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  1. You successfully gathered intelligence about The Council. Your spies discovered that The Council has 10 spies, $9,130,059.71, 1,026.50 coal, 2,797.35 oil, 2,463.65 uranium, 246.00 lead, 2,875.70 iron, 401.59 bauxite, 7,705.15 gasoline, 694.23 munitions, 58.79 steel, 1,373.34 aluminum, and 526,819.75 food.
  2. Uhm... checks his theme again I can only offer him rum...
  3. April Fools' Day was almost a week ago! Regarding this announcement, the official response from Arrgh is... "We are not sure whether we had too much rum last night or this thread hides some deception". As a general comment, when you read an announcement, it's better to crosscheck whether the in-game activities are in lign with it.
  4. Welcome on board, Captain. Enjoy the game.
  5. @phil the third welcome to the game. Regarding your question, keep in mind that each coal/oil power plant can power up to 500 infrastrcture in a city (maximum). For 500.01+ infrastructure, you would need more power plants. Also, the coal mines may not produce enough coal. As a sidenote, edit your forum account and add your nation name/link to it. That's a requirement in the forums and also useful for others to know who you are (e.g. I am not able to check your cities and locate what your problem is, since I don't know your nation).
  6. There are plenty of established alliances offering safekeeping options. I think an update like this would support raiding and give a drive to alliances to solve their safekeeping issues through politics instead of fireworks and tricks. Edit: There are some alliances with less than 5 members that are real, not offshores... I guess we shouldn't nerf them... Maybe some more work on the requirements should be done.
  7. Your answer is in your question.
  8. Extra points for actually having Black as the alliance color, unlike that fake Black Knights alliance that has been around for a while.
  9. An urban legend says that anyone who chants the words "Charlie Traveler" three times in front of a mirror will summon a vengeful spirit.
  10. @Alex I cannot get past guilt anymore... I will have to surrender myself... I was the one that gave the hint for the exploit, back in 2017... I am sorry... I didn't expect them to use it... Shameless advertisting intensifies... You can read the whole comics episode here.
  11. "Sorry... Blockaded..."
  12. Someone must be mad that was not invited to the party. Arrgh had Associates in the past while remaining always paperless. Thanks for reading.
  13. Ahoy, Comraid! Even as they slipped into their moorings at port they could hear the commotion. Sounds of laughter and singing threaded together with slightly discordant violin music drifted across the bay towards them. Grand Admiral Zim stood on deck gazing inland toward what sounded like quite the party. “Lads” he said over his shoulder as the crew gathered on deck. “I don’t know about you, but it appears we are late to the party”. Admiral Ripper chuckled to himself behind his mask “Aye! But better late than never, I always say.” As a crew member lowered the gang plank, Zim yelled over his shoulder “Lads, and Ladies! It’s time for a bit of fun!!! We celebrate tonight, for you have earned it, but two days hence we sail!! You bilge rats had better be ready then! If you fall behind.....” “YOU GET LEFT BEHIND” the crew shouted as they jostled their way over the gangplank and down the dock towards town, First Mate Bocephus wagging and barking along side. As the crew approached, the sound of the party grew louder and louder until they arrived at the tavern. The Admiralty pushed their way forward through the crew and opened the door. They were greeted with a blast of sight, sound, and, unfortunately, smell. Pirates were everywhere singing, drinking, and playing dice. A few were dancing and several were in various degrees of undress participating in questionable things with the staff. Someone was swinging from the light hanging above the taproom, and some fool was trying (and fortunately failing) to set fire to the upstairs balcony. When the revelers noticed the Arrgh! Crew filing in, they slowly ceased their fun and stood, staring at the pirates as they entered. The music suddenly stopped and an uneasy silence filled the room. Both sides bristled at each other as hands strayed toward sword hilts. Both sides staring hard across the room. Zim searching through the crowd for threats noticed a familiar face across the room. A slow smile spread across his ugly mug as he put the name to the face “Dryad, it’s been a long time”. As Dryad recognized the speaker he returned the greeting “Ahh Zim, I see those navy jackals haven’t managed to get a noose around your neck yet, you filthy pirate!” “I could say the same about you and the national guard” replied Zim. Both leaders strode to the center of the room and exchanged a firm handshake. As if everyone in the room was holding their breath and could only now exhale, the tension in the room went out and everyone relaxed returning to their activities and the new arrivals shouting for ale and rum. “Let’s you and I get a quiet table and catch up.“ Dryad said, moving to a dark corner of the room. “You know” Dryad said after emptying his tankard. “With all this warfare going on between the two coalitions......there could be......opportunities for the, shall we say, industrious to make some coin”. “And of what industry do you speak?” asked Zim leaning into closer. “But, raiding of course!” said Dryad. “Of course!” Zim replied laughing. Dryad leaned forward, ”I have heard many sea stories of late about the mountains of booty the Arrghcrew has been hauling in”. “Similar stories are heard about Mythic” replied Zim. “Well” said Dryad, eyes beginning to glow with anticipation. “Imagine that instead of working separately, and in some cases against each other, we came to a...sort of.....understanding? “Of mutual benefit?” asked Zim, eyebrow raised. “Of course!” said Dryad laughing. “Well let’s get to the details then” smiled Zim leaning closer to hear more about the arrangement. The party gained momentum, both Mythic and Arrgh! crews began to bond over rum, sea stories, and other sorts of shared debauchery. It was a party of such magnitude, that to this day people still talk about in port. As dawn broke over the bay the party was still in full swing, and the two figures in the dark corner, heads together were still plotting their collective courses.......... ~ From the Chronicles of Cap'n @Critters ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As it has been recognized that both Arrgh and Mythic follow a similar governing philosophy and support communities the members of which... pillage, plunder, rifle, and loot kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot extort, pilfer, filch, and sack maraud and embezzle, and even high-jack kindle and char, inflame and ignite burn up the city, are really a fright are rascals, scoundrels, villains, and knaves are devils and black sheep, really bad eggs are beggars and blighters, ne'er-do-well cads but are all loved by their mommies and dads … Arrgh recognizes Mythic as an Associate and makes a toast to all the future raiding and plundering to come. This does not imply the signing of any kind of a treaty between the two alliances that will remain paperless, but does signify their will to work together in an attempt to terrorize all the seas, lands and skies of Orbis. tl;dr: Arrgh and Mythic have decided to become raiding partners.
  14. Greetings Blackbird and thanks for your suggestion. Why do you consider that making raids more difficult is a good thing?
  15. This won't get you in a No-Raiding List, but epic pirate shenanigans do sound interesting! Good luck with your wars. Have fun.
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