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  2. echo("We are taking over because we are the one who save the earth from global destruction caused by nuclear winter") echo("Winter is coming, but snow isn't falling")
  3. Hey man, I approve of anyone who joins Arrgh. Huge improvement over BroFam and Panth imho. Have fun and get your revenge I say tbqh.
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  5. The multi rules are in place for admin and player confidence in the fairness of game play, that a player is not using multiple nations to achieve an unfair advantage. The conditions surrounding your account breach that confidence and the game rules which are a written expression of how that confidence is guarded by moderation action. Based on what you've just said your account activity violates the game rules again... As I understand your post you are explaining that they all appear on the same network because you control multiple accounts, but this is itself also a rule violation
  6. Its banking / alliance management tools which I freely offer people in this game through locutus. These actions are triggered by respective gov members of those alliances using commands on discord. I'm confident network logs can corroborate that other ingame actions were not done on the same network. That trade is from before that account was using said tools (and thus on the same network) - so is irrelevant. Nations flagged on the same network are prevented from trading. @Alex would verifying be necessary to clear this up?
  7. I just took a look myself, it appears Borg has violated the multi rules by trading with one of their alternate accounts on their network. Unique ID Search results at time of my posting: Offending trade: I can't be bothered going through the banking records and war histories to root out other violations, but I suspect it'll be easier for Alex to comb over the records on his end.
  8. I wish you the best of luck! Really looking forward to seeing how you guys turn out
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  10. Don't you just hate when some random dude just bumps up a post that is 1 year and a half old
  11. I think your nation name should be something that remains the same for the most part: an obstacle to rapidly changing name often is probably a good thing. You do bring up some good points though. It might be fun, role-play wise, to have a "User" field, and a "Current Nation Leader" field. The user remains the same, but the leader can change (e.g. After 3 months I might change from Ronald Krump to Josh Biddin after a contested election that I post about in "World News"). It is also fun, role-play wise, to set a different title for your nation. This feature already exists, thou
  12. Chute Mi


    I got emailed for this > - >
  13. Well seeing you are your leader, it would be kind of annoying if that person changed all the time wouldn't it 😛 Youll be happy to know that when your nation is a big bigger (20 cities) this is around 2 days of revenue
  14. I think the issue is you may be the first person in this game to ever use a leader name like you are proposing it be used for.
  15. From what I can tell, some sort of a shared script is being used here. I do not believe that all of these nations are multis at this time.
  16. Please see: https://politicsandwar.com/pwpedia/how-to-fix-broken-score-graphs/
  17. Right clicking and opening in a new tab won't work, as it's a javascript button. Is this for all bulletins / comments? Or just some? I noticed we're having an intermittent issue with it not working depending on the image(s) embedded in the post. Therefore I can replicate for some, but not all, bulletins. Either way, we are working on the issue.
  18. Can you post the content of your intended bulletin here? That error means the database isn't accepting the entry, but it will be easier to determine why if I can see what you're trying to post.
  19. Really? You think it's fair to have to pay $10 whenever you want to have a leader change through an election? Credits have worked their way into many aspects of this game. why do they need to be here?
  20. No? I guess you're talking about the democracy is only for whoever can afford it thing, I wasn't trying to roleplay there. I think charging credits to change your leader's name is just stupid.
  21. I do not have a problem with charging credits to do certain things or with the VIP subscriptions or in general the things you have to pay for in P&W. Is it a little pay to win? Sure, but the game's gotta make money, I get it. Two credits to change your freaking leader name though? Are you actually kidding? I'm really not trying to insult Alex or anybody else with this post, but that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. And to dissuade any potential counters, I'm well aware that every nation gets one free name change and that you can trade for credits and pay in-game money inste
  22. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=189573 Borg Of Danzek seems like multis? always all log in on exactly the same day
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