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    After a short 2 week conflict between the alliances that compose tCW sphere, and the combined alliances of Hedge and Swamp. We have agreed to the following terms for peace between our Spheres, which will take effect starting at update tonight. 1) tCW sphere formally surrenders to Hedge and Swamp Spheres. 2) All existing wars will end to conclusion, (peace will be granted if both warring nations agree), no new wars to be declared after peace officially takes effect at next server update (aka 2 hours). New wars declared after peace is declared, will be worked out amicably between alliances. 3) 3 month nap between Hedge/Swamp, and TCW sphere, which includes all protectorates less MicroPock. This NAP will end at update on December 1st. Signed, Members of Swamp, Hedge, and TCW's Sphere... I am too lazy to get signatures for everybody. On behalf of the members in Hedge, I want to thank Swamp for their hard work and dedication to this fight, and I would like to thank the nations we fought in tCW's sphere. Despite your overwhelming odds, you were all classy opponents, and its nice to have a war where we are not at each others throats and can fight with at least a little bit of humor and grace. Let's hope this becomes the norm and not the exception in orbis going forward. Note: Morningstar is not included in these peace terms.
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    Well, everybody has to grow up someday. The Black Knights are finally legal, and ready to take on the world. Of course, you can't do it alone. Everybody needs a few good friends along the way. From frat parties to finals Black Knights and the Syndicate friendship grew, from the playground to the campus dorms, all the way to getting a degree. Now they take the final step of walking together into the real world. I: The Black Knights and the Syndicate will not attempt to unify their fraternities (unless, of course, there is booze). II: The Black Knights will not challenge The Syndicate to a fight in public, and vice versa. Instead, they will take it behind the dumpsters and attempt not to leave permanant damage. III: Both parties will inform each other about other kids who are "just looking for a good time". IV: If either tS or BK gets jumped in the parking lot after class, the other guy promises to stand up for him. V: If either tS or BK needs to beat up a kid for his lunch money, the other party has the option to join in for a split of the profits. VI: As great as college is, it does not last forever. Should one of these parties decide that it is time to get a real job and grow up, they have 72 hours to send tickets to their graduation. Signed For The Syndicate Signed For The Black Knights
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    As the man who assigned all the targets manually you can [CENSORED BY UPTIGHT MODERATORS]
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    From the Desk of the Streets The realest hood alive GANG GANG moddafriggas Greetings, homies! The stranges shit just happened while the gang was clappin' purple cheeks. Our main man Weird Adam Yankovic showed up! And he told us the strangest of theories. No friend. Not the fountain of youth. I don't like fountains any way. Yank! Yank! Get over here friend. I've been sitting on your theory for hours and i'm sold! It's been right under our noses the entire time. Like the moon landing! Except that was in the sky. Tell them! Hood Ame springt op het podium en krijst rare Nederlandse geluiden. Niemand zit er op te wachten. Not you Hood Ame! Leave us alone! We are trying to have a press conference here! Adam! Where's weird adam! Friends! Snorts a line of what I can only presume to be salt Sit down. You're not going to believe what I have discovered. You see. The United Purple Nations... is not alone . Exhibit A! Circles friends! The Pantheon flag centers around a Circle! Now normally a circle would be no cause for alarm friends. But! The Pantheon circle happens to be a perfect replica of the circle depicted in the shaking hands on the UPN flag. It only begins there. The UPN has gone to great lengths to mask its reserve divisions. You see. We also stumbled upon this: It's uncanny. Both "alliances" protect their members from raids. Are your hairs standing up straight yet friends? Hold on to your armchair because here comes the banger: Weird japanese names friend hopsan can not pronounce. That's three. Coincidences? No way. It's too much. At some point you have to look at all the evidence which has been stacked to the roof and adjust your viewpoints. You've got to be honest and say to yourself: Alright, I was wrong. And we were. The devilish UPN has had us all fooled. But no longer. Pantheon is UPN, and therefore Pantheon is at war with Terminal Jest. CAP 'EM HOMIES. MAIM KILL JEST. /s/ Ski mask the Leo God Hopsan Denzel Sissy For this one time: Weird adam Yankovic NO HOOD AME GO AWAY YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE SIGNATURES. Run these streets.
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    Hey everyone, Just wanted to share GW15's war stats with yall: https://tinyurl.com/piggystattracker I hope to update this daily (Alex should give me infinite API key so I can do it per turn :P) around midnight CST. If yall spot any bugs or want any features, let me know Offshores and smaller alliances I unfortunately didn't include because I didn't have time to find all of them, but if you were in the alliance at some point, it would track all your wars while you were in it. In that case, your name might show up as your ID because you left the alliance (i.e. if you want to check Sphinx, go to TCW and it is under the 36419 sheet). Anyways, have fun burning pixels and enjoy the stats!
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    Inspired by this discussion, I'm starting this separate thread to draw more awareness to this issue. We're all aware that treasure trading via war has been banned by rules for a while now. A trading system was announced to take its place, but considering there has been no movement on this since the day treasure trading was rendered illegal a few months ago, I believe this should be put to consideration again and added to the docket for the next update. Here is my suggestion: Personal trade offers for buying and selling treasures. - Nation to nation treasure offers. One side receives the money, the other receives the treasure. Standard trade offer stuff, just like for the resources. - 5 day cooldown on treasure movement. For obvious purposes of preventing playing hot potatoes with treasures. - If the treasure bearer is blockaded, the treasure can not be traded. Self-explanatory. - Cap the amount of treasures one nation can hold to 2. Make treasure buying unavailable to nations that already hold one treasure. To prevent biggest/richest nations from hoarding all the treasures. The nation should not be able to buy a treasure if they already have one. If y'all think of something else this system would need, throw it in the comments below.
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    Happy Birthwei! To our dear friends The Wei, We saw you had your birthwei this month, congratulations! And congratulations on going paperless! Hopefully, while the The Royalist is out making more ads we can have some fun as good ol’ friends! Good luck. Sincerely, /s/ Lord Vader, The Imperium /s/ Menhera, Chocolate Castle /s/ Lossi, Chocolate Castle Tl;Dr The Imperium and Chocolate Castle declare war on The Wei
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    From the office of SYNDICATE, Inc. 2020.9.15 NASSAU, Bahamas It’s time to steal the moon! In best interest for overall space colonization, SYNDICATE Inc. has begun a partnership with the moon-loving Eclipse to steal the moon. Two weeks ago, Eclipse showed up at the front office of SYNDICATE Inc. with boxes of cookies, and instead of buying cookies, t$ decided to take them in. Over a short period of time, t$ convinced Eclipse that selling cookies wasn’t the best way to make money, and showed them the true colors of ROI. The Syndicate showed Eclipse their new money-making scheme: stealing the moon. Using the combined forces of Eclipse’s affinity for theft and the Syndicate’s mastermind scheming ability as well as the horde of e$ minions at their disposal, this is the perfect opportunity to pursue this money-making investment. Because the Syndicate is greedy, the duo has decided upon a 70/30 split of moon real estate and revenue made. The Syndicate has also agreed to hold the moon in their basement, as long as Eclipse can visit on weekends and moon cycles. Along with co-ownership of the newly stolen moon, Eclipse and the Syndicate have decided that it is in best interest for both parties to begin a Mutual Defence and Optional Aggression Pact for earth-related issues, which states the following: Article I: No Annoying Sounds The Syndicate and Eclipse agree that in the instance where there is internal conflict, they will not make annoying sounds to other groups and will handle it internally. Article II: Fart Gun Defense The Syndicate and Eclipse agree that if one party is attacked, the other must use their fart guns to defend. This obligation does not apply to chained calls. Article III: Magical Fairy Princesses The Syndicate and Eclipse agree that if one party aggravates a tea party attack, the other party is allowed to become a fairy princess to help at the discretion of both parties. Article IV: Moon Plan Presentation The Syndicate and Eclipse agree that the plans in this pact shall not be changed, and that no pictures of someone sitting on the toilet will be added to the moon-theft plan presentation. Article V: Bed Time Stories The Syndicate and Eclipse agree that should the treaty be cancelled and one party wants to go to bed, a 72 hour notice must be given before the termination of the treaty for adequate time to think of a bed time story. Signed For The Syndicate Signed For Eclipse Commander: Vein 2ic: Pascal Gaming Specialist: Uniment Defense Specialist: KevinKevKevin Tech Specialist: Hughes IA Specialist: Goober-san
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    Hey yall, Dropping in to say goodbye. Guess I am really sentimental oops. It really has been 4 years since I created this nation O_o. Time has flew by and this community has watched me grow throughout high school. I am really thankful for yall for dealing with my shenanigans and helping me be better at life. Some special shout outs, would be longer if I didn't have to go soon :c ESD/WeyYu: First, @Mad Max @Harbinger and @Tali, thanks for the time at ESD. I know we have not talked much recently but yall brought me into PnW. This is really sad but the voice chats w yall where I would just sit there on mute were some of the happier moments that year haha. So thank you :)) Dealing with me during the dumbest period of my life must been a lot GoG: @Seeker I don't know if you will ever read this but I am grateful that you had so much trust in me to not just run IA, but to retheme and rename your entire alliance after it fell apart from a coup and a war. I know I disappointed you towards the end of my term with school and the other stuff :c hope you can forgive me. The entire GoG (I will unVM myself and beat you up if I hear GotG) community has been super supportive and amazing. Always giving me a place I can call home and do stupid stuff in. Folks at Arrgh, TKR, KT, and CoTL (wow I ghosted a lot) that let me be apart of yall for wars, thank you. It has been a pleasure meeting everyone from around the world. Don't stop being awesome and stabbing people 😆 The sea will always have a special place in my heart. Carthago: Lastly and definitely not least, @Daveth and Carthago gov, thanks for the chance at redemption. It has been really fun to find a home again. Yall have been an amazing gang to write code for and yell DIE DIE DIE with (a little disappointed we never got to blitz together :(() I hope I can still pop by now and then to finish the projects (😉 Carthagowned coming to you in 2020, and yes I am gna keep updating that even in VM). I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to spend my final few months with. Keep thriving, I expect to see you in the #1 spot when I check back in in a few years. That list is definitely way too short to serve justice to all the people I've known well and talked to in PnW. Yall have helped me in more ways than you would think, I wouldn't be where I am irl without this nationsim, as dumb as that sounds. But hit me up at EvilPiggyFooFoo#8034 whenever yall want to talk to a stripe of bacon, I will still lurk around in Discord. Appreciate it :3 Farewell friends, this is the end of Piglantia, we are sinking beneath the waves. With love ❤️ , Piggy
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    The Church of Ayytom has once again entered a state of total war, last time CoA decided to protect a person not to our liking... The Church had no other choice but to release it's nuclear arsenal... After 30 nooky bois had been sent flying, over the span of a couple of days the war ended... This time however The Church faces another threat... A vile threat... A bunch of opportunistic rats... The Church hereby pledge to rid the world of these rats... The alliance known as micro pockyclypse entered a skirmish with the rank 9 alliance Schrute Farms only to have them lay there as a dead fish and go looking elsewhere for help, rather than countering themselves... They had no luck in some places, but in other they found something... They found the rats! This is where the rank 1 alliance joined the war against a 4 man alliance involved in another war. They chose to defend the pixelhuggers in the Farms, and as it stands, The Church now face more alliances than it has members... There is no other choice now... Total war is upon us, we will never surrender... The 110 day war has started! https://countingdownto.com/?c=3194671 TLDR; Rose decided to be the fun police, now they will pay for it
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    We got blood. Jesters. Cap 'em! /s/ SKI MASK THE LEO GOD HOPSAN DENZEL SISSY
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    Hedge Money declares war on The Commonwealth and Friends. That is all.
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    a Knightly Association: Radiant Empire Notification Preamble The Knights Radiant and The Imperium enter into this treaty of mutual defense, to be referred to as K.A.R.E.N. Article I: That’s So Fetch! The Knights Radiant and The Imperium, referred to hereafter as the Signatories, come together to proclaim that “Fetch” is made an official word of both the Empire and Roshar. All followers of the sacred slang shall be granted Pax Romana such that no hostile actions are taken. Any disagreements on how and when “Fetch” should be said will be handled through the local oathkeeper. Article II: I’ll Speak to the Manager Both Signatories agree to share all relevant information, even complaints about the feckless employees. It is agreed that no whining nor passive-aggressiveness shall be included in the exchange of gossip on the size of that gurl’s assets. The Signatories are also encouraged to share technological and monetary techniques, including but not limited to roads, winemaking, and surges of adhesion. Article III: Isn’t my Haircut Great? Should either Signatory come under attack, the other Signatory pledges to do whatever it takes to help them get their way. Yes, even if that means we have to deal with people “who are just doing their job.” A Signatory does not have to send the radiant legions if this call is due to a Signatory's other obligations towards, or actions undertaken on behalf of, a third party. Article IV: I’m No Basic B*tch Should either Signatory wish to show their true colors, the treaty may be canceled at any time with the proper displays of privilege to the other alliance, followed by 72 hours of going to successively higher levels of management. After the 72 hours have elapsed, K.A.R.E.N will no longer be an official meme. /s/ The Knights Radiant Queen of the Heralds: BennyBoop Princess of the Heralds: Revolution’s Harbinger Herald of Foreign Affairs: Boops Herald of War: ARRROOOOO Herald of Growth: Shroominator Herald of Internal Affairs: The Wise L /s/ The Imperium Emperor: Fake Boss Regent: Shopping Cart Manager Primarch of Milcom: Babysitter Primarch of Internal Affairs: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
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    Atlas Technologies is an emerging technology conglomerate and consulting company based in Dallas, Texas, USA. The vision of Atlas Technologies is to not only provide but to create advanced technology for the betterment of the world. Portfolio of acquired and merged assets includes InGen Technologies, B.A.E. Systems, and Weyland Yutani Corporation. Atlas Technologies has publicly traded on the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (Nasdaq:ATLT) since the 5th of March, 2020. Atlas Technologies Department of Public Relations Announcement: Partnership Development Public Relations: Tali Corporate Contact: Max For over 180 days, Atlas Technologies has been a subsidiary of Camelot- while the company had free reign of operations to the extent given and no need for monetary investment since creation - Camelot’s Archduke of Diplomacy, Aero, helped guide Atlas Technologies to meet the goals set by company leadership and assisted in laying the foundation of what the company is today. Atlas Technologies is stepping out of the subsidiary status under Camelot. During a set bi-weekly progress report to Camelot, Azazel, Archduke of Diplomacy, approached company leadership with an offering to upgrade the current partnership. Atlas Technologies agreed to the upgrade in mutual partnership at 06:49 Central Time on the 4th of September, 2020. Camelot has been a guiding force behind Atlas Technologies. This partnership recognizes not only the strong relationship between both Camelot and Atlas Technologies but it also links trust and integrity to that relationship. Atas Technologies looks forward to walking shoulder to shoulder with Camelot on its path to a better, technologically advanced future. Publicly Signed Agreement Camelot - Atlas Technologies Preface Camelot and Atlas Technologies agree to upgrade protection and sign a Mutual Defense Optional Aggression (MDoAP) treaty. Item I - Jurisdiction in Operations Agreement signatories agree to respect each other’s right to conduct its own affairs and business without external interference. Item II - Data Securities Agreement signatories agree to share and protect data, with the understanding that close cooperation is a necessity for the security of both parties. Item III - Mutual Defense of Hostile Takeovers Agreement signatories agree to come to each other’s aid when threatened or attacked by external operatives. Item IV - Optional Aggressive Operations Agreement signatories agree that should one party make the decision to pursue an aggressive hostile takeover, the other party has the right to join or remain neutral in aggression. Item V - Termination of Partnership Agreement signatories agree to a 72-Hour written notice should the need arise to nullify the partnership. Agreement Signatories Signed for Atlas Technologies: Chairman: Mad Max Director of Strategic Investments: Jordan Director of Public Relations: Tali Director of Safety Protocols: El Loco Director of Internal Communications: Han Solo Special Signatories: Parched, Chara, Tiberius and all of our members. Without all of you, we wouldn’t be where and who we are today. Signed for Camelot: King: Arthur Morgana: Empimetheus Merlin: Uriah Lancelot: Viselli Archduke - Internal Affairs: Random Archduke - Milcom: Sweden Archduke: Economics: Alphalion Archduke - Diplomacy: Azazel & Aero
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    Happy hunting, Lets start a new age of slightly more fun wars, and not knock em down drag em out for months slug fests.
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    Since ASM was founded RedArmy has been our leader, and he has led us well. He has recently retired from active duty and rode off with Pasky and Durmijj into the red dawn. We thank our fellow comrades for their service. Enjoy your retirements with full Union Pensions™️ Life goes on in ASM. We have a new government and we look forward to organizing a general strike working with everyone soon. On behalf of the Comrades, I present to you: The 2nd General Assembly Of The Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics General Secretary: Comrade Joe Under Secretary: Wunnadem Committee Chair of Foreign Affairs: Basil Committee Chair of Direct Action: Bails Committee Chair of Internal Affairs: Bearson Committee Chair of Economics: Hope Committee Chair of Re-Education: Bird Shorten Committee Chair of Technology: Dang
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    JOINT RESOLUTION Declaring that a state of war exists between The Commonwealth, Terminus Est, and protectorates thereof, with The Immortals, The Fighting Pacifists, Farkistan, The Ampersand, The Lost Empire, The Federation, collectively known as the Swamp, and making provision to prosecute the same. Declaring that this’ll be fun. We’ll stay up late, swapping manly war stories, and when it’s over… We’re making waffles. Resolved by the Representatives of The Swamp in Orbis assembled, We hooffed unt we poooffed unt we… signed a Declaration of War notice: Casus Belli (pronounced Kaz’s Belly) This war is like onions, there are layers: 1) tCW and TEst having nations and micro alliances hit our bloc by proxy wars throughout the NAP. What are you doing in our swamp? 2) Denying ghosting by proxies. This is the part where you run away! 3) Once upon a time, tCW attacking and dragging alliances back into the last war, after initially fighting on their side. Sometimes, things are more than they appear. The Swamp has had war thrust upon us and formally declares military action against The Commonwealth, Terminus Est, and protectorates thereof who engage; and, will bring the conflict to a successful resolution. Hey! We're no one's messenger boy, alright? We’re the delivery boys. Passed by The Swamp Representatives, August 20, 2020 P.S.
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    Hello guys, I've seen a lot of back-and-forth over the game mechanics. Some of it constructive. Some of it hilarious. Egos are up in a knot and personalities are clashing. There appears to be a large amount of dissent over the functioning over the development team. I come to you with a humble solution. Make Partisan Development Lead. At first glance my suggestion might seem like a bad idea. After all: Partisan can't code. Partisan barely understands the basic banking mechanics and his involvement is limited to trying to not forget to log in every 3 days. Partisan prefers roleplay over actually playing the game. Partisan is a whackjob roleplaying a snake and there is a 50% chance Partisan will eventually try to push some impulsive selfindulgent mechanic that nobody understands in the context of the meta but everybody loves. The PW equivalent of the shiny trinket. But, Partisan's ahem... qualities... as described above (and in general) are exactly what makes him the ideal candidate. Current nepotism will be eliminated: After all, Partisan gives no shits. Partisan will be forced to listen to community feedback, because he doesn't know shit himself. Partisan's likeable ...character... will perfectly grease the inner workings of the development team. Teambuilding is of great importance in any organization; a healthy work-fun balance in company culture provides stability and improved productivity. Partisan will also write better walls of text that are easier to read. But most importantly: Partisan will take the job for you, the community. For your consideration.
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    In A Galaxy Far Far Away The Eternal Fleet exited hyperspace into The Endor System --- Planet Endor, a planet not researched by the Eternal Rose Empire. Transport ships in the dozens could be seen leaving out of the hangar bays and down towards the ever green and endless forests of Endor. The High Justice exited her transport ship as she was tasked with carrying out the investigation. In the forests of Endor, it wouldn't take long for her to run into a creature--- furry with an abundance of different colors--- Red, Black, White and so forth. She walked towards it slowly, getting lower to it's level. "Hi there little one." She moved her hand to pet the creature as it's enormous amount of adorableness was beyond resistance. Not long after, the creature stood on its two hind legs and raised its arms, showing clear fury towards the High Justice. Caught off guard, the High Justice backed off a bit, giving the creature its space. It quickly ran off, and just as quickly, the High Justice followed behind it. After a short while, the creature brought the High Justice to a city, a city filled with a community not of one species, but of many. This wasn't common, especially not for a planet like Endor. The High Justice wandered in, her attire clearly showing the foreigner in her, and the locals stared, but to some familiarity. After her walk through the city, she was approached by a man in a black suit. "What brings you here? Disturbing our day." The man said. The High Justice turned and saw a man of great style and class, dawning a full black suit and pulling it off to the finest. "I am the High Justice of The Eternal Empire of Rose. Who are you? Who do you serve?" "We serve no one but ourselves. We are a group of freedom fighters, united by friendship and our shared beliefs and ideals. What brings you here?" The man asked. "I was sent by the great Eternal Emperor Valkorion Baratheon. I was tasked with finding any inhabitants to address their loyalties. Seeing you hold none, may I ask if you are willing to make an allegiance?" "If Pasky approves of you, we shall accept it." The Red/White/Black creature wandered around the legs of the High Justice before tugging at her garments, seeking to be held by her. She complied and held him in her arms. "I accept as long as I get 10 crates of snacks, and a strong stick. Do you seek anything?" The Red Creature (Panda) said. "A quite random desire, but can I have the ability of slapping that one herb kid I've heard of? I don't know why but I feel like he deserves it." "That is completely fine, he has disrespected us all by being here, so understandable." In a tavern across the road, a Comrade and a weird Spaceman were drinking; they both noticed the foreigner and wondered about her familiarity. The now existent camera would pan to a wall of tribute, many flags being dawned, but with one in particular of purple/pink and an elvish insignia…. Onto our next journey we go… to Walmart? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/742137606090915970/747643206237421670/Walmart.png Preamble Rose and ASM agree to sign an MDoAP treaty. Article I - Empire =/= Union Both parties agree to respect each other’s way of carrying themselves. Unless Basil is the issue, then Vexz holds all rights over him. Article II - Expansion of Recon Droids Both parties agree to share intelligence, with the understanding that close cooperation is necessary for the security of both alliances. Article III - Red Panda's Can't Be Harmed Both parties agree to come to each other’s aid in the case of an attack by an external aggressor. Article IV - When Slapping Basil isn't in Trend Should one party decide to pursue aggression against an external party, the other party may join in on the aggression. Article V - Goodbye Once More Should either party wish to nullify this treaty, they must give a 72-hour notice before it is made official. Signed for Rose: Emperor: Valkorion Baratheon High Justice: Vexz Signed for Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics: Redarmy, 1st General Secretary Pasky Darkfire, The Angriest Red Panda, 1st Education and Training Committee; Redarmy’s anger translator Durmij, 1st Secretary of the International Solidarity Committee; Rolling back whatever Redarmy says Comrade Joe, 1st Under Secretary, The Simpsons are secretly leftists Dang, 1st Education and Training Committee; DANG IT Bird Shorten, 1st Education and Training Committee; Resident Emu Negotiator Bearson, 1st Education and Training Committee; Insurer of Micro Sovereignty Emily, 1st Education and Training Committee; Hope, 1st International Solidarity Committee; Honest not mean, Probably a Diva Basil, 1st Finance Committee; Nerd Trash Leaf Weedy Boy Wunnadem, 1st Finance Committee; Filling tickets for dayz Bails, 1st General Defense Committee; I'm not crying, you are Mr. Blyat, 1st General Defense Committee; Border Gore, 1st General Defense Committee; Tl;dr Rose and ASM have signed an MDoAP treaty
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    Brogan had been drunk for a very long time getting in many bar fights across the land. He helped those who helped him and was loyal to his friends. So Brogan fought and kept fighting until one day he bit off more than he could chew and had to make a run for it. After evading his pursuers he went to see his long time forever friend Dragon. Dragon was very understanding and said come to my place and let's have a chat with my friends.Together they went into the Secret Door to the Anti chamber of the Swamp and Brogan met with the Giant Gingerbread Man, Leprechaun, King Triton, Florida Man, and Hawkeye Pierce. Doctor Hawkeye gave Brogan a thorough medical check up and was pleased to find a strong Ogre in good health but is seen to be rather hungry, so Florida Man kindly gives his Chicken Nuggets to Brogan. Giant Gingerbread Man is grateful to hear that Chicken Nuggets are Brogans favourite food and not Ginger Bread. While this had been going on King Triton and Leprechaun had been chatting and both agreed that Brogan was a fine figure of an Ogre and also agreed that Leprechaun should give Brogan a task to prove himself. Leprechaun approached Brogan, obviously he had to climb up King Triton's upraised Trident to be face to face with Brogan and said “Brogan, if you asked, if I would let you through. I'll open the gate to the Swamp for you and your Alliance mates if you will bring me... Hannahs Ginger Locks so that Giant Gingerbread Man can make a wig as his head gets very cold up in the clouds." Brogan thought about this dangerous mission for a moment, it would indeed be fraught with danger, but to have real friends in a Swampy place, and a Doctors tent as well and lots of freshly Dragon-Fire char Grilled Chicken Nuggets on hand, realized it was too good an opportunity to miss But…………... Hannah was scary to behold, but Brogan soon found out she had a heart of gold. Hearing that Giant Gingerbread Man’s head was cold, she gladly cut her Ginger Locks and presented them to Brogan. Brogan Hipitty Hopped all the way home to Leprechaun and King Triton used his Trident to weave a wig for the Giant Gingerbread Man, and Dr. Hawkey Pierce carefully stuck it on with superglue. TLDR TF - Dragon TI - Giant gingerbread man & - Leprechaun Fark- Hawk Pierce TFP - Florida man TLE - King Triton Have opened the Secret door to the Swamp and let USN - Brogan in and together they agree to Chapter 1: Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the swampiest of them all? All members of The Swamp agree that should any information come to light regarding the security or welfare of another, it must be shared. Chapter 2: Well, I have to save my ass. If any member of The Swamp is attacked, all other members agree to militarily, financially, and diplomatically defend one another. An attack on any member of The Swamp is an attack on the whole swamp. Chapter 3: Can’t we settle this over a pint? If any member of The Swamp decided to start an offensive war, representatives of all other members must be notified at least 24 hours in advance. Other members are not required to join. Chapter 4: What are you doing in my swamp‽ All current members of The Swamp must agree to the admission of another member. Chapter 5: This is the part where you run away. Should any current member wish to exit The Swamp, they must inform representatives of all others 72 hours in advance. Of Course - They all lived happily ever after in the Swampiest of Swamps
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    Currently, bounties are not delivered if the nation that completes a bounty is under blockade. This effectively nullifies the usefulness of bounty as a mechanic, since people who are likely to bounty hunt (raiders) often find themselves under blockade. Thus, I propose that nations completing bounties should get the money anyway (regardless of whether they are under blockade or not).
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    DISCLAIMER: All images you see here in this thread are concepts - which means that these are ideas and are currently not slated to be put to use. -------------------------------------------------------- Purpose: To develop concepts, brainstorm ideas, and create mock-ups to aid in the modernization of the Politics & War sites and pages. We have the intention to work towards a great looking site that keeps the site simplified, modern, and aid in player retention. Status: Currently, the PW Design Team is charged with developing concepts for the Politics & War landing page - Home - for current and new players. The idea is to give new players an idea of what Politics & War is all about, provide ease of access, and house social media and discord. We also would like to include current game stats that you currently find on that page, but in a more organized unique way. Challenges: The challenges that we currently have stem from the community and the site itself. From the community, the design/aesthetic changes that we wish to implement tend to turn into more mechanic and technical requests. Additionally, community members don't understand that ideas/concepts posted will not be a perfect and absolute representation to what would be put in the game. (see disclaimer above.) From the site; we need to make small changes to start due to the site build. The changes we are making will stack to an endpoint of a great game - please understand you won't wake up one day and see a completely changed site. With all that being said, I will share with you some concepts for registration/login as well as some ideas for the Politics & War discord server icon and server banner. Registration/Login: Concept: Instead of having new users and users logging in go to a separate page to login or setup their nation, they are met with a popup form. We've compiled all information a new user would see in one simple form. Your login would look similar to this popup only including your username/password fields and any pertinent information. You can also see that the site page itself changed to decrease the white factor and opacity. Landing Page Concept: This is our first concept for the landing page. It utilizes what users already see on the landing page; registration, login, android app, nation stats, and discord. We have formatted the page to read better, better organization, and included all social media profiles. Again, decreased opacity to create a cleaner and darker look. Landing Page 2 (Rough Concept) Concept: Create a landing page that houses information about the game while the user scrolls down they will get a better idea of what this game has to offer. We start out with a Politics & War trailer/video and move on to information sections. Note: these information boxes are extremely primitive - these would be built a lot better if this concept was given the greenlight. In addition, we wanted to provide a site-wide menu that stood out from the background. Again, please take note of the disclaimer at the top of this post. Clean Version of Concept Above: Concept: Working within current site environment - maybe previous concepts were pushing too far. This concept would utilize boxes that we all know in the war environment. Would work to be responsive to your screens and provide some valuable information for new users coming to the site. The footer can hold more than just social icons, discord can be there as well as further information about the site that is in the current footer. Also, changed Laurel to original PW laurel at Alex's request for the logo. PW Server Banner Concept: We wanted to create a modern-looking, clean server banner for the discord server. Nothing too special about this concept, just shows a world map connected with a flat logo created for the discord. 4 Discord Server Icons Concepts: 1. Simplistic modern design. Text in server icons can be a bit off - this just holds the laurel with the known pw colors. 2. Remake of the current PW server icon. Holds a new PW design with laurel in background. 3. Remake of the current PW server icon. Holds a new PW design with laurel in background on a darker foundation. 4. Redesign of icon - white PW in the center with inverted red to blue laurel. Note: Alex prefers we use the current laurel in the game, so if any of these icons are going to be used the new laurel will be used going forward. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Are you interested in joining the PW Design Team? As team leader, I could use a few more designers to assist with concepts. Even if you do not have the applications to design or are not much of a designer yourself, conveying the idea from your brain to me can get the job done. Find me on the PW Server @Mad Max and shoot me a dm. I'll ask you a few questions to see if you are fit for the team. Are you not interested in joining the PW Design Team, but want to share some ideas? You don't need to be on the team to give us ideas to work on. Feel free to comment below with ideas you might have or slide into my DMs. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Note for Comments: If you are commenting on this thread you have an idea for the design team. You are not commenting on this thread if you have suggestions, complaints, ideas for the technical side of the game, in-game mechanics, or anything not associated with the strict design and aesthetic elements of the game. Any comments holding suggestions for mechanics, technical, or anything not related to the design OR relating to the look, feel, or accuracy of any concept in this thread will be looked over. Please see disclaimer at the top of the post. Thank you for your time - we look forward to your feedback as well as new ideas from the community that we can work on to make this game looking better - because when you look good you feel good!
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    1. All wars should end in beige, peace or be allowed to expire. 2. Any war(s) declared after this was posted shall be dealt with accordingly. 3. Both parties respect the sovereignty of each other and agree that no "salt" exists between each other in any way. 4. A 14 day NAP exists between all parties effective immediately after this agreement. To be enforced in-game by signatories desiring to do so. For The Imperium /s/ Lord Vader, Emperor For Chocolate Castle /s/ Lossi, Chocolate Queen /s/ Menhera, Chocolate Popess For The Wei /s/ James (Regent of the South) /s/ The Royalist (whelk of the North) /s/ Penguin (Flying General) tl;dr The Imperium along with Chocolate Castle declares White Peace with The Wei
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    Can we have reserve cities too?
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    PnW Players, I don't talk on the forums much anymore, and as of late I've been trying to cut back on my discord chatting too, however I decided to make this forum post to call attention to something that has affected me and the people around me. A little over a week ago on August 27th, Hurricane Laura made landfall as a Category 4 Hurricane on the Southwest Louisiana coast. At first the storm was forecasted to only be around Category 2 strength, however the storm ended up being worse than just about any other storm to ever hit Louisiana, and as of the time of writing this, there are still over 250,000 people in Southwest Louisiana without Electricity and a good chunk of those don't have running water either. In the worst hit areas surrounding Lake Charles, Louisiana, many people lost everything, I know many friends who live in the area that lost their entire house and have no place to go, some are even staying in tents in the places where their houses used to be. Recovery efforts are underway, however local officials have said that people in the Lake Charles area could be without power and water for weeks. I got power back this past Wednesday, fortunately for me, the area where I live was spared the worst of it, however we are still a ways away from any sort of "normal". I personally am in a good position, my house came out fine from the storm, and my family also managed to make it out. However, this past week, the more I watched the news, the more I realized that our plight had almost been lost in the void. After the first couple of days or so, people just stopped talking about us. Things are not okay here, and they won't be okay here for awhile, and I wanted to raise awareness of that. I specifically wanted to ask those of you that can, to please donate to the recovery efforts in place. Below is a link to donate to the Red Cross, they personally helped me quite a bit through the week where I didn't have power, providing warm meals among many other things to people who needed it and I've heard that they're doing great things over in the Lake Charles area. To be clear, I'm not asking for any money myself, I don't need it, but I want to see those who were affected severely receive the care that they need. I've been frustrated these past few days because it feels as though my little corner of the world has been forgotten in our time of most need. I also felt the desire to help those in need, however didn't quite know what to do about it and I hope that by making this post that I can help make somewhat of a difference, I feel that even just making others aware of what is going on here is a step in the right direction. Thanks for at least reading this message, and once again, I urge you to donate money if you are financially secure enough to make such a donation. https://www.redcross.org/donate/donation.html/
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    See topic title "If you've never had a job before, which I'm not assuming you three have not but there are people who play this game that have not, there are times when a decision gets made and that's the end of the conversation. Now I get that you three regularly throw your ire at me and this likely won't change any of that, but maybe if you can look at it without your usual bias you can understand. Thread's also locked as this system is no longer on the table." So I have had a job, had a few, and managed quite a few projects, large and small, and that has given me the experience to say that when a decision gets made, and everyone knows the decision wont fix what you are trying to do, and you waste resources to do it anyways. Everyone loses and people get fired. So call is yours, you can be good at your job and take constructive criticism, or ignore it because you think you know better. Its Sheep's game he can do what he wants, but don't waste all our time asking for input when you really aren't interested if it's not what you want to hear.
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    From the desk of 2Praggle The gangest rapper alive No mumble. Greetings, Friends! Terminal Jest recognizes hostilities! With you over there! In the corner! And you! With the ice cream! Hostilities for you! You! You! And you! You look hostile. You smell hostile! You breathe hostile! Put you six feet down gang gang modderfrickers! Im not scared. Ski Mask The Leo God isnt scared! Look at him! He on some ADMIRAL SHIT! Homie didnt just pull up friend friends! Homies did an entire set! Homie pulled up his entire fricking garage. Pulled down his pants and whacked his e-peen on the table so hard we need to redecorate. We bought a lowrider sofa in off-meta colors to show our rebellious nature. It matches well with the petunias. Shihobot loves petunias. I digress! Friends! Terminal Jest has announcements to make! Adam told me so! You see, things have happened! Let's get to it! Terminal Jest recognizes hostilities with Tarroc. The man hit us! Us! He also spread false information and fake news! How dare he. We are now hostile to Tarroc! Joyner Blinkas, oil up the rack! We're clapping this man! Terminal Jest also recognizes that a state of suspicion now exists between Terminal Jest and zigzabadadigdabadou. You see. Zigbadorbordadu has threatened us? We think? His posts do not make sense. Terminal Jest is hard at work deciphering: We believe it's a threat, but feel free to comment your interpretation below! And don't forget to hit the like and subscribe button! Up to our most important announcement friends! reads intensely There are solemn moments in the life of people, when the national sense of honour, violently excited, imposes itself with irresistible force, dominates all interests, and alone takes in hand the direction of the destinies of the country. One of those decisive hours has sounded for France. Prussia, towards whom both during and since the war of 1866 we have shown the most conciliatory disposition, has taken no account of our good wishes and our enduring forbearance. Launched on the path of invasion, she has provoked mistrust everywhere, necessitated exaggerated armaments, and has turned Europe into a camp, where reigned nothing but uncertainty and fear of the morrow. A last incident has come to show the instability of international relations, and to prove the gravity of the situation. In presence of the new pretentions of Prussia, we made known our protests. They were evaded, and were followed on the part of Prussia by contemptuous acts. Our country resented this treatment with profound irritation, and immediately a cry for war resounded from one end of France to the other. It only remains to us to leave our destinies to the decision of arms. Folds paper I'm sorry friends! I have confused myself with My friend Dax' 9 o'clock announcement! Let's move on! Terminal Jest recognizes that the United Purple Nation has recognized Terminal Jest's hostlities. Furthermore, Terminal Jest finds the UPN's recognition to understate Terminal Jest's intended degree of hostility. Let it be clear that we are more hostile than portrayed. We will not be misrepresented. GANG GANG MODDAFRICKERS. /s/ HOPSAN SKI MASK THE LEO GOD DENZEL SISSY EDIT: P.S. attempting to meddle in our internal affairs of UPN's organisation by any external party will not be tolerated.
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    TL;DR KT hit Goon Squad, Goon Squad recognises hostilities and we absolutely are not salty. Please return to pretending anybody cares about you simply because you aren't in a micro. For the past few months we've been hugging our pixels wondering longingly when war would next befall our beloved Orbis, the unfortunate part of this tale is that in our waiting we had grown too big. Our nations bloated with unneccesary infra with all the fun targets too far out of range; short story, we'd grown too big for piracy. Nobody likes a fat pirate This is where KT come in, KT in their wisdom Indentified our problem and stepped in with an immediate solution, they would blitz us to the extent that we could choose any target we wanted. They did this expertly, and before we knew we were being hit we were slotted; and for this we are eternally grateful! Thank you KT! even though we weren't in the DoW gif Now we are going to lick our wounds before returning to our regularly scheduled programme of piracy. Signed Too drunk for this - Machiavelli Capone - Limi Terminally Afk - Xonera
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    Blocking firwof has the dual benefit of not seeing his incoherent rambling and making it look like everyone is arguing with some phantom imbecile.
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    It's amazing what happens when the winning side of a conflict isn't dedicated to winning the game by cheating, player attrition, and other underhanded tactics.
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    20% reduction in casualties from spy vs spy attacks. This is not enough, it currently takes about 4 spy attacks to wipe out an opponents spies, by reducing it 20 percent it now takes 5 attacks. Seeing as you can be spied 3 times a day, that still means you can be completely wiped out of spies over a single update. So your reserve spy attack thing really makes no difference, when you unleash your new spies that took 12-15 days to build up can get wiped out again over the course of a single update, because they cant fight back. You guys have made this so needlessly complicated, if you reduce the number of spies an attack can kill to around 5 or so, this basically gets rid of most of your problem. This allows time for the aggrieved side to fight back, at a disadvantage yes, but they can fight back in a spy war.
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    We over at Carthago have made a new dark theme as an upgrade on the one available in the base game. You may access it at https://github.com/Shamadruu/Politics-War-Themes/blob/master/dark.user.js Higher contrast variant to further reduce eyestrain: https://github.com/Shamadruu/Politics-War-Themes/blob/master/darker.user.js It is set up as a userscript. To use it, you should download tampermonkey and navigate to the link I posted above. There, click 'raw', and tampermonkey will automatically give you the option to install it. As the code is quite simple, it's easy to verify that there is nothing malicious in it, just some CSS. If you use any plugin that supports userscripts, it will automatically update it when I make changes to the github version, so there shouldn't be any need for maintenance on the user's part. [Update]: These scripts will now also work on the test server. https://prnt.sc/u4718v Examples of the theme: https://prnt.sc/u46r3x https://prnt.sc/u46rbk https://prnt.sc/u46rgk https://prnt.sc/u46ro4 Courtesy of: The Carthago Tech Corps
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    Official GOONS Announcement GOONS hereby declares neutrality in the ongoing war. Although we don't like tCW, we also don't pay enough attention to game to have an opinion. Sleeper agents standby for further information. /s/ Do Not Fear Jazz, Brick Squad, WAKA FLOCKA LOBSTA.
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    Pretty simple. Either separate the timers OR remove project timers all together. I'm fine with either but I think they should minimally be separate. Projects are more about enhancing your nation than growing your nation and are typically a solid multi-resource sink. They also have limited slots based on infra which is semi-limited by city count unless you spend ungodly amounts of cash for 4k infra in a city. Makes more sense to remove the timer and allow nations to freely customize themselves but we could at least separate the two timers.
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    Thanks for the fight, and for all parties for helping to make the war and peace talks far less toxic than the previous global. Lets hope a new standard has been set from henceforth. We had fun even if the numbers were sadly insurmountable. @Denison Except you Denison... you know what you did RIP my villager.... >_>
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    I haven't seen anyone mention it, but is the first global war I've seen start in a very long time where the servers did not have a total meltdown. Site was still quite navigable a couple minutes either side of update. Cheers for the upgrade @Alex!
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    The nUPNberg Trials.
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    I just wanted to point out that the rest of Orbis was watching you folks as the first war in the post-IQ environment, and I just wanted to express my appreciation for how all parties handled this war. This has been a personal dream of mine for years–to see a quick, short, and in-good-faith war–and it finally happened. Kudos. Now, let's make this the expectation not the exception!
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    There is an exploit in game that allows anyone to gauge, with complete accuracy, the amount of money held by any given nation. I am attaching a link here of the cash holdings of all the nations in game, as proof of my claim I was aware of this exploit for the past few weeks, and I requested former PW player Vulcha (Vulcha#1574 on discord) to build this page for me. I was initially planning to use this information for my personal monetary benefit, but I eventually changed my mind and decided to report it. I am unaware of the technical intricacies of this bug, but I hope it will be addressed at the earliest.
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    You will be hearing from BK's lawyers soon on the basis of copayyright infringement.
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    Politics and War is a game with a bit of a learning curve, a somewhat slow daily set of mechanics for average players, and a place where getting solid advice on playing the game can be difficult if you are brand new without knowing existing players. PnW also has some issues with player retention, and I think there are some changes that can be proposed to assist with this. I am proposing a series of changes to the creation of alliances to better improve the quality of community gameplay. There are numerous small micro alliances out there which take new players, get beaten up, and then leave the players frustrated. These players do not interact meaningfully with the game, and thus they quit without seeing the full capabilities of the game itself. Restriction 1: Alliance Creation Should (Once Again) Cost A Credit(s) This was something from the original restrictions on alliance creation. Credits provide a monetary benefit to Alex as content for the game, but you do not have to pay for them with real life money. Credits also have some actual price attached to them, to prevent the creation of frivolous alliances. Creating an alliance is, or at least should be, a serious venture, and thus it needs to be treated as such. Instituting a price in the form of credit(s) again to create an alliance will be a deterrent to players who do not think through the process of creating an alliance. Restriction 2: Alliance Creation Should Be Restricted To Player Nations With At Least One Year Of Game Experience Frankly, new player micro alliances do not provide much value to the game. Most brand new players (not including re-rolls) do not have the capability to immediately be successful with the mechanics of the game, or know the politics and culture of how the game operates. While I am not going to make snarky remarks about the low ability of some established alliances out there to seemingly play the game, I at least hope and assume that people in those alliances have played long enough to be comfortable with the Orbis community and the mechanics of the game. This process will take some time to learn, and so new players should be prohibited from creating an alliance until the reach a certain point of game experience. Restriction 3: Newly Created Alliances Cannot Recruit New Players Unless They Meet A Minimum Sizeable Standard While creating a new alliance can be done by anyone who meets the above criteria, just having one person go off and and then recruit new players to the game after joining somewhere else is probably not an indicator of success. New players does not mean new members, however. If someone were to create an alliance, and then find other established players to join them, they would likely have all of the skills they need to at least pretend to know what they are doing. There should be a minimum threshold, of members and/or total nation strength, which is required to form an alliance capable of recruiting players who are new to the game, as outlined in Restriction 2 above. Alliances can be created without meeting these criteria, such as as in the case of pirates, financial services groups, pet projects like Fraggle, but those alliances should not be able to recruit players who are new to the game. This does also not restrict established players from going in and out of those new alliances, even if the alliance itself cannot recruit brand new players. Addition 1: New Players Should Receive Automatic Direction To Alliances Which Wish To Recruit Them While the tutorial does encourage players to join an alliance, and there are alliance recruitment pages, advertisements, and in-game messages, there should be more guidance and funneling for players to join established alliances. An alliance like Grumpy which is not going to recruit new players does not have to be forced into this. An alliance that would be fine with new players joining but might not explicitly actively recruit (perhaps one of the pirates?) does not have to actively participate, but passively could. Alliances that wish to actively recruit will need to have the human players to do this, which encourages broader community building and active daily play. Note 1: All Existing Alliances Are Grandfathered In Have your own alliance or group now that does not meet the above standards? Great, you can keep it. I do not think it is fair to enforce alliances that do not meet this criteria currently to have to immediately comply. However, creation of new alliances, including by the same people in the grandfathered alliances, would have to be under the terms presented above. Over time, this restriction will be redundant as the number of affected players will diminish. Note 2: Players Should Still Feel Free To Build Nations And Play As They See Fit Want to stay at one city and build nuclear weapons up to the sky like Fraggle? Want to just raid indiscriminately, and do your own thing? Want to stay in an alliance as a small nation, and then when you get out form a small city raiding team with friends? Want to build a financial services alliance? Want to grow as fast as you possibly can? Do it! I do not believe there are any issues with those methods of play style. There is a variety in PnW which is good, and should be encouraged. Micro alliances with new players who do not know what they are doing, and do not engage with the game, however, do not fit something that is good for the community or game. Note 3: New Players Can Leave To Join Another Established Alliance At Any Time Within The First Year Not everything works out, and not every culture is a good fit. If a new player does not believe they have joined an alliance that fits them, they should be free to leave it and apply to be a member of another established alliance. We do not want to promote alliance hopping or trying to cheat the promotional systems of alliances, but there are times where a new player would rather try to join another community to find a better fit. That is fine, and should be allowed within reason. Note 4: We Assume That If You Can Create An Alliance That You Know What You Need To Do To Survive You probably would not create a new alliance without treaties, or know that you will actively raid, or however else you want to play the meta of the game. If you are able to create an alliance, we assume that you will know what to do and how to do it in order to stay protected, or engage with the wider community. It is true that there are some established alliances out there that are truly sorry excuses to be playing right now, but by this point if you have played the game for some time then you should at least have a bit of a clue as to what you are doing. Brand new players, for the most part, will not have this understanding.
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    Could we please, please have an update to choose what Cities we should apply the template to? At least then I can stop having to maintain another script <.< Given that we get resource production bonuses for specialising production within a city, the idea of having a single Econ template for all your cities is not an optimal solution. Being able to more easily utilise those production bonuses and specialise some cities for Food, others for Oil, others for Gasoline, etc might make for more varied Nation setups.
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    Over the Hedge and Through The Swamp to TCW's House We Go!
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    If anyone is interested, in tiering comparisons.
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