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  1. Locking thread. Vote is very close, we will go with a reduction to 30% for the time being an re-evaluate feedback down the road.
  2. Winners! Nice Nation, it would be a shame if... (53) Blood for the Blood God! (52) Nice Infra bro. (49) *Pirate noises intensifies* (46) Active Raid, DM for war. (44) Thread locked. Thanks for your participation.
  3. Outside of the in-game content already listed here, jump in on mocking unpopular game play changes. People who hate the idea spam upvote anyone who shows even mild disdain for those changes. You can also echo support for popular ideas, these get you less upvotes because people are more motivated by negative feelings.
  4. I was thinking 5, but ultimately it's up to Alex. EDIT: It's my hope we do one of these almost every global, so even if one you like doesn't get put on this war, there will be more chances!
  5. There was talk about reducing the way ID works regarding blocking missiles, there was also talk about changing the odds of a missile being blocked. Please vote.
  6. Thread locked. Thank you all for voting!
  7. You can vote for more than one! Seems this thread: was forgotten about. I'm here to resurrect it. Please vote in this poll, highest handful or so will get added to the game.
  8. People do this sort of thing to try and get people to post lower bids, or to drive the average price down. I honestly don't mind it, but I can see how some people could. If this thread gets some heavy traction I'll look at adding it to the QoL list for the next update.
  9. Construction has been increased in the thread that spawned this poll. If approved MLP will allow for 2 missiles a day, Space Program allows another missile per day.
  10. Why? Unless you mean they should have it spawn in their nation after the wars expire I don't see much to the point of it. It's a random spawn mechanic, so having it randomly spawn during a war being active.. Well *shrug* With the increased production rate to missiles, a buff to the chance to get 2 from a spy op. These improvements killed by bombardments are non-power, non-military. They will only hiy Raw resource production, resource refinement, and commerce. Once thing I am considering bombardment will always kill 1 improvement with a chance of a second. The seco
  11. That’s the only time you can do it. To be able to bombard you have to have the enemy in a blockade.
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