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  1. New info: The bug persists even if you open a new webpage on the same browser.
  2. When I've logged in twice now I've gotten a bug that displays that I have over 300+ Notifications and 800+ trades, when I click there is nothing. I disregarded it the first time and this time I did as well and totally forgot to get a screenshot. I will try to replicate, but I'm posting to see if anyone else has had this problem?
  3. The nUPNberg Trials is elite. Has to win
  4. Rose will do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, and if you have a problem with if, feel free to see us on the battlefield. 110 days is nothing, we’ll pound you until you’ve had enough, just like we’ve done to everyone. Rose is too strong to be beaten, and with it’s members and economy, too essential to the Orbis community.
  5. Yes, after crusading against NPO’s forced disbandment terms, you meme disbandment at UPN.
  6. WAIT I thought you were a new member, like brand new. So you’ve just been okay with UPN doing this for YEARS?!? nahhhh I’ve been telling people not to roll y’all 😂 I hope y’all get slammed by every alliance in the game for 9 months like you did to everyone else. Y’all all complicit.
  7. Your leader has been inactive for 14 months? And you all re-elected him?
  8. You supported him until the NAP ended and now you’re scared to get rolled. gtfo lmaoo Like how do you respect this alliance? At least stand by the member who’s helped build you since day freaking 1. Under, I’m not sure what’s going on, and I know that you are extremely toxic/terrible. But you didn’t deserve this from UPN. UPN should’ve burned with you. It’s like if Rose kicked Abbas or Kurdanak, I’d leave with them.
  9. I think shortening the 15 city timer then keeping 16+ 10 days makes a lot of sense. 10 cities with no timer to then need to wait 100+ more days to get to 20? I think shortening would help.
  10. I made a thread and Alex didn't change anything. I doubt he'll do anything about this thread either.
  11. Yeah, how do you expect to be treated like you can do something and you can't get a simple surrender.
  12. The Swamp couldn't get a surrender outta a small alliance? LMAOOOOO Swamp still hasn't won a war, and has idly sat by while a bunch of others did bad things. Alexio can never get it right.
  13. Good luck, ignore the people who post toxic messages. Feel free to use alliance affairs every time you need to make an announcement, there is a reason it's there.
  14. Alex, fix the Captcha it sucks. It shouldn't take 50+ people to come together for you to fix something that sucks.

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