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  1. Kastor

    How long will this war go on for?

    1. Wouldn't that be the case anyway? And are you sure that you want to state this and adopt this FA policy? If you have 4 "major" spheres, BK, Chaos, KTsphere, and NSO, and if 2 teamed up to take down one, that one that sat out would "technically" be at a disadvantage if they decided to swing at you. But thats a big IF, and it'd have to be after a long war where the losing side gets steamrolled and stays down for a long period of time. Even 1-2 rounds into this war, we saw that wasn't the case, BK and friends started making the way up, beefing out the bottom, and while they wouldn't have won, it probably wouldn't have been a long war. Maybe 30-45 days max. Then, it would make no sense for Chaos/KT nations, fresh off back-to-back wars, lowering resources to turn around and fight you in the next 1-2 months(60 days), allowing BK to build back up. Let's keep in mind that both Chaos and KT fought each other as well. 2. I see you clarified that later, seems like you thought your allies were rather lacking to be able to fend off an attack from 2 smaller spheres fresh off 2 "Global" wars. I can't exactly go against you here, as its your belief, but that really says something about your alliance's military skills and your ally's as well. 3. Fair enough. A follow-up question for you based off of what you said about "balance." 1. While other things obviously led to the attack, you cite trying to "balance" the war" as one of the main components. My question is, do wars need to be balanced, and by extension fair? And if so, how do you defend your attack on TKR in Knightfall? If wars don't need to be balanced and fair, how do you defend your attack on TKR in this war?
  2. Kastor

    How long will this war go on for?

    Well while I'm not saying I agree with Roq, all I got from your replies is this: 1. MD-level allies are not supposed to defend MD-level allies, and if they do, they're just mindless cannon fodder. 2. Citadel is supposed to just go back on its word of signing the treaties, if that treaty is somehow chained into fighting you. Whats worse, apparently Citadel gave you an out by not blitzing BK, and you didn't take it. While I won't say it hurt or helped your war effort to disregard them, it really shows that on the surface your words against Citadel don't mean much. You can't call them out for defending their allies, especially when you had a shot for them not to defend them, and ignored it. If anything, they're the inverse of the NPO situation, which you say was terrible. So which is, either you dislike NPO's way of handling it or you dislike Citadel's? Or you just want to shit on both because they're against you? My pick is the latter.
  3. Kastor

    How long will this war go on for?

    As someone who's more impartial and doesn't really care who wins, I do have questions that I think the average person viewing the forums and reading this has as well. First, to @Roquentin, 1. Would you have attacked TKR & Friends even if it meant losing t$ and HS? and if so, wouldn't that put you back in the same "FA" basket that you were at before this war/IQ split? 2. Do you think you would've lost a war against either TKR sphere or KETOG after this war? 3. The way you structure your arguments around the forums make it seem like you consider this war defensive. If it is defensive "from future aggression" what signs have been shown that made you think that war was coming your way. Also, can you clear something up, so you got logs from TKRsphere that stated that you were next, but the logs seem to indicate(from what you, and other NPO gov have said) that TKR was going to attack you in the next few days, or the near future. Is that true? Or, were you more worried about them attacking you several months from now? For @Buorhann, 1. Can you clarify whether or not you were told that attacking BK would result in Citadel's entry into the war? 2. Is it not true that several Citadel nations were attacked in the first round by your side? 3. How do you feel about this war, going forward? 4. Is Citadel not supposed to defend MD-level allies, in this circumstances?
  4. Kastor

    How long will this war go on for?

    I’m not on tgh nor have I looked at Empy’s discord for around a month lol.
  5. Can no one keep a fricking secret these days?
  6. Kastor

    Let the trolling commence.....

    Here’s my question: Does BC/FR leaking info about BK/IQ actually break any intel clauses? Might cause some tension but....did they actually do anything wrong?
  7. So, IQ has basically gotten back together, the major alliances in the war are NPO, BK, TCW, GoTG, Acadia, and UPN. Besides TCW, this is basically IQ 2.0 now, so that makes me wonder and ask, regardless of the outcome of this war, where do we, as a community go from here? IQ basically got a renewal of FA after Knightfall, one they're most likely not getting again after this. Will the game only ever amount to NPO & friends vs TKR and friends? Because since NPO's First time, in 2016, 5/8 major wars have been NPO vs TKR, to some extent. The 3 globals that weren't were when TKR and friends beat up TEst, KT vs NPO, and Surf's up. Will we *EVER* see any difference in wars going forward, the mini spheres are going to basically be over and we're more or less going to go back to the FA world that circulated before(and somewhat after) Knightfall.
  8. Kastor

    We are here for the Whales

    This is where the fun begins.
  9. Kastor

    $yndicate Businessweek Update: Cessation of External Venture

    Quoting for when you drop NPO post-war.
  10. Kastor

    We are here for the Whales

    Does it beat "Rose's Surrender" thread from Silent war?
  11. Rule 1. Majority of this advice is utter garbage and the people who gave it almost never built an alliance “ground-up”.
  12. Kastor

    The Pantheon situation

    I think if they were rolled by anyone other than NR, it would be fair. It isn’t fair that NR cheated to roll them.
  13. Kastor

    The Pantheon situation

    It’s not fair to Pantheon that they were attacked and beaten by cheaters.
  14. Kastor

    The Pantheon situation

    Since NR cheated, and used their cheating methods to take down Pantheon. What will happen with them? @Alex Its very clear to say that if NR hadn’t have cheated, Pantheon would’ve never gotten destroyed.

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