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  1. Everyone is okay with forcing people from the game. Wars have been fought every single year in P&W which resulted in people quitting and everyone still declares war. It's a consequence of war. If you go to war you do so knowing that a side effect is forcing people to quit. War is also carried out to nullify a threat. What better way to do that than make sure members quit their alliance. In the perfect world these members take the individual surrender option and are free then to go to a different alliance not at war. Unfortunately some decide to quit and delete their Nations.
  2. Yes. Negotiations will be done in private. If you haven't heard anything yet then wait until you do. Patience is a virtue. Despite any stalling, you are all simply prolonging the period of silence towards peace talks while you are continuing this public show that no one apart from Coalition A really cares about. If you feel that strongly that your members dont deserve this then tell them to ask for individual surrenders.
  3. Our plan all this time was to sign a treaty with you and manufacture a war where we knew you would coward out of so that towards the end of the war we could roll you. Sharing that with HS would ruin our grand plan.
  4. I've always said a City cap is the best way to go. Personally I would take into account all Nations with say 15 or more Cities, work out an average. Let's say the average is 22cities. We then allow +10 of the average to be the max amount of effective cities. This means players can still buy cities but they will be useless until the average city count rises at which point the city becomes unlocked and effective. The numbers above etc can all change, this is just an example.
  5. Careful your actions are too NPO like. They'll call you a roqbot next.
  6. Also 42 weeks more of war. I'll drink to that with you Scarfy!
  7. I counter your game with my own game. For every downvote Roq gets, a week will be added on to the war. Checkmate.
  8. You know it helps when you quote an actual opinion to say an opinion is invalid, but I suppose you enjoy throwing stones from your glass house.
  9. Show me on the doll where Coalition B hurt you buttercup.
  10. First you need the targeted audience to actually care about the logs, and we give 0 !@#$
  11. The suspense is exciting.
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