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  1. This post was Pantheon in a shell. Overly confident and ridiculously unaware. (Which is also the easiest way to describe micros) RIP Pantheon: The largest micro of all-time. Also RIP Emp’s Argument: The narrative with the least credibility of all-time.
  2. And then you go and spoil it on Morf Radio, nice work Ronny.
  3. This argument is not a new one. You know who else claimed that it was fine for one sphere to have a bunch more nations than another sphere due to tiering? IQ. It was a bullshit narrative back then (as proven by what we saw in Dial Up), and it still is. It’s funny that there’s a lot of the same people making the same arguments.
  4. I’m so happy you’re back on the forums. The narrative that has been going against Hollywood is straight out of your book!
  5. You’re on the right track. Media is the most enjoyable part of PnW.
  6. I liked the music and the voice acting. You should do a radio show with that tone/voice and keep the character throughout.
  7. Firwof being the embodiment of the anti-Hollywood sentiment is fitting.
  8. Please keep going, you’re doing your alliance wonders It’s always a good time when the opposing side has a ‘Noctis/Firwof’-type poster.
  9. So instead of actually replying to the valid points and content you quoted, you are just posting a meme and making random noises? This OP strategy seems to be catching on at an alarming rate among certain spheres in this war.
  10. Also, I love how this still works: Love ya @Azazel ❤️
  11. "wE DiDn'T hAvE sEkRiT tReAtIeS" Also, I enjoyed the video!
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