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  1. Pretty sure you said something about Yakuza not leaving the war early too, and yet... I guess if your alliance falls apart before the war ends, its not technically leaving early.
  2. Says the guy that abandoned the alliance he was leading, stole the bank and is in vacation mode... Your credibility is super high! So... Yeah that reads like war dodging to me. Why defend yourself? You are just acting like ever other former and current member of Test.
  3. When the going gets tough, Test goes away, nice to see the legacy continue with their entire membership made out of people that just war deserted.
  4. I thought we had a 50/50 chance at winning, and it was going to be game over if NPO and friends jumped in. To be honest I was surprised it went as well as it did before NPO jumped in.
  5. You cant focus on solutions till you have determined the root cause/causes of the problem. Coming up with solutions is great and you may luck out and hit one that actually solves your problem, but ultimately, 80% of problem solving is done by figuring out what the cause of the problem is.
  6. If you guys really want to stick it to him, I would recommend getting his upvote/downvote total to 0. So that way his vote totals are the same as his posts, they equal 0.
  7. Dont listen to those guys, I am currently sitting on 99 nukes eaten, lets get a bounty up so we can get it to 100!
  8. Positive enough to declare war on em! maybe one day you and BK will work up to that level in your relationship. Just out of curiosity you jump to help BK, who you aren't allied to, but poor little DB, who you have actual paper with is getting rolled and I dont see the NPO war machine jumping to action. Before that you spit on the terms of war tS laid out. It seems like the worst thing one can be is allied to NPO. Just a word of warning to my good friend Thanos post war.
  9. If i were to give even odds on if NPO/BK re-sign post war vs TKR and anyone in my sphere signs each other, where is that money going? I feel like 98% of the money is going on NPO/BK, until NPO/BK sees this, and floods the market to even it out so they can deny deny deny.
  10. My apologies to the moderation staff, I didnt realize this was under game reports which is a non discussion forum. So I will state for the Moderation Staff that one of my members contacted Alex before we started our raid on our inactive member to confirm that our actions where within the rules of the game, which Alex did. If the moderation staff has any questions please feel free to contact me.
  11. So you were going to hit him with the 0 nations your coalition had in range of him? We try to drag him down for ya, make him an easier target, and the complaints we get... Because of your grand plans, we wont nuke beige him anymore, and we are working on opening up all 3 of his defensive slots for you guys, I expect to see them filled within the day.
  12. I tell ya, we try to help you guys out and remove some of our largest member's infra for ya, because obviously you guys don't have what it takes to hit him. All you do is complain... That being said we spoke with sheeps before we attacked and we got his blessing. We were planning on nuking the crap out of him for ya, toss him some defeats, but now you are going to have to do it yourselves again. Try to help the other side out one time...
  13. I wouldnt take you, if it helps make his point.
  14. Running Grumpy for so long, I kinda forgot that people actually talk to each other like this within their alliances. Its nice not to have to deal with this kind of in-alliance drama.
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