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  1. Its because Gorge stole their bank. ;,V
  2. RIP mate, shame your forum account got taken to the great water cooler in the sky. 

  3. Just reserving our spot for when they do win, since with Immortals, WTF and Panth its not looking too good for TCM.
  4. Pantheon won another war this year?!? GG Motky, ;,p
  5. From the Office of the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth They say all good things must come to an end and for the past 7 months the Black Knights have provided us worn out whales from GPA/Pantheon with a great ally whilst we have given BK a war they didn't expect as well as some whales to fight alongside with for a change. However in light of the recent attacks upon our protectorate and recent drama surrounding Gorge it brings us no pleasure in announcing that we have given BK their 72 hour notice regarding their violation of Article VI of the "Black is the new Orange Concordat". We wish BK well in their future endeavors, and will remain in this war alongside them until its conclusion. As Gorge is no longer a part of the Black Knights, we have informed BK they must put forward nominations to fill this vital position to address this discrepancy or we will hold them at fault for breaking our treaty. BK will now have one week to announce nominations either in this thread or in the TCW/BK embassy for a new princess of The Commonwealth to replace Gorge. Once a new princess has been nominated the government of The Commonwealth will select one of the candidates and their coronation will occur on the TCW discord server at a date TBD. We wish any prospective candidate luck in their attempts to earn this prestige role, and we greatly look forward to continuing our relationship with the Black Knights well into the distant future. Signed for The Commonwealth The Commonwealth Government: Prime Minister: Sphinx Chief of Staff: Purplemoon/Yui Ministers Minister of Finance: Christian Dahl Minister of Foreign Affairs: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Internal Affairs: Lionstar Marshal of The Commonwealth (Minister of Defense): RightHonorable Minister of Communications: Haris Deputy Ministers Deputy Ministers of Finance: Edgeworth, Skepta Deputy Ministers of Internal Affairs: Chevalier Deputy Minister of Defense: Pericles, Reuben Deputy Minister of Communications: Malleator Advisors Master Olive: Aesir - also a pokemon Anti-Social Evil Bastard: Who Me Drunk Alex Jones: Kalev60 Minion Aficionado: Julian Rederic Gray Chief Viking: Sven Shieldmaker
  6. Its already post winter for me. ;,p Its that time of the year when half my state is burning in bushfires.
  7. The quote you referenced from me contradicts your own statement, I never implied things would be set in stone, I simply said the terms wouldn't have any major deviation from previous peaces. However I've taken a step back from the talks, another TCW gov member is filling in for me whilst I finish my Masters degree, and another person has also taken over writing up the document for our terms for peace, where we allowed all Colo B alliances the chance to include their terms for discussion in the peace talks. While I've been out of the loop on a few things I've tried to drop by as best I can whenever I can afford the time. You also would know that talks are not something the other-side agrees to off the bat. Our side has laid out the way we intend to conduct the talks, and have provided the first article for consideration once your side accepts that or an agreement upon it is made then we'll move to the 2nd article and so on. Anyway gotta get back to writing my thesis, and final assignments, Rome is calling! (I'm doing a Master of Ancient History, if you're curious)
  8. House Stark sucks, House Karstark is where the real party is at. ;,p Happy birthday HS, here' to another year of protecting the North.
  9. Obviously Buorhann knows better than the guy who wrote the damn post. For clarification: The "Talks with t$/NPO", was presumptive, it was based on the concern that if we engaged Chaos, KETOG would hit us who we did not have anywhere near the ability to fight due to a massive upper tier inbalance. Despite the people claiming we (BK/TC) held a hegemony over others our coalition was strong in numbers but being made up of so many smaller alliances meant it had a lot of dis-coordination. When war came half of the BK/TC micros either collapsed or peaced out. It was never the "1,000 member, 30 alliance behemoth" people thought and portrayed it as, at best we had 400 nations in a dozen alliances. With TCW processing almost 80% of the upper tier strength in BK/TC, whilst BK/UPN/ACADIA/CAMELOT/GOTG/AK/CARTH/FR/Solar/Yak formed the core of the mid tier with a few whales scattered about. Out of the dozen protectorates in BK/TC the only one left standing was THL, a prot of TCW, and if we weren't funding them for the war I wouldn't blame them for peacing either despite Emp's attempts to poach them. Nothing from the time of the original post I made right up until when KETOG hit Chaos was ever said to NPO/T$, that plan was shelved along with the war against Chaos when Surf's up began. But obviously KETOG, specifically TGH won't let that get in the way of a good PR spin. If KETOG hit, without upper tier support BK/TC could not deal with Grumpy/Guardian etc on their own. N$O couldn't solved but as I said it was never official policy nor even mention to them since it was outdated well before the leaks.
  10. I mean I've said it many times, so I'm happy to have it on record. Likewise many others in Colo B has also confirmed it. Only Chaos had legitimacy in what they did, KETOG/Rose did not, they bandwagoned pure and simple.
  11. The experiences of Eastern Europeans to Leftist ideals are so different to Western Euros/Americans that no comparison can be drawn. Its why things like "White Guilt" and rehabilitation of Marxism of which people on the left promote in their own countries would get the shit kicked out of them in Eastern Countries. To a Western Leftist, "White Guilt" is as a result due to the oppression inflicted by Colonialism/Imperialism and the enslavement of people in the third world. When you mention Slavery, imagines of Blacks enslaved and brought to the Americas are conjured. Whilst the ideologies of Marxist and Communism in general for Leftists are sanitised to portray simply the desire for a society of equality and one free from oppression. The experiences of Eastern Europeans are a polar opposite to that of the West. Easterners experienced slavery first hand for centuries far longer than the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, first under centuries of Tartar raids into the Kievan Rus, PLC, Muscovy and Hungary, and then with Ottoman forced conscription throughout the Balkans. Their own countries from Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Greece, etc etc were colonised by not just Muslims but by fellow Europeans who in many cases pursued policies to stamp out the native Eastern cultures. (Forced Germanisation of Poland, Russification, Venetian conquests of Greek and Croatian cities etc). Then throughout the 20th century, the people of Eastern Europe, from the Greece right upto Finland suffered some of the worse crimes in human history, with tens of millions of Slavs, Baltics, Greeks, Magyars, Romanians etc, killed in Communist uprisings, famines, civil wars, WW1, and the genocides inflicted by the Nazis and Soviets. Inst's point about experiences being different is 100% correct. For many Russians and Serbs they look fondly upon the USSR, Yugoslavia since despite the periods of democide it was during those state's existence when their ethnic group was the dominant one. For the USSR it was clearly an Eastern Slavic centralised state, and Soviet policies of resettlement brought hundreds of thousands of Russians, Ukrainians and Belorussians into the Baltic states which its most likely if the USSR never collapsed countries like Estonia and Latvia would have their native populations in the minority. Communism for these people (Baltics) brought with it cultural oppression, genocide, forced deportation and many other disasters. When Westerners wonder why the East is so right wing or anti-Immigration, or "Traditionalist" their experiences of the 20th century will tell you why. The Western 'Conservative', especially the American view of what Communism is I agree is completely wrong. I've got my own issues with American 'Conservatism', since despite considering myself being pretty far right in Australia, I'm left of the Democrats and guys like Bernie Sanders in many aspects. On a side note I think this tweet by PragerU, symbolises what's wrong with American 'Conservatism', which is clearly little more than Corporatism. So basically you're a Peon for your corporate masters, according to those geniuses. Kinda rambled on about politics a bit, and I've gotta write a History essay so I need to head off, but happy to chat more about this in DMs or here if you wish.
  12. Sweet we'll consider that as a peace term now, with TGH admitting that there was no plan to roll them. We never planned to roll KETOG. Only Chaos has a leg to stand on being a pre-empt, KETOG/Rose were offensive as far as we were concerned.
  13. That was the easy part, now lets see how the talks go. GG to KERCHTOGG though you guys gave us the best fight many of us have ever had and its been incredibly fun. Also... smh did you have to surrender in my Uni finals?
  14. You realise Kalev's Estonian right? ;,p He's got good reason to hate Communism.
  15. @Hassan @Shadowthrone Obviously we need to get Legend to join this AA. ;,p
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