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  1. Hodor

    SYNDICARE PRESS RELEASE: Shuffling of Investments

    Thank the lord. Don't stop.
  2. Hodor

    Where we droppin bois?

    lol. It's easy to walk around big dick swingin when your #1 ranked ally treats all its ties as non-chaining and protects your ass from any aggressive action.
  3. Hodor

    Let the Games Begin

    Don't you dare drag me into this shitstorm.
  4. Hodor

    The Future of PnW

    Bruh. Do you even Orbis? This is the weakest troll effort of all time. I would however love to see logs of other instances. I'm personally not without experience in the whole "TKR is stubborn as frick" realm, because TKR is stubborn as frick. But if you're gonna spin SRD being SRD-lite as trolling, you're gonna run into issues with that narrative. And, per the universally accepted stat tracker, Grumpy did in fact do very well for themselves. It's obnoxious as frick, but it's not false.
  5. Hodor

    The Future of PnW

    I'm sorry, but, I'm truly confused. Can we call their art demands stupid while also viciously defending the joke terms of this war as inconsequential and utterly non-punitive?
  6. Hodor

    The Future of PnW

    1. Agreed. 2. Also agreed, so we should be pushing hard to make wars cheaper. 3. Disagree, if they were a true deterrence long wars wouldn't happen as often. Or at least it would play into the initial debate as to whether or not to go to war? As to my hard stop of 3 rounds, it could drag longer, but there will certainly be a point where the objective is achieved.
  7. Hodor

    The Future of PnW

    And I think this is a prime example of my idea that long wars are due to incompetence or lack of professionalism, whereas shorter wars with clear objectives are more professional. We knew the war was being fought for reasons that were unjustified, and in our eyes unprofessional, so we lengthened it. I’ve no doubt if TKR/tCW/TRF wanted to roll us and said as such, with no terms or minimal terms we’d not have had an issue. The terms were always an issues in light of what we knew about the CB.
  8. Hodor

    The Future of PnW

    A bit confused, but also partially my fault because I was talking about both in game and real life, so I'm not sure which this is a rebuttal to, but I *think* it is the in game comment. So, yes, I agree that the disadvantaged side decides when the war ends, but I think the aggressors often build into the CB and discussion a motivation to be stubborn. For example, TGH recently rolled TRF because we wanted to bury the hatchet from the drama of last year. Queen M reached out and asked what the deal was, we said, we want to bury this thing, we saw an opportunity to hit you, we're gonna go for 2 rounds and we want this small concession. We were upfront from the start and it ended exactly as we said it would. This isn't a particularly strong example, but it is recent memory so it may serve some utility. This war arguably was the result of some simple power politics and straightforward calculus. So, in theory the goal from the get go was to cut TKR sphere down to size for a variety of reasons. This is a reasonable CB and a reasonable war, but the discussions and large amount of humiliating terms certainly pushed a different narrative that it was less about cutting them down to size and handing them an L, and more about absolute humiliation and degradation. Now, this could be a misreading, but that could also be the fault of either my disinterest or poor signalling from the aggressors as to what this war was really about. I am not TKR but if I imagine that if they knew they were going to get rolled because they were a threat, and once they were neutralized as a threat and handed minimalist terms, I think this would've ended ages ago and with significantly less toxicity.
  9. Hodor

    The Future of PnW

    What are those poles? What should we do if those poles you name just fought a war on the same side and appear to be pretty buddy buddy. I would argue the opposite. Limited wars are more professional. If you enter with a limited goal (eg, cutting someone down to size) then 3 rounds is plenty to accomplish a reasonable goal. It's sufficient enough to get a point across, and avoids the mess of terms. If it is not settled with white peace after 3 rounds, your opponent is either delusional, whales who need more time to burn, or nuke bloc. Historically, IRL, limited wars are also a sign of political acumen and I think it is the same here.
  10. Hodor

    SNN: Who Wants to Live Forever?

    The irony of this statement in light of the Grumpy terms is not lost on me.
  11. Hodor

    Inappropriate name

    Stupid Burrito no Pico de Gallo. Really just an altogether terrible little shit. Thank you for being brave enough to stand up against this, Galerion.
  12. Hodor

    Explanation of empy/camelot skirmish

    1. Logs were shared elsewhere of the poaching attempt. 2. BK stated in the logs above that they were entering because of any action taken against GS which entered despite having no tie to the conflict. Also note, BK is on the side of the global conflict trying to force Grumpy to sign paper because it enters wars due to "friendship" the likes of which were justified here.

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