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  3. This is a pretty simple request, there are some weeks where I am very busy and I can, on occasion accidentally leave my nation without food or uranium due to this, If there was some notification for this, it would reduce this inefficiency in my running of a virtual country. By run out of a resource, I mean running out through negative income of that resource. Another thing that might work would be if I could have a daily auto-buy from market feature, but I understand if that would be bad in terms of botting or performance.
  4. It seems to me that in religion, we are all equal.
  5. This is a very philosophical question and each person will answer differently.
  6. I’m gonna operate a war on both My love and Amir. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/declare/id=448325 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/declare/id=439983
  7. Indeed, made them coup Mac and surrender within 30 mins. I would say that it was a success lol
  8. You clearly are new to this game and have missed the drama Mac has caused many people over the last year. Anyways, this war was sorted and his government ousted him as they too saw he was a bad leader (3rd time this has happened now). Mac can be a nice guy until he doesnt get his way and cries like a baby. Its Macs way or nothing. Just because he gave you a couple cities means nothing. All alliances should be doing that. There have been many many leaks of Macs mental instability and the way he treats people he called 'friends'. Infact there are plenty posted on these very forums and plenty of archived groupchats on discord. Bro, every alliance Mac tries to run coups him because he is incompetent and all he does is bully his gov and members. This has been happening since his first AA back when they were a Black Skies prot alongside TE. Mac needs to learn to change or shit like this will continue happening. You cant just act like a child and throw insults at everyone and think because you are the 'leader' of the alliance its okay... The guy is 50+ years of age and still acts like a spoilt 14 year old. The amount of drama I personally have had to deal with from mac is crazy. All ex gov members will say the exact same thing. But hey, he got couped again but I know he hasnt learnt a single thing and will just return and continue to do the same thing he always has.
  9. We got a taste for it after dealing with you, but nothing quite compares unfortunately
  10. They have done it, they have escaped the Backroooms. Now all we have to do is wait for Kane Pixels to make a video about this.
  11. What are the odds that The Legion signs TKR? Seems TKR is in the business of picking up every trash alliance that exists atm.
  12. I was drunk so please give me a new name for my butt
  13. How much you wanna bet their new bloc is gonna be called new horizons?
  14. "Alea iacta est" The Legion has officially issued notice of cancellation to The Back Room. Signed for The Legion, /s/ Istandor, Imperator /s/ kiwilliam, Consul of Economic Affairs /s/ David Ben-Gurion, Consul of Foreign Affairs /s/ Nome, Consul of Internal Affairs /s/ Micheal Lybrand, Consul of Military Affairs
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