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  2. OMG I'm sorry I thought it was some random mess ❤️ I read it
  3. No offense but you guys hit the jackpot with GPWC. Never in the history of nationsims have I seen a thousand-member group join any of these games, especially in such a short time. Coming at it from the perspective that people are lazy and not recruiting is ridiculous. The only comparable event was when CN made the news back in like 2007-08 and thousands joined but even then it wasn't a singular community.
  4. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=182722 This one was just used to apply to an alliance
  5. looking forward fighting the Ajkldhfalskjdfasf Alliance in the coming weeks
  6. Yeah, still seems to be happening, too.
  7. The issue isn't whether or not when the war ends, but if someone will eat fish flakes to satisfy our Lobster President so that we can move on to a more interesting animal feed.
  8. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/unique/id=182717 That's the ID. I was looking at it too dude, like "wtf" Lol.
  9. Looks like somebody created a whole bunch of new gibberish nations. Ignore the one actual nation in there. I couldnt find any way to report in game which was really confusing. Do I have to report everything on the forums? Seems very...odd
  10. I added some "paragraphs" to make it look better. It's honestly worth the read if you haven't read it. I tried to put the paragraphs where it seemed to fit, I probably messed up on the positioning in a few places. I'd suggest reading it, it's a nice read, and a better story. On a side note to Sol, what happened to you and your alliance, sadly, isn't too uncommon. There's been plenty of alliances that have had leaders take time off, and die while they were away. It's something no alliance leader wants, but it's the "curse" of this game when you're busy. It honestly sucks. But, I hope that in the future you can create another alliance, have good friends, and work on it as a group. I can't wait to see how your story unfolds.
  11. Today
  12. Use your goddamn enter key holy Christ that's unreadable.
  13. If we could refrain from playground insults, we'd all be better off. If you want to go back and forth typing, "No u," you can kindly leave the thread. Thank you Inst and Gudea for answering my question of war length. I wouldn't be surprised if most who voted, "No," shared your desires for the war to only last 1-3 more months.
  14. If I was going to have a treaty with BK, I'd sign it in paper. It's how the NPO has always functioned, not about to change today
  15. I didn't read it cause it's too long and I drank but disband
  16. Grow some eyes runt and read then comment Agreed
  17. Sad, but admirable. Good luck on future endeavors dude. No AA leader should experience a decline of their AA like this. Take care and have fun.
  18. Regardless of Bloc stance TCM supports Hydra and if you ever reform let old Nokia know and we will help you rise again waving the banner of the Mines none will touch you I'll see to it that they regret such actions
  19. Until NPO rolls you like they did in CN and then yo die off Another NPO lackey thinking they are anything without NPO, another laughable alliance
  20. Because you wanted to bake your cake and eat it to? You hedged your bets on t$ protection, and that’s not worth much.
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