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  1. KingGhost

    KNN-Its the end as we know it

    I’ve heard BK has never been couped before
  2. KingGhost

    Triumph and Existence

    Wasn’t here when he was around but I’m 100% sure that’s not the reason you got kicked. From the context of just searching up your name I can see why you got kicked kek
  3. KingGhost

    Frontier finds a New Artist!

    Picking up a bad protectorate that was about to either merge or disband via pantheon implosion is bad enough you guys even announced it lol. I mean if you were announcing a upcoming alliance that was good then I don’t see anything wrong with it, but from what I can see they don’t know how to play. Which traps new players into going inactive, which I can see in their list, these inactives aren’t high score either, they are in the score where you can do something every day every few hours but most of them don’t war at all or very little. Maybe one or two isn’t their fault but I’m sure with the correct information and community more than one of them could’ve been an active player in the game. i mean I don’t really see a difference in announcing or not it doesn’t bother mebut you guys are literally asking for it by posting this
  4. KingGhost

    Triumph and Existence

    You mean it would be easy for Alex to kick anybody. Just like how he kicked the couper
  5. KingGhost

    Increased Costs to Build New Cities

    Why not take away some money cost and put in some resource cost instead for earlier cities? This way it isn't just solely money cost and also makes it so you can put resource requirements earlier on without it costing "More" and you have to input a certain amount of resources to fill a requirement and the value of the resources is based on a weekly avg?
  6. KingGhost

    Remove war

    Guys, don't remember how forum acc making works if you need verification to link your nation or whatever but this guy created his forums 2 hours ago and the owner of the PnW nation linked hasnt even logged on for 10 hours. This could be a troll trying to screw the nation over maybe he has a grudge or something keep that in mind
  7. KingGhost

    @everyone - It's true.

    Wait... so we aren’t picking up pantheon? Gosh darn it
  8. Making every new player that joins you guys either quit or become brain damaged. Reminds me of old NAE/ every micro by new players i love how you mention that you guys are like the third generation of people who have tried this shit and it’s not bringing up any red flags lmao
  9. KingGhost


    ... Cmon, Its literally flag with war added infront of it. it should be obvious? Its a flag used when you are in war.
  10. KingGhost

    I Know Why There's Peace

    Did i miss something? You are asking to play CARDS instead of declaring WAR, i mean thats whatever you like poker, but then you say he has no guts Talking trash then offering to play cards instead of war. That's some maximum !@#$ shit.
  11. KingGhost

    On my retirement from Pantheon's government

    Hey, if any of you BoC folk want other head over to Pantheon, glad to take ya and make a new home, no idea whats happening in BoC but last few weeks you've gone through multiple leaders a coup. All good things come to an end at some point, BoC was never really good, so surprising not last this long. Anyways any of you who have become dissatisfied with BoCs performance and want to find a new home consider Pantheon of Alex multis
  12. KingGhost

    On my retirement from Pantheon's government

    I can't wait for the reactions of regular panth members when they find out about this in 3 weeks
  13. KingGhost

    The Hobo Express - Part 7

  14. KingGhost

    Running out of food effect

    Bump, mechanic still doesn’t make sense
  15. KingGhost

    Increase Hospital/Recycling Cap

    Isn’t this just more of a reason why this shouldn’t be a thing.. prices of manus/raws would go insanely down. There’s no way imo that we would be able to use enough to counter the production. i think this cap is nice since it’ll keep prices from deflating and it gives some choice based on the economy on what to produce.

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