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  1. If clues were shoes you would be walking barefooted in the desert. Good job Alex.
  2. Shhhh our little secret.
  3. We been dead for years. Ask around.
  4. Why, would an alliance like Acadia be on the list when the main players are no longer with us? NG, George, Curtis, and so on are all gone. What is left are the people that just want the same thing that we fought for last war. The right to exist. If we fail to turn the other cheek than we are no better that the ones we fought. When the war ended and the fallout from the IQ bullshit started to settle I had to make a choice. Move on with my life and play the game or Hate the ones that are left. My choice was easy to make, I moved on and decided to help rebuild a gutted alliance because those members, like me, deserve to play the game and get a clean slate. Like it or not "Rolling" these people will only push more out of the game that had nothing to do with it. It will lock up the idea that they will never get a fair shot and to me that is unacceptable.
  5. So far it has. I've spoken to a couple of new players that came over because of it. Now we just got to keep them interested.
  6. It doesn't matter when he did it but that he did it. As much as I hope you can keep him on the right path, I sadly do not see it. He has been the center of accusations for a very long time so knowing that he's cheated once makes many people feel he has before or will continue to do so. To me, I would rather rid the world of people like nokia and EM instead of waiting for the next three ring circus they cause. They are both cheaters and you will have to accept that. He may not have got the ingame benefit but he helped ensure that the cheating was possible. With all the bullshit that this world has been through the last few months it would be nice for us to just agree that cheaters don't belong instead of defending them.
  7. We shouldn't accept cheaters or people who allow it to happen. All the people involved are clowns and does nothing but tarnish this game further. You guys defending EM or even allowing him into your alliance after all the nonsense is just enabling this kind of behavior. Don't get me wrong, I can understand how you want a more "even" reaction towards the others involved. I sorta do as well but I can see how others feel Nokia has at least tried to make amends. No matter what the motives were behind it. Problem is EM hasn't shown any effort which brings us to this.
  8. Than join a real alliance. There are many good alliances out there that allows you to do your thing but teach you how to play in a fun environment. It's a two way street though so your participation is key. You may also want to stop feeding the trolls since they can go all day long.
  9. Starting to feel like the only person that thinks offshoring adds a challenge to the game. It takes teamwork to bounce the bank around and even though it's not a complex process people mess it up all the time. Which leads to glorious memes and banter. I get why you want to end the unraidables but I dont think removing bank loot or offshores is helping make the game interesting. You might as well make it that a blockaded bankers can't send out aid if you wanna just throw things at walls to see what sticks.
  10. No dear brother, for the hot, delicious Soup that has once filled our mortal bodies has given away to the Light that will feed our souls. Praise be!
  11. Players shouldn't feel obligated to help a mirco get exposure. When you create a mirco you should be self aware. It's up to you to choose a nurturing protector and understand your limitations. We cannot create a culture for you nor should anyone hold your hand. Just don't be another Sean Anthony and learn from your mistakes.
  12. Its completely unacceptable that you stepped in. BK getting butt hurt and leaving was because their BFF got caught cheating not because you done anything. So Seb and others aren't entitled to a thing. For someone that has been eating all sorts of crap about favoritism it baffles me why you would think this was ok.
  13. https://politicsandwar.com/inbox/message/id=3854914 Someone has too much time in their hands.
  14. I'd really hate to see NPO disband because they bring so much to this community but my friend you have such a steep slope to climb that I do not envy you. Like it or not but people will not forget quickly what happened and even if Alex swings around back people will feel it was cheating. You have to stop blaming Alex for the poor judgment of others. The man has a terrible job because no matter what he does it's going to be wrong.
  15. This ladies and gentlemen is why we can't have anything nice.
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