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  1. Nice story, John. Here's to a fruitful journey together 🍻
  2. Theodosius

    69 Days Later

    >climactic >throwing nukes for 2 months Pick one.
  3. Theodosius

    69 Days Later

  4. Theodosius

    69 Days Later

    Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to everyone, I come to you here today, to publish an agreement that has been reached to secure the peace between the forces of The Golden Horde and Knights Templar on one side, and The Knights Radiant, The Commonwealth and The Revolutionary Front on the other. The conditions under which the aforementioned parties agreed to end the war are as follows: 1. The forces of The Golden Horde and Knights Templar admit defeat to the combined forces of The Knights Radiant, The Commonwealth and The Revolutionary Front. 2. The Golden Horde agrees to acknowledge its true master, Princess Kastor, and honour his image on their Alliance Page for 30 days. 3. The aforementioned parties have agreed that no new wars are to be declared after this document has been published on the forums (August the 14th, 00:15 Game Time). Any existing wars will naturally run off, whether through beige, expiry or peace - entirely up to the players themselves. Therefore, with conclusion of this war, I'm honoured to announce that the Orbis longest War record has been broken - in this Sixty-Nine Days War. suck it james Accompanying signatures: /s/ The Golden Horde The Great Khan: Buorhann The Beklare-Bek: Sketchy Khan of Diplomacy: Hodor Khan of Discipline: Partisan (Alkaline) Khan of War: Shiho Nishizumi /s/ Knights Templar Grand Master: Theodosius Grand Seneschal: Whisper Grand Chancellor: Keegoz Grand Almoner: Vladamir Putin Grand Marshal: Horsecock /s/ The Knights Radiant Queen of the Heralds: Nizam Adrienne Herald of War: Benfro Herald of Growth: Schirminator Herald of Internal Affairs: Radoje Herald of Foreign Affairs: Lordship /s/ The Commonwealth Prime Minister: Felkey Chief of Staff: Julian Rederic Gray Minister of the Interior: Lionstar Minister of Finance: Sphinx Minister of Foreign Affairs: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Defense: Sven Shieldmaker /s/ The Revolutionary Front Revolutionary King: Rey
  5. Theodosius

    WE are the RESISTANCE! - A DoTC

    This can actually be an opportunity to meme to death, fellas. Vehemontly speak against the current world order, trash whoever is the current hegemony, sell supplements and last but not least, find out who the hell is turning the frogs gay on Orbis.
  6. Theodosius

    Going To War

    So if he's Vichy.. that makes me.. ahhh it all makes sense now!
  7. Theodosius

    ET Needs To Kick Inactives

    When is the 5th volume of an Epi lead alliance going live? Perhaps unlike previous volumes, that one will succeed. Perhaps then, you will have some weight to tell other people how to run their alliances.
  8. Theodosius

    ET Needs To Kick Inactives

    Good, no one cares.
  9. Theodosius

    Propaganda time

    A simple guide to relatively decent memes that make fun of your war opponent Step 1 Do not use 9gag or ifunnyco as reference. Step 2 Add one scoop of creativeness, one scoop of low PS skills, two scoops of funny, one pinch of edgy Step 3 Your end goal is to make people laugh. Or at least blow some extra air from their nostrils. Keep it simple, keep it agenda-free. Step 4 With some effort, and several minutes later, congrats - you got yourself a meme! Yay, you did it! Example: @Buorhann❤️
  10. Theodosius

    Propaganda time

    projecting intensifies "Ha! Look! A single low tier member of TGH breaking game rules! Clearly they're all like this, it's their official policy. Did I mention they are cheaters already? Cowards, also!" Learn to click report button and move on with your life.
  11. Theodosius

    ET Needs To Kick Inactives

  12. Congratulations on retirement, Chaunce.
  13. Theodosius

    ET Needs To Kick Inactives

    ROFL. I think it's time for someone to look into these nations more closely. Probably half of them are "siblings" lmao @Alex
  14. Theodosius

    ET Needs To Kick Inactives

    This thread is still going on? lmfao For the sake of stopping OP embarrass themselves further, I'll explain it nice and easy ET is a filter place, with a welcome all policy. We accept dozens of new players to ET weekly. As per retention trends of this game, there is a high likelihood of newbies simply abandoning their nations and finding the game not suited to their tastes or not interesting enough. We regularly sweep purples off our roster during peacetime. Only difference now is that we're at war, and no, we're not gonna bother dealing with administrative chores while we're at war.
  15. Theodosius

    A Message From Space

    leans to @Squeegee P.S. Thrax is intoxicated, cough cough slower reactions cough cough. Would be a shame if someone took advantage of it.

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