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  1. Sphinx

    Orbis United Alliances

    Clearly Roz spiked the punch and everyone's hallucinating.
  2. Sphinx

    Orbis United Alliances

    Even the bastard lovechild of Partisan, Roq, Ripper, Nizam, Buor, Pre and Roz all rolled into one couldn't bring world peace despite all that influence, so obviously you're off to a flying start. Also I call dibs on tCW's spot.
  3. Sphinx

    Recognition of Hostilities

    He should've just named it "Egyptian Empire: Public Relations Suicide"
  4. Sphinx

    War Stats - Knightfall

    When the stats aren't online for 6 days now. I promise to sacrifice a small animal to Roq if he updates the stats
  5. Sphinx

    War Links on the War Screen

    Hey I did that once and TGH made a meme out of me. EDIT: Found it, I wanted to click timeline... >_> @Hodor https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/23445-propaganda-time/&do=findComment&comment=373448
  6. Sphinx

    Bittersweet End

    I'm very sorry to hear this scumbag has taken to doing such a reprehensible act. As others have said get in contact with your local police, hopefully they can help. I didn't get to speak to you much apart from peace negotiations with UH-DU, but I found you to be a very reasonable person, who is willing to be flexible if necessary a sorely needed trait in this game, which will be sad to see you go. UH has been growing quite well so take pride in what you created, many new alliances struggle past their first few months but UH is in good hands so hopefully what you created can continue on onwards and upwards. I hope you and your GF are alright, and this Idiot doesn't contact you anymore. I'd also suggest letting others know who these people are (Public if you want), people who dox others should be named and shamed in public.
  7. Sphinx

    War Stats - Knightfall

    Take all the time you guys need. These stats are exemplary and a massive help to see how each of us are going, looking forward to seeing the improvements.
  8. Sphinx

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    We have a winner! All of our expensive Infra was lost weeks ago, but we still have plenty of stuff to kill on our enemies side. I see a few whales with 2.5k Infra for example that need an EMC visit.
  9. Sphinx

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Your Wikipedia skills are amazing if you ever get to University you should make sure you reference them in every essay you do, I hear Professors love that.
  10. Sphinx

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Got nothing against Arrgh personally as they are pirates its what they do, (And they're good at it too) and its annoying when you or your friends are being raided by them. But if someone is stupid enough to allow a successful raid (Providing it wasn't due to circumstances beyond their control) then they deserve to be looted. Cough Polaris, @Akuryo Raiding just isn't my play style but Arrgh are still a good alliance as they do shake things up and keep the bankers and hoarders on their toes. But if you're good at the pirate's play style then you can certainly make a motser with doing coordinated raids. Ripper, Boyce and Bluebear can certainly tell you how lucrative raiding Plebs is.
  11. Sphinx

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Attacking Arrgh is somewhat like the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, it could cost you a lot more than you would gain from dealing with them. So whenever Arrgh hits we just roll the attackers only. This is mostly for the normal odd raid here or there. But if they launch of bunch of simultaneous raids that's when I think you should fully roll them, as you don't want to kowtow to pirates as they make you a regular target.
  12. Sphinx

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    I understand quite clearly that we lost this war, and it was good fun regardless especially fighting Rose who did very well in locking many of us down in perma blockade cycles. Yes IQ has every right to want to take action but once again they cannot force TKR to remove their bot much like any of our sphere cannot be forced into doing something by your coalition. While I'm not in the peace talks, if our negotiators want to walk away like they've done once before or come back to the negotiating table then they have my full support regardless. TKR doesn't endless target Arrgh, only when Arrgh harasses its members or its allies members does Arrgh get rolled. If they expect to be given a free pass whilst raiding others with impunity with the knowledge that a counter from TKR members will only come if TKR is hit, then they are wrong.
  13. Sphinx

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    When I first heard the peace terms I was 100% opposed to any peace and I still am (If our peace representatives choose to accept them, I'll respect that wish but my own thoughts on this peace are so follows) I've got no problem with Article's I - IV, but Article's V on-wards are complete rubbish. I'd like to tax the war-dodgers for as many days as they spent in VM not fighting, now obviously you don't want this as it will go to help our rebuild. So instead of writing elaborate posts trying to explain this "logic" behind your reasoning you could've just summarised it as your side wanting to inflict as much punitive damage on our sphere as possible, whilst hiding behind a veneer of "punishing the war dodgers", and breaking our so called "monopoly". Additional many of the so called "War-Dodgers" are in VM for legit reasons, I understand that you wouldn't know the exact details of why a person is in VM, but to tar all of those in VM as "war-dodgers" isn't acceptable. From tCW's perspective with -$45b in net damage we've been pushed down the stairs and now you just want to stab us to make sure we're as dead as we can be. Likewise Article VI is probably the most illogical article in the entire "peace treaty", as its babysitting IQ for when they make mistakes. If Alex ok'd the bot then stop complaining and just maybe you should teach people to double check their trades. I've personal messed up trades and had others take advantage, but what I do in that case is message the person to see if they would be willing to refund both parties, if not (entirely within their rights to choose to not refund them) then I must eat the loss. Article VII is probably the most egregious of all, since you don't get to choose our FA paths and whomever in our sphere chooses to sign or not sign with. And that Arrgh article is also garbage. If you hit us in a pirate raid expect a response which may or may not include assistance from other alliances in our sphere. I'd really like to know what kinda drugs the person was on who wrote that article.
  14. Sphinx

    Down with the tyrants!

    Every time I read one of Dumb's posts I fear I need to make a range of sacrifices to whomever deity I can think of just to hope I don't lose any brain-cells from reading it.
  15. Sphinx

    War Propaganda (19th October 2018+ War)

    Are you sure that wasn't your damage received? As in you got damaged so badly your nation ceased to exist?

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