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  1. And credit redemption still not reset
  2. military and credit resets not occurring even though turns are happening
  3. The issue here is not forcing a term is not a critical feature of the game. Any war that will be fought will take advantage of beige removal. Ignoring the logistical challenge of saying, "Okay troops, after you defeat an enemy in war, start a 5 day timer and let's not hit them in that period", it's just not practical if you want to actually win the war. Frankly, I'd be really disheartened if I were on the shit end of a dogpile, but bet your ass I'd sit on people if I had the upper hand, not because I'm evil but because the incentives give me literally no other choice. That added with the ongoing debate over what constitutes a victory could lead to really long, ugly wars. As for just waiting for Alex to fix it, we might as well sign an extension to the NAP and that seems even worse an option.
  4. Yea, there is, and they operated here in the worst faith possible.
  5. It's funny because, Godwin's Law aside, if you substitute Nazi for IQ in your quoted defense it's pretty accurate as well. I guess we just gotta stop being critical of bad people after enough time has passed, whether they admit fault and apologize or not. After all, I hear Vlad the Impaler really loved his mom.
  6. I like where this is going. After listening to Thalmor's show it is now a prerequisite that I hear my allies' voices.
  7. Suspiciously wealthy sponsors bankrolling tCW... hmmmm.... I've seen this one before
  8. Hodor

    Code go brrrr

    I'd for sure quit over almost 8 mil too. Thank goodness.
  9. Hodor

    Code go brrrr

    Yes, I too, lost a total sum of 1.86 squidillion pesos. Please refund promptly. Signed, A totally honest man definitely not lying
  10. Hodor

    The Scoop

    It was Istandor's second appearance ever and my first...
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