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  1. I've quite enjoyed this war, I've invested in my land with looted money that I nothing else to do with. Bought about 18k land, will try and get another 12k if I get blockaded while unable to do anything again. I've enjoyed reporting bad people too.
  2. I'm just making an observation about how crazy this game is at moment. Allies as in treaty partners. It's not for me to judge but treaty partners are generally a bit more important than coalition partners who are not necessarily always genuine allies.
  3. It seems crazy to leave all your allies(I think all) on the battlefield and cut connections, what a crazy world. There again I have being fighting since June last year.
  4. The removed RoH threads were troll threads created to disguise the blatant cheating. Luckily it was discovered and nation strikes were issued, hopefully this will discourage future would be cheaters.
  5. Perhaps 3 days protection after a war ends in defeat if the units are depleted entirely, 1/3 rebuys for all military units. That is a fairer system.
  6. High government in your coalition were cheating and lying about it on these forums. If you see war slot filling report it otherwise keep your butthurt to yourself. Beige is there to protect vulnerable players who have being defeated, its very necessary.
  7. I believe he did do something about the obvious war slot filling. What you suggest is bad mechanics.
  8. This war is relevant to the report: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=589077 This is TheNG effectively defending Black Knights by being the first to counter a nation who attacked mad titan which is harming the "serious" ongoing wars Acadia declared against mad titan. TheNG coordinated with allies of BK as well to counter this nation in the war page linked above. This war also shows how much damage the TheNG should be doing in his wars with BK he was involved in. At this point I think the punishment needs to go beyond removing wars. TheNG is cheating and blatantly lying.
  9. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=1341 Ruler Name: George Clooney Nature of Violation Nation is War slot filling another nation they allied with a war doing minimal damage to infra and units. I don't believe either of them to be that incompetent. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=589085 Mad Titan did this attack when he had superior aircraft today. Pope The Mad Titan of The Knights Radiant ordered a dogfight airstrike upon the nation of New Kentucky and eliminated 0 Resistance. The attack was an utter failure. Pope The Mad Titan's forces lost 39 aircraft, while Emperor George Clooney's defenders lost 30 aircraft. The attack destroyed 0.00 infrastructure in the city of Morehead. Mad Titan has 1 other war started by Acadia filling his slot As well. These scripted responses from Acadia and BK are ridiculous. With such blatant cheating I'd deduct 30% of everything from their bank or some serious punishments. These are mostly alliance leaders and government doing this as well. Unacceptable behaviour and shameful.
  10. Was he wrong though in what he said, I don't believe he was and that isn't talking to a brick wall. Edit: maybe he needed to clarify it was automatic to an extent. Either way that isn't the issue, the issue is logging into another nation to get them to do something.
  11. Excellent points. This is my thought anyway regarding this now. If you allow other people access to the game through your account and someone accesses your account maliciously through the same means as these other people which you allowed, either no one did anything wrong here or everyone is guilty including you(the player). This game doesn't have nation sitting as far as I am aware and this would be an abuse if it did.
  12. So its not your account BK uses or used to do bank transactions?
  13. Ridiculous logic. You allowed people to access your account with 3rd party software, your 100% responsible for anything that happens.
  14. I've been the same with my odds, 20 - 30% for missiles and 50% for nukes. I expect it not to hit most of the time before I fire. I guess someone ends up with 70% going through to balance it out.
  15. Literally grave-digging for the sake of being toxic.
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