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  1. I mean, it's crazy to think about how much effort they've put into forcing alliances to remain on the winning side of a war and how many of those AAs have freely chosen to risk death just to get the hell away from them.
  2. It's like your PR guy has advised you to talk about how much you care about the health of the game but you keep relapsing everytime you come up against healthy competition. Made all the more absurd by the fact that you had the advantage and instead of promoting the health of the game you doubled down on isolating a few alliances you hate and somehow managed to further isolate yourself in the process.
  3. CoA has resolve. Are you surprised? Because I'm not particularly surprised by that. OWR/Carthago left when Coalition B's plan was maintain the war and attrition our enemies into nonexistence* (I'm sure you meant to be more subtle "publically" but all the leaks prove deliberate intent) Without getting too deep into paragraph three, because I don't want to speak for Sphinx. All I can say is "we started a war, but didn't want to end up with liabilities when it was concluded" is pretty fricking whimsical and one of those situations where thinking before jumping might have helped quite a lot.
  4. No. And even if he did it wouldn't be pragmatic for him to do so.
  5. Pretty sure "Satanic Ritual Afterbirth" lead to Leo and Keshav. This. This is something else entirely.
  6. And as parts and examples go, he is not and will not be a member of The Syndicate.
  7. I nominate this for most misunderstood and off topic reply.of 2020.
  8. You got me. Clearly one is not a parasite and the other is not full of blood.
  9. I'm not trying to turn GOONS. Just.calling it like I see it. Boisterous rhetoric. Very little else.
  10. But is GOONS truly valued in return? GOONS, more.often than not, seems to subvert itself. Does NPO even have to try?
  11. Fairly sure you're an inflexible toad who puts his 3-10 year old grudges against the health of an entire game.
  12. The first half of your sentence implies you do need to be pragmatic if you're serious about not being NPO (or a vassal).
  13. That's not very pragmatic of you.
  14. Pragmatically speaking, I meant it's because it's a waste of both our time and your efforts.
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