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    Who doesn’t like baseball? It’s the Alex-mandated pastime of Orbis, a real sport of champions! We all like baseball. Some of us a little more than others. The SyndIQ team is on a pretty sweet roll this season, making a clean sweep of the EMC league. Even the big teams with their ridiculous salary caps fell before us, battered by our diverse roster and young talent. Now there’s just one team left - The Fighting Pacifists. Now, the boys down in PR say the game shouldn’t happen. “They’re pixel-huggers,” they said, “it’d be like playing baseball against a bunch of braindead kids in wheelchairs!” Well alright, we said, we don’t have to play them. We’ll stick to their friends. But then we watched their games, and the “fine folks” at TFP aren’t playing very clean. Ghosting! Hiding money! Accepting war dodgers! Breaking Deals! This, this we cannot stand for. You’ve had your three strikes TFP, and you know what that means? You’re out. Now we could get the umps involved, but we like to settle things the old-fashioned way, right out there on the diamond. This one is going to go to all nine innings, I’d say. Batter up! Play ball! Pictured: First-at-bat Pre about to knock one right outta the park. tl;dr: Coalition A recognizes hostilities with TFP
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    A few weeks ago, in a surprising turn of events, a well known executive of the Multinational Corporation and humanitarian institution 'The $yndicate inc' announced his retirement. Partisan, known for his sneky shenanigans, predisposition for theatrics, and his ingenuity in navigating the business world, was a driving force of the $yndicate's Strategic Planning. His contributions too many to list, we at The $yndicate Corporation give our thanks to him for his service. In his place Hilmes will be taking the wheel as the Executive of Strategic Planning. I have large...socks to fill but I'll do my best to see a continued rise in The Syndicate's (NASDAQ:T$) value in the markets <3. Finally, in the corporate world there are times when business partners recognize that their joint venture has reached the end of it's viable life cycle, and that it is time to diversify their product lines. As of 12/23/2018 The Syndicate was no longer the parent company of long time subsidiary Afrika Korps. We wish them the best whenever their path leads them. /$/igned for the $yndicate: Chief Operations Officer (IA): Leopold von Habsburg Chief Financial & Security Officer (Econ & MilCom): Timmy Strategic Planning (FA): Hilmes
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    Save Dem Pixels - Ft. Charlie and Beerhoe I was working on a music video, time didn't allow me to finish it... If there is any demand for it, I'll finish it later.
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    Happy Spacemas! On this day, which has been hallowed since yesterday, we anoint ourselves with ceremonial spacetallow and go on chemical-assisted journeys across the cosmos. We offer you the gift of Spacemas, the holiday that you can celebrate by just kinda doing whatever, then deciding it’s holy. Our commune’s members wish you swift solar winds, and have been diligently carrying out the holy rites throughout the past year: Seb has been covering his nude body with powdered gold, and then rolling about in a pile of defunct currencies. Albus Dumbledore has been spoiling books for children. Ripper has been quietly expanding his family of Greek warriors, and carefully watching his calendar for some reason that is probably totally benign. Cazaric has been admiring his own body inside his newly completed mirrored wangcube. Azrimalos has been teaching his kids the TRUE meaning of Christmas (pain). Gideon Lorr is retrieving church relics from the compound mystery spot. Critters has been buying an altogether unreasonable amount of ammunition, and designing Bo’s all-hippy diet. Redarmy has been absorbing government cynicism and redecorating his festive gulag. Goomy has been just generally being more sane than anyone else in the Church, which is disconcerting in itself. Spaceman Thrax has found a new kind of adhesive to huff for the holiday season. W has been boycotting Spacemas because he doesn’t like the regional dub. Utz has been decorating his truck with a festive napalm launcher. Joe Stupid has been contemplating the nature of stupidity, and making his peace with the venerable, volcano-dwelling imbecile spirits. Bloody Boatmen has been staying with the bloody boat. Nietzschelloo has been preparing the butt roast, which is just a butt. Snuffles has been pooping all over the yard. Katie has been g8, tbh, unlike BOYS (rme, smh). Captain Bezzers has been literally simulating the deaths of everyone else on this list. CPT Nixon has been stockpiling bacon for the new year. Ichabod Crane is continuing his one-man war against modernity. TheSnipe has been taunting Hades’ soul and celebrating his final victory. Lene Hau has upped her toll rates as the villagers begin to catch on. Black Rook is more than prepared for this stupid year to finally die. Syrano is quietly plotting his revenge. Master Antony is spending more time in his skull garden. Burnchurch has been wondering when he is old enough to get his share of wisdom, and assuring the rest of us his name is just a cheerful homage. Abbas Mehdi is celebrating another year of no one figuring out who put Xenu up to it. Maia has been decorating the Spacemas vestibule with cheerful blood splatters. Bradley Davis has been hiding in his shell and not escorting scorpions. Torshiro Mifune is bringing Uncle’s word to the heathen people of Saturn. Jack is hunting down his doppelgangers for a climactic showdown. Luke is currently between universes, and cannot take your call. Steuart Geharon is fitting in way too well, and it’s frightening. Packanimal is saving up to finance another round of name changes. Lord of Puns is trying to figure out how you make a pun out of a holiday that is already a totally made up word. Malinok swears the place looked like that when he got here. Vexz better celebrate, or we’ll never let her out of the basement. Ezio Auditore has been wondering why he got himself into this. Happy Spacemas, from our family to yours! TL:DR: Hope everyone's having a good holiday season! Also: goofy stuff.
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    A Christmas Epic that will teach you the true meaning of Christmas: As the great war of our time, Knightfall, raged on, Shifty had increased his stats and renown as a slayer of leviathans, whales, giants, and wicked creatures of the Radiant sphere. He had aided in bringing the lies and deceit of enemy to light with his network of informants. Shifty, commanding the power of Chaos, was soon a champion of the Free Peoples of Orbis, but alas, he disappeared None could find any trace of Shifty under the banner of Terminus Est, had he fallen in combat? Was he lost in the Warp? Perhaps the enemy had managed to capture him....or could he have?.....no Shifty awoke in a seemingly endless void. Desolation and clarity were the only things that Shifty could fathom in this plane of existence. Shifty heard a voice: "From the dawn of time we came; moving silently down through the centuries, living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the Gathering; when the few who remain will battle to the last. No one has ever known we were among you… until now." Shifty looked and could see nothing, in fact, he could not move. He merely pondered where he was. The voice said unto Shifty: "Remember the past, remember your beginnings" Shifty recounted his peasant beginnings in a small hamlet outside of the Black Knights capital in Africa. He remembered his days doing flyer work for a strange race of green humanoids with bulbous heads and a strange affliction for the flowering cannabis plant, for their desire for the plant was chronic. Shifty remembered his rise as champion and the departure to the East, where he learned the ways of martial arts and reading, forming the Cobra Kai Dojo. The spiral up the stairs to the grand library which held his deepest memories continued, with no end in sight. There were the memories of his eventual exile from Orbis, the path to darkness, and his acceptance of Chaos as his savior. Shifty asked the great voice: "Where does this all lead?" "What am I supposed to do with this?" The great voice spoke: "Patience, Shifty. You have done well. But it will take time. There are generations being born and dying. You're at one with all living things. Each man's thoughts and dreams are yours to know. You have power beyond imagination. Use it well my friend. Don't lose your head." Shifty felt a light envelope him and soon he lost all forms of consciousness. Shifty appeared atop a mountain as thunder and lightning came crashing down. He was in a far off place, for he knew none of it. The howl of the wind, the scent of the air, and view of the heavens was all alien to him. He marched down the mountain, counting his steps, wondering if each step it took him to climb down, was equal in number to the years of his past lives. He wondered what the strange voice meant. Shifty reached a walled city in the desert plains beneath the mountain. He saw a white flag, bearing a Maroon cross on it. As he approached, a guardsman by the name of Rimski, introduced himself as a crusader of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon. Rimski, a mere squire who had recently been promoted to guard, had come from an even more alien land, known as the Balkans. Shifty asked to speak to his superior, which led Shifty through the city's centre and to a cathedral, where he spoke to Keegoz, the Grand Templar. "Keegoz, lord of this domain, may I ask of your services and protection on a quest I must embark on?" Keegoz spoke: "I apologize traveler, but I must defend the Holy Land for all Christendom, and unfortunately you are not a Christian nor does your mission carry any importance to us." and thus Shifty traveler further East. Shifty found himself traveling day and night through the blistering deserts and frigid mountains, until he found respite in the expanse of green grassfields in the steppes. As he lay he down, he soon realized the Sun no longer shined down upon him. Shifty pondered if it was perhaps a cloud or a great bird, as the skies were clear for miles. He felt the ground tremble and heard a strange chant. It was Buorhann, Great Khan of the Golden Horde. Shifty was in the way of his horse-archers volley. Shifty did not move, instead he simply stood up and watch the arrows fall around him, leaving him unscathed. The Great Khan and his forces moved forward and found this bizarre gnome man to be an oddity and questioned his business in their lands. "None are able to withstand the might and glory of the Horde, yet you, stand here unscathed. What is your business?" Shifty replied: "I am on a quest to find a mysterious realm with a booming voice and the answers to my past lives" Buorhann, laughed and sent Shifty on his way on a small mustang, with a map to ruins of ancient city where gods and demons of Chaos haunt the rubble. Shifty found himself moving through the remains of a once great civilization, magical runes littering the dreary walls of what once was. Soon he found an altar of profane musings, with diabolical hexes etched on it and with cursed idols at the foot of it. Shifty decided to approach it and chant the dead language. "Smugma, ligma, choke-umm-uh" A greater demon of Chaos appeared, introducing himself in a vile tongue that would turn lesser men to madness, his name unspeakable lest one tempt death. So he decided to call himself Filip. Shifty asked him the same question he had asked the others and Filip once again laughed. He questioned Shifty, as to why he'd ask strangers for help and protection. Filip, toyed with his mind and told him perhaps he'd grant him legions of Chaos if he could find good reason. Shifty left insulted and found himself sitting amongst the top of the ruins. He felt the wind grow stronger and soon the heavens began to unleash their fury. He refused to move for he had no purpose after all the time he had spent on his quest. A sudden crack of thunder and one flash of lightning later, he noticed at very far corner of his eye, a mural. The mural depicted an ancient battle for the city, a hero who wielded the forces of Light and with his allies from far beyond the heavens and moonlight, fought the forces of Chaos. Strange beings of another world, were the allies of all that is good and the protectors of the universe. This ancient hero, however, was one of Shifty's many previous incarnations. Shifty began to see the end of his searching, but the true beginning of his quest. Under the mural was inscribed a message. Shifty placed his hand of the mural and muttered to himself: "I have been alive for 17498 turns.....I am immortal" He heard the voice once again, this time coming from the mural: Here we are, born to be kings We're the princes of the universe Here we belong, fighting to survive In a world with the darkest powers And here we are, we're the princes of the universe Here we belong, fighting for survival We've come to be the rulers of you all I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings I have no rival, no man can be my equal Take me to the future of you all The voice told Shifty to find his 30 spirit children who shall return to Hyperborea with him and rule over Orbis, bringing light to the darkness. Shifty knew had to find his 30 spirit children, but he would need to find his space brothers, the Ayy lmaos, to aid him in the battle for good. Thus Shifty retook the throne of Hyperborea, the Land of Giants, Dominion of the Hollow-Earth, the Portal to the Universe and re-established contact with extraterrestrial empire of the Black Knights. BK loves Shifty (usually) Black Knights and Hyperborea hereby agree to the following terms and stuff. Article 1: Protection Black Knights hereby swears their protection to the alliance of Hyperborea from any unwarranted attacks by evil invayyders. Hyperborea is under no obligation to defend Black Knights, unless they’re feeling that war bug. Article 2: Intel Hyperborea agrees any intel brought forth by third parties or Black Knights that pertains to the security of Black Knights or allies is considered confidential and can not be shared with any outside sources by any means. Additionally Hyperborea agrees to share any intel that pertains to the security of Black Knights or allies immediately. Article 3: FAyy Hyperborea will not enter any additional diplomatic relations, “paperless” or on paper, without direct consent of the Emperor of Black Knights. Additionally Hyperborea agrees to inform Black Knights of any diplomatic issues arise. Article 4: The Princess Hyperborea hereby agrees to always recognize Gorge as the only and true princess of “The Golden Hoard” and will always call him by his title “Princess Gorge” Article 5: Cancellayytion This agreement can be canceled by either party at any time with a 48 hour notice. Thus the true meaning of Christmas, ayy lmao:
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    It has come to my attention, that we here at Bad Company, never officially apologized to Kevanovia, for mistakenly believing the lies Cynic had spread about him, and we ended up believing, simply because we were duped. I had told Kev an apology would be included in the Peace Agreement, in one of the comments, and I forgot. Kev.......myself and the rest of BC Gov is very sorry for how things played out, and for believing the lies and shenanigans that where told to us, but the scumbag Cynic. DemonSpawn COO of Bad Company
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    Sometimes your old hits are your best hits The date, September 21st, 2016. The time, Just before the Orbis day change. A emblazoned Terminus Est steps out onto the battlefield once more. Over two years later.. Peace was never reached. Terminus Est hereby restarts the war which never ended. NSFW: LANGUAGE This time, you bet your ass you'll be flying that flag.
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    I appreciate it Demon. No hard feelings BC, all is well. 👌 I got to make some additional new friends in the process, so it ended up working out. Best of luck on your rebuild. 🙂 ❤️ Thanks Dear.
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    TFW when you have a party at your house and invite a bunch of your friends over but someone steals your TV so you go to your friendly and dependable friend and accuse them and cut them from your life and sucker punch them in the face while that greasy ass snake mofo who is lazy and poor and is always asking you for money is standing there with a shiteating grin that says "I did it and I got away with it". Only after visiting your snake friends house and noticing a TV that looks suspiciously like yours do you realise the gravity of your mistake so you go back to your old friend and grovel asking for forgiveness and because hes a champ he agrees but things are the never the same again. The moral of the story here is stupid people don't deserve friends.
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    rofl, this is so fricking stupid.
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    I have come by to just say this tfw ur mum is a This was all made in good intention and satire with no meaning to offend any party, aka I consent to be given a warning point uwu
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    No, you're not. AK is relying on other's protections just to exist. You're not strong at all. You're pretty much Vanguard tier at this moment.
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    Pirates, a harmless nuisance that prayed on the weak and the inactive. However, as Afrika Korps gazes out into the open sea, we no longer see the simple single sailed ships gliding in the waves. The ships are huge, hulking beasts that break waves and spirits. Arrgh is preparing for something as their captains grow in military might. Their captains' numbers grow by the day and their power grows every more worrisome. Light cannons are now replaced with harmless 12 - pounders being replaced with 36 - pounders. Lucky for us our Panzers don't need an upgrade for wooden ships. Afrika Korps declares war on the "alliance" Arrgh so that we may keep the waters clear for Christmas.
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    From the desk of Uncle Traveling Matt The most handsome Fraggle Greetings Friends!! It feels like it was years ago that we started our journey. Only 100 days ago, we celebrated our 500th nuclear deterrent. Today, with a generous donation by Ryanzilla, we shall build number 600. As we finish phase five of The Fraggle Plan, TFP, we want to thank a few of our friends. El Commander: You've always been there for us. Daddy Critters and Soup: Your desire to buy discounted food from us has helped more than we expected. Zeebrus: Your spirit keeps us going. Ape and Hayley: Your weird relationship keeps us up at night wondering if the Sam and Diane aspect will ever play out. Thrax: You disappoint at times, but I count on that. Others of Orbis: You push us forward with your contempt for a peaceful Nation. Fraggle Rock will continue to be the thorn in your side Phase six will begin soon Many Hugs Uncle Traveling Matt
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    I just want to point out that one of the members of TFP literally deleted before we could get round 3 of spy ops in. Quite frankly, his agility is impressive. He could have made a great counter-hitter with that speed. You know, if he wasn't such a f***ing p**sy.
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    The Seven Kingdoms Carolers are back for our third annual Christmas Album. This year we are performing 'Christmas (Felkey Please Come Home)' in honor of our good friends in TCW, all of whom haven't quite made it home for the holidays. Felkey has bravely fought his way back from Vacation Mode, but he still hasn't quite made it back to activity. Send your thoughts and prayers everyone, and maybe he'll make it back to TCW for Christmas! Lyrics
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    This is off-topic, but I will take this chance to point out that some things are not measured through stats. SK's attack on Tesla was not only swift (they got ready within 2-3 days upon getting asked to help) but also really crucial. Through their participation at this early stage of the war, they ensured a faster recovery for CoS and TEst and also pushed the whole front from 18 cities or so to above 20 cities. At the first days of the war, things were more balanced and no fronts were 100% secured. In my list, SK is one of the top alliances that does deserve to get a term included in the peace treaty.
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    It was fun, time to call it a wrap! Butterknife
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    If you're watching this, you must disband your respective alliance and join BK.

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