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  1. I didn't read the entire thread, but I believe the answer to your question is no.
  2. i would agree your proposal sounds a bit more reasonable.
  3. shots fired everywhere in this discussion!
  4. so what is the game suggestion here?
  5. Well now that he has 0 improvements, and 0 infra, all you guys need to do is cycle blockades on him and ground attack his daily log in. You can probably keep him locked down for as long as you want or until you get bored of it.
  6. Yes of course it is 100% political with alot of these things. It almost always is.
  7. If he does wake up tho, you are not allowed to stop fighting, because grumpy got hit with that, when Joe went inactive, we hit him to wake him up, and he did wake up so we peaced out, and lost a ton of resources due to Sheeps decision that he thought was it was slot filling because other people couldnt hit him, even tho the 10 people in range of Joe would never risk a war to hit him, and anyone that really wanted to hit him was well out of range.
  8. Lets be honest here, its both.
  9. so what is the scam here? market is dictating the price of credits, and its significantly higher than the cost to redeem them in game? Its weird its kinda like they have more uses than being redeemed for money or resources.
  10. I do take it as a personal insult that we have been allies for how long, and you have never invited me on...
  11. Voting is a terrible idea. People have no idea what is best for the game, especially alliance leaders. I say this as an alliance leader in a top 10 alliance.
  12. That wouldn't be a valid strategy it would be The Strategy. The first few rounds of war, would be everyone nuking each other to wipe out any and all extra improvements. Fighting conventionally would be silly until all your opponents cities have been nuked, and you force them to buy infra so they can max war improvements. There would be no point to even run conventional attacks till every extra improvement has been destroyed, and then once that occurs then you might see actual fighting start. But if you want war to be a 3 click affair where you click to pull up the nuke screen, then click the city you want to nuke, launch nuke, log off for 24 hours, buy another nuke, then repeat everyday for a few weeks, that will really be an improvement to the war system. the only positive it would have is wars would probably be shorter because people wont be able to afford to fight for extended periods because all the econ improvements will be wiped out, so they wont be able to support themselves. but then again, you still have the 2-3 weeks of just nuking each other before any conventional war even thinks about kicking off.
  13. This thread has had a nice flow, first we had the backlash, then we had a backlash to the backlash, the next question will be when does the backlash to the backlash's blacklash begin?
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