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  1. You've achieved gold standard of PW critical acclaim before recording a single episode. Congrats.
  2. I always suspected they ate their soup with forks. It explains so much.
  3. And neither you nor Vivec has offered a coherent justification for such a restriction. I can't figure out what "past" has "shown" him that administrative divisions become political divisions, and neither of you seems motivated by anything besides discomfort at size disparities between alliances. Why should size disparities be regulated in the first place?
  4. Why isn't it instead necessary for various smaller alliances to merge or collaborate more closely? I'm curious to know why you think any burden to change should be on larger groups rather than smaller ones. What past? I'm unaware of any history of colony-like administrative division within alliances that have led to meaningful political splits later on. Alex has said in the past that the doesn't want to encourage these types of gamey, multi-AA alliances, so your "worst" case scenario is, unless he changes his mind, off the table.
  5. Edward I

    peace talks

    ....so, the game? Not sure why you're playing a political simulator game if you think politics is pathetic. Apparently we're not average gamers then.
  6. Edward I

    peace talks

    I don't think that's a sentence.
  7. I didn't know that because I understand probability and therefore don't play keno, but I agree that's definitely too high.
  8. On average, keno is a cash sink and so probably a good thing. To prevent gigantic winnings - which are problematic - cap the amount you can bet at a single time.
  9. To reiterate the salient flaws in the fix: A daily cap is better than a rate limit, especially for away games. They create “liquidity” and make baseball function, analogously to markets. The 10% profits cutoff function should either only count for home games (to be fair to away gamers) or count away games as less than a whole game each (in case the former would allow for too much cash generated). If you insist on a rate limit, 5 seconds is a little long, especially for away games. Again, because they make less profits for the player and because they make the baseball “market” more “liquid,” they can’t be treated the same way home games are. The better captchas are a welcome addition to the game, thanks.
  10. More effective captchas would be a welcome change in general, not just for baseball. Limiting the total baseball profits per day in one way or another isn't a horrible idea, but please make it an effective limit on the number of games and not the profits per game. If the point is to discourage botting or large amounts of time sunk into a grinding mechanic as well as to lower baseball profits, then you'd want fewer clicks anyway. Plus, fewer clicks would decrease server load.
  11. Look, it’s not durmij’s fault that you’re historically illiterate. Don’t blame him for your gross misconceptions about the antebellum South and (I assume) Ukraine circa 1920.
  13. I'm not, you just don't seem to understand how treaties work. Saying the words "MADP, non-chaining, temporary" doesn't conjure something out of thin air. Coalitions are ad hoc, not formal, and whatever working agreements define them are superseded by any relevant formal agreements. Just because people got lazy about doing the whole treaty thing doesn't mean you can close your eyes, tap your heels together and start making things up.
  14. Uh, you'd be wrong then. There are no treaties between the sovereign minispheres of Chaos and KETOG, just ask them.
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