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  1. On the contrary you can’t gain what was already there
  2. Can’t wait for BK in 3 months “ yEaH wE WeRe WiNniNg wiThOut nPo aNd EvEry allIAnCe iN tHe GaMe”
  3. managing vassals is hard. im always over my limit in ck2 and get fricked by the debuff
  4. Wait if we’re half the game and BK Has more players than us..... the war consists of 130%+ of the player base and N$O doesn’t exist?!?!
  5. I love how you don’t mention your prots, their MDPs your MDPs covenant everyone you threw at us. guess even you don’t think they’re useful huh
  6. Not surprised. BK/Cov would never take a fair fight cause they know they would lose. They’re like the one kid who talks shit then comes bawling to daddy when someone hits them back lul
  7. Wait, so basically BK sphere and covenant were talking on declaring on chaos while having the blitz advantage and have more numbers. On top of that they were going to ask for help from a equally large sphere to preemptively attack KETOG because they were afraid of KETOG attacking? wat
  8. arent u that micro leader than DoW'ed an alliance by himself
  9. But why is it only SINCE 4-28, from what i gathered this is the latter part when they got cocky and got CAUGHT, not when it started.... what about the cities dealt between jan 1st and now?
  10. Cool is this a new alliance?
  11. I’ve heard BK has never been couped before
  12. Wasn’t here when he was around but I’m 100% sure that’s not the reason you got kicked. From the context of just searching up your name I can see why you got kicked kek
  13. Picking up a bad protectorate that was about to either merge or disband via pantheon implosion is bad enough you guys even announced it lol. I mean if you were announcing a upcoming alliance that was good then I don’t see anything wrong with it, but from what I can see they don’t know how to play. Which traps new players into going inactive, which I can see in their list, these inactives aren’t high score either, they are in the score where you can do something every day every few hours but most of them don’t war at all or very little. Maybe one or two isn’t their fault but I’m sure with the correct information and community more than one of them could’ve been an active player in the game. i mean I don’t really see a difference in announcing or not it doesn’t bother mebut you guys are literally asking for it by posting this
  14. You mean it would be easy for Alex to kick anybody. Just like how he kicked the couper
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