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  1. George

    Boting talk

    #1 log dumbs and bank stealing (I I’d not do) in PnW are 100% Ic lmao #2 how is vm cheating or ooc ? #3 mate their are logs of Leo saying they are going to force me quit, like they even did a fancy vote on the forums. I get as of Bk logs all the time. ive followed all the rules, just because it doesn’t align with NPO or BKs version is not my concern
  2. Alliances who want to force people out of the game shouldn't exist. I never admited to anything Someday NPO will burn, i look foward to tht day
  3. I already have one? lolz Im not about to give a shit about what the "lets kill alliances and force them out of the game so we can never have to worry again" squad. thinks or says Kicked out is lolzy, i basically offered to leave and was planning my exit for over a month. Like gtfo out of here with you high and mighty bull, your a POS and nothing more. Id be more than happy to have you and Roq quit or get banned.
  4. Did not kick anyone or "hack". Hypothetically in such a scenario all id have done was clean up after the person responsible, after the dmed me and told me wht they did when i inadvertently pulled up a PW doc on my pc when screen sharing . Of coarse thats hypothetical and i maintain innocence.
  5. I never kicked any member or hacked anyone as ive been saying
  6. George

    Boting talk

    #1 This has nothing to do with BK lolz, every major alliances has programs that does stuff like this #2 Alex cleared me of breaking any rules #3 Either contrib to the discussion or gtfo
  7. @Alexreminds me should raise the req +++++++++ make it so if it falls under tht said req the alliance disbands and gives the leader the cash
  8. George

    Boting talk

    Hmm interesting, good to know. What’s counter to or is that not public ?
  9. George

    Boting talk

    Honestly I have never once gotten a capcha outside of trade screen, in my 2+ years
  10. George

    Boting talk

    One note to add, bringing up a old Dino, in cn until you sent X amount of messages a day capcha did not show up, I think generally speaking people don’t send 10+ messages a day normally. So adding captcha at that point shouldn’t be a issue Wouldn’t random captchas on IPs or accounts where we know it occurs do the trick ?
  11. George

    Boting talk

    1. While unpopular I think it would be over all accepted. We could even do every 2 or 3 transactions. I’ve never saw a capcha and been actually mad over it personally 2. that’s good to hear but honestly until you get time to add it, let’s just stop the practice overall. There are still ads and still the alliance pages. I don’t think it’s fair to funnel essentially all new members to 5-10 alliances especially when the others may not know someone or have the tech know how to make a recruiting script 3. also happy to hear, but same as above, until it’s widely open to everyone, let’s just stop the practice The issue is there is no way to enforce this
  12. @Alex said he’s willing to have a in good faith discussion regarding the bots in game so it’s my beliefs while I actually do automate some things in game, we should cut down on what’s actually allowed 1. Bank moving bots, I think anything regarding banking should be a big nono and require capcha. Simply because to move the bank in the normal ways, it requires two people. The banker and the receiver (specifically for bank to bank). The nation has to make a new alliance and then the banker transfer. The idea the person holding the cash could not be present at all during the transfer is my big concern. This gives bigger alliances the clear advantage as smaller aas can’t do this. If the systems required the PnW account holder to log in and do it, it would be different however there is no way to enforce it 2. Mass messaging, honestly I think you should make a in game mechanic and charge a credit per month or something, same principle smaller alliances have difficulty getting ahold of these scripts. another idea is to captcha the messages and require people to use the good ole ads and alliance page to recruit people 3. In regards to banning these and your concerns, the truth is no ones hurt. The api provides everything most public tools use. The only people hurt are the ones who web scrape and are able to essentially spy on everyone, track transactions and other shit. This isn’t accessible to everyone and is really a clear advantage. So essentially the one ones hurt are getting a advantage taken away
  13. Ive given Alex all evidence tht was not me as i could. However the report isn't even on that issue, so your chiming in with unneeded bs
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