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  1. Just wait until we don’t have to honor the “optics” clause of that secret treaty we signed a year ago or the “I don’t know how to tell that to my members” clause from the secret treaty we signed 2.5 years ago. That’s when the lid will really blow off this conspiracy joint and they’ll truly begin see just how many secret treaties we’ve been keeping from them. One might even say this rabbit hole runs deeper than a paranoid nation sim nerd’s imagination.
  2. We'd be able to intercept these missives with spies if we had any. Y'all did this to yourselves.
  3. Outside looking in, there are two probabilities. Influential elements of Tyrion’s own sphere left him completely in the dark while conspiring with HM and Rose, or he’s lying. I know what my money is on.
  4. If only you were as eloquent and stately as Tyrion. Then I might actually want to read your posts.
  5. >He straight up says he didn’t contribute >You accuse him of not contributing. What a zinger, so cutting that I’m feeling second-hand embarrassment. Maybe you think you understand how Eumir works, but I’m just going to level with you man: nobody truly understands how he works.
  6. Brave of you to assume that Phoenyx is actually trying.
  7. This was not rambling nor did it include enough references. Please try again later when you're jaded enough.
  8. The only IQ worth defeating is the one in your own soul.
  9. I will be starting a formal petition to all relevant parties to keep fighting until Phoenyx stops encouraging us to peace out.
  10. You have yet to prove that you aren’t a reroll.
  11. It's always about you, you, you and what you want. We have feelings too, you know!
  12. Yeah but your vain attempts to double down on your innocence aren't something we're willing to entertain when we have evidence that indicates the opposite. So we can keep going in circles as long as you want to continue to maintain this farce of a charade you keep playing at.
  13. This is just another variant of the "we would have never attacked you if you hadn't preempted our plan to attack you" spin. It just doesn't add up at all. Swamp in particular has been specifically indicted in an attempt to pull HM into an aggressive plot against Quack. Maybe Rose got roped into things unaware/without the full picture but both HM and Swamp knew what the deal was: an aggressive attack on Quack. Stop with your willfully obtuse attempts at saving face.
  14. I'm just going to say we agree on the whole but vary on playstyle.
  15. I agree for the most part but I would like to emphasize that it doesn't mean we should just stop trying. At the end of the day it boils down to philosophical differences, I guess. And I don't even disparage the idea of noCB wars - especially if alliance themes match up with it or they're played off/presented in an interesting way but even those can underpin (or be underpinned by) political intrigue. Anyway, my point is that there is a point to CBs. The fact we're even touching on this here is kind of an indicator on how blurred the lines are getting between the game and the meta. 😛
  16. You are not wrong. But you aren't on the money, either. There is an importance to historical context and precedent for sure but to skip back nearly four years and point to something (individual paperless alliances making paperless agreements) and skip over last year when most of our opposition were lambasting NPO for making a paperless agreement with BK to effectively blend their "distinct" spheres against a "common threat", which is way more relevant and comparable to the current paperless coalition that formed up against Quack is careless at best and straight up disingenuous at worst. So is historical context important? Certainly. Does bringing up something that happens in the past necessarily mean it's a relevant or the most relevant comparison? I'd say no. Not really.
  17. Ah yes, who wants political intrigue anyway? Have we found ourselves on the flipside of Politics & War and traveled all the way to Politics & War now?
  18. While there are some superficial similarities, a paperless agreement with a paperless alliance is not comparable to an entire coalition (between distinct blocs/spheres) that hinges on multiple paperless agreements, especially considering they were actively plotting to attack us aggressively. When their best rhetorical talking point is essentially "you shouldn't have preempted us for plotting against you because now we can call it defense" it isn't a good sign for their narrative.
  19. @The God Emperor of Mankind I wrote this guide over 3 years ago. It saddens me that this is a lesson that still needs to be taught. At least Sphinx understands.
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