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  1. Thread title is an obvious filter evasion.
  2. As another accused, I concur with this statement.
  3. *30billion. Alex took off an extra 65billion.
  4. Nope, are you on a trampoline jumping to all these conclusions? You are all going to believe what benefits you the most either way. My point is you should never accuse someone of something without having 100% factual evidence. Basing decisions off incomplete information is never a good idea. Ask yourself, if Alex had 100% factual evidence why would he ever need a confession? At this point I'm done posting in this thread. Dont expect any further replies.
  5. Yet still no evidence of scanlations.l and there never will be.
  6. No, Alex accused NPO gov of illegal scanlations. No one has admitted to that, because there never was anything illegal. Funny that the main accusation has 0 evidence to support it. Maybe you should ask Alex why hes been breaking google ToS by not using their in-app purchases system? Can you trust the character of someone who breaks rules themselves?
  7. Taking bets on how long it takes Elijah Mikaelson to run to Vacation Mode.

  8. Pointing out the obvious isnt a defense. Not one player nor Alex can provide the evidence of what he is accusing.
  9. If you can accuse, then make sure you have 100% proof of what you are accusing the other of.
  10. Yet there is no proof anyone got "paid in real life goods". Neither you nor Alex can prove it.
  11. "Still, I did enquire at the time about where all these players came from, and the answer I received was that there was a raffle for a waifu body pillow and to enter the raffle one had to start playing Politics & War. I figured, that’s odd, but happy to see new players joining and because they did not appear to be bots I figured it was on the up-and-up." That report you keep throwing around, here, this is word for word what Alex says in there. Exchange for IRL goods was just "odd", not a rule infraction.
  12. Being a farm is playing the game unless you can point to the rule that farming is against the rules? Between wars all I did was farm and log in every now and again.
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