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  1. Really glad to be working with Rose again. ❤️
  2. This is exactly why GOB deserved this war since you barely take any damage in most wars and thus are allowed to grow like weeds. GOB is large enough in the mega whale tier that no single sphere can deal with you. Rose or Eclipse soloing GGO would result in yet another easy stomp, as even if in the long grind we manage to drag you all down, the time it takes to do so you'd all have banked up enough cash from your insane Infra builds to ensure a full rebuild right after the war's end. Ronny.. you yourself said that the only tier you care about the c40+ tier. We both know if we didn't strike first you'd have dogpiled us the moment you got a chance to do so. We aren't going to suicide our alliance into "evenly matched wars" which is just another name for allowing GOB to walk all over you. After all.. GOB doesn't care about even wars, your entire alliance lives off quick and easy wars to allow your guys to mass beige first round and then let allies take care of dealing with the clean up job. I do appreciate the salt though, enjoy the L.
  3. Its because Rose is a good thoughtful alliance, unlike that shithole called Eclipse. Cake looks really good also!
  4. Yeah I'm getting loads of ghost notifications. Cleared cache did nothing.
  5. Disband your alliance... Who would be crazy enough to ally you guys anyway..... Happy Birthday CotL, we couldn't ask for a better sphere mate.
  6. Nah we're doomed mate... Knowing Limi he'll just follow us again. @Unlimited Welcome to Clock.
  7. I never got to talk to Red much.. but from the interactions we had he was one of the nicest people I've met online. His loss will be felt greatly in this community, my condolences and thoughts are with ASM, Rose and others who were close to him and especially to his family. We'll always remember you.
  8. You're right... he needs to apologise to Clock. Not because of the peace.. I don't give a s**t about that.. But he needs to apologise because Han shot first. @Han Solo Why did you fry poor Greedo?
  9. Its Firwof... being stupid on the OWF is what he does best. Though... I have noticed his posts are becoming more and more detached from reality. Its quite impressive honestly. Are you not aware that peace terms regarding colour blocs have been an established precedent for years in this game? t$ for instance imposed one on your ally TCW. Carthago another ally of yours has likewise worked towards ensuring those who damage Olive are kept off it. Camelot tried to police their colour bloc etc etc What colour you have in game isn't really important its the bonuses the trade bloc provides which are, but I fail to see how that is a hill you're personally willing to die on. Fortunately GATO as a whole is far more pragmatic than you and are willing to negotiate fairly with us to ensure both benefit.
  10. Clock man bad.. Grats on peace alliance I've never heard of. Wish you guys a speedy rebuild. There also seems to be too many space themed alliances... @Vein time to disband Eclipse.
  11. I'll have you know, I've not caused a single war since I retired.
  12. When the DSM-5 is updated, they should include Syndicate as a case study under 'persecution complex', as you guys are a perfect fit for that, completely oblivious on how the community interprets your actions and denigrating legitimate criticism against the actions of t$ gov as "hating on t$". I've seen several t$ gov try to use the sympathy factor as a way to justify t$'s actions in stagnating the game. This doesn't wash, the fact that you fall back upon bad events against you which happened years ago as cover for your own shitty actions nowadays is quite frankly a joke. t$'s so called "bad treatment" over the past 2 years is simply an invention of t$ paranoia, and it pales in comparison to alliances like TLE and spheres like Oasis and Swamp who suffered far more than anything t$ endured in the same time period. t$ gov has no grip on reality, you could tell them the sky is blue and if they don't like the source it came from they'd disagree with you
  13. Not surprising.. Rose finally got their "Worse fighters of 2021" award, so they and t$ obviously thought they needed to team up with Hollywood to ensure they don't win it again in 2022.
  14. It warms my heart to know after almost 2 years, my influence is still being felt. Even better to see that the art of leaking has become a national pastime for TCW, embraced by the high gov now and not just something the Prime Minister did late at night.
  15. Most players who join an alliance tend to already have pretty in-depth academies, mentoring systems, etc to guide them through the mechanics of the game. I do feel that improvements to the in game tutorial would be good, though I'm sceptical of the impartiality of suggesting alliances based on tags or suggesting Infra builds etc by the game itself. Since what could be considered a responsible Infra level can vary between alliances. The practice NPC nation seems like a good idea though. Would the 3rd tier of UP/AUP have a scaling cost reduction/project cost as well? Not really sure I like the refunding resources during war project. There's already a glut of resources in the game... reducing war as the one major way to cull resource totals seems like a mistake and will only increase the effects of resources flooding the market. This 100%. Happened to me hundreds of times when a pesky comma has messed up a bank transaction. Bonus points for the alliance trade colouring, deleted nation resource distribution to attackers and bulk import improvements all sorely needed. Wouldn't giving the option for members to opt out of embargoes just lessen the impact of the feature?
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