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  1. If it's able to be coded, makes sense to me that if you're on grey that you should have the cap go to 0. Would mean inactives are able to be raided.
  2. Alex added colour bonuses to drive this sort of politics.
  3. At best you're going to get him to undo certain oversights but he won't revert or massively change things.
  4. I was during Alpha, and sole leader.
  5. Don't make Sphinx ask you to check your reading comphrension.
  6. The leaks show that you literally lie within them. Apparently Lory did and didn't leak.
  7. Rose, KT and now CotL. I've been in 5 alliances I believe since the game went live. Well, all the alliances still exist. You can always live in hope though.
  8. Via UPN, no less. These IQ alliances gotta try and ruin everything.
  9. Kev, the plumber is making it leak again! Even tried to say he didn't do it last time
  10. So I accuse you of conspiring leak through Shifty and your response is to leak through Shifty. Thanks for confirming my position.
  11. Tbf, the video promoting the game wasn't that good at representing what the game was about.
  12. Thinking score = competency. Some people never learn.
  13. We need more early projects for new nations for this to become worth it.
  14. The latest change to the safe-money cap seems to have been poorly thought out. You've essientially considerably cut down any raiding profits to be made in the lower tiers on what seems to be an arbitrary number. I don't see how it makes any sense that the safe-money cap is the same across the entire game from a 1 city nation to a 45 city nation. 1 million means extremely different things to both nations. Would it not be smarter to tie the cap to cities? Say 100k per city or something? You've already basically killed making new alliances from scratch in this game with the other changes, raiding was one of the very few ways people could attempt to catch up.
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