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  1. This ladies and gentlemen is why we can't have anything nice.
  2. Only quoted this part because it's the only part that I care to point out how wrong you are and that thinking is part of the problem. Although you are correct that we create our own entertainment, it is the actions of the game leadership that effects the overall experience the most. When IQ decided to cuddle again it brought the game back into a stale place that groups such as Chaos and KETOGG wanted to move away from. To many players it was just more of the same nonsense that has been making this game dull. We don't have a choice to choose who we play with unlike in many other games so it is up to everyone to see more than what effects themselves. It is up to us all to make this game fun.
  3. Funny, you guys had your chance to change the cycle. Guess thinking outside the box isn't really NPO's forte. Good luck to KT in the future.
  4. Never really understood the Karma system. Thought it was stupid and meaningless. I don't think very many people care what their overall score is nor should it bother them. I figure at the time it was just a neat stat people thought would be interesting but in reality just pointless. Like so many people have said down voting is important to gauge the community. Sure, it's not to see people go back and forth discussing ideas but really most people won't nor care to deal with the trolls and goblins of the OWF.
  5. Hi Wall, my name is Lefty. How are you? It's to the player base game wide. It's not to the leaders of IQ and their little brothers in GOONS that like to take the easy route. It's to anyone that has been wondering why have this war been going on? Well, this thread and the others was us shining a light on it. The logs just verified it. Like it or not I've had people on your side message me already and tell me how much they dislike what has been going on.
  6. It has nothing to do with us and more of showing everyone the nonsense that is consuming the game. You are smart enough to figure that out.
  7. You can't end a war if the enemy doesn't want it to end.
  8. Karma happened because NPO pull nonsense like this. All we are doing is repeating a cycle the same tired cycle. This isn't that world nor should that world be even used as a talking point in this one. If people choose to hold grudges or compare this one with that than we will do nothing but repeat it. So let's move on.
  9. No doubt. I shook my head so hard that I almost snapped my neck.
  10. The whole idea of "forcing" disbandments are illogical and childish nonsense. All it does is hurt the game. It doesn't matter if it comes from 1 member or all. When it comes from a high ranking government member than it shows how little they care or understand the game as a whole. PnW is a niche game where it's hard to gain and hold members so when these people come out to push others out they hurt it. Doesn't matter which side they are on since to me they are idoits. I think it is pretty obvious that the goal is to cripple any opposition which will stagnate the game. That's why they refused to buy into a more complex political landscape. It was fear driven and much like these logs show that they are still fear driven. The next war will be same sides because of that, it's not revenge but lack of other options. That's my opinion anyways. As to your last point. Sure, during times of war the average member has more to do but that only holds for so long. Players want to war, build and repeat. They don't want to sit for 6 months doing nothing and even the excitement of war grows thin as time goes on. There is absolutely no reason for a war to last longer than a couple of months other than the fulfillment of some people's egos. We make our own entertainment and the quicker people realize that the cycles of rebuild, political reshaping, than collapse leading to war the better off we will be. But sure go ahead and claim that this whole mess is good for the game in general.
  11. I know you guys are new here but this is Noctis. You'll get used to it.
  12. I don't understand how this keeps happening. Is it some strange rite of passage for a new leader of Pantheon to have the bank stolen?
  13. You don't thinking just spamming planes is fun?
  14. You spin my head right round, right round. Like a record baby... NPO comes out in force to try and discredit their "ally" while promoting the idea they are just a victim. Good on you guys for the effort but I think many of us can see through it. No matter what you try and say your actions during this war has proven that no matter what BK is more important than anyone else. Your inability to see further down the line than a month at a time and your victim mentality means you will never be able to overcome your past. It is a shame. The more I read about this the more I realize that this is the same old song and dance just in a different place. It's kinda pathetic when you think about it. Good luck in the war you have no business being apart of and burning the few bridges you have left.
  15. Because it's a terrible idea. All this does is slow down new player growth since the best way to grow in this game is to join an alliance. With alliance banks being capped it means that the smaller member count alliances get bent over the table as bigger alliances have more access to cash thus being able to grow members faster. Sure, I could create a system where I have a bunch of member holding cash that restocks the bank when growing members but honestly this is a game not a job and I don't work that hard at my actual job. Another thing it makes raiding a waste of time.
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