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  1. The Mad Titan

    Name this war! - October 2018

    People have wanted to split bk and NPO for a while. I think Knightfall vs The Great Sock War night finally give them a wedge issue to do it.
  2. BK has far more reason then most for this. Transcending ranks as well.
  3. This war in a nutshell.
  4. The Mad Titan

    $yndicate placeholder Dow

    Not even lol.
  5. The Mad Titan

    Great Sock War talks

    We just pulled you down so you should be in range now!
  6. The Mad Titan

    Destiny Arrives

    IQ had six alliances. Now there are three. We’ve done our part.
  7. The Mad Titan

    Destiny Arrives

    Long has LeotheGreat waited. In the tortuous centuries since the death of his world, Leo has tirelessly, and single-mindedly sought one thing: balance. Convinced that the universe of Orbis has become too large, too stagnant, too crowded. If the whales are allowed to grow and flourish, then they will undoubtedly cause both their own demise, and the doom of all others. One by one alliances have been swayed by feminine charm and beguilement, leading to passivity and bloating. Many other alliances have been saved, their members culled, and infrastructure reduced by half - to sustainable levels. But now Leo seeks a more far-reaching, permanent solution - one that will save everyone. To do this he seeks the Infinity Alliances, the most powerful forces in the game, born at the dawn of Orbis to control all aspects of reality. With these, he can finally reach his long-sought goal, and watch the update flip over on a happy game. Now, word reaches him that the first alliance has been found, in the possession of a bloated horde known as The Knights Radiant. Aided by his most trusted disciples, the Black Knights, Leo sets out to claim his destiny. Aided by the children of The Inquisition, they now launch a devastating attack on the Radiant Knights. A decadent culture, these knights guard this stone jealously. Taking it will be no easy fight, but it is no worry, for the hordes of The Inquisition have blood to spare. The red hordes of Pacifica, the prosperous companies of the sea, and a converted Guardians of the Galaxy all have joined this righteous crusade. These knights with a Radiant sickness have wronged all, and Karma, or rather destiny, has come for its dues. Using intermediaries has failed to yield these stones, ...and now, as they say, he must do it himself! Signed, Black Knights: New Pacific Order: Emperor: Roquentin Regent: Lord of Darkness Imperial Officers: Prince Henry, Auctor, Keshav Guardians of the Galaxy: Star Lord: Seeker The Collector: YangCheng Nova Prime: Ivory Knight Master Technician: KingofBlueBears Acadia: Directors: Lord Proprietor: TheNG Patroon: George Clooney Resident Ministers: Cape Merchant: Acey Intendant: Amand Kosh Sergeant-at-Arms: Curtis Lowe Chief Agent: Acey Infowars:
  8. The Mad Titan

    Where's Felkey?

    10 in vm isn't bad, its going from 3 to 10 in 2 days thats funny.
  9. Do we have an estimated time on when the Geography update will be released?
  10. The Mad Titan

    Shifty News Network LLC-Symphony of Destruction

    Don't worry, when writing announcements I assume I am writing for all the lovely people here too!
  11. The Mad Titan

    Shifty News Network LLC-Leaky Faucets

    I mean Adrienne is literally the only one who can answer this besides our leaker. If these logs are stale she should have no problem doing so.
  12. The Mad Titan

    Shifty News Network LLC-Leaky Faucets

    So it's safe to say TKR doesn't want to end the old grudges? What a shame I thought we had other more pressing threats.
  13. The Mad Titan

    Rose Goes Public!

    Pretty sure Guardian should still be with TKR.
  14. The Mad Titan

    Rose Goes Public!

    Congrats to all! Any reason for no intel clause?
  15. The Mad Titan

    Shifty News Network-I don't want to set the world afire...actually yes I do!

    It’s proof we’re making sure the legitimate gov go where they want without being attacked.

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