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  1. Micchan

    War Stats: Global War 14

    $503,741,816,459 I think we can beat Knightfall
  2. Micchan

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    And he will be brave and beautiful
  3. Micchan

    War Stats: Global War 14

    It was actually Rose
  4. Micchan

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    I wish I had a graph bf
  5. Micchan

    War Stats: Global War 14

    We did first before Knightfall, but fully militarized NPO basically had only air and was over 400k
  6. Micchan

    Didn't recived units

    Nevermind, already been blitzed thanks to this Second time this happens just this year, I don't know if I'm unluky or what
  7. Micchan

    Didn't recived units

    @Alex Before the update I was at 1422 air, after the update I buyed 373 air, money and alum have been removed but no air was added As you can see it says I buyed them for today These are the only actions I did post update, lost 235 air 1187+235=1422 that is exactly the plane count I had before the update If you can manually add the 373 air would be good, it makes the difference in the war, thanks
  8. Micchan

    Ketog vs Chaos War: Name Poll Round 1

    Only if you send the treasure
  9. Micchan

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    I really can't
  10. Micchan

    Different Update Times for Each Player

    Maybe you can set an automatic buy at every turn Or for X number of turns you can save your buys and then do them all together If for example I can buy 1 ship per turn, before midnight I select 6 turns of saved ships and after 6 turns I log in again and I buy 6 ships
  11. Micchan

    Ketog vs Chaos War: Name Poll Round 1

    We need a real name for KETOGG
  12. Micchan

    Declaration of War

    We know you are, no need of proofs
  13. Micchan

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    Are you saying that this happened?
  14. Micchan

    Declaration of War

    And don't forget that in those logs TCW was also in talks about hitting IQ, but I don't see NPO nations on TCW
  15. Micchan

    Declaration of War

    Ok I make it easy for you If I go to Zoot and I say "I really hate Element and Inst, I want to kill them, this is my plan to kill them, I kill Element while you kill Inst, it's ok for you?" Zoot says nothing and walks away The nex day Kiloist goes to Element and Inst and tells them what I did to Zoot Inst should be mad at me or Zoot?

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