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  1. You will be missed Valk, hope all is well. Congrats Luci. I have but one question, why no new flag? I thought there was a new Rose flag every era/major election.
  2. So the “dogpiling” narratives of days past and of the future should be disregarded?
  3. Oh, are you talking about how people were trying to put OOC content of two minors in the public server of Eclipse and I spoke out how it was a bad idea and we should protect private information of PnW players (especially minors)? You guys have the most bizarre comparisons and word choice when you are attempt to slam others. Either know the full context of a situation or understand the language you are trying to speak, because otherwise your “points” will continue to look like uninformed and incoherent babbling.
  4. GOONS style tirade? What are you smoking?
  5. Seeing as they gave you the exact response with “the thing is..” - I’m pretty sure you got played there. Pretty funny that you’re taking this at face value and spouting off like you’ve won something.
  6. This is essentially the same thing I said, however mine took a sponge-bath in hyperbole. edit: changed bath to sponge-bath for a more age appropriate response
  7. How can you expect old man-Benfro to keep up with today’s pop culture? Rename Hollywood as Boomer Bloc. Also, I enjoyed the restaurant-meme OP. Solid post. Waffles and chicken usually go together, but not this day.
  8. Camelot would be crazy to pass this deal up tbh
  9. >Epi destroys Pantheon by slithering into the leader role >Many argue that Epi = Camelot >Epi also destroys Camelot by slithering into the leader role >The two situations are far too similar, so one may argue Pantheon = Camelot >If Pantheon = Camelot and Camelot = Epi... >Then Epi = Pantheon >Pantheon destroyed Camelot #ItWasPantheonAllAlong
  10. Granted, I wasn’t around for the whole thing - but when I came back on the tail end of the situation you’re referring to, your account is different from what I had been told. So I appreciate the additional context from your end. It is a good example for people to understand that there may be more going on than what others realize. IC and OOC should be kept separately, and it’s a good point you’re making to utilize moderation as the way to handle those kinds of situations in order to keep from unneeded BS/misunderstandings from transpiring from folks in the community. (<- Speaking from firsthand experience) I think the community as a whole needs to take a step back and check ourselves on how we are approaching this game/others. As stated, this is a game and should be treated as such.
  11. This is a good idea. This should be moved over to Orbis Central
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