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  1. Kevanovia

    If I put NPO in the title will this thread be 30 pages?

    Is that a screenshot of Rado’s twerk video?
  2. Kevanovia

    Really NPO

    1) That’s all fine and dandy that they have their own free will, but how is it toxic? It’s a narrative that’s being pushed likely for FA purposes. I highly doubt people know about the NPO members behind the screen or have any ill will towards them. Instead it’s more like an effort to discredit/manipulate IC, just like IQ does towards opposing spheres. (Personally I think it’s great that more people are joining, although the screenshot of them being instructed to only stay on their anime server is the part that is a bummer. The people that are bellyaching that “ZOMG, NPO are puppet masters and this is terrible that they have all of these new nations coming in blah blah blah” are being boobs imo (no offense to boobs). Stop whining.) 2) They don’t have to do anything. It’s a game. They can chill and never log in again/they could be super active only in their anime server/they could be super active in the active community at large. Personally the only complaint I have is that I would like to see them (the new large group of PnW people) interact with others more, because I think it would be healthier for the game to have more outside views/voices/activity and selfishly I think it’s fun to talk to new people. I feel like the points you addressed are mostly IC (the first point especially). The second point isn’t so much a point of toxicity as it is an opinion on how to approach the community. I don’t really see an OOC attack. “YOU’RE PREVENTING THEM FROM INTERACTING OOC! SLAVE MASTERS!” - this sentiment doesn’t come from any credible source. If anything it’s IC, and should be taken as such. If anyone is accusing you of things OOC on this topic - they’re not toxic, they’re dumb.
  3. Kevanovia

    Really NPO

    🤷‍♂️ Find your own group of folks that you can mass migrate over. It just seems like complaining, they didn’t break any rules. The only legitimate gripe is the attempt to block them from the rest of the community. I believe there is an argument that keeping them isolated hurts the community/dynamic of the game.
  4. Kevanovia

    Really NPO

    @Roquentin, where is all of this “toxicity” located? I’ve been away for a moment - Maybe things have changed over the last month or two. However, from where I’m at the only thing I’m seeing is drama, which is something that all sides have been a proponent for. The consensus was that drama made the political atmosphere interesting. Granted, I know that KT’s channel is probably considered “toxic” by most based on the topics discussed there. But other than that...what am I missing? Am I viewing things too exclusively IC? Where do you draw the line between “drama” and “toxicity”?
  5. Kevanovia

    Really NPO

    I think that may be a bit unfair. In the public channels Scarf is extremely friendly. Him RPing against “the evil NPO” is hardly him trying to force anyone out or committing OOC attacks. With that said, I am confused as to why he’s so against this influx of nations. You could always bring the newbies into Factory Fresh Media A place where both sides are cordial to one another. Factory Fresh Media, where dreams come true. Ads starting at $1 billion. Unless you’re Gorge. https://discord.gg/7GfcRS Ninja Edit: Ah, now I see that Scarf is more frustrated with these new players being confined to their own server and not exploring the wonderful land of Orbis Discord. Roq, pleaseth open ye doors and letteth ye little birds fly high....eth.
  6. Kevanovia

    Really NPO

    I hope some of the new nations stick. More nations = better for the health of Orbis.
  7. Kevanovia

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    I just shaved my ankles
  8. Kevanovia

    [DoE] For Escobar!

    Best of luck on your new endeavor
  9. Kevanovia

    The End

    Best of luck with your travels on your adventure.
  10. Kevanovia

    How long will this war go on for?

    My dear radio partner, There is a difference between adding a spin to the truth and lying. Taking the path of telling the truth would look much better on you. Best wishes. Forever Yours, Kev
  11. Kevanovia

    IQ declares on IQ

    You would think that UPN’s allies in Covenant would also stand by their friends at this time. This was a blatant attack on their sphere by Pacifica. Curious to see if Covenant values their sovereignty.
  12. Kevanovia

    A super important suggestion

    I believe what he’s saying is that Alex is taking each individual offense on its own merit. He can’t take in “discord evidence” as proof of harassment in-game, because it’s a slippery slope. Discord is not his domain, and he can’t verify the culprit via discord. However, there is an avenue of holding people accountable for asshatery on discord by contacting discord directly or going to the authorities. I wish people would stop harassing others OOC. It’s sad that there are so many jerks in this world. edit: grammatical errors
  13. If you don’t think Ame is pulling the strings for the entire coalition, you may want to remove your blinders. Also, Soup likely has the highest per capita when it comes to the female demographic. Why do you think we keep telling everyone how hot the soup is? Self preservation. Women need to be should be told how hawt they are.

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