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  1. I think shortening the 15 city timer then keeping 16+ 10 days makes a lot of sense. 10 cities with no timer to then need to wait 100+ more days to get to 20? I think shortening would help.
  2. I made a thread and Alex didn't change anything. I doubt he'll do anything about this thread either.
  3. Yeah, how do you expect to be treated like you can do something and you can't get a simple surrender.
  4. The Swamp couldn't get a surrender outta a small alliance? LMAOOOOO Swamp still hasn't won a war, and has idly sat by while a bunch of others did bad things. Alexio can never get it right.
  5. Good luck, ignore the people who post toxic messages. Feel free to use alliance affairs every time you need to make an announcement, there is a reason it's there.
  6. Alex, fix the Captcha it sucks. It shouldn't take 50+ people to come together for you to fix something that sucks.

  7. Gotta say @Alex this seems tone deaf, you had over 60 people say to remove someone, and you add them to more things? Also, I'm not sure why we created a Dev team, we're just going to have the same problems that we had before with it, and you're gonna have to update it when RL issues get in the way, and you know next major war the entire team is gonna go ghost. My issue is we've done this before, just give the general membership my knowledge/access and stop with this elitist BS that just causes problems.
  8. tS is the only alliance capable of starting the next war
  9. This!!!! I clicked "trade" and had to enter one, and I wasn't even buying anything, I was just checking prices. Why do I have to find the crosswalk. @Alex please fix
  10. Or whatever they are called. Right now, every time that I go to do any action with another nation, I'm bombarded with captchas and they are the most annoying shit ever. Here's my suggestion: turn them so when you do *repeat* actions, you are targeted, not when you do regular actions. For example, I should be able to go buy iron, and never get a captcha, however if I buy multiple Iron trades(3+) or multiple trades(2+ of 2 resources) the captcha should hit. Likewise if I attack 1 nation, it should work fine, but if I attack multiple ones, I should have to enter. Either way, I'm sick of getting them every couple seconds and it has actually caused me to stop doing what I was doing because I didn't want to enter it. They shouldn't feel like that. I've also had to enter them multiple times when buying on the market and I shouldn't have to do that either.
  11. Was the sound for sure me? Because I’m pretty sure majority of the background noise came from someone else. ps. I did finally upgrade my mic and I was on my laptop, so I don’t think it was me.
  12. Retirement is fun, and lord knows you deserve it. thanks for making the game fun o/
  13. Thanks to Alex, Kev, Valk, and everyone else who came out and helped support the community. https://gofile.io/d/4YKE43
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