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  1. this means you are interacting with inst correctly, do not be alarmed
  2. You are entitled to your own opinion. You are not entitled to your own facts.
  3. Hold on, Auctor's fault? Things were going really well between us before you felt the need to make outrageous claims, @Partisan.
  4. statistics are highly offensive, young man. explain yourself at once.
  5. pacifica are a proud and wrathful people, but even they have their limits. they could not have anticipated when the war began that noctis might get mad at rose about a banned person's stuff. we merely sought global hegemony, we had no idea that this would expand beyond that scope to validating noctis's feelings
  6. rose better make its peace with us soon, for noctis will have no mercy
  7. this game will truly have two distinct eras: one before noctis got mad at rose and one after noctis got mad at rose
  8. not everyone is quite so knowledgeable about the intricacies of avoiding war through vacation mode
  9. Auctor

    You're next

    pay no attention to the raider behind the curtain
  10. Auctor


    thats not very nice
  11. Auctor

    Really NPO

    Narrator: He didn't.
  12. Hang on Roq/Keshav are busy writing five thousand word rebuttals
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