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  1. Dane Hunter

    Declaration of War

    You are aware that Chaos & Ketog are comprised of alliances that fought each other last global right? Hardly 'still united'. In fact if I do recall, some of us fought on your side. But please, continue with your logic gymnastics.
  2. Dane Hunter

    Market Improvements

    One of the main terms in Knightfall is getting rid of a trade bot to prevent people from screwing up a trade offer and not having enough time to fix it before someone pounces on it. This proposal all but ensures that if someone enters their trade offer wrong they will get screwed over. I know from personal experience I have screwed an offer up, say click sell instead of buy or vice versa but was able to quickly take the offer down before losing it. This would eliminate any possibility of being able to quickly fix your mistake.
  3. Dane Hunter

    The couping of Sirius

  4. Dane Hunter

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Didn't their coalition have upper tier superiority when Knightfall started?
  5. Dane Hunter

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Which terms are the ones still holding this up?
  6. Dane Hunter


    Who would they be defending? TKRsphere who is already decimated or SyndIQsphere who doesn't need defending?
  7. Dane Hunter

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Incompetence means being deliberately bad? Pretty sure intent has nothing to do with it.
  8. Dane Hunter

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Paperless absolutely exists, not sure what you're talking about.
  9. Dane Hunter

    Lordaeron Announcement

  10. Dane Hunter

    A PSA for @everyone that is @here

    Why does every topic devolve into a debate about Noctis' downvotes?
  11. Dane Hunter

    Time to Play Hardball

  12. Dane Hunter

    Time to Play Hardball

    I saw at least one who had 4k infra in their cities
  13. Dane Hunter

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Which of SK's terms are you referring to as the most demanding? The Cinnamon Toast Crunch or the Colour Block name change? They're not exactly the terms that are dragging the war out.
  14. Dane Hunter

    Public Denunciation of The Crimson Entente

    When your alliance is full of strong nations who would never give up sovereignty but recruit nations who are weak and would give up sovereignty into your alliance

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