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  1. This struck me as weird since you basically should already wait till the enemy is 30% or less planes than you with the current formula to not take a bunch of plane damage on bombing runs. We've had multiple nerfs to the efficiency of airstriking tanks already as well with them costing also half as much as before. It seems like this feels unnecessary and may cause players to need an extra AS to keep their Air healthy. This means 1 less airstrike for ground. Meaning wars will progress to feeling like a slog fest if the fight is even with people just not being able to kill enough units. Currently I feel like defending planes are fairly strong on bombing runs as they can often deal equal damage to enemy planes who have even half as many planes they do (Go look at for example 2000 planes vs 1000 planes bombing run sims.) Seems like an unnecessary change.
  2. Ahahahaha Sorry, did you just somehow imply that t$ milcom is somehow worse than TI milcom. Though, I’m not sure how that really makes sense since both hidude and babai have said the same things as I have and aren’t from some obviously bad alliance like t$! On top of it all, considering our head of milcom has not “spent their entire existence” inside of t$ I’m sure he could handle something as basic as up declaring. That being said, Milcom who come from t$ can as well. Oh and if you are going to compare alliances. P.s it’s rich having an alliance widely regarded as incompetent talk to an alliance who has been regarded as competent on how to be competent
  3. Yeah, I've determined that its actually impossible for you to learn how to milcom and I'm wasting my time trying to correct you so that TI Members stop getting screwed. Keep doing what you are doing and ignore everyone else ig. Honestly, its against my self interest to even help you so I won't anymore. Gonna Quote hidude here
  4. You seem to not understand that basing your reason for not cycling to be because it will " increase the time it takes for their income can no longer support them . " is incredibly stupid since that income will matter very little for whether they will sustain the war since any decent alliance will make them build a WC and their daily income is inconsequential compared to making sure they don't have any breathing room to recover mil. Rofl. I see now. You somehow believe "Neutering a player" is making them run out of resources. Yeah yikes, It refers to literally making a player stay at 0 Mil as any attempts to make anything meaningful should be airstriked down by his defensives. This line of thinking is why your coalition line slowly got pushed down btw. Like its actually a horrible milcom take since you are somehow assuming that after days of beige letting the enemies get max mil again, somehow, players in your coalition will predict when the enemies come out of beige for a blitz and instantly catch them. By the time you catch them coming out of beige with a coordinated squad for blitzing, their blitz is done, they've done their dogfights and have probably free'd up multilple players' defensive wars so they can help their coalition mates as well. (T$ Literally did this type of fighting during Gw16 when we were given days of beige time to do damage, and it works wow! Its like its almost as if stacking beiges is bad) 1. If you don't cycle like you were saying, this would happen as as a whole your coalition would not nearly have enough targets, if you guys even have a decent amount of extra targets like that you would either be losing extremely hard so cycling would never be an action taken, or you are literally fighting against afk players. 2. This was for conceptual purposes so you could understand why not beige cycling is bad. In a real scenario, if you have enough leeway to be missing buys due to max mil, yes you would be declaring on other nations. You can also declare on other nations without beiging your original offensives. - So my point still stands where you are overall denying their buys, the moment they double buy aircraft, You dogfight, you keep him down and useless. I made the original scenario simple so you could understand the concept I was putting through, but well. 3. You are milcom, your whole job is to press buttons for other players basically.
  5. Dude what. Sorry, this reasoning is just so bad. You even acknowledge that no one actually really uses daily income to support themselves in a war in the same post because they would just get resources from the bank if they were to be beiged, since you know, that’s literally the whole point of a war chest so there’s 0 reason that you have given for just blanket beiging. the whole point of cycling is to neuter the enemy, while they are cycled their buys aren’t effective meaning every day they are being cycled you are gaining one or half a buy on them till you are full, then you keep going to make sure they don’t recover. You give them excessive beige time not only do they get time to be get to 100% strength you also allow them to get a blitz adv when leaving beige. You also are making less use of buys in total (i.e. you (and friends) are at 90% planes, you give someone 6 days of beige, after a day you are at 100% and the enemies don’t get out for 5 days till they are 100% planes. You’ve effectively missed 5 buys, given the enemy blitz advantage. For what? Lowering their income??) Also @hidude45454 quacks odds were worse, Quack didn’t have a major alliance be barely militarized. Also Rose countered within the same update which was huge. HM alone rivaled Quacks whale tier. HW obviously was able to go through Rose like paper mache and had an advantage in the whale tier. Also the counter blitz was very lack luster from Oasis. if Rose didn’t immediately counter I could maybe see an argument that the odds were close but HM recovered from the blitz fairly easily because of it.
  6. I’d suggest increasing turn timers then. War mechanics are like, actually some of the only mechanics that matter. For something like this I believe that a majority of the player base would agree that waiting 1 extra minute would not matter if it comes down to making rebuys fair. I checked 3/26 - 5/01 it pretty consistently was resetting at 12:01 with 1 or 2 outliers. We are now getting 12:02 and 12:03 pretty consistently. you don’t even need to increase all turn timers. Only day change turn timers for this change.
  7. Increase Naval to Naval Casualties currently even if you have 2x the ships in a naval battle the pros and cons compared to an Airstrike ships are Pros: -You kill more infra than an Airstrike infra. - 2 more resistance damage (This can be a con depending on your goals). Cons: -Still kill less ships than an Airstrike -Uses 2x the amount of resources -Lose ships from defender killing -Doesn’t kill planes on top of ships Imo ship casualties should be upped to be equal or near equal to Airstrike amount. Can’t really justify a 2x cost when NB is the worst superiority and killing infra is pointless in an actual fight. Increasing casualties wouldn’t cause navals to even come close to replacing planes when it comes to killing ships but at least it would make the numbers reasonable whenever you are using them.
  8. I mean this is pretty misleading. You’re saying a “grand total of 12 nations” to make it seem insignificant but what really matters is the ratio. Sure 100 to 112 doesn’t matter. 29 to 17? Not to mention “35+” doesn’t give context for the fact that grumpyguard + other Hollywood* has basically 20~ C35+s which are near, at or above c40 while Rose’s C35+ are relatively closer to c35 than c40 29 to 17 is a 1.7 to 1 ratio which when translated into daily plane rebuy and having blitz adv is huge too, with scores too the c35+ will translate down to c31-34 tiers as well, I would definitely not call your odds vs Rose initially a “slight advantage” it’s a pretty decent one tiering wise on paper. in the actual setting with Rose not being max milled and getting blitzed even with Oasis joining in you guys should be able to hold upper tier, especially since the consensus on Oasis’ milcom isn’t the best. You guys have the blitz, tempo on buys and numbers to hold down top tier and cascade the advantage down in high tier at least. This is of course provided that you guys literally just cycle them correctly.
  9. It use to be reset the moment everyone could perform an action (I.E. Airstrike, Ground Battle, Naval battle) That is not the case Everyone delayed by 2 minutes does not matter, it does not make it "fair" and it is still a huge problem. If you are double buying then having one buy before update then a gap after update where the person can strike your stuff before you can make a hit with your full double buy does matter a lot ton. i.e. I can dogfight him in a window of a minute (Easily done) after update when my opponent has 400 aircraft instead of 800 aircraft due to the buy delay. Before, if I was able to airstrike the option to rebuy for the opponent would be available also so it would be a race on whoever is faster. Now its pretty much impossible to get a double buy off and then perform an attack action against any1 whose active.
  10. As per the title, Military timers each day is 1-2 minutes delayed pretty consistently. This is a pretty serious issue with how strategies like double buying works. Pls fix
  11. Wish you didn’t leak this so we could see the 1v1 would’ve been interesting
  12. Rofl. Is no one going to talk about how this communism WC thing is basically a super shitty loophole for them to take a members deposit if they leave without seeming to scummy. Basically if you are already paying decent taxes, active, do well in war, finish WC early like you are suppose to. If you ever choose to leave on even amicable terms you get railed if you were responsible for your WC?
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