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  1. That bad feel when you don't know anymore if he's trolling or he's for real
  2. Yes Alex changed, now you can only know if it is over 50% or under 50% Don't worry I killed your spies to solve you problems
  3. Hey I'm there Thanks
  4. Alex should be banned for cheating, he has 2 cities and like 100 ships
  5. In this war https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=565170 I did ground attacks after declaring, they are not in the timeline, no res was removed, I still have 6 MAPs, the soldiers lost and the money I get from the ground attacks should be the proof they happened, was 1 moderate success and 1 immense triumph Also IQ keeps using a bot so they have to login only if something happens in their nations, maybe the bot always checking the nations is the reason why the game is slow? idk about these things
  6. Nope Error 524 server slowdown
  7. Not a great saturday, I want to downvote myself
  8. Earning more in half of the time from BK with some beige is better
  9. Then I will use a non anime avatar if I change sex to make you happy daddy
  10. I guess Alex first checked if those money/resources were a deposit by Elijah, if he has never picked up those things from the bank but just did the deposit and then picked back the same things he's not hidding a bank but his own money Anyway if you really don't know how to use 5B I need to cover years of keno without winning
  11. Bad game update incoming, he doesn't want to be downvoted
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