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  1. Black Knights has disbanded. Congratulations to our former members who are departing PW and best of luck to those who choose to remain.
  2. Smh the forums seem to be alive when Coal A thinks they’re have a chance. This place will be a ghost town again in a week or two.
  3. This is just a modern T$-Panth tie.
  4. Not sure how you can call this war slot filling when there is significant infra, military, and cash changes from the wars. He beiged me due to my lack of navy, but I did the best I could to cause damage.
  5. I can’t speak for my opponent, but I imagine he is going for a naval beige to take advantage of my lack of ships. I am fighting back and stealing cash, so not sure how this is slot filling.
  6. These are real wars, and your subjective opinion of what makes a war can not be used as a reflection on the thread. We have a meta defining moment of no blitz, but wars will be declared.
  7. What happened to respecting allies leaving a war ahead of others? I thought only the evil people berated people for leaving.
  8. That’s what we’re hoping for, though Alex hasn’t logged in since this occurred.
  9. This is objectively false, but I appreciate you contributing your immense knowledge on the inner workings of BK software.
  10. I did not “allow” people to access my account. But BK man bad am I right?
  11. Because he is an unauthorized user of my account.
  12. It is not, Alex has confirmed this many times.
  13. I could give you my password right now, and you using it would be a violation of terms of service. This is ignoring the security present. Regardless where he got my password he still took my password and used my account.
  14. Quoting for posterity that the discord account communicating with Alex is the one who messaged me.
  15. All this post says is he used 3rd party software to access my account. Still a violation of game rules.
  16. Or he admitted to what we have proof of. Alex can determine the IPs involved, I do not have access to that information.
  17. The accused has admitted that he did use my account to transfer himself resources. Alex can check IPs to see if it’s multiple parties as he claims, but this is at least one instance of unauthorized access to my account.
  18. 1: The actions speak for themselves. 2: I am Not sure the exact nature of the exploit. I am currently sitting as a member till Alex can give insight. 3: BK man bad so hacker man good
  19. Today my account was compromised by an outside party. This actor proceeded to remove a large portion of the members of the alliance, impersonated me in a mass message to members, and sent what was in the alliance bank to what I assume was the hacker. For context we entered hostilities with the assumed hackers alliance yesterday so the hack has an effect on the war. My nation: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=35846 Black Knights: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=877 Accused Nation: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=69922
  20. Yes , it was a hack, but glad BK is so bad y’all would literally prefer the game be broken if it meant it hurts us.
  21. Smh people wanted total war, but appear to have buyers remorse. I do like how people think tcw and a bunch of micros will do what kerchog couldn’t lmfao
  22. Pretty embarrassing to be involved with this one lmfao
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