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  1. The End (of Orbis?!).

    Greene (Grealind) got ZI'ed before Apeman.
  2. We're All Out of Bubblegum

    Must have something to do with the element of surprise. <.<
  3. War Stats

    Damn those pirates...
  4. War Stats

    Call me crazy, but the net damages should have the same absolute values.
  5. The Ayyslamic Caliphate Rises

    So, Zodiac disbanded due to BK?
  6. Fraggle Rock Nuclear Bounty Hunting

    The point is that a nation can get more than 1 bounties on it. If I want someone nuked but I am poor, I will post a $1M bounty and just wait for that horrible person to anger more people and get more bounties on him/her.
  7. Half the players will forgive you. If the gif was to have "Sowwy :3" instead of "Sorry", I think everyone would forgive you.
  8. TJ vs IQ: who won?

    I stated at my last update that the current infra damages are exactly what each nation lost. No assumptions.
  9. TJ vs IQ: who won?

    Upvoting for the ultra editing skills.
  10. Look, Listen, and Learn: A TKR Joint

    @Micchan don't do it. It's a bait!
  11. Look, Listen, and Learn: A TKR Joint

    Well, you can always take 10% of the looted 10% and give it back to Ragnar.
  12. Look, Listen, and Learn: A TKR Joint

    Dear TKR, "Look, listen and learn." When you try to raid an Arrgh pirate and you declare so... 1. Try to actually beige him. 2. Don't get beiged in return... Especially when your opponent has 0 military (as usual) and you are 2vs1. 3. If you are to get beiged for some reason, avoid having $250M on you and 70k gas and munitions. I hope your military drill and war against piracy goes great though. It certainly looks fun for some pirates. Nothing better than having the raidees coming to you.
  13. Buying/Selling Military Units

    I think that it would be really interesting to implement, if this mechanic gets combined with the embargoes one. As in, alliance X won't sell troops to alliance Y or... an alliance, to remain neutral during war, stops selling troops altogether.
  14. TJ-IQ War: Damages Reports

    I went ahead and calculated for each nation exactly the value of the sustained infra damage. As you predicted, the real value was double that of my original estimation. Thanks for your comment. The stats have been updated. In a little over than 1 day, when all wars end, I will upload the stats of each nation and the raw data.