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  1. Micchan

    Problem Solution Chart 2019

    Here we go, part 3
  2. Micchan

    Problem Solution Chart 2019

    Part 2 The rest maybe tomorrow
  3. Micchan

    Advisory Warning

    Nukes should be immune for 1 turn (2 hours)
  4. Micchan

    WTF is going on here?

    Why there's our flag instead of Soupy?
  5. Micchan

    Careful, it's Soup!

  6. Micchan

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    When Roq removes his brain control device
  7. Micchan

    Just a thought

    So basically you are asking if I want war Sure I do
  8. Micchan

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    In few months half of the 1-13 tier will be in the 14-16 range, this is why it's important In war the difference between a 5 cities nation and a 10 cities nation is huge, a competent 10 cities can keep busy three 5 cities nations, but the difference between a 25 cities and a 20 cities is way smaller, 30 vs 35 is even smaller If you can dominate the 1-10 range you can use them to kill the 11-13 range and dominate that too, it's a chain reaction, and you can create a safe space for you damaged nations to recover, then it's just a matter of time until you bring down everyone, we saw that in the last world war And even if there are few huge whales you can't hit the war is won anyway So the current powers based on that graph are: BK&CO >> NPOTS >>>Chaos=KETOG>>Rose>Pantheon (just talking about numbers, competence is another thing)
  9. Micchan

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    Don't worry TCW, we can still protect you for a week while you continue searching for good allies
  10. Micchan

    Boring game.

    I propose the fight lottery, every week two players from every score range are selected random and they have to fight a 1 vs 1 where no one else can interfere, they can't avoid the fight You can expand the thing to 2 players and 3 players teams, maybe adding prizes for the winner
  11. Micchan

    ICYMI: PWN Talks Politics

    The swamp, where the hippo loves to stay

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