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  1. You guys are doing this all wrong. You guys should do what Grumpy does, 0 recruitment, and then make new members pay 10million for the privilege to join your alliance. You guys out here sending countless recruitment messages and giving away money like a bunch of fools.
  2. Back in the day before the game was officially launched, we had a speed round where turns were like every 20 mins or something (it was 5 years ago, i cant remember what i ate yesterday) but what i do remember is the problem with it was, you would go to bed one night, and wake up completely wrecked, because people could roll out so many attacks on you before you were aware you were even attacked. I see the 4 hours day change being a similar problem. You go to bed, wake up the next day, your opponent has already attacked you and has had 2 rebuys to reload before you even know what is going on. For those that are hyper active, I agree this would be a boon for them. I dont expect most players log in more than once or twice a day tho. (Alex feel free to correct me since i have 0 data to back up that last claim.)
  3. I would think you need to take into effect the potential damage. If I get a group of 3 people together and attack a guy with 5 nukes, after 2-3 days i know he is going to be zero'ed out of nukes, and his ability to do damage to me and mine decreases significantly once he gets dropped to 0 nukes. If I get a group of 3 guys and hit a guy with 50 nukes, we are all going to be eating nukes everyday, and will be eating nukes everyday over multiple rounds. There is legit military strength behind that.
  4. Also please dont forget that to get into "range" of little nations, most regular whales (not raiding whales) on the winning side of the war, need to drop generally over a billion dollars in infra to even get close. And you want losing whales that get dropped down so they are able to wreak a little havok and swing wars back the other direction. Kinda like how knocked down 15 city nations can wipe out 8 city nations with little effort. Assuming a war is not a complete curbstomp (see knightfall) the losing side needs large nations to drop score, and help turn the tide in the lower tier, while the other side's upper tier is completely useless because they are too large to help. This helps keep the ebb and flow of a war. Granted you have now made it easier for large nations once the extra infra has been shed to drop down since they can now buy more planes/military in a double buy. In a global, personally I would be wary of dropping below 1000-1300 planes to try to pick people off, just because of exposure to counters (NPO's war bot did a great job of making sure I got countered every time I tried) Now I can probably drop to 0 planes but without coordinating with other nations, tho it will be next to impossible to 0 someone out on my own, I might be able to drop lower. whats painful with the increase in purchasing, is the cost of war, its going to cost a nation like mine 11k alum 8-10 million dollars to do a double buy. I see some people saying its unfair that a 30 city nation can wipe out a 15-20 city nation, I find it pretty unfair that 3 nations that are 200-250 days old who are physically impossible for me to hit due to the war declaration range, can take down my nation that is over 2000 days old. End of the day I think it would be interesting to roll this out and see how these two changes actually affect gameplay. It will definitely cause people to come up with some new strats to figure out what is the best way to handle things.
  5. Lets talk about this game actually works. If we are talking about a global war, what happens is the side with the better upper tier will smash the other side's upper tier. Once that superiority is established, the losing side then dumps all extra NS to make it basically impossible for the "winning side's" upper tier to fight. Assuming dropping out of range gives the losing side the numbers they can then slowly pick the winning nations off one at a time with the "winning side" unable to stop them. With the city score increases, it actually makes it easier for nations to hide well below the range of large nations, who are basically defenseless and have to be vigilant to counters which can now come at anytime. With the increased double buy, I think now a 30 city+ nation could hold off 3 20 city nations, it will be extremely expensive, but I think it would be doable. If your example above is a raiding situation. In this is the case, you need to think about cost, could a 30 city nation with 0 military hit that 15 city nation? Yes, is it worth it? They can buy 1980 planes, which will cost them just under 10k aluminum and 8 million in cash, which works out to what? 40-45 million in resources. That is a ton of resources to spend to raid a crappy 15 city nation, who is probably dirt poor. If it's a war situation you are talking about, after the first round or two of fighting that 15 city nation will be well out of range because they will have shed all their extra NS in the form of infra, and it will take a round or two to get that 30 city nation small enough to even think about targeting 15 city nations.
  6. Don't these two changes basically cancel each other out? So by increasing the city score its harder to down declare, but by making it so we can rebuy 1/3rd everyday, you have now made it much easier to down declare.
  7. Are we changing the declaration range so that I can hit everyone that can hit me? if that is the case, then i dont have an issue with this change, but if not, then this change just makes it even more difficult for me to hit people and lets even more people attack me without being able to defend myself.
  8. Grumpy doesn't have any taxes or communist govs...
  9. I have had the issue where I launch attacks, I get the results screen, but they dont actually register any damage on me or my opponent, or decrease my MAPs and this will happen 3 or 4 times in a row, with different results each time, but nothing actually happens. Eventually if I launch enough attacks one will finally register and the damage will go thru and my MAPs will decrease. I think this has happened to me twice during the last war.
  10. How is losing 4 percent of your infa and a percentage of your resources and cash not a big enough punishment for losing? Or to frame it in the winner's perspective, how is destroying 4% of your opponents infra, and stealing a percentage of thier resources and cash not a big enough prize for winning?
  11. There is always a risk when you give someone else your money to hold for you. The question you have to ask yourself is will the small percentage of return you will see on your money be worth it to you in case something happens and your money gets stolen. The player run banks will tell you that your money is safe, but their have been cases when banks have been stolen, and people have taken out huge loans and refused to pay it back.
  12. I was thinking it may be a good idea for the game to send an automated email to people that come out of Vaca Mode after an extended amount of time. So basically once a nation's VacaMode timer expires, if they signed up to receive email notifications, they would receive an email that basically says, you are no longer in Vacation Mode, come on back and play some PnW! If this already happens, please ignore, i have never used vaca mode, and never will.
  13. It's a nice FA project for RnR, donating resources to Test to help them quickly rebuild their warchests post war.
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