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  1. Currently players can buy up to city 10 without any delay in-between purchases. This poll is to determine if that limit should be increased to C15. Effectively what that would mean is someone could create a nation and, if funded, buy up to C15 in the same turn. Please vote, and feel free to comment.
  2. Did you hack my discord? I swear some of that was verbatim from my DMs.
  3. Thread Expectation: Thread Reality: Also: Thanks!
  4. It will still have the City cap where it turns off. This is still meant for new players. 500k-1M extra a day is actually more than the RPC gave. This actually buffs the project. It will not scale with city count, same amount to everyone.
  5. Correct, you could have 10 active wars. We will likely have a new achievement for that as well. Since the acronym for the project is APE, might as well call it APE Mode.
  6. Pre has been replaced with ChatGPT. Yes. This is a project meant to help new players. Alex hath spoken.
  7. Made some updates to the OP. The multiple payment options for city discount projects have been removed. As the RPC project is largely causing the raw resource imbalance, the project will be switching to something that provides new players additional money rather than resources.
  8. Perks will have some boosts to those. We can see if there needs to be more above that level afterwards. What prices would you recommend?
  9. Well if there are suddenly a cheaper alternative, prices will start to rise as more demand for this resources occur while demand for the others decreases and possibly causes a dip in price. Lets say one raises 40M and the other falls 40M over all, we'd be right in the middle then. There should be some adjustment by the market due to shifting demand.
  10. I removed that from the list. A week after we've final approval form Alex. @Village I saw what you said in discord. 😘
  11. This thread is to suggest new projects to Politics and War. Please try and follow this design template: Project Name: Project Requirements: (If any) Project Cost: (Can be ball park or numbers/resources) Project Effect: EX: Project: Bureau of Domestic Affairs Requirements: Requires Government Support Agency Cost: $20,000,000 Food: 100,000 Aluminum: 10,000 Gas: 10,000 Steel: 10,000 Oil: 10,000 Coal: 10,000 Iron: 10,000 Effect: Timer for changing Domestic Policy reduced to 1 turn.
  12. Alright. Echoing comments from discord. Editing the OP with a 10% modifier on the loot percentage. If a player would loot 1% of a banks loot it's a 1.1x modifier. If they were going to loot 10M they instead loot 11M.
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