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  1. No, you monster. That's like putting ketchup on a steak.
  2. You didn't know I am also the sekrit Nexus leader? In all seriousness, good on you guys for serving me a big plate of crow.
  3. Ah yes, the great wise meta. Praise be the meta! The only reason I'm even mentioning this is that we are treating it as if it's unchanging. The reality is there is a huge part of Alliance Leadership that wasn't involved in KF or even NPOLT, so trying to pretend that there is some standard we need to follow is absolutely ridiculous. Especially when it's tied to a history lesson that no one cares about. If you want to argue the CB or Rose actions, than argue it but quit going back to the grandpa Simpson rants about yesteryear.
  4. Can you please do the whole world a favor and list all the do's and don'ts that you keep referring too? This way anyone thats wasn't playing 6 years ago can keep up.
  5. He couldn't call the shots there either
  6. Lmao Good job Epi, you were leader for like 2 days and managed to kick the ball over the fence
  7. Whoa whoa whoa... did you just steal my "Grow Internally" line? Trust me when I say that didn't work out well for me.
  8. What Wana posted really looks like it. Don't worry Leo we all know how brave you guys are. I find it absolutely fascinating that t$ of all alliances complains about people talking shit when all they have done in public is smack talk anyone who doesn't hold their hands. Truly amazing.
  9. Is it fair to say your evil tech doomed us all?
  10. Yes! Come on, this is on par with my announcements. Look at my HM DoW during 10 Day for further proof.
  11. You know, comments like that is beneath you.
  12. This should be fun. Thank you for all your work within CotL over the last year.
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