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Warn System

  • Warns automatically expire after 90 days.
  • Bans may be appealed after a minimum of 180 days.
  • Approvals of appeals are at the moderators discretion and will be based, in part, on the violators behavior since the time of the violation. Rules regarding procedure for filing appeals are posted in the Ban Appeals forum and must be adhered to. Failure to follow the rules will result in additional warn points.

The Warn System below applies to most offenses. Severe offenses (posting obscene or pornographic imagery, disrespect to mod staff, death threats against any player or staff member, extortion, racism, sexism etc.) will result in harsher disciplinary action.

1 points - Verbal

2 points - 8 hour forum account suspension

3 points - 48 hour forum account suspension

4 points - 3 days forum account suspension

5 points - 10 day forum account suspension

6 points - 15 day forum account suspension

7 points - Forum account ban

Game, Forum, and Discord Bans

  • Rules broken in-game are not appealable. If you are banned in-game, your forum account will be banned as well.
  • If your forum account is banned, your in-game account will not be banned.
  • Forum accounts posting with no matching nation will be banned, these can be reverted if you provide the valid information needed. 
  • Public discussion (Game Discord channel, Game Forums, and Game) of bans or warnings will result in a warning and reduce your chance of a successful appeal. Put simply, if you have a question or need clarification - contact a Moderator or Alex.

General Forum Rules

The rules below apply to all forums, unless otherwise stated. Keep in mind that most forums and sub-forums have their own additional rules pinned in topic view. Actions below are prohibited. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning for each offense. Although these rules listed below act as a guideline, we will provide examples for further understanding. For additional clarification or other questions pertaining to forum rules and code of conduct, pm a member of the moderation staff.

Forum Posting

  • All posts must be in English. Common foreign phrases are permitted.
  • Forum names must match in-game ruler names. You may change your forum name once every 30 days through your profile, or you may request a name change in the Forum Name Change Request forum if yours does not match.


Forums deemed "In-game" are intended for players to remain in the character of their nation leaders. References made to the game mechanics, alliance forums, and Discord, as it pertains to the game, are allowed in these forums.This is also known as being In Context (IC) or Out of Context (OOC). 

Flaming, Baiting, Trolling, Racism, Sexism, and Name Calling

  • Flaming - posts targeted at a player in an effort to anger, hurt, insult, harass, or provoke.
    • Example: Lashing out a player of an action they made in respect to the game and attacking the personally with insults, hatred, or comments that are OOC and do not pertain to the discussion at hand - bullying. Keep it clean and relating to the discussion. 
  • Baiting - coercing a player into breaking the rules.
    • Example: Intentionally making a comment or action that would force another player to break the rules in reply. This means, keep it clean and IC. There is no need to start problems and promote fighting within a discussion.
  • Trolling - deliberately provocative posting with the aim of inciting an angry response.
    • Example: See baiting - additionally, not following proper posting etiquette in the forum with the intention on inciting further flame, troll, and bait posts. 
  • Name Calling - abusive or insulting language referring to a person or group. 
    • Example: Names associated with a person or persons lifestyle, race, religion - etc. Strictly prohibited. 
    • We understand that Roleplay forums are different than most IC Forums - therefore as long as posts are not intended to flame, bait, troll, or hurt another roleplayer - these types of posts are allowed. 
  • Racism and Sexism - having or showing the belief that a particular race or gender is superior to another.
    • Use common sense. We come from all walks of life - all over the world. What may not seem offensive to you may be offensive to someone else in another walk of life. 
    • Example: Using someones race against them to turn or attempt to turn a tide in your favor in any IC or OOC discussion. Likewise, commenting on someone's sexuality, sex, or lifestyle choice and using that information against them with the intention to belittle, demean, or hurt that person or group. 
    • As we allow open discussions and debates, we will allow discussions that are constructive and produce fruitful response within the parameters of the rules and guidelines of the forum or sub-forum you are positing in. Please see the above rules; flaming, baiting, trolling, name calling BEFORE posting your discussion or debate.

Topic Hijacking

Derailing a thread, or inducing topics that are not related to the original subject.

Duplicate Threads

Creating duplicate threads will result in topics being locked, hidden, or deleted, in addition to a warn. You do not need multiple threads on the same topic.


Replying to, or "bumping", old, unpinned topics which have been inactive for at least 30 days. The following exceptions apply:

Alliance Affairs - topics with no posts for at least 10 days will be considering gravedigging.

The following are immune to the rule, as long as replies are constructive and remain on-topic.

Alliance Recruitment
Free Trade Market
Game Discussion
Game Suggestions
All forums in the Social Hub
All forums in the Game Hub


  • With exception to the Forum Games & Spam forum, topics or posts within topics which do not pertain to the forum or topic it is in.
  • One word posts and images are allowed as long as they convey a message, relate to the topic, and do not violate any other forum rule.
  • Posts which include solely a quote from another player in the thread, with no additional content. The "like" button should be used instead.
  • Similarly, posts that contain excessively long quotes may have those quotes removed. Repeat offenses of this will be treated as spam.
    • Example: Posts that simply say 'k' or an unrelated phrase like 'for steve' - apply content to further a discussion.

Capital Letters

Excessive posting in all capital letters or the alternating series of capital and lowercase letters.

Filter Evasion

Attempts to use words prohibited by the filter, by any means, using video, audio, gif, or images to bypass filters is still breaking the rules. This includes, but is not limited to; avatars, signatures, posts, and statuses.

Referencing Rule Breaking

Includes, but is not limited to; quoting rule breaking posts or Discord logs. Referencing rule breaking in your signature is also not allowed.

  • Example: If you have recently received a warn and you are upset about it - flaming/trolling moderation in retaliation by posting your warn information in a post, comment, status, or signature is prohibited. 
  • Example: Mocking moderation in efforts to incite a community disturbance because you may disagree with the determination of your rule break. 
  • If you do have a question, issue, comment about your warn, we do ask you to contact the moderation team or use the appropriate forum to publicly discuss your received warn. 

Aiding Rule Violators and Ban Evaders

Having knowledge of a rule violation or ban evasion and not reporting it to the game staff.

  • If you see something, say something. Use the report function on the forums and in-game to report a violation.
  • Aiding a ban evasion individual will put you in the same position as that player - don't risk it.

Posting for Other Players

Making appeals or posts for players that are banned from the forums.

  • These members must appeal on their own or post on their own. 
  • Example: Your friend or family member was banned and they cannot post. You decided to post in the ban appeals section - not only will that action go nowhere, but you will also receive a warn point. 


We do not allow advertising of any kind on these forums. You're welcome to discuss different games and software, but soliciting them is strictly prohibited.

  • Examples: Your RL business, money making schemes about credit purchases in-game, selling your nation, etc.

Inappropriate Imagery

Includes, but is not limited to, pornography, sexual imagery, blood and gore, defecation and vomiting, real life images of players, images depicting war crimes and other illegal activity, images promoting Nazism or Terrorism, and ASCII art.

Nazism, Terrorism, and Other Hate Groups

It is against the rules to promote hateful ideologies such as Nazism, Terrorism, Racism, and others not listed here. We will allow references to, historical discussions of, and satirical usage that does not violate other forum rules.

  • What it means to promote: With regards to referencing historical discussions and satirical usage, promoting Nazism, Terrorism, Racism, etc means using those images, agenda, propaganda in place in RL society to further promote that type of hate and agenda within this community.
  • Nazism: Anything referring to Nazism in RL history as well as any references to Nazism created as 'fan fiction' i.e. creating a "new" Reich with the same propaganda and agenda.
  • Terrorism: Anything referring to an organization in the RL community that is deemed a terrorist organization. (i.e. ISIS/ISIL, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, Lashkar-E-Toba, Hezbollah, Al-Shabaab, Hamas, Farc, Kurdistan Workers Pardy/PKK, Al-Nursa Front, Naxal, etc.) It is prohibited to post in favor of these organizations listed and others not listed. 
  • Racism: Same as above, promoting in favor while pushing the agenda of any racial hate group. 
  • Where this may be allowed: Discussion or Debate discussions where the OP posts a non trolling, not baiting, non flaming post discussing something that may involve a constructive current event, historical event, or question that follows the rules and guidelines of the forum or sub-forum.

Drug References & Illegal Activity

Images and posts depicting or promoting illegal drugs. Posting or promoting any illegal activity is also strictly prohibited.

We allow references to, but not the promotion or depicted use of marijuana.

OoC Threats and Personal Information

Revealing another player's personal information or making threats against them is grounds for an immediate ban.

Death Wishes

Telling another player to kill themselves or wishing that they would die or other posts of that nature are strictly prohibited and grounds for a minimum 2 warning point increase.

  • The phrase 'kys' will only be assumed to mean "Kill Your Self" and therefore will result in the minimum 2 point warn. (joke or not)

Multiple Forum Accounts

One account per nation per player. Discovery of multiple forum accounts will result in all accounts being banned.

Signatures and Avatars and Profiles

  • Avatars - must be in good taste. Any image that would not be allowed in a post will not be allowed as an avatar. Excessive flashing colors are not allowed. Using a moderator's or Admin/Game Owner avatar is not allowed.
  • Signatures - one image per signature which may not exceed the maximum size of 650 pixels wide by 175 pixels tall. You may have no more than 5 lines of text. Font size may not exceed size 14. Each quote-tag, image and empty line count as a line.
  • Profiles - No content should be posted in your profile that would otherwise be prohibited anywhere else in the forums.
  • Anything considered overly sexual, which would be loosely defined as "less than swimsuit area covered" will not be allowed in any image including avatar or signature. Those who fail to read and abide by these rules will have their avatars/signatures removed and receive a warning.

No Discussion Forums

All sub-forums within the Moderation Forum are non-discussion forums. Specific rules are posted in these forums and must be adhered to. Failure to adhere to the rules will result in a warning.

  • Specific forum rules are posted and pinned at the top of each forum please read those.

Moderation Staff

  • Speculation regarding the identities of game staff and/or revealing identities of game staff is strictly prohibited. These actions are punishable up to, and including, a ban on your forum and game account.
  • Being rude or disrespectful to any of the game staff is not allowed. Creating posts "calling out" moderators or the game staff is prohibited.
    • Instead, if there is an issue with a warn received contact a moderator or use the proper forums to request appeal.
  • Impersonation of, or an intention to imply that you are a moderator, administrator, or other P&W official is forbidden.
  • Any concerns with the moderation staff should be addressed with the game administrator, Alex, via pm.
  • Abuse of the report system is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not ask to become a moderator. Moderation positions are invitation only.

Questionable Actions and Content

The guidelines above may not cover every situation. Should we encounter something that we deem harmful to the community, we reserve the right to take action against it.

Politics & War Forum Staff

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