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  1. More for WS and I. You're still invited. We'll need a sober witness.
  2. Now, here me out: let's take a shot for every time Phoenyx says "Tyrion" and then, being in an utterly inebriated state, we can manufacture a better, more entertaining narrative, stumble upon peace through deep and personal talks in the ladies restroom, and settle everything over late night pizza.
  3. You are my sunshine. Denouncements is a word, denunciations just has more jazzzz
  4. Okay, but you opened up your posting decrying our silence... gotta make up your mind my dude... keep the narrative straight Also, use y'all or your side, I assure you I tell no lies. Hedge Money has a hegemony on coalition speech! Jokes aside, this makes sense. Y'all gotta leave us outta this Swamp and Rose bashing then, or else we'll use our overwhelming powers of speech against you!
  5. I truly haven't been paying as close attention, so I'll give you that, but what is left to discuss?
  6. Where has anyone on our side claimed y'all control the narrative? The person who genuinely complained about the narrative in this thread is on y'all's side of the war... There is no point in continuing a conversation after everything has been said. Is there more to discuss? Phoenyx is the only one speaking because Phoenyx is playing catch up and, bless his heart, is truly terrible at it.
  7. STOP SILENCING HIM WITH VALID COUNTERPOINTS! "general silence", indeed 28 pages of nothing but SILENCE
  8. For the love of all that is holy can you please change it to commendations and denunciations? Commendments isn’t even a word.
  9. Honestly, keep posting. In a completely unintentional, round about way, you may actually achieve peace by uniting our sides against you.
  10. Agreed. Sure, Cooper said that he had no idea about the secret treaty. That was new news to me. What you've said here was what my understanding was originally. A rare slip up, my friend. I haven't really been involved anywhere but on the forums, so my entire experience is framed by the conversations had here. I am perfectly aware there are other conversations going on that I am ignorant to, it's hard to tell on the forum when you are responding to a DM/Discord convo or the actual thread. I mean, that would be breaking with tradition, but I suppose he could b
  11. By your definition, every single agreement that's not in ink is a paperless treaty. There is no way to organize a coalition except through back channel agreements. I'm not going to go to OWF and say, I've signed a one circumstance MDP with Swamp. At least in that case, I don't know the true intent, but if it's purely defensive, going to OWF may be beneficial as a deterrent, but if you also want to lure an opponent into a war that they will lose, hiding your hand is the better option. As for the inconsistencies, I don't entirely grasp your point, but I've pointed to that as the fact that t
  12. I think that you have a point about secret treaties but I disagree on the nature of the agreement that you're referencing (HM-SWAMP). I don't consider an agreement between 2 spheres to stick up for each other in the face of another sphere's aggression as a paperless treaty on the same level as many that you might compare it to. It's really hard not to use IQ as an example, so you'll please forgive me for doing so, but by doing so I am NOT implying y'all are IQ. I think people have mentioned the KETOGG/CHAOS agreement, but say that that agreement was made pre-war because of an agreed upon under
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