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  1. Ripper

    Bloody Horsemen

    @Roquentin, @Dio Brando, any attempts to spin this one? Although NPO is really talkative in the t$-DoW thread, I don't see much activity here. I wonder why... If possible, stick with your standard style of verbose statements and walls of text. A conspiracy theory would be entertaining too. Something like: "Horsemen's sustained infra damage wasn't high enough and Chaos-KETOG didn't go all out against them, so this war may have been a training/fun war. Also, Chaos Bloc - KETOG accepted to make peace with them too quickly. This makes you wonder whether there was a plan all along and Chaos Bloc - KETOG have secret ties with Horsemen and by extention Fark / WTF."
  2. Ripper

    Weather forecast

    tl;dr Arrgh declares war on Brotherhood of the Clouds (BoC)
  3. Ripper

    Introducing: Prime Time Booty Time

    @Agent W I found your rap nemesis. I suggest you fight.
  4. Ripper

    The cure for everything is saltwater

    Mandatory "Arrgh!"
  5. Ripper

    Surf's Up

    You filthy pirate... What did you keep the $10M on your nation for? 😧
  6. Ripper

    Surf's Up

    @BOYCE THE GREAT, @Bluebear mind clearing this out? I have to know how many terms to put in the peace treaty document. P.S. Mandatory "Arrgh!"
  7. Ripper

    Surf's Up

    Sorry SRD, but this is against what you signed in the peace terms of the previous war. Behave yourself.
  8. Ripper

    BK Adds Some Ink

    Congrats on satisfying once again your need to feel safer.
  9. Ripper

    Story Time

    With Hannah... & Doggo?
  10. Ripper

    Our not so secret war

    Sharing is caring?
  11. Sorry for interrupting your raid then. I hope Pantheon / NR-TF get peace soon enough, so that you get to raid (and get countered by) Pantheon on your own. Jokes aside, getting in the middle of a gentlemen's fight is rude. And wearing the "raider" mask whenever it is convenient for you is also not nice. Either you get to be a full-time raider, true to your values, or just an opportunist. You and @Malal may want to join Arrgh soon enough though, so sorry if I am missing something.
  12. You are also participating to a war that has nothing to do with you. If you are going for a stealthy piggyback, at least stay silent.
  13. Ripper

    Time issues

    Hello @KrabsIsA. The time shown in-game is the same for everyone (Orbis-time = UTC 0). Regarding the 10 minutes difference, I can only assume you didn't refresh the page or something (since the time shown changes only when you refresh).
  14. Ripper

    Problem Solution Chart 2019


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