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  1. Glad we have a treaty recognising what we already knew. I guess no need to hide it any longer now eh?
  2. Well there is some sort of negotiating happening on our side but you're correct about Syndisphere having no negotiations take place.
  3. But also if we ever joined up to stop this from happening, it was also a reason to have us rolled. Thus creating the perfect catch 22.
  4. This thread is just seemingly never-ending bait. Nazi's bad, everyone is a nazi, you suck at war, look at my nice stats, your stats are garbage, your alliance is garbage. I am very much amused. GOONs seem to be the new Mensa around here, and I for one am enjoying the chaos they at least bring. It's more flavorful than the essay writing anyway.
  5. Keegoz

    peace talks

    Lol. I am just glad that I seem to really piss you off at this point. You can also just present terms and say a surrender is non-negotiable. You know as is common place and after the shit pulled this war forgive me for not believing you have any good intentions with this negotiating tactic.
  6. Keegoz

    peace talks

    Maybe next time don't joke in a vc whilst we have peace talks about the bs terms you can quickly come up with if we surrender whilst we have someone in said vc. If IQ were serious about peace (which they are not), they'd be handling this better. These attempts so far have been to humiliate and attempt to swap the blame to our coalition for stalling peace. Not a surprising tactic as most their allies have no idea the games their negotiators have been playing.
  7. KT man bad Just fyi, it wasn't secret it was public. The fact it was public was the reason we had to get rid of it because people outside of KT congregated there and posted stuff that isn't worth mentioning. Most of gov weren't interested in it and therefore trying to moderate it became a hassle. I wouldn't be throwing stones too much btw.
  8. I mean, Shadowthorne said BK was doing fine in the war and that your decision to enter was based solely on information. Might want to have a chat to him that the official spin was that they were struggling and desperately needed help. Even though the war was hardly lopsided, just badly coordinated by BK. I've seen the information they're referencing and it is pretty damning if true and to the point where I don't think they care about NPO's 'goodwill'. The reason why they and I won't expose the info we have is because we've been asked not to and ultimately you're correct. Everyone's minds are made up at this point and neither side is happy with the other's justification.
  9. I thought you liked doing things without any proof? Isn't that why you are in this war? :P
  10. What a mess of a thread. Meanwhile has IQ worked out if they want a 6 month, 7 month, 8 month, 3 years or my favorite 'until Alex fixes the game' NAP. Or are we still stuck on TKR bad?
  11. The fact this NAP keeps changing timeframes further proves my point. You guys aren't ready for peace and trying to somehow put that on us. Get some consistent terms. We can't reject things that you don't offer. The only thing I got out of you was that it was a 6 months minimum and that BK wanted 8 months. To which I responded that we would not sign a 8 month NAP. You responded that you were still asking around for terms and finalising what your side wanted. You now come on the forums and say it is a 7 month NAP (The first I heard of it). I still have literally no idea what you guys actually want for peace, there has been no formal offer given. Every time I get a new bit of info, it's different to the last. If you can't sort this out, then this is your issue not ours.
  12. The side who told me yesterday that they don't have their terms finalised is complaining we haven't also peaced out already. Interesting tactic of not being ready for peace and blaming the other side for it. Although given the actions so far, it is pretty consistent.
  13. Highlight of that war for me :P
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