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  2. You don't have time to dedicate towards a discussion about police brutality on a dysfunctional nation sim's shitty forums with an anonymous dude who chooses to take on the identity of a simple minded, half-giant peasant? Jesus man, get your priorities straight.
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  4. Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t realise forgive me I’m so new to this 😖
  5. Might be a dumb question but Why is this in welcome and introductions?
  6. The nUPNberg Trials is elite. Has to win
  7. Did you ever crack the code of the last leak I sent you?
  8. Yes I'm very late. RL been very stressful and I honestly kept forgetting about it. Anyways for clarity this is only for the major war that being the TCW rolling. UPN's rolling doesn't meet the threshold of a major war and therefore a war name vote. That being said if ya'll want I can open a separate thread for a vote on that otherwise it'll just be named whatever the page is already named probs. Pick the ones you like, vote will close in 3 days and then topish contenders will go for a runoff.
  9. Reasons why I like Atlas Tech: Active, fun community Growth-focused and extremely helpful Constant update and management for a smooth, comfortable experience Tech boosted and staff aided Easy to get along with and horizon broadening Why others should consider Atlas: The aforementioned reasons Protection Low tax rates Very giving Understanding and constantly communicating Grants and funding Because I said so This message has been funded and approved by the Dahnhi, Oopa Castrellis, herself. ✔️
  10. Thank you for the comprehensive answers! I saw that someone has already reported the player.
  11. Thanks! I just wanted to report the same player. Also the nation name itself is a Nazi reference: SS (Schutzstaffel) and the "14" is most likely referring to the white supremacist slogan called "14 words".
  12. I like atlas technologies because they have low taxes, gave me a lot of stuff, and have an active community
  13. This project is meant to target larger nations, to help reduce disease without sacrificing improvement slots for hospitals, which in turn would help population growth in the long term instead of a single 3% boost. Additionally, realistically, pulling people off the surface to live in such a habitat would reduce the population density, not increase the overall population, at least not in the beginning. The city requirement is necessary. I wouldn't expect alliances to change their build orders for improvements, as the UP & AUP already offer lower tier nations a means to reduce city build costs. It would cut into military readiness and resource production for warchests. Besides, low costs paired with raiding, alliance accelerated build programs funded via taxes, and low yield bank loans offer an efficient means to become self-sufficient in record time. This project is not a catapult with which to launch a week old nation to whale status within a few months to a year. Its a minor reduction for exponentially increasing costs for long term players. As for the costs, you are beginning to colonize space, its going to be expensive. The resource cost is intended to be excessive, though I went over the top to allow for room to trim it down. Honestly the cost of cash and resources to build it should exceed the cost of cities 25 & 26 (~$941,697,500) in my opinion. My next city (32) is going to cost roughly $1,136,988,750, the savings I would get is an additional $51,479,550 over the UP and AUP but as I add cities that is going to grow and grow, therefore purposeful restrictions for building and the initial investment needs to be larger on the front end to rationalize the value that will be realized with each new addition.
  14. Still not sure alliances would go to war over treasures, it seems inter-alliance war between conventional alliances primarily results from game politics so it'd just be a bonus when drawing lines I would think. And suppose you increased the benefits of treasures to make them appealing enough to war over, I worry that the benefit would be too economically great to be fair to the rest of the game. I think maybe the OP's suggestion applied to treasures to determine original ownership could be a nice adjustment and surely simple enough for Alex to implement. @Alex What do you think?
  15. I'm not sure what straw man you're encountering or what there is to debate about my response as I tried to keep it to the facts; I responded to the OP's enquiry, responded to other posters to clarify that the swastika is historically significant as a positive symbol pre-dating Nazism and offered speculation as to why Alex may have chosen to explicitly ban Nazism while forgoing any mention of swastikas in the game rules. Unless you're suggesting the swastika does not predate Nazism and/or you are unaware of its use in religions and cultures outside Nazism I'm not sure what you're suggesting needs to be debated.
  16. If you're asking "will I debate this with you in this thread", the answer is no. Your attempt to straw man and portray the swastika as a positive symbol is actually vile.
  17. From the game rules... So no, what you describe is not permissible. The game rules don't seem to explicitly ban the use of swastikas, which may be an oversight by Alex or consideration for the fact that the swastika isn't just a Nazi symbol and is a significant positive symbol of many religions and cultures pre-dating Nazism. The Nazi regime's appropriation of the swastika pales in comparison to its positive use as a symbol of good fortune in Asian religions and cultures, and a symbol of strength by the Vikings (which I believe is where the Nazis' inspiration for its use comes from). Compared to the swastika's history, the Nazi regime was a speck in time, just 0.001% the swastika's run. Even including the ongoing use of the swastika for Nazism, it's still a mere 0.007% of the history of the swastika and its positive symbolism. EDIT: Second time I see @Hime-sama downvoting fact based responses. Care to explain yourself?
  18. I have Pirate Economy and think it's worth the investment, but I also have no plans of developing past 3 cities for a while. At current market rates my spreadsheet suggests it pays itself off in about 32 days. I think it's probably not a bad choice for nations expecting to raid low tier for a while during peacetime, but if you were rolling into battle I guess it'd be sensible to build one of the 'essential' military projects instead.
  19. First Page Second Page > Shitposting Me cleaning away the shit-posting in Swamps thread. Congrats on your treaty.
  20. Yesterday
  21. People get ready for the MAJOR price drop!!!!!! I will be putting up some resources for the LOWEST price you have ever seen on planet Orbis stay tuned with me so you can save as much!!! There are limited resources like only for example 100 gasoline 100 food etc but it will be cheap!!!!!!
  22. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=240641 Ruler Name: Zhao Nature of Violation: Nazi German Flag, Anti-semitic + Pro-Nazi city names,
  23. Currently most raiders hardly have any projects. They are effectively completely excluded from that part of the game as they can't build them without changing their play style completely. Which is a decision they shouldn't be forced to make. To that end I suggest we change the project limit formula to include a max function. Effectively what this means is if a nation doesn't have much infra they will still have a certain minimum amount of projects they can build without being forced to change to change their play style. The current formula and new formula I would suggest is below. Current Formula Project Slots = 1 + infra / 5000 Suggested Formula Projects Slots = 1 + Max( infra / 5000 , city count / 3) The max function means that the value that will be used will be the higher value. So if a nation have low infra it will default to using city count/3, but a nations with higher infra will default to using infra/ 5000 like it currently is.
  24. Nazi flags are banned. Swastikas are a very old and important religious symbol, though. I don't believe they are explicitly banned.
  25. Well, obviously all of Camelot's enemies are going to rein in their hate just before a blitz, so as to not give the plan away. Which apparently gives the plan away 🤣
  26. Almost as if the ducks are trying to take territory that isnt theirs.
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