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  1. So I've been thinking about making a post about treasure for a long time, but I didn't because I didn't think you'd go over it, but I think its a worthwhile idea to explore. None of these numbers are final, tweak as u think is best, just the general concept alone with the buffs I think will make them more useful. So atm, we have 30 treasures, remove them until 6. This increases the rarity of treasures. The problem with treasures now is the boost isn't worth a war because they respond every 60 days and there's so many of them, you'll EVENTUALLY get one if u wait long enough, and if you really want one you can buy it. With your change and it being down to 6, treasures are a must have. Now, buff them massively, not to the point of breaking, but make the treasures WORTH getting. 1. Each Treasure gets a automatic +2% revenue. 2. Treasures now spawn every 90 days instead of 60. 3. Treasures have the oppurtunity to "get lost" during the war and have a 5% chance(maybe higher) to despawn. Now, the ideas: 1. War Treasure: Passive: The alliance that holds this take 5% less damage from wars, and 10% less from looting. (+2% revenue) 2. Golden Age Treasure Passive: A golden age falls upon the alliance that has this. All Resource production is increased by 5%. Revenue is increased by 5% (+2%) 3. Sparta Treasure Passive: Utilizing the Spartan's defensive abilities, your NATION can only be declared upon by 2 nations, however you may only declare one(2?) offensive war, every war that your alliance is a defender in, the enemy starts with 1 less MAP. 4. Wonder Treasure Passive: Your treasure unlocks the secret to wonder building, all cities and projects now has -20 less turns between them, and cost 1% less. 5. Dominance Treasure Passive: This treasure will only spawn in a nation that recently won a war, you receive +10% from looting personally, while your alliance mates receive +2% from looting. Your alliance bank security is increased, giving your enemies less a chance to loot your bank(-5% looting ability) (I felt like this one would be hard to code, because its so wonky). 6. Enlightenment Treasure Passive: Enlightenment increases the amount of population in each city, by 4%, and gives you a +3% revenue to you and your alliance. So I wanna make sure I'm saying this right, imo, treasures should stack, and I think the passives and the abilities should stack too, for example, if I get the Golden Age Treasure, I get the +2% passive from having a treasure(tourism?) then the +5%. Having 2 or more treasures applies the above as well, so the +2% stacks, they are not added. This is to give a huge boost to whoever holds the treasure, which I think is real and gives an added value. Each treasure is just that, TREASURE! While you would get money off of each, what it can teach you is more important. Like I said, numbers aren't final, and I'm not sure what would break the game. The overall added revenue isn't enough to make it worthwhile making sure your rival doesn't get all 6 treasures though >>>>
  2. I have a wayyyy better idea that doesn't involve taking away any autonomy from @Alex and stops the "insiders" from getting an unfair advantage(for instance, someone told me about the changes a day before, while all the info wasn't there, enough was, and this, and others were able to plan for bits and pieces of it. That isn't fair for the average player.) Solution: Put a 14 day hold on any changes, the announcement comes out, but changes don't start for 14 days, this is to allow player input and insight, and also prohibit unfair advantages from the insiders who help with these changes. That is a fair, tolerable solution that everyone can walk away happy with.
  3. What if this is NPO's revenge. What if this is Roquentin's great return. What if NPO is coming to an alliance near you! NPO has setup a return to glory. While deleting all their nations, they sought the ultimate goal: total domination. They used affliates they met online to contact Drew Durlin, the legendary YouTube. Drew, while getting a good amount of views was running out of content ideas and needed ideas for a boost. He was eagerly taking any advice when the NPO affiliate contacted him, under the guise of helping, he lured Drew into making a video, knowing it would result in the massive boost in gameplay, which is what Roquentin wants. Under the guise of Drew, alliances opened their flood gates, former enemies soon welcomed in 15, 20, 30 members into their humble ranks. These are the NPO agents mixed with the newcomers. Their goal is to destroy alliances from within, growing their nations and taking government positions. All to lure everyone under their abode. Once they get the majority of alliances under their control, their plan is to take all the resources, bring in Goons and BK and destroy alliances. They will destroy discords, kick members, and bombard the veterans as they take over the game. Then, they will destroy and keep down any who don't do as they wish. If you thought the last war was bad, the new age is frightening. These words do not represent the view of me, my alliance, or any of our allies. I, and my alliance, deny these allegations and consider it satire.
  4. This is a cop-out Alex said when he made treasures it was more or less to provide conflict. There has never been any major conflict over treasures. The one time we got close, he nerfed them. I want to see something good.
  5. So recently, Alex made a new rule that treasures could no longer be traded, instead, they can inly be fought over. However, we’ve been playing this game for a long time, and no one minus arrgh or if its on a micro, ever fights over treasures. So you’ve been nerfing treasures since they came out, from the beginning when they were strong and actually useful, then when they were abused you reverted the changes to them, nerfing them to the point where you couldn’t stack them. Now after removing that, you’ve now removed the only medium of actually using treasures. So either you need to buff treasures or remove the rule, otherwise, why would alliances even pursue treasures? The payoff isn’t enough for a war, and now you can’t trade them. @Alex
  6. Why are people worried about the meta changing, its good for the game. If the game was the same from launch to now we wouldn't have seen a lot of Strats that have came out for a long period of time. NPO's turtle Strat, to Arrgh's submarine Strat, to tS's Aircraft only, each Strat changes the game and bring in a new competitor and a new storyline along with it. So I like the changes, some things will of course have to be tweaked but for the most part, lets go into the abyss together!
  7. This is untrue, and terrible advice. As someone who's played the game for 4+ years, and been in a bunch, let me tell you what to look for. 1. Find any alliance you like, ones that invite you to them are the best, however *majority* of alliances will accept you, even if you're not in their requirements, simply if you show effort and determination. 2. Join that alliance's discord, or chat equivalent(forums, irc, Skype, etc) and just talk to them in their general chat for about 12-24 hours. Ignore that join an alliance in the first few hours, you have 2 weeks to decide what is the best fit for you, as you'll be sending all your time that you play this game with those people. 3. After talking and feeling out several alliances, figure out which benefits and packages work for you the best, if you want to control your own nation, going to a BIGGER alliance is usually detrimental to that, as they usually are competing very heavily, and have several rivals, which means that while the communities may be good, you may be subject to higher levels of taxation and other things, keep that in mind before you apply. 4. Do you want to learn, or do you want to teach yourself? Most alliances have guides, and most guides are around the same, while you may get a slight advantage in one alliance over the other, the notion that leaving the top 30 will mean you're behind is misguided. You can learn a lot in different alliances, its all about your skillset and what you want to do. 5. Government, if you want to lead, go to smaller alliances, its vastly easier to get a position in smaller ones, and it helps you learn the game a lot faster, imo. Big alliances usually won't give you gov, but will give you work within the departments, both work to teach you, as I've said, simply up to you. TLDR; Big alliances-your hands off, their hands on. Smaller Alliances- Your hands on, their hands off(mostly)
  8. Simple fix, give the Moon Landing a +10% chance of landing Nukes and Missiles on the enemy. This will raise the importance of it. It also isn't game breaking as you need(2?) additional project slots to get it.
  9. So realizing your faults as an alliance and trying to find remedies and fixies is....bad? So realizing your faults as an alliance and trying to find remedies and fixies is....bad? So realizing your faults as an alliance and trying to find remedies and fixies is....bad? So realizing your faults as an alliance and trying to find remedies and fixies is....bad?
  10. Why do people with vastly different goals and ambitions keep allying Alexio. Without a doubt everyone of these blocs fail without accomplishing anything, and yet, people keep going back. Amazing.
  11. Kastor

    The Future

    This, you can compete without destroying your competition.
  12. Kastor

    The Future

    As an older member of the game, someone who has been here for several years, I want to say a few things. When NPO wasn't a major power, the game was fun, we had a little toxicity, but a lot of the game were friends and interested in each other, we joined other IRC's and discords, we were very fun and easy to play with. A lot of fun things went on and healthy competition. MensaHQ was kinda bad, but that was mostly TUGT and Pfieffer. Then NPO came, and soon slowly the game got worse and worse, NPO used PnW reasons to roll MI5(tS and Rose) and big things started happening. Suddenly, wars were no longer fights and then handshakes(with a few terms) it was now tiresome, month long fights that NPO would drag out so people wouldn't fight them. They started telling their members not to even join friendly servers(Lordaeron), and created a hostile regime. Funnily enough, I don't blame them, with the amount of hate they received for joining the community, but everyone was right, they tried to kill the game. They tried their hardest, even cheating to do it. I just want to say I'm excited for the future, but I want people to remember a few things: -Don't tax your members 100/100, their job as members of your alliance is to play the game and create a community within it, it isn't to give all their power and resources to you for you to play the game against 15 other people. -Feel free to explore new alliances, but only do it if you feel like you can strengthen your community. -Shorter, more frequent wars. Limit to 1-2 rounds, there is no need to pound alliances. -Let grudges die after 1-2 wars, don't have huge lasting rivalries against a portion of the game. -Reshuffle allies every 6-12 months, don't go into the year with the same people you ended the previous with. -Be open to working with people you normally wouldn't. -Bring back Paperless -Top tier alliances should refrain from allying each other and never impeding their growth. -Never serve your alliance as leader for more than 12-24 months. If you've been the leader for years, you're doing it wrong. -Stop signing massive amounts of treaties as deterrents. -Stop hitting Protectorates when you fight their protector. If you do these things, NPO or anyone like it can never come back. For the people on the other side, you constantly belittled the NPOsphere and forced them to create that ideology. The everyday members constantly having to fight you for years, for things that 3-5 people started. Going forward, the biggest thing to stop the previous few years is to: Let the past die. Going forward, stop holding onto grudges. Stop having the same people dictate everyone else going forward. You are not safer with treaties, and it only binds you into a section and a google doc with your nations list on it. Start to protect yourself and start to grow. Thats all I had to say, I know people will disagree, I know people will start plotting and getting a bunch of allies. But going forward, I hope some of these points are adopted, at least.
  13. Who is even left fighting?
  14. I’m not gonna tell you what’s wrong or right to do, however just go take a break. Go outside, take a walk. Go hang with friends, grab a beer, take a girl out on a date. Spend time with parents, call some friends and catch up. but just stop being here for a couple days. Go do something productive in your free time for a few days. if anyone is in NA and wants to play LoL, hmu. Let’s duo or something.
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