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  2. Probably double buy during dc
  3. Question. So, I'm pretty new to the game and I'm in my first war. I was raided by a guy with a strong navy but literally 0 of anything else. I made an air strike against him and had an immense triumph. Then, in a single turn, he spawned 95k soldiers and huge numbers of aircraft, tanks and ships. He only has 9 cities. I don't think that adds up, as I understand the builds. Am I missing something?
  4. Looks like they already deleted it
  5. Alex


    I removed two nations that were inactive and never validated their emails; the other two I am not convinced are multis.
  6. Today
  7. Yeah, the two old ones never logged back in so I just removed them. Thanks!
  8. Yesterday
  9. I didn't realize Keno would make people ragequit, lol. I'll update the code so that it skips anyone who no longer has a nation.
  10. How awful that their deletion/ban prevents you from truly showing off how terrible you are at keno. This must be a trying time, stay strong.
  11. Can I ask you to elaborate? If I understand correctly you are advocating for more local power and less federal power?
  12. This project would actually be useful for low tier players. It allows them to generate some resources to sell or use without actually having as many mines. They can then use those extra slots for their military, with which they will raid. It combines the best of both worlds to a degree.
  13. Reg Penney


    https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=369608 Unique ID: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/unique/id=369608 Another Nation linked with few nations.
  14. Such a work of art, clearly first place material. 🙌🙌🙌🙌
  15. How am i supposed to be the worst if these guys continue to hold spots?? This issue is specifically for the Keno boards, but may also happening to other ones. issue: the 6th slot of winners, and the first slot of losers are occupied by nations that no longer exist for one reason or another. Picture attached for reference
  16. I didn't realise fish were immune to the effects of pollution and radiation poisoning... Also, there are some countries that rely heavily on Winter tourism and others that rely on summer tourism irl, so how would you differentiate between the 2? You would need multiple building types, but then people just just swap tourism builds when the seasons change to maximize income throughout the year.
  17. Tourism probably wouldn't be worth to add in the current way you proposed. Because time happens so quickly people would simply calculate which one of both is most efficient and build that. I do think "Fishing" (or something similar) like you proposed is an interesting idea.
  18. I thought this didn't post. Which means i accidentally posted it again. Dang it.
  19. Someone suggested this in the Discord server. I think it's a good idea. Fishing could be more expensive than farming, but are unaffected by radiation. Tourism could be like Commerce, but is affected by time of year like farms.
  20. So, one person in the Discord suggested Fishing and Tourism. You know what, it's a good idea. Fishing could be more expensive than farming, but is unefected by radiation. And Tourism could be like Commerce, but is also affected by the time of year (and do to that of course, provides more income than Commerce when it is Tourism season so as to be worth it to build.
  21. The core reason of police brutality all over the world lies within the structure of modern nation state system. Actually all of this is always has been waiting for becoming norm. It is supposed to happen when local community disbands and becomes totally dependable on statecraft.
  22. Even if they do. The only essential project for raiders (and even that isnt that essential, but it approaches being essential) is PB. Making another 500-1000K a day is quite a good adition for new players i'd dare say.
  23. They aren't I am in Antarctica and I can mine those resources
  24. Are the tooltips wrong? Antarctica only has 3 still: oil, coal, and uranium.
  25. I did say "should" it is the best money maker in low tier. But yes you are right if a player doesn't want to raid it is a nice project to have.
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