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  1. You guys need to cut out all this upper tier consolidation.
  2. Just as a reference, I personally make about 150k food a day. Pre, I think makes even more than I do.
  3. Tell me where the sequential numbers hurt you Hidude. It's ok, you are in a safe place here. 132
  4. I have a fanbase? What's up my little Ronsters!
  5. This is lies, planes are still OP, and planes only is the best way to fight. Don't let her dissuade you guys.
  6. I agree with this, When both Oasis and Cam jumped in at the start of the war, I was like well we had a nice day where we were winning, but we got outplayed politically and we lose. Its too many nations to handle they will turn the tide. Then I did the Morf podcast, and listening to the other side talk about how they cant beat us, after I got off the show it was the first time where I actually was like.. holy shit we might actually be able to win. Here is the direct quote: Also removed the person who responded because I didn't get their permission to post this. It may or may not be secre
  7. Best of luck to the merging of blocs. Tho, I thought when you merge two blocs together you declare war on somebody, isn't that how its suppose to work?
  8. Alot of you guys here that aren't very involved with the war can make excuses why you couldn't drag us, but that is what they are, excuses. This is the city number comparison, and these numbers aren't close. That is you guys in the red, Now I will admit that we had the advantage of Rose not being militarized and were able to neutralize most of them on our blitz, but Oasis and Cam, had the blitz advantage on us, and if done properly should have been able to wipe out most of us, especially the upper tiers that had already used their rebuys on Rose, and were wide open to count
  9. What did I tell you guys, dudes named James, they be crazy!
  10. You can be a tiny tot in grumpy, or the 4th largest nation in Oasis.
  11. keegoz is on the list right? make sure he is on there! Suck it Keegoz!
  12. What hasn't been brought up but should be, is that the peace negotiation consisted of a total of I believe 7 posts total. That has to be some sort of record.
  13. One of my favorite stats this war was to look at the top 100 nations for wars fought. Out of the top 100 nations 93 of them are in Hollywood.
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