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  1. Theodosius

    Propaganda time

    Changelog: Buy credits to fix your broken credit images!
  2. Theodosius

    Propaganda time

    Morale has been pretty high, heh. After all, warfare is the peak of this game and my guys love fighting challenges. I still do appreciate the sentiment here, though Pixels must burn! Looking forward to those next rounds.
  3. Theodosius

    Propaganda time

    It would be rude from me not to thank TKR for the generous donation of their taxpayers money to our cause, from the safely kept hidden stash.
  4. Theodosius

    Shifty News Network-Ask the Viewers

    Aye, either you love it or hate it. Recently it's been revived by new mods getting constantly updated, which Pdox community does really good.
  5. Theodosius

    Shifty News Network-Ask the Viewers

  6. Theodosius

    The most extreme border control in Orbis

    Truth be told, they do need to replenish their membership, don't they? Nothing better than a fresh batch of new home grown recruits.
  7. Theodosius

    T.E.M.P.L.A.R.S - Episode 1 - Pilot

    hears the Friends music in the background Great, now I'll be whistling it for the rest of the day!
  8. Theodosius

    Let's Dance!

  9. Theodosius

    Breaking News from the Shifty News Network-Fark hospitalized

    If I recall correctly, you were invited to participate in the IQ war about a week prior to its happening. So I don't think it was "2 days notice". And you answered us what Justin said in the prior post. And yeah we did ask you again once the war started and we triggered the OD clause, and it was well within your rights to say no, no one is questioning that here. But don't see how were you not informed. While on that subject, we received no notice on you going to war with Nuke Bloc 2 weeks later, so I'm not sure why are you going by that route here. TCW-KT treaty had it's rough moments, true, but since I took over, and until Justin stepped down, it was valued from this side, not just politically or militarily, but in the process of working with Justin, we became friends. After the new government took over however, there were little to no bonds being recreated, and paper being dead was becoming obvious to me when the last war started. We simply grew apart and when people grow apart it's natural to go their own ways. I know you had to respond to the prior post that indirectly attacked your alliance for not helping us, but I don't see how it's helping by trying to throw mud at us while defending yourself. We never did that nor we went public with our treaty cancellation. I respect TCW members and for that reason I'm not gonna attack you or your alliance. So I'm going to ask you to the same, because if we start throwing out the dirty laundry in the public, I'm afraid you might end up looking worse than me here.
  10. Theodosius

    The End of a Reign of Terror in Orbis

    I stand with mr Smott.
  11. Theodosius

    Live from Baghdad-Shifty News Network Reporting in

  12. Theodosius

    News before it happens-Shifty News Network

    - Check the thread expecting lots of comments on TCW-Pantheon merge being likely and Pantheon backing out - Thread heavily derailed because someone got triggered over a chart
  13. Theodosius

    Embark on the Next Crusade!

    I may or may not know where you can get fully semi automatic rifles for your murder suicide.
  14. Theodosius

    Capping City Age Bonus

    This is a pretty good suggestion. Land becomes useful for things other than spamming farms. It would also be a good idea to *cap* the effect of land increasing population at some point, so land doesn't get too OP. Like, if land is over 5000, it does no longer increase pop in city X/or a max % cap on the bonus land gives to pop.
  15. Theodosius

    Double the Syndicate; Double the Dividends

    ET vs e$ when

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