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  1. Someone perma blockade alex’s Nation and see how he likes it, ez.
  2. So last war change made it so players would have a really easy time sitting on players with the same city count due to score range changes heavily weighted by cities. And now there’s no beige...: what in the heck
  3. I can agree with this, just don’t play bad, tbh war policy change can be a mistake but it’s pretty obvious and big. But does this mean that doing maximum damage makes the war valid? I’m kind of confused on that part.
  4. I mean, I wouldn’t doubt that he just wasn’t playing optimally not on purpose. Reasoning being Turtle is a bad base policy to be on in the first place and he initially didn’t know that base population provides a small military ground score. With that said I don’t think this point is very valid or else you’d just be setting a precedent for punishing players for being unknowledgeable. I’ve seen many people do stupid raids with bad policy etc, but can’t really accuse them of slot filling for that reason. EDIT: Actually it may come down to context for not playing optimally now that I think about it more. In this case probably not on purpose though. Also if Shadow really reported it before and it wasn’t slot filling and then Borg reported it and it was deemed slot filling.... I hope it isn’t true as that makes me worried.
  5. Interesting idea, sort of like something an individual nation can fight for as a small perk. Sort of like the current treasure mechanic but instead a military advantage rather than economic.
  6. Welcome to a browser based game, if anything low tier raiding probably keeps you active. And it’s free money. I don’t think a lot of people are here for the action packed gameplay but instead the community.
  7. How about we just make it so nukes lock you out of your account for 24 hours so they feel more impactful also if you actually want to make a suggestion buffing nukes I suggest not starting with going from destroying 2 improvements to destroying 36 improvents (vs 2k infra) which most nations will start with if nukes are being used.
  8. Yeah no, what DTC said, winning the spy war is arguably pretty hard and the whole point of winning it is to provide an advantage this isn’t even a needed change tbh. Also what is the point in making a poll if you’re going to make it bias by having it have “Yes” or “No (input something negative that no one would say)”
  9. Numbers seem to match but ground battles need to display aircrafts killed @Alex
  10. I don’t really understand the point of this tbh. Sounds like it’s just a money printer for those who choose to stay at like 1-3 cities raiding to print money which raiding at that range already earns a lot. i think it also rewards lazy play for lower level cities , you don’t actually have to search for targets and determine if they’re worth the raid. This change is also pretty much obsolete for anyone past city 5-7 as raiding past that range is pretty hard edit: typo
  11. This is why I primarily think this is a bad idea. From personal experience what’s going to end up happening is each of the groups of people working together will argue with other groups in order to benefit themselves. It just turns into a shit show where people leak messages of what other people say etc etc. a committe sounds good on paper but good luck finding a group of people completely unbiased and won’t argue with each other over personal grudges.
  12. Eh bad idea imo. People will push their personal agendas if given a special status. I’ve seen it happen in other games, heck I’m in a similar thing for a much bigger game and I see it happen in their NDAs as well, people manipulating what they decide to input to change the game. Maybe I’m just have a pessimistic outlook but I would rather have Alex make a post when he has a game changing update and having people post publically why it’s bad or good so everyone can counter it instead of it being in a closed council.
  13. Hello this is just my take on how Nation Perks should be done and my complaints with Alex’s suggested idea (OBVIOUSLY ITS SUPER OLD but I wanted to talk about the potential of nation perks) which you can choose 8 perks out of these 20 also there is a TL:DR at the bottom for those who don’t want to read this novel. The first thing that’s bad about this system with great potential is that there’s really no specialization to the upgrades, I feel like this is pick the developement ones when starting and then just “pick 8 from the 10 good ones and boom everyone does it” You don’t NEED to focus on commerce, why would you focus and specialize one tree when you could just grab the best one (+10% commerce) pick the second best arguably first +25% troop recruitment(broken op this is an expensive project level bonus) etc etc. there’s no specialization in play style here it’s essentially a stat boost of pick the best 8 jack of all trades master of all. What is a better version of this is for Perks which you can put points into and they get better as a result, for example one I made up off the top of my head is one for commerce boost Commerce Tree Commerce Boost 1/4 - Increase commerce by 1% 2/4 - Inc 2% 4/4 - Inc 4% (Total 10%+ All Cities) Commerce Building Infrastructure 1/4 - +1 Super Market capacity 2/4 - +1 Mall Capacity 3/4 - +1 Bank cap 4/4 +1 Stadium Cap 3rd Branch (?) 4th Branch (?) something like this which encourages spending perks into one thing which gains More as you specialize, in the income boost case you get more efficient the more you specialize into it, the building tree is a prime example of how being a jack of all trades is bad, the first perk is nothing really but if you look later on a stadium is VERY desirable as it’s efficient, 1 improv slot for the same commerce as 2.5~ banks etc. Pollution is a big factor in not going overly on manufacturing and each of the upgrades provides more as you go without being over powered. Another thing as you can probably tell is that this would require a Change in how many perk points you get instead of immediately 8 perks to choose from I believe you should gain them through building cities for example 2 points per city or maybe 3 every odd numbered city. Now I can already see the main complaint for having it being tied to cities. tHiS hElPs WhAlEs. I’m just going to say I don’t really believe this is a problem as yes they would have more perks but they’re cost per perk point increases exponentially as you don’t get more per city as you increase in cities. — Counter Arguments A big thing I can see being thought is that, well even if you have to specialize now to get the full perks wouldn’t people just max each branch of different upgrade trees they thought is the best just like how the original idea is? Well the very simple solution is to incentivize completing the tree my idea for this is let’s say you complete all of the Commerce Tree - Commerce Boost 4/4, Buildings 4/4, X(?) 4/4, X(?) 4/4. You get a bonus for specializing and completing a tree for example my idea for Commerce tree bonus would be + 1(2 maybe) Improvements to all cities. This could make a medium size nations for example C20 gain 20 improvements which is one of the original perks but now you actually are rewarded for specializing. Also it should be noted that the 3rd and 4th branches that I put as X don’t necessarily have to be good, actually I encourage it to be something BELOW AVERAGE, that way it’s not just a super op tree where you always want to upgrade it. This allows for people to choose to specialize in one tree where they could’ve used the 4 perk points into something more efficient but instead get the Tree bonus which makes up for perhaps 2 slightly below average perks. Development Tree Pollution Cleanup 1/4 - Reduce pollution in cities by 3 2/4 - Reduce pollution in cities by 5 3/4 - Reduce pollution in cities by12 4/4 - Reduce pollution in cities by 15 Pollution Efficiency 1/4 - Subways reduce pollution by +3 2/4 - Subways reduce pollution by +5 3/4 - Subways reduce pollution by +12 4/4 - Recycling centers Reduce pollution by +10 Raw Resource Efficiency 1/4 - Produce 3% more in all Raws 2/4 - Produce 5% more in all Raws 3/4 - Produce 10% More in all Raws 4/4 - Produces 12% more in all Raws - Note % Production also increases % Pollution by each mine. X ( ?) 4th branch unknown Tree bonus - Increase production bonus cap to 75% (if you have max amount of raw production buildings/manufacturing production its bonus goes from 50%->75% As you can see by this tree the first 2 branches are nothing, your spending 8 Perk points for basically a recycling center which doesn’t take up an improv slot which is good but.... doesn’t do much, however when you get the bonus it’s a substantial bonus which makes up for the lesser branches which allows for as I’ve repeated better rewards the more you specialize and this stops people from just picking the good branches of upgrades. Military Going to explain my thoughts about the problem with having a military branch with this system. 1. you cannot tell what other nations and alliances perks are WITHOUT spying in game or getting a leak outside of game This of course anyone who knows anything about war at all brings a huge advantage to the person who strikes first even more so than it already is with the new ground changes, this can be fixed by separating military and war branches to use a different currency to upgrade as you would never normally be on a military perk build UNLESS going into alliance war or you’re a pirate. I think a very good perk to separating the the perks of military v economic is that we could see a HUGE improvement to our current war strategy. Let’s be honest there’s not much strategy to war rn, even though some casuals still can’t figure out the best attacks it’s not complicated. I would propose some sort of play style uniqueness to war, for example the war perks wouldn’t give bonuses or whatever but allow you to specialize troops - Note: I’ve read Vali’s suggestion to military changes and I think this way is much superior way to having military be specialized to beat other builds without having like dozens of subunits which you can change everyday, the reason being at that point it’s lazy strategy of you seeing your opponents build and then changing your build. Military (THESE ALL GIVE THE FLAT BONUS DESCRIBED) Soldiers Anti Air (1/3) - Reduce Damage taken by airstrikes by 5%, increased damage taken by 3% from soldiers Anti Tank (1/3) - Increase Damage Dealt to Tanks by 5%, Increase Damage taken by air Medic (1/2) - Reduce Soldier casualties by 5% Tanks Light Armor (1/3) Reduce Damage taken by airstrikes by 5%, Increase Damage taken by tanks by 3%(Faster to run away from bombs I guess, naming could use work idk). Heavy Armor (1/3) Reduce Damage taken by Tanks by 5%, Increase Damage taken by airstrikes by 3% ??? Planes Bombs (1/3) - Increased 5% Damage to tanks, increased 3% damage taken by planes Napalm (1/3) - Increased 5% Damage to soldiers increased 3% damage taken by planes Better AIM (1/3) - Increased 5% Damage to planes, decreased damage 3% to everything else ??? Etc etc you get the idea please keep in minding reading the military part of this, it’s a verrryy rough idea of how we could get unique playstyles and strategy in PnW without adding new troops which causes imo unnecessary complexity as the simplicity in 4 units sometimes is better than a ton of units. Of course there is lots to be improved on.. I won’t dive to deep but the idea is by having these increased damages it allows for players to target specific troops or defend against specific troops making not a single play style the only one you can do as there’s both advantages and disadvantages to each perk in the military branch. -This being said there is arguments against this, perhaps making the war dynamics more complex would be bad, who knows. The new war changes are out and I don’t even know how those will play out. ( In retrospect maybe this should be renamed to Troop upgrade or whatever as I think the upgrades under war in the original suggestion by Alex are fine although the military ones are way to broken. The War ones however could be put in the economic perks as they seem to be for pirates tbh.) Resetting Perks Should cost a decent amount of money based on city count something like 10 days ROI perhaps. Also should be a cooldown to change perks for 10 days, obvious reason is obvious nuff said. TL;DR -Perks should give increased rewards through specialization such as well as completing a specific whole tree which avoids people just getting free stats by picking the best individual increases in perks. -Should gain perk points through cities which would increase by a flat amount per city which means perk point cost increases the more you get essentially soft capping how much you get ( Im thinking 2 Points per city or 3 points every 2 cities based on my idea of each tree containing 4 branches and each branch costing 4 points to max (16 total for tree bonus) (EDIT - Perhaps start with 3 Points, gain 1 every city This means you get a full branch at 14 cities which is low and easy to get through grants from many alliances. This also means you don’t get a 2nd full branch till city 30 which is good since that requires significant investment) -Military and economic perks seperated in order to not increase first strike advantage even further than currently with new tank changes. I want to hear the criticism about this system of perks as it is definitely not even close to perfect and it could be improved on for the sake of the game.
  14. On the contrary you can’t gain what was already there
  15. Can’t wait for BK in 3 months “ yEaH wE WeRe WiNniNg wiThOut nPo aNd EvEry allIAnCe iN tHe GaMe”
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