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  1. Kevanovia

    The Egyptian Empire Recognition Of Hostilities

    I think he’s quoting the hit song “The Egyptians Aren’t Going Anywhere”, made famous by Chuck Berry.
  2. Kevanovia

    DemonSpawn and Ashland Get Litty!

    I am sorry, but we are out of time. Tune in next week for another 90 seconds of Kilo's Korner.
  3. Kevanovia

    Through the Chaos Comes Anew

    Isn’t Argos protected by another alliance? I can never understand how a protectorate can have a protectorate. Regardless, best of luck.
  4. Kevanovia

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    I don’t think him going through your posts will do much. His reading comprehension days are long past. The last brain cells are holding on for dear life. Below is Noctis’s credo:
  5. Kevanovia

    Slithering away

    I’ll miss ya man. Bummed that I didn’t get to work with you on this world. Hope all is well in Partisan-world, and I hope the future is bright for you. Glad we got to reconnect a bit before you left. Take care dude. Safe travels.
  6. Kevanovia

    Lesson of the Day

    Do you know what day of the week it is? Perhaps you entered in the wrong URL.
  7. Kevanovia

    Lesson of the Day

    He has no clue. Drugs are a hell of a drug.
  8. Kevanovia

    The Golden Hoard Princess Election

    Congratulations Ms.Thy Grace. Also, I thank you. I shall accept the responsibility and will serve you well. Hot towel?
  9. Kevanovia

    Lesson of the Day

    According to Roq and Company, one of the reasons that they hit BC was that BC was attempting to harm IQ. Can’t wait for IQ’s DoW on themselves for allowing this guy to post, because he’s doing way more damage to their image than any foreign entity.
  10. Kevanovia

    Join the Hivemind

    A little competition, I like it! I’ll most definitely be tuning in.
  11. Kevanovia

    Lesson of the Day

    “Rushing to defend” Could it be that TGH/KT were the subject of the situation on which IQ is basing the CB? This leads me to believe that they have looked into the matter further, have acquired more facts about said situation and knows it reeks of $#!+. Thus you have responses. Perhaps you have noticed prominent figures in other spheres also commenting against IQ’s move. I guess BC is also signing with CoS/SK/t$/anyone that is not IQ.
  12. Kevanovia

    Lesson of the Day

    I think you need to reread this thread 😂 Reading may be difficult for you, so I’ll help. The “he” Alexio was referring to is Cynic, not Kevanovia. Not sure why you have this hard on for me. At first I was flattered, but now it’s starting to get creepy.
  13. Kevanovia

    Fraggle Rock Dog Show

    Who’s a good boy? Mr. Ruffsevelt’s a good boy!

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