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  2. What about all of us that had to play for 100 days minimum to reach c10, something you can do in day 1.
  3. There is an argument to be made that the mid tier (c16-c29) might need a little more going for it. Income wise they seem a little *eh* when compared to those above c30 and ironically when compared to those below them raiding. I think there is a decent amount to do at c30 as you can start getting some more end-game projects such as spy sat. Not sure it really needs to be the priority.
  4. What? They're not getting anything for free, they just don't have to wait for 10 days from c10 to c15. Aka they get 50 days reduction in a game that is played over 90+ day cycles. I think older players will live lol.
  5. I totally agree, gambling can be a great way to pass the time and add an interesting element to the game. Plus, it's a good way to get those of us who don't have the time or resources to be a whale involved in the game. I was so excited when Keno was brought back, but I agree the cap should be raised or removed. I remember Dice too and I'm sure it could make a comeback, especially if the betting cap was removed. When it comes to gambling, UFASLOT is often the go-to option. It's got a range of games to choose from and you can even try out the demo mode to get a feel for how it works.
  6. Easy enough. Been playing with my new fast internet and I noticed if I watch a video about 1/2 the time I receive no money. This worked on my old internet. I am just playing with all of the things in the menu. Not the end of the world. But I do watch some during wars when blockaded
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  8. Hello! Welcome to the Politics and War Forums! 

  9. I am a new player to this game. Within the first month I have been nuked, struck by missals, and raided. There are many things dealing with incoming attacks, especially as a new player, that are essentially ridiculous. 1. An attacker should not be able to blockade a nation on the initial attack -It leaves the defender without options for gathering supplies impertinent to a defense. It's not always easy or possible to afford enough gas and ammo in a stock pile waiting for a whole war to happen. It is essentially economically not possible for many new nations. -Normally in war a naval blockade doesn't magically appear without any sightings, notice, or response. A naval blockade takes time, resources, and many placement points to be done. This means that there should be some turns worth of warning that a naval blockade is forming. This can give the defending nation a moment to respond and purchase supplies for the war effort in case the defender loses the naval blockade. 2. The Pirate Class is Over Powered. -I carefully monitored my pears upon starting. I noticed that the pirate classes quickly got absurd amounts of money that allowed them to progress at unfair rates as compared to the peers that were peacefully economically minded. This creates a huge disadvantage as the economic nations have a small army and less money than the pirates that have loads of money and a giant army. I noticed many peaceful nations quit in failure, which further fuels pirates who then steal all their money once they reach inactive block. -the amount of money pirates make is far too much to create a balance between defensively minded nations and the offensive nations. It seems like the defensive peaceful nations are constantly at the mercy of pirate overlords. There is no way to defend as a peaceful nation against pirates that have swelled an army together that is worth the entire worth of the other nations infrastructure. -the only option left is to join alliances which is a whole different dilemma. An Alliance may or may not protect the new nation, the alliance may extort the new nation with taxes and other odds and ends. Alliances can also have embargoes making it harder for new poor nations to buy certain trades which are of economic importance. Copping out with "join my alliance bad kid." is not a reasonable solution for this problem as it can make it incredibly difficult for a new nation to grow at it's own pace or have hopes for its own independence. 3. Bounties but no request for help? - bounties are a great offensive and retributive feature as an incentive to attack certain targets that may grow too powerful otherwise. Yet, for a nation under attack with money to spare, surely there can be a 'request help' feature? Like a bounty it could have a cash reward. There could be a whole page dedicated to nations under attack that are requesting help with or without a reward. Perhaps by accepting a request for help a new war tag could be added denoting the attack on the attacking nation is in aid and that if the attacking nation resigns from the war that the "request for help" attack can also end. Like a truce all around feature if the attack is ended on the defensive nation.
  10. We're like the old catholic Jesus tho we forgive sins for cold hard cash.
  11. What about all that had to work for everything over c10 ? Now they if this passes will I say are getting a free ride. Gus some form of compensation for not receiving this.
  12. You can make a project to lower radiation, and all you will end up doing is devaluing the cost of food, because you will be increasing the supply. I dont know why you would want to change the most dynamic resource in the game, and the only resource affected by in-game factors you can not control. The fact that a bunch of different in-game mechanics can affect it, makes it much more interesting than stay steel, or oil. I believe the devs already learned this lesson when they changed that noob project that allowed little nations to make more raws, and all it did was lower the cost of raws, which probably benefited us large nations much more than the little nations. Since we went from paying 4k ppu for bauxite to paying what? 2500 ppu for bauxite now? Every time they change the game it affects large nations, and guess what, most of the time it effects us positively more than negatively, even when the original intention was to help somebody else, or even try to nerf us. (granted 25-35 is currently mid tier at best) Welcome to being a larger nation, as you get bigger things slow down, you think its slow now, wait till you get to 40-50 cities, and new cities cost multiple billions of dollars. If you really want to help yourself make more cash to grow, you should be pushing for things to cost more resources, since we now have nations capable of making 5k+ of every resource a day, and being able to flood the market. If you want to make more money you will need to come up with ways to increase demand. Currently the best way to do that, is to engage in all those wars you dont like fighting in. When the entire world cant produce food for 2 months straight, that is when your war dodging butt can go out and make a killing. Politics AND War, not Politics or War. If you are playing politics to avoid fighting in wars, personally I think you are doing it wrong, but that is an entirely different discussion. Also if you are paying 100/100 in taxes of course you are not going to have anything to do. Switch to 0/0 and be amazed at how much quicker you can do things. (i always forget about taxes as I haven't paid in game taxes for like 6-7 years) As for talking about not having projects for larger nations, Every project in the game is a bonus project for larger nations. One of the good parts of being a large nation is you can have more projects. So every time a project is introduced into the game, that benefits us. Besides that new nation project we referred to earlier since we are not able to buy that one. You said why should you grow beyond X size? Ignoring military that is another reason to do so. We aren't allies, so please continue to handicap yourself by wasting money on little nations who will mostly just end up quitting instead of investing in yourself.
  13. The Afterlyfe comes back to life? Seems pretty on brand.
  14. Welcome back. Glad your guys' cool flag is put back to use.
  15. Any ladies in here rn? Also interesting, give me migraines Baby!!!!
  16. THAT'S RIGHT LADIES (lul there's no ladies in PNW forums) AND GENTLEMEN, THIS SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY, YOUR FAVORITE SMALL ALLIANCE WITH BIG HEART AND BIGGER CRIPPLING ADDICTIONS IS MAKING ITS COMEBACK. AFTERLYFE IS BACK BABY. We may be small but it's not the size that counts. Now on to a completely different topic not related whatsoever. Veins was kind enough to allow us to prot under our old friends Eclipse once again. If you or a loved one may enjoy any of the following (memes, gaming, public ridicule, probably some weeb shit) please stop by and join us check out our discord server we like adding more degens to our roster of friends. https://discord.gg/ARUXDUYWFw **Side effects may include: upset stomach, blurred speech and/or vision, squinting really hard at small text to see if there's anything funny written there, death, surprise poaching attempts, cringe-damage, migraines from anime reference overload, knowing way too much about meta builds for WoW,**
  17. The issue isn’t war or the money. It’s food. I understand war quite well after being zeroed for 3 months in GW16 “Duck hunt” in TEst at the time. And being a c26 in micros with members on c10 and such. I was left SOL a lot but I learned how to turn around wars. beside the unnecessary complaining comment. If not just me “complaining” several players I know personally agree bigger nations should get some more attention as they are neglected. Not everyone wants to be at war all the time. Some people play if for the politics. (Me and my fellow leaders included) The main point is big nations need options to play not just fight or stagnate. (some people can’t be on every 6 hours to do a ground attack and then just afford to lose a war because they live a life with a job and family) I like the politics aspect and it should be an option for more peaceful alliances that just want to grow. And a side note is farmers should have more rad/winter negate projects. We feel farmers are SOL atm it’s a pro whale nation and an observation post. Not an anti war post. Growth programs for members. As there’s no point in getting bigger myself atm. I’m on100/100 along with rest of leadership. It’s an observation and suggested solution. Yes war is part of the game, but not required. It’s optional, That’s why it’s “politics and war”. I favor the political side of the game. Already understand the boring war side. And would like to suggest a way to resolve the issue for players like me to the devs. It was never said that war was a problem. Radiation and winter growth reduction is the topic
  18. What? Nuclear winter time should be the time where you make most of your money for any whale. You save food during peace time and sell during war time when the price is 200 ppu. Also, when you are at c30, 100m is only 3 days of income. So unless your alliance is taxing you dry you should be easily able to make money 100m. And that's a pretty big point. Military (and competence) wins wars. And wars are (part of) the name of the game.
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