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  1. Read the "law of large numbers" and some things may become clearer. The statistics are working just fine. If you get nukes 1k times and don't see that 20%, then sure, report it.
  2. Off-topic: Come correct or get corrected. "=!" != "!=".
  3. On a more serious note, it feels like you introduce a very hard cut-off, that hardly exists right now. Surely, targets decrease as you go from city 3 to e.g., 5, but it's not like you suddenly lose all available options. It's a relatively smooth transition. Adding a mechanic like what you suggest, adds a virtual wall that many people may decide not to skip at all. Regarding the voting results you mentioned, I see people were 50-50 about such a change. Is this enough to go ahead with the change?
  4. I find another issue with this description: the "... attackers start with 7 MAPs" part. A lot of people initially think that when they are the ones attacking with blitzkrieg, they get 7 MAPs, which is not the case. It's the opposite: if a player with blitzkrieg gets attacked, their enemy starts off with 7 MAPs instead.
  5. Breaking News: 6 out of 7 captives released! Within less than 24 hours, with the support of relatives and co-workers, 6 out of 7 of the captive journalists have been released, after meeting Arrgh's demands. Following the release of the captives, peace has also been agreed between Arrgh and Serene Repubblica Fiorentina and The Almighty Corporation (exclusive photo below). From left to right, the released journalists: ChrisNorcras (won the beard competition held between captives and pirates on-board the tuna boat), David Jones (looking almighty), Emrys the Great (looking better, but still not great), Alfred Chambers (looks like he still has symptoms of sea-sickness), Labaw Datubago (still looking like a pirate), and Ford (out of frame again, for unknown reasons). Regarding the 7th captive, after a failed attempt by Borgs Assisted Loot Liberation Service to rescue him, the situation has become complicated. From left to right: Admiral Zim (on top of the ransom), Borg (a few moments before being captured, after his failed attempt to hijack one of Arrgh's ships by using a water-gun), and Euron Greyjoy (left alone in the brig... he has completely lost it). On an unrelated note, the mass-raid against USSR is still going strong. Stay tuned for more news!
  6. That's what everyone says, till they see the red flag out their window.
  7. Part 1: Piracy against Journalism [this post] Part 2: 6 out of 7 captives released [link] Part 3: Last captives released [link] ------------------------------------------------ Piracy against Journalism According to a highly trusted source, 1 in 4 journalists rarely or never seek out peer-reviewed research to learn about beat topics. Had this not been the case, journalists would know about facts like this… ... and wouldn’t announce things like this: It has come to Arrgh’s attention that “YET another completely biased news server run by a bad micro” as they identify themselves, “The Observer”, took it upon themselves to share with Orbis sensitive (and partially inaccurate) information about pirate activities. Alas. To err is human. To arr is pirate. As of this date change, Arrgh has kidnapped the core staff members of this news server. The journalists are currently held captive at a 50-metres long tuna boat somewhere off the shores of southeastern Somalia (exclusive photo provided below). From left to right, Sam Cooper (Arrgh’s Grand Admiral) and the captives: Emrys the Great (doesn’t look that great), Alfred Chambers (looks like he has the early symptoms of sea-sickness), David Jones (initially confused with Davy Jones), ChrisNorcras (initially confused with Barbarossa [Redbeard]), Euron Greyjoy (looking like he has lost it already), Labaw Datubago (initially thought to be a member of our crew), and Ford (out of frame, getting rid of his breakfast). Regarding Arrgh’s demands: For the captives to be released, the captives, their co-workers, their relatives, or their alliances shall provide $2B in cash and the name of their “highly trusted source” that shared with them the aforementioned leak. Should the demand not be accepted, the journalists will be keelhauled. Anyone who defends the captives, will be considered part of their group and Arrgh will have to assume their ill intentions towards us. The alliances of the captives, Serene Repubblica Fiorentina, The Almighty Corporation, Borgs Assisted Loot Liberation Service, or any other alliances, shall not attempt to release the captives. Should any kind of escalation or mobilization be identified (militarization, ghosts joining the alliances, allies initiating militarization, etc.), Arrgh will extend hostilities accordingly. Delays in negotiations or non-acceptance of the above demands will result in a steady increase of the demanded ransom. P.S. Regarding the reported leak, indeed Arrgh has been planning to hit someone this Saturday day-change into Sunday. The lucky someone that will be accepting the cannonballs of the main Arrgh armada is USSR. tl;dr: Loose lips sink journalist ships. ARRGH!
  8. How did you manage to miss the chance for a "Lepus & Lupus" reference?
  9. As if anti-vaxxers were not enough... Now we have anti-Vexzers too.
  10. I think the first such war would just be called "The Punic War". "First Punic War" implies you already know there will be a second.
  11. Adrienne... I think that's a peanut, not a potato...
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