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  1. The fact that you are crying also confirms that it's a bad joke. ­čśž
  2. I am talking about what your actions have proven. Not about what I believed to be the case pre-war. As I've said and proven with my own actions, I ignored older players' doubts and went ahead with believing you and giving you a chance to prove yourself. You just fell sort of that. It makes me sad that you find it funny. Kinda proves your whole "no one wants to forget the past/work with us" rhetoric is just a joke for you.
  3. Sorry. I forgot to add the part where you didn't want to let the rest of the world know IQ was still a thing, so you tried to throw everyone else in the war first, before joining. My bad!
  4. They promised that their side (with you included) would not expand the war. You did just that, trying to strong-arm them. And they decided that they wouldn't play your game and dropped out of the war. Simple as that. Sorry, I won't accept this comment, especially from you. Among all the people I've worked with, you are the last one that has the right to make such a statement.
  5. Like you tried to assert dominance in the relationship first? By making them attack Guardian/GOB so that you would support BK without actually spending resources? I am sure you got pretty anxious when they actually honored their word and dropped out of the war when you "expanded" the fight beyond that "separate war". It's probably at that time that you started thinking about things like... ^ these crazy things. Honestly, such thoughts just prove how you think. I can only assume that this is something you would actually do, so expect the others to act the same way. Edit: Wait! Didn't you do exactly that with DB? xD Or I haven't been following the forums properly?
  6. On the other hand, it's amazing how you make it look like every alliance, even allies of yours (see t$), are out to get you and they are the bad guys. This kinda explains why you had to get your Guinea alliance though. If you cannot play with anyone else, you just have to play by yourself, I guess. What should make you wonder though, is why that's the case. Could it be there is some fault at your part? It's just... peculiar, if you think about it. Here is the issue: you assume everyone else is 100% malicious (aka, against your interests) and never say/do anything in good faith. What's more probable? NPO just doing bad politics or the rest of the game just being crazy?
  7. Honestly... The issue is that everybody sees that the only thing you do is talking your way out of all situations (even avoiding to help your treaty allies). As I've said before, you have 0 actions to back your words. Literally. You can talk and argue all you want. The fact that you've taken no actions that support your perspective of reality is the truth though. I am really surprised you have the guts to actually criticize alliances that have proven their intentions and views on politics with honesty, unlike you. Now, go on and counter me with more words.
  8. Can... can I sign for the double-rebuild funds please?
  9. I guess you say that because you consider these two alliances "irrelevant" too. Same you've done with all the previous alliances that have surrendered or peaced out from your side. Can you give me a list of "relevant" alliances from your side so that I can know when to get my hopes up? I've started to think all of the alliances at your side are irrelevant.
  10. Ripper


    Doom-clock ticking.
  11. Well, that's all nice and good, but what about the stuntmen?
  12. Hint: My boss was not happy with my performance. Hint 2: My job is not making comics.
  13. Ripper

    Such a whore

    @Micchan $30M if you didn't get the money from the other offer yet.
  14. Ripper

    Such a whore

    Price: $20M Name change: Rippy Avatar: Mine Edit: I swear, if you spend the money on Keno, I will personally raid you.
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