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  1. Prefontaine

    SNN-For Steve, For Glory

    Knew about this a week ago. They're very coordinated.
  2. Prefontaine

    Careful, it's Soup!

    As someone well versed in try-hard, you're trying too hard. Also am I the only one confused by why there is drama going on this thread? A ghosting or two, a surprise declaration with no "real CB", but nothing really malicious seemingly from Fark or Stew is Warm.
  3. Prefontaine

    I'm bored, here's a little poll

    Was expecting a dick pic.
  4. Prefontaine

    ICYMI: PWN Talks Politics

    The Golden Bloc.
  5. Prefontaine

    Just for appearances

  6. Prefontaine

    @everyone - It's true.

    I don't even know you anymore.
  7. Prefontaine

    Enable Alliance Leaders to Set Embargoes For Members

    A compromise -- Give alliance leaders the ability to see the embargo list for nations in their alliance. That way they can see if someone isn't following the order to "Embargo Alliance X" and instruct them to do so. Or when an alliance wide embargo is put in place, the member has to click something on a trade or embargo screen to agree to it. "Your alliance wants to embargo alliance X for Y reason(s) do you accept this embargo".
  8. Prefontaine

    Chaos sphere is the worse sphere

  9. Prefontaine

    Fix Resources

    At least you won't have the excuse of not having time to put in effort to fall back on if your changes are rubbish. I look forward to seeing what 40 hours of week of effort from you looks like. I hope you succeed.
  10. Prefontaine

    Fix Resources

    Time to create a third tier of resource to refine which has a very high raw+refinement cost. Require those specialty resources for Land over 3 or 4k. Infra over 3k. Cities over 20. Maybe even the units built with them create a slightly improved unit, IE you can shell out those extra resources for reinforced steel on tanks which gives a reasonable increase to durability for units. I mean these things would take some effort, so you wouldn't do that. Changing costs to things which already exist is never going to satisfy people. In MMOs the level caps eventually increase as the game gets older. New dungeons get added. You need to add a new resource tier for people to dump resources into because the market has no where for them to go. I highly doubt projects will do the trick.
  11. Prefontaine


    I'll go on the record as saying I have no problem with TKR anymore. I worked out any issues I had with them during the last war. As an alliance leader I didn't give myself the luxury of avoiding people I didn't want to deal with, because you never know when you'll need to work with them, or against them. As a player however I can avoid whomever I want. The only people I don't like on a degree which I would have an impacting bias against are on my ignore list and I never have to interact with them. It's nice. Makes me enjoy interacting with the community a bit more. The only reason I brought up TKR is because they were rumored to be involved with the whole keeping secret treaties thing. If TKR is only doing it for a limited period, like a month as others are, I've said that's fine and it makes sense to me. I get not wanting to leave a former ally dangling in the wind as you move towards a new path. If they plan on keeping that secret line there for a long period of time, well then it's a bit disingenuous to cancel it -- as I put it "less honorable". If anything the alliances who are making these moves to break things up have my respect, rather than any negative feelings. While it might be hard to take my change in tone seriously due to my past, know that I was playing a character. Were aspects of myself in there? Sure, often over the top and exaggerated aspects, but I don't need to play the villain anymore. I don't need to goad people into things. This is why I get the misunderstanding in tone. People are used to dealing with me in a certain light -- or being a troll. That will be greatly reduced unless it's just for fun (like with Partisan in Syndicate's discord the other morning). Otherwise I get to just be a retired old man sippin' my whiskey.
  12. Prefontaine


    Not retired from playing, but retired from leading alliances/politics and taking part in that aspect of the game. Last I checked I'm more than welcome to comment and voice my thoughts. You seem to be very concerned about my activity levels for some strange reason as this is the second time you've brought it up, and are the only one. (OOC wise I have been on here more lately due to a medical thing which I'm waiting on surgery for. Been passing some time on here since my presence is seemingly important to you) As for TKR this is the first time I've really singled them out for anything since at least February, good or bad. I don't really care about the alliance attached, but when I'm speaking about secret treaties and there's a very current example of that possibility it'd be sort of asinine to not mention it. I also said that the move isn't honorable, but it could make it interesting. There wasn't even really hostility in that sentiment. You seem to be imagining things there. Perhaps you're the one with a bias against me and that's skewing your assessment? Usually your digs or posts have some accuracy, however for whatever reason this time you're grasping at non-existent straws. Chalk it up to tone not being conveyed over text versus voice oI suppose? Let me sell you some jeans. EDIT: To carry on Booty's analogy. I've switched from playing on the field to commentating in the booth.
  13. Prefontaine


    I honestly don't see this keeping them as an ally for the next 30 days thing as a big deal. If it's the price to pay for breaking up the sphere-ish gridlock, that's a low cost in my opinion. I've not seen anything indicating that there's plans to keep a secret tie to them in the future which separates this from the recent similar thing with TKR. It's a long standing treaty, while they likely knew the break was coming before the new ties were announced, they still might want some time to get some new allies as the dust settle. A month isn't going to impact anything meaningful unless a major war was to break out. With such a large shake-up across spheres I doubt anyone is going to rush into a war because they're getting their ducks in a row, and rushing to attack a new sphere might just push people back towards old ties for quick support (which would be bad). I think a month hold over on the ties removal is a good thing, honestly. It's like an amicable breakup. If secret ties, and/or this is being used as a smoke screen to launch a war 1 day or so before the 30 day mark, well then that's a little less honorable. But hey, at least it could make things interesting. At least it's not a 6 month NAP
  14. Prefontaine

    An Ocean Voyage


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