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  1. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    New Player! Any advise is appreciated

    Q1: at your size, 1:1 land to infra ratio is great. The real goal for you is to keep your disease at 0.00, so that you can get max income. Q2: Yes if you are in a war, hangers and docks are worth it, if you arent fighting a war, you will probably want to hold a bunch of planes, but really you should talk to how your alliance fights, and they can tell you what they want you to have. Q3: As a big nation, yes i have every single project, I do that because I have enough infra to support it, and once you buy a project you never have to buy it again. (and when you get big like me the cost of a project is peanuts) At the end of the day tho, your alliance should be able to answer all this for you, which is the main reason people join alliances in the first place, go find the econ guy in your alliance, and he/she should be able to walk you thru the best ways to set up your cities.
  2. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Objectifying Women

    no means no clarke.
  3. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Objectifying Women

    https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/sex-robot-turns-down-steamy-12726878 Someone break the news to Clarke, what do you do when even your sex bot doesnt want to have sex with you?
  4. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Victim Complexes

    Isnt this the whole point of these movements? To tell people they shouldn't be ashamed of being the victim, and they should speak out, so that the problem can be addressed and possibly solved vs shoved under the table where it can continue to fester and propagate?
  5. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Objectifying Women

    They have to do hair care, skin care, diet exercise, and probably a bunch of other stuff I have no idea about since I am not a model. Saying something is entirely down to genetics is a superficial place to stand on, how intelligent a person is, also has to do with genetics, but are you going to say scientists should be fired because they were born smarter, or a professional athletes should be fired because they are more athletically gifted. As for a model's job? they add value to whatever product they are advertising for in order to help it sell. You can be an engineer and create the greatest invention in the world, but if you cannot sell it, you aren't going to make any money. But honestly who are you to tell a person that they cannot capitalize on a diminishing asset that they possess.
  6. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Objectifying Women

    This thread is being sponsored by MyRealDolls, best sex dolls on the market today! Also being professionally hot is not an easy thing to do, it takes a bunch of work to get there, a ton to continue to be extremely attractive, and its not cheap. Those models do "deserve" to make money for it, and they have earned the lifestyle it affords them.
  7. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    An Orbis Chronicle: The Fall of Buorhann

    stay classy bro
  8. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Let's Dance!

    have fun storming the castle!
  9. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Continuing death of democracy

    Working with democratic alliances is also the worst. Try planning a war, and then having to wait for one of your alliances to vote on if they want to help or not. not only does it take forever, but sometimes the membership and leadership are not on the same page, and someone you thought you could count on is now out. As an alliance leader myself, I value the input from my membership, but at the end of the day any and all decisions go thru me.
  10. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    LAST ONE TO COMMENT WINS $1,000,000!

    L2Whale Zee, its about an hour's worth of cash.
  11. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Make war slot limits based on city count

    Maybe I am old and don't remember little nation fighting, but if someone has a full military, its impossible to 0 them out in minutes. It generally takes 1-2 days to 0 out an opponent of all military especially if they are playing defensively. I mean sure you have pretty much 0 chance of winning if you get hit by a coordinated strike of 3 people, but it takes more than 6 attacks to zero out your military. If you can get help before the next update, you should be able to turn it around.
  12. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Make war slot limits based on city count

    as a person that would be specifically hurt by this change, i say no thanks.
  13. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Live from Baghdad-Shifty News Network Reporting in

    You should set up a meeting with the Sci Fi channel, you know they would be down to make a TV movie about that.
  14. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Live from Baghdad-Shifty News Network Reporting in

    The pictures below are from the street I live on earlier this week after we got hit by a tornado, I have been out of power and running water for the last few days, and its probably going to be a good week before I get it back. As much of a shit storm as that is, I can say with confidence that this Pantheon thing is a much bigger shit storm.

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