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  2. let me know next time you try this, i love nothing more than undercutting people that try to manipulate the market.
  3. Sellers should be mindful of the asking price. Try to sell an additional 3.4 million 146 ppu over the course of two transactions since the most units can be sold in a single transaction is 2.5 million 141 ppu foodle
  4. Yeah sometimes it can be useful, like if you're experiencing a glitch on your nation page or you just want to make a general report not about anyone specifically. Mostly we just get spam reports with random letters through it, though
  5. Ich war srefubrugbtpain :(Disintegrate GIF - Disintegrate - Discover & Share GIFs

  6. Yesterday
  7. While I realize its not your fault, I want to iterate that this one is moronic. Realistically, it needs to be based on something static that can't be used by someone else or changed. We need to change it to nation ID and Alliance ID for bank to bank.
  8. We got rid of the gov member that did that lol.
  9. Who ever is inflating this balloon should be fired, been years and it's still empty...
  10. During wars it was more than 5 people. I'm sure the idea for GPWC started with a few people and then ballooned into the 1k+ that it was.
  11. Ah glad to hear it; that 3m extra a day that maybe 5 people made should definitely help level the playing field, am I right or what
  12. What about eating crayons and where can I get some? (Aside that, best of luck w/ y'all)
  13. The ones discussed in the forum post here. At present I believe the dev team decided on a 2mil income cap per day so that's what is implemented on the test server, Prefontaine should announce the final number at some point and I'll make sure that's the one in the game when it's deployed.
  14. Could we perhaps uh, maybe at least know what the changes to baseball are?
  15. I do agree with the line-up updates.
  16. Last week
  17. Hey all, sorry about the lack of updates. Since Alex and Prefontaine aren't around right now I meant to post an update yesterday after finishing some more work but forgot about it. At present the following features are finished and require a little bit of QA Team testing before they're ready to deploy (sorry for the messy wording/formatting): Baseball changes All new projects When a nation deletes during a war, part of that nations resources goes to those fighting it. 50% split among the nations fighting Make Leader name and Nation name consistent. You can have different names but all interaction (like bank trades) will go through use names. Nations in alliances that have a treaty to your alliance will appear with an indicator or color on the market to show "ally" trades Allow for the "$" and commas to be ignored when inputting values and allow for k,m,b to be used to send cash/resources (i.e. 1m instead of 1000000 to send 1 million food). Trade changes Navy changes I'm currently finishing up alliance embargoes then will be working through the final quality of life updates on the update slate along with a handful of other improvements. Once again, sorry about the lack of updates, life got really busy for two weeks and I didn't have nearly as much time as I expected to finish things up. Have a great day everyone!
  18. The coup is almost complete. @Canbec if you thought you got a lot of pings in your previous role, just you wait. OWF announcements for lineup changes should become more common.
  19. Not enough Ri. I still cannot accept the illegitimate government
  20. 😮 haha that's dope, thx for your service
  21. The US disburses the most money of any nation on Earth by far in humanitarian aid. Something like $8.25 billion last year. And that is the figure for just what is called "Humanitarian aid" from the Federal government. That doesn't include any private contributions made to NGO's operating here or overseas. 😵 Americans are quite generous....other governments less so.
  22. At 35 cities, 5k land, you can make 4500 food per city per day. Even if the whale has 3K infra, he'd go through atmost 4500-5000 food a day for entire nation Nerfing the production to 10%, he'd still make 450 food a day or 15750 food, enough to feed himself and sell off. With food at 200-300 ppu in case of a real nuclear winter, that'd give the whales profit even then. This project is purely a whale booster, designed to make whales money.
  23. Butter


    yesterday, this screenshot was posted in OCN with a guy claiming to have multi. I searched his nation. His nation is https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=267216 The nation he says is his multi is https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=455355 He also mentions that he has many other multis and i think he is using vpn probably. He has suspicoous trade activity as well. I suppose the blank space is beacuse the nation was deleted. So, he deleted his multi after sending 100m in money.
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