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  1. Invoking the cancellation clause means that the cancellation period is in effect. aka what they said
  2. I'm glad Camelot has cancelled Rose over them poaching Pika. #PikaJustice
  3. I thought April fools was over.
  4. I do not. I'm glad however that you are condemning it. We knew she was a loose canon in terms of being overly aggressive and combative with people. Not entirely sure how we were suppose to know about some backroom chat tbh.
  5. I am yet to also see any condemnation of those who were exposed in the logs. White superiority, anti-semitism etc. but yet the outrage is aimed here. Kev is right, this community is becoming almost unbearably toxic and very few want to call it out.
  6. No one attempted to contact us about the situation afaik. I really do not care about the game to play Big Brother constantly when most servers and chats are people shit talking. If you really have an issue bring it to our attention. Not sit on logs for months.
  7. He is my entertainment in this game.
  8. I'm sure you're well versed in it. Your obsession with Sketchy is noted.
  9. You probably could have chucked alliances in tiers with a random generator and got a more accurate result lol
  10. I mean, I admitted this happened the day of the war. So did SRD publicly on the forums. They didn't go anywhere and we didn't even intiate the discussions. If a failed plot that barely gets off the ground is enough to validate a cb then this world has an endless amount and quite a few hitting Quack were perfectly justified in doing so. Quack's position given to me was that they were almost 100% sure we were coming for them when no plan existed to do so.
  11. Congrats on your second retirement. I shall await the third one
  12. Get rid of people being able to vote via a forum poll and force people to actually explain why they are selecting an alliance. Maybe then this won't be what it always has been, a competition to see who be bothered getting members on here to click some vote options.
  13. People who should have been banned long ago crying for attention is peak PW. That's all the attention this deserves.
  14. That didn't take long. Guess we elected to go with "sidestep". Building coalitions is not what you're accusing us of, you're accusing us of secret ties which you and I both know you have no evidence of. I guess you're hoping if you repeat it enough it might stick.
  15. I mean, when I ask for proof for these secret treaties between HM and any other party. You provide random logs, sidestep or change the narrative. Most the time it's SRD saying he was offered to form a coalition and turned it down, which if that's the definition of a secret treaty then we can start going through your own. The reason why most these people united was because of you and your size. Many had expressed their concern and you didn't take the concerns seriously, if you had then coalitions to deal with it would have died pretty quickly. I even noted that if Swamp remaind large after
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