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  1. Kevanovia

    $yndicate placeholder Dow

    Logs plz ❤️
  2. Kevanovia

    The North Goes Whaling

    Can't deny that this was a fun read. I lol'd at the 'maybe he went on vacation' line.
  3. Kevanovia

    Element appreciation thread

    Ironic. Also, I think he is legitimately asking.
  4. Kevanovia

    Orbis Weekly - Real News - Real Stories

    The best news source on Orbis!
  5. Kevanovia

    Halloween - Costume Contest

    It looks like Shrek
  6. Kevanovia

    Great Job! Episode 1 and Advertising

    Fezza and Helios
  7. Good day people of Orbis. Charlie and I wrapped up our first episode of Great Job! with Kev and Charlie Friday night. I am pleased to announce that we are making this first episode available to the public without needing a subscription to Orbis Weekly. If you would like to listen in to our first episode (with guest speakers including Manthrax, Pestilence/Gorge, and Quichwe) click the link below. Great Job! with Kev and Charlie Episode 1 If you would like to keep up with all of our Great Job! shows, be sure to subscribe to Orbis Weekly. We are also pleased to announce we will be opening up our advertising to the greater Orbis community. If you are looking for the great folks at Great Job! to create and air a radio ad for you, please DM Charlie or Kevanovia for details. Below is our portfolio of advertisements: Our next show will be Friday, October 12th @ 11PM Central Time in the Orbis Weekly Discord Channel. It will include guest speakers Adrienne (Leader of TKR) and Roq (Leader of NPO). Stay Platinum Baby!
  8. Kevanovia

    Great Job! with Kev and Charlie

    The first show has concluded. We will update you all when we have the recording up. Thank you to @Spaceman Thrax @Quichwe10 @Pestilence for joining as guest speakers. Hope you all had a good time! We will see you next show! (If you wish to have an ad created and played, please contact Charlie or me via DM for a quote)
  9. Kevanovia

    Great Job! with Kev and Charlie

    You’re a gentleman and a scholar.
  10. Kevanovia

    Great Job! with Kev and Charlie

    It's October 5th, 11PM Central Time (Chicago, IL). You find yourself not on the Orbis Weekly Discord server. Why? Because you're an idiot. Don't be an idiot. Instead, come on down for the glorious debut of Great Job! with Kev and Charlie. Our show will be streamed live via voice chat in the #great-job-chat channel of the Orbis Weekly server on Discord. The first show will be open to the public, regardless of subscription status. These shows will be recorded and you may listen at your leisure via the Orbis Weekly website. Going forward, a subscription to ORB will be needed in order to access to our recordings (which will be available at any time). Our first show will include the following: -News Reel -Worst Alliance of the Week -Live Poll -Kilo's Korner -Who Dat? (Guest Speaker this week: Manthrax, High Government of Church of Spaceology/Quichwe10, Leader of The Fighting Pacifists) -Round Table So come on down and join in on the fun Friday, Oct 5th 11PM Central! Great Job! with Kev and Charlie Discord Link
  11. Kevanovia

    Two-For-One Special

    I gotchoo shuggabear
  12. Kevanovia

    Two-For-One Special

  13. Kevanovia

    Two-For-One Special

    Dear Orbis, We found some new talent and also added auto-tune on some of our old tracks. Behold the beautiful album art of Kilo: tldr: Bad Company and Rough Riders upgraded their treaty to a MDoAP Bad Company and Animation Domination sign an ODoAP Kilo is still missing his black crayon Sincerely, BC/RR/AD
  14. Kevanovia

    Unified Nations Coalition DoE

  15. Kevanovia

    OMG - Jedi Merge

    I’m pro-consolidation of micros. Thumbs up. 👍

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