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  1. Micchan

    I had a chat with a guy....

    TCW has whales, with 5/5 they make what I make with 50/50
  2. Micchan

    I had a chat with a guy....

    After 4 months of beatdown during the bank rebuild we still have lower taxes than BK?
  3. Micchan

    Protectorate Rabbit Hole

    We have to collaborate and don't do that, limit on treaties can make politics more interestings
  4. Micchan

    Protectorate Rabbit Hole

    Game needs restrictions on treaties 1. If you are a protectorate you can't protect another alliance, makes no sense protecting someone if you can't protect yourself 2. Max number of treaties, you have to think a bit more before making and ally and should reduce the size of maxispheres so it's easy to have a small scale war without going into a full world war, also makes easier to be paperless without being a huge upper tier alliance (CoS, Grumpy, SK, etc.) Both should also reduce the number of micros because if it's harder to find a protector it's easy to see the micro die, for the best new alliances should be easier to find protectors so the worst micros are the one that die or not even start
  5. Micchan

    The Knights Radiant

    Join TKR for the best twerking videos on the net
  6. Micchan

    Small Quality of Life Improvements

    Instead of removing decimals from infra I suggest to change how to buy infra from "add X number of infra" to "reach X level of infra" so if you have to buy from 524.16 to 1000 you don't have to put 475.84 but you just have to put 1000
  7. Micchan

    The Future of PnW

    Every day of war was another day of Akuryo being butthurt so it was worth I appreciate what Arrgh did, if you are a pirate you join war to do damage, get the loot and drink rum, you have no mercy and you don't want any mercy, Arrgh doesn't know politics and the word peace, therefore doesn't sit at a peace meeting
  8. Micchan

    The Future of PnW

    All the alliance leaders should agree to a max number of days for a war, let's say 3 months, before the limit you have to agree on peace terms
  9. Micchan

    The glorious adventures of Evil Bo

    Politics and War turned into Resident Evil, first 3 months of zombies who continue to attack and refuse to die, now strange piece of paper, must be the enigma to find the key of the guardian
  10. Micchan

    Game problem

  11. Micchan

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    I will call them Old Bastards
  12. Micchan

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    IT'S GRUM....
  13. Micchan

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    8 months of war in a year, thank you Adrienne, let's take a break now, I didn't made a city in a year Cute pony btw
  14. Micchan

    It's NAP time

    Don't sleep too much or someone will come to check if you are still alive

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