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  1. Your track record is rock solid. I think it’s more pity than people getting upset. The only way you’re going to piss people off is the same way people get pissed off at someone that doesn’t know how to tie their shoes. Right now your shoe laces are incredibly long and flopping all over the place. It looks extremely messy. You might be able to walk more effectively if you bought some Velcro-strap shoes. Personally, I wouldn’t get the light-up ones as that would bring more attention that you don’t know how to tie your shoes and have to wear Velcro shoes. Godspeed.
  2. On one hand - well played 👍 On the other - if you’re implying that Inst has the same amount of influence on your bloc that Thrax does on ours...that explains a lot about your bloc.
  3. I don’t agree that downvotes are politicized. For instance, the people who have the most downvotes (from both sides of the coalitions) typically post the things that either make the least amount of sense to others/are seeking attention/are generally disrespected due to their own actions. Roquentin is the leader of the opposite coalition of me, but I would be willing to bet that I have upvoted more things than I have downvoted of his. I would bet that it is the case for a good portion of folks from both sides of the aisle.
  4. You’re trying to set up scenarios into moderation ‘gotcha’ moments, which is not what this game is supposed to be about. There was a thread created that was about the current war. You are someone (by your own admission) that shitposts about our coalition. I pointed out the irony of you constantly shitposting (to a shitpost you made earlier in the thread) using the topic in the thread (the war) to make my point. Just because I made a post that you describe as “bait to derail” doesn’t mean I should be punished merely because my post gave you the desire to derail the thread. I can tell you right now that moderation doesn’t give a shit about ‘Soup Kitchen’ or ‘Coalition B/A’ or whatever. You keep bringing up political points, it’s irrelevant. They’re here to moderate behavior, not politics. I would beg for the warn to shut Inst up. However, it I lay down and take it - it would set the standard for Inst, among other people who want to feel important, to follow in the future and therefore create an even bigger headache for everyone.
  5. Your spin is off-kilter. On one hand you are saying that TKR is best friends with t$ and planned a war with them on NPO. On the other hand you are saying that TKR was planning a war on t$. To the meat of it, the logs that were leaked were about BK/N$O actually planning a war - not a hypothetical. So it is rather silly for you to chastise Adrienne about theoretically talking out how a war would look like if Chaos were attacked. Can’t say I’m surprised, contradicting theories have been the staple of IQ this war. Also saying that TKR is fond of t$ = Hilarious.
  6. The people who dislike Fark aren’t the ones Fark are worried about. I feel somewhat bad for Fark having to do damage control from all of their derpy allies. I guess it’s what they signed up for with the over abundance of paper. Best wishes cleaning up future messes @souparmon hopefully it doesn’t get too wild for ya. You’re a good dude and don’t deserve all of the headaches
  7. So... You have admitted to being the one who derailed the thread, and that you viewed my post as ‘bait’ to derail the thread but ‘to my credit, didn’t derail the thread’. On top of that you have also admitted of wanting to use OOC moderation to impact your IC opposing coalition and do whatever you can to hurt people’s chances of playing this game so that the only people left are people from your coalition. Does that about cover it? Like I said, stop wasting moderation’s time.
  8. I’m using the English language to say that you are using moderation as a weapon. I am not saying that you are breaking the rule against “using mods as a weapon” as it clearly states that one must ‘blackmail another’ in order for it to be against the rules. This is the reason I have not reported you and thus I have stated “as far as I know, you haven’t broken any rules”. (No need to tiptoe around a ‘character attack’ on me. You can point out others fallacies and argument flaws without it being a personal attack. However, in this particular instance there is no fallacy or flaw and you likely incorrect in every regard.)
  9. 🤨 As far as I know, you haven’t broken any rules. Unlike you, I don’t like to make reports that I know are a waste of moderation’s time. Also, it’s interesting that you will only be looking out for ‘infractions’ against ‘my coalition’. By the definition, would that not be using moderation as a weapon?
  10. This report is not only a waste of moderation’s time, it further proves that instead of tackling an issue head on - you want to use moderation to try and divert political arguments or points. In multiple threads you have insulted our coalition and members of our coalition. Which is fine, because this is Politics and War - Politics can be messy. However, when someone then calls you out about the war (in a thread about the war), you run for the mods? Weak sauce, sir. It’s a waste of the mods’ time and sets a dangerous precedent for others to follow.
  11. This is a thread regarding the war and the state of those in/not in war. My comment was about your repeated trolling attempts at our Coalition and the irony that you are not currently participating in the same war that the OP was referencing. Perhaps you can use your own wit/words/actions to defend yourself next time instead of attempting to use moderation as a lifeboat. Mods have a purpose here, but their purpose isn’t to deflect points that you can’t think of a retort to. Godspeed. edit: spelling
  12. I’ve seen you call out a lot of people this war. How are you weathering in this conflict? I hope things are going well There are a lot of nations that are having a hard time coping and are slipping into Vacation Mode. Some of these folks are so freaked out by the war that they are actively posting and are lurking on the forums/discord for several hours at a time and yet still keep their nation in VM. Yikes, amirite? Anywho, with how much smack talk you’re constantly giving and how active you are - I figured you must be personally responsible for a lot of your Coalition’s success. Nice work! Oh....whoops.
  13. No, but that was the next project. We were waiting to see where and how the pieces fell post-IQ. People in N$O and BK kept saying “there will be more treaty breaks, just you wait and see”. In the meantime we wanted to provide entertainment and a different spin on the game by working with people we usually wouldn’t think to be connected with (IE: NPO) and doing something different (IE: Thunderdome). The dissolution of IQ and the formation of Chaos was meant to be the reset button on politics, or at least that is how we (Chaos) saw it. In regards to the apology, fair enough. I was only attempting to clear up your confusion in regards to the FR-Soup situation.
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