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  1. Prefontaine


    Peace? Stop trying to kill the game with boring peace.
  2. They are. I’ve seen ElP and Jodo poke their head in from time to time.
  3. I carried the torch for the likes of @Phiney @ELPINCHAZO and @Jodo . TEst was long before I came around and am happy to see it continuing today. Seeing former neutrals break away from the “easier” path and start a new war front and sign with an alliance that was historically neutral killers is poetic in a sense. Meanwhile here I am, a filthy neutral.
  4. If you go by word count it’s only a third of the name of the game. If you go by letter count it’s only about 21% of the game. More NPO spin. Math prevails. o/ math.
  5. I’ll try and show up and shoot the shit.
  6. Should be an option for both. I buy for both.
  7. I'm going with 'no' as well regarding your post.
  8. First, Alex has nothing to do with the awards threads which includes both their creation and deletion. The awards were originally supposed to be a fun thing with no real impact on anything what-so-ever. Each year they've been done there has been increased complaining all around which ramped up with an in game benefit, even though it was merely a badge, and has continued escalation in the current game climate. Second, the awards don't actually matter in any way. Since they've become more of a headache than anything else, I'm going to petition the removal of the in-game badges from years past and any official game results based on an entirely player run endeavor. That doesn't mean there's anything stopping players from running their own, but unless Alex or another administrator wants to run such an event there shouldn't be game rewards for such. Should Alex decide he wants to do such then badges should stay, however all player run events will do is cause problems which have been clearly demonstrated this year. If you want to blame anyone for the removal of the yearly awards, thank/blame me. I pushed for their exile based on the negative community response no matter what happened. Please continue all complaints about the yearly awards in this thread to help prove the point of why their gone. tl;dr Official awards are no more -- Feel free to run as many alliance based ones as you want but there is no game run one this year and hopefully ever again.
  9. Excuse me, please don’t assume my inclusion. I think the awards should be inhumanely euthanized.
  10. The reason the recent awards were locked early and in some cases removed is simply because I threatened Roberts with the destruction of Yarr if he continued to perpetuate the idiocy that is the yearly awards. It wasn't about anyone not liking the results, it was about my never ending crusade to kill the yearly awards.
  11. Often the start of a new year is looked at as a chance to have a fresh start on a wide variety of things and a chance for resolutions. This idea doesn't need to be confined to the real world but can also apply to our little virtual world as well. This is not another "end the war" thread, or trying to pin blame for where we are on anyone, side, or event. Instead I'd like us to take a moment to remember why most of us are here in this little dumpster fire of a game, or at least why we tend to stick around; the community. We can talk and joke about how the community is rubbish these days, or how toxic it is but at some point we've all enjoyed these kinds of games in some manner and enjoyed spending time with others which share this space with us. While not everyone will get along and this game is driven by conflict, it is important to remember and take part in the differences between OOC and IC. Hate each other IC, but don't let it bleed over to OOC. We all populate this space together. Remember there is a person behind each (non-multi) account, a person who shares in taking some form of enjoyment from this game and community. Lets take this new year to all take a collective breath and remember that this is a game. Lets also have a few drinks because I sure have tonight! Cheers, and a happy New Year to everyone.
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