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  1. He is absolute trash. We need that actual dumpster of a person out. Best QOL update suggestion.
  2. While yes, realism is a poor argument for a reason to implement or not implement something, it doesn't mean there isn't something that can come from this. Perhaps periods of time where pollution levels are at a certain threshold land levels being to decrease. If you go 10 days at 100 pollution in a city, perhaps that city loses 1% of it's current land total. The idea being the land becomes unlivable, or too polluted to be useful to the nation.
  3. Ah yes. A chart trying to see if "a true hegemony exists" takes into account a protectorate, someone who will not fight for Rose. Brilliant reporting work. I heard people say some good things about RON, shame they clearly have no standards. Time to leave this dumpster of a thread.
  4. Since Yarr is not in Rose's sphere your chart is off by 10, which is 10%. That's a fairly huge error. RoseCam should be 1, and a "Neutral" category should be added. But hey, if RON likes inaccurate reporting, so be it.
  5. Yarr has 10 nations in the top 100, so you couldn’t have put us in paperless. Which means one of your spheres is inflated by 10.
  6. I think @Alex has been against this idea due to issues with funneling cheated cash/resources. But I'm not 100% on that thus why I pinged him. If you wouldn't mind weighing in Alex.
  7. @Lucianus @Rockefeller I know you two are working on war system stuff. Not sure if you want to look at adding with coming overhauls.
  8. Adding to the Project list a Project that improves baseball. The other two not so much. There are plans for more space projects thought.
  9. We're not looking at adding timers to the trade system at this time.
  10. @Adrienne QoL list. Also @Lucas Alex is looking at a more comprehensive in game communication system. This may already be apart of that plan.
  11. Welp, now Alex is going to go and delete downvotes again.
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