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  1. That doesnt sound like a denial to me. I do appreciate you trying to change the subject to avoid admitting it.
  2. Congrats to Eclipse on coming up with another inventive way to weaponize NAPs. Just when we thought we cleared the slate, you guys put this together, nice work.
  3. Go poke Borg? Its his bot. Also time to insert obligatory, back in my day comment.
  4. The issue I have is, even that increase is a drop in the hat. Granted I am an outlier, but I have 3000 improvements in my nation. killing 5 improvements destroys 0.16% of my improvements.
  5. you could go start your own brand new alliance, and then go fight some dudes. Go be the change you want to see.
  6. What if i have access, but I just dont want to use it? With your 6 cities, and my 50 cities look at the crazy range we can cover. I am assuming with all the score range changes, i think you are almost in range to help me out.
  7. We used to have a handshake... Edit, i just looked at your treaties, and holy shit is there anyone you dont shake hands with? You are a real handshake !@#$ aren't you? Just giving out handshakes left and right. There was a time when handshakes were special, and had to be earned, ya know, you take a person out for dinner first get to know em a little, and after a few interactions, maybe you extend that hand. Not all just wam bam shake my hand. All that being said I will handshake with you, but you better wash your hands first.
  8. You guys all need to emulate the old Grumpy standard of handshake naps. If you need me, I got your back, if I need you, you got my back. If you and I dont want to back each other up anymore, then we just call it a day go our separate ways. Don't let silly paper get in the way of having each others backs. One trusts most the ones they are willing to NAP with. Also dont be a jackass, i dont know you, but from some of the feedback i am seeing in here from people i do know, they seem to think you are a jackass. I would recommend you stop doing that if you and your alliance want to be taken seriously.
  9. max bet 5 billion? I mean if you cant bet the cost of C50 in one shot are we really gambling at all?
  10. i also assume, if you get attacked and "win" that fight aka give your opponent the failure, you dont get anything from that correct?
  11. Dev team I have a question on the Military Salvage project. Does it give 5% on all wins, be it Pyrrhic, Moderate, Immense? or is it just Immense? And I assume you are getting 5% on damage done to both sides, so if you run a ground attack and kill 1000 tanks, and lose 1000 tanks, you are getting 50 steel back?
  12. The USA is not a purely capitalist society, public schools, the police, public transportation, healthcare, those are all "socialist" policies. Realistically the way it works right now in the USA is pretty good, capitalists drive progress, and the government tempers them when they get a little too greedy. The issue I think we may have is that lobbyists are in the pockets of too many politicians allowing our capitalists a little too much rope in some cases, which is why you are seeing the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
  13. Darkblade gets it, So I will just say basically what he said. The only reason to buy cities at our size is military. We were joking in grumpy just a few days ago that the ROI on city 50 is something like 10-11 years. Little nations have so many advantages today that building to the 20s for someone who is seriously playing this game can take about 3 months. 3 MONTHS! i remember as one of the fastest growing day 1 nations in the game, it took me 1000 days to hit city 25. it then took me almost another 2500 days to hit c50.
  14. That block gov chat must be something to see with those personalities you guys assembled.
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