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  1. People forget pretty quick when the game was IQ vs EMC quite a number of times with a slight difference. The wars we've been having recently at least are unique. I agree with Hidude however, the spheres need to be smaller for this to work in a less 'dogpile' fashion.
  2. Epi - "Killer of Pantheon and Camelot"
  3. I'm not because he rage quit the MI server a few hours beforehand lmao
  4. I shall remember this for when t$ inevitably salts the earth when they lose next.
  5. Can you get a room already Eumir and Adrienne?
  6. It was also the reluctance to sign TKR to begin with and create a much larger sphere, to then roll Rose who was not the ideal target. We took the heat in multiple wars, I dare say we took it in the last more than others.
  7. Rose somewhat gave them a poison chalice imo. They'll likely get out of this war relatively well PR wise, t$ probably less so.
  8. tbf, you go back further and it was t$ hitting Grumpy and Guardian whilst we were rolling the pre-cursor to IQ 2.0. They had decent grounds to be hostile towards you for a while
  9. The tangled webs we weave. For real though the KT thing is an odd thing to include and undermines your entire war post. I really don't get why you didn't just stick to the upper tier consolidation line.
  10. We were too good unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it.
  11. Today, Children of the Light and Error 404 have officially handed in their 72 hour cancellation to Hollywood. Just thought I'd put this in the dead forums so RON etc. can report on it.
  12. I really hope people do detailed analysis of wars going forward. Might even give the losing side something to work on and get better at to improve the game overall.
  13. Remind me to start a war during the next time you go away
  14. Invoking the cancellation clause means that the cancellation period is in effect. aka what they said
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