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    As many of you are aware, Seven Kingdoms is known for it's many leaks in the past. What very few of you realize is that those leaks are a right of passage. It's March 17th 2018, It was recently revealed by none other than SK that a war was to break out. More specifically it was Squeegee behind the leaks. Brooklyn has summoned him into his court. Brooklyn: Welcome Squeegee, please take a seat. Squeegee: Before we start my lord I would like to apologize, I understand the magnitude of my royal screw up. I never intended to be the cause of such strife and turmoil within these castle walls. Please forgive me for I will do anything to regain the trust of you and our people. Brooklyn: Now now Squeegee, this is but only the beginning of a very long road ahead for you. This was the beginning of many trials to come. Squeegee: You don't intend to banish me do you? Please anything but banishment! Public humiliation, imprisonment, I would even accept becoming your personal servant but please anything that isn't banishment. Brooklyn: Ah... no banishment is not what I had in mind, quite the opposite in fact. Squeegee: Oh? Brooklyn: You are to be King my friend, leader of our great kingdoms. Squeegee: K-King...? I don't quite understand... Brooklyn: For as long as our Kingdom has existed we've had many leaders like you caught in the midst of planning something treacherous. With out even realizing it you have fulfilled our right of passage, one that starts the road to Kingship. From this point forward your reactions to those that criticize you will define whether or not you can become the next leader. If your character holds true then you are next in line to be King. Squeegee: I see... then so be it my King. I shall take this chance to prove myself to our subjects and our allies. Brooklyn: I have no doubt that you will. As of today March 1st 2019 I Squeegee, have become the King of Seven Kingdoms. Brooklyn666 has decided to step down into a lower government position feeling as though he had done his part in ensuring the success of our alliance. Everyone here in SK thanks him for his service to our alliance and are pleased he remains to help us. Our Government line up is as follows: King: Squeegee Hand of the King (IA😞 Clover Master of Coin (Econ): Stillhard Master of Whispers (fA): Mikey Grand Commander (MA): Luna Any and all inquires can be sent directly to myself or Mikey, thank you for your time!
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    TL:DR: The Commonwealth and Frontier Records sign an MDoAP. WHOMP! the doors of the Salon flew open, a group of peeps (not the delicious snack kind unfortunately) mosey on in "Why are people getting their hair done? Isn't this a place for drinking?" One of the peeps asked to the others "Maybe because it's a salon saloon" replied the other They all laugh and head over to the counter to greet the bartendies "Yo my name is Alexio yo, we are having our famous smoothie doozy day which offers up our sweet Kilo Kiwi and Hannah Banana Smoothies... Yo." One of the peeps mimics the bartendie "We'd like both yo, what's up with the recording looking area yo? I don't usually see them in saloons... Yo." The bartendie laughs "we aren't like other saloons as you can see my homie, along with our smoothie doozy day, we are letting people make their own recordings, does your group wanna try?" He offers complimentary Hannah Bananas to the group. "Yee haw that's hot my homie, a heads up though, my name is Cups... And my voice, is magnificent" "Oh yeah and the one who asked why people were getting their hair done is Sphonx, don't mind him he is a weirdo! Now everyone, let's have some fun!" So they all get into the recording room, they meet two toms, who seem to be the main recording peeps for the place, Honest Tom and Yawning Tom. Those two usher the group into the recording booth and signal them to sing what they want. It turns out absolutely awful, but in a good way. They all had fun, but we're terribly disorganized at times, before finishing off their record and meeting the Toms once they finished. They didn't just meet the Toms, it looked like the whole gang who worked there came in to take a look see at the awful masterpiece that was created. "Now y'all, you may not be the best singers, nor the most organized, but I liked it! You all had fun and got along. And to be honest, not much people had the guts to make a recording in their first trip to the Salon Saloon so I tell you hwat." Honest Tom and the creator of Kilos Kiwis (only known this because of the big badge on the dudes chest which says that) look at each other, both stroking Kilos beard. "We should become homies, we don't like your singing too much, but you guys are friendly and fun, how about dat?" Says Kilo "Be warned though, the creator of the Hannah Banana, she eats dogs, but as long as you don't mind that, I think we will get along just fine" the Bartender Alexio chimes in "We will be sharing our cake as well, as is in our tradition with friends!" The Sassy small girl with the group replies They all cheer, singing and dancing for the rest of the night, blowing money on keno and new hairstyles, drinking smoothies and trying to find out why a raccoon goon soon dune tuned a flume dude, and of course, the shared cake is eaten! (Story by the Cupcake) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whale Noises in the Recording Studio Pact Frontier Records and the Commonwealth agree to the follow terms: Article I: The Commonwealth and Frontier Records pledge to come to the aid of one another should the other party come under attack. Article II: Both parties agree to enter an intelligence sharing arrangement with all information that affects the security of either party being made available to one another as soon as possible. Article III: Both parties reserve the right to join the other in offensive operations. Article IV: The treaty may be cancelled by either party after 72 hours notice has been given. Signed for the Commonwealth: Prime Minister: Sphinx Chief of Staff: Purplemoon/Yui Chief of Staff: CuppyCakeYums Minister of Finance: ChristianD Minister of Defense: Sven Shieldmaker (One City is one too many) Minister of Foreign Affairs: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Growth and Culture: Illenium Minister of Internal Affairs: Lionstar Master Olive: Aesir Supreme Olive: Jack Jack (Formally known as Printer635, still looking for new office hardware PM if Interested) Drunk Alex Jones: Kalev60 Minion Aficionado: Julian Rederic Gray Ellie from Yui! Signed for Frontier Records: Board of Directors: Alexio DemonSpawn Tom Riddle Managers of Public Relations: Hannah, Nick McScott Managers of Security: Filmore, Kali Managers of Human Resources: Owl, WIP Managers of Finance: Kilo
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    Treaties are as Follows: The Undergeound- Protectorate The Isle- MDoAP Egyptian Empire- Protectorate The Fighting Pacifists - ODoAP Animation Domination- ODP Afrika Corps (to be determined) Signatures:
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    Please for the love of god tell me hes a reroll of a long term notorious player and not a 5 city 92 day old nation
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    I really didn't want to get into PnW seriously when i made this nation, but it seems casualty had other plans for me XD. Now that Pantheon is stable and in a good place, it is time for me to bow out of the game(Again). It really has been a memorable journey, with great friends made along the way and proper villains. I would like to thank our membership who stuck through the rough patch, the drastically higher taxes and uncertainty we went through while we got things back in order. Few alliances would of survived what they threw at us, your dedication and trust really did keep me motivated while I was putting those long hours into PnW. I would like to thank our excellent gov who has stepped up and done a truly awesome job running pantheon. I really wish you guys were around when I last lead Pantheon XD. I’m proud of you all :). I would like to thank Partisan, Hilmes, Leopold, and The Syndicate for being such stalwart friends in a game where such things are rare. In so many ways you guys are in league of your own and it’s been a privilege to work with you. And now with that out of the way, I am proud to announce the new gov lineup of Pantheon! Titan: Ethos Champion of the Gods: rawr Olympian of Economics: rawr Olympian of Internal Affairs: Melyaj Vijsopj Olympian of War: Matthew the Great Head of the CSF: Cthulu Deity of war: Tcase Deity of Internal affairs: Sunara Deity of Foreign affairs: JordyHams Deity of Foreign affairs: Tarroc Wizard of much repute: Ridcully Link to new charter: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m5kYS9BNbHhBKdlUleoWfW9v2XyxVJc_ZuCOmTrqLaU/edit# Goodbye PnW o7
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    The Die is Cast “Senatus Populusque Romanus” The Senate and People of Rome After a long and patient wait, enduring storms and disasters alike, we are proud to introduce the world of Orbis to the true descendants of Romulus and Remus. From a single city to an empire that conquered at home and abroad, Rome flexed its military strength while also bringing about modernity in its time. The very politics you employ in your alliances are possible because of Rome. We are a family of individuals who came from a broken home - looking to create a community where all who desire to be given a chance would be welcome. Our group stands with one another, expressing a unique loyalty, working together for the success of the community. We enter Orbis with the honor of true Roman soldiers. The Leadership of SPQR makes a commitment to assist nations who seek and wish to learn and grow strong within Orbis. We strive to govern with diplomacy and, while we are not warmongers, we will defend our own. The Roman Imperium Imperator Daveth Praetor Krampus The Senate Senator of the People Lon Senator of War Daveth Senator of Coin Krampus Senator of Diplomacy Waldo We are proudly protected by Polaris and TUE Join us on Discord Peruse our in-game page
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    Tl;dr The Cloudy Rose Garden Party One day on a hilltop in the reborn lands of the Brotherhood of the Clouds, King Thomas was taking a walk through the newly built royal gardens. The King, walked with his head down, deep in thought. He thought of all the paths that he could lead the BoC down. How was he to know which was the best? The King sat down on a bench in the shadow of a great oak tree. Letting his eyes roam the garden greenery. As his eyes roamed he came across a rose, and he wondered. “Was this the sign he was looking for?” The King looked up at the sky looking for a sign from the 11 and an answer appeared: A cloud in the shape of a Rose rolled pass. Thomas turn to see that the Lacertus was walking over, with the Sovereign of Rose, Dynamic. Before the Lacertus could speak, King Thomas declared, “The 11 have sent me a sign that we must be allies! Frosty, summon the Prince and the Prime Minister, we have much work to do!” The Lacertus gave a small tip of his top hat and pressed a snow cone into Thomas and Dynamic hand. Then returned to the castle to find the Prince, and the Prime minister. King Thomas sat in the shade with Dynamic, enjoying the snow cones and thinking up what to do with their new friends. From this day forward Rose and BoC enter into an MnDoAP In recognition of our friendship and mutual goals, Rose and Brotherhood of the Clouds agree to sign this Mutual Non Chaining Defence Optional Aggression Pact in recognition that it binds them together to defend each others sovereignty when anyone attempts to kill or destroy Roses or Dragons. No party shall engage in any conduct which may harm the others garden landscape. Article I - Establishing Gardening Routines Both parties will work close with each other to make sure no outsider stands or attempts to destroy each others gardens by setting up who maintains each others where and when. If any trespassers do attempt to attack any civilian within these sacred lands the other party is obliged to come out with pitchforks and spades to defend the other. Article II - Tea Party Scheduling Both parties are required to host many garden parties throughout the year to host afternoons of fun full of information. To when they can impart any information that could breach the garden walls which they see fit to hold the sovereignty. Article III - Containing the Pollination of the Others Flowers Neither party shall engage in any aggressive action against the other, including declaring war on the other, raiding the other's members, espionage. If either party decides to declare on an enemy alliance in defense of the other, this MnDoAP becomes optional if the attacked alliance allies declare upon the attacking alliance. This ensures that none of the signatories gets involved in any tea parties that they should not be in. Article IV - Evil Garden Gnomes If one of the signatories wishes no longer have Garden Parties, the terminating signatory must notify the other signatory 72 hours prior to the termination of this treaty, during which time the treaty will remain active. Signatories: Rose Sovereign - Dynamic Regent - Belisarius Ephor of State - Mhearl Brotherhood of the Clouds King - Thomas Prince - Viselli Lacertus of the 11 - Lord Frostword Prime Minister - Morgan V
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    So, will the new gov undo all the bans and such from your discords that you did simply to avoid any slight confrontation? Regardless, any Pantheon without you leading it already shows more promise. Good luck to the new gov!
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    Well they do have an ODP with TFP I think. Jokes aside, both alliances taking a proactive step by signing an M-level after having experienced a lot of changes/turmoil shows they're putting in effort to move on and rebound.
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    I guess he didn't appreciate having his cherry popped.
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    Good we’ll be able to war for years with prices this cheap.
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    Only need TFP and we're one step closer to causing an integer overflow so we're in positive damage. \o/
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    To Whom It May Concern, Four weeks in, I still live my life out of a tin. I had low expectations of this place, what I found confirmed the disgrace. Although you may be thinking, "not all micros are bad" - just wait until you're in one, you'll soon be sad. Perhaps this experience has dulled my senses, perhaps I will continue living my hobo life on the fences. This most recent stop was in an alliance outside number fifty, their style questionable and their clothes were thrifty. They embraced us - welcomed us with open arms, for that I thank them and respect their charm. However I must be objective, towards your personality this review is not reflective. Activity was shared amongst a solid few, LeftBehind is great/a good friend/one of the crew. Shortstack is awesome as well, heck Verano's artwork is truly swell. They join us on this beloved train, through this journey we will relieve their pain. We appreciate the hospitality, but here's the cold and harsh reality. The Underground is where we recently took refuge, they were bad. Next stop, Church of Spaceology. Sincerely, Kev Be sure to join us for the full review on Great Job! with Kev and Charlie on Fridays 11PM Central! https://discord.gg/KsTCus
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    Lol dude I'm black. It's a satire. 🤣Minor edit; My name was originally Tom Riddle for discord, it was changed when SLY rebranded to RR; a new name was needed and I dropped Riddle and added uncle because I was like a father figure to some of my members but not quite. Then I remembered who uncle Tom was. Also if you'd like to scrub uncle Tom from people's memory that's not okay; it's history as well as a phrase used to express selling out.
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    Last year: "Holy frick, the economy is fricked, prices are too high, Sheepy needs to fix the economy." Sheepy: *Implements new economy changes adding the multiplier effect for specialization* Now: "Holy frick, the economy is fricked, prices are too low".........
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    I 100% agree with everything Kastor said. On the note of moderators removing offensive imagery, I'd like to also propose the moderators compel Kastor to change his profile picture to someone other than Drake. I find this imagery offensive as someone who enjoys good music.
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