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  1. Keegoz

    It's Rough in Afrika

    Isn't that just CoA in their natural state?
  2. Keegoz

    The Future of PnW

    I mean mechanics might be one thing that may inhibit war but I think that is a fairly large cop out. The treaty whoring that we've seen is by far the largest cause for wars to not happen for extended amount of time. Hypothetically let's say t$ wanted to hit NPO. NPO is tied to quite a few alliances, who themselves are tied to even more alliances. Very quickly t$ would have to fight 20+ alliances to hit NPO. So the logical answer is to therefore get enough alliances on board on their side to be able to compete. Most alliances have their own plans so convincing them can be hard, there also usually is tussling over when everyone can/wants to do it. Now multiply that by the fact they need to now coordinate with 20+ alliances and you work out quite quickly why wars and organising them take an agonisingly long time. Spam treaties more and the longer wars will take to happen.
  3. Keegoz

    The Future of PnW

    There is plenty of strategic reasons to lengthen a war. There were quite a few as to why we extended ours. 1) We didn't see the war as overly justified and therefore stacking terms on top seemed meh 2) We knew a war with TKR was being discussed outside of our sphere, and as the war progressed learnt that it was very likely to happen. Therefore wasting resources and burning anything we could seemed like an alright idea. 3) There were two other spheres not being harassed by us, the guys in tCW with large infra had to stay at max mil otherwise those who dropped were nuked. ET was also doing well against everyones smaller guys. 4) We were aware of what Queen M had done, we however did not have any means of proving it but knew if we somehow could (Which was kinda lucky due to Alex) we would deal a decent PR blow against them. Overall we achieved some nice objectives and in the end sat out for this war allowing us to rebuild. So it worked out.
  4. Keegoz

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    I mean, their own allies attempted it in the last war lol. Just because we managed to get out of it doesn't mean they didn't try to impose terms as an aggressive coalition upon us. They certainly weren't dropped out of compassion or empathy towards not enforcing terms on a side on the defensive side of a war.
  5. Keegoz

    2019 Award Suggestions

    Again, not really tackling the biggest issues. I mean heck, some of the voting options were literally the same thing and no one picked up on it. Nominations needs to be done properly, spamming results somehow needs to be addressed, competent people need to be in charge. Otherwise I am with Pre, just ditch them and move on. I much more enjoyed looking back at all the interesting and funny things that happened throughout the year via Rado's vid than the awards. So maybe just focus on making a few different vids looking back at what happened in each year?
  6. Keegoz

    War Propaganda (19th October 2018+ War)

    Somehow were still more economically sound after that then they are now apparently.
  7. Keegoz

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    May have been the tequila shots and a shitty mood. But the brownies certainly caused this.
  8. Keegoz

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    My bad thought you were referencing ac and the NAP. They serve their purpose 😀
  9. Keegoz

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    So edgy. Glad we beat you so bad the salt is still there.
  10. Keegoz

    Explanation of empy/camelot skirmish

    The poaching thing isn't even the issue. BK signed off on them slotting the guy attempting to poach from Emp.
  11. Keegoz

    Explanation of empy/camelot skirmish

    Only 4 more to go.
  12. Keegoz

    SNN: Chaos Rising

    I mean, we've also criticised t$, Rose, Vanguard, TKR, tCW, Grumpy etc. Is it really a surprise we mess with any of you? Don't think you're that special to us.
  13. I feel really bad that all the stuff we eject from KT ends up making a big stain upon orbis. It's probably in your best interests that we never disband otherwise I'd hate to see the mess.
  14. Keegoz

    Surrendering to Nova

    That's a pretty good one. I shall claim it as ours.

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