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  1. Clarke

    Tip Button for Baseball

    You shouldn't have added the embargo thing if you don't understand tipping, this is embarrassing. Tipping is a thing because you aren't paying the away teams enough. I didn't know you were so clueless about it, you really shouldn't have made changes to it when you have no clue what you're changing.
  2. Clarke

    Tip Button for Baseball

    Best just to redesign the way teams get money.
  3. Clarke

    Who's signing up for the Space Force?

    Yeah just let the aliens stroll in just like illegal aliens 😂.
  4. Clarke

    Objectifying Women

    I like you... "its wrong on so many levels I can't even begin to describe how wrong it is but you should just know it is so wrong and I can't describe it 😛" Lets just say we're on the same page.
  5. Clarke

    Objectifying Women

    Dubayoo doesn't know what he is chatting about, you can see his level of maturity by looking at this thread: But yeah if you're unattractive then you aren't going to care much about how a girl looks because you won't get the most attractive girls, unattractive people who say looks don' matter are only using that as a coping mechanism. Sure get with the land whale who knows how to use their body and doesn't have an ok personality cos lets be real they don't take care of themselves and they're lazy, they probably have a bad personality, maybe not as bad as a more attractive person but can still be deemed as bad. That's really what this is about, men need to stop funding and helping women.
  6. Clarke

    Who's signing up for the Space Force?

  7. Clarke

    Objectifying Women

    They're just playing hard to get.
  8. Clarke

    Objectifying Women

    I notice this is side tracking a bit and not really the point of discussion. I'm not really anyone to tell them that, the point is I as mentioned in my second post Men need to stop funding certain jobs.
  9. Clarke

    Objectifying Women

    Being "professionally" hot is almost entirely down to genetics. These people never worked a day in their lives, they rely on their natural beauty to get ahead which is not exactly putting in the effort.What part of it is expensive for them? Being fit isn't exactly a hard thing to do and these people just need to stay slim which is easy. Make money for what? Standing around doing nothing.
  10. Clarke

    Objectifying Women

    Well that's really it and that is the message lots of red pill channels discuss and others including the likes of Jordan Peterson regarding men being visual creatures. I think I said it someone here before but yes that is true women in general love attention, if a girl is healthy/fit looking you can bet your ass she will do things purposely for the attention of men even if she doesn't want to have sex or a relationship with that man, she wants his attention to be on her regardless. Yes we shouldn't fight against nature and that isn't what I'm advocating for exactly. My point is mostly this, if you're paying her for sex then stop you can get better sex from a sex doll. Don't be giving your money away just to get your dick wet, there is more to life than that. The model thing is bit more complicated but they're there mainly for men so its only for lusting over someone you won't bang. Porn is slightly different as its much cheaper but we can cut it out as well I suppose, if you aren't getting enough sex forget about porn, prostitutes and anything that funds attention seeking women, you just need a sex doll. My message is essentially this; Its the current year lol, men need to completely stop funding women they aren't in serious relationships with.
  11. Clarke

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    Hi Made a slight mistake, include Guardian to that as well because we would have attacked them if we could at the start. DEIC/UPN did ok in destroying TEst but I think they were eventually going to overrun DEIC as we didn't have the mid tier (what we did have was inactive)to keep them down and they would have being able to up-declare eventually. UPN was struggling with keeping tS down, I think tS were winning in the mid tier a bit early on. If the war went on undisturbed I think history shows that we would have lost the mid tier and eventually the top tier. It wasn't exactly going smoothly, I had to start attacking whoever in range just to help out.
  12. Clarke

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    Oktoberfest might have being a win if the alliances involved in it day 1 were the only ones involved in it and even that is somewhat questionable if the war dragged on.
  13. Clarke

    Objectifying Women

    This topic is related to the following link: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/feb/02/formula-one-grid-girls-objectification-women Generally I disagree with the left but this is one area of the battle against objectifying women that I support. I'm against people using their sex to earn money as it isn't even for both sexes so when people lose their jobs because they're getting paid to be eye candy I support it. This is primarily about men, they're essentially paying the wage for some women to walk around and look attractive which is giving the women a lifestyle she really doesn't deserve. Prostitution is somewhat similar and is something men should also stop funding, these days sex dolls are a better alternative as they're much more attractive, cheaper and obviously safer than someone potentially riddled with diseases. Personally I'd rather keep my money in my wallet than to pay women to be objectified. Whats your opinion on women earning money from being objectified? Should it end in all forms?
  14. Clarke

    Victim Complexes

    I never had much experience with people claiming to be victims until recently, in the last few years it seems to have really taken off and now I experience this awfulness of an attitude regularly enough. If its not women claiming to be victims then it is gay people, black people or <insert other type of people> and it in reality they're no more victims than anyone else. Life is hard and it makes victims of us all sometimes, blaming your flaws on someone else is just going to keep you bitter and less successful in life. I try my best to avoid such people and I would never entertain some supposed victim telling me how much of a victim they're. Getting on your knees and blowing someone to further your career doesn't make you a victim, you're taking advantage of a situation to advance yourself in life. I think this is worst version of it where people willingly do something and then for whatever reason say they were taken advantage at that time and are now a victim. I think it boils down to lazy people who want free stuff and pleading your case of being a victim is the best way to get it in our society atm. Nothing more than leeches from what I can tell. They want to have the cake and they want to eat it. Whats your thoughts on people who have victim complexes?
  15. Its time for communist scum to perish! 


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