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Waldreich National Syndication Issue Special Edition

Waldreich National Syndication War Declared against Waldreich During the night the sound of air raid sirens could be heard across all the nations cities and towns. Within moments of the air raid sirens sounding explosions were heard as a foreign power moved its military might against the Imperial Republic of Waldreich. The nations military had not been prepared for an attack from a much larger enemy, however the nation of High Hill Valley advanced its forces across the boarder and begu

Waldreich National Syndication Issue #0002

Waldreich National Syndication STRT losses grow as Investigation continues Recently multiple strikes against the STRT and its officers has brought the death toll to 28. Currently the STRT is continuing the investigation as to who is behind the unwarranted strikes against the nation of Waldreich as well as its STRT Agency. The continued attacks have costed millions in damages and loss of life and has caused the Chancellor to call for the creation and establishment of a Centralized Intel

Waldreich National Syndication Issue #0001

Waldreich National Syndication GDP drop puts more pressures on new government The recent financial reports presented by the Department of Economics and the Department of the Interior has concluded that the recent expansion has caused some unexpected consequences. The nations GDP has dropped over 3% and will possible drop further as continued City Development and Military spending reaches new heights. The Department of Economics has stated that expansion in infrastructure has increased

Our newest victories!

My fellow comrades and listeners alike, here is a bulletin of our glorious campaigns in the name of socialism!   The Fascist state of "Priyam" at its knees! A final wave in 6 hours will be enough for another victory to be claimed by our illustrious Socialist Union! The land of "Tropico" on the brink of surrender as well! "Madimatur","Pinklipas", and "The Great Dalek Empire" to surrender within 6 hours, as said by Aidan, "Or they will fall like all the others before them!"

Inflating Food Market Prices for Fun :)

It was a good two day run, but it looks like I won't be getting the Food average price to 150 ppu. Seems like most players care only about trying to sell things off fast, without caring to sell it off high. Some highlights of the past two days: Highest price was 149 ppu, lasted for just over an hour. Sold ~750k though. Average price across all my trades was 144 ppu. Managed to keep the price at 146 ppu for 9 hours (before I pushed it to 149 ppu) and sold 4.6 million Food


Shakyr in Misc


I hate nukes, and war. Can someone just let me live without my men dying? Recently, I was raided by some guy, then another guy declared war on me and did nothing, and another person invades me soon after. Oh and someone spied on me, joy. I also mapped out the borders of Northern, and it's on my page. Can someone start a long-term no-nukes agreement, for the sake of our Antarctic friends? Anyone starting in Antarctica is screwed in multiple different ways

Moskva Tsar

Moskva Tsar in Politics

A nasty winter.

I ran out of food, so I bought 250, and that is limited. I blame Porte Stal for that one. Bloody objectives. Anyhow, I'm amazed I got 4 views last time around, so I recently got a writing burst. Porte Stal, is a military base. It seems obvious when there are only power plants and military buildings. It also should mean "Steel Port", but I can never trust the translator. Aquaheim is just another city. Ryon Ostrowarassvet is the Capital. Originally named Dawnisle District, I transla

Moskva Tsar

Moskva Tsar in Land

Welcome to Northern

The Federation of Northern, according to our favorite game, is a nation led by Leader Moskva Tsar on the continent of Europe. The Federation of Northern's government is a Federal Republic with very liberal social policies. Economically, The Federation of Northern favors left wing policies. The official currency of The Federation of Northern is the Rus. At 2 days old, The Federation of Northern is a new nation. The Federation of Northern has a population of 167,190 and a land area of 3,450.00 sq.

Moskva Tsar

Moskva Tsar in General

Data Entry #1 - Senior Researcher Charles

*Transmission Incoming* -Senior Researcher Charles Reporting- *Clearance Code X- Alpha 12-010 -X* **New Data Entry L- Foxtrot Delta Echo N-0001** * Location: REDACTED Time: 0304 Dimension: C-056* Hello, Senior Researcher Charles reporting. I have returned from the first meeting of the Blood God cult witnessed by a non-recruit. Frankly, I do not know what to say. I was expecting the occult and many horrific rituals to be common place. However, no such rituals oc


Potaro in Data Entry

Actions of the Cult

Data Log #2-X- Sierra Echo-0002 The Blood God is an ancient cult that has interacted with history throughout the ages. It isn't clear when the Cult first began it's operations but their presence has been felt by society for what seems like forever. Many researchers attribute almost every major collapse of society or a civilization to some form of the Cult's actions and/or influence. Some more devoted researchers claim that the Bronze Age collapse may have been connected to the Cult in some


Potaro in Data Log

The Structure of the Cult

Data Log #1 -X-Foxtrot Echo-0001 The Blood God Cult is a mysterious organization that is known to worship the Blood God. The basics of the cult is that one must offer something of great value to them to appease the Blood God and to receive a gift from the deity. Many stay within in the cult to maintain order and the structure of it. These people become priests and priestesses of the religion. The ideals of the cult are that of war, violence, chaos, anarchy, and the desire to do what pleases


Potaro in Data Log

The Colony of Judean Utopia Founded Today

Judea, JUDEAN UTOPIA Today, the Provisional Government took the steps necessary to become a full-fledged government as it ratified its founding today as The Colony of Judean Utopia. Chief Jude Connors is the Head of Government. He stated, "This is a day that has seen the official birth of a new nation. We have also aligned with The Armed Peacekeepers alliance." In addition, Judeapolis was founded as the second city in the new nation.

Jude Connors

Jude Connors in Official News

Maintaining the Royal Lineage

Integrity is not bound purely by blood, as anyone who has studied the many histories of many kingdoms will tell you. Simply put, if a nation were run by a group that favored maintaining purity in the blood, they would eventually end up inbred and lame, incapable of breathing properly, let alone running a country. This is why the royals and nobles of the Yongheng Dynasty have maintained a laxer than most policy on marriage, allowing the uppermost class to marry what other nations would consider "



Norsif Police Kill Invading Caravan

Tensions at the border of Norsif when a Caravan ignited said tensions; so much so. The Police Opened fire upon the Caravan. When closer inspection was made. The Police seized over 80 Bricks of Cocaine and Fentanyl. 80 members of the Las Calibres Cartel were arrested at the border. And then executed by the Norsif Police Officer's. Their bordering neighbor Erondia is furious that they tossed the bodies over onto Erondia's lands after executing them. Norsif Wolves has been seen near the border



September 7 2051 - Report

Today in the national business fort I will talk about 3 people who deserves to hold a orbis business award 1. @TheShadow For the best bank in orbis 2. Titan on discord For the best meme news show 3. @Greene For the best business manager   



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