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  1. KingGhost

    The Hobo Express - Part 7

  2. KingGhost

    Running out of food effect

    Bump, mechanic still doesn’t make sense
  3. KingGhost

    Increase Hospital/Recycling Cap

    Isn’t this just more of a reason why this shouldn’t be a thing.. prices of manus/raws would go insanely down. There’s no way imo that we would be able to use enough to counter the production. i think this cap is nice since it’ll keep prices from deflating and it gives some choice based on the economy on what to produce.
  4. KingGhost

    Prayer, Please.

    Aww, I hope he’s going to be alright
  5. KingGhost

    If you could...

    I comepletly agree. So when is KoM going to learn that building 2k infra at like 10 cities is idiotic, the only reason why you guys haven’t learned is because your hiding behind 3 procterates, building IITC at like 13 cities and expecting to still be alive by the time it pays itself back Also you guys somehow peace vs a pirate In a 5v1? Preach what you teach Edit: on topic I think micros are fine as long as they are properly guiding players. Lots of players I feel fall into the trap of joining an AA with an inactive community/ no guidance and just get rolled till they quit. I’m not saying micro= harm but more than likely it causes harm. Most likely cause a lot of players start an alliance straight off getting 1k NS and then never learn anything and recruit members causing more people to learn nothing
  6. >Must Side with Christians when it comes to faith >Also RoH Knights Templar
  7. KingGhost

    Fraggle Gift Giveaway

    kek. so what servers do you belong to?
  8. You added 3k gas 1k muni, 300 steel and 700 aluminum. You know we can see your bank transactions right?
  9. I can’t tell what’s more retarded. You or the fact that you leaked your own WC while doing a RoH
  10. KingGhost

    Embark on the Next Crusade!

    Save me
  11. KingGhost

    Running out of food effect

    I was looking at war mechanics and was thinking how blockades could matter during a war and I was looking at food specifically. I did some research and only saw it only reduced gross income by 33% and nothing else, I assumed this must be a typo or something I’d assume that soldiers would be reduced if your nation completely runs out of food since logically as the only unit that actually consumes food there’s a good reasoning that it should be reduced if they don’t get food. Asking on discord #Game help I also saw people also thought that if soldiers use food and you run out they should get a reduction, but it doesn’t seem like it. From the wiki the only effect of running out of food is a reduction of gross income of 33%. I’ll assume this is the truth since I think they fact check on the wiki. im proposing on top of the 33% reduction in gross income you should only be able to use 2/3rd of soldiers if your nation is on 0 food after a turn. The reasoning is as the only unit that consumes food it should also have a weakness if your out of food. Similar to how if you don’t have munis and gas you can’t use the other 3.
  12. KingGhost

    Small Quality of Life Improvements

    When doing battle sims the options should stay the same and not refresh each time.making the options the same if your trying to find an average over a big sample is aids sometimes. In wars after you do a certain type of attack there should be a button to go Back and have the same type of attack and same options being able to select cities to bulk import, default should select all but let’s say half you cities have 30 slots the other half is 29 due to war or something. If you bulk import the 30 slot build it won’t change the 29s if you bulk import 29 you have to manually add one to each 30 slot.
  13. KingGhost

    The couping of Sirius

    Couldn’t resist the low hanging fruit since no one else took it
  14. KingGhost

    Surrendering to Nova

  15. KingGhost

    Embark on the Next Crusade!

    Can confirm this alliance is autismo

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