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  1. On one hand, I think this NAP is pretty silly. On the other hand, knowing what I know about the situation, I can completely understand why Fark doesn't have anything close to a single dog in this fight and would want to telegraph quite certainly that they have no interest in getting involved.
  2. "I'm not saying t$ is on purpose exploiting this." He says after making a whole thread to imply it.
  3. I know that the only intel you get nowadays is whatever you've told BK to repeat back to you but that's just absolutely completely wrong.
  4. Yeah, not gonna bother quoting any specific points but if Roq had experienced my private DMs after we declared on Grumpy and Guardian he'd know better than to tread this line of rhetoric. Though of course, Roquentin isn't opposed to outright lies and deceit though, so he'd probably attempt it anyway.
  5. ITT: NPO pretends coalition warfare is a matter of convenience over principle. This may not necessarily be false. However, the fact that it is not necessarily true does mean something. The whole point of optional aggression indicates that we are not obligated to support your aggressive actions or the consequences resulting from them. If you had actually assumed a defensive stance, as I had advised, things would've absolutely played out differently.
  6. I wish you'd just grow enough balls to say you wanted to escalate the war instead of slinging around all of this impotent spin.
  7. WE CARED SO MUCH Says the coalition that sent one person to talk to one person that said they had a lot going on IRL but couldn't bother to direct message literally anybody else for a week until they saw a golden opportunity to go on an aggressive war in the middle of good faith negotiations after making outrageous demands.
  8. God forbid you lift a finger. I'm not your keeper.
  9. Now I'm sure it had nothing to do with your caustic and fumbling FA approach at all. Thank you for setting me straight.
  10. Or I wasn't negotiating much at all in those talks more than checking in. I'm actually surrounded by capable government who can handle things while I'm away. I told Phoenix I have a lot going on, and I'm not about to delve into my real life to justify this, but that was two weeks ago when I suggested Phoenix reach out to someone else. And your gonna see my activity taper right back off as things go on beyond this initial upset. Phoenix waited around for a week before reaching out to anyone, just before you escalated by attacking our protectorate.
  11. Except that's precisely false. Of all the narratives you guys vomit out this really is the worst one, informal relationships were burned left and right in pursuit of more dynamic politics, it's unfortunate y'all have locked yourself into your little feedback loop or else you might've actually picked up on that.
  12. (nonchaining) Mutual Defense =/= Optional Aggression I think that's sort of the same argument the NPO is currently trying to make about their recent cynical play, but only because they can't read.
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