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  1. Seems that the calculator needs to be updated with this information. I thought maybe infra had some impact, so I set the infra level to 1 million on the calculator and it was still showing Immense Triumph.
  2. Summary: While using my 5.8K soldiers to attack a nation with no ground forces, I got 1 Immense Victory and 2 Utter Failures. Details: From reading another post, I see that three dice are rolled with an RNG to determine the outcome, but I don't see how fighting 0 ground forces can result in anything other than Immense Victory. I ran 10 battle sims and all came back as Immense Victory. I'm not statistics whiz, but a 66% actual failure rate versus a 0% simulated failure rate with 10 rolls seems pretty far off. Anything multiplied by zero should be zero, so how was their victory chances anything other than zero? Is the battle sim actually using the same formula as actual battles? Is there something more than soldiers and tanks multiplied by the RNG impacting the outcome? Reference: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=500229
  3. Talus

    Space Race

    You could add several space improvements like: SDI (chance to shoot down ICBMs) space-based solar power (requires satellite power receivers in each city, but provides clean, high efficiency energy) orbital bombardment (drop cylinders of resources onto the enemy. Projectiles would move so fast that they could not be shot down. Maybe different effects depending on resource dropped) Since objects in space tend to have decaying orbits, we would need to periodically spend resources to either keep the satellites up or launch replacements.
  4. Not sure what's going on, but someone pointed out some unusual activity from Mountainia today https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=6&display=trade
  5. Many mistrades are to buy food for 2k+ PPU from clicking on the Create Offer page and then forgetting to change the resource type. An easy fix to this would be to set the Create Offer default resource type to match the resource of the originating page. ie. if a player clicks Create Offer from a screen that was filtering on iron, then the default resource should be iron instead of food. If the originating page isn't filtering on a resource type, then just leave the default resource type to food. I think this would be as simple as appending something like "&defaultResource=iron" to the Create Offer button and updating the Create Offer page to consume that parameter. If this is too much work, then a simpler change would be to just unset the default resource type. Leave it blank, thus requiring players to select their desired resource.
  6. Sorry that your pumpkin lost out to this salty community Samwise. That's some great calligraphy.
  7. Ah yes, the anthems will auto-play again if users do the following: 1. Go to chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy 2. Change Autoplay Policy to No User Gesture Required
  8. Hey @Alex it looks like it has something to do with a policy change that Google made. Hopefully these links will help: https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2017/09/autoplay-policy-changes https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40685142/youtube-autoplay-not-working
  9. Talus

    Large bugs

    Ever since the cookies problem from a few days ago, I have to login multiple times a day now. It's like the cookies expire after one hour even though I check the box to not log me out.
  10. What were you doing (or trying to do): Visit a page with an anthem with anthem auto-play enabled What happened (describe thoroughly please): Nothing played. Video appears with a play button, but does not play. Clicking the play button does get it to play. This happens on all pages with anthems, including alliance pages. Link to page: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=98616 Any other relevant information: This works on Edge. I have tried both in Chrome with plugins and incognito mode (no plugins, cookies, etc.) The problem exists in both. I didn't see any errors in the console other than complaints about mixing secure and non-secure content, but none of them mentioned YouTube. I am using the latest version of Chrome, Version 68.0.3440.106, on my Windows 10 PC. This worked several months ago. Other sites (like Facebook) do have videos that automatically play in Chrome.
  11. The War of Too Many Farking Nukes
  12. Oh, hey Cazaric! Didn't realize this was where you ended up either. Good to hear from you!
  13. Welcome to the party DEFCON 1! It's nice to see an influx of familiar faces. As others have already said, I hope you all will stick around!
  14. It would be nice if we could optionally get browser notifications when we receive a new message or notification. Some notifications could get spammy, so we'd need the ability to filter certain kinds of notifications. For example: show all baseball notifications, but hide trade notifications.
  15. Clearly coming from someone who doesn't remember what it's like to have a crappy stadium. You do know that if the nation you are at war with never upgraded their stadium, they would be lucky to get 1k a game if he plays home games and someone with a 100 rating team spams away games. It doesn't matter how good the away team is if the stadium can't fit enough people and/or the ticket prices are crap. That's the reason I included "Deface the field" as a valid op. And I don't agree with conscripting the players in every war. Getting funds through your baseball team should still be an option. It would be up to the opponent to spend a spy slot to temporarily remove that option.
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