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  1. I got that from the changelog. You missed my entire point, which was built on understanding that the new meta will only allow for defending parties in wars to get beiged, and as aforementioned, that is no good. As some people mentioned in previous threads, and as I've outlined on the previous page, there are some serious issues that would come out of such war system - mainly easy nation cycling, permawarring possibilities and lack of viable opportunities to fight back and get respite. I don't know, have I bungled my points? Mayhaps someone with better English can explain it better?
  2. It's supposedly designed to make beige less desirable/useful (which okay, kinda makes sense as a counterbalance?), but you can't get enough beige in the first place anyway so ayy lmao
  3. A well supported player simple solution/suggestion of making **all wars (edit: for clarification, make both the offensive and defensive parties in all wars be able to receive beige)** end in beige upon expiry dependent on remaining resistance has been made meaningless with this, what, a cosmetic change at best? No one cares about the in game victory/loss ratio mechanic. None of the proposed points address fighting back from an unfavourable position and none of them address easy time of continuous cycling/sitting on people (translation: permawar easy af) that the recent changes have made possible (and the aforementioned ones do not fix this). Make the first point actually do something and make all the wars beige upon expiry, either based on resistance or some additional factors - and at least, in a way, it will patch up the main issues of the current meta that was radically broken when beige was completely removed. Not being able to break beige until you're down to 12 turns seems like a sufficient counterweight to getting beiged, but it's meaningless if there is simply no possible scenario of a nation getting enough time on beige for respite in the first place.
  4. All political squabbles, rivalries and blue balls are henceforth to be settled by... CHESS DUELS That's right, you heard me people! *throws gauntlet at Keegoz* ROOK TO G8, YOUR MOVE SIR On topic: This is a formality thread and we all know you're gonna do whatever you want, so lets pretend I've thrown some angreh input here and you can go ahead and keep pretending anything the playerbase says is being taken into consideration. I doubt you're gonna see the community want to be your guinea pig, though.
  5. There seems to be no point in arguing or bringing forward well-intentioned, valid suggestions if the administration is just gonna arbitrarily chop off whatever they deem a nuisance to moderate in this game, however crucial a given mechanic or however radical the change is, without any consideration for how it reflects on the gameplay meta, or without any plans how to alleviate newly induced (and much bigger) issues. But new projects, amirite? Just sit back and let it burn, dawgs.
  6. a forum suggestion with overwhelming support: gets ignored for 3 months one voicey boi: haha downvotes go insta brrr still tho:
  7. I don't care what evidence people bring to you guys in t$, the level of reparations and harsh terms my dear friend Aero was asking on behalf of his alliance were perfectly reasonable and they don't even count because he strongly said "not bad guy, quick peace yes" in my DMs. Ftfy. What's embarrassing here is as a former member is shilling for a guy who was ready to push harsh terms on your alliance and your people and (inadvertently or not) attempt to drive them out of the game. So yes. Soft.
  8. The nation name is now Basileia ton Rhomaion if anyone is still feeling frisky and wants to try and impose those terms. I'll be waiting. @Aero @Poolaris
  9. + - 5 day cooldown (if gained through trade) on a treasure to prevent abuses (ping-ponging the treasure to prevent losing it) - instituting the same mechanics that apply to resources (can't trade treasures if you're blockaded) Seems pretty straight forward and simple to make considering the mechanics for it already exist, no need to overcomplicate something if there's a simple way to do it
  10. Exactly. Why not make both kill the same amount? (14%)
  11. Balance > real life sense No one will dispute airplanes needed a nerf, but you added so many nerfs that they're now almost useless lmao This one mainly: Aircraft Killed by Tanks in a Ground Battle: 0% -> 42% (only after Ground Control has been established) 10% seems far more reasonable.
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