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  1. Ι disagree. In corporate terms, you make a distinction between the brand (fluff) and the mission/vision/culture of a company. It's the same here. @Rockefeller since you want a discussion, I would add a fourth element which may make you roll your eyes: infrastructure & operations. Manuals, bots, clear-cut documents describing operations (I am not talking just about "guides", but also about logistics related documentation) is of great importance. In some cases, a strong baseline in that field may cover constant changes (or lack of) leadership.
  2. Yeah, I don't buy it. I am sure you are just pulling a Scorpions trick so that you get to sell more tickets for your "last" concert, seeing how you got a new song.
  3. Ι think this one is already a default war declaration message (at least the first part).
  4. You really got me there, Rob. I thought you would suggest that the only solution is a bipolar Orbis. Then you pulled out the paperless gem. Cheers.
  5. Red Birthday flashbacks Let me just add that you are what you are also because of the antagonism and enemies you have come to face over the last 4 years. Here is to another 4 years and more, House Stark.
  6. RoH implies defence. Defence implies you protect members. The war started because Hannah and Alexio were specifically hit. Your "RoHs" were based literally on 5 raids ("mass raiding your folks"). Our RoH was based on the fact that Ampersand attacked the entirety of Arrgh, and not just the 3 people that participated to that "mass raid". Literally every other Swamp alliance just attacked Arrgh to support Ampersand on their aggressive activities. Calling this a "defense" is ridiculous, and submitting a RoH for that is even more so. About the "we didn't go to war" part, 1 out of 3
  7. I don't see anything below -100% here: https://politicsandwar.com/world/radiation/
  8. Yes. The Test server is just for testing. No game-related rules are moderated there.
  9. Mayor, just letting you know that you are being kinda unfair here. I would say TKR has "redeemed" itself already (if anyone really has to redeem for playing safe in a game) more than once. Adrienne points out to TKR's activities for the past 3 years. That's half of the Orbis history. And if you want to take revenge for Arrgh time's sake, do that while fighting from Arrgh.
  10. Hi MBaku. This has been mentioned before, but I will repeat it for you, since you spent some time to provide stats and well-formatted arguments. Our war is not a closed system. Arrgh is not raiding just Swamp. It is raiding other alliances too, at the same time. The losses you present (the $5B) are just replenished by that loot. You can use Borg's bot to get a rough number for that. We can keep up this war indefinitely, as we've been doing for the past 6 years. What you seem to misunderstand is this: you think that Arrgh has a peace-mode. It doesn't. The only thing
  11. I will just point out that Zim made his pumpkin while drunk with rum. This should give him an extra point or two.
  12. That's on the test server. Unless there is a tournament going on, multies are not moderated in the test server.
  13. Not sure whether to be happy about this comment or actually get offended.
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