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  1. I thought you could do this already? or was that just for mass infra purchases?
  2. The only major alliance that does this as far as I know is Grumpy, and even we have had to tone it back. The reason 99.9% of alliances dont tell their members anything is that if plans get leaked it can completely blow up an alliance/bloc's plans which can lead to them getting rolled. So the rule of thumb is that most alliances consider the risk to be too great to share OPSEC info with it's general members. Alot of alliances have additional walls between lower gov and upper gov, and you can have blocs that have an additional wall between upper gov and alliance leaders only. (and if you really want to know where the real plans get made its in private group chats between like 3-5 extremely influential people)
  3. Pitchers and Catchers are reporting in the next few days!
  4. Really, NPO in Orbis is the equivalent to [email protected]#$'s in the real world. Whats that rule called? you argue on the internet long enough someone will talk about Nazis? Basically its an easy/lazy way to make a group look bad on the OWF. It's why other people get mad when they get compared to them, because its a near universal agreement that NPO/IQ behavior during that war was the worst thing to happen in the history of this game. In the inner/outer circles I run/ran (go go retirement!) in, we never talk about them, the only time I ever see it brought up is on the OWF, and liked I referenced above, its an easy/lazy way to score political points.
  5. I wonder if Thanos from BK would be sad that we dont recognize him for his large roll in IQ war and in dragging it out, and just talk about Roq and NPO. Poor guy cant catch a break.
  6. What's cringe is somebody that raids a dude and then makes a post about it. Be better.
  7. Its been 2315 days since myself and some like minded individuals created the greatest alliance in the history of Orbis. That being said 2315 days is a long ass time to be leading an alliance, and since I started as a grumpy old bastard, I have only gotten even older and more grumpy. I feel like its time to move on, and start enjoying the AARP benefits. I am officially retiring as leader of Grumpy. Now that I am done talking about my favorite subject, its time to move onto more important matters. It's my esteemed pleasure to announce Presidential as the new leader of Grumpy, he has been my right hand man for years and I look forward to seeing how he will lead Grumpy to continued greatness.
  8. Honestly in GnR, if that war dragged on another few weeks they probably would have won, We were burning warchests like champs keeping so many of them down. Good news is that they didn't so we were able to pull out the military victory of one bloc holding down 2.5 blocs.
  9. What is happening in here? Are you guys really arguing over a small war from 7 years ago? I hope you UPN guys are turning it around, but you have been objectively one of the worst performing alliances in the game for a number of years. I would put you slightly better than WTF. Say what you will about Mayor, he isn't my favorite person but atleast he shows up and tries when a war rolls around.
  10. Fun fact, Pineapple has an enzyme in it that breaks down I believe proteins, so when you eat pineapple, its trying to eat you back. I saw that on a show somewhere, so no idea if its true, but its sounds fun so i am going to go with it.
  11. Have you ever read Grumpy written announcements of any kind before? They very rarely are longer than a paragraph. Brevity is the height of wit.
  12. if you only stuck around for another week, you could have been a part of it!
  13. i think HoF has like 1 or 2 guys around that size.
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