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  1. Cool graphics, as always, Max.
  2. In one of my current wars (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=591657), my opponent launched a nuke towards one of my cities. This is the report from the war logs: 01/22/2020 04:07 am King Sir Reknott of Keyport Islands detonated a nuclear weapon in the nation of Graveland and eliminated 25 Resistance. The attack destroyed 830.00 infrastructure in the city of Dreamstone and 2 improvements. And this from the notifications: 01/22 04:07 am King Sir Reknott of Keyport Islands detonated a nuclear weapon upon your nation of Graveland. The attack destroyed 830.00 infrastructure in the city of Dreamstone as well as two a nuclear power plants. The problem: My city had... only one nuclear plant. I also lost only one improvement instead of two (since I guess the one plant I had was double-killed). I can only guess that this happened because the chances for each improvement to be destroyed are calculated in parallel instead of in a serial manner, so if you have 1 improvement of a kind, then there is a high chance this 1 improvement is "double-destroyed". Probabilities for the kind of the second improvement to be destroyed should be calculated after removing the first destroyed improvement from the list of "available improvements to be nuked". Leaving the bug aside, I've rebuilt the city already, so you can go ahead and remove the new nuclear plant, if you deem it fair to compansate for that "loss" on my opponents kills. PS: @Alex, while you are at it, you may want to fix the grammar in the "... as well as two a nuclear power plants". PS2: Maaaaybe you could keep the type of improvements recorded at the war logs, since this is already done in the notifications? It would be nice to have. tl;dr: Improvement double-nuked, only one improvement lost from a nuke.
  3. I've missed some good yellow journalism. Keep it sinful!
  4. Υou must be one of those guys that steal money from the bank in Monopoly... :< A mentality like this makes gaming pointless. Playing a game by its rules makes it possible to enjoy it and feel satisfaction about winning in it.
  5. Can you quote the corresponding passage to me? Because I just don't see it. Also, while you are at it, a list of quotes where they mock you prior to you backstabbing them would be lovely to have. An alliance that has problems with a partner of theirs, either discusses those problems or just drops them. There is an entire clause on the MDP treaties just for that. 72 hours and all. Rings a bell? I am really appalled at the stance you are keeping on this matter. Pretending it is ok to plot against an alliance with which you have an MDP just proves that you are the the one being intentionally obtuse.
  6. I don't see how they are mocking you in the Mirror Accords. There is no NPO reference there. Could it be you feel guilty about something? Also, even if they do mock you right now, this proves absolutely nothing about the kind of allies they were, so I have no idea why you bring that up. If I was backstabbed by someone, I would also mock them. Unless that's the best proof you have about their "treachery", that is, so I understand. You do need some sort of defence line. Still, the argument "I backstabbed my ally because they would mock me (as they did) after backstabbing them", doesn't make much sense in any context.
  7. checks signatories checks Keshav's signature Yeah... If I were you, I would feel safer if I had Roquentin signing that. As safe as you can feel towards a person that goes forward with rolling his MDP allies.
  8. It looks like someone is frustrated that an important title was stolen from them. No worries, Tib. "NPO did a good job!"
  9. tries to find AK in-game I have to say, this aged pretty well.
  10. Ripper

    Take a l

    Did voting start/end? I think only the nominations are up and running right now.
  11. Was it? I am sure they will sign CS and Zodiac next. I call it!
  12. I love this version. The ninja though still confuses me.
  13. blushes My favorite stat. @Bluebear suck it! I am ahead of you!
  14. Thankfully, you've funded a lot of Arrgh ads, so we get new victims to join us every day.
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