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  1. Prefontaine

    Dear Alex: A message from the player base

    Perhaps some of the work you put in over the summer would be towards updating your code. I'm sure you can identify some inefficient spots that need improvement, you've got more experience and a degree (?) now so I imagine you can find some things to improve. This is one of the crucial aspects of your game. It needs to be better. This is a problem only you can fix.
  2. Prefontaine

    The truth is out there

    He did, every player got it, no one is allowed to sell it. It's a wall of lag.
  3. Prefontaine

    Brave and Beautiful Peace.

    I would just like to take a moment to appreciate two spheres go from fighting each other to fighting along side each other.
  4. Prefontaine

    The cure for everything is saltwater

  5. Prefontaine

    My last request after deleted my nation

  6. Prefontaine

    My last request after deleted my nation

    Defeat them in a war. Make the re-branding part of the surrender terms. It's the in thing to do these days.
  7. Prefontaine

    My last request after deleted my nation

    This is what happens when you let GPA rebranding plan a war. They go full Cuzo.
  8. Prefontaine

    New Bloc on the Block

    I recommend doing everything I do only 6-12 months later.
  9. Prefontaine

    New Bloc on the Block

    I’ve offered advice and still do to aspiring up and comers. My DMs are always open to questions if you want to ask. I might take a little longer getting back to you these days, but never the less. I encourage other former and current major players to do the same. Just because they’re and enemy or on an enemy sphere in game does not make them an enemy OOC.
  10. Prefontaine

    From the Desk of Fraggle Rock


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