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  1. If you give NPO any money, they will just hit you a week from the end of the war after you’ve rebuilt.
  2. Thanks Wiggum, you’re doing a great job. Ignore these randoms trying to get you fired and tongue twisted into a response.
  3. Read between the lines guys: IQ is broke, or needs money to compete. This is why they’re pushing for reps against you guys. If they had money, after 7 months they’d just peace. They need money to go forward because without it, they’d be at a disadvantage, not you at an advantage.
  4. Say what you want about him, but BKnet worked almost exactly how he described it.
  5. Reminder that Leo tried to get an innocent person banned for his mistakes.

  6. Yeah, we now know based off of logs that BK is mostly broke, and a lot of alliances have depleted their funds. NPO can supplement them, but for how long? Another 1-2 maybe 3 months, but now they have a lot more wars and their "top" that was "growing and making resources" now have to engage, and being against so many people, they'll have to overextend and get picked off. I don't think NPO will "lose" but I think they'll be forced to peace, whether that be a surrender or white peace depends on how long Coalition A drags this war out, tbh.
  7. I agree with Leo, basically, we’re at the point where alliances don’t even need government members. There’s a bot that controls what they need, people are now just glorified advisors that talk to the leader. There’s no skill involved to separate alliances. Takes away from the fun, tbh.
  8. Tricky. I would say any bot that can make a function that normally requires a person to click a button to function should not be allowed. IF that means recruitment bots are banned, then they should be banned. However, since there are other functions that stop spam(5 minutes for new nations) and other stuff, I believe that recruitment bots should be allowed, as long as Alex checks them.
  9. He’s talking about his nation “in-character” so that doesn’t apply here.
  10. At one point, you gotta ask, if everyone is teaming up against you and you're constantly fighting people who you were on the same side as when the war started, are you the good guys?
  11. The difference is "in-game" and "out-of-game" even if something from "out-of-game" affects the "in-game" as long as said action wasn't taken "in-game" then Alex should not take action. Also, we don't know what BKnet does and doesn't do. There's too much in the air and too much stuff that we cannot say without a doubt that BKnet can and cannot do these things. Therefore George shouldn't get banned at all. If you want another rule example, Green was a player who was exchanging RL cash for In-game cash. Because of that, and it created an unfair advantage, Alex banned you from doing that, because it wasn't "fair". Alex did not ban Green, nor did he force Green to destroy the money he had obtained with it. Alex should keep that same philosophy with this, ban BKnet, scold George, and make a rule stating that if 3rd party account interact of give advantages through in-game functions, they're banned. Seems fair and everyone wins. Edit: It's not like George hacked into Leo's account or stole Leo's password through other means, it was public, for all to see, and gave a ton of people backdoor access. Because of that, Alex taking a hardline stance on it would basically be terrible. It's not like George used an exploit or broke the game.
  12. There’s a difference between Alex taking a move to protect players and Alex overstepped the rules he’s created to punish a player. You’re asking for the ladder to happen. That’s what I think, and I think a lot of people think, is wrong. If it was just that he backdoored into BKnet, then what’s the difference between someone backdooring into a forum or discord? Both interfere directly with the game. So if George went into BKnet, a third party site, took out the money, and kicked nations and never physically logged into Leo’s nation, then shouldn’t be in trouble. Also, for note on the IP addresses, if Leo’s IP comes back(which I expect it will, actually) then I DEMAND that he’s banned for violation of the rules, and BK gets a bank fee taken off. If his IP comes back that means that they have been illegally using and violating the bot system to circumvent the rules. Which means that Leo’s wasn’t doing any of the transactions and they have been illegally hiding the bank for years. That’s worth at least a 30% deduction and a ban for whoever lied to you about how it works, @Alex
  13. BKnet isn’t PnW, regardless of whether it was used or not, that isn’t in Alex’s jurisdiction to punish George. also, I’m pretty sure that BKnet was used to kick inactives, or at least has that function. Which is how BKers got kicked. doesn’t seem to break the rules, except BKnet, seems to be against the rules which makes me wonder why Alex allowed it. My main point is, it becomes super easier to hide the bank and reorganize it with this bot, making it impossible to actually take money. Surely this violates the fairness in trading and banking section of the PnW rules.
  14. But he didn't log into his PnW account, therefore he didn't break a PnW rule.
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