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  1. The discord is so dumb, actually. You can't talk about anything, or the mods will warn you, and once I literally got my thing deleted and a warning for posting a link to an alliance affairs post, in the place where I posted it. I was also told I couldn't talk about it to the mods, and if I did I'd be warned for it.
  2. So, lets take a break from bickering about the war: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=6126 This is a new neutral alliance, which is cool, however they probably only haven't gotten hit because of the war. Do you think they'll get hit, simply for being neutral?
  3. Its probably closer to 3%.
  4. I’m mot sure why you guys downgraded just to go straight back to them.
  5. Kastor

    peace talks

    Well.....TKR side is being "reasonable" I've said that they should admit defeat and that should come to you for peace talks. I think your bogus "surrender first" thing is bogus. I'm sorry I'm not blindly following your way of thought on it, it doesn't really make sense because everyone knows how you'll lose it. What you'll do is this: 1. Force them to surrender first, then impose VERY unfavorable terms. 2. If those terms aren't accepted, you'll say that TKR side admitted defeat, and that they should accept your terms because they realized they lost. I know you'll say you won't, but I know a lot of the guys on your side, this is how you think, and I know people on the other side will ALSO do this. That's why I'm against it. Because its not going to make the war any shorter, and will drag out the war. The best way to do this is to list your terms out, get a moderator, I recommend me or Prefontaine. Or someone else if you don't want either of us, and force everyone to sit down and talk. Come to a good deal that benefits both sides, and see where everything goes from there. Staying on this path will just drag out the war, but as I've said, thats what NPO wants. A longer war only hurts BK, which I've also said more times. I'm not sure I agree with that. NPO won't throw the new alliances in because they want them to grow, I'm not sure why GOONS is even in but they won't allow new alliances to join. They need them to compete with BK soon. Even though BK sphere kinda self-destructed.
  6. Kastor

    peace talks

    I don't think thats going too well for you. I think you'll list your terms before they admit defeat. That doesn't change my point. My point is they are hoping the people who are coming over will be more tolerant to them then the people currently here. That's NPO's FA goal post-war, even though they'll never admit it. Even if BK comes back, tC has said publicly that they're not interested in rejoining with NPO, and I doubt if they force terms on TKR side, they'll come around. The end goal and my point stays the same, nice try to divert from my point tho.
  7. Kastor

    peace talks

    I suppose that's an argument that can be made. I'm indifferent, I've said you guys should white peace, I've said that they should surrender. The main point is, I don't think you're going to get ALL of what you want, and you seem unwilling to make any concessions, so a question could be asked what exactly do you get out of continuing the war? I suppose the bragging rights, but thats kinda irrelevant if the war goes on for some more months. You're barely growing, so it isn't like you're exactly winning here all that much there either. idk, feels like a dud to not just list your terms and negotiate, I'm not sure what exactly you get over not listing them.
  8. Kastor

    peace talks

    The real issue is the NPO Side keeps trying to force its views and logic on the other side(TKR side). Its obvious that TKR side isn't budging on how it views certain things, and NPO side thinks if it drags out the war it'll get them to change its view. The war has gone on for months, and TKR side hasn't changed at all, and all thats happened is NPO side is losing allies and people fighting for them. Regardless of the end result, I can't say that this is a good strategy. I assume NPO side thinks as long as it imports allies, it'll be fine, but I've gotta say losing PnW base support for CN support doesn't look like a good strategy in the long run.
  9. Kastor

    peace talks

    So I read/skimmed this, and this whole thing is silly. If you guys need an impartial moderator, let me know.
  10. They suck, and as a primary mobile player, I’m wondering who asked for the changes? if you wanted to change something, change the thing that would cause me to get the capcath every time I go to trade.
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