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  1. Auctor

    End off-shore banks for Alliances

    Ending alliance bank looting would make this game a lot more playable for newer alliances as well. Not having to build up the infrastructure to be able to hide your stuff at a second's notice is just a better deal.
  2. Auctor

    Terrible Ideas that would break the game

    paper bags are tougher than they look these days.
  3. Auctor

    Fixing the war system

    Uncapping buyback only makes sense if you're also getting rid of the MAP system.
  4. it's clearly too much of a risk to take this "nuke bloc not existing" narrative at face value.
  5. Auctor

    Do we like war?

    Hey man, if you really don’t like war around here what you’re supposed to do is mass up 30+ cities and endlessly !@#$ that everyone below that is overpowered.
  6. Your alliance already has the ability to impose a tax rate on you without your consent, are we really making trading on foreign markets the hallmark of rugged individualism?
  7. Auctor


    I'm really emotional about pantheon not raiding too.
  8. Auctor

    ICYMI: Chaos Bloc

    boldly going where kastor has been before since 2017
  9. @Dio Brando reveals his ignorance once again; is savagely pwned by Noctis time after time.
  10. Auctor


    syndicate sucks and is making the otherwise p[erfectly fine game bad
  11. Auctor

    An Ocean Voyage

    Every single one of you oughta be ashamed of yourselves.
  12. Auctor

    An Ocean Voyage

    quick guys, goad kayser a little more
  13. Auctor

    Prefontaine Preponderance Ponderings

    The war cycle doesn't actually affect NPO's growth in quite the way seemingly being described. If anything, longer peaces makes the emphasis saving larger war chests since we know that the war itself will have to be a knock down drag out affair to really reset the war cycle and give us time and space to invest.
  14. Auctor

    Just a couple of Protectors

    Yeah ok we get it. April 1st. Ha. Ha.
  15. Auctor

    Prefontaine Preponderance Ponderings

    So TKR doesn't want to do anything different going forward, huh?

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