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  1. I'd tell you but it'd be a real uphill battle getting you to understand.
  2. Makes me feel like a fledgling.
  3. Enjoy retirement! You deserve it! Always good to see gov promoted to responsibility-free shitposting, the most esteemed status in all of Orbis. Congrats Benfro, looking forward to where you lead TKR!
  4. Make MI6 Great Again. Join MI6. Doxa MI6! Soon we'll be moving at MI6 Speed once again!
  5. Winning is a lot less exciting than having to try not to lose, in my experience.
  6. Merge Mensa, Ally Guardian, Blitz SK (very sorry tho!) Camelot, BK (current), The Immortals
  7. I'm just going to sidestep the fact that our MDoAP ally was leaking sphere opsec to you guys (because I don't think that's a shock to anybody at this point). However, I can't help but drill in a bit here since t$ was explicitly mentioned. It's not like we really made pains to conceal the fact that we had a bone to pick with BK (and Camelot by extension). It was a bit of an open secret. I just think it's pretty obtuse of you to omit the numerous examples of antagonization we were experiencing from BK (directly and by proxy through Camelot). Call it a self-fulfilling prophecy if you want but don't try to sweep important context under the rug while simultaneously cooking up excuses for your behavior. And as an aside, that's all water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned anyway. What bothers me the most is what I observed when you were on the winning side of the war (and by you I mean UPN and Camelot mainly, at least as far as alliances still in the game are concerned). Your lot became drunk on power and acted in obscene and absolutely despicable ways, none of which any of y'all have thoroughly or genuinely addressed in such a way that I would deem truly meets the standard for proper forgiveness beyond sheer benevolence on our part.
  8. I disagree. Grudges are good. Seething anger is the most effective way to retain members like me. Well, Camelot depending on you is a better look than you depending on them in a world where IQ didn't implode in on itself at least. But acting on ones convictions is hard. And one would actually need real convictions in order to follow through on them.
  9. If I tell you that UPN is unforgivable so long as they continue to follow their deplorable and morally bankrupt leadership and that for this they deserve nothing other than complete destruction, you might try to use that information against me. So I won't tell you that UPN is unforgivable so long as they continue to follow their deplorable and morally bankrupt leadership and that for this they deserve nothing other than complete destruction.
  10. I don't have to be involved in the development to tell you that your half-baked projects and the new mechanics are shit. And me being more involved doesn't mean they aren't shit. My counter suggestion is that you do the responsible thing and remove your involvement from development moving forward, because you're shit at it.
  11. No, so that's 12 dissatisfied people and counting. The projects are like lip gloss on an worn out old whore. They make it a little better, I guess, but don't substantially improve anything. Meanwhile Alex just knocked one of the foundational mechanics of his war system into oblivion.
  12. You don't sound emotionally invested in this trainwreck of an update at all. Losing in your sleep doesn't justify making it practically impossible to lose a defensive war. This is a very complicated and obtuse attempt to fix a minor problem by not accomplishing anything remotely effective.
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