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  1. Now that I know my posts bother you so much, how could I stay away? I mean, you should probably downvote me. That really triggers me.
  2. You would be inaccurate, this is me having fun. I don't post when I'm upset these days. I appreciate the concern.
  3. You're 43 and this obtuse? You complain about age related jokes after telling me to grow up? There's no olive branch (that's the saying, not leaf, just for future reference) to extend when I'm just joking around. There was no argument that needed to be solved, there was no dispute going on. You came into a room of people laughing and making jokes and put on your fun police hat, because clearly you didn't understand what was going on, and that upset you. If anything these sort of threads cleanse some of that toxicity you're oh so sensitive to. Everyone can come together and laugh at the downvote thing, doesn't matter what side you're on of anything (except if you were someone who wanted downvotes gone I guess, but even that is besides the point). So go away, we were doing the thing you wanted before you came around and tried to take a joke far, far too seriously. Guess it's because you're so damn old.
  4. I just have to check real quick, you don't think I'm Partisan (See: Prefonteen), do you? The fact that you don't get the joke of this thread is disappointing. Let me go find you a juice box and put on some cartoons. The adults will be over here having their fun.
  5. It's gonna be a... Thanksgiving in this thread.
  6. Grow up? I thought GOONS was all about picking on minors.
  7. This is clearly a ploy to farm upvotes. Somebody please downvote this man.
  8. I accept your admission of defeat. Thank you for acknowledging that I am indeed superior.
  9. First Keno, now the downvote. WHAT'S NEXT YOU MONSTER
  10. Are you implying I'm being toxic? That's toxic.
  11. If you think this change is going to reduce the load of garbage in here.
  12. With the removal of our sacred downvote, we must find a replacement. Clearly the obvious choice is "Thanks". From this day forward if you want to downvote something, merely give it a "Thanks".
  13. Since I was pinged, I shall comment. TEst was hit for a variety of reasons in Papers, Please. The issue was (and is) that no CB was officially given because the real reason, which was told to me by Jessica Rabbit, was that EMC was "afraid" of our upper tier. They saw what we could do when we hit their ally, and were worried about us "teaching the other side how to fight". Those were her words, not mine. This was also before I started aggressively trolling her during peace talks, which I've apologized for, so we were still on good terms at that point. EMC Rolled TEst because they were afraid of a wild card element that wasn't glued to their side like others had thought. They used the hitting of their ally, which was authorized and approved by tS gov at the time, though it was believed to only be TEst hitting them, not Arrgh and RW as well, as reason to hit TEst. The reasons given were Not following the deal perfectly, hitting an ally, running rampant for a year, being a threat to the game, I'm an asshat, and such were largely given as the reason for the war, but the real underlining reason was fear. EMC didn't want the threat of paperless siding against them in a conflict. That's why TI happened, to provide funds and growth to try and "catch up" to TEst, that's why I told JR that TEst was going to be militarizing at the end of TI because I knew they were going to hit us, and JR herself told me the main reason is because our upper tier was a threat to them and that worried them. I don't begrudge them for doing so. But also don't discount what Roq is saying. Unknown to EMC at the time Roq and I were in close contact, we were talking about working together here and there and were getting closer (at least in my mind) to becoming allies. Roq wanted to bring in NPO to help TEst in Papers, Please but we both knew it wouldn't turn any tides and would only cause the war to go further. The peace talks were rubbish in that war, and they were prior to me flipping the "I'm gonna be a constant dick" switch, because there were no clear terms laid out just like there were no clear official CBs given. Our side surrendered privately pretty early in that war, stating we want to surrender and start negotiations after round 2 or so. The talks took a while to start by EMC, and the original terms presented had OOC insults to Rozallia included, rough anti-raiding penalties against Arrgh, and an Infra limit on TEst (we were already at the infra limit just about at the time of the terms). Things dragged out from that point largely from the OOC term (which did get removed), me being an utter douche, and just really, really slow responses from EMC in the peace channel. Partisan, when you say Papers, Please didn't involve NPO at all, you are correct that it did not, directly. However considering Roq wanted to bring in NPO but the fruitlessness of it was known, we decided not to. TEsts disbandment afterwards removed future politics between us until KF planning. That ground work of trust between Roq and I before PP and during is what allowed us to work together on KF.
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