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  1. Micchan

    Propaganda time

    You got lucky, Rozalia took my nuclear virginity
  2. Micchan

    Let's Dance!

    Right, if you alliances were at max military when the war started the drop would be bigger
  3. Micchan

    Shifty News Network: Special Edition

    Supreme Leader Lord Roquentin forever my hero!
  4. Micchan

    Propaganda time

  5. Micchan

    Propaganda time

  6. Great peaches are a consequence of great legs
  7. Micchan

    Let's Dance!

  8. Micchan

    Let's Dance!

  9. Micchan

    The end of the 498 Day War

    I would say "oh so finally the war ended" but I don't even remember the war
  10. Micchan

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

  11. Micchan

    200th missile launched

    Meh, I just did 1000 infra damage with one naval attack Missiles are for losers
  12. Micchan

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    Pretty sure I forgot someone
  13. And now he noticed all the slots are filled
  14. Micchan

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    I am now thinking about a huge but weak horsecock

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