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  1. What about instead of "blocking", it turns it into a flat damage reduction? No longer an all or nothing attack.
  2. I think the more superiority (ground/air/sea) you have over a nation, perhaps it reduces the effectiveness of nukes/missiles. Maybe 15% for each, and then a bonus 5% for all 3 making it 50%?
  3. Looking for feedback on what needs to be adjusted with missiles and nukes from experiences in this current war.
  4. Looking for feedback on what needs to be adjusted with units from experiences in this current war.
  5. Looking for feedback on what needs to be adjusted with spies. Kill rates changed? Able to rebuild spies safely? Etc...
  6. It's not a problem. This is an idea designed at helping military based or raiding nations, being able to use more improvement slots. So often it gets shouted that every update is killing raiding so just putting an idea out there that a couple raiders I talked to liked to see how it was received.
  7. Since there seems to be a little confusion, these automatic buildings don't come with the units, or make you have the units.
  8. There's always the "improvements stop working over time without the infra to support them" method.
  9. Currently cities come with the ability to purchase 5 Barracks/Factories/Airfields and 3 Dry docks to be used towards the daily production of military units. My suggestion is that cities come automatically with some of them without those counting towards your improvement count. The idea would be one of two layouts: 2 Barracks, 1 Factory, 1 Airfield 2 Barracks, 2 Factories, 2 Airfields, 1 Dry dock. Option one effectively gives 4 free improvement slots while option two gives 7. If you have 2000 infra, that gives you 40 improvement slots, these automatic military improvements do no
  10. I've not read everything in this thread but I would like to go over a few things. Spies, like military units come with the base problem of how to allow for units to be rebuilt over time in a manner that allows for meaningful future defense of that rebuilding nation versus losing the victors advantage from spy ops too quickly. The reason spy kill rates vs spies are being nerfed, simply put, is because they are too high. Even with this large nerf it is possible, more often than not, in a coordinated day reset spy blitz to lose all of your spies. If spy kills get too low you greatly reduce t
  11. The war changes are on hold and will be reevaluated after the war. The other changes will still likely come out over the coming month(s) at the pace Alex is able. locking the thread
  12. Knightfall 2: Electric Boogaloo
  13. I can answer that for you. Yes it is. Everything in this game is a cash or resource sink. New cities, projects, Indra, units. These games are resource management political simulators. A large reason for the tank steel cost reduction is because of overly steel sink tanks were.
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