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  1. If this list is supposed to be an attempt to be objective on IC 'greatness': Abbas, Keegoz, Partisan, Prefontaine
  2. One of the kindest people I have encountered in these nation simulator games. Incredibly devastated by this news. Red/Zach will be missed by so many.
  3. I miss Roq @Roquentin Adrienne and I miss you. She won’t let anyone else call her the pet names you gave. Come back - if not for me, for her. It’s in God’s hands now, Ri. All we can do is sit back and pray. (I’m hoping the mix of the ping/TKR being attacked will be enough to summon a Roq post)
  4. Tbf, I can totally buy that James doesn't know who Celestial is.
  5. Tell the world why you really hit us - our overall score reached perfection and you couldn't handle it .
  6. Since the term in article 4 has been satisfied, is it safe to declare that this treaty is null/void/expired?
  7. I would say the comments made by folks in Back Room, Johnsons, Haunted in the OWF and in Discord are an even bigger indication that they are troubled by this move - Mayor added the fact that this is one of the most downvoted threads in the history of Orbis as a cherry on top of the main point that this move isn't just Clock bellyaching.
  8. Yes, I see you downvoted him 3 hours ago…after this new narrative that the downvotes are actually upvotes. I also see you posted 3 hours ago about how downvotes are upvotes…. @Adrienne I get trying to own the downvote thing as a meme and spinning it into a positive to save face, but to double down on it seems a little weak.
  9. It’s not just Clock. It’s Haunted Mansion, it’s Back Room and also Johnsons. IE: the rest of the game. Look at the replies/reactions in the related threads. Right or wrong, it is fairly easy to see that the rest of Orbis (outside of HW/Ro$e) are miffed by this treaty.
  10. I wasn't referring to the talks prior to Surf's Up - I was referring to the discussions that we had starting day 1 of Surf's Up.
  11. Naw fam, those rumors were hot garbo. Yeah, we started talking about hitting BK day 1 of Surf's Up - it was like the first convo in our group chat Good times, good times. To get back to the topic at hand: The point borg is making with the chaining comment is that it has happened before with several wars and folks that are now condemning it - were fine with it. We received the “fake war” BS criticisms that NPO spewed and we (including TKR) defended chaining as just a part of the game and that the criticisms against it were weak (BK and friends complained about it in Dial Up & Rose and friends complained about it in GnR)
  12. We didn't go into it expecting a war. But Day 1 of the war KETOG and Chaos discussed hitting BK (even before the logs dropped), as I put in my post.
  13. I get it was a long time ago, so I don't fault you for not remembering. But a little strong of you to go straight to a "this is not true" We considered hitting them before the logs broke. I can provide screenshots if it's alright with the people that were in the group DM with us. I'll try and help the ol' memory. There was a fear of BK hitting ahead of the log leak - which is why we were a bit miffed when KETOG hit us. The day the war kicked off we all talked about using the war as a potential smokescreen in case those rumors ended up being true, and also discussed the possibility of just hitting them based on what the situation was. (The rumored NPO/BK connection) Granted - now looking back at the logs (you had me second guessing myself lol) - it wasn't set in stone, but there were certainly discussions of all of us hitting BK & friends day 1 of Surf's Up.
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