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  1. Now who am I going to vc with whilst they go to the toilet
  2. I gained enough in looting that I replaced my WC.
  3. Surprised? I repeatedly stated I was happy to escalate if you wanted to. Glad to finally have confirmation.
  4. Both these transphobic comments happened on platforms that PW runs. This shit should not be happening in your game. OOC attacking people in the community should be scrubbed out entirely, especially when of this nature.
  5. It certainly is a problem when a large amount of the active player base sits about 100+ days ahead of a new player. Either need to separate the project and city timers or up the grace period to somewhere like 12-15 cities.
  6. I've always believed since Paper's Please that we should have a three tiered system of minor wars, major wars and then global wars. Globals should probably be upped to 15+ of the top 30 alliances fighting.
  7. I'm actually shocked in this war that people are crying about disbandments, hegemonies and dogpiles after 3 days of war. Did they forget what they did last war?
  8. tCW's military reputation
  9. I don't have to assume, they literally planned and executed a dogpile last war. To take a moral stance here will be pretty hilarious, especially with the logs I have of tCW sphere during this NAP period. Keep crying and we'll keep on proving you're an idiot.
  10. We just assumed after the last global that tCW liked dogpiles. You know what they say, give the people what they want.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HC1To85wufA Time to have some fun
  12. Good luck guys. Good to see the political landscape changing.
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