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    "Dear Leader ShiningLioness of New Pelorin detonated a nuclear weapon upon your nation of Chemistry. The attack destroyed 715.00 infrastructure in the city of Sulfur as well as a stadium and a steel mill." This is the greatest stat we pad. It's a damn shame you guys are already giving up on conventional warfare, you only hit me with 3 guys when I had a single days worth of planes right after peace was announced in the larger war - still losing your wars.
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    Sup my mans.
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  5. Important ODN Announcement

    The small fries get to have all the fun ::Grins::. I think im lucky enough that i'm *just* big enough due to my cities that with a few ships I can reach up and grab some targets that nukes will still mess up. Course I suppose that means all your big guys will pound on me heh. But yeah.
  6. Important ODN Announcement

    Maybe because that's not how it read lmfao. It isn't as clear as you claim it is. I suppose I'll just take your word for it. I wasn't complaining, nor was I really "giving advice". You and I have never spoken before, just trying to figure out what your about. Unfortunately, I'm out of range, so I won't be able to join the fight. Everyone is too small for me these days.
  7. Important ODN Announcement

    ::eye roll:: you really need to stop with the 'wouldnt even fight back." Seriously, I cant imagine your purposely misconstruing that reflects positively on you. Yes yes you get some 'pr points' from purposely mis-nterpreting my words if that actually matters to you. And I suppose if I am honest, I find it vaguely annoying lol. Which is maybe why you are doing it ::grins::. But you do realize we were never 'not fighting back' and the comment was CLEARLY referencing your catching us by surprise in the first round? Wouldn't it be so much better for the game if, when someone in good spirits and good humor compliments your attack and how they wont even be able to hit back that round as a result of your skill..... that you just accept that in good spirits instead of trying to turn it into something its not? In any event we are already far exceeding the 10:1 ratio of damage so far... so thanks? If this is so good for you, then stop complaining and griping and enjoy ::amused::. WE are happy and enjoying fighting you all. We are satisfied with the damage we are doing. We dont need you to be 'looking out for us' or telling us whats 'really' in our best interest. If this is so easy and enjoyable for you, why not stop with the complaints, the insults, the unwanted advice, etc and just get into the battlefield and enjoy yourselves? That's what we are doing.
  8. Important ODN Announcement

    I don't think it was intended as an insult rather than a statement of reality. Bigger and older alliances than yours exist that could easily be considered the same. I'm not sure what you guys expected to come out of this. A part of me wants to applaud you for showing some backbone, even if its a fairly large deviation from your original stance of "We won't even fight back", but its hard to ignore the futility of your plan, outside of winning some (not so easy) PR points with people not paying much attention (in which case, bravo btw, it worked). Ultimately your attempts to deal damage to us in some sort of retribution have failed. The idea you'll come anywhere close to the 10:1 ratio in damage you wagered in the OP is highly unlikely at this point, as the only people you can target (and aren't even targeting to your fullest potential currently), are smaller and have less infra to grind through, and you are losing to them. You have 4 people who are inactive for more than a week, another 6 in beige, and the rest are either ZMed or about to be. Anyway, thanks for the targets?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Rip Alpha

    For Steve!
  10. Important ODN Announcement

    Ouch. The old "you're irrelevant" accusation. That hurt me real bad, dude. Right in the hubris.
  11. And So the Dust Settles

    I just wanted to complain. Leave me alone...ffffrick
  12. 25 SoE SpecialOPS will be stationed at the Sri Lankan Protectorate State. Alongside them an unkown number of Resorian SPARTANs will join them. Photos, mapping out the currently built secret passageways on the island and road and railways. Fake AA guns are being placed to dominate the Island alongside real ones to cause fear, same goes with armour and transport vehicles to make it seem that the presence of SoE is larger than enticipated if someone does make Sattelite espionage on the militarization of the island. Some road networks are being used the long way around while at some crossroads all but one are trapped with explosives. Less densly jungle areas are trapped and no UNSC soldiers pass through to make it seem that they are unaware of the location - While the traps were set up by camoflauged personel. Many lines of defence are already set up with anti-armour, anti-air and anti-infantry stations being set and sharpshooters knowing their locations. Submarines are ready to retialate in case of invasion to assault the larger ships. Hinderances in water are being prepares, only avaliable on UNSC maps as it was made secretly and slowly. Upon arrival on the Eastern Shore any landingcraft will end up with avoiding mines and titanium spike barriers.
  13. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Hey y'all, This is the 2nd public warning to keep on track with the OP - really don't want to have to close this thread. Keep it chill. Thank you.
  14. Forum Suspensions

    Players Forum Name: Henrich Length of Suspension: 8 Hours
  15. Alex's twitter

    Locked and moved to spam where it belongs. Actively putting another sex down, no matter what you believe in, is literally beyond my mental capacity of understanding. However, reaching into someones private life - actively searching their twitter feed, god knows how long that took or why you would even want to put in the time to doing that is beyond me, but that's weird - wrong - inappropriate - and literally makes no sense to the community or structure of the rules of this community. Additionally, Choose the correct forum for your posts, if even this was acceptable, you picked the wrong one to post in.
  16. Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    Hey y'all, Here we are again in yet another public warning to everyone up in this thread. Except this time this is an immediate close-of-thread. The amount of reports directly from this thread and the extreme derail and racial posts have forced my hand - and I don't like my hand being forced. Thank you.
  17. Alex's twitter

    Isn't this old? I feel like this post Alex made was talked about months ago. Nothing changed since then. That isn't an example, that was posted in a debate forum. This isn't a safe space kid. The thread was valid and within the rules so it was kept open until trolls got it locked. Why would I receive a warning for encouraging a good line of debate? Women generally want to be objectified sexually, the attractive ones at least. Spend enough time on social media sites such as Instagram and you will realize it if you don't already know from real life experiences. SJW's are angry woman who are usually unattractive and bitter because they don't get the same positive attention, probably why so many are depressed as well.
  18. Suggestion to limit alliance bank hiding

    I don't understand how is this bad for centralised economies? Or how this punishes anything?! There is only one difference in how money in bank is spent in the current system v/s this suggestion: Current: An alliance officer has to execute a withdrawal action for certain amount of money and resources to the person intending to spend it. Suggested: An alliance officer has to extend credit for certain amount of money and resources to the person intending to spend it, and the system automatically deducts the amount from the bank, when spent. It's a minor change of how the money leaves from the bank, and in both cases the same two person is involved.
  19. Describe the above's profile picture

    Dobby!!! I damn miss Harry Potter man
  20. Can you Collect Bounties in defensive wars as long as they are the correct war type?
  21. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    We found durmij
  22. =====Prime Minister Chuave Press Conference Today====== After much consideration, and consultation from MP Cameron and Speaker Rockerfeller, I can announced today that the French Armed Forces will be deployed to East Asia in response to Rokkenjima hostilities to the UNSC and their lack of diplomatic outreach. Make no mistake, France has not changed its pursuit for diplomacy and a peaceful resolution. However, we will not take the first deal given to us, and we will not take a bad deal that hampers our strategic defense and our position in Asia. As Prime Minister I call on all Frenchmen today to rally behind our Armed Forces and support them during this troubling times. We must resist all forms of aggression, wether they be inter-dimensional or not. This not an attempt to remind the globe of France's Strategic Position in Global Affairs or a Political act to gain votes ahead of the General Election. We as the French people must be able to rally behind the common good and act as a shield of the light against the perils of the Yellow Darkness that places a cloud of darkness of Asia. We must be prepared to fight for the liberty and equality of all those who seek it and we must be prepared to be the Lord Sword against beasts that came from the skies, and those blinded to follow them. I would like to use this time before the Media Blackout to call on all French Voters to go to the polls and vote on their future. Together through discourse we solve problems, and the vote in two weeks will indicate your demands and desires to the Lawmakers in Paris. Viva la France, Viva la Rouyame, Viva la Roi.
  23. Alex's twitter

    Grasping at straws it seems. I think your play for hypocrisy isn't going to end in your favour here.
  24. Shadow Meeting. [Classified Location] [Classified Members] [Classified Time] It was cold inside the empty office high-rise. The Shadow Group had met on short notice after War-hound had requested an emergency meeting. The Other senior members, Sabertooth, El Bar, Mirage, Carter, Apache, Tiger, and Clinton were waiting for all the other members to arrive before beginning this meeting. The Shadow Leader arrived last, bringing in him a gust of cold-air as the Shadow Members grew impatient. "Very well...let us start the meeting." The Shadow Leader huffed as he sat down. The Shadow Leader stared at the clock in the background as one of the Hawks gave a statement on the concept of a military deployment to East Asia. The last Shadow Leaders was the President of France, and his predecessor was Chairman of the French Supreme Command. History would never group him with the lions of French society. He was anonymous, A gray blur in the world. "As a result, we will require someone to push the Prime Minister to agree to Sabre de Tortue." the Hawks looked towards the Olives. The olives spoke amongst themselves before sending on of their own to speak. A young woman, both for her position on the Shadow Watch and as a Senior Department head at Foreign Ministry got up to speak. "While we agree with Hawks on the matter we must send a clear message, any operation will put us in a possibly worse negotiating position and of course require we have the necessary manpower to spare men when we are combating the FLN in Algeria." "There is a small window we push past, after of which we won't have time nor political capital to move this past Rideau Gate." Apache agreed. "But we must be willing to move quickly and ask our donors to be generous to the L&J party. “I can agree, we must do something about it. Though we could always find support in Conservatives with Cameron. If we wish to proceed we must take a public display with a significant show of force. What would Clinton suggest? "War Horse said before turning off her microphone. Clinton as a senior member of the Hawks responded. “The Rokkenjima Armed Forces alongside many in CEAN is one of minimal threat to the UNSC with our advance space capabilities. We would suggest a small wet-naval force consisting of the Indian Ocean Fleet and Arabian Sea Force as a deterrent and should it be required an operational force if CEAN attacks Sri Lanka." War Horse looked satisfied, giving a small nod before reclining in her chair. Carter put a motion of vote for Shadow Resolution 179/08/12. The House agreed in a majority and the motion was passed and voting occurred. Slimly, the House agreed to the deployment. It was a cold-crisp November when Shadow Leader got out of the building. He opened his phone and dialed a contact called Laura. Caspar: "Madame Prime Minister, ça va?" Laura: "Monsieur Orator, oui je bien...." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Okay Caspar I get what you are saying but if we deploy our troops into the region we look like an aggressor not a peacekeeper. I am already taking enough heat from Cameron over Louisiana and Tunisia and I am trying to commit a ground-force for Algeria. Not to mention the fact your screwed us over with the Korczak-Sultan Deal keeping our hands off Jordan." "I get what you are saying Madame Prime Minister, but we need to make a statement. Our diplomatic credibili..." "Our diplomatic credibility went out the door we turned from Republic to Empire....don't lecture me on how to make a statement. I've been funding these god-damn operations against the Hutt on your request and now we have the UNSC trying to get involved! How am I support to hide the Caltar Incident? Jesus..." "Madame Prime Minister. We can debate what really defines an Empire, but all our operations are vital. Regardless I don't believe the UNSC will expose the massacres on Caltar and Nimocadia. It wouldn't benefit them anyways." The Prime Minister got up pacing her study. "Caspar, listen. Our coalition is hanging on a thin-thread, we have a general election in two-weeks and the polls already show Law and Justice will lose 25 of its 75 seats. How can I convince the CDU and UMP to keep me as Coalition Leader while the Conservatives nab their seats and ours. Assuming that we even hold a majority in the National Assembly and the Senat. We can't afford a military deployment both fiscally and politically. I can not lose the Liberal Base." "Laura, you are a conservative...why in gods name do you need the Liberals, they are already voting for Melechon and his retarded Unsubmissive Party. Not to mention you've got to swing conservatives in Southern Paris and the rural areas near Bordeaux and Nice to even have a chance to get the L&J to maintain its credibility as a third-way party. The CDU will coalition build because they have no strong leader to pull them through, otherwise you can push candidates in their thin-holdings and steal those." "Really? I don't need the Liberal vote...They amount for 43% of votes casted! I sure as hell need their votes if I want our candidates in Paris, Nice, Ricer, Brussels, and Tunis to vote our way. Which thanks to your Equal Protection and Representation Legislature opens 100 new seats in Parilament with 10 reserved for Tunisia, 20 for Belgium, and 10 for Louisiana! Causing us to hold 75 Seats and gain an additional 29 and the rest of the Center-Right Coalition to hold their own seats" "I am aware of the problematic results of the EPR. But, it will at least help some of our guys in Tunisia and Belgium get some votes. Madame Prime Minister, if we do not act we will not be able to show strength with meaning at all...." Laura sighed, walking towards her refrigerator where she got herself a bottle of Kilkenny. "Leave the proposal on my desk. Good evening Mr. Speaker." Taking it was his queue to leave, the Speaker left the biege folder on a desk before leaving the Prime Ministers residence.
  25. Alex's twitter

    Wut? Roz's post was very obviously a joke. Tasteless, true, very true even, but if you're taking a sh*tpost like that literally then there's something wrong with you m8. Agreed. There's arguments to be made about whether the moderation team is going to far or not, whether Roz is being deliberately aggressive towards the moderation team or just a generally insensitive edgelord, but that statement? Stalking someone's twitter hoping for their death? That's borderline criminal, much less against forum rules. Y'know, specifically. While I don't disagree that the moderation team made a decision that is well beyond the bounds of the rules that are written, you've really made your point in the least productive way possible.
  26. Rip Alpha

    They lost their stomach for that before the war. Plac bought into the "nukes are for losers" argument while thinking NB wasnt going to be in that position again. Fark pretty vehemently disagreed. Cowardly vultures abound, and dim witted scum flock to large alliances that specialize in thinking theyre gud for winning 5v1 wars. Where Alpha was wrong with this though, they did loyalty right, all the way to the end. I will never trust anyone in this game to the extent I trusted Alpha. Me too. Oh lawdy, me too. Nobody has the balls for fun anymore, only dog piling. Ah well, we will be back and eventually the stars will align.
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