here? We'll see what we can do to push some of those changes.
  15. This thread is now closed to new submissions.
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