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  1. My cat is whatching the monitor... Waiting for the approval... Yes cat kissed me, this treaty is approved
  2. Your enemies are now your allies
  3. Post better leaks if you want to win
  4. Well pre war GOONS wasn't a thing here Funny, in the past "pre war" was the month before, now is a thing far away we hardly remember
  5. Oh look, once again I learn of a new ally from the forum post Why nobody ever tells me anything? Immortals are welcome to our forums so I can know you better Well that's easy, doing nothing is already way better than what we saw months ago in those logs, if then you actually start peace talks, no matter how exorbitant your requests are, peace is indeed a lot closer than before We appreciate your effort, then since nobody tell me anything I don't know what are the terms but at lest the first step was made if I understand right You are free to join but you have to send your bank to our offshore so we can protect it while you fight @Jazz R Oppenheimer We are not close to KETOG other than being in the same coalition, as you know before this war they attacked us, sure we have some friend here and there, we are still close to some of our ex allies, you don't have to hate everyone who isn't allied with you When my Queen said we don't want to leave KETOG alone in this war and have a separate peace is simply a moral question, if we want to be the most honorable alliance we have to be the most honorable alliance, we started this war with them, they did nothing to harm us, so we have to end it with them, then if KT wants to go their own way our moral obligation fails but also we can't force them to do anything And about KT players in t$, if you think they could go back and attack you just talk with t$ and I think they will be open to solve this very fast, something like we counter them if they do so About that Horsecock thing I'm 100% with you but please stop saying his name because I have a lively imagination About working with you there's that little problem called Opus Dei, your two major allies are the only two who are 100% no no Personally I still like the world with many spheres and adding GOONS would make Chaos too big, we may be already too big with this new entry
  6. btw the ability to set a different % of taxation on raw and manufactored would be cool
  7. I would like more the city name in yellow to indicate the recent nuke
  8. You were the aggressor, you are the agressor, you will be the aggressor, don't play the victim card
  9. Join TKR, the best alliance at surviving dogpiles
  10. If I kill Kev I become first? Fraggle won best non gov depsite being alliance leader ???
  11. Positive things: I joined some leaderboard like the highly coveted wars lost
  12. I don't mind being at war a lot, during peace time I basically log in once a day and sometimes I do few trades so wars is 90% of my game time now that keno is gone, but the same people over and over in the same situation are not good like multiple shorter wars with different people, different reasons, different situations, different thing to do From the community side it was almost a K-O punch, very few people went far over a point that you should not pass and dragged everyone else with them, now I see things going a bit better but we lost players and communities for no reason and changed nothing Even if what I wrote is in contrast with what I'm about to say I hope to continue this war because a peace in the current situation will solve nothing and just restart the same war once again, this big mess needs to die with this war
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