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  1. To be fair, IQ didnt just threaten DB to fight for them, they actually hit DB and then forced them to fight on their side.
  2. For the record, BK isnt causing the blockade, I have been blockading him well before they declared. That being said, the intent here is obviously slot filling, just like what the North Point is doing with the beige crap is also slot filling in my opinion.
  3. Or you know this opens the door to making new allies post war. Dragging this thing out, has unified everyone else against your corner of the world, because you have proven you are the biggest threat to every other alliance's sovereignty. Because of this I dont see how dragging this out isn't also suicidal. Also as to be on topic, people stop being dicks and purposely going outside of game rules to stick it to others.
  4. I don't like how many alliances keep switching sides. To even this out, NPO-BK, you should message me, and lets try to even this out again.
  5. Well Roq if you are going to speak for Grumpy, please dont. My hit list post Knightfall, was CoS, BK, tS. In that order. The reason that list looked like it did was because of how CoS and BK acted in the peace talks for that war (and at the time I wanted to see tS lose a war). I expected to be hit, TKR sphere had it coming. I didn't even have an issue losing that war. That said those peace talks were such bullshit, that it was no longer in my eyes a, "shake hands, hey good war guys you got us" it was a you are specifically trying to stick it to me, so I guess we are actual enemies. BK and CoS became a future target in my eyes specifically because of the peace talks. I actually thought NPO was smart not to be in those talks because Thanos was such a dick in there, it put a giant ole target on his alliance post war. Maybe I am old school, but I miss the days when you fight a war, and post war you look at the people you fought and say those guys did a good job, we should see about getting closer to them. The toxicity now is so bad, not only do I not want to fight with many of you, I would be happier never having to talk to or deal with many of you ever again.
  6. You guys just need to run your discord server like I run grumpy's discord server, with an IRON FIST! of which the ban hammer drops freely and often.
  7. It's ok, NPO doesn't honor their agreements either, only when it benefits them. I say do what you want.
  8. If you would be so kind and forward 600 million of that to grumpy since BK owes that to one of my members. I would appreciate it.
  9. The war length, no, but the excitement over getting people to quit, is a Thanos go to. He gleefully loves it, and that love did not start this war.
  10. We can argue about terms till we are blue in the face, but the real outrage should be that not only do people talk to Kastor, but also actually give him sensitive information. What are you people doing? Are you out of your minds? I mean seriously Kastor?
  11. you are fasting but drinking diet soda... do yourself a favor and dont kill yourself, this plan of yours seems to be the height of stupidity,
  12. Frawley has been attacking me every week, So I have been assuming he is trying to give me a shot at stealing the NPO bank. Its like a twisted game of cat and mouse.
  13. To be fair, NPO already earlier in this war let DB get rolled and did nothing to stop it, so why would they stop the people they are fighting with from hitting their other allies. I also guess we aren't going to talk about how NPO's sphere was planning on attacking us, well before this war started, and then actually attacked us.
  14. If you do this, what is to stop alliances from filling the unlootable bank, and then creating an offshore to stash the rest of the lootable bank safely?
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