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  1. Don't listen to these yahoos, take it from someone that produces over 100k food a day, just buy more land, land is your friend, and it can never be destroyed.
  2. Remember when we used to be allies? those were the days... We would ask you for help, and you wouldn't do anything.
  3. Sounds good to me I know ill never use it. Taxes are the devil.
  4. you would be surprised at what stupid shit people would put up with. I mean you have alliance leaders openly stealing from their alliances to build themselves, and yet their members just keep following along.
  5. At the same time, if you are stuck in a 100/100 alliance, and blockaded, your only possible means of affording to fight back is in the resources you generate, since you cant rely on your alliance funding you while under a blockade. It could be argued that blocking taxes is better for the person under the blockade.
  6. Can we put the nation link back in the forum name, so when someone posts something, I can click the link and look at their nation?
  7. My nation is rebuilt, the warchest could be a little higher, but I’m not the one that wanted the NAP, or was the one crying about how hard it is to rebuild. We will be up and running again in fairly short order.
  8. That assumption would be incorrect, it was offered by our opponents, and it wasn't a hill I was willing to die on in order to get peace.
  9. wait... there is a time limit on account verification? how long does a regular one last for?
  10. i would think that is closer to the intent of the blockade, since the point is you wont be able to move your resources, and if your taxes are set to 100% that just means you are moving all your resources off nation, with our without blockade, I would be good with this change.
  11. This is Inst right? I can never keep up with the name changes a bunch of these shit posters do. I ask, because this looks like a stupid Inst post.
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