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  1. Nothin personal kid If didn't recognize the flag, you got put in disband
  2. Hello! This is my undisputed most accurate list of all time. However if you want to attempt the impossible here is the ACTUAL link that works! https://tiermaker.com/create/top-100-pandw-alliances-855578 P.S. I had to crop out some people I put in disband but you guys didn't matter anyways.
  3. I mean, i don't really get the point you are making. Theres no way we are going to value damaging raiders more than actual balanced game mechanics for real alliance wars which much more players in the game are involved in. Right? Also theres about a 0% chance that because this mechanic makes dogpilling even worse that people will avoid dogpilling because its fair, it just aint happening. Also the simpler solution is to just not add this mechanic rather than hoping that due to this mechanic people don't dogpile. This new war mechanic clearly adds no value to actual wars b
  4. Isn’t this only going to be ever used in a situation where one side is already overwhelmingly winning? I can’t see this every being used outside a scenario where one side is already being dogpiled. You will never aim to kill Improvs otherwise. On top of that reducing Gas and Muni use for the already winning side to kill improvements? Seems like a mechanic that will only serve to make losers in wars suffer more, rather than a war mechanic that can aid in winning a even/close war if used correctly. Why not just have bombardments have some sort of interaction with other troops, thi
  5. This would be a huge buff to missiles but not for people getting sat on. An infra damage reduction is so insignificant in an actual war especially against people who are sitting on you, who are presumably your defensive slots. If you are getting sat on I’m going to assume they are declaring ord or raid wars. 50% infra dmg reduction here is literally a joke, plus as you mentioned this would actually buff the infra dmg done. by making this change you are implementing a mechanic which would guarantee 18 resistance worth of damage with 0 counter play. Anyone who is good at fighting
  6. I commend both of your actions but i'm not sure how they relate to his behavior because unlike you two Akuryo tried to play on the fact that the time there was no way these logs would've been leaked at the time to try to imply that the claims were unjustified to try to relate Quack to IQ. Playing on the fact that although the logs do exist but wouldn't be leaked at the time then trying to use it to compare a block to IQ to try to win an argument is pretty shameless. Hence I why I am calling him out on it. As for the validity of the CB, if the plot did go on, the participants would be
  7. DO yOu havE PRoOf OF tHIs collAbOrATIoN? pLeASe NoTE THis ProoF mUsT InclUDe SoMeoNe oTHEr tHan spHInx So untIl SucH a tIME LOGS SHOwiNg ANyOnE Of ant CredIbility with ANYThiNG Of CRedIbIlITy SurFAcE, I'M juST saYiNG, ThiS rEminDS Me ALOt of a dOW IN tHE not-SO-distANT-PasT tHAT maDE uP THE SAmE Type of bULLshIt. SO with thAt aNd ThE LAcK OF ANY EVidenCe a JUDge woULd evEn VIEw woRTHY enOuGh tO Be uSEd AS ToiLEt PaPER iT'S So SHit, I fAiL To see ANy prOBLEm OtHER than An all eXPENseS PAID TRIp ON thE BoyCe PArANoia Train. @Akuryo Shameless
  8. I don’t get how this even adds to the game. it just literally seems like free shit so everyone upvotes cause people like free money. At best people might interact a bit more by trading but in reality it’s just going to be alliance members posting “I got x you got ivory?” Then done in 5 mins. Yeah, once again this is just free shit, it’s probably not even good in the long run for the game since it just accelerates money printing without an added permanent sink. Also I can see this limiting the design of future changes a lot, with this change your already getting to like 20% poss
  9. You are making this a way bigger issue than it is while trying to play on a morale high ground while you dismiss other people’s points by saying they “skew the narratives” or that they “jump to conclusions” meanwhile you are literally skewing the narrative by saying “this is not meant to moderate servers” With a proposed idea that would very obviously cause people to moderate each other, and some people will try to use anything to gain dirt to get an advantage in PnW. I guess your only argument here is that it’s not meant to moderate servers but that doesn’t matter, what matters is what h
  10. As the leader of RoseCam, Swamp Quack and Hedgemoney i'd like to inform you @Phoenyx that you can suck my hairy tennis balls. Please add this to your evidence. Thank you.
  11. Wow the hypocrisy of this statement is astounding. anyways can you guys stop giving attention to the brick wall. You guys are trying to teach someone who believes they are an expert in something they aren’t. I believe anyone who continues to give attention to this guy after a month of his shit posting is an idiot so i’ll Give you a strategy, look upon his big walls of texts and then reply “lol idiot” without reading it. The result will still be the same as if you actually read and replied.
  12. I think it’s more competitive keeping it top 10. With a small player base and by having the names only visible for the top 10 it feels more unique imo.
  13. Soldiers are not “op” they are meant to be a cheap meatshield troop that are fairly efficient. The reality is the only situation where soldiers are exceptionally good is when a nation/alliance chooses to go purely soldiers to do dmg while having little losses. That is literally their use and they do not actually win anyone real alliance wars. however this only occurs in dogpiles, if you think about it in an even fight where both sides are buying max units soldiers do not matter, tanks outweigh soldiers at max and can kill planes, planes are well they’re good. They’re basically a meat
  14. It was calculated on locutus lol, You starting losing DMG dealt at day 31 lmao. Not surprised though, pretty that bot doesn't calculate beige infra damage, I'm a 1b+ down from CTO and T$'s own dmg calculator bot.
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