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  1. Keegoz

    $yndicate Businessweek Update: Cessation of External Venture

    >No one hits NPO and gives them benefit of the doubt when logs were leaked of their possible involvement in rolling KETOG >NPO tries to forcefully enter the war on BK sphere but KETOG plays by the terms given to them and doesn't go to war with NPO >NPO proceeds to then enter the war because they are sick of the fact they have no justification and BK sphere isn't doing too well >NPO complains that everyone is now against them after entering the war on the side that has most the game > Frawley then says might as well bring IQ back cause clearly everyone wanted us dead Yeah whatever NPO, you can lie all you want. You guys have some serious issues where you think everyone is gonna kill you or you know fully well that you're making power moves. Either way, we don't believe you and your justifications still do not add up.
  2. Keegoz

    Declaration of War

    Actually we wanted smaller spheres, where short wars could be more frequent and fun. We led by example and all that happened was the old gang got back together to try to create a power again based on amassing a large sphere and long drawn out wars of attrition. NPO seemingly tried to make it seem like they had a change of heart and was moving towards something more like we had envisaged. Instead from our point of view, they never really changed anything.
  3. Keegoz

    Declaration of War

    Polaris hit our allies and we countered. Not to mention NPO did not state that as their reason. Keep clutching at straws, the facts remain. Probably because NPO would never let BK die. IQ quite clearly did not die.
  4. Keegoz

    Declaration of War

    So you're confirming that NPO is allied to BK sphere.
  5. Keegoz

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    >Max pretends to be a journalist >Doesn't care about the most blatant hegemonic move made in the game and his only expert analysis is that the other side is displeased about it.
  6. Keegoz

    Declaration of War

    Gonna be hard trying to convince people that IQ ever died or that NPO is not an alliance that just seeks a hegemony at every turn after this. This is your most blatant and likely riskiest attempt at doing this. If it doesn't pay off, I dare say your last.
  7. Keegoz

    Bloody Horsemen

    >Is in CoA >Talks about being relevant If you want to be relevant James maybe you should do something big and brave. Instead you're picking on a sphere that is outnumbered heavily in a pre-existing war backed by NPO protecting you. You're a coward and an idiot. You don't deserve to be treated with any respect. Your only relevancy is being a brain dead idiot on these forums. I don't need to even need to get people to down vote your dribble.
  8. Keegoz

    Bloody Horsemen

    Except if you actually read the points above, you would realise he isn't even correct about the things he accused us of. Seriously why do you even bother?
  9. Keegoz


    I believe I said that we had a plan to roll most of the spheres in the game and that I found it a pragmatic thing to do. I did say that going offensive on either N$O or BK sphere would be difficult alone due to the numbers. I mean I dunno where you got the idea that we'd roll you because I am pretty sure your announcement thread we just disliked the fact that in reality nothing had changed, you were still BK sphere (The largest sphere in the game). I know at a sphere level, the idea of rolling Citadel was not brought up. I don't deny that we're a menacing sphere from time to time but I believe you may have somewhat misread the situation.
  10. Keegoz

    We are here for the Whales

    You really don't think before you do anything do you?
  11. Keegoz

    Bloody Horsemen

    Thanks for the fight and good luck for the future.
  12. Keegoz

    We are here for the Whales

    NPO outproduces the entire game (When comparing alliances), full stop. If you want to bring in who is economically dominant in this game, look no further than N$O.
  13. Keegoz

    We are here for the Whales

    If you actually believe that shit, then you're a flat out moron. Anyone who isn't Noctis or Inst can work out that the logic for it doesn't even make sense.
  14. Keegoz

    We are here for the Whales

    As I told your gov when they first tried to propose Grumpy was a threat to the game: "You rolled them for 4 months and they just came back stronger". You can go ahead and try again, but beware how they'll bounce back yet another time.
  15. Keegoz

    The truth is out there

    If I keep repeating it to myself, I think I can convince myself it is real.

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