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  1. A Paradise Announcement Gentlefolk of Orbis, Since the conception of Paradise, our community has experienced a slew of events and challenges. Even in the face of said obstacles, we have continued to prosper and we have blossomed into one of the premier groups in Orbis. With one of the best governments and memberships in Orbis, it has been a pleasure working towards our goals together. Now that we have a solid foundation, active community, wonderful allies and a roadmap towards continued success; I am ecstatic in presenting the next era of Paradise. Along with Anri, Sketchy will be taking Paradise to even greater heights as I will be slumping back into my retirement toilet. As I’m sure most of you have either experienced or have seen - Sketchy is one of the best Orbis has to offer. I am looking forward to seeing what Anri and him will accomplish going forward. Respectfully, Kev
  2. I mean sure, but I wouldn’t characterize Thalmor’s voice exactly like that.
  3. Inb4 Paradise merges into Requiem
  4. By that logic, wouldn't Polaris be a part of Midgard due to their tie to Roman Empire? Polaris/FSO also has ties to TFP...so I guess the remnants of Odd Bunch is also tied to Midgard. Congrats on the addition to the bloc guys! Midgard/Odd Bunch/Florida-stronk
  5. Would you please define ‘fire’ in this situation?
  6. We appreciate the invite to your festival. Will have our agent check the calendar to see if we can make it work. We are looking to have more songs from the album leak soon. Hoping you all don’t have to Weight for too long.
  7. Ladies and Degenerates, I have come before you today with the great honor of unveiling Orbis' hottest band and their debut single/music video off of the upcoming album 'Ms. Understood'. Put your well-lotioned hands together for Weight of Orbis and their new hit 'Break Down the Door'! Music Video: Lyrics: Break Down The Door Cut us loose before you fold your dirty laundry Untie the noose so we don't come back and haunt thee We are the crooks who care Can't take us anywhere Go to war time to settle the score Offer peace, hit the sack or break down the door I want to hear what you say when I'm not there Be a fly on the wall in your fat sphere Everyone knows that you charge a late fee Everyone knows that you hate me, save me You're in the lobby striking me, verbal karate Go to war time to settle the score Offer peace, hit the sack or break down the door Fix it up, break down the door x2 Go to war time to settle the score Offer peace, hit the sack or break down the door I want to hear how you mald when i'm not there be a roller to your micro peers It's not raw, it's cooked like a salami Gather friends, meet your end a Tsunami Credits: @Kevanovia & @darkblade
  8. You are as good as the folks you surround yourself with. You also need to be willing to take risks. People !@#$ and moan about the game being stagnate/how things need to change. Those same people are the ones who think folks trying to proactively supply ‘change’ are ‘shady’. I think this is why so many new alliances flop/there is a lack of change within the power dynamics. Folks don’t want to be treated as an enigma or pariah. They would rather safely collect their pixels or piggyback off of others until they fade into obscurity. For a new alliance to be successful/influential they need several folks with a similar mindset, a clear goal and are willing to take risks.
  9. Most Influential Player: hidude Most Likely to Succeed in 2023: Sketchy Best Alliance Leader: Deca Worst Alliance Leader: Kitschie Best In-Character Poster: Maia Best Villain: Keegoz Nicest Player: Pika Most Controversial Player: Keegoz Most Missed Player: RedArmy Best Nation Page: Pika Best Fighter: hidude Best High Government Member: Leftbehind Most Online/Likely To Respond in 1 Minute: Velyni Vas Best War Criminal: Zurg/Codename V
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