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  1. TheRebelMan

    Embark on the Next Crusade!

    Learn kids. This is how u do milcom.
  2. TheRebelMan

    Rado Twerk Video

    Smh. Truth is, there is no video. Conspiracy101
  3. TheRebelMan

    8 articles, whew :blobsweat:

    @Epi this man got a point here^^^
  4. TheRebelMan

    Lordaeron Announcement

    @Buorhann WEAK As you can see, this is KT high gov irl. Beat that.
  5. TheRebelMan

    To whoever put a 50M nuclear bounty on me...

    Hahaha. Thalmor is just covering up for the KT-DV Civil War that happened. Well played if I say so myself.
  6. TheRebelMan

    Lordaeron Announcement

    @Noctis Asking for a friend here. But since you are your micros FA, is this how to FA?
  7. TheRebelMan

    8 articles, whew :blobsweat:

    And here I thought Cumalot had a chance at being different. I thought it had potential.... RIP
  8. TheRebelMan

    North Alaska 300

    Nice. Can't say anyone cares tho.
  9. TheRebelMan

    Embark on the Next Crusade!

    Who in KT says lol 24/7?
  10. TheRebelMan

    Is it salt day today?

    @Vince McMahon Is this how to FA? Asking for a friend.
  11. TheRebelMan

    The Fake SNN: Where is Nova Bank?

    Gotta love it when Shadow throws some bait out, and they bite. Shadow gets a little fun and I get some popcorn rolling.
  12. TheRebelMan

    Military templates

    If your alliance requires infantry as part of the MMR, you need to switch alliances. Otherwise, most alliances require a factory of tanks per city and that isnt hard to figure out at all. Just get the factory, and buy tanks till u can buy no longer. With ships this isnt the case, but it isnt hard to calculate 2 digit numbers. Imo, this will just be a useless addition to the game.
  13. TheRebelMan

    Surrendering to Nova

    Can't count of them if they disband or go inactive like most micros do...
  14. TheRebelMan

    Surrendering to Nova

    But I have like 3 missles.....
  15. TheRebelMan

    Surrendering to Nova

    Stop taking my slots man.

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