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  1. I was dead serious actually, but seeing that's the default mode for you to read others' posts, I guess you won't be able to follow the advice anyway. That's ok. Just don't get irritated with the princesses and queens though. Instead of forcing people to fight for you, you could try to make them want to fight for you. Showing "love" and similar feelings does that to people and gives you loyalty. Go with the stick though. It suits you.
  2. @Roquentin, @Adrienne is a Queen, not a princess. You've better accept that. Maybe if you showed to your allies 10% of the "love" Adrienne shows to her enemies, your side wouldn't bleed so many allianes. I think you are using that stick far too much. Just a friendly advice.
  3. What's the right way to watch the episodes? Something like VI, VII, VII, I, II, III, VII, X, VIII, IX, XI, XIII, XII?
  4. My apologies if I sounded direspectful. I don't see how that's the case, though. Do enlighten me, if possible.
  5. Have been hearing that for Arrgh for the past 3 years. That's the default mode. I guess it's natural for you to not know of course, since you are relatively new.
  6. Playing dead is a standard pirate tactic.
  7. Why not use the same logic for the rest of troops then? It's not like you are using unmaned aircraft, tanks or ships. You still use people for them.
  8. 12/02 10:08 pm Maelstrom Vortex of Dragonisia has executed an espionage operation to sabotage nuclear weapons in your country. They were not successful. 12/02 10:07 pm Maelstrom Vortex of Dragonisia has executed an espionage operation to sabotage nuclear weapons in your country. They were not successful. I think poor Stealth is going to lose his job...
  9. "Pick me, pick me!" shouted Ripper, while hiding under corpses of his coalition's members. (I love you for being IC. If only was roleplaying like this. )
  10. Ma... maybe that's what they actually want and add all these terms just because they are shy?
  11. So, your suggestion is that the "losing side" should just stay silent and let the "winning side" hide the truth? Surprised a member of Goons would support such a stance. I will keep it in mind.
  12. I know you are running out of lies/excuses, etc. but are you really going to play "your advertisement hurt my feelings, you have to pay" card?
  13. I would argue that it may have also increased productivity, actually. In some cases people started creating due to this game: graphics bots super spreadsheets for logistics, etc. great documentation, guides and so on Leaving aside the "non-productive" part of the above (like... making people happy), all of the above have made people acquire new skills, either social or technical ones, thus increasing productivity (you, damn capitalist). So, I would focus mainly on the credits part and not this more abstract concern.
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