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  1. Ehh, I think you'll find most of us were getting plenty of beige from your allies. I know I certainly did.
  2. Until the next time you get pulled into this never ending conflict.
  3. Imagine what Rose smells like then.
  4. I don't think you'll find much opposition in that sentiment from our side.
  5. I wouldn't call it a cult...
  6. It was more going on what Pre was saying, that at times people say they want to roll someone out of the game even though they probably wouldn't. You're right though that that was our aim, breaking the mentality that t$ could never lose and having the 'free-riders' break off. I disliked t$/EMC so much at the time that I even started Silent despite splitting from you.
  7. I made no announcement about my departure, I didn't even have internet access when it was announced I had left. I hit VM for my planned trip away and was told the night I was leaving to get my affairs in order because our departure was going to happen before the war concluded. Just because I wasn't open to you about it doesn't mean I wasn't open to others about it. You can ask abbas if you like because he was the one I talked to the most about it at the time (I was looking for somewhere that I could genuinely help out and TKR on the whole seemed fine but KT wasn't). Show me the log that details that we intended to stick with Chaos post-war. At best we thought we could convince them to join us in a war against someone else but were doubtful of it happening once we hit them. What's more is that we agreed that if we ever teamed up with Chaos, it would be a one time thing because we knew people like you would throw accusations that we were allied in some way. Working with Chaos wasn't even an isolated idea, I approached NPO and t$ as well but was promptly turned down. If you want to negotiate peace I am all ears, you didn't say a word last time but I'll gladly negotiate with you. That's of course if you have terms to present. Considering the delay in any peace actually occuring is because t$ and their allies still have no gotten any terms, there isn't a lot to talk about. That's basically where we're at. We left negotiating with wanting 2 things to proceed. The first was to know our terms and the other was for t$ to at least get terms. They've delayed the t$ terms to what seems to be indefinately. I agree, I've almost certainly said in the heat of the moment that I want to roll X alliance out of the game. Heck when I was in Rose with Roq it was probably to roll t$ out of the game. As stated, I am happy to negotiate with @Roquentin at any time but they must have a path for everyone on our side to exit. I have no intention of leaving anyone behind unless they state otherwise.
  8. I think you'll find that the reason why I left was because we no longer saw KT's original goal being viable any longer (minispheres is a dead dream). Horse believed he could take KT in a different direction and we agreed to allow him to do it. We however did not want to be in his version of KT and so we went our seperate ways. I've always been pretty open that I was going to join TKR but decided to join KT instead a long time ago. So I decided that I'd join them this time, there was no agreement for me to have any position within TKR and currently I am just a member. I am combating you because you're at war with me and because it seems you have an intent to disband this coalition or knock it so far into the dirt that you'll have a advantage that can never be questioned. I know you enjoy making boogeymans out of everyone but you made me your enemy not the other way around. Stop using any sort of resistance as an excuse to continue this war. We're unified in the belief that you don't want this conflict to end (despite us trying to conclude it) and that your ultimate goal is to eradicate us. It's the classic saying that an enemy of my enemy is my friend at this point.
  9. Keegoz

    A plea to all

    Still going for the revenge angle. Abbas told me a while ago that you're someone who always will hold a grudge, no matter how long. Guess it was proven correct.
  10. >Wasted a month >IQ still hasn't made terms for t$ in that month which was always a requirement that we made public Your coalition ignored it and decided to try to negotiate without doing anything on their end. The only wasted time was attempting to negotiate with you when you had no intentions at arriving at a peace deal. Get your tin hats off and stop thinking Partisan controls everyone in this coalition. Not only does it not add up (You blamed TGH beforehand for it and are now just simply shifting the narrative to the next person taking over as a more public figure) but it is becoming a clear ploy to try and shift blame for stalling peace talks.
  11. Wars would end sooner if the winning parties weren't giving 86 terms to those they defeated and also admitting that they feel like they need to have us disband so they can prosper in the future.
  12. Keegoz

    Daily Leaks

    Col B just massively closed off their coalition channel. Not really something you would do if the logs being leaked were fake. Nice try at a denial but your side has already made moves to prove these are real.
  13. Keegoz

    Daily Leaks

    SRD was pretty grumpy with CoS. In reality it may have gone a month longer or so than it did.
  14. Keegoz

    Daily Leaks

    The insecurity in that chat lmao. Seriously you guys have most the game allied and still are worried that we're going to smack you unless you have us disband? Clooney has forgotten that this is a game and the fact he has such a vendetta is very lol-worthy.
  15. It's almost like because we doubted that the NPO/t$ talks actually developed we only hit BK and tCW... You then wormed your way into this war with a cb that still has not been backed up.
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