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  1. I dunno, that sounds like an awful lot of work.
  2. My grumpy brethren have helped me a lot so I have no plans to abandon them in these trying times. I'll be around for a while, long enough for my alliance to be rolled again, I suppose. ? Needs more grumpy, imo
  3. I haven't deleted my nation. ? It looks like I still had the old link to a nation I had for a short time a long time ago. I have now updated it to avoid any confusion in the future.
  4. I resent the term "war dodger" being used in reference to the nation of Tygaland. I fought the first week and a half of the war to the fullest of my abilities then actually went on vacation, one planned well before the war began. Regardless, I have complied with your 1K per city requirement and have alerted Roquentin and Thanos of this. I await confirmation within 24 hours as per the agreed terms.
  5. I never did like baseball much but I do like war.
  6. Experienced the Pacifist part now on to the Fighting part of the alliance.
  7. Nation Name: Tygaland Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=29165
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