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  1. @Jazz R Oppenheimer Have a Snickers. You’re not you when you’re hungry.
  2. Both sides could have handled negotiations better. The complaints from our end is that Coalition B has not been negotiating in good faith. It appears the complaints from your end is that Coalition A are being little !@#$es about the negotiation process. Perhaps each Coalition should pick someone from the opposing side that they would like to represent the opposing Coalition. For example: -Coalition A picks Jazz to represent Coalition B -Coalition B picks Mhearl to represent Coalition A That way concerns are addressed and we can have a productive negotiation which will hopefully end this war.
  3. tCW’s military prowess is extremely impressive. Don’t believe me? Ask Sphinx.
  4. Leopold is the sole reason t$ came back to the forefront. They were dead before that. He is the savior Orbis deserves. He is greatest good that can inhabit a human body. Leopold is love. Leopold is life.
  5. “Changes in Chaos” - I’m assuming this is in reference to Ripper/Thrax’s retirement. Or is there another rumor that all of Chaos is merging into TKR? Not a clue where that rumor came from last year, but I loved how quickly IQ embraced it. Also: The irony of your last sentence is tasty.
  6. This is the best post of 2020
  7. The only alliances that didn’t get hit were alliances that were either tied to Fark or alliances that were already in the grave.
  8. Something that is clear and isn’t left to subjective thoughts is how we treat our coalition-mates. Coalition A to other Coalition A alliances: We have your back Coalition B to other Coalition B alliances: If you leave the war, we will kill you. Again, it’s never too late to change your approach. I have heard you pretend to be Charlie before, I know there is still good in you.
  9. The foundation on which Chaos was built upon makes it tough to bail out on coalition partners. The whole point of the bloc was to help the health of the game, not save our own ass.
  10. 6. I can’t speak for TKR, but I would hardly calling it “spitting in your face”. We’ve maintained friendly communication. 6. Bro. OPSEC. Side note: I’m enjoying these bullet point debates.
  11. Best of luck with this. Some of the best people in Orbis are in this project.
  12. I absolutely understand why they decided to peace out and I respect it. I would also peace out in your situation. Best of luck going forward.
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