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  1. The ability to instantly buy a bunch of cities at once cheapens their value and makes their purchase feel like much less of an accomplishment. I think some kind of dynamic limit based on what city number is bought would make more sense. Something like the number of turns for the timer = city bought *6, half a day per city. City 10 would have a 5 day timer, City 10 a 10 day timer, City 30 a 15 day timer, etc. Also would give new players something to do a number of times throughout the day over their first few days.
  2. Same here. City timer says 71 turns, Project timer says 70 turns. I built a project 50 turns ago.
  3. If you don't like bounties no one is forcing you to use them. I don't use them, but I see no reason to get rid of the system for those that do use them.
  4. One thought: Have some commodities with high benefits but also highs costs that are only imposed on the producing nation. I think this could produce an interesting dynamic where smaller nations, for whom the "high costs" will be relatively modest in the context of a small nation, produce the commodities and sell the trade connections to larger nations, who probably would end up paying them something between the cost to the small nation and what the cost would be if they produced the commodity. On the flip side you could have a commodity that requires an expensive project to produce, but
  5. I like this idea in general. It's debatable how much it adds, but it definitely doesn't hurt. I definitely foresee some not being used at all, while others being used by everyone. It might be interesting to add some type of element where the less common a resource is, the more of a bonus it provides. I would also like to see some commodities that impact resource production other than just food.
  6. Are the spy attack damage formulas posted somewhere? I can't find them.
  7. Cut infra damage from nukes dramatically, say 500 infra per attack. Instead, nukes mostly target military. A successful nuke destroys 50% of any type of unit (the attacker chooses which unit it targets). Reasons: 1) Requires coordination with other players to use to maximum effect. One player nukes, other players follow up with attacks based on that type of unit. 2) This change would make nukes more dynamic, not just a substitute for conventional attacks like they are now. 3) Good balance in that it gives players more opportunities to fight back conventionally against specific
  8. An unbalanced market isn't necessarily a bad thing. Having some imbalances between costs of military units is a good thing, it creates room for different units in different ways and a larger variety of strategies and tactics, all things that make the game more interesting.
  9. Unlike Donald Trump, we're willing to admit defeat!
  10. Nice to war that doesn't go on forever with one side trying to drive others from the world. Well fought everyone!
  11. Can post screenshots/calculations if necessary. Infra destroyed when someone is defeated DOES seem to be included in the "Infrastructure Destroyed" statistic but not the "Value of Infrastructure Destroyed:" statistic.
  12. I disagree with this. The updeclare range is pretty generous and beige often provides opportunities for a beaten down upper middle tier nation to build up enough to get in range to hit top tier nations.
  13. With 9 cities, you could have up to 27 drydocks, which would allow you to have a 135 ship limit. It's basically notifying you that you are hitting the cap based on population rather than the cap based on how many drydocks you have.
  14. Can post screen shots if needed. Planes lost is only including planes killed in air strikes. For both attacker and defender.
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