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  1. Because it should have probably been changed when the score was changed, who cares about the bonus itself, if you are going to do something do it right and make sure you cover all your bases.
  2. i feel like someone must be making these deals for people to have the audacity to ask for them all the time.
  3. Do people ever actually sell food at these ridiculously reduced prices? I know we get people asking us for deals like this all the time, and the answer is always, go pound sand. I just wonder if anyone actually goes for these offers.
  4. guys there are other ways to buy a treasure than fighting people for them.
  5. when my cities cost over 2 billion dollars to build, its a hard pass from me.
  6. If it helps, I pledge that Grumpy will never accept and then corrupt or destroy new players in the game.
  7. After a short 2 week conflict between the alliances that compose tCW sphere, and the combined alliances of Hedge and Swamp. We have agreed to the following terms for peace between our Spheres, which will take effect starting at update tonight. 1) tCW sphere formally surrenders to Hedge and Swamp Spheres. 2) All existing wars will end to conclusion, (peace will be granted if both warring nations agree), no new wars to be declared after peace officially takes effect at next server update (aka 2 hours). New wars declared after peace is declared, will be worked out amicably between alliances. 3) 3 month nap between Hedge/Swamp, and TCW sphere, which includes all protectorates less MicroPock. This NAP will end at update on December 1st. Signed, Members of Swamp, Hedge, and TCW's Sphere... I am too lazy to get signatures for everybody. On behalf of the members in Hedge, I want to thank Swamp for their hard work and dedication to this fight, and I would like to thank the nations we fought in tCW's sphere. Despite your overwhelming odds, you were all classy opponents, and its nice to have a war where we are not at each others throats and can fight with at least a little bit of humor and grace. Let's hope this becomes the norm and not the exception in orbis going forward. Note: Morningstar is not included in these peace terms.
  8. Both sides need to be prepared to discuss peace, we were not ready yet.
  9. I guess you should probably ask Mars to stop speaking for Morningstar then. If you would like to begin peace negotiations feel free to shoot me a message and I will happily set it up, as I told Rachael. Until then we can continue to fight, and I guess you guys can keep posting stuff on the OWF. Feel free to ask your former protectorates about how easy/hard peace negotiations went for them.
  10. Hey I wrote that! Guys look! I wrote that! This is exciting! I dont see what the issue here is? A member of Morningstar owes 404 416 million dollars that they would like to be paid back, and KT wants you to fly a flag for 2 months. this isn't exactly what one would call crippling?
  11. This is unacceptable, we are Grumpy, I dont know what this GoB is you are referring to.
  12. tS and friends rolled in on Grumpy and Guardian last war, and we were able to pretty soundly beat them until NPO rolled in and turned the tide back in their favor. back in the day, when people knew they were about to get hit in a war they had no chance of winning, they would strike first to try to take advantage, and would still lose.
  13. See topic title "If you've never had a job before, which I'm not assuming you three have not but there are people who play this game that have not, there are times when a decision gets made and that's the end of the conversation. Now I get that you three regularly throw your ire at me and this likely won't change any of that, but maybe if you can look at it without your usual bias you can understand. Thread's also locked as this system is no longer on the table." So I have had a job, had a few, and managed quite a few projects, large and small, and that has given me the experience to say that when a decision gets made, and everyone knows the decision wont fix what you are trying to do, and you waste resources to do it anyways. Everyone loses and people get fired. So call is yours, you can be good at your job and take constructive criticism, or ignore it because you think you know better. Its Sheep's game he can do what he wants, but don't waste all our time asking for input when you really aren't interested if it's not what you want to hear.
  14. So who wants to start the thread to find a new head of the dev team?
  15. Trolling it is! good luck with that, seems you are having some success, since a few of us are gullible enough to respond.
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