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  2. I celebrate Festivus so am offended by this suggestion.
  3. We've been talking a little too much, so let's not create opportunities for more talking. P.S. That event, although it took place only in specific areas and not the whole front, is indeed inspiring.
  4. When you talk to reasonable alliances in Coal B....
  5. I think we should keep fighting over Christmas. I say this as I recall that George Washington attacked the Hessians while they were drunk on Christmas.
  6. They were already leaked in this thread. Do you even read the forums?
  7. It's not ironic at all though. tS would be in great shape right now if it had just stayed in lol. Pretty much everyone fighting GOB/Guardian that wasn't tS was fine with some expansion. The war would have gone much faster and if tS had wanted to sign some peirpheral alliances after, it wouldn't have been a problem. The alliances tS itself called into help them disliked KETOG and preferred expansion if the overall wouldn't be won otherwise. Simple fact. It would have been a pretty decent scenario for tS not to screw us. They cared about PR with KERTCHOGG instead and facilitating the destruction of BK/Cov who were already going to take copious amounts of damage anyway.
  8. Today
  9. You're stalling because you're trying to drag out this war to maximize attrition and disbandment. It's been clearly evidence in the logs that this is your strategy due to personal grudges against coalition A and some corruption of realpolitik ad absurdum. If you don't think you're stalling, I don't know what world you are living in. I mean your mouthpieces are here arguing about whether T$ is in coalition A, presenting laughable terms, ignoring/trolling our reps and not engaging in real negotiations.
  10. So, I was attempting to log on in PnW today in my Computers Class when It showed we were IP Banned, I have a friend in my class that also plays, We have not ever cheated, we are in separate alliances as well. We have a friend that is in a separate hour but still the same room, he was the reason the IP Ban was delivered for naming his cities after Nazi Death Camps and Racist War declarations. Because of his stupidity (He is obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed.) We cannot play on PnW, Could the IP Banned be lifted, if at all, and he receives a separate Ban? Thank-you for your time.
  11. Why don't you guys leak all your own logs for a change
  12. I'll just spell it the falsehoods here. 1. You never said you would not stand for it and peace out. Wrong wrong wrong. 2. HS had barely any targets to hit on Grumpy/Guardian and was equally free as NPO and had said it would do what it could with regards to counters. So yeah it comes down to you not caring about the evidence in question and some sort of untold reason for giving the benefit of the doubt to TKR for apparently. And you can take the whole no clear evidence thing away, because Leopold was literally twisting things to other people about the contents of the channel while ignoring us. The "contacts in BK" line is apparently based on something different I said that was leaked to Partisan who wasn't in the channel as there would be no way for him to know we were entering otherwise. I'm glad I don't have to feel an ounce of guilt now that you're literally just repeating BS. How did I plot against HS? They chose to stick with you. Had they be willing to cancel, they would have been able to get out of the way. They decided to stick with tS and liked the OWR/Carth treaties, so we can't enable that. You made your hostility clear with your actions prior to any of that. You had multiple opportuntiies to resolve the issues. You as in tS refused. You became severely hostile and we couldn't let you just continuously provoke us without a reaction. We don't need unrefutable proof to deal with a threat. We have no reason to allow a non-allied entity to clear the field enough for an eventual hit. People have gone to war on much less. If we hit someone we considered to be a friend then we might need unrefutable proof, but an alliance that was actively antagonizing us and when an openly antagonistic coalition was gaining ground, then we don't. We knew tS and co wouldn't be able to fight all of the alliances on their own if it came down to it. You wanted Cov/BK to die and that's what it comes down to even if it would screw us over.
  13. It's ok, NPO doesn't honor their agreements either, only when it benefits them. I say do what you want.
  14. The Christmas truce of 1914. The war was still in its early stages so the troops on both sides, on Christmas day, across the front declared a truce. Though not all lines across the front are depicted like they were in the commercial. There was still fighting in some parts, while other parts just negotiated prisoner swaps and body collection. As the war went on, there was hardly a truce (if any) beyond that. Any who, I don't see a ceasefire happening.
  15. Why does everything have to get logdumped to be real? It's been acknowledged multiple times that some core alliances in Coalition A asked people to help beat on BK well before the war because they wanted a big coalition because they thought BKsphere with all of the smaller alliances/rpots was so big. It can't be denied because it's what actually transpired and fit with the public rhetoric espoused at the time.
  16. Again, I’d like to see some evidence. Y’know, the stuff we provide to back up our claims. Surely you have some on hand, since you think it’s a 100% fact? I think we’d all like to see it. Again, IQ February doesn’t count.
  17. I'll channel my inner Scotsman and wear a kilt, and no shirt.
  18. Just don't forget the winter clothing this time.
  19. Coalition B's response: "bUt ThEn ThEy CaN rEbUiLd PlAnEs"
  20. Wir werden uns durch die Nacht und durch den Schnee kämpfen!
  21. How could we seriously consider a ceasefire while IQ still refuses to surrender?
  22. I'd like to Recommend on Christmas eve and day we have a temporary Cease Fire so everyone can relax Basically I say this after watching a Commercial about some product I'd never buy that had a world war 1 scene where the French and Germans stopped fighting to enjoy a break with each other I think that happened although i dont recall much about ww1 However it would allow a lot of people a break and some time to rest easy also it's a wonderful time to talk to enemies and friends alike
  23. That sucks eva. Sorry you got caught up in people power-tripping over their video game ranks.
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