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  1. Its funny to watch certain alliances cry so much Alex removed downvotes

    1. MinesomeMC


      How do I downvote this

  2. I actually get a email stating u have declared war on me like all the time. i dont think the same email is linked in the test server
  3. hey Guys, So a update, as i played a part in this firstly want to take some responsibility. I am sorry that any personal information got out, it was never my intention. I should have read through the chats before giving them to anyone, sorry to everyone involved. On that note as soon as i was linked to this, i requested the paste be deleted via the report feature, it was taking a while so I just messaged them on discord after looking around the site and seeing they have one. https://prnt.sc/q6ek37 . The post has been removed. I ask that anyone with copies delete them, dont share them or anything, just toss them in the trash. Censored logs will come out as soon as they can be looked through for all the ooc stuff and have it removed / redacted. It may take a few days as i will be having a few people check them (people who already saw the entire logs). Once again, sorry to everyone involved, it was never my intention to leak OOC stuff.
  4. Funny enough, the system used here uses actual usernames, while they can be changed im sure someone would have noticed. Anyways can confirm logs
  5. Funny enough it started out as a joke to see if i could, then went from there. We laughed about tht the whole time, how i had made fun of them the entire time
  6. Please, the way you worded it straight tried to assume i did it. I find the fact my morals being questioned as a interesting point. I dont think anyone has perfect morals, yes i stole the panth bank, however Keshav, Curu and Leo ALL had direct knowledge before the fact i wanted to do it. The idea Leo told me not to was enough to stop it was absurd. All one of the 3 had to do was tell Panth and it would have been stopped.
  7. I figured my topic made was good enough. I have no issue what so ever with you "gunning back" and publicly leaking the dump was not a plan i had. However there is a difference with lieing and gunning back. Im not looking for sympathy, my post I made was actual concerns i had about the game and the direction they were taking. The people i talk to now are mainly freinds so its whatever. This post is more me being annoyed than anything, if Roq had stuck to the allegations i stole the bank and bla bla id be fine right now. However he attempted to add bull shit in that had nothing to do with me what so ever to further his point.
  8. Actually was not going to but /shrug at this point idc
  9. Luckly they can be read so i dont have to explain them personally
  10. Since Roq wants to try to pin the cynic thing on me (a lie), ive decided to plllllay a game. So i dont want to make it look like im looking for upvotes sooo, lets downvote Roq Game: Get this roq post to 40 downvotes, ill leak the milcom channel of the colo b logs. Once tht is done, ill link another and so on, each time a post reaches target downvotes ill leak the next level up of logs publicly. Roq wants to lie about the cynic thing, then ill expose all the lies he tells daily WOHO Post: *Please note my logs seem to be older than the one Kas has gotten his hands on, sorry about tht guys. However my logs DO include Ayy-Lmay channel (tghe highest OPSEC chan on the server)
  11. George

    A plea to all

    LMFAO, i had nothing to do with Cynic stealing the bank what so ever, i did not even know he was going to do it. Can we cut the shit Roq? Like really, you guys are amazing at the way you just try to pin shit on people. The cynic incident was merely me stating we should keep the BC bank, i had nothing to do with the planing or the actual part of doing it. In fact the first I spoke to him about it was after the fact as shown here: https://prnt.sc/q5toqb So yes im guilty of not wanting to give it back, I however am not the one who plotted to or helped steal it, so GTFO of here with that absolute bull shit. However since you like to lie, i think ill go through my own logs of the colo server + the other ones ive got to highlight your and Keshavs lies (on top of this one)
  12. (temp logo until I find the one Pika made ) Re-Introducing the newest addition to the Orbis radio show family, the red headed step child.... KICK THE BABY staring Akuryo & George . Bringing you something that resembles news, political commentary and interviews. We will be mainly discussing the BK stuff and the war and major impacts on the game Next Show: Tuesday 9pm EST Discord Link: Click Here Guests: TBA Topics: BK / NPO FA policy, forcing people out of the game and more
  13. George

    A plea to all

    Actually prior to this war, the game was moving into another direction. TGH and Chaos were fighting each other, other conflkicts sparking up. So it was on track to be a major change to the game
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