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  1. Dark Specter

    Boring game.

    Ya im pretty sure there is still a few of us who are older then you sticking around but this game is about the community not the game its self. You only need to spend a few minutes in the game and your done for the day. If your alliance is at war then you will probably spend 10 minutes in the game at most. You will instead find yourself spending more time with the community whether it be on this here owf, pws discord or just your alliances discord. The alliances and their members is where it is at. And im pretty sure sheepy added something to the game way back to spark more conflict and i believe it was those silly treasures.
  2. Dark Specter

    Desert Tales

    Pretty sure some of us are dudes
  3. Dark Specter

    Expenses and Consequences of Not Paying

    If you cant pay, then your told you cant do anything until you pay the bills, but you have to like, have very low amounts of infra in each city and paying more then what you make
  4. Dark Specter

    The couping of Sirius

    This is a very scary and messy place
  5. Dark Specter

    The Future of PnW

    The future will probably be the same, war ends, alliances rebuild, then they rebuild their resources and cash, build up their military and then war for a lengthy time and then repeat.
  6. Dark Specter

    Destiny Arrives

    This is gonna be fun
  7. Dark Specter

    69 Days Later

    That is true and we do have the ability to track them better now, but back in the old days people were also still figuring out how to best use resources while also trying to figure out the best war strats at the time to use less resources while trying to dish out damage. But the victors and losers were still decided on who surrendered. Plus back then people werent at 18+ cities with 2k plus infra and you only found small groups of people that were that big when the majority was still sitting at about 10-15 cities with 1500 infra which was considered top tier at the time so resources werent being produced as much as they are now so it was harder to keep an alliance from wasting their resources at the time. Alliances have gotten better with this over time which is good and i think this was before the alliance bank was added. (Cant remember if alliance bank was added in beta or some time after the game went live)
  8. Dark Specter

    69 Days Later

    I remember when stats didnt mean anything other then being created by players just for fun because the units killed/lost, missiles launched/eaten, nukes launched/eaten, and infra destroyed/lost stats didnt exist until once again players created their own stat sheets manually just fun to see how alliances performed in war, but in the end the winners and losers were decided on who surrendered first. But by the looks of this.... are the winners decided by better stats even if they got their asses handed to them or am i just reading this wrong?
  9. Dark Specter

    69 Days Later

    This war was fun, now its time to rebuild while we wait for the christmas war.
  10. Dark Specter

    Strong and Stable leadership

    i think this is late
  11. Dark Specter

    whats your favorite Les Paul Supreme moment?

    I have a question. Every time CS goes to war LPS goes to vm. So my question is this, he throws himself in vm when CS goes to war BUT does he stay out of vm when CS doesnt go to war?
  12. Dark Specter

    Congrats NPO

    this thread will be worse then cancer
  13. Dark Specter

    Micro war ends

    the robber must of gotten scared and i believe it if the money AE uses to build their nations was gained through extortion.
  14. Dark Specter

    Micro war ends

    so wait... someone in your alliance stole 15 mill, left, joined another alliance that you attacked for taking him in, leaves that alliance or gets kicked and instead of attacking him you decide to keep fighting the alliance and make them pay the 15 mill?
  15. Dark Specter

    Your Dream Fighting Team

    everything wouldd be easier if you used slack

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