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  1. Sisyphus

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    Something nobody has actually given me room to talk about: His coup was more or less legit imo, mechanically speaking at least. He played his cards well and pounced on the right sentiments in the right moment. Now, it would have all shattered and fallen apart because (as far as I've seen) he's weak as, but he definitely got to the top in a pragmatically legit way. His absolute lack of follow-through and runaway into VM was just straight up silly though, a complete blunder and laughable. To reiterate: 2/10 micros have done better. And putting Pantheon in a situation that was mechanically irreversible while also sacrificing his "active" involvement in-game made it obvious that this was an amateur and shortsighted ploy. And Pantheon should honestly take stock of this situation and be appropriately embarrassed, being completely honest. I hope and pray they learn a thing or two, and am optimistic about that despite the public's lack of faith in them.
  2. Sisyphus

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    I get it. You're a firebrand, It's okay. Calm down. Everything will be okay.
  3. Sisyphus

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    Definitely not gonna deny my bias here, but you're an idiot if you think blasting off on such a general criticism of such a vague grouping of people actually does anything to challenge Alex on the merits of his moderation here. Y'all are being really inconsistent with your ideas about VM. And yes, I'm a hardliner on VM, I've never used it and if I ever do you will not see me on discord or the forums. That's just me though, and I recognize Alex lets forum posts slide regularly and that's fine even though I'm irritated everytime somebody does it. Evidence of my consitency:
  4. Sisyphus

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    And adding to that, actually, even if dude did coup Pantheon and then hop in the car to drive down to the beach, Alex has overtly made the claim that whether or not this is abuse is irrelevant, he intervened based solely on the precedent that dude was "inactive" with no heirs - and he is happy to intervene in such an instance when "active" alliance members request it of him. I'm not sure how I feel about that but that's what we need to be bickering over - not building a straw man that Alex just came up in here and proclaimed going into VM is cheating. Even though I personally believe going into VM is cheating, unless you're actually not going to actively engage with this game in any aspect (forum posting, discord comms, bank holding, war dodging etc).
  5. Sisyphus

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    I think it's pretty funny that all the people complaining about Alex interference are generally people who don't approve of VM abuse (war dodging, mainly). Alex made the case that VM = Inactive and then said he doesn't mind helping an alliance get an active player into leadership if the alliance owner goes inactive with no heirs in place. Which is what he did here. I think that's a fine standard, for the most part, and anyone trying to make the case that he is trying to equate going inactive to breaking the rules is just stretching super hard to make a case - he only brought that incident up to contextualize the precedent that, yes, he is perfectly fine getting involved with things like this when he deems it appropriate. We can agree or disagree on whether or not it actually was appropriate all day but at least keep your arguments straight. I think considering the fact that you can't use VM to hide a bank is a pretty good place to inform this instance but instead of hoarding resources and cash this guy was abusing VM to completely gridlock an alliance. Strictly speaking, based on the game rules, VM has a very limited purpose. To pause your nation and make sure it is protected while the player is unable or unwillingly to actively play the game. Anything beyond that is abuse of the mechanic and can warrant Alex's intervention imo. (Sidenote: I'm of the opinion that people in VM should get warns for posting on the forums but that's just me tho.) This dude clearly didnt coup Pantheon and then hop in the car to drive down to the beach lmao. Especially considering he was actively interviewing with basically anybody that reached out to him at the time. So he abused VM mechanics to hurt an entire alliance without offering them a fair way to retaliate within the mechanical confines of the game. So they prayed unto Alex and he spoke down miracles from the heavens.
  6. Sisyphus

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    If you had actually paid attention: he didn't say going into VM was cheating. He made the case that one player going into VM and paralyzing 100+ others was significant grounds for him to intervene on the side of those actively still playing. If dude had not gone into VM things would have been totally different but he basically quit the game mid-power play on this one. f
  7. Sisyphus

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    I have about the same effect on people.
  8. Sisyphus

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    Generally speaking if you really want to coup a place you should actually stick around long enough to watch things play out instead of hopping into VM. Very disappointing. Little thought put in, poor spin, and absolutely zero follow through. I give it a 2/10. Micros have done better.
  9. Sisyphus

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    One thing at a time. I am old and these computstional thingamajigs confuse me.
  10. Sisyphus

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    I'm too ticklish for all that, you should know this. 😅
  11. Sisyphus

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    Keep chewing on that ankle and you'll figure out how strong it is.
  12. Sisyphus

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    Just gotta get through leg day so I can focus on the rest of the year.
  13. Sisyphus

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    Helping new and up-and-coming governments has always been a huge facet of the Syndicate’s foreign policy. We must thank Pantheon for revitilising our efforts on a regular basis and look forward to building new new new strong relationships as we move forward.
  14. Sisyphus

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    I just changed my name, give it some fricking time to catch on dude.
  15. Sisyphus

    The Hobo Express - Part 7

    At least that lets you know we can actually find the "Declare War" button when we want to.

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