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  1. I wouldn't mind a slight rework of the cost. Whereby the cost of buying UP/AUP/MP in total is the same but UP/AUP are made cheaper with the bulk of the cost moving towards MP (and possibly whatever other project that comes after that).
  2. It really isn't that complicated imo.
  3. Just like to echo Village's sentiment that we're quite appreciative of the feedback. There are defs some issues brought up that neither myself or him thought of. We have a bit of a list going atm on what to address and will tinker with the proposal a little further. Please keep any other feedback coming that has not already been mentioned though.
  4. Reading this thread was kinda a wild ride. At one stage Oreo seems to be saying they need 500+ nations to deal with GGO because the lower tiers don't matter and the whales are OP. Then they argue that Midgard (a low to mid tier sphere) is a match for their sphere (a upper to whale tier sphere).
  5. As pointed out now, I find the justification for forming this sphere to be lacking. HW no longer exists... and given the current wars they haven't gotten away with what they did either.
  6. Could potentially rework how ground ITs interact to balance that out? I personally feel that the progressive bonus for each IT is the more ideal way to handle it atm. That you slowly build towards getting the full AS or GC amount. Doesn't nerf the blitz completely as it is feasible to get some sort of advantage.
  7. Not sure what metric you're using to measure this, it certainly isn't nations.
  8. I'm going to outline some of my own thoughts on this. Firstly, downdeclares are an issue and it is somewhat stilfling the game, largely this has come about from the reworked war system from 2019. That said, afaik there is no desire to go back to that system (with the powers that be). Secondly, yes score does need a rework. Reducing city score has meant that the weighting of other things is a little off and it should fix some of the down declare issues. It however is not a silver bullet and will not fix the issues people are experiencing. Just going to spitball some ideas. I would either remove or severly lessen the updec buff. I would also make it so the down declare debuff only kicks in to make sure the actual problematic down declares are being nerfed. Something like as a c40 you can down declare to c30 before any debuff kicks in. Kinda like you can down declare 25% of your cities below you before you begin to feel any effect.
  9. I mean HoF is legit doing it a lot recently.
  10. We floated the idea and there was backlash against hard caps. We therefore explored softer caps. I find it insane that a partially milled c20ish nation can be hit by a fully milled c40 rn. More so than what you are suggesting.
  11. People are going to be disappointed around us not allying GGO/HoF it seems.
  12. Today, I informed our Clock allies that Cataclysm was starting the withdrawal process from Clock. We wish nothing but the best for our former allies but as all things, it is time to move on to do different things. Our time in Clock was a successful and fun time, more so than we could have originally imagined. Going forward, I guess for the time being. Cataclysm will take up the mantle of being the Premier Paperless Alliance.
  13. The only way to do it would be to basically remove all indicators of spies from the game. Aka, no spy odds etc.
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