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  1. They get put onto the test server for a few days before moving live. That's about the most notice I can give. Depends on how long QA testing goes in some cases.
  2. You can see my post on the first page of the thread. I am for more ways of gaining project slots. Alex is not. I'm often advocating for such but when he decides one way or another on something it is what it is. When the change rolls live what Alex and I discussed was every leadership role gets defaulted to no authority except any nations in the top spot. Those nations will have all boxes checked for what they can have the power to do. From there they can check boxes for different ranks as they see fit. Treasure trading will not be added to this current update. It's been a while since I last talked to Alex about it and I don't remember his stance on it. I'll mention it next time we talk.
  3. Added this, and other features to the OP. It will require a larger work around but overall is an improvement Alex and I both support. That being said I've spoken with Alex further regarding this list and there are a few changes. I've marked them in red in the OP and have bolded additions to the op. The reasons for some of the removals are as follows Direct resource trades removed due to increased difficulty in tracking exploitation. Apparently resource to resource trades used to exist and almost no one used them. Between that an the possibility for exploitation difficulties this is not being added. Additional project slot for wars fought. Alex, as I have mentioned, isn't the biggest fan on non-infra based project slots. Thus we've removed the two and created a single in the middle of the two. 1 slot at 100 total wars won/lost. Wars that expire do not currently add to this metric. There have been a few things added as well. All alliance roles will come with a check list for which powers those positions have. Bank Access Changing Roles Ability to see spy counts Ability to see daily reset timers (time zones) Editing Tax Brackets Accept new members View member caches Notification when a war expires Treaties can be extended rather than deleted and resent. The changes in the OP are effectively finalized at this point. If anyone has permissions that gov will need that I can approve to add to this list please let me know, and quickly. I've been given word these changes will likely come out sooner rather than later in terms of the production time line, which is why I want to get any last minute additions finalized today.
  4. Updated the OP with name changes.
  5. Just when you have soldiers, or are tanks involved in any capacity? Population does have an impact for the defender too.
  6. Vemek has left the Dev team. Mad Max is moved to working on Design. Vexz has been added to the Dev team.
  7. With the current war wrapping up, please use this thread to post areas of concern with the casualty rates in the current war system. Just want everything to stay in one location for easy reference. This thread is only for discussion of MAP usage units so keep it limited to that please. Thanks.
  8. You don't seem to understand, there are simply some things that are not up for debate anymore. This was one of those things. The original idea was well received, the modified one was not as can be seen in this thread. Thus the decision was made to go back to the simpler original idea. Alex is on board. I'm on board. And the game was on board with that system. That's why I put my foot down in the channel, it would have been pointless for the group to keep pushing for changes because a decision was made. I didn't want to watch people arguing with each other over something that wasn't going to change anything. If you've never had a job before, which I'm not assuming you three have not but there are people who play this game that have not, there are times when a decision gets made and that's the end of the conversation. Now I get that you three regularly throw your ire at me and this likely won't change any of that, but maybe if you can look at it without your usual bias you can understand. Thread's also locked as this system is no longer on the table.
  9. Or I'm operating with the knowledge of aspects of something that -are- coming out and don't want to waste peoples time working on an aspect that will not be changed.
  10. I don't disagree. There was a strong push for a clause to limit benefits for coordinated leaving of reserve status. If there's large push to not have the 24 hour clause, then I will happily revert it. That's why this has moved to the public phase of discussion.
  11. The fact that you cannot build more spies per day than you can lose, thus you can have a negative net spies per day. It doesn't matter if you could only lose 4 spies per day if you can only build 3 spies per day. You will eventually run out. There exists no number that makes spies worth while and makes it so a player cannot be pinned down with virtually no effort forever with spies without a spy rebuilding system that doesn't allow for those spies to be killed. Also the system isn't actually complicated. You have units you can rebuild that can't be killed until you're able to use them. Really that's the core mechanic. It's very simple. The details are there to create some depth to it and prevent exploitation and diminishing the benefits of winning the spy war aspect of wars. Details like being able to build some extra spies. Not complicated. Not being able to do offensive spy attacks for a period of time after bringing large numbers of spies out of reserve. Not complicated. I expect suggestions that are more complicated than "hurr durr" to be met with confusion from Duelos, complaints that -this- is complicated from experienced players? Please. There can be some initial confusion on "wait how many spies can people have in reserve?" and "how does the moving out numbers actually work" which is why examples are given.
  12. Complicated doesn't mean bad. Also your system entirely fails to address the problem of being able to perpetually be able to pin someones spies down. The reserve system is primarily to allow for nations to be able to rebuild spies. Your method does nothing to address this.
  13. Since we have some time before this current war ends and the re-works to spies are coming out I figured we could all have a chat about how things are currently slated. The original thread talked about a reserve type system for spies. Working with the dev group we've found some problems with the rough draft and have sought to overcome some things. First change is the easy change. 20% reduction in casualties from spy vs spy attacks. Lots of people think spies die too quickly. 20% is where we believe is a good place to start with reducing the death rates in addition to the main change that will allow everyone to be able to rebuild. When spies are trained they are defaulted into an reserve status. Reserve spies do not add to your offensive or defensive capabilities, nor do they count towards score. Reserve spies cannot be killed. Reserve spies cost 1/3 the upkeep of active spies. Spies may be moved from reserve to active duty at any time. When you move spies to active duty you must move all of your spies to active duty up to your maximum active spies. Spies cannot move from active duty to reserves. You can never have more active duty spies than your maximum spy count. Active spies + reserve spies is less than or equal to your max spy count with the following bonus exceptions: All players may hold an additional 5 spies above the max in reserve. If you have a CIA project, you may hold an additional 5 spies (10) above the max in reserve. If you have the spy satellite you may hold an additional 5 spies (15) above the max in reserve. If you ever move more than 50% of your maximum spies from reserve to active, you gain 24 turns of espionage inexperience which prevents you from performing offensive spy attacks. Lets talk about what some of this means, as it might be confusing in a few places. Lets start with the last bullet point. The Dev team thought it would unfair for alliances at war who won the spy war at first to have enemies be able to come out and flip the spy war on them with a coordinated coming out of reserve status. Thus if you're moving large numbers of spies out at once, they'll help you defensively but not offensively for a bit. I'm all ears on how many turns this should last for, 24 is far from a concrete number. Next, why do you have to move all of your spies out at once? Well, without that part the more than 50% would be rendered useless. Just bring out smaller numbers a few times and be back to full. To give a couple examples of how this works with reserves: You have 5 spies in active, no CIA, and have maxed out your reserve to 50. You move to active, 45 of your reserves are moved to bring you up to max and your additional 5 that can be above max in reserve, stay in reserve. You have CIA and Spy Sat projects. You have 20 active spies and 52 spies in reserve. With those projects your max spies is 60, so when you move to active status you have 60 spies and 12 left in reserve. A more likely scenario, you have 0 active spies and 40 in reserves. You move to active status and all 40 are active. Third, how totals are counted. You cannot have 50 spies active and 50 in reserve. Without CIA you max spies is 50. With CIA is 60. That means your total spies active and in reserve have to equal those numbers but you can hold 5 extra in reserve and then an additional 5 for CIA and Spy Sat. A player with no spy projects can have 50 active and 5 reserve spies. Their active total can never be above 50. A player with CIA can have 60 active and 10 reserves. Their active total can never be above 60 A player with CIA and Spy Sat can have 60 active and 15 reserves. Their active total can never be above 60 These players could have 55 reserves 0 active with no projects. 70 reserve 0 active with CIA. 75 reserve and 0 active with CIA and spy sat. I open the floor to mockery of me. Also I did not proof read.
  14. Think we found the problem.
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