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Norsif invades neighboring nation

Norsif invades neighboring nation

BREAKING NEWS: NORSIF INVADES NEIGHBORING NATION    August 30th, 2046 ORBIS DATE The Great Nation of Norsif invades neighboring nation of Aurellia for a massive land grab; as the medium sized nation entered into the borders; breaking the Non-Aggression Pact the two nations have enjoyed for several decades; after a blatant disrespectful tone by the President of Aurellia whom during his presidency has been anti-Norsif and has enacted tariffs on Norsifian goods that were unbeara




The Beginning / Migraine

Migraine             Now I remember this very vaguely, but I remember most of it I believe.  Firstly I started my nation in school because I had noting better to do and i was in search of nation / role play game. I was hoping to find one online that went into detail but when I saw Politics and war it was good enough.  Once I created my nation I did not know what at all I was going to get into. After me just doing random things like buying barracks and building a military. At this point I re

Papi Salamander

Papi Salamander


The Pegasus Tournaments

The annual Pegasus World Championships will begin shortly. All matchups will be streamed live in The Originals' Discord Server. All contestants are to head there immediately.    More information will be available in the server later today.  

Rebekah Mikaelson

Rebekah Mikaelson



Warning! Flashing Gifs ahead! Please Skip if you have suffered from seizures or epilepsy recently.  We are halfway into the event and people are having a blast. There are over 16 different stages set up inside the XOXO Complex. And the fun has just begun! Tickets have already sold out with over 6.5bn raised with half of the sum going to charity. However the marketing team are still allowing more and more persons to enter at a discounted price. But th

Rebekah Mikaelson

Rebekah Mikaelson


Rosa Cossette D'Ellis

For the first time since her birth, the public are finally getting a glimpse of Princess Rosa Cossette D'Ellis. The princess, who was out for her mother's anniversary sported a rose coloured dress with a white finish. She looked splendid.  

Rebekah Mikaelson

Rebekah Mikaelson


Nuclear Explosion!

Breaking News! Four hundred and ninety-nine people confirmed dead in a nuclear explosion late last night.   A nuclear bomb went off in a small city late last night. At the time of the explosion, approximately 1000 civilians were in the area. Cydia, a new city that had been under development for sometime, was just opened the night before. Families were just moving into their homes when a bright light blinded them followed by a loud explosion. Here is a survivor's account of the nig

Breaking News!

The Pegasus Embassy has released an official statement today stating that there has been a bounty placed on the Queen's head. Suspected parties currently include, but are not limited to an ally and his/her associate(s).     "An investigation is currently underway to identify the perpetrator(s) and when they are found, they will be brought to justice," the spokesperson announced, "By any means necessary." It is well known that the Pegasan Military has units deployed

Quick Expansion Continues

The Queen's plans for development continues as two more cities finished development yesterday. Many citizens who couldn't previously afford homes were offered new, fully furnished homes at extremely low prices.  So far around 320,000 Pegasans have already relocated to these new cities which are already buzzing with life. Many job opportunities were also opened and unemployed personnel flocked to the city looking for work. Traffic into the city is at a standstill right now wit

News Update

The Embargo on Whiskeyland was short lived as a diplomat from Whiskeyland arrived in Pegasus shortly after it was announced and resolved the pending issue. 

Political Intrigue

The Pegasus Embassy has just declared that an Embargo has been placed on Whiskeyland as all imports from the country has officially seized.   What will this mean for the two countries?   We can only ponder over this new development.

Story of Pyrrha, daughter of Pandora

From birth it could be seen that Pyrrha was not to be judged as a weakling. She showed extreme bravery from the age of 5 by challenging her father in duels and combats. She would try and try without tire until her mother called her to bed, or for food, or even just to rest awhile before continuing. Unlike other children in Atlas, Pyrrha was one of the few born to a Titan and a goddess. As such, she possessed raw natural skills from birth that most of the other children did not have. This prevent

A Birthday Only A Royal Could Have

Reported by: Asher Princess Leona's birthday party was held at the Isabella's Royal Palace.  The largest and most notorious hotel in Pegasus.   Organised by one of the best event organisers in the country, dining tables were dressed to the nines with a ceiling decked out with matching chandeliers, balloons and flowers.  Seven is a special age in Pegasan culture and families will throw a special birthday party but “nobody does that,” a Pegasan colleague said of the party’


The ILLENIUM charity event dates has been officially announced. "September 8 - September 17" Ticket sales have begun today with over 1bn raised so far from preorders.     This year's event is set to be the party of the century. Tickets available at 'The Originals'.     Ticket pricing varies based on services desired. Not suitable for children under the age of 13.    

Police Raid

The Last Stronghold of the DaVinci Crime Family have been shut down by police late last night. This morning residents in Gotham City woke up to a strong police presence on the streets.  Late last night, residents were awoken to heavy gunfire in the city as the Gotham Police department alongside a detachment from the Military Police stormed the last stronghold of the DaVinci crime family. The firefight lasted all night as our brave men pushed forwards towards ultimat

Major Construction Underway

All over Pegasus there has been major development projects underway this month. More cities are being erected on a biweekly basis than ever before.  Meanwhile even the capital city is being expanded.  Just look at them go.  Our great and wise leader is turning our nation into a industrial giant. We can't wait to see what happens next.

Breaking News!

The Queen's daughter is missing! Princess Keira was last seen with this young man in the park nearby the Central Plaza.      Gunfire erupted on the border between Pegasus and Ivar as the border patrol attempted to stop a suspected vehicle from crossing the border. They were however unsuccessful and the car cleared the border. The suspected kidnapper(s) of the princess however were not free as the air force redirected two ISS Fighter jets to intercept the target.

The Two Princess's .2.

Princess Meggles, 16, was seen today in the National Park in the capital city at around 8:30 am. The Royal was spotted running past a news reporter who was broadcasting live. She jogged up to a bench and sat down for a few minutes before speeding off again towards the other side of the park.  Her sister, Princess Leona (age 😎 was spotted around a hour later in the open grounds. She seemed to be having a great time as she ran around chasing after butterflies.   Not often does

A Royal Baby!

Today there are many celebrations occurring all over Pegasus as the 2nd baby girl born to The Royal Couple has finally had her first debut.   Princess Leona looked like dazzling as she walked with pride in her absolutely gorgeous purple outfit. She is truly a royal.

The Reception

Off to the reception we go. Arriving at the venue, you are greeted by the most beautiful wedding hall to ever be created in less than two months. The decorators clearly went all out for this even. Each table has its own unique array. The food, as was to be expected, was the best the world had to offer. Everything one could ever dream of was there. You need only ask.  The cake itself is magnificent. Given as a gift from one of the Princess's most trusted al

The Wedding

Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to film the wedding itself however here is recap of what happened. Hopefully we will be able to get some of the photos taken by RP.   Now here is the recap: Princess Shannakay arrived on the scene sporting a $2mil PGD dress outfitted with freshly cut diamonds and other gemstones. The bride to be, Priestess Arianne arrived shortly after and entered through the main entrance.  Once inside, the people stood and the bride made
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