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  1. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    What Do PnW Players Believe On Gun Control?

    As someone that lives 3.5 miles away from Sandy Hook Elementary. frick all the gun nuts, ban them all. Realistically tho, there are too many guns out there now to ban them. The fetishizing of guns in the US is absolutely ridiculous.
  2. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Market regulations

    You are incorrect about why food is dropping in price. It has nothing to do with alliance stockpiles, it has to do with as the game ages, and nations grow larger, making food becomes significantly easier. Even at its reduced rate, its still easily still the best raw resource to produce, and produce a large amount of quickly. If you really want to change it, i would suggest going from 20 farms per city to 10, and limit the production of food.
  3. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Racism on Orbis

    its not KKK its grumpy. wait what is going on in here?
  4. little nations dont go green, its an ugly color with a terrible bonus. it would never benefit you to do that.
  5. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Did the Last War Last Long Enough?

    What? I spent about 75-80% of it the month you guys let me run train on your upper tier before you finally your shit together and took me down.
  6. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Did the Last War Last Long Enough?

    I spent somewhere around 200k gas and munitions each last war, was that not enough for you?
  7. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    I had a chat with a guy....

    taxes are the worst. amirite guys?
  8. Sweeeeet Ronny D


    I can confirm this list is not biased, since the last time I conversed with Max, I told him to stop being a lazy sack of crap, and he told me to go screw, but Grumpy still got an OK rating.
  9. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Noobs guide to a good blitz

    Why is the guy in vacamode telling people how to blitz?
  10. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Let the Games Begin

    Get the beige timer to a full 6 days, let him completely rebuild, and then crush him again, you will do so much more damage that way than just keeping him beaten down for a while.
  11. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    The Future of PnW

    Your peace requirements where the real troll, but its never Titan's fault, just remember that guys. But yes, that quote was from me, because at that point I was under the obviously false impression that the war had been fought with pretty good will, with no real hate on our part. Since we should have been taken down years ago, and I had no issues losing a war, its why you probably the least amount of crying from the losing side on the OWF, probably ever. I am sad how Titan didn't post the part where he took offense over that nothing statement, and I apologized right afterwards. All this talk about being dynamic, I assumed we would just call it a day and let the dynamism kick off. Instead a bunch of you feeling victory for the first time, and knowing you had us, felt the need to try to violate our sovereignty, and caused the war to drag out for another 2.5 months. My goal going into that war was that I knew we were going to lose, but we would do as much damage as possible and take a look at how other alliances performed and see who could be potential future allies. I guess the nice thing about this war was before it kicked off I didn't really view anyone as a true enemy, but I got some now! BTW when are we going to start being dynamic?
  12. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Hard caps tied to averages

    You want to implement a hard cap that you have suggested takes about 2 years to hit, in the hopes that it will help retain newer members. Do you really think telling a person that just joined the game... "hey in 2 years you can be one of the biggest players in this game!" will make them want to stick around? Not to mention all the old players you are going to alienate by capping their growth. I have a fun story for you, I bought Destiny 2 about 3 months ago, played it almost everyday. then about 2-3 weeks ago I hit the lvl cap and I played it for maybe another week, and I haven't played it since. That is what a cap does, once you hit it, its like... ok now what?
  13. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Hard caps tied to averages

    Or maybe your idea was not a good one, so you can put the passive aggressive bullshit in the same place you put your terrible ideas. AKA anywhere but here.
  14. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Hard caps tied to averages

    so you think telling a brand new nation in 700 days you could be on top of the leaderboards tied with about 500 other nations, that will make them want to play?
  15. Sweeeeet Ronny D

    Hard caps tied to averages

    ok so my question to you is, how long should it take for a nation to reach the leaderboards?

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