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  1. Can't really be war slot filling if no one attacked him prior and after the fact.
  2. Clarke

    Really NPO

    Where are these people coming from? Upwards of 500 potentially 😃
  3. I never noticed you having more fun, but if you think you're having fun then good for you.
  4. The alliance with the highest average city count mysteriously gets reset in a bizarre in-game disaster no one can explain and we will claim they once had secret ancient technology.
  5. Haha, destroying insane amounts of infrastructure isn't enough? getting 14 resistance points knocked off each immense victory isn't enough? I see your side doing quite well countering planes, you just buy more tanks to sacrifice to distract them from destroying your ships. It was kinda shitty how I got attacked by people with a 7 city advantage tbh and I stood no chance.
  6. I wouldn't say Sam was robbed as it's not like his was super hard to make.
  7. My sister promises to give out favors of a certain type in exchange for votes 😉😉
  8. Kill The Whales!

  9. Is it possible to add my submission, I thought it was at the end of the day it closes.
  10. I'm going to day no to the 168 day war not being overwhelming odds as I knew it would be a defeat before it happened by the numbers, DEIC was in no shape to fight regardless. I mentioned Octkerfest before, considering we didn't have the numbers to attack Guardian we weren't even closely even matched. We just got a bit of a surprise attack, had we being against tS, SK and TEst if they were fully militarized we would have being defeated quickly by just those 3 so they always had the advantage in that regard.
  11. Why the hell did you have to mention Keno, I lost money to it now 😂
  12. It's stupid but if you won it would be insane.
  13. To me it looked like you didn't read my post and posted something about the rules which didn't counter what I said. You cited the rules to defend yourself when you didn't need to, forgive me if that seems defensive.
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