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  1. Leftbehind

    Where we droppin bois?

    This is five pages of everyone trying to see how many times they can say trash in a post.
  2. Leftbehind

    Where we droppin bois?

    I am not sure who would turn down that challenge.
  3. Leftbehind

    The Hobo Express - Part Four!

    Haha they did. They could have been harder and I think we would have beat them as well. We only slowed growth when we hit what we believe our bank could handle. No sense in having members you can't actually help.
  4. Leftbehind

    The Hobo Express - Part Four!

    Nailed it!
  5. Leftbehind

    The Hobo Express - Bad Co Bound!

    Gotta add another car to that train.
  6. Leftbehind

    The couping of Sirius

    What do you think is silly, Fist? The idea that various perspectives exists or the fact that you fail to see it is necessary to have. You cannot be so self-righteous to believe that what you done wouldn't be considered no different than what Dusty did. If you are than you need to open that box you call a mind and grab a clue.
  7. Leftbehind

    The couping of Sirius

    You can calm down there. You may not like it when people bring up what you done to regain control of Pantheon in a negative light. We get it that in your eyes you rode in as a white knight to save an alliance making death noises. That is your perspective. Others have the view that you took advantage, done the alliance dirty, no different than what you are claiming DustyDart done. So instead of coming out here beating your chest, trying to climb the podium of higher morality over the cesspool, you can reflect how your alliance can be a better protector and train your little minions. Let's be honest you have obligation to ensure their success which you failed. OOC: Many of those people you view as toxic have been extremely helpful with the micro I belong too. You might forget that we are all playing characters in this game. Some people are villains while others are heroes. If people are choosing to walk away from the game because they cannot understand this than they were truly never playing the game. Like it or not the game is called politics & war. Not arts & crafts. So being able to have various opinions and drama is good for the game overall. If you and others wise to take a moral position than we need players to take the immoral stance. It's already a boring game where nothing happens so grab your crew and I'll grab mine so we can have a good old politic drama fight in public. Let's make PnW great again.
  8. Leftbehind

    The Mighty Atlantic Declaration of Existence

    This whole thing started from my opinion that Godfury is an unknown. You decided to fend its honor by trying to prove how relevant you guys are. Not sure why you are so upset by it.
  9. Leftbehind

    The Mighty Atlantic Declaration of Existence

    Are you going to be alright? I can see I really hit a sore spot. You can smack talk my terrible mirco all you want, I'd likely help you, but here is the thing. We are a mirco doing its thing in the world so its expected to not be relevant. Your an alliance that is protecting another that has been trying to be relevant.
  10. Leftbehind

    The Mighty Atlantic Declaration of Existence

    Read my last post.
  11. Leftbehind

    The Mighty Atlantic Declaration of Existence

    Zinger! Don't believe I've claimed otherwise nor does it change the fact that no one knows anything about them. Other than being tied to Pantheon and having been Great Job!'s worst alliance of the week.
  12. Leftbehind

    The Mighty Atlantic Declaration of Existence

    Looks like you know everything about Godfury that is worth talking about.
  13. Leftbehind

    The Hobo Express

    You can hide your junk in the Underground
  14. Leftbehind

    New Players Joining Alliances

    This is a terrible idea and one that completely takes a big portion of the game away for players. Forcing people to join certain alliances only stagnates their interest further than this game already does naturally. Too many people blame mircos for the death of another game when it was the death of politics that killed it. Here is the thing, in my terrible little mirco I've actually spent a fair chunk of time engaging players, who had little desire to use a secondary, trying to entice them into the bigger world they play in. With some success I might add. When I joined this game I went right into a Top Alliance. That was overwhelming since I knew next to no one and felt more of a number than anything. After sometime there I got bored of reading guides and sitting around that I started thinking about walking away from the game. That's when I realized that in order to have fun I'd have to forge my own path so I hooked up with old friend who introduced me to Gov life in PNW. While in Gov I dealt with some terrible mirco drama but realised it was making this boring game a hell of a lot more interesting for me. So when I was asked to help a friend make this terrible mirco I jumped on board with the idea that if I actually engaged players who are new in a meaningful way that they will want to play this longer and add to the community. So the small more personal environment might be a great way to get players more involved in the game. I understand that so many of you want to blame mircos for players quitting out when there are many reasons why. Things like how alliances don't do anything other than existing, wars that last 3 months too long, the long peace in between wars, the lack of drama and such. A game is supposed to be entertaining so let's make it that.
  15. Leftbehind

    Lordaeron Announcement

    Dont worry we got your back.

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