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  1. Ripper

    Wasn't that a party?

    They got attacked together with Swagrr. And 3 days to notice the attack. I hope I could sleep as deeply as you, Buck. xD Glad to see you at war.
  2. Ripper

    How long will this war go on for?

    For a pleb... it looks like you know how things are done... Send your CV to my office. I will have a look at it on Monday. Now, if you excuse me, I have to buy some more land at my cities so that I can make it for me easier to play golf. Let's talk about business later.
  3. Ripper

    How long will this war go on for?

    You weren't supposed to point that out. 😢
  4. Ripper

    How long will this war go on for?

    4k infra is insane. That's only for the hyper-rulers, like Thrax and the members of GOB. I know my place in this world, as you and Thanos do.
  5. Ripper

    How long will this war go on for?

    @Curufinwe, blame Thanos for getting the tag of being ruled. Also, @rulers, I need some assistance from my fellow capitalists. I know my capitalist hat is big and all... But I cannot hold them alone for much longer!
  6. Ripper

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    Love you. ❤️ What about the other two wishes?
  7. Ripper

    How long will this war go on for?

    And do some actual work? What kind of a ruler would I be then? I swear... This working class becomes more silly by the day. On the other hand, that's exactly the reason we can rule them.
  8. Ripper

    How long will this war go on for?

    You think your numbers can scare us, you dirty pleb? Thanks for bringing more servants for our ruling class to step on. :<
  9. Ripper

    Fraggle Food For Coal Program (FFFCP)

    Better being toxic than just... basic.
  10. Ripper

    Looking Deep! TKR

    Careful, @Robert Taber. Speak positively of TKR and NPO will not be able to work with you for the next 50 years.
  11. Ripper

    The Return Of The D

    Is this some trick of the ruling class to control the mass media and means of entertainment?
  12. Ripper

    How long will this war go on for?

    Glad you admit that we rule you and we own you. Who is the real slaaaaayve now?
  13. Ripper

    8/13/2019 - Achievements

    You scared me with all those notifications, but that's an amazing feature indeed. It is like setting new "goals" or a campaign mode for the game. Thanks a lot!
  14. Ripper

    How long will this war go on for?

    hahahaha! Ok, ok, sorry for making you mad. I hadn't realized your entire politics and war decisions were based on how people treat TKR. An obsession indeed. At least it is clear now. In any case, with that last statement you make: 1. Either you say you are not planning to fight anyone else except for TKR, so you will never work with people that have "positive relations with them"... 2. or you are stating you will never work with an alliance that has positive relations with alliances that you may fight in the future (which is anyone but BK/Polaris?)... I see. Maybe that's why you cannot work with anyone, as you complain, no? The filters you got there are... quite strict. ----------------------------------------------------------- You are right, it wasn't Malal. The first mentions in the coalition channel about a PoW where from... Oh, Thanos and Keshav. Totally not IQ. I hope I don't have to elaborate on this? You can also see Revan's statement about "closing the gap between ourselves and TKR" specifically. As I said, TKR is your obsession, not mine. My "obsession" would be the whales, most of which were hardly in TKR. -------------------------------------------------------------- So, let me get this straight and don't even think about dodging this one. Are you implying that Chaos formed with TKR keeping its ties with Guardian and/or GOB or CoS having ties to Guardian/GOB? Because that's the only way I can see cancelling upper tier domination/protection. I won't focus on the "doesn't count part", because I am speechless on that one. xD It's wonderful how you contradict yourself though. Here you state that "there wasn't enough buy-in to steam roll mid-tier alliances". Yet, your whole rhetoric is about Chaos combining forces with KETOG to "steam roll" poor mid-tier alliances (the BK-blob in this case). And, on the other hand, you state that NPO had to intervene because the war was not balanced, and BK-blob had a huge disadvantage! So, which is it, Roq? Was there enough buy-in? There wasn't? If Chaos/KETOG were working together from the beginning and were keeping the high-tier safe, why didn't they attack the BK-blob at full force before... you know... blowing each other's military up? It's not 1/18. It's 1/28. War officially ended 3 days later, with the other side having accepted most terms already earlier than that (and the result of the war being obvious even earlier than that). ----------------------------------------------------------------- You stopped working with me 2 months before the formation of Chaos. So, stop lying and saying that you didn't want to work with me on February because I would form Chaos on April. This is the third post you repeat yourself like this with a statement that makes zero sense. Unless you really are a prophet. As I said, you didn't want to work with me, even in a short-term arrangement (although you were more than happy to do so pre-war). Thus, I was free to do whatever I wanted after February, with you having cut all communications. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Roq... The only old boy with power in this war is you. I have engaged in politics and alliances for less than a year. Adrienne is a young leader too. BK has changed 2-3 leaders during the 3 years I've been playing. If the problem is really old boys... ... maybe you should retire and get some new blood take over and open up new paths that are not based on strange obsessions about specific alliances. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Then... why did TEst/CoS start Knightfall, Roq? Why didn't we sign them to stay safe and dominate the upper tier forever!? I cannot even fathom how you believe other people think like this. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- In any case, the hard truth for you is that there have been two wars that prove the conflict between upper tier alliances. Knightfall and the Chaos/KETOG war. These are actions. You can try to paint all of our leaders as evil plotters and talk about motives, relations, motivations, plans, you can look for and post logs all you want, you can talk about semantics, IFs, secret discussions, deals under the table, you can try to spin our declarations and analyse each and every word we use and paint it as you want, BUT... but the hard truth for you is that these don't matter. Actions talk bigger than assumptions and conspiracy theories. And for our case, we have two wars to mention. On the other hand... why should the rest of the world believe you! You have only words to back this up. No actions. You had one chance to prove that IQ really didn't exist and just blew it in this war. Maybe next time! See, I can play your game too. Look at some nice "arguements". Please try to address them: > IQ never split because NPO has always been talking positively about BK. > NPO has worked in the past a lot of times with BK, so it's improbable they cut ties from one day to another. > NPO signing t$ was just a way to further make "mid"-tier a safe place and for mid-tier alliances to not fight each other, thus establishing even greater mid-tier domination. It's super easy to talk about hypothetical scenarios. And I can throw some logs in between if you want. -------------------------------------------------------------- As such, I see no reason to further debate with you on whether Chaos/KETOG plotted, targeted you or whatever. We have actions and they are there. Your assumptions are cancelled by reality. And I see no reason to further debate with you whether IQ broke or not, since I don't see you going for any actions. Our assumptions are not cancelled by reality. ------------------------------------------------------------- So, thanks for the debate. You could have used arguements that wouldn't be based on prophecies or time-travels, but still, it was entertaining and fun. Good luck with your wars and relations. I wish you find new people that you can trust and work with. My apologies all my efforts failed on that.
  15. Ripper

    How long will this war go on for?

    Noted and thanks.

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