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  1. Azaghul

    Peace Terms.

    I really like this.
  2. Adding my support to the "all wars should result in beige" idea. A couple other additional ideas: 1) War ends if no one has launched an attack for 12 turns. 2) If your opponent is in beige you can end the war. 3) You can't get out of beige until at least half your beige time has expired.
  3. Azaghul

    Recycling centers

    As a whale who is affected by these limits a lot I think they should stay. If you want more production that badly you can eat the pollution. I think people make too big of a deal about not being able to have "perfect" stats ie min/maxing everything and having zero pollution. I also like the dynamic that it creates for resources prices and puts the profitability of manufacturing into four tiers: 1) Small Cities where its cheaper to eat the pollution than run recycling centers. 2) Slightly bigger cities where recycling centers are worth it but hospitals aren't. 3) Cities that can keep their pollution at zero and should do so. 4) Cities where you've hit the limit of pollution clean up.
  4. Azaghul

    Blatantly Self-Serving War suggestion Volume 2

    Don't make rebuild times all the same. Different units taking different times makes things more dynamic. I'd rather see some way to choose how many units you commit to defense. The idea being you could put your units in a no defense stance and build them up before using them. There'd have to be some restrictions for balance.
  5. Azaghul

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

  6. Azaghul

    Underground Farms

    I don't agree that this is a "problem". Or if it is, it is a GOOD problem. 1) If you run out of food, it reduces your income by 33%. Significant but not crippling. Certainly something people can survive especially in the context of a war that's already crippling income. And it affects everyone. 2) It creates an incentive and market for stockpiling food. And forces players to make a cost/benefit analysis of stockpiling food. This is a good thing. 3) There is still plenty of food available. https://politicsandwar.com/world-graphs/graphID=12
  7. Azaghul

    Declaration of War

    Oh man this is some classic NPO. Never change.
  8. Azaghul

    Dear Alex: A message from the player base

    This would be a really, really, really good change. It'd help massively with server overload. It'd be fairer to players in time zones or schedules that make update difficult. It'd create room for new strategies and tactics.
  9. Azaghul

    Name the laggy global war

    I like Lag War
  10. Recently the server lag has made the game almost unplayable around update. People can win attacks just based on luck of the draw if they can get past server lag and their opponent cant. Taking 20+ minutes to do your war actions is very frustrating. The problem is current mechanics pushes everyone to be online at the same time. So I'd like to propose a few options. Some of these have probably been proposed before. 1) You aren't allowed to buy military the next day for one hour after buying military the previous day. It basically nerfs double buys, which I'm not a fan of, but it's one way to address this. 2) Unit rebuys are limited on a rolling basis,. Basically, the limit for what you can buy is based on how much you have bought in the last 11 turns. For example, if your limit is 100,000 soldiers per day, and you bought 30,000 soldiers 10 turns ago, and 50,000 soldiers 2 turns ago, you can immediately buy 20,000 soldiers, in 2 turns you could buy 30,000 more, and in 10 turns 50,000 more. This also nerfs double buys. 3) Allow people to pick their own update time for military unit times. There could be some rules to prevent abuse: You can only push your update time forward and/or you can't change it if you've already bought units that day and/or you can only reset every certain number of days or weeks. 4) Some kind of lock out mechanic post update that tells people how long they will be locked out and gives the same lockout time to people who are in wars with each other. 5) Stagger turns for different types of game updates. For example MAPS and income are based on turns, but military buying resets in the middle of the turn 1 hour into it. I know some of these might be complicated to program and implement. But something needs to give. I also think these proposals would make the game fairer to people for whom update is at a bad time.
  11. Azaghul

    Food Required for City Planning

    I didn't say the project was almost free. I was talking about the next few cities after you buy each project.
  12. I recall having an attack duplicate a couple of years ago like this. I thought I reported it but can't find the post.
  13. Azaghul

    Food Required for City Planning

    If it doesn't make sense people won't get it and prices will stabilize. And probably go down as people switch to food production. And if people are sitting on food in spite of high prices, that's their loss. Considering that it makes the next few cities almost free, I don't think the projects cost too much.
  14. Azaghul

    Improve beige, Don't remove

    If you are beiged your nation automatically accepts any peace proposals. That way you can't use beige as cover to keep up an attack on someone else while you're protected from counters. Could be a delay of a few turns so you have a chance to leave beige early before it comes into effect. So say after you've been in beige for 6 turns someone can automatically make peace with you. I really like this too.
  15. Azaghul

    Surf's Up

    Things just weren't the same being on the same side as SRD. Looking forward to a fun war.

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