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  1. @George The face you make when you're found innocent
  2. Roq this might be a surprise to you, but you realise people have different methods of playing this game and all games? Not everyone wants war 24/7, large parts of Grumpy went inactive once they got dragged down because they aren't interested in fighting. In TCW's case yes we'll fight but we don't like fighting for months after just recently another major war ended. Also, you don't need to twist peoples words, Alexio and I were pissed off at Chaos for legitimate reasons, in Frontier's case it was because SOUP poached 20 members from his alliance. In TCW's we were dropped by TKR, after fighting and bleeding for them at the urging of SK/CoS and other parties who wanted us out of the picture. You claim its our agenda to be anti-IQ yet we only made the Bloc because we knew if we left then IQ would attack us. You forced our hand so we spoke to equally dissatisfied people and created a group. We didn't want this war originally or this escalation, but here we are and you continue to dig your heels in and ignore the writing on the wall that your own actions are drawing people who don't want to work together, into partners of necessity. NPO members aren't programmed to understand Irony. You realise Don Juan was a founder of Pantheon right and was part of the Triumvirate of GPA? Many of us in TCW have known Don for over 5 years in this game and many more in other games. The sole reason so many of the ex-EMC people are in contact with each other and still friends to this day is because they were in the same alliances together, GPA/Pantheon together have their old guard spread through TCW/TKR/Grumpy, its not because all whales want to hang out together like you seem to be obsessed about. We knew these people for years so of course we'll be friendly and willing to work together, I talk to people like Benfro, almost daily despite us being at war for months because we first met almost 4 years ago when we were newbies in Pantheon. Yet you either misconstrue this was "being allies in waiting" or hegemonising the whale tier when its just people doing one of the pillars of an MMO game, 'interacting with the community' outside their own alliance, something I know apart from NPO gov, your rank and file barely do. So again you continue to make assumptions about us wanting to revive EMC, or to have the whale tier on lock when its just claims that are derived purely from your own paranoia. In TCW case we've had no plans to rejoin 'EMC' in fact the government isn't keen on doing much, apart from trying to build our Bloc outside of the IQ, EMC, FARK Bloc power blocs, if this doesn't work there's dozen of TCW members who would support us going paperless and bringing back GPA, and going neutral because quite frankly we're sick of the BS, and tired of the drama from both sides. Your views of us consolidating couldn't be further from the truth, we only reached out to others as we knew we'd need support since we'd get killed if we didn't ave outside treaties to people in other Blocs but considering how things are going in this game, myself and many of our members are at a stage were we really don't care whatever TF you try to do to us. This 100%, Epi was going to turncoat on IQ anyway so he needed a way to get back into IQ's good books so he threw people who wanted to work with him under the bus. Reaper or Solar can tell you how pissed I was when I found out Aky escalated things without informing us. I told Aku he needs to real himself in and stop being too aggressive and actually think of a plan before diving in otherwise if something like this happens again he's getting dropped. But Akuryo's aggression isn't anywhere near as bad as NPO's blatant paranoia and desire for all allies to fit themselves into a counter cutter mold and if you don't do this then you're branded as a 'rival' or 'threat'. NPO can cut the crap about 'defending' Camelot/BoC, as Reaper said you wanted to hit NP again, you wanted to TCM, Weeby, Ironfront you wanted to hit the whole damn Bloc because IMO you saw it as a way for TCW to leave on a solid footing, and having a new power Bloc develop isn't something IQ likes since we all know everyone not allied to them is a enemy. Funniest thing is Camelot/Epi picked a side which will extract punishment on them for attempting to leave and for leaking information, in a similar vein to what BK said when once the war is over they'll attack BoC yet they too are now fighting on behalf of IQ. Epi's probably trying to play themselves up as best as possible to be seen as a valued partner because if he doesn't then Camelot's screwed as NOBODY will help someone who doesn't have the courage of their conviction to make a stand especially considering BK said they were going to drop Camelot post war anyway. I didn't want this to spiral out of control, I just wanted out of this damn war. I didn't even know before it was too late that their was an offer of resolution on the table, and I thought about the offer BoC/Camelot made and whilst paying $350m reps to leave NP/TMC alone seems tempted you probably would've rolled us anyway so I'm glad nobody took that. TCW isn't part of Colo A, we aren't signing TKR, or t$ or Rose. I don't know how many times I need to tell you this, we want to do our own thing and make a Bloc cut off the from treaty web, if that fails then we're going paperless, neutral and reforming GPA. That should tell you if we're going to help TKR/t$ in the next war against IQ, we're tired of this continual political cycle of the same rubbish over and over, we just want to do our own thing. But you can't leave well enough alone so you're forcing us to fight in a war against people who cost us $160 BILLION in damages after we just took $110 BILLION damages 3 months before that, any member in our position would be sick of the BS at that stage, let alone ex-Pantheon/GPA'ers. Especially considering of out said c30+'s several alliances couldn't even get them to engage in the war, whilst if a c20 NPO'er is told to jump they ask how high, but NPO just looks at raw numbers and makes a judgement. TCW was 9/10 largest nations in Colo B, we shouldn't have been able to take down 100+ whales yet over a long grind we somehow managed it. NPO just doesn't understand this, to them all whales are hyper active mid tiers and not a mixture of semi-retired old-guard, and active fighters. Good points though Azza, food for thought for NPO if they actually take some constructive criticism for once.
  3. These are the reasons why TCW left: (For the record I only decided to switch sides legitimately 2 days before our ROH, I had planned to leave the war with some light terms, NAP etc and move on but we were forced to enter by the aggression Colo B demonstrated) Since there's a lot let me brake it down into categories Violating the treaties of TCW Allies - Attacks upon neutral outsides and friendly alliances to TCW, (NPO hitting TMC the first time despite me mentioning they were in talks with us to sign a Prot agreement as they were leaving SOUP.) Keshav mentioned how he'd happily roll TMC again if he had the chance as they regarded them as "War dodgers" when Kev and Charlie can tell you they had planned to make their own alliance pre-Surf Up but they stayed for several months to help SOUP. - Attacks upon allied alliances over "mass beiging", Electric Space nobody can disagree was struggling but the attack by GotG was a breach of the MDP we held, we tried to offer them help, they needed guidance not unwarranted attacks which helped kill them off, several of the Electric Space people then went on to found Demacia with other old-guard BK'ers. An alliance which Curu/Leo both called a collection of washed up BK rejects. We signed with Demacia to help people like Yoso, Supercheese etc, they were still friends/allies who were having a bad time and we wanted to help them. - When the Gorge incident happened I said I was fine with him being rolled, but not Demacia as they had nothing to do with it, but BK rolled them anyway that was the 3rd time IQ attacked an ally/Prot of TCW. - The final straw for violating treaties was the unproved attacks upon Ironfront and Weebunism. Yes you can claim North Point/ TMC were too aggressive and I told Aku I was pissed off that they allowed it to escalate. But the simple fact is IQ barely consulted me over the incident, you just from 0-100 and attacked for a 4th time allies of TCW. Actions detrimental to the game and insults to friends and allies - If you knew our history and how so many people have tried to force harsh terms on us, or just rolled us out of the blue for no reason, you'll know TCW/GPA has never supported harsh terms. We brought this issue up many times that several terms are ridiculous and should be removed as they are prolonging a war already reaching 7+ months long, yet our concerns were rejected. - We were hopeful we could stay with Colo B, but as the talks unfolded it was obvious to us that Colo B was purposely producing an environment in which they knew nothing would be accepted and so the war would continue to be dragged out. Whilst I do think Colo A was unreasonable in not reaching out for peace sooner, Colo B's actions are far worse in that by dragging this war out they are causing communities on both sides of the game to crumble. - Afrika Korps is one such example, they were clearly unhappy and wanted out but due to the shadow of IQ looming over them if they peaced out we all know what would've happened to them. Afrika Korps was friends with many in TCW, the alliance was founded by a core of ex-Pantheon people, over half the government of AK are people who when I was de-facto leader of Pantheon I personally trained. The only reason AK disbanded was because this war lasted an obscenely long amount of time. It was salt in the wound to see Colo B people 'celebrating' the demise of an alliance which had so many friends of TCW in, several of them have since quit the game. - On many occasions I pinged everyone on the Colo B server and asked for GOONS to stop undermining, insulting or otherwise threatening our protectorates and allies. From alliances such as The Manhattan Cartel, Weebunism, Afrika Korps and others several members were banned and others issues nation strikes for frivolous rubbish only because the admin is a jellyfish who if you send 100 reports a day he'll bend and do what GOONS wants. Only one ban/nation strike I felt was justified and that was against Migraine the rest are bullshit and you know it. Length of War and our concerns - Carthago and OWR did undeniably undermine the war effort by defecting. But unlike Frontier who left only after a short time, these alliances fought for months in this war, hell Carthago basically bankrupted themselves. They didn't deserve to be perma rolled, yet people like Keshav quite openly said in Colo B chat they weren't ready to give Carth/OWR peace since they needed to be punished for at least several months more when t$ tried to surrender. (For the record neither did Frontier deserve a 'perma rolling'. Whilst I was disappointed they left so soon I felt betrayed. Its obvious in hindsight I don't blame them one bit as they made the right choice @Alexio15) - TCW is not a warfighting alliance, we will fight to defend allies but we aren't culturally anyway like KT, TGH, BK, NPO for which long wars are second nature to them. We are ex-Pantheon/GPA, you knew our core members don't like long wars, so make fun of us all you want for being "pixel huggers' or wanting to 'whale out' but that's what our internal culture is like. - Asking us to censor members in public forums. To use an example NPO took issue with Kalev's troll posts so they asked me to ban TCW members from posting things which "help reinforce or enable Colo A'. Our gov will tell you I've banned public posts at times if its of benefit for the war, coalition or allies but to call us out in the Colo B server is an insult, which then Colo B gov went about saying we should change x value of our alliance to fit better into the image that other Colo B alliances have. - Finally yes their was a economic motivation but that was last on our concerns since we viewed the above issues as far more pernicious for our alliances that our whales not being able to produce stuff. But I'll say we're certainly quite happy we can finally have some members producing stuff for our alliance on 100/100 taxes, to funnel down to our lower tier. Roq you realise there' a different between wanting TKR to get a bloody nose and wanting to grind them into dust like NPO/BK want to. As far I'm concerned the 'grudge' we had over TKR and the Knightfall disaster was settled, we had a war TCW helped beat them we've called it a day. Perhaps BK should put their almost 3 year grudge against TKR to rest as well? The fact Colo A was willing to offer terms to TCW and admit defeat to us solo shows how dilapidated your coalition was. You used us to harpoon whales and then shot us in the back for good measure as thanks. Whilst TCW is not part of Colo A, the vast majority of them have already done more for us than some certain alliances in Colo B ever did. I don't share OOC stuff but I've got the peace servers all archived saved along with the Colo B server, so I'll look for more fun snippets when I get time. Refer to the above, this is factually incorrect. Apologises for any typos or errors, long post Its bound to happen.... If any Colo A or B person wants context behind anything I'll happily give what explanations I can, just hit me up in DM's on Discord.
  4. Mate its ok, GPA/TCW lost wars all the time, its not the end of the world. Also yeah people don't tend to like it when GOONS gets TCW Bloc members banned and IQ does nothing about it despite me calling these Idiots out in Colo B server many many times. Also... @Sir Scarfalot Scarf you should sue Roq for copyright infringement. Calling for perma war is your thing.
  5. Considering I know that Colo B wanted to put a bunch of terms on CoS, including stuff like banning them from joining certain alliances or even suggestions of Infra caps, the fact they got let off with a white peace is very telling of your current predicament, Colo B. All the best CoS, was a pleasure fighting you,
  6. Yes you read the treaty correctly. I was aware, just needed to ensure we had a little back up.
  7. From the Office of the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth The Commonwealth and it predecessor alliances have prided itself upon a set of unwavering virtues which form the basis of our identity as an alliance and more importantly as a community. Such virtues of loyalty to allies, fairness in dealings, support for those in need and unwavering unity through the harshest of times are our guiding principles, and as such through this global war we've sought to apply these principles in our dealings with any party whilst balancing concerns from both our allies with those of our own. However unfortunately such respect and support we've always sought to provide our allies in coalition B was not reciprocated to us. Our concerns with the conduct of our allies were raised numerous times, whilst we hoped to resolve this current conflict with a satisfactory result for all parties. It was through a combination of disproportionate peace terms presented to our now defeated enemies, hostile acts against uninvolved friends and allies of The Commonwealth, a general sense of derision projected towards us from various parties within Coalition B and a seemingly blatant disregard for the wider community in general through the 'joy' the coalition took in unnecessarily prolonging this war into an obscene 7+ months, which resulted in our relationship with coalition B and more importantly the Black Knights becoming irreconcilable. The latest completely unprovoked attacks upon our allies in TCW Bloc; Weebunism, The Manhattan Cartel, North Point, and Ironfront resulting from a situation which despite the claims of those in coalition B was entirely avoidable if they'd actually had the decency to consult with us and help devise an amicable solution for all parties was not the first of such incidents. Coalition B has engaged in previous actions with perceived impunity against not just our allies but with unprovoked attacks upon neutral outsiders. It was only through negotiations and through the willingness of The Commonwealth for the sake of preserving the unity of the coalition during wartime that The Commonwealth begrudgingly accepted outcomes to achieve peace for our allies and to halt anymore aggression by Coalition B against them. However whilst our patience might be long, The Commonwealth will no longer stand idly by and allow Coalition B to undermine our Bloc and attack at will our friends and allies. Despite being outnumbered as the sole upper tier alliance in Coalition B, the thanks Coalition B provides to us for fighting and taking down the upper tiers of over half a dozen alliances was an array of transgressions which I feel are best summed up by the rather delightfully renamed general chat channel from coalition B's server: All of us in The Commonwealth are aware of the threat to our alliance in making this choice. However as a matter of principle we will not longer tolerate anymore acts of aggression against our alliance, our allies or our friends, regardless of the personal cost to ourselves. Due to the attacks by the Black Knights and New Pacific Order upon our Bloc we will be honouring the defensive call to arms our allies have made and entering under the Article IV Supremacy clause of our Bloc treaty. We will outline in depth at a later date the reasons behind our actions, but we will assure our allies we will stand with them whatever the cost. TL:DR: The Commonwealth declares war upon the Black Knights, The New Pacific Order and Camelot.
  8. Can confirm he logged dumped me 3 times, but it was an honour every time. GG mate on your milestone, here's to another 5 more, cause somebodies gotta keep the bastards honest. Oh I remember that year well, was back in Pantheon at the time. Your nuke rouge spree did like $12b damage to us. ;,p
  9. All the best AK, you did Rommel proud. From our time together in Pantheon, to fighting one another in Knightfall to being allies in Dial Up you guys have always been a great community who enriched the game so its sad to see you move on, but I'm glad a bunch of you are still with us in in IronFront and the rest of our new bloc. I mean she's not wrong, Coalition A has a bunch of alliances who've obviously reached their death clock, just sadly AK also seems to have reached theirs. Celebrating the demise of a coalition partner of yours.... Nice mate totally a good look, not like you lot are concerned with PR anyway. Nothing strange about it, they picked a theme of a unit which was entirely clean of any war crimes in an army which was clearly Anti-Communist to its core. Drawing comparisons between Anti-Communist forces in WW2 and present day political movements through Europe and the US is at best an attempt to slander said groups or at worse distortion of history. Thankfully Communism is consigned to the scrapheap of history where it rightfully belongs despite the lamentations of its meager crew of brainwashed Idiots.
  10. Damn, TCW's had 2 merges last month of 12+ people each..... should've made 2 posts to farm internet points like this OP genius did.
  11. Guess I'll delete now, I'm obviously literally Hitler but even worse.
  12. Not American so don't really care about Domestic policy, but Trump's been advantageous for my country. My only concern from a US President is Foreign Policy, and I'm glad Trump is the first President in my lifetime to actually try and counteract the growth of China, albeit I feel its far too little and too late, plus Trump's kinda an Idiot and he alienated other countries who if they presented a unified front with sanctions/ tariffs would be far more damaging to China. Also glad to see a new non-interventionist policy with regards to Syria now Assad can finally re-establish control. I do hope Trump wins re-election. (I do think he will) and I think Democrats overplayed their hand and will instead get a far more unified Republican base that might've been more divided if they just waited and stopped trying to get brownie points with a voter bloc who already hates Trump.
  13. That's some big words coming from someone who ditched SK in war, to join an irrelevant micro only to now kowtow to GOONS, knowing they could crush you at any moment.
  14. Rekindling old friendships From the Office of the Prime Minister We in the redacted name Bloc are pleased to welcome IronFront as our 6th partner. We look forward to working together and continuing our relationship from past alliances. -Sphinx
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