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  1. Makeshift Mario strikes again! Lol
  2. Errr, what? Lol what would I edit or delete? The only thing damnable are actions that tCW have taken and apparently continue to take. The fact that this chat is chopped up and you didn’t leak our entire discussion of us outlining your faults makes it easy enough for people to see what happened here.
  3. Trusty ol’ knockoff Mario coming through with the leaks. You are far too predictable. As soon as you kicked us out of the chat in the middle of discussions, we should have guessed that this is the route you would take. It’s a favorite method of yours, to boot people out of group messages so you can pick and choose logs without full context. Thus the “context” portion of our logs. Good on ya mate for continuing to show the public what you truly are. Maybe one day you’ll figure out the whole FA-shtick Sphinxypoo.
  4. Dear Little Keegoz, I’m going out to grab some milk. I’ll be back...maybe. In the meantime, be careful when you answer the door. There’s an odd fellow without a nose who keeps trying to get into our plumbing. He keeps going on and on about ‘Needing to create leaks’. Must be a plumber out of a job or something. Anyways, don’t let him in. A while back the same guy broke into Aunt Adrienne’s house, flooded the whole bathroom after he took a dump and then proceeded to lie to her about it while he was standing in his own shit water. Anywho, I’ll leave a $20 bill on the counter for dinner. You’re the man of the house while I’m gone. See you soon Little Keegoz. Love, Papa Kev
  5. This is fine. Everything is fine. Right Sketchy?
  6. A noble goal, to be sure. I wish TEst and you guys the best in growing and bettering yourself 🙂 Error 404, welcome to the club 🍻
  7. Hedge Money invested a lot of time and money into our virtual communication methods during quarantine. However, someone *glares at SRD* forgot to put in place a defense against malware. We continue to give our best efforts to protect our assets against these intrusive threats. Hedge will monitor these attac-....oh dear God.... WARNING!: BREACH! WE HAVE A BREEEE *static*.....VANEK, WHER- *static* YOUR PANTS??? *static* DENISON FOR TH- *static* -OVE OF *static* ST- *static* EATING GLUE! KEEGOZ! FLIP THE OFF SWITCH! HURRY! THEY'RE GETTING THROU- *static* GAHHHHHHHH GOD HELP US!!! *static* Preamble Error 404 enter into treaties of mutual defense with Guardian, Knights Templar, Grumpy Old Bastards and Children of the Light. Article 1: Money Grows on Hedges Should someone try to interrupt our hedge money growing scheme, the signatories shall eliminate the weeds. Article 2: Money Talks The Signatories agree that if they gain any insider trading knowledge, to inform the other signatories so they can also benefit from the profits. Article 3: It’s Just Business If profits from this scheme are not satisfactory for a signatory, they may withdraw relations from another signatory giving 72 hours notice. Guardian Memph Vanek Children of the Light Kev Keegoz Grumpy Old Bastards Sweeeeet Ronny D Error 404 Basebond borg Knights Templar Denison
  8. Within your question rests the answer. Don’t try to rationalize a group of mostly 14-50 year old male humans pouring a dozen hours a day into a make believe nation simulation game that equates to little more than a virtual dick measuring contest. Next question.
  9. I, for one, will forgive Alex for his oversight on this matter if he brings back downvotes.
  10. Merge: BC Ally: Oblivion Blitz: RoK NPO, BK, GoG
  11. Tonight will be an episode featuring @Prefontaine talking about all of the new changes to Orbis. @ 11:15PM EST only on Factory Fresh Media. Also be sure to catch an episode of @Thalmor Radio Premiering right before at 9PM EST. Link: https://discord.gg/DYCN4wp
  12. Holy smokes! Orrple! Legion?
  13. And here I thought that Noctis couldn’t be topped.
  14. Kevanovia


    Unfortunately it probably wasn’t your dimmest either
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