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  2. See, now that's the right attitude. Take the hard road, beat the iron into steel. You've got a long way to go... don't you dare disappoint us 😃
  3. Well, I guess while I’m incorporated in CSO I’ll try my best to improve it. But have no doubts on the Stratosphere, it will be a force to be reckoned with as the record shows.
  4. trash bloc made of bad micros with no power whatsoever
  5. Wait...what’s wrong with CSO? if I’m unaware of something please feel free to share thanks, Dave III
  6. Congrats on the existence! When do I get my first grant? @Robert the Bruce
  7. NOOOOOOOO he joined CSO!!! All my faith in his alliance is lost. ;( ;(
  8. Especially considering he's completely mistaken about even that...
  9. Today
  10. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=630723 cost the defender 38.6m in unit value, the attacker 18.86m. Not including soldiers (which is roughly comparable) and looted cash (which favors the defender). Price of steel being at 4046 PPU and alum at 3506 PPU respectively. Theoretical infra lost (based from 2.1k infra since that's what the NS and his builds suggest) valued about 51m (no discounts) for the attacker. Defender lost some but I'll assume it's just like 5m or something of the sort. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=630730 cost the defender 37.8m in that same value, while attacker lost 20.8m. Infra lost (based from 1990 infra based on same parameters) valued at 40m. Defender also didn't suffer that many losses in that respect. Doesn't include beige loot values. That also obviously adds extra. What were mathematically unsound trades (especially given the circumstances) are apparently fine trades now. Then again, I'm not surprised he'd think that when he thinks that bringing up the Test server is meant to mean anything.
  11. I lost 4 spies twice while trying to kill spies on https://test.politicsandwar.com/nation/id=4608 We did a check on his spy count and turns out he has 0 spies How tf is this possible lmao
  12. Yes I know that. Which is why I’ve read out to your FA. I must say I hold no hard feelings towards Camelot and view their mistake in the first round as that a mistake. Although I would not agree that it’s a winning trade for Camelot to lose so much infra for my tanks or ships. But for the purpose of battle it is effective. I respect Camelot and I’m sure on some level they hold respect for me. there is no greater friendship then that born through bloodshed. Many thanks for the positivity on this topic Dave III Thanks for the kind words I’ve actually joined the CSO bloc and they are very helpful. I think with their help and comradeship Stratosphere will grow with haste. thanks again, Dave III
  13. This suggestion and Minesome's Water suggestion are the most important
  14. You say that lol, but then I look at the test server where we were outnumbered 3/1, fighting 800 wars and totally annihilating the competition. If two of our members trade infra for all his expensive tanks and planes that's a fine trade. If he wants respect, he can earn it through growth and goodwill 😜 I'm sure he knows that
  15. Simple enough, his bois forgot to cover their butts against the naval strikes that they really should have seen coming. I've pulled that stunt many times myself, and notably it did not pan out against Aurora, whose boi did see it coming, acted accordingly and countered it properly. The standard old "air only" strats work well in alliance warfare... not in irregular warfare like this. I'd honestly hoped Camelot would know that by now, but turns out I was the sucker in that bet all along 😅 Micro your guys lost their own raids to, what does that really say about you then? I mean really. Taking two rounds to take down a lone screwball, that's pretty far from braggable
  16. I mean, I agree but, how did your guys lose to this micro?
  17. Why is this of any note? First, we are invited to merge or to join new blocs all the time and we reserve to discuss these things internally, as any other alliance does. Second, Raoul, our former esteemed leader quit and decided to re-roll as a pirate(because he got tired of dealing with bs like this). Flamboyant language aside, this means nothing to anybody. To shifty, our mole, and anybody that thinks this is of note... I believe southpark says it best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMDP5Pa007o
  18. Yesterday
  19. Mad Max


    Last show was pretty dang great, good showing throughout and a long after-show of fun conversations while I laid in bed with my dog. Y'all should come hang out this Sunday 4/12. We tweaked some of our topics, have some guests popping on to talk, and you will also get your chance to compete, chat, be social with everyone. We will only ping you 10 mins before the show, so make sure you come join and hang out in our server. We ain't about that non-stop pinging bs - be there or be square! You're in quarantine, come hang out for a bit and have some fun. This week, some of the things we are talking about: -Quarantine Stories -Last Weeks Meme Master Challenge winner -Tournament on the Test Server -Minor PW Things (we like to keep it a bit more on the RL side) and a few other things we tweaked/added/changed from last show. The goal is to keep it chill, calm, and make it a smooth jazz hangout type feel. #Tektonik
  20. Shifty my friend, when did micros and micro blocks become SNN worthy? are you out of leaks from the bigger alliances ?
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