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  1. I agree, delete all American references from the game so that we're not reminded about how much of a shithole it is.
  2. Maybe we'll be given more than 72 hours to do it this time.
  3. Won't someone think of the professionalism of the Politics and War community? This is a very srs bizness
  4. New cities begin with an additional 990 infrastructure and 750 land (Aka cities start with 1000 infra and 1000 land) Missiles 5% less likely to hit your nation (requires ID) Missiles 5% more likely to hit enemy nations (requires Space program) Reduce city timers after c10 by 24 turns Every war won, reduces perk timers by 12 turns Adds a +25% effect modifier to the nation's selected Domestic Policy (requires GSA) Increase log in bonus by 1 million per day
  5. I for one support this war on food.
  6. Nukes have slowly gotten weaker as the game grows. This is a needed buff imo.
  7. Please wait patiently as you are about to be assimilated.
  8. I refuse to retire. You can't make me.
  9. One way to ruin your alliance rep I guess. I somewhat get it, aim high and then have them negotiate down to where you want to be. This was however a pretty bad mis-step and there are people experienced enough in this war who should have stopped it. HS coming out now and acting like the community is the problem for being understandbly annoyed by the term also always ends well. Maybe it's time to go back to t$ if that's where the mindset is at?
  10. Before I see more concern about time management of the design team, we're not all dedicated to war changes. I personally have had very little involvement and am instead working on a new feature. We have quite a few people now, just because one thing is posted/suggested does not mean that's all the design team has focused on.
  11. I'm still in favour of going back to 2019 war mechanics
  12. They were making 30m a day about 72 hours ago.
  13. We just gutted lower tier raiding, where nations were pulling in 30m a day. But 8m for 60 days is too high?
  14. To assess whether the community wants another one of these or not.
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