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Police Raid

The Last Stronghold of the DaVinci Crime Family have been shut down by police late last night. This morning residents in Gotham City woke up to a strong police presence on the streets.  Late last night, residents were awoken to heavy gunfire in the city as the Gotham Police department alongside a detachment from the Military Police stormed the last stronghold of the DaVinci crime family. The firefight lasted all night as our brave men pushed forwards towards ultimat

Rebekah Mikaelson

Rebekah Mikaelson


Major Construction Underway

All over Pegasus there has been major development projects underway this month. More cities are being erected on a biweekly basis than ever before.  Meanwhile even the capital city is being expanded.  Just look at them go.  Our great and wise leader is turning our nation into a industrial giant. We can't wait to see what happens next.

Rebekah Mikaelson

Rebekah Mikaelson


Breaking News!

The Queen's daughter is missing! Princess Keira was last seen with this young man in the park nearby the Central Plaza.      Gunfire erupted on the border between Pegasus and Ivar as the border patrol attempted to stop a suspected vehicle from crossing the border. They were however unsuccessful and the car cleared the border. The suspected kidnapper(s) of the princess however were not free as the air force redirected two ISS Fighter jets to intercept the target.

Rebekah Mikaelson

Rebekah Mikaelson


The Two Princess's .2.

Princess Meggles, 16, was seen today in the National Park in the capital city at around 8:30 am. The Royal was spotted running past a news reporter who was broadcasting live. She jogged up to a bench and sat down for a few minutes before speeding off again towards the other side of the park.  Her sister, Princess Leona (age 😎 was spotted around a hour later in the open grounds. She seemed to be having a great time as she ran around chasing after butterflies.   Not often does

A Royal Baby!

Today there are many celebrations occurring all over Pegasus as the 2nd baby girl born to The Royal Couple has finally had her first debut.   Princess Leona looked like dazzling as she walked with pride in her absolutely gorgeous purple outfit. She is truly a royal.

The Reception

Off to the reception we go. Arriving at the venue, you are greeted by the most beautiful wedding hall to ever be created in less than two months. The decorators clearly went all out for this even. Each table has its own unique array. The food, as was to be expected, was the best the world had to offer. Everything one could ever dream of was there. You need only ask.  The cake itself is magnificent. Given as a gift from one of the Princess's most trusted al

The Wedding

Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to film the wedding itself however here is recap of what happened. Hopefully we will be able to get some of the photos taken by RP.   Now here is the recap: Princess Shannakay arrived on the scene sporting a $2mil PGD dress outfitted with freshly cut diamonds and other gemstones. The bride to be, Priestess Arianne arrived shortly after and entered through the main entrance.  Once inside, the people stood and the bride made

The Bride Arrives

The Bride has arrived! However she did not come through the same entrance as everyone else. In fact, all morning, the main personnel have been travelling through the 2nd entrance. However the bride will enter through the main gateway. Her Highness, Priestess Arianne stops for a quick smile to the camera before being escorted by her father inside. Let the wedding begin. 

To The Wedding Ceremony!

The Wedding procession is underway! The Queen Regent (Hayley) arrives at the Wedding before her daughter. This will be her last time at a public affair as the acting Queen as Princess Shannakay's coronation process is set to begin after the wedding and honeymoon are complete. Whilst we aren't sure what the item on her head was, rumor suggests it may be in honor of her daughter's fiancée's culture.  Princess Keira arrives shortly after, looking as beautiful as ever.

The Official List of All Foreign Officials/Heads of States attending the wedding has been released.

The Official List of All Foreign Officials/Heads of States attending the wedding has been released.   Heads of States From Farkistan Souparmon  Hayley (The Princess's Mother) Kosmokenny Saloph Maddog Bozzie From Afrika Korps Red Baron (The Priestess's Father) Khai Jager Agent Zero (The Princess's long time friend) From Pantheon katashimon13 LukeTP GoomyMan SixSadistic66 The Syndi

A Wedding To Last The Ages #2

As the time for the wedding approaches, multiple delegates and Heads of States are being escorted to the site of the ceremony. The Princess has not yet left the Imperial Palace however and neither has the Priestess left the Royal Palace grounds. A Detachment from the Royal Palace's guard can be seen guarding the palace from the sun rose into the sky.  Back at the imperial palace however, things are looking much different, with many persons still coming and going thus sug

A Wedding To Last The Ages #1

Good Morning Pegasus. Welcome to the official live broadcast of today's main event, the wedding of Princess Shannakay and Priestess Arianne.  As the sun rises we can already see the streets bustling with life as people begin crowding the sidewalks and walkways.  The Air Force has also been very active over the course of the night with its activity peaking as the sun rose into the sky.  On the ground, things aren't much different either.  Police officers fr

Wedding Preparation Pt.3

The date for the wedding had been made public. Set for June 25th, construction crews are speedily completing the final preparations on a the wedding hall.  Elsewhere, the Imperial Palace has been a very busy site lately as dressmakers and decorators, chefs and cake bakers have been in and out all weekend. The entire surrounding area around the Palace has become a no traffic zone with only police, military and certified civilian vehicles able to get through the and into t

Wedding Preparation Pt.2

In other, even more exciting news, Priestess Arianne has arrived today at the SC International Airport. She was greeted by Representatives from the Imperial Palace and was transported immediately to the Royalton Estate in Shannakay City. In keeping with the traditions, neither bride will be able to see each other before the wedding.  A police convoy escorted her safely to the palace where she will remain for the upcoming days/weeks leading up to the wedding.  A date has

Wedding Preparations continue pt.1

Breaking News.  We have just received exclusive pictures of the wedding ring and boy does it look shiny! The ring, made by Shawish Jewelry, is a 150 carat of pure diamond.  The official statement from the Jewelers is as such. "Valued at approximately $68 million and weighing in at 150 carats, the ring is made entirely out of a cut and finished diamond."   If diamonds are a girl's best friend, this must be a girl's personal flying, cupcake-baking, magical unicor

More News at 4

Welcome back to another news segment. Today we bring you live coverage of the wedding preparations. For those of you still in the dark, about a week ago it was announced that Princess Shannakay and Priestess Arianne are to get married. Since then, lots have happened.    To start, the Pegasus Air Force have been very active during the week bombing multiple targets.  Whilst most of the airstrikes occurred in the Cities of the opposition, no civilian casualties have been co

Issue 1A

Eugene Faulkner III announces new Constitution Eugene Faulkner III current ruler of Belveria announced today of the creation of a new Constitution and Declaration for the nation of Belveria. In an address to the crowds gathered from across the former nation of Erusea, the newly appointed ruler announced the dissolving of the former Imperial Court that ruled in the absence of Eugene Faulkner II who passed away several years ago and announced instead the reforming of the Belverian Congress. 

More News at 12

Welcome back to News at 12. In Yet another shocking turn of events, The Pegasus Embassy has, yet again. made the headlines of the news.  To start things off we had the announcement of the new military games being started, shortly afterwards however we saw what we presume to be most of the military being deployed overseas. Now, we have yet more breaking news as more details about the wedding have been announced. In this official reply regarding why the wedding costs so much, we get a lo

News as 12

In today's News segment we have a ton of things to cover. To kickstart this news segment off, wars, wars and more wars is the policy now of the Pegasan Military as majority of the forces were deployed in the past week overseas.  The reasoning behind this new offensive tactic is simple according to the Secretary of Defense.  "The upcoming wedding requires money, and whilst we do possess an adequate amount to facilitate such an expenditure, we must consider the future."

Breaking News!

The Imperial Palace and The Pegasus Embassy has just issued an official statement which declared an official State Marriage between     Princess Shannakay (Rebekah) and Priestess Arianne (Strea)   The Wedding is set to take place over the course of the coming weeks/months depending on how long the preparations will take.  The Original's diplomats met with The Afrika Korps Embassy and came to an agreement allowing the lovers to partake in an otherwise impossible

Prince Charles Captured

At 02:01 a.m., The Pegasus Imperial Guard stormed the Supreme Leader of The Shire's compound and quickly overwhelmed the guards.    Once the enemy fully surrendered, the ISAF went in and secured Prince Charles who is now in Pegasan custody. With the target secured, both parties agreed to end the war.     

The Marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Shannakay has been nullified. WAR!!!!

It has been officially announced. The Marriage between Prince Charles and Her Royal Highness is officially over.      The Pegasus Embassy released a statement earlier today stating that there were two primary reasons for the break up.  "The Marriage between both parties was mediocre at best and Her Highness was not amused. Furthermore the marriage was not of an ordinary nature." Do keep in mind that it has been reported that Her Highness has never even kissed
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