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  1. I am repeating myself here, but war goals are a means to something. Most of the time, they reflect political goals. If the goal of Mythic is to become rich and of TEst to stop being raided, I think that the one winning right now is not TEst.
  2. Nope. We won't. That's true, but pretty old history. Before Papers, Please, Arrgh had a quite strict DNR list and was more "careful" with its raids. After Papers, Please, Arrgh kept only a short DNR with just some friendly alliances and the alliances that were buying pirate insurance. For the best 3 years, there is no actual DNR list in Arrgh.
  3. You don't care about your infra because your alliance will reimburse damages anyway. That's a really irresponsible way to look at things. Alliances entrust their members with funds and their government with funding decisions. The funds belong to the alliance and its members. Not caring how these are spent is like not caring about the very fact members are taxed (being stolen money for a common goal [that does not exist, in this case]). The said members: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=230114 (inactive since August, 7 cities) https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=13
  4. ... multiplied by 34 cities (the most for a nation in Arrgh)... faints $9,614,091.6.
  5. This anime dub is weird... I am pretty sure they got a guy as a voice-actor... (Nice voice. Have fun.)
  6. I just thank you for confirming that you have an abstract war goal and no political one backing it. I am amazed you tax people and use their money under such circumstances. War without politics is pure warmongering. It looks like we are more similar than you thought. Welcome to the "fun side" of the game you so much condemn. I did chuckle with this one. Loans to rebuild... what? I think this confirms you guys are just oblivious when it comes to understanding how piracy works.
  7. Not only you don't know what your goal is, but you are not even sure whether you actually have a goal. To answer to your question though... "Î’ecause you are using your taxpayers money and you should use them responsibly." Especially if you think that the only reason the war started was because leaders were attacked, but when it came to members, you wouldn't even launch regular counters. A reason I am saying you have no goals. How much is "enough"? Asking for a friend. ------------------------------------------------------------ Here is the scenario I am seeing fr
  8. Let's say that your official bloc-wide war goal is for: a. Arrgh to make no money/get max damage, b. no matter the cost for you, c. forever. What's the "political" goal you expect to achieve with this? To put on pressure for Arrgh to never raid you again? To end piracy altogether forever in Orbis? To get reparations? Or the damage is the end-goal per se suddenly, because some of your leaders got kinda sad they were actually the ones being raided for once, instead of your members?
  9. I confirm no dogs or animals are harmed in the making of Arrgh war movies. Except for whales... Kill the whales...
  10. So, in order for Ripper to not make money through raiding (I still make $8M/day through taxes)... you get 9 of your members lose $55M each in 5 days? That's some solid tactics. Oh, so fighting 10vs1 is actually your advantage? Who could have guessed You forget this war is not a closed system. Since we raid other alliances too, we've sustained $2B damage in total in the last 2 weeks. And that's mainly because a lot of us switched from regular raiding to just damaging you. Your side has sustained $9B, not counting beige infra-damages, increased costs from militariz
  11. No idea what your goal is. For another alliance to not make $1B while you sustain 3 times that in damages? And for how long? Forever? You clearly have no idea what this is about.
  12. That's great news! So, what's your goal behind this war? What are your victory requirements?
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