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  1. Yeah half the nations in grumpy are currently at 0 spies.
  2. It aint good, ill tell you that! Think about the children.
  3. This may be your first war as a leader, but generally when you declare war on an alliance you should follow it up with more than 3 war declarations. You keep this up, people may start getting you confused with Rose circa 2016-17.
  4. See video below, in this case Firwolf you are Farva, and we are Thorny, Mac and Foster. Well Changeup is also a bit of Farva too.
  5. Grumpy technically doesn't require discord, and we are the best alliance in the game, and as a fellow CT fan of the Whale, I feel you. That being said, you need 30 or so cities to join grumpy so... best of luck to you.
  6. damn kids... here ya go, it even has cartoons in the video, so you guys will love it.
  7. Man Firwolf, talk about 1 step forward and 2 steps back. You think we could come together because opposites attract. I gotta say this thread reads like fiction and not a natural fact. The way its going we wont be coming together because these opposites do not attract.
  8. To be fair, zoot has been playing for over 2300 days, and you have been playing for 1 day, and during that time have not engaged in a single war. Feel free to keep tossing ideas out, but for you to assume that your change would improve the war system or help new players is a little suspect as you have yet to engage in the war mechanics of this game.
  9. Here you go, top 86 alliances, I dont know why this killed you to do... to do the next 36 took me like 25 mins. I removed the others from the count, because they dont matter. Side note: I had no idea there was a shitty micro sphere. Good for those little guys. Double Side Note: Oasis, Quack, is there anyone you wont send a treaty to? DAMN GINA...
  10. Whats the point? besides making missiles less useful? Why go continental? We all have a spot on the map, why not make missile range like 2.5k miles, and then make a project that can increase the range of missiles.
  11. That sounds like entirely too much work to me.
  12. I got all excited when i saw you write "I'm hated". I was thinking holy crap has our little Firwof finally gotten a little self awareness. Unfortunately I kept reading and the answer is still no, but this was a big first step, I cant wait to see your continued growth.
  13. Happy to see besides acknowledging that we can fight, you have no idea what you are talking about. Also Minesome if you want a clearer picture of things, you should probably expand out your list to the top 80-85 alliances, since alliances 51-85 comprise of around an additional 1000 nations. That is a huge chuck of power to not include because it would be "too much work".
  14. Arrgh has econ? Even Grumpy doesn't really have an econ department besides poor Pres (or rich Pres depending how you look at it) who runs our bank.
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