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  1. Ayyyy lmao I'm so glad that that BK died but so happy that BK didn't die and we can be a part of its latest form.
  2. It wouldn't be a proper TJest campaign without the entire AA disappearing over night by the end of it all.
  3. I hope that everyone thoroughly considers the fact that the suggestion for Partisan as a member of the dev team got so many thumbs up reactions vs thumbs down reactions on discord that you would be fools not to hire him.
  4. They'd have to be absolute idiots to even attempt at poking holes in this CB. It's rock solid.
  5. The & has it's own AA now. Sometimes when you aren't getting the recognition you deserve you just have to strike out on your own.
  6. Well intentioned advice is not the same as intentionally frustrating and harassing for months while cheating in an attempt to force player attrition and actively coerce communities into disbandment.
  7. If we weren't so determined to fight UPN I wouldn't even know who we were fighting right now.
  8. Would like to take this opportunity to emphasize the fact that this is actually two wars. And thank everyone in advance for understanding and taking this into account moving forward.
  9. I launched an airstrike so quickly it didn't even show me my battle results. So there's that.
  10. I am an experienced IA gov member. You should disband. How's that for meddling?
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