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  1. Dev Team Lead Prefontaine Dev Team Members Azaghul Changeup Lucianus Mad Max Vemek To those who applied an weren't selected, thank you for your time and submissions. I might reach out to you for consulting on specific issues and I'll be keeping your names if the team is going to expand or if it needs to replace any members.
  2. The simple system allowed for nations to never be able to recover once zero'd out. It's really not that complicated, and we shouldn't hide from changes that are more complicated. Azaghul is also in favor of most aspects of this system. Azaghul stated they would give it a more detailed posted when they had the time.
  3. Most up to date information can be found here. The "flaws" being, nations who are pinned down can escape from being pinned down and it being hard to coordinate a 300 man alliance? Okay.
  4. Due to community feedback regarding the removal of beige, that was walked by over a week ago.
  5. Yes, nations who get zeroed out will eventually have the ability to rebuild and fight back. The alternative scenario is that you can hold someone down forever?
  6. I've wanted nukes/missiles out of the MAP system for almost as long as they've existed.
  7. All wars that expire, end in victory or defeat based on the remaining resistance. If a war ends with a tie in remaining resistance, the defending nation is declared the victor. Once a war ends in victory/defeat, the defeated nations gains 4 turns of temporary beige status to prevent that slot from being instantly filled. This status does not stack and thus can never exceed 4 turns. This is to allow for an 8 hour window in which a nation may choose to use their beige bank after a war ends. When a war ends by expiration, the defeated nation loses portion of the infra and loot they would normally lose. The portion depends on the remaining resistance of the defeated nation. If they have 50 resistance left, they only lose 50% of the infra and loot they would have lost. Is they have 25 resistance left, they lose 75% of the infra and loot they would have lost. Nations who lose a defensive war gain 24 turns of beige bank. Nations who lose an offensive war gain 12 turns of beige bank. Nations can hold a max of 96 turns of beige bank (8 days) Once a nation gains time into their beige bank, that time expires in 16 days. Once a nation activates their beige bank, any wars that expire with the bank active add to the active bank timer but cannot exceed the cap. A nation cannot leave beige with more than 36 turns of beige unless they are a newly created nation leaving beige for the first time. Once your beige bank is active, when you leave beige your bank is reduced to 0 even if you leave with a remaining balance. You cannot activate your beige bank while you have an active offensive war. This is designed to put the control of beige into the player going into beige. This will add a new level of strategy into when nations/alliances should have members move to and come out of beige, and provides the attackers strategies to extend the maximize the amount of time their targets will receive a sub-optimal beige count as well as disrupting timers for the coordinated return. Damage and loot lost at the end of a war is determined by how much resistance was lost by the losing party, it's effectively 100-remaining resistance to give the percent. Nations repeatedly losing offensive wars can also gain beige timers to assist with raiders being able to find a reprieve. Slot filling rules will need to encompass the prospect of a nation declaring upon another nation and then performing to guarantee a loss and the addition of 12 turns of beige.
  8. Perhaps making beige a player controlled mechanic? Instead of being sent to beige when you are defeated in this system (even expiring wars ending in defeat/victory), you add time to a beige bank? This bank can be capped at a set number of turns (days) and those turns would expire after X days, maybe something like 10. Once you use your beige bank you're required to use all of the time in one go. If you have 6 days stacked up, you have to use all 6, however you do have the option to come out early in the last 12 turns (1 day) like in the current system. This would theoretically allow for a nation to start rebuilding in their own way, and can be coordinated by active alliances to allow for counter attacks in subsequent rounds. There could also be a temp beige status for anyone who was just defeated in a war, something like say 6 hours (3 turns) where a new war cannot be declared on that nation. This way, should a nation want to use that beige bank they have a window to do so without their slot being instantly re-filled. Effectively a nation would fight in the first few waves even while losing and then be able to deploy a prolonged beige status at the time of their choosing. These several days of beige allow for rebuilding and blockade expiration. Yes other active wars would still be going on, and perhaps any wars that end in defeat while in beige status add to the currently active beige timer. Adds an element of strategy for both attacking and defending. Rewards active/organized militaries. Opening blitzes can cause more damage by prolonging the duration of exposure to attacks while bank building and still allows for the ability to come back from being knocked down. EDIT: and to the point of attackers and defenders, losing a defensive war can give 2 days of beige bank, and attackers losing a war only get 1.
  9. Alex can answer that when he reviews the thread. I would suggest making suggestions in this thread on how to address the concerns he raised in the meantime. That's what this thread is for.
  10. Correct. The exact text from the test server announcement is as follows:
  11. Getting defeated will make it more difficult to coordinate militarily shortly after being defeated, yes. Winning should have some advantages, one being increasing the difficulty in which the losing side can coordinate. If you only receive 1 defeat, the wait time to come out is 16 hours. It's not too strong of an advantage.
  12. I get where you're coming from. Coming from a former alliance leaders point of view, I would want my members to know that they should be doing this themselves. Better informed members, better alliance sort of thinking. If you have members that aren't performing how you want them to, even as simple as being on the correct color, that can easily be fixed with leaders communicating with their members. If you have members that refuse to follow that basic sort of instruction, perhaps they should be considered to be removed from said alliance. Again, this is coming from a former leadership POV. Having a few small areas which require leaderships to instruct members on how they should be performing isn't a bad thing, IMO. All that being said, I don't feel strongly against adding such a mechanic.
  13. Correct, wars that expire will cause the defeated party to move to beige without the other aspects of defeat. No Beige for offensive wars still, overlooked that part in the test server announcement. I'll put it into the OP after this post. Thanks. Nations still move to grey when they come out of beige.
  14. After reviewing feedback from Azaghul's thread Alex is considering removing the auto-accepting peace mechanic. That mechanic being that when a nation has been defeated and is beige, that nation auto-accepts peace offers sent to them in other existing wars. The main changes to the mechanic as a whole are as follows: All wars will end in a victory or defeat when they expire determined by remaining resistance levels. In the case of a tie, the defender is victorious. Wars that end through expiration will not cause infrastructure damage or give loot. Nations who are placed into beige from losing a war cannot leave beige early if they have more than 12 turns of beige time remaining. Newly created nations can still leave beige early. Losing a war adds 20 turns of beige with a maximum of 5 days of beige. Aggressors will no longer receive beige if they lose their war. Last call for input before the changes are finalized on the test server, tested, then moved live.
  15. Applications have been closed. I will reach out to applicants with a series of questions and a decision will be made from there.
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