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  1. Kastor

    2018 PnW Awards Announcement

    I think that most of the backlash to this idea is that people are worried about the transparency of the vote, but since thats dumb considering that the vote is transparent just until after the election. So unless there's a legit reason to say no, due to the DM's I've gotten, and several people in this thread, we're probably going to go along with this. So far the other 3 people who have confirmed to help are TheNG, Dynamic, and Sir Scarfalot. All are seasoned members of the community and from 3 different "sides" of the political spectrum. There are about 2-3 more spots open, and 1 person has been asked, pending certain things. So feel free to message me about joining.
  2. Kastor

    2018 PnW Awards Announcement

    The public is going to be voting. I'm not sure what you're even saying.
  3. Kastor

    2018 PnW Awards Announcement

    I already answered and addressed the same concerns you listed. The vote count is kept secret for the show to be a surprise. It is then released after the show. So no one is "refusing" to share those totals, just holding onto them until after the show. Where is there less confidence? Everyone can vote, same as before, you just can't see who's winning until after all the votes are in.
  4. Kastor

    2018 PnW Awards Announcement

    1. No, anything that will be done will be automatically counting. I'm not putting anyone through the process of manually counting through every post on the forum, nor do I think anyone else would. 2. Why should it all be on the forum? I don't think its even a stretch to say that more people are on discord than forums. As long as you can vote and participate on the forums, why should we limit ourselves to just to forums? 3. I think the Hall of Fame idea should be limited in some regard. It makes no sense to have a hall of fame where a bunch of people join. Some people can be added later. The number 2 is just thrown out there but 10 would be way to much. Maybe like 3 would be a better number. 4. Noted. Nice ideas.
  5. Kastor

    2018 PnW Awards Announcement

    Would be interested in this. You can elaborate here or in my DMs. This would defeat the purpose of the radio show/award show. The point is to allow an air of secrecy. If your issue is "trust" that isn't good enough for me to stop it, as several people will be apart of this and it'll be impossible to "rig" the vote. The poll will be released after the show, and people would be allowed to see the results, along with a team with different alliance allegiances, oversaw by me, the guy who doesn't care who wins. It'll be next to impossible to "rig" the vote. We can still have a radio show and still post on the forums afterwards. These aren't mutually exclusive.
  6. Kastor

    2018 PnW Awards Announcement

    Because immediately after I got this posted, I was hammered on discord by IQ members. Here it is: I don’t believe ANY PnW Award was rigged. The VOTE shall be COUNTED and CONFIRMED by MULTIPLE PEOPLE to avoid any RIGGING. This does not mean any votes will be discounted. This does not mean I even care who wins. This simply means there will be a valid security system around the vote. With trusted members of the community confirming the result. Therefore stop getting your panties in a bunch. Your vote will count as your vote always has. No one is going to stop BK from getting it’s entire membership base to vote. My vote counts 1 like your vote. The idea of a secret vote is so we can do a radio show that draws interest of “who’s gonna win.” ALSO, the votes will be release post-show. You can see who got the most votes and where. It’s only secret until the show.
  7. First off, I’ll be hosting the awards again this year. It’ll be a good occasion as usual. However I’m trying to spice it up this year. I’m trying to add new categories and make it more of a presentation this year so here we go for ideas: 1. Instead of public voting, we do secret ones that are counted by multiple people, so there’s no way of rigging the vote. 2. Instead of the usual public view of awards, we hold a radio show(Kev and Charlie will hopefully help out), and the show is where the Awards are announced and people can actually get up and say a few words about their awards(we’ll try to pick a neutral time and get the top 3 to join, for alliance awards-they can send any gov member). 3. An establishment of a “Hall of Fame” voting. I’m not sure how we’ll add it, because I definitely don’t want that turning into a popularity contest. However it’ll be 2 a year voted on by the Community. 4. Most categories- post them below! Any ideas are welcome! Nominations will open December 15th and stay open until January 1st. This gives you 17 days to nominate anyone starting then. This thread is to garner interest in “spicing it up” If you wish for everything to remain normal, say that so we’ll know. Anyone wishing to work with us this year shoot my a message on Discord or message me in-game.
  8. Kastor

    The classy lads of TKR and TCW

    Errr, Top 40 is pretty big for a "first timer" Maybe top 50-55.
  9. $50,000,000 that this isn't the first day of your period and you just wanted to say this.
  10. I don't see how that means anything? Literally James is just saying this is a continuation of the last war, and it is.
  11. Well, he's right. I'm not sure where he was "policing" anything though. More like making a very obvious statement.
  12. Kastor

    The Polaris DoE

    I sexually Identify as an Polaris. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of being triggered and kicking people from my discord server. People say to me that a person being a Polaris is Impossible and I’m fricking retarded but I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m having a plastic surgeon install weak ass members, bad leadership and sensitive frickers on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me “Polar” and respect my right to be a weakling. If you can’t accept me you’re a polaphobe and need to check your alliance privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.
  13. Kastor

    War Stats - Global War 12

    Yes, but they will eventually get you guys. It's only a matter of time.
  14. Kastor

    You're Disowned Rose!

    Dynamic would just find a way to disqualify you if you pose a threat to him leading.

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