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  2. Keegoz

    Where's Felkey?

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  4. Chris

    Multiple Project Suggestions

    There is a sticky for project suggestions, I am going to move this thread over there.
  5. When will Sheepy create a "God of Upvotes" pip?  I say it should have a Hippo.  Or a Baboon with a chef hat since Kurdanak likes to use that gif.

    1. Mad Max

      Mad Max

      Doesn't like the negativity of down votes and wants to remove them - but creates a pip for it. Only wants positivity here, no pip for it. Thats how the admin brain works.

  6. Pheonix

    ORB Weekly War Tracker

    BK STRONK!!!
  7. Mad Max

    ORB Weekly War Tracker

    There is no other news platform on Orbis that is dedicated to bringing you all war-time updates. Stick with ORB Weekly for all declarations, the story behind the scenes, words from the front line, and further developments. The ORB Weekly War Tracker is Live - Only on www.orbisweekly.net Stay Alert
  8. Mad Max

    Orbis Weekly - Real News - Real Stories

    Recent Posts ORB War Tracker – Live Keegoz – ORB Interview Perks of Being a Moderator Some hard hitting stuff folks - come hit us up.
  9. Avakael

    Broken forum pip.

    The Syndicate's forum pip has been broken for some time. A working version is as follows, Please fix the broken hotlink, thanks.
  10. Avakael

    Amid Series of Scandals. Executive Officer Retires

    Don't you dare be a stranger.
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  12. Epi

    When the time comes...

    Edictum Best
  13. Prefontaine

    When the time comes...

    TEst has 189 of them currently.
  14. Good job Community. Alex even made a forum pip for it too. Seriously. 


    1. Rimski


      He might have a load of downvotes, but at least the fella won a day by having the most liked content

    2. Mad Max

      Mad Max

      and he's a God

  15. Hodor

    Where's Felkey?

    Having just listened to the Slow Burn about Bill Clinton, I am deeply uncomfortable with any mention of cigars. This is why I drink bourbon. Yea, there are good bourbons and bad bourbons, but I am just in it for the bourbon. "This bourbon was made from corn whose ancestors were once fertilized by Caesar's horse's shit and aged in casks of pure manliness and oak", okay yea it's tasty, good job.
  16. Shadowthrone

    Where's Felkey?

    My favourite are Barolo's and Barbaresco's. Last night I drank a bottle of Nero d'Avola. A little acidic red. But of the different reds I've tried in my lifetime, the Italian reds are the finest.
  17. Apeman

    Where's Felkey?

    Until its a dick
  18. Reuben Cheuk

    Where's Felkey?

    Analysing all this is interesting, and I won't claim to know why Felkey left, but we should be wary of reading too deeply into this. I'm not taking shots (tequila) at anyone here, but we should always remember that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
  19. Rimski

    Where's Felkey?

    Idk man, last time I just ate a crossiant I had a large urge to surrender and put up at least 3 white flags on my home. Wine? Thats basically what I just said but on steroids
  20. Rimski

    Where's Felkey?

    @Theodosius hit the bongos! @Radoje get the grill! These guys dont know the balkan nectar called Rakija Well depends which colour, I prefer watching darker paint dry as the lighter ones burn out your eyes, with dark its more mild and suitng and you can watch any point of the wall without getting distracted by like lets say Lemon Yellow or School Bus Yellow
  21. Keegoz

    Where's Felkey?

    I think Felkey is taking this Pantheon role-playing too seriously now.
  22. 86’d

    The Griffin in the Tree Accords

    I’ve read The Giving Tree, I know how this ends.
  23. Mad Max

    Orbis Weekly - Real News - Real Stories

    Recent Posts The Flaking PW Administration <--- Corruption Griffin in the Tree – A New Accord <-Find out about these Griffins and Common Humans Prefontaine – ORB Interview <-- Whats he got to say? ORB Weekend Update What You Missed (RL News)
  24. Mad Max

    Where's Felkey?

    You know what water is fricking good, I like water. I drink 1.5 gallons of that a day and switching from a diet of whatever the frick I want with plenty of liquor to this new life, I'm a fricking light weight. Plus, Kastor - you are a nice person. Love one another. This community is one of tolerance. Please - be tolerant.
  25. Last week
  26. Alex

    Color autoupdates

    It doesn't automatically update your color. However, when you are in an alliance and your color does not match theirs, it does pre-select their color on the Nation Edit screen. So you must have saved changes on the Edit screen while in TKR with Orange as your selected color. In the end, I don't think you have anyone to blame here but yourself.
  27. Yes, there is really no way to prevent it.
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