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  2. i remember when i had hope.... 3-5 games ago rawr
  3. my condolences to all involved except @Ripper grats to them ❤️ rawr
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  5. We should have this even if we can’t target power stations. Just being able to target regular improvements is good enough over the course of a weeks long war.
  6. following private chat screenshot s show that United ummah alliance are made of terrorist minded/extremists who are hostile, and threats other people. Alliance and the players should be removed
  7. I actually originally thought the same way you did, until I looked and realized it would take over 650 days to destroy all my improvements. that is if you were successful 3 times every single day, and if you don't kill the infra behind it, you can just rebuild them anyways. This is a great complimentary attack to go along with Nukes/Missiles, it doesn't replace them by any stretch. note it would take about 4 months to wipe out all of your improvements assuming everything was successful every single day, and you are practically a brand new nation. Side note, shorter more frequent wars
  8. Perhaps you should do something to balance the spy system before you make any other changes. @Alex
  9. This is a good change, not broken at all. Should implement this now so we can test it out in the global @Alex
  10. Welp you returned at a good time. Global War is going on. :)
  11. It's easy @[email protected] Agree that BK has to give me 8 million and a public apology w/ a sonnet on how I was chosen by Ayy lmao to lead BK can exit the war this way
  12. Ha! If you thought that was bad, just wait until we implement our next-gen Rose Varon-T disruptor! Just the other day I was testing it out on my nation page and @Redarmy had the misfortune of looking at just the wrong moment, I don't know if he'll ever recover from such visual abuse - I think he even had to scroll three whole times before finally finding my cities, absolutely horrid.
  13. It seems a bit limiting right now that the only thing to be gained in war is money loot (except for when the war finishes), and the only thing destroyed is infrastructure. When declaring war, another combobox should be shown to the user: "resource target" (default to random entry). A war of attrition will simply destroy the resource in attacks, an Ordinary War will destroy and steal the resource, and a Raid will 75% steal, 25% destroy. Possible consequences of this change: In global wars, in wars of attrition people will likely choose to attack steel, uranium, o
  14. lol, classic. But whatever, I'm not surprised you took the opportunity to take a jab. Judging by the following thread, while most of the respondents are from Rose (naturally, considering you started this weird self-righteous crusade against us), your opinion is not universal and should really not be applied so broadly (i.e. "with seemingly no consideration for other players").
  15. Best timed Vacation (mode)
  16. What neither you nor I can do is convince that rabble (rosehedgeswamp) in the streets to give up their senseless struggle.
  17. oblique poaching techniques - master yi jaki
  18. There have been hundreds and hundreds of lines written by government members about the FA aspect of this war. But then, the large majority of people in this game are not gov. Tired of reading the same posts from the same people over and over again? Love roleplay? Think you can negotiate a better deal? We have something just for you! I have created a discord server where you can roleplay as a member of any bloc in Orbis (including pirates and neutrals), even if you are a member of a different bloc in-game. Curious about the Rose CB? Have some terms you want to impose on Syndicate? In 'You
  19. I have 2 category suggestions. 1. Most influential alliance 2. Most loyal alliance (the alliance who always and most completely follows through on treaties, whether binding or not)
  20. Must of missed the Best Rebrand. Thank you for clearing that up.
  21. Correct. I would think those usually qualify under "Best Rebrand", which is on our nomination list already for people to vote next week to include as a category if they'd like.
  22. Best Micro Leader, which of course is me. And of course gotta have Worst Micro Leader, which is also me.
  23. Out of curiosity, Best Rookie Alliance will be one of the new start ups and not the merged or restarts. Correct?
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