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  1. Sphinx

    Declaration of War

    The fact I have to stop watching the Cricket to post in this train wreck of a thread... Sketchy mate come on. You're serious? Using out of context logs from a over 2 hour conversation with hypothetical scenarios raised doesn't help your case in fact it makes you seem even more desperate. I've given clarification for them and if you don't want to believe it that's fine, but it doesn't make it any more true than you hope it is. And Honestly, its astonishing at the level of hypocrisy that some from Chaos/KETOG have shown in this thread, that video and "transcript' is something special......... I honestly think some people are too blind to realise their irate ramblings and "theories", only draw people closer together against them. We're it not for the hatred you have for NPO or BK, they would've been enemies long ago but even when they try to break you just do everything in your power to make it painfully obvious to them that any break would be exploited by the very same people who keep pushing for this supposed "dynamism". Secondly to address the claims of "NPO killed CN they'll do it here as well", I played CN for years (2010-2015), when the game was still active, at no point did NPO have anything like the hegemony you claim. Only when the game really started dying and player numbers collpased below 10k did NPO start to become top dog and that wasn't through consolidation or anything or the sort it was simply because they had the staying power others did not, as someone mentioned before Doombird was far more hegemonic than NPO ever was. People claiming otherwise are either noobs who didn't experience old school CN, before its demise or are just spreading lies. In PW, NPO don't have anywhere near the sort of "hegemony" you claim. And yes I know people are going to say "Oh but Sphinx you plotted against Chaos, so your just as full of shit as them", yeah I did plot against them so of course I'm full of shit, but at least I can recognise our side is at fault to. Yes BK and NPO have a strong consolidation of the mid tier but the very same people parroting the garbage about that conveniently ignore G&G's even stronger vice grip on the upper tier. Grumpy especially has steamrolled through any upper tier opposition. Whilst that's not anything to fault Grumpy for, If people are going to try and bring up consolidation at least look in a damn mirror before conventionally ignoring you own consolidation. EDIT: Just to respond to Smith's post. You know maybe they volunteered to join..... Not everyone in NPO sphere is a brainless slave shackled to Roq's hamster ball. 2ND EDIT: Also why are people so obsessed about what NPO's CB is, global wars have been fought with no CB's before, why should you be so concerned with what another alliance chooses to do, Your feelings on that are worth squat since its NPO choice to take military action for their own reasons if you don't want to believe that, then be my guest but to repeat it over and over is just honestly sad. Now I can go back to the Cricket before its over..... Already had another out that I missed..... >_>
  2. Sphinx

    Declaration of War

    Thought you were referring to Western Union the alliance at first, but yeah aren't those guys still pretty profitable? Obviously not with telegrams like they once were but with money orders and transfers etc.
  3. Sphinx

    Declaration of War

    Such a shame as well..... Skype was good in the glory days now its just a pile of laggy rubbish. Also, its about time something technical other than Sheepy's server crashes.
  4. Sphinx

    Declaration of War

    I'm hearing Cloudflare is having issues as well, so that might explain why Discord is down, Haven't heard any ETA of when a fix is near. Guess we've gotta do things the old fashion way.... Carrier pigeon it is then, @TheNG
  5. Sphinx


    I really need to stop using MS Paint.....
  6. Sphinx

    We are here for the Whales

    Its because they are paranoid because they need to find some sort of justification for their claims of BK controlling everybody, if it was even true does anyone really think BK would not call someone in right away and allow most of their sphere to take heavy damage? Its amusing that any slight piece of "evidence" they get they run with to try and back up their claims of a "conspiracy", N$0's conduct has been entirely within their bounds they outlined and is their own choice to choose their terms of engagement and apply them. To claim that BK has control over 2,000 nations is insanity, at this stage we could say the logs were allowed to be leaked to bait them into a defensive war and they'd believe it, despite it being demonstrable false. And they can't present proof, at best they've got circumstantial evidence which baited them and helps fulfill their assumptions Their conspiracy theory is as dumb as the people parroting the claims that Surf's up was a fake war. And for that supposed "leak", it was from a long conversation over over 2 hours where we discussed political justifications, the war progress etc. Aku at one stage presented a series of hypothetical scenarios. If one out of context comment where I stated some clarification for a scenario presented is the best you have for your theories then you have nothing at all. Here is a snippet of one of the scenarios which prompted the discussion:
  7. Sphinx

    Happy Birthday to Grumpy!

    > When your attempt of criticism of Grumpy only serves to showcase their efficiency. Congrats on your milestone SRD. I've got many friends in Grumpy so its been a pleasure and extremely fun over the years for the times that we've been allies with Grumpy, fighting together many times in the past and the times we've been enemies both now and previously. Here's to 1k, and another 1k more, happy birthday!
  8. Sphinx

    We are here for the Whales

    Grumpy/Guardian alone have complete dominance of the 30+ tier, even CoS an alliance that is no slouch in war by any streach of the immigration was destroyed in a matter of hours by them, t$ is merely doing what its their own Interest in ensuring an already bloated whale tier in Grumpy/Guardian has some form of resistance to their consolidation, and no contrary to the leaks we never asked t$ to do this.
  9. Sphinx

    We are here for the Whales

    Of which more than 300 of those on the BK/TC side are under 13 cities, so that doesn't tell you the full picture. On a raw city count basis your side has us beat,
  10. Sphinx

    We are here for the Whales

    Well I guess I sold my Infra for no reason then...... RIP Good Hunting t$,
  11. Sphinx

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    I still don't know why we can't hand you over to the enemy and say "Here he is, this is the one you want".
  12. Sphinx

    Brave and Beautiful Peace.

    Maybe them losing two wars in a row might temper their desire for stats. ;,p
  13. Sphinx

    War Stats: Global War 14

    Actually I did that in 2 cities by mistake (Bought back to 2k from 1.5k in those 2) but I fixed it in all 35 others where I dropped from 3.8k to 2k.
  14. Sphinx

    War Stats: Global War 14

    Can't fault you for trying. @Frawley Also mate question, are my Infra losses as shown in the war stats based the amount of Infra at the point of the attack or are they tabulated at the start of a day or turn or something? Just curious to know when it counts the Infra from. Good old Grumpy allowing us the chance to beat BK in damage dealt for now, by over $1.2b.
  15. Sphinx

    Brave and Beautiful Peace.

    Would love to mate, especially since its your shout since I drank all my alcohol last week after the leak. Also RIP your nukes lets hope they're in a better place.

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