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  1. The HW house was getting crowded, not gonna miss sharing a bathroom with y'all or your dirty dishes left in the sink, but everything else was great while it lasted.
  2. Adrienne Rhymes with Pants War
  3. One might argue it's better that they are aware of their deficits rather than ignorant.
  4. I was describing my state of mind. But, if CoS is defunct, do their terms still live on?
  5. Catch up, big boy. We've already covered this and moved on.
  6. Bruh, I was neutral on TI, but this clown and James running their childish nonsense has helped me realize they aren't ready for the big boys table.
  7. Agreed. Not too sure about this. I'm no longer FA. I am just happy to be fighting a war. If we lose, as we suspect we will, then that's that. It'll be interesting to see what happens post war. If we win, I *strongly* suggest y'all look in the mirror and come up with a game plan to improve instead of hee hawing about hegemony being the reason. What did Rose do to put themselves in the position to be hit first? I don't understand this.
  8. E404 has 110 wars/nations and I'd consider them very small and they have 1 nation that existed before 2019. 95/96 of their nations were created in the last 15 months. EDIT: also didn't they just start tracking wars lost/won like 2 years ago or am I making that up? There is no apples to apples comparison, then. You've said the other whale alliances are absolutely pixel huggers. Seems there isn't a data point to prove you wrong. We're just too set in our opinions I guess. You're a better troll than this. 30 mins whilst we are in the middle of a chat with Adam is not ignoring. Booty knows he is loved and cherished.
  9. SHHHHH!! Don't say his name or you'll scare him into VM! Once again I disagree. Mass recruiting alliances should have MUCH higher wars because of low tier raiding that they should be highly encouraging. Grumpy's wars are purely inter alliance wars which makes it even more impressive.
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