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  1. “Weird fear” backed up by several actions of Coalition B and also backed up by the collection of logs from Coalition B’s leadership. We are agreeing to how Coalition B would like to conduct talks by going through the terms one-by-one, so long as the terms are all listed.
  2. Coalition A have straight forward claims backed by evidence. Meanwhile Coalition B are all over the map trying to pick a path to reach their narrative destination. It is easy to decipher what is BS and what is legitimate. The narratives, the lack of evidence to back claims, the constant gaslighting and spinning coming from Coalition B fits into the BS category.
  3. To be fair, Marx may have a point. Smith is kind of a weenie.
  4. Look up Keto diet. Although it’s not an ideal long term diet -You’ll loose a ton of weight moderately quick, and it’s wayyyyy healthier than not eating/only drinking diet soda.
  5. There are micros that have been in the Top 5. Example: Pantheon circa 2018. What makes a micro a micro is the lack/inability to have an impact (or at the very least a plan to have an impact) on the global political landscape.
  6. Being a micro is more about mentality than about size.
  7. Any chance you can let us in on your secrets? Perhaps you can give some examples of your previous success stories. 🍿
  8. With the vast influence that you wield, I can only imagine the hellfire you’re able to bestow among us. Oh spare us, Great One.
  9. 😐😑😐 You never cease to amaze me.
  10. Kevanovia

    peace talks

    I’m not following...The only way that TKR would be allowed into the bloc would be if they cut all ties. We were fully prepared to create Chaos without TKR. How is that considered collusion? 🤨
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