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  1. Yesterday
  2. Where’s „give minesome a kiss“?
  3. You forgot the massive Eclipse blitz, tonight at DC...
  4. I don’t see merge into LoD on there … that wasn’t the plan ?
  5. Sorry for the double post. We now have a definitive schedule for the events. You can check it out here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10ZdrvggFUBV--GD45UBYGFVwZO_QzlKybMHafKeRYRI/edit?usp=sharing . If you'd like to sign up for hunger games you can dm me. If you'd like to sign up for chess, please dm azrael. I'll see you guys on Saturday 😀. #Eclipsestronk P.S Bring your eclipse photos too if you got any. I'd love to see them.
  6. Alex


    https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=610006 is the only one that ever validated their email, probably they could not receive the emails or had another error with the other 2 accounts so I will just remove those
  7. Last week
  8. The credit option is weak because this game is not supposed to be pay-to-win. I for one like games that make sure the deep pockets don't have a competitive advantage over regular people.
  9. In the late game the credit option becomes less appealing. Spend $90 a month and get 20 credits. $600M is about 10-15 days in game revenue for whales not very appealing I would suggest that the $90 a month comes with a 15% city, project, infra and land cost reduction that stacks with other effects. I feel like this would boost the chances of larger whales purchasing credits and Between the $150M off of a city and the $600M + the build savings it may entice more whales without being game breaking.
  10. I'd like to wish Eclipse the best of luck in their war against their own birthday. Show that birthday whose boss Eclipse.
  11. Hello guys! Most if not all of you may not recognize me, however I am not exactly new. I left four years ago. Truth be told, I never really used the forums other than for memes during the multitude of war declarations that happened four years ago and more. All that being said, I just wanted to introduce myself to the world of Orbis once more and I welcome any and all contact and friendship. I also like memes.
  12. Many people are saying this Congrats Eclipse, you've had a wild journey so far and it's been a lot of fun interacting with y'all.
  13. I will for study openings for once. it's so joever for you
  14. You must have forgotten about it, but your bank records showed that you had made a deposit on April 10th, two days after the deposit you are referencing on April 8th. That's why it still wasn't letting you delete. Now that it has been three days since the 10th, it finally allowed you to delete. Just wanted to clarify this for any game staff that may later read it, so they don't think there's a bug. Have a good day!
  15. Jacob Knox


    Was looking at this nation because they're on Olive when I noticed their unique id had two other nations.
  16. Well, I sent that discord message immediately after I made the bank transfer. At the time of writing this it's now been almost 5 days and it still refuses to let me delete my nation. I'm not in any alliance anymore. Edit: Nevermind. It finally deleted my nation.
  17. It was about 2 in the morning for me when i read it, I guess i didn't read well enough UwU!
  18. Another chance to adopt @Vein? Yessir!
  19. What if like cities shutting down because of no Power, lack of infrastructure cuts off use of improvements, it wouldn't have to be immediate like power maybe even a decay of losing them 1 by 1 as a warning that your nation doesn't have the infrastructure to keep up with its improvements. Overall I know it would make wars more costly to some nations, but it might add a better tactical aspect on who and when you attack.
  20. https://discord.com/channels/446601982564892672/599998912128090133/1228407425510539274
  21. Related color quality of life issue… Can we fix the problem with having to toggle from gray to an actual color? Currently, a gray nation has to go into Edit Nation page, select another color, and then reselect the color they want, and save the page. Eliminate the ability to ”hide in gray” and it should automatically revert a nation to its prior color upon login. Beige players move to gray as usual, until they login and it reverts to their prior color. If it’s meant for inactivity, then let’s keep it strictly for inactivity. Let players and alliances fight about taxes amongst themselves instead of exploiting what feels like a glitch in the game. Plus, this is a huge frustration for players who think they fixed colors it and didn’t, and it draws active players to be attacked and mistaken as inactive constantly.
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