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  1. Kastor

    Grumpy now averages over 30 cities per member

    Because you’ll one round us then call in every upper tier alliance in the game to save you.
  2. Kastor

    Shifty News Network-Breadfan

    Go to the World Map page. On the drop down.
  3. Kastor

    Shifty News Network-Breadfan

    Make me bro.
  4. Kastor

    Shifty News Network-Breadfan

    In none of those wars, with maybe the exception of Proxy, were you “statistically underdogs” Those wars were notoriously even, and you used your skill and coordination to win. Stop trying to rewrite history to prop yourself up.
  5. Kastor

    Shifty News Network-Breadfan

    So are you stating that tS has 27% or over 1/4th of the entire game’s money?
  6. Kastor

    Rose Goes Public!

    Good stuff.
  7. Kastor

    Shifty News Network-Rock n Roll Fantasy

    If it’s something you cared about, you’d do something about it. Eventually these start to stack up.
  8. Kastor

    Shifty News Network-I don't want to set the world afire...actually yes I do!

    We want him. And Cypher you can be quiet until you literally do anything. As for you Gorge, keep quiet before I start saying stuff about you as well. Don't come for my alliance and I won't come for you.
  9. Kastor

    Shifty News Network-Rock n Roll Fantasy

    What this really proves is Vanguard isn't going to do anything even if they believe in it.
  10. Kastor

    Let's talk about PnW Radio shows.

    I’ve taken care of the mic problem. $50 later and you can’t hear much background noise, so I’ll probably be using a room in my library for it and hope there’s no events going on.
  11. Kastor

    Take 5 : The Crimson Entente DoE

    You have to crawl to walk, and walk to jog, then job to run.
  12. Kastor

    Shifty News Network-And Justice For All

    I don’t think they forced you. I do think you have an agenda and you’re going to follow said agenda.
  13. Kastor

    Let's talk about PnW Radio shows.

    Anyone who thinks Templar Radio is better than Kastorium is kidding themselves.
  14. Kastor

    $yndicate-Pantheon announcement

    tS actually did something great with this. By protecting Pantheon, we saw an alliance able to jumpstart itself. Pantheon has been growing and has started getting a new culture. Really proves all those ex-Pan gov people wrong when they said Pantheon was dead. Proved a lot of the game wrong too. Congrats to Fist and friends.
  15. Kastor

    Let's talk about PnW Radio shows.

    Lordship and Partisan would be terrible hosts. Time difference for Partisan, not trying to OOC attack but his English isn’t good either(I mean that in the nicest way). Plus Lordship is delusional and uninteresting and that show would be interesting for maybe 2 episodes. A much better show would be Buorhann, Dynamic, and Prefontaine. If you WANTED to add an IQ persona, pick Gorge. Everyone else is too opinionated and refuses to see things from anyone’s point of view. Mad Max is an okay host but he needs to gain more relevance first.

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