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  1. It's only week one of the quarantine. Keep it healthy people
  2. Alexio AA electric boogalo 2 3 4 5 jk ❤️ hannah ❤️
  3. https://vclock.com/timer/#date=2020-02-22&title=When+Will+Sheepy+Decide&sound=xylophone&loop=1
  4. No wonder both ended up with Social Services.
  5. It's worth noting that this is not just an issue with alliances on "None", but also on alliance v alliance wars Example: Mythic got their own bank looted by defeating their wars https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=109403&display=war
  6. I will champion your cause, friends! Rally for the Downvotes!
  7. Hello, I'm Theo and this is your weekly reminder that this is the most supported suggestion in months!
  8. Perhaps, make trading unavailable if the treasure holder was to be blockaded? And maybe a 5 day cool-down once transaction was completed, so the feature doesn't get abused.
  9. Personal trade offers for buying and selling treasures.
  10. Downvotes have always been one of the most important pinnacles of forum interactions, most notably as an easy and quick way to disagree with someone's message and make your disagreement easily known to the world. In light of the recent outbursts of new game change suggestions popping everywhere around us, I believe it is now more important than ever to have them back. Surely this is universally supported by the great majority of our community, and I see no reason why should we not have them. If we're concerned about negative karma farming, just turn it off. Not like anyone cares for that anyway. If we're concerned about people's feelings because of a downvote.. well. Tough it out. Or rename "Downvote" to "Disagree". Make your support known by upvoting this suggestion. If you disagree.. well, tough luck for you, we don't have the downvotes.. yet.
  11. Now make military units far more durable, otherwise this is just another step towards favoring the aggressor/blitz side of any war. And that's already as OP as it can get.
  12. People make long term investments about land as much as they do about cities - with the understanding that it is, as cities are, permanent. RoI that likely already takes years for that land to actually pay for itself. Scrapping permanency of land will make it meaningless, not to mention make any investment into it retroactively worthless. Blocking the use of it, or severely nerfing land/food output for XYZ time if the city were to be nuked would be a better option. Increased improvement damage during wars ought to do the trick, if you're aiming for more destruction and making permanent war and resource farming templates unviable. As for actual suggestions, I endorse Adrienne's QoL list. Many of those little things would make the game far more enjoyable and should be easy to do. I'm not sure how I feel with moving update times, it further favours the aggressors, imo. Perhaps splitting the current update/buy into two and making units more durable (meaning you don't get insta wiped while you're sleeping) might be a better option. One small thing I'd add, while trivial, would probably make peacetime more lively. Introduce Alliance Embargoes, as people have repeatedly asked for it. I know every time Sheepy struck it down as encroaching on individual nation's choices and sovereignty (lol), but perhaps those concerns could be alleviated by simply making nations able to "opt out" of any alliance embargoes on their Account page, like this was done:
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