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  1. In any real war if you have air supremacy your Anti aircraft capabilities are one of the first things to go. So yes, it's pretty realistic. In fact ground troops are more effective using SAM's against planes when a country has air supremacy, rather than slow moving tanks you can't really hide. I mean sure i'm being biased, but so is the OP. That's a whole new suggestion thread needed. We are on about AA vs planes here. Keep on topic.
  2. I'll support this with 2 changes. 1. Air Supremacy against you removes the ability to use the anti-aircraft guns. 2. If you have 0 planes you can't use AA guns. Just to add some extra realism to the realistic war mechanics.
  3. There's still people playing it so it's would be unfair on those to remove it. It simply needs the rate limit removed and cap the games at 1k homes or aways and make max home revenue 14k and give max away revenue 14k. Removes the need for tipping and will not affect whether you play those 1k games home or away. Someone asked Alex and he said he didn't have Keno tracked. So we will never know how much has been won/spent playing Keno, unless he has started to track it.
  4. Doesn't get tracked so we won't know.
  5. Always better to punch someone you dislike and that opposes you than to hit an innocent bystander. Who even wants a grudge free Orbis?
  6. On mobile I am still getting the tick box captcha rather than the picture one's.
  7. There's been plenty of people hitting jackpots on a regular occurrence. I don't think Keno should be removed however I'd suggest the following nerfs. 1. Lower current winnable amounts to 1/10 of what they are now. 2. Add a 5 second limit between games. 3. Cap 100% winnings at 10 games. 10% thereafter.
  8. This would get rid of coups which provide entertainment. Build trust and be competent in who you choose to access your alliance banks.
  9. I stand corrected. That however was cheating, but the cheater is still playing the game. Even so I'm guessing if you added it all up its likely <5% which is still a miniscule amount. The caps are absolutely fine. However the rate limit has killed baseball. So I suppose @Alex has achieved what he wanted to. There's also more cash in circulation from Keno than baseball has added in 5 years.
  10. It is also a part of the game your players play whether you intended it to be the case or not. Shunning it and the players who play it isn't a recipe for retention. That goes for all parts of the game.
  11. Players want fair compensation for the time invested playing the game. Same as the advantage those who have played the game longer get. Until Baseball is removed as a feature/gameplay then you should absolutely be reasonably rewarded. Only Alex can determine what is reasonable in the context of the games econony and he has decided with the changes that if you dont tip 22million is reasonable. Even so the whole entire earnings from baseball over the years only equates to 2% of the whole cash circulating in game, it really is inconsequential.
  12. Revenue sharing has always been a thing. The homes should always pay a tip between 30-50% depending what is agreed upon.
  13. I think the idea has merit. Allowing more political decisions within your Nation would give some more gameplay. The larger the Nation the bigger the hit certain politics would have. The benefit is that younger Nations would be able to catch up somewhat before themselves being slowed down. I'd be interested to hear more on this from you.
  14. Certain groups of players do seem to aggressively downvote players they are opposed to. It has tailed off a lot, but at the start of the war it was rampant.
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