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  1. gw1 gw6 gw15 gw9999 please use the war names
  2. It's like that for everyone but the game is the base for the community so you need to keep the game alive to have the community Fun defeat: you fight for a month and then you lose Boring dogpile: you lose and then you use missiles for a month If the best strategy for one of the two sides at day 1 of the war is to drop all military we failed as players, dogpiling is like playing Monopoly but at the start you already have all the hotels in your streets, what's the point of that? If you plan a war for a week, coordinate with other alliances, have all the players ready and your enemy is still half militarized what you do? You stop everything? We can only attack militarized nations? It's the wet dream of every pixel hugger If the numbers are somewhat even and you lose because you weren't militarized it's your fault In that case you hit and then you go straight to the peace talks, lesson learned, all friends as before, see you next time
  3. I can understand Grumpy but why Guardian? They are nothing special in terms of upper tier numbers
  4. I take a fun defeat over any boring victory, maybe you're to new to understand it but I played this game long enough to know that "winning" means nothing, often people who want to win leave the game when they understand this, there's no goal so there's no victory, this game is just a terrible waste of time if you play to win
  5. We need a question before creating a nation, are you here to win? yes/no If you clic yes you're blocked from creating a nation Why people need to win in this game? The only ability required is to be smarter than a primate, then numbers do the rest and after that both the winner and the loser will start again doing the same thing they did before the war, but if you are stupid enough to chose to make that war even more boring than what this game already is then I'm not sure about that ability required, but could be because when I started playing this game we had quality primates in charge of alliances
  6. It's not about deserving or not, is about giving something fun to do to the players and also putting your younger players where they have to think a bit so they can learn It's so hard to put less firepower on them and see how it goes? You can always have more alliances to join if things go south, you gain in fun, experience, reputation, and there's no risk to lose
  7. Oh look another dogpile, 2021 is so fun
  8. So you're saying that you can't beat Grumpy 1 vs 1 but at the same time you're saying that Grumpy will never fight without a backup, don't you see a contradiction in this? If they can't lose why should they be scared to fight alone? Let's take Rosesphere, Rose and direct allies alone, how many c30+ there are? 4 Voodoo 6 CoA 2 ASM 11 Yarr 4 R&R 39 Rose We're already at 66 nations, t$ is in a similar situation, Grumpy has 28 Give to Hollywood your numbers and we show you how to pin down Grumpy in 2 weeks Let's be real, you don't have the balls to start a war where there's a little chance you could [email protected]#$ up because you dubt of your competence even if in this game winning or losing means nothing, don't forget how it ended last time we had someone obsessed with winning at the expense of fun Your CB is weak because you're weak mentally
  9. Then challenge Grumpy alliance vs sphere upper tier only, both BW and Rosesphere have the numbers to take them down, they will accept and they only have NAPs so no one is forced to join But no, better put together the two strongest sphere in the game and start again another dogpile that means nothing, will change nothing, and will bore everyone Starting a war where I have the 95% chance to win? Pure horror, I must have 101% because in this game is so important to win, how can an alliance survive if they don't win every war? A lot of new players join this game every month, can we show them that this game can be fun? I know it can but I'm starting to forget it
  10. I wish this was possible but in the last 5 years or something the only people who had the balls to take us in a fair fight with similar numbers are our current allies, my citizens aren't teachers, doctors, workers, farmers, they are all rocket engineers because launching missiles is the only thing we do, I will probably get free moon landing for proven skills in rocket engineering, almost 400 missiles and 100 nukes in 3 years (and I always try conventional war if I can)
  11. HAHA YOUR DUMB Joking btw, I don't lose arguments
  12. He's missing a lot of IQ but not that IQ
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