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  1. You're operating under the pretext that the only way of playing at that city count is raiding. If a player chooses to not raid, this project could be very profitable for them.
  2. Correct, unless they're in Antarctica it will always be whichever 3 resources they would be able to mine without needing the mine.
  3. What project is better for someone with 3-5 cities?
  4. Resource Production Center Every turn the nation gets 1 raw resource for each raw resource they can mine (except food) for each city they have up to 5 cities. (60 resources times 3 resource types is a 180 resources total per day) Cost: $500,000 Food: 1,000 This project was recently posted in the dev team update thread. With some of the comments, I wanted to just revisit this some. The goal of this project is to provide additional income focused at newer nations. It is supposed to pay itself off very quick so there is little down-side to selling it off when project slots become more of a premium in the 10-25 city range where projects have more powerful effects and players are becoming more involved with the non-raiding aspects of war. First, I am aware of the downside that whales will likely get this project as they have open project slots. However getting 180 resources a day at 40 cities, in most cases will net a player $720k worth of raw resource production per day, slightly over the login bonus, which is nothing to a nation of that size. Second, this will increase the amount of raw resources in the game to some degree (depends on how many people get this). Increasing the amount of these resources will likely lower the cost of some raw resources slightly over time and it should also increase some amount of raiding profits for these raw resources. Third, I wanted to re-open discussions on this project. Should the cost be changed? Should the resource pay-off be changed? Specifically should uranium be lowered? Should it only be focused on 1 raw resource? Should it stop working at a certain city count? Other thoughts?
  5. Making raiding better? Well now I've gotta' scrap it.
  6. I think you mean deflation of raws? This project is meant to be insanely low cost high benefit. Something to pay off itself quickly so in case a player wanted to replace it with a better project as they get larger since this one doesn't scale it's easy to do so. Yes, some whales will add it to the collection of vacant project slots they have without batting an eye, however the % benefit they get is tiny for a nation of their size. If the complaint is that it's too good for newer players, that's kinda' the goal of it.
  7. It's in the links at the top: Resource Production Center Every turn the nation gets 1 raw resource for each raw resource they can mine (except food) for each city they have up to 5 cities. (60 resources times 3 resource types is a 180 resources total per day) Cost: $500,000 Food: 1,000 Research and Development Center Effect: This project provides two project slots (net: one additional project slot) Cost Cash: $50,000,000 Food: 100,000 Aluminum: 5,000 Government Oversight Agency Improves Domestic Policy Effect by 50% (5% -> 7.5%) (1% -> 1.5% for open markets) Cost: $20,000,000 Food: 200,000 Aluminum: 10,000 At this point, I couldn't begin to speculate.
  8. The Mantra of any update by raiders seems to be "you're killing raiding", or something of the sort. Please use this thread to post ideas on how to buff raiding and I will review the results when the Dev team restarts.
  9. I'm going to be prodding Alex a little more regularly on these. The roles are something I've been told are being tested at the moment and thus will hopefully be out soon. Treasure trading will hopefully follow soon there after. I'll be pushing for both to be completed by the end of November along with the 3 projects and the damage tweaks to ships and planes (not the bombardment part though). Ideally by the end of the year the only things on the list will be Bombardment, if we add it, the Missile/Nukes rework and defenses against them and likely tutorial changes and some smaller QoL things. Again, I don't control the schedule. Here ya' go.
  10. I wanted to make this post to let everyone know what's going on as I've not made an official update since July. Most content I'll be addressing can be referenced in this thread or this earlier thread. The following content is currently on the work list to be done. Additional Alliance roles/permissions (Currently being tested/coded) Treasure Trading (Being coded next) 3 new projects Project Slot Domestic Policy Buff Resource bonus focused on smaller nations Adjustment to ships Damage increase in ship v ship Bombardment Attack (still under consideration) Adjustment to planes Bombing runs against ships kill less defending planes Adjustments to Nukes/Missiles/VDS/ID Tutorial changes Alliance-wide embargoes Treaty Web Bloc-options Improved notification system Other QoL changes (see links above) That's not even including commodities and the projects associated with them. Needless to say, there's a lot on Alex's coding plate at the moment. Focus has been made towards moderation changes, information, and server maintenance these last few month. As such there is now a sizable back log. For the remainder of the calendar year, the Dev Team will be on break in hopes of this list diminishing before work resumes. In January I will be restarting the Dev Team and bringing in some new faces. During the beige thread it was noted some people gained interest in getting involved. I don't want to bring new people when we'd simply be piling onto an along long list of "to-do". Please continue to post suggestions, but understand the timetable of things. If anyone has questions that I'd be able to answer, I'll be happy to. Any flaming, baiting, trolling that happens in this thread will be moved, blocked, and/or reported.
  11. Not sure what happens more, nerfing raiding or flaming in suggestion threads.
  12. Some points to add. Need a clause for what happens in a tie if a war goes the distance and still has equal amounts of resistance left. I would suggest tie goes to the defender for a victory. What happens if a city doesn't have 300 infra left to lose? Is it reduced to 0.01 and nothing further? Does damage roll over anywhere else? An alternative could be number of beige turns x2 is the reduction percentage. GL with this one, it's not a popular one. You may want to think of a compromise of some trade off to be able to leave before 18 turns left.
  13. With the war having wrapped up it's time for another thread to discuss tweaks to the war system. I know not a lot happened from the last one, game coding has had priorities elsewhere instead of new/changes in content. My hope in the next couple months some changes will be in the works. So lets talk about what needs to be done with the war system. Some of the biggest complaints I saw were spy related, and beige timer related. Both are things the Dev Team was targeted to be worked on, please give comments and concerns here. If you think ships are too strong/weak speak up. If you think soldiers are too strong/weak speak up. So on and so forth. Thanks.
  14. Zig damages dealt: 538m Pre damages dealt: 2.2b Let me know when you want some tips, rookie.
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