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  1. I really don't want to repeat anything from 2019. Danm you.
  2. Looks like it's back to the drawing board for Goldy's coup. Congratulations Benfro Enjoy retirement (maybe) Adrienne
  3. Redarmy

    Code go brrrr

    I like to think pain is a powerful teacher when people openly talk about how much they have on them.
  4. I, for one, look forward to getting my skull bashed in as I try to #FreeCooper
  5. Redarmy

    Code go brrrr

    The raiders are getting nerfed again.
  6. Oh shit. We should maybe doing something about that.
  7. Can someone with politcal acumen higher than my own explain to me what has happened?
  8. Redarmy

    The Scoop

    Strawberry or nothing! . #FreeCooper
  9. What's this? A scroll and a top 10 cover? 2020 you are one crazy sum !@#$.
  10. Forgiveness is very complex thing. It is very personal to each person. Somethings I can forgive others don't. I like to think I don't hurt people but I am human so choices I make en up hurting people. I try to live by when someone tells me that that I hurt them I don't get to decide that I didn't. I chose not to vote in your poll OP because as said earlier forgiving someone is very personal. It should work out with each other. I know I have offended people that I care about, I attempted to make amends and seek their forgiveness, some forgave others haven't until I make more amends.
  11. Redarmy

    What if....?

    Why am I allied to you? Damn it NPO.
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