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  1. Yes Lory leaked the merge? Your point is? And for good reason, you can ask him yourself. He never wanted North Point to merge and was treated like crap, not the first disgruntled NP member I might add.
  2. You need to improve your comprehension skills, Odin never leaked the North Point merge to Shifty, so trying to lie about things won't help. Changeup's news server had publicly stated who leaked the merge logs.
  3. You seem to think I'm worried about what people think of us, when quite frankly at this stage I couldn't give a rats arse, but you do you Aky, it certainly is amusing reading your forum spiel, at least you liven this place up with your very "witty humour". Also I see your thesaurus/internet Archaic English translator skills are on point with your last statement. Friendly word of caution though they can never quite replicate the flair of an old language, but A+ for effort.
  4. From memory I think the only time I used the term "best alliance" and "TCW" in the same sentence was describing who I felt was best at surviving curb stomps. Beyond that I'm well aware of my own limitations and my alliance's, if you think that somehow equates to me being "schizophrenic', then you've got a pretty shallow definition of that mate. And good of you to mention grandeur from voice chats, I seem to recall you talked incessantly about recruiting thousands of players from Reddit to flood North Point's ranks, what ever happened to that plan? Or did that eventuate into nothing like the countless plans people have made build the Titanic 2, or to attempt a voyage to prove the world is flat?
  5. I mean obviously we had poor standards. Poor enough you were happily allied to several of these so called "micros".
  6. Apparently city 20 is upper tier for Epi and Camelot. Not really surprised since they absorbed half of BK/Polaris. @Epi Good luck in your tiering goals Epi, you'll get someone above c25 eventually.
  7. Mate.... How lazy do you have to be to not be bothered to take our your bin to the kurb...... Nokia actually got a lot of flak, probably more than most people since GOONS went out of their way to harass him. Also I want to point out Wampus is larger than EM, yet he didn't get anywhere near the sort of animosity that EM got, mainly because Wampus kept to himself. Whilst EM was active on forums and Discord and was well known for his love of antagonising certain people and gloating about various things publicly which certainly aren't going to cause many to be sympathetic to you.
  8. All the best mate, regardless of what happened I enjoyed our chats over the years, wish you all the best in the future for you, your family and business. Always down for a chat in Discord so hit me up whenever.
  9. Greetings from GPA. xD I don't have any ill thoughts about you guys. One of the better alliances in CN IMO, I'm glad you've made the move to PnW. I was in a NOIR alliance (TSCE) in CN, so it was fun to fight alongside you back in Bipolar way back in 2010, and then we fought you in 2011/2012 when you attacked MHA and the Apparatus (which was my AA at the time). All the best in PnW,
  10. Sphinx


    At this stage I wouldn't be surprised if half of Pantheon is Six multis. I guess he forgot to pay for VPN this month.
  11. I guess he was asking for it.
  12. Cheating deserves to be punished I'm in agreement with people here, this is a disturbing precedent for a sliding consistency in moderation enforcement. Based on some of the stuff contained herein the logs presented, Alex should not have offered immunity with such damning evidence already in place. However the claim that everyone in Colo B were beneficiaries is completely false and slanderous. Under no circumstances did TCW endorse what NPO and others were engaging in, if we were aware of it we'd have reported it. Hundreds of people are still in this game who were once Colo B, for people who want the "toxicity" to dissipate you need to drop old grudges, not everyone was part of this "hive-mind" to oppress all others against IQ and bully people out of the game. Many of us through either public channels or private communications with Colo A expressed our opinions regarding this and we took steps to hasten the end of the war much to the chagrin of IQ who would be more than happy to be still holding everyone down.
  13. Joker would defend Batman against anyone who would attempt to kill him, since for him if anyone has the right to kill Batman it would solely be Joker. The same is true for our Punic friends, nobody would touch Carthago since salting the earth is our pleasure. ;,v
  14. @Sval How could you do this? Great civilisations of Rome and Egypt sacrificed for this Punic abomination...... The only Carthage I recognise is Roman Carthage. Still, happy 1st anniversary you guys are great. Here's to your 2nd year!!!
  15. 200,000 units are ready, with a million more well on the way
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