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  2. The Roz, Triumphant!

    1-3 aren't bad, Makin a fella jealous Roz
  3. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Congrats! More friends!!!
  4. Thank you, Inquisition Coalition

    Because roq is secretly holding all our loved ones hostage... Oh no what have I done now he will kill them all
  5. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    >Not being Juche in 2018 Smh at these plebs still stuck 50 years behind.
  6. Important ODN Announcement

    There were more at the time of writing. As I've said, we're under no illusions that you're not offering us peace. We're not accusing you of being evil tyrants who won't peace us out. We're also not saying it was "wrong" of you to hit a protectorate. What we are saying is that we, personally, are annoyed about being pre-empted when we were peacefully minding our own business. There's a difference between being pissed off and thinking that you're doing something ~morally wrong~ (lol.) So we're not playing the victim here. We really are simply committing ourselves to a suicidal perma war just to get you back.
  7. So, uh way to drop the ball guys {war name suggestions}

    What, do you have a problem with warships being given the female pronoun too? Don't get so stupidly triggered over widely used and established terminology. Sketchy's names are perfect since there were a lot of alliances that lost their 'global war virginity', and all the phrases we can use to describe that unique circumstance naturally include gender-specific terminology. How you're getting triggered over both masculine and feminine war name suggestions is low-key amusing though.
  8. Important ODN Announcement

    Oh, carry on then. I just didn't see it myself, so I probably glanced over that particular statement.
  9. Important ODN Announcement

    Yeah, that's what I meant by that you're denying peace; you're making the choice to commit to the war when peace is perfectly possible. As for defending NPO or not, the problem is that TGH and allies had already committed to fighting NPO, which meant that to them, your most important paper now became no obstacle. After all, if they mass raided you, what would NPO do about it, declare double war? If you'd had another protector on top of NPO, then that would undoubtedly have changed their calculus and they would have had to take that into consideration. That they were willing to ignore you if you broke ties to NPO was actually a very kind offer since they could have mass raided you anyway, since they were already at war with your protector. Still, I can indeed respect your willingness to commit to a suicide war; I'm just not sure it's going to have the results you really want. I've done it myself to relative success through the DoO, but with the fortify nerf being what it is, that option is almost totally gone. Trust me, I'm pretty much an expert at suicide missile war. Technically I did, but I was being sarcastic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Today
  11. War Stats 3.0

    hashtagsharethedata johan isnt even in ur war.... in fact the stats show their own alliance in the negative soooo... calmate its the most overall accurate with publicly available info if @Frawley wants to provide the infra at every turn change or if u want to hand it over it then it can be included rawr
  12. The Roz, Triumphant!

    Wow. While I don't necessarily like the excessive misogyny, I can appreciate the effort you put into this and your commitment to your hobby of triggering SJWs. Grats on victory!
  13. And So the Dust Settles

    Lmao the terms speak for themselves. Anyone looking in can see who this helps more. But spin however you want.
  14. Thousands forgotten to time

    Ok, so there are currently (somehow) 10,023 teams (slightly more than the number of nations that currently exist, I assume it's counting VM teams but not nations). Each team is 9 players, so the are just over 90,000 players. Players age 7 times faster than normal for some reason. They can start playing as young as 18, and retire at 40. So the longest their career can be is 95 days. So if we say every player has a 1/95 chance of retiring any given day, which is almost certainly an underestimate, and there are 90,000 players, about 950 players retire every day. I don't know when everyone having a team started, but probably a year or so ago? Either way, I'm guessing more than 100 days ago, so we're talking hundreds of thousands of players.
  15. And So the Dust Settles

    Love the backpedalling >We never asked for 10 billion >Okay we asked for 10 billion but it was only one time and we didn't really mean it
  16. Important ODN Announcement

    Good luck ODN, I respect your decision, go have some fun and don't let the haters into your head.
  17. Describe the above's profile picture

    An 80s hair band member.
  18. Important ODN Announcement

    Who criticized ODN for not protecting NPO? I stated that with NPO's other Protectorates jumping in the war, I gave the green light on hitting ODN (Another Protectorate of NPO). Whether you had intentions to join or not, I wouldn't know. I'd rather play it safe than sorry in that case. We already saw, what, 3 or 4 other Protectorates join the war and hit our coalition friendlies at the time? So it's understandable if you want to play the victim. I don't care. What I cared about at the time was preventing another potential free hit on our friendly alliances, and when OsRavan talked to me about it - I gave him a simple out. His quote of me, claiming that if he broke ties with NPO, is true and I would've held up to it because then I have no other reason to continue the fight against ODN as they would no longer be a Protectorate on the other side therefore removing that potential threat of their involvement. I also clarified with everybody that if peace was reached with Rose/KT/Friends, then TGH would also peace out everybody (Including ODN) too. Our purpose and goals was done.
  19. Important ODN Announcement

    I count 3 people on beige. Are you mistaken the "Yellow" as beige?
  20. Thousands forgotten to time

    They just retire to work out in the cities and fields of our nations, or they chill at home, depending how successful of a career they had. Considering I don't play Baseball much, many of my guys don't have good careers.
  21. >whack your pud for 6 more months until these ridiculous terms are fulfilled With your nation size, I'm pretty sure you don't have to wait 6 months if you're looking to hit a target. If you're looking to hit 14 city nations again, I can see your point, but it seems you already had issues with that.
  22. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    I wouldn't dare to question MV's intellegence, his draconian methods though
  23. Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

  24. The Roz, Triumphant!

    So, is this a prelude to another Legend of Rozalia entry? If so, I'm looking forward to it.
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