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  1. Imagine trying to be taken seriously while attempting to paint Mayor as a pixel hugger. You may want to do a bit of research before you randomly start hurling accusations.
  2. What an odd fellow. Edit: Oh, nevermind - it's Noctis...lol
  3. Any alliance can put themselves out there to pursue their own interest, mini-sphere or not. I think the main issue is a lack of new voices/a drop in the quality of politics via the decrease of quality political leaders in the game. Which comes back to the points you are making...is it due to the 'musical chairs' minispheres algorithm we find ourselves in? Maybe. But it seems to me that it's mostly the same beast with a different shirt on as 'sphere bipolarity'. The major AA's are going to gun for one another regardless. It's always 'alliance-first' mentality. Their treaty partners are going to be an accessory to that either way, whether it's in formal 'spheres' or individual ties. With mini-spheres, at least it added another way/a different flavor of accomplishing the powerhouse AA's goals. Ultimately it's up to the partner AA's to decide whether they are going to be pushed around or not. Be the change you want to see.
  4. (Apologies...this gif was apparently created by ants)
  5. April Monthly Political Power Rankings (MPPR) (Month 5) 1. Eclipse (☾) (+4) 2. Rose (🌹)(+5) 3. Singularity (SIN) (N/A) 4. The Syndicate (t$) (-) 5. Event Horizon (N/A) 6. The Knights Radiant (TKR) (-4) 7. Knights Templar (KT) (N/A) 8. Guardian (-) 9. Grumpy Old Bastards (Grumpy) (-6) 10. The Immortals (TI) (-1) 11. The Fighting Pacifists (TFP) (-1) 12. The Golden Horde (TGH) (N/A) 13. The Sword Coast (TSC) (N/A) 14. Camelot (🐲) (N/A) 15. Legion of Dawn (LoD) (N/A) 16. Weaponized Assault Penguins (WAP) (N/A) 17. Church of Atom (CoA) (N/A) 18. Weebunism (💮) (-3) 19. House Stark (HS) (-1) 20. United Purple Nations (UPN) (-) 21. Dark Brotherhood (DB) (-) 22. World Task Force (WTF) (N/A) 23. The Legion (SPQR) (-) 24. The Lost Mines (TLM) (N/A) 25. Arrgh (Hatebi) (N/A) April's rankings saw a lot of newcomers! A surprising amount of new alliances make it into this month's MPPR. Quite a bit of movement in one month's time. Our experts have been fully tuned in and have a clear understanding on the political climate. No time away from the grind in this corner of Orbis, no sir! That is why we bring you the MPPR each and every month! TKR & friends see a massive slide due to their current FA situation they find themselves in. Rose (the ever-aggressive, malicious and provocative bunch) climbs the rankings via pure fear and obviously not due to their situation/size/FA position. Meanwhile Eclipse goes to the top by being the most friendly bunch in all of Orbis. They even facilitated more Global peace with no plans of laying the smack down on any other party. Such a thoughtful bunch deserves the #1 slot. May should be an eventful month, can't wait to see what it brings!
  6. Spent the last 8 months working on this for you: www.KurdanaksPnWBoTForLeaderboards.ai.robot.system.program.net
  7. We do a little bit of light investigating and now all of the sudden we are labeled as 'hateful'? Truly a misinformed take. The only thing we hate is the suppression of the Truth!
  8. Interesting take, would love to know how you came to that conclusion - Soup Kitchen evolved into an alliance that is still going (5 years later). Paradise lasted over a year and was a top tier alliance before that monster @Sketchy decided to eat Cata. You must get your news from some of the false news outlets and corrupt information hubs that are plaguing Orbis. Fear not! We are here to set the Truth free!
  9. I'll take the under. Singularity looking at this DoE like:
  10. What is truth? The Media™️Knows. We will provide the details of what is really going on. The Media™️is the beacon of objective fact, morality and goodness. Unlike other sources of information, you won't get bogged down by bias and disinformation. Here at The Media™️we care for the everyday Orbisian and work hard to tell you how to think and what to think (for your own good). To enlighten yourself or to contribute to our noble cause, please visit our Headquarters located Here The Media Chairman of the Board Kevanovia Staff Chief Executive Officer ToxicPepper Chief Marketing Officer Leopold Chief Operations Officer Gorge The Board: Kyu The Board: Pika The Board: Vice The Board: Basebond The Board: Mayor The Board: Hemlock Hi Ky
  11. No bloc image or anything to market with? Tsk tsk.
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