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  1. Ripper

    Problem Solution Chart 2019

  2. Ripper

    Careful, it's Soup!

    04/20 09:11 pm - Graveland declared war on Empire for the reason of "In defense of Fark!". Thanks for your report, Captain James. I will send the bill for my services to Fark after the war is over.
  3. Ripper

    The soup kitchen is now closed!

    Regarding the militarization part... Ronny, being unmilitarized is... their fault I think? Take your nation for example. Once the previous global war ended, you built to your nice 10k infra per city and had literary zero military, not even aircraft. Not just you personally. A lot of members of your alliance too. It would have sucked if someone had taken the chance to hit you again, but it wouldn't be their fault. It would be yours. Even now you have 1.5k aircraft, to make that extra valuable $700k per day. Regarding the "unsuspecting" part... Again, it's up to an alliance to have a proper network of spies, diplomants and friends to acquire information. When a group isolates itself (and I am not talking about treaties here, but about interactions and member-to-member or alliance-to-alliance backroom deals), this is not always possible. Let's take again you for example, at the previous war. You knew the day of the blitz and (most of) the attackers. Did you get an official invitation or warning? I suspect not. Specifically in Fark's case, Fark got spy attacks and people were caught almost a week before the blitz and I do know quite a few people linked to the attacked alliances knew about it. Since you only took under consideration the number of nations at each side, here is the stats that dear @Avakael kindly provided in another thread but you probably missed. I think the stats (and the fact that there nations that were not even touched during the blitz) pretty much prove there were chances for a proper counter from Fark and WTF without having to bring another alliance with 30 nations on the field. In any case, you might be right. I cannot wait for you though to declare a nice war, with balanced numbers and a warning a week or so ago before your blitz. Well... when you max your planes at least. Till then, no one will attack you of course, since it would be unfair attacking an alliance that doesn't have max planes to make extra cash and leaves its militarization to their allies. Why spend money on military and not make extra cash when you can leave that to your allies, right?
  4. Ripper

    Careful, it's Soup!

    So, it's a cold joke?
  5. Ripper

    Careful, it's Soup!

  6. Ripper


    I cannot sleep at night. The way I read this question, I understand that it asks whether (in my opinion) the nuke bloc was considered scary by anyone (not by me necessarily). From the stories I've heard at least, when the first nukes were produced, infra-people were losing their minds. So, I do think that somewhen nukes were a deterrent and players/alliances did fear them. That being said, I wasn't around then, so I may be wrong.
  7. Ripper

    Viva La Revolucion!

    Poor @Maia... She is so sick... To all those dictators out there: Don't put rebels in prison, because then you make them heroes. Lock them in a mental asylum instead.
  8. Ripper

    @everyone - It's true.

    Same here... Can we just meet somewhere in the middle?
  9. Ripper

    I Can't Put Money In My Alliance Bank

    Just don't put ",". Deposit 2000000.
  10. Ripper

    An Ocean Voyage

    Would you mind sharing those numbers showing this consolidation.
  11. Ripper

    Chaos sphere is the worse sphere

    You are damn right.
  12. Ripper

    SNN-Between a Roq and a Hard Place

    Not sure whether to start making the comic or wait for confirmation.
  13. Ripper

    A Valid CB

    I see what you did there.
  14. Ripper

    A Valid CB

    A Valid CB ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Preamble We, the Undersigned, henceforth known as Chaos (Bloc), declare our intent to cooperate together in our mission to bring chaos to Orbis. Our ultimate purpose is to make the game fun for our members and to keep things interesting here in Orbis. We aim to be a bloc that does not strive for complete dominance in the game in any sense (tier-wise, economically, militarily, politically, etc.). Ultimate cultural victory is excluded from this rule. We are open to working with different groups and helping out others looking to bring a little extra excitement into Orbis. If you are looking for partners in a war, trying to shake things up yourself, or want to 1v1 one of us, feel free to contact us. Article I: The Actual Treaty All members come together as friends and shall make no hostile act against one another. It is agreed to handle any issues between them in private. Members agree to aid each other in all conflicts in which a fellow member alliance is defending, except in cases where the member alliance declines help, in which case they are kindly requested to stay the #%$& out. This aid includes, but is not limited to, information, military assistance, financial assistance, moral and lumbar support. Article II: The Lunatics The Lunatics is a council consisting of the leader and one senior representative from each member alliance. Their responsibility is to oversee the day-to-day operations of Chaos. Article III: Membership Joining the bloc is invitation only and as such, petitions to join will not be considered. Any alliance invited to join must receive a unanimous vote of confidence from The Lunatics. If the invited alliance accepts, they may not have outside ties other than one protectorate/MDP partner who is also not connected to the treaty web. Any additional outside treaties will be at the discretion of The Lunatics. Should a member alliance wish to temporarily “exit” the bloc for the purpose of things like 1v1 fights, they may do so. Should any member alliance wish to permanently withdraw from the bloc, they may do so at any time with 72 hours notice to The Lunatics. /s/ The Lunatics Ripper (CoS), Vexz’s Puppet Spaceman Thrax (CoS), God’s Detergent Adrienne (SK), Vexz’s Multi Schirminator (SK), Faceless Econ Guy Charlie Traveler (Soup), Mr. Clean Kevanovia (Soup), Soggy Pantaloons Squeegee (TKR), Sad Meat Clover (TKR), Everything Ruiner Opening Initiatives: Making an effort to assist former Nerdsphere alliances against unsporting attacks from political detractors for one month while they sculpt their pectoral topiary Figuring out why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch Couping Niz before she is able to organize an effective resistance Commencing Operation “Greg's Metropolis” and “The Mexican-Canadian Truce” whilst doing a Great Job!
  15. Ripper

    Viva La Revolucion!

    Delightful HitGirl Maia of Bamika attempted to detonate a nuclear weapon upon your nation of Graveland. The attack was thwarted by your Vital Defense System National Project. Your terrorist weapons have no power here.

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