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  1. As long as it is someone from the mod team completely separated from the Dev team, i dont have an issue with it. But if its Pre doing it, I do have an issue with its as you are not unbiased. I already hear stories about how you run the Dev team, and they are not positive. That being said, people be nice to each other, its not that hard. And to alliances that silence their people or make threats based on feedback in the game discussion, be better.
  2. So you had to lose what? 1.5 billion in infra first to be able to do that? That is what I am saying. My nation who took a billion in infra damage last war, it was not feasible to hit anyone below 6k ns and I had to decom military/projects to get into range to hit anyone in the mid 6k range by the end of the war.
  3. So in order for a c40 to hit a c20, the c20 has to be maxed out, full infra/military and the c40 has to sacrifice billions of dollars in infra and income to be able to reach? That is a huge ask for most people to make, if you are going to make this change because 5-8 players in the game do this, I feel like you have bigger fish to fry. If you insist on making this change, then you should modify the declare ranges to make it so a larger nation can hit any nation that can hit them.
  4. Who are these magical c40s that can hit c20s with full military? I know I generally find myself mostly out of a fight after a round or two, and can only hit people in the mid 30s that actually rebuild military.
  5. If you are going to nullify the advantage of having more cities, why not just remove the city mechanic all together?
  6. Not really. For comparison I have 11x more cities than you and about 40x your infra, and only 2x your GDP.
  7. Why would I know that? I am an engineer by trade, not a historian, i haven't taken a history class in over 20 years. You would think the blatant exaggeration of 20 cities would be a hint that I was being facetious.
  8. On the chart, the x denotes what you can make, not what you cant make. So if you want uranium you have to go to Africa, Asia, or North America.
  9. Why is it every time this gets posted, Grumpy spent like half of the time frame in war? It really makes it tough to compare ourselves against others. oh wait there are tabs... lets see those! Also fun, I just bought city 45 this week, which cost me the same as the 45 cities NW bought over the last 3 months.
  10. What? why would I know what your taxes are? If you put a gun to my head, I couldn't even tell you what bloc you are in. (oh i just looked it up, we just fought you guys! that's fun!) If it makes you feel better, I had a conversation in GGO a few days ago, asking if Dead Rabbits was some new micro block I had never heard of. After I was told who they where, this was my response, which would also go for you guys. End of the day tho, like the previous post, I am just amusing myself on the OWF, by making dumb posts. Please feel free to ignore me going forward.
  11. At the low point of the last HW war, there was still over 1 billion food in the game. if you look at the graph, now that that war is over and global radiation is down, food is starting to increase again. With that prices should start to decrease again. Personally I think it makes the game more interesting to get crazy swings in the food market due to outside influences. Its the only thing like it in the game, and to change it would be disappointing.
  12. So why not buy your guy up to 10-12 cities so he can crush the dude back? It sounds like to me, you arent willing to do what you need to do to help your members. Pay to win baby, toss in a few credits, and buy him up to 20 cities, think of the complete devastation he will do to that 4 city nation.
  13. I agree that they should be separated its caused us in Grumpy some heartache as well, I dont know why they were combined in the first place.
  14. or... you could let the market dictate the cost. since now that it is really high, a bunch more people are going to jump on the bandwagon, and the price will go back down. Or you could try to manipulate the market with new projects and watch food price plummet like raws plummeted after they released the raw project for new nations.
  15. As someone who built a top 10 alliance, if I can give you some advice it would be this. Don't ever start an alliance with just one person, you are doomed to fail. If you want to start an alliance, get a few friends together, 5-10 (the more the better) and have all of you move over at the same time, ideally these guys are all active, you guys are all on the same page and you can trust them. Also before you announce your creation and move, make sure you have a prot set up. Having a group of people to start will make it much easier to get someone to take you under your wing and help protect you. If you can, have something that separates you from the rest of the crowd, this will help you grow and be successful.
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