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  1. I think using a static metric like city count is going to be the most glaring issue here. As has been pointed out by many others, there are so many other factors to be considered: militarization level, infra levels, etc. A fully milled whale is almost never able to hit below C30. I've had to down declare quite a bit and it's always a balancing act of how much military must you sell to get in range and how much military can you sell before you are risking being dragged. I think, ultimately, the case we're dealing with is a whale that's already been zeroed and shed a lot of infra score (see HoF and other whale raiders) and therefore able to declare with a very large city count advantage. So, in conventional warfare, you're just further penalizing someone who has already gotten the shit kicked out of them. Better beige discipline would close this hole, so let's not implement a change in mechanics where a change in strategy would suffice.
  2. Stay strapped or get clapped?
  3. The four R's Roquentin, paRtisan, pRe, and adRienne. Runner ups: buoRhann, admiRal ogaden*, stRumm and yoso, pfeiffeR*, thalmoR, sRd, and a numbeR of otheRs but my body is old and my mind feeble. *impact over their time was unique/immense but they lack the longevity or scale of impact of the top 4.
  4. It was actually these logs that @Horsecock was trying to keep hidden...
  5. You know that The Circus attacked TKR and their ally, yea? This isn’t an act of aggression.
  6. I think you’ve got me mixed up with someone else here, sir. Mayor lives in a weird paranoid universe where grudges abound and branch and multiply. I merely say my own name. hodor.
  7. I changed my mind. Ro$e, let's fight.
  8. My friend, everything I've posted in this meme thread is a joke.
  9. How are we defining chain war here? Cus p sure we just straight up declared war in Guns & Roses?
  10. Oh yea, we agree on that. If there were a risk of a blow back which was more threatening than the threat this agreement was meant to address, the agreement wouldn't have been entered into. That being said, extraordinary measures have been taken before, consequences aren't outside the realm of possible... but certainly wouldn't be easy
  11. I'm doing a lot of work trying to help y'all understand something that is super detrimental to me.
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