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  1. Ripper

    Shifty News Network-Breadfan

  2. Ripper


  3. Ripper

    Alliance relevance rank!

    Are you talking about Fraggle's approach of keeping 0 infra cities with only raws production? It sure is.
  4. Ripper

    Biggest keno lost in a day

    Thanks Micchan. I feel much better now that I've seen worse.
  5. Ripper

    Omega's New Deputy Prime Minister

    So, poor Dathan didn't even get his own vote? 😧
  6. Ripper

    I see something... purple!

    Answered here, James: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/23833-i-see-something-purple/&do=findComment&comment=379087
  7. Ripper

    I see something... purple!

    shhhh... We were supposed to keep the treaty between us two secret. 😰
  8. Ripper

    I see something... purple!

    Krieg, you are kinda putting words in our mouth. No one talked about CoS trying to prove their "innocense". I consider the raid 100% legitimate. If UPN really wants to build a training alliance, they should start by learning themselves how you build a new alliance. Getting a protector for example or trying to keep bad pirates away. The fact that a protectorate treaty did get signed after the raids is a good sign. After the declaration of the raids and when I got online and under contacted me, supposedly it would be decided from our side whether the raid would continue or not. UPN decided to play the "oh my finger slipped card" before doing that and we just answered in kind and set on stone that the original raid would not end with peace. My announcement was posted so that UPN (and allies) would really understand the situation, since UPN had, as they stated, an internal communication failure issue. Since I couldn't rely on a UPN gov member to let the rest of the gov know how things are, I just decided to make all this public and make things easier for them. Also, getting some drama was the side-goal, which is a semi-success. Our members are free to raid unprotected, one-member alliances. If another alliance attacks us, we counter. Yes, we like loots and action. No, we were not trying to bait UPN. Looking at how they handled it, I would go as far as saying that the opposite is the case. No, we don't mind fighting a full scale war. No, we don't find it necessary to fight one. Supposedly, it's still summer vacation. There is nothing more and nothing less to all that. Ah, as Ogaden would say, you can take a pirate from Arrgh, but not Arrgh from a pirate. Do explain to me one day though what "excuses" I needed or used while in Arrgh. Excuse me, but I don't remember!
  9. Ripper

    The Cold Void of Sithis...

    Good luck and have fun.
  10. Ripper

    I see something... purple!

    Oh, why did you assume that was an insult towards you?
  11. Ripper

    I see something... purple!

    At least CoS has one, Ronny.
  12. Ripper

    I see something... purple!

    Komiko, it's quite clear what happened. The events are listed above. A one-man alliance without any treaties or description got attacked. Then UPN "countered" and got the treaty with the alliance. There was nothing to miss.
  13. Ripper

    I see something... purple!

    You must really hate movies with suspense.
  14. Ripper

    I see something... purple!

    Here is everything that happened, so you can judge for yourselves: Malal leaves UPN, and creates a one-man, treatiless alliance without description Half a day later, he is raided by three CoS members that see just this: a one-man, treatiless alliance Malal messages me asking for them to stop and saying that he is still UPN and second in comman. I point out he should really work on the alliance description and the treaty web... I wait for the attackers to come back online and discuss the matter. Although I considered the raid-declaration legitimate, the war per se may not have been so. In the meanwhile, UPN sends a protectorate treaty (AFTER the CoS attacks) and launches three suicide counters. Malal messages me saying that UPN wasn't supposed to attack and told them not to do so, but they ignored him! (the second in command?) At this point, I would either have to accept that there was some really huge communication/leadership failure within UPN or that they just made a passive aggressive "oh my finger slipped, I wasn't meant to shoot" move, so that they would press for peace on the raids that were their mistake from the very beginning. And knowing Malal, I am pretty sure the second was the case. After that, CoS countered the nations attacking our guys and we decided to not accept peace. @Kriegskoenig I am sorry if you felt like I challenge your intelligence. But UPN challenged mine first.
  15. Church of Spaceology, in defence of two of its members, counters the two UPN government members currently attacking them, but won't escalate the conflict further. However: If we see that other UPN nations are mobilizing, we will recognize hostilites. If we see nations ghosting UPN, we will recognize hostilities with UPN and probably with the original alliance of the ghosts. If we see considerable mobilization from UPN's closest allies, we will recognize hostilites with UPN and may get in the sad position of pre-empting the rest. In case a war does break out, the alliance that will lose will have to leave the purple colour block. I hope UPN doesn't really want to change its name, so let's remain calm and let the current wars end in a most natural way. P.S. Thrax asked me to put something silly in between those lines, but nothing comes to mind. Sorry, Thrax.

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