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  1. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=6 Also a cheater
  2. Tired of the usual music? Do you want something different? Buy the album of the century! PANTS! by Adrienne Includes big hits like: -Billie Jeans -Rolling in the pit, f. the Lowtiers -Take The Money And Beige -(Don't fear) The Ripper -Knockin' On Alex's Door, f. the bugs -I Believe in a Thing Called Tank -Crazy Little Thing Called Ship, f. AR/GH -It Takes a Fool to Remain Grey -Everybody Needs Somebody To Nuke, f. Farky DJ and Wu Tang Force -Peace (What Is It Good For) -Saturday Night's Alright For Blitz -Sweet Jeans (Are Ma
  3. inb4 someone declares on Oceania now that they can't be protected
  4. 05/27/2021 01:10 pm Murderess Micchan of Yuru Yuri Fortified their nation. 05/28/2021 01:05 am Murderess Micchan of Yuru Yuri ordered a naval attack upon the nation of Taco Land and eliminated 14 Resistance. The attack was an immense triumph. Murderess Micchan's forces lost 1 ships, while Senor Taco's defenders lost 14 ships. The attack destroyed 1,023.34 infrastructure in the city of Gorge Worst Princess. As you can see I did a naval attack while being fortified and I'm still fortified
  5. I would like a filter that changes TKR to Hollywood
  6. I give you the new chapter of Berserk if you make a farm nation for us
  7. TKR at war but not dogpiled is so 2017
  8. Every time there's a Sphinx leak the leaker is actually Sphinx, he knows that he's going to be more popular if he does it
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