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  2. i heard a rumour if they will merged with The Immortal
  3. Yesterday
  4. Happy birthday y'all! Your first year definitely did not go unnotice. Looking forward to seeing what comes next!
  5. Btw i was gonna only upvote cuz this was a badass response lol damn thats even more badass lmao
  6. that's some rlly good advice lmao I was gonna upvote this but I wont cuz clownarch did
  7. Which is the same as one offering peace and the other can refute it. They can either accept or reject the peace. Also the surrender thing can be a viable option if there are penalties involved which allows the surrenders nation to have 1/3rd of their resources and cash looted as well as having 1/4 of their military units destroyed as a result of their surrender in order to save their infrastructure from being destroyed in a war. The surrender option could work but with heavy penalties imposed on the nation surrendering or else it could make the game broken.
  8. Bellanostra will definitely disband after next week lol
  9. as former member of singularity (also low gov) i can said this is the most !@#$ed things to do from a nano or even below nano to blitz one of the top 5 alliance btw pls raid me as well kinda boring after the gw and congrat to singularity, u had a big fans now a proton*
  10. What are GATO's thoughts on this? Look at the size of Singularity and look at the size of Bellanostra. Compared to Singularity' you guys are just like a buzzing fly in somebody's ears. But you guys do make for some great entertainment to watch.
  11. Apparently anarch thinks it's an effective strat lmao Sorry I meant clownarch
  12. Last week
  13. See what people don't understand is this was all a ploy. He is working in conjunction with us to shave our infra prior to the global.
  14. Why do you think doing some infra damage to an alliance that makes more revenue in a day than your alliance members have collectively made since joining the game will make SIN change their mind and give up? 🤦🏻‍♂️
  15. They think some infra damage is gonna change our mind? They have more to lose in the end. I’ll just keep turreting till they give up 🤷🏾‍♂️
  16. Your members have started to leave and join us instead lmao
  17. That's whack. Not an Official Message from EVH Department of Foreign Affairs
  18. I was Army so not a crayon eater, but I have a few Marine buddies who are. They like the green ones too because the blue ones are too tart.
  19. Congratulations guys! Here’s to another year
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