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  1. I hear Arizona is beautiful, you should check it out.
  2. Hey, who is that person with the Roman flag as his profile picture? Damn they're good looking.
  3. This is the greatest of all days. I get to march to war with my brothers and sisters under Roma, and best of all, I get to fight alongside @KiWilliam. Roma marches alongside the Legion to war.
  4. I'll be keeping a very close eye on this alliance. You better not screw this up and bring disgrace to the name.
  5. So let's get this straight. Camelot, the rank 7 alliance in Orbis, decided it wanted to attack the entire upper tier of The Lost Empire, the rank 21 alliance in Orbis, for the sake of a treasure from what I have heard? Camelot, the alliance that is known for its excellent decisions, and its superb leadership, has decided to use its 109 members, to attack an alliance with 52 members, for the sake of a treasure that will despawn in what, a month and a half? Camelot, whose colour bloc is Maroon, and gives them $33,994 per turn, and $407,928 per day, wants to go to war over a treasure that will, if I am not mistaken in my math, give them a bonus of 2% in revenue per day? If they get all three, that'll be a whole 3.46% bonus revenue Now I'll admit ladies and gentlemen, I am by no means an expert at maths, but something about this feels like it's not very friendly towards ROI. What do I know though, Camelot has always been known for its great decision making, like when it was a very vocal supporter of IQ, and then tried to switch sides after the war and act like the victim. Camelot has ALWAYS been known for its good decision making, like when it decided uninvited to join Guns and Roses and Duck Hunt for the sake of.... what was the reasoning again Gorge? Preserving the balance of the game? I'm sure it was some great reason and it was worth the 84 billion damage you took in Guns and Roses and 37 billion you took in Duck Hunt. After all, Camelot has ALWAYS been known for its great decisions, like when it funneled massive amounts of cash into both Arthur and Gorge's nations, to build them up. Just taking a quick look at the CTOwned war page, it already seems clear that Arthur, Epi, and Gorge have once AGAIN proved their brilliance, as they've already taken 1.6 billion damage in this war. I'm sure this is going to be over VERY quickly, lads, and this will absolutely end in you making more money off of the 2% to 3% from the treasures than you spent on this war. I once again bow to the brilliance of the leadership of Camelot, you all are truly a shining beacon of excellence in this game.
  6. I was a member of BK's government for that war, much to my continued shame, and even I have no fond memories of that time. I don't think it's a war anyone should look back on with pride and enjoyment, it was a war that began due to selfishness and underhanded maneuvers, and it went on for far longer than it should have been. It caused many people to leave this game, on both sides, and it brought about the death of various alliances. I don't believe there is a single thing about that war that should be remembered fondly.
  7. You don't. You have to wait for them to naturally decrease. Welcome to a global war in Orbis.
  8. As the Imperator of Imperium Romanum, with the blood of Caesar and Augustus running through my veins, I declare that Imperium Romanum, and all true Roman citizens denounce this false Targaryen. We of the Imperium know no Targaryen, save for @Xi Jinping. You may claim the name and the flag of a true Targaryen, but you do not compare to the ally of Rome, and we await the day you and your false house shall be torn from your keeps, and receive justice as usurpers, and thieves. Xi, your allies in Roma stand behind you, as we have for a thousand years. We know the truth in the Eternal City, and we shall not heed the words of these false claimants to the line of Aegon.
  9. Nah, it was the entire game being threatened by Quack that got us rolled in GW16, let's get that straight. As for the rest of them, it's depressing as a former high gov member of tCW to watch the alliance get run into the ground by people's pride and incompetence. I give props when an alliance does well, and when an alliance does a thrice [email protected] nose dive because the leadership doesn't know how to make and or maintain treaties, and it doesn't know how to retain its members, and how to defend its members. You just have to look at the exodus of people fleeing the alliance to see how poorly it is run these days. The current leadership of the alliance likes to put a lot of the blame on previous leaders, but they inherited a strong enough alliance and then ran it right into the dirt. I'm not treating a former GW opponent poorly, I'm pointing out people I served in an alliance with are bloody incompetent and should be ashamed of the way they've handled things. It's easy to mix the two up if you don't pay attention to details though, so I don't blame you.
  10. Whoever did the cover art did an awesome job, so props to them. On the other hand, my condolences to literally everyone involved in this, this can only go great for everyone. Special props to tCW for being able to lose Weebunism due to their own incompetence, and then complaining about how they didn't like being in Swamp and were forced into it, only to then turn around and make another bloc with like, half of the alliances of Swamp and Weebunism. Very original you guys. The tenure of RightHonorable as Prime Minister is truly starting off gloriously.
  11. I look forward to Adam visiting the Saint Denis many times in the months to come, and I look forward to the glorious reign of WANA. A new era is upon us, born out of fire and blood.
  12. On the one hand, I have no idea who any of these alliances are, so I can't really claim to care. On the other hand, as someone playing at being a Roman, seeing a Roman alliance lose and disband does cause me some semblance of sorrow. Ah well, the only thing to do now is to burn more Swamp nations.
  13. *Insert Arthur Morgan last ride gif here*
  14. We keep dragging him back into the spotlight. He's a snake, he needs to stay in the sun to stay alive and warm, if he goes without it for too long, he'll fall into a coma.
  15. No thanks to your father. I see how it is, Koru. My heart weeps, but I'll endure.
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