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  1. I'm no expert, and I've been kinda inactive, but since when has TKR had 178 nations? Or Rose at 118? BK hasn't had 165 in awhile? and Arrgh! at 149? NPO at 198? I assume you're counting applicants but....they shouldn't count, at all.
  2. That makes no sense because I’ve been debating with you for the past month. These are the type of posts I’ve been talking about.
  3. I just realized Aragorn was Leo/Thanos and now all the dumbassary makes sense.
  4. Wouldn't an amazing compromise be a "white peace" ending of the war, with NPO/BK side getting 5 joke terms, and KETOG getting 5 joke terms? Obviously you have to agree to the terms, but there you have it. I've ended the war.
  5. It seems silly that people are willing to split hairs over a surrender and white peace.
  6. I think the biggest thing about this is, at least for NPO/BK side is they believe that waiting another 1-2 months will bleed out KETOG side, it won't. Most of these alliances have established communities that aren't going to be gone because they were in a long state of war. So the bigger question is, for individual alliances, what does your individual alliance gain by sticking around another 2 months? @TheNG @Malal @Lionstar @El Chach @Curufinwe @Odin And before anyone says anything, I don't really have a stake in this, I just believe its amusing you guys are letting NPO play you like a fiddle.
  7. No they aren't. BK loves NPO, NPO doesn't love BK. I'm not sure what everyone else isn't understanding. NPO is going to run rampant after this war and BK is playing into their hands.
  8. The bigger issue isn’t actually that you won’t fight them, but that you will protect them.
  9. Will it though? They could easily snag an alliance or 2 from KETOG/Chaos which would force them off. And 6 months is a long time from now. Things change.
  10. You see in this thread who's replying? NPO people. Its always NPO people replying and pushing the narrative that you'll go months. And thats what they want, so their sphere can build up!
  11. The longer this war goes on, the more NPO wins. Which is why they've been running to topics to keep the war going. Like think about it, if you were really pushing for peace, why would you wait 3 weeks to offer someone a "surrender" again? Really think about it. It makes no sense. Regardless of where you stand (white peace/surrender), there's no reason to REFUSE peace talks for 3 weeks unless you didn't want the war to end. Think about it, @James T. Kirk @Thanos @Curufinwe, you're being taken for fools. I ask you, in your chat, who's the most pushing for the war to CONTINUE? Not for KETOG/Chaos to surrender, but who literally wants to war to CONTINUE?
  12. Bro shut up. You really think you have a high horse. You piggy backed on so many people to achieve your “success”.
  13. This is a joke to TEst’s legacy in the game tbh.
  14. I guess we're rewriting history. NPO stayed low because they wanted to stay low. Its well documented by Roq and others in NPO. They didn't want to stay in the mid-range and be a threat to Sydisphere(plus their low-tier Strat worked well for them). For NPO since ToT, have consistently grown, and have a 19 city average. and even then, growing 130+ nations to 19 avg, and they still wanted to stay low. Now they have no reason to stay low.
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