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  1. Guys guys guys an girls stop for a moment No more ground control able to stop 1/3 of your air, air control still can limit tanks to 50% Just take air control and keep some tanks, the enemy will never be able to kill your air
  2. All my keno money buyed his cities and now they are gone
  3. High price = good for them
  4. Allowed only to 40+ cities Encouraged to 40+ cities buyed with keno money
  5. You can build great things on a swamp
  6. 10M per week for avatar and name
  7. Why not buying cities using credits to reset the timer?
  8. Now you can buy my avatar again For the name we need to wait until april
  9. Should be NPO's last time ♠️
  10. For the name is 10M per week since I can change it only once a month, keep ready 30M
  11. The war is over, it's time again to waste your money What you can buy: -My forum avatar for a week and change it with any picture you want -My forum name for a week and change it with anything you want How much it cost? Price to change my name or avatar starts from 100k, minimum raise is 100k, after a day or so the highest offer wins (I don't say when I close so people don't raise at the last second) The limit is 10M so the first that offers 10M automatically wins You can raise the offer on another player proposal For example if player #1 posts a 500k offer to change my name to "Stupid idiot" player #2 can raise to 1M for stupid idiot and not for his own proposal
  12. KT should hit their former allies KT vs Grumpy KT vs Guardain KT vs Empyrea KT vs Gol... Anyway the winner will keep uppercase letter in the KETOGG name So for example if Guardian wins is ketoGg, if KT wins is Ketogg, etc.
  13. Thanks, now I know when Polaris is at peace
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