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  1. Kevanovia

    SNN-Saxy tiem

    All hail The True The Great Kahn!
  2. Kevanovia

    SNN-Saxy tiem

    We’ve been waiting for you in the Kitchen, Mr. Hippo. Your apron is right next to Charlie’s with little Hippo Hearts and skulls/crossbones on them.
  3. Kevanovia

    Water to quench my thirst

    You can then purchase the Toto Project, which will bless the rains to give you a 100% water buff.
  4. Kevanovia

    Problem Solution Chart 2019

    The Soup is so so Hot
  5. Kevanovia

    Careful, it's Soup!

    Pardon? Pika and Gator are Soup Kitchen members. They are currently in Food Pantry/Metallica, which are extensions of Soup. If Kos for example created an extension and called it “Farkistan” - it would not be a 1v3, it would still be a 1v2 as Kos is a Fark member and merely using a separate AA as an extension. Spinning is not your forte, Moonshadow. I suggest you stick with your multis.
  6. Kevanovia

    Careful, it's Soup!

    Boyce did that on his own, no one called upon him. As such, he has been countered by Chaos. “Their one man protectorate” - Food Pantry and Metallica are both extensions of Soup Kitchen, not protectorates. (This information can be found on the alliance page). With all the missed context, I’m gonna have to start calling you Noctis soon
  7. Kevanovia

    The soup kitchen is now closed!

    As many people from all sides have pointed out, this was a fair fight. The point of this war isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about doing something other than complaining about status quo. It’s about normalizing quick skirmishes. It’s about raising activity levels in multiple communities. The Soup is hot.
  8. Kevanovia

    The soup kitchen is now closed!

    @Balish is the creator of that gem. He put it out back in ~November. A classic
  9. Kevanovia

    The soup kitchen is now closed!

    Im just gonna leave this here:
  10. Kevanovia

    The soup kitchen is now closed!

    It’s nice having you guys come out of your slumber and onto the forums, but based on the content of your post - you have a lot to catch up on. Enjoy a fresh bowl of Soup while you do some further research! Happy fighting!
  11. Kevanovia

    Careful, it's Soup!

    Interesting choice of words coming from tCW.
  12. Kevanovia

    Careful, it's Soup!

    It’s true 😔
  13. Kevanovia

    Careful, it's Soup!

    Solid attempt. He’s on a road show going to various alliances with his buddy. Since you were already looking at his nation history, I trust you saw the same thing.

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