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  1. Seen it on discord, some of the people in the dev group were talking about it, there was a thread about food decay in the suggestions. The impact would be changes to lands impact on food production, primarily. Like is in the OP.
  2. My subconscious is apparently just an eternal optimist I suppose.
  3. There have been threads and discussions popping up pertaining to land, primarily with respect to food production. This thread is to gauged public interest on if there should be any tweaks to how land currently works. Changes could be something to the effect of (But don't have to be): -Land can be destroyed in some way. -Land has diminishing returns towards impacting food production -Land has an upkeep cost once you hit a certain threshold Etcetera. If you're happy with how land currently operates, vote no. If you'd like to see any change in land, vote yes. Feel free to propose any land/food ideas in the thread. Food decay is not viable, however.
  4. The treasure trading system is being coded currently from what I've been told. There will be an option to do direct buy/sell with limitations.
  5. I'd rather it just turn off at some point rather than degrade, honestly. Also, I'd like to be clear about something, just because a change helps large nations doesn't mean its a bad change. You have to look at things in terms of scaling. Looking at a small nation who lets say brings in 4M in cash/resources a day, this boosts it about 500k making a 12.5% improvement on their income. Taking a whale nation who makes 70M a day in cash/resources that's less than a 1% boost. The smaller nation can do far more meaningful impactful things with that money. It's cheap so they can afford it very easily and get rid of it quickly if they grow out of it.
  6. Lets do some Bombardment math. Lets take someone with 15 cities and 2k infra before the pirating began so they had 40 improvements in each city at the start giving a total of 600 improvements in their nation. Lets look at the extreme case of a war exclusively going for bombardments. You can launch 8 naval attacks in the war, 7 can be bombardment after the blockade. This war will kill 14 improvements, lets say you got lucky on the blockade and got an improvement there as well bringing it up to 15. Now looking at our pirate nation, lets say their running full military improvements and a back up nuke power plant which gives us a nice round 20 improvements locked up there, so half of their improvements cannot be killed by bombardment (minus that first lucky naval hit). Giving us 300 improvements that can be killed. That's 22 full wars devoted exclusively to bombardments, over 7 rounds of defensive slotting before resource/commerce improvements have been removed. Mind you these attacks also need to be performed with 75% of the max ships, so the nation performing them is using lots of ammo (gas is reduced on bombardments) and expending a lot of cost in keeping that many ships. So in the most extreme case which all of your defensive slots are filled with bombardment exclusive attackers who get lucky on the first naval hit and kill another resource production/commerce it's going to be a while before all those are gone.
  7. Members can opt out. Alliance leaders already have the ability to tax a nation up to their full economy, start a war that forces war upon that nation, but having the ability to stop them from trading with someone unless they manually cancel it is too far? I don't buy it. It cannot kill military or power based improvements. Pirates can still fight, their commerce/resource related improvements are the only thing at risk.
  8. No. You get the resources simply for having the project based on your nations location. Correct. Edited.
  9. Lets say you can mine Coal, Lead, and Iron. If you have this project you get 1 of those resources every turn for each city you have, up to 5 cities max. So if you have 3 cities you get 3 coal, lead, and iron, every turn. If you have 14 cities, you cap out at 5, so you only get 5 of each per turn.
  10. Quality of Life Changes: Alliances will gain the ability to embargo other alliances Individual nations will be able to delete the embargo if they so choose Uniformed resource order listing Better notification system Bloc Option for treaty web between alliances. Please upvote or downvote if you like/dislike these changes
  11. Treasure Lottery: 50% of the Treasures in the game are marked as "Lottery Treasures". A nation can buy a treasure lottery ticket with 1 credit. A player may only have 5 lottery tickets at a given time. Lottery Tickets roll over to the next cycle if not winners. A player may only win 1 Treasure per cycle. If there are more treasures than lottery ticket holds the treasure is dispersed at random to the whole game population. Please upvote or downvote if you like/dislike these changes Credits are what keep this game running. This is a method to increase credit usage without dramatically impacting the game as treasures are already random and measures are in place from rich alliances gaining too much from accumulating treasures.
  12. New Project: Government Oversight Agency Improves Domestic Policy Effect by 50% (5% -> 7.5%) (1% -> 1.5% for open markets) Cost: $20,000,000 Food: 200,000 Aluminum: 10,000 Resource Production Center Every turn the nation gets 1 raw resource for each raw resource they can mine (except food) for each city they have up to 5 cities. (60 resources times 3 resource types is a 180 resources total per day) Cost: $500,000 Food: 1,000 Please upvote or downvote if you like/dislike these changes Second project is the tutorial project.
  13. Tutorial Changes: Removing buying a farm, adding buying food from the market. New players gain resources for completing tutorials as well. Project Building with new player focused project (Resource Production Center). Please upvote or downvote if you like/dislike these changes New nations should be purchasing food instead of building farms, these changes address that and will also provide instruction on purchasing a new project that is focused on providing new players resources.
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