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  1. ChristianTheGOAT

    Farewell to PnW and Alex ❤️🤕

    re-rolling is for !@#$
  2. ChristianTheGOAT

    Farewell to PnW and Alex ❤️🤕

    Nah, I’m kinda a retard online 😕 tbh thine, you were only useful for some things but what separates me and you is the anime 👀
  3. Christian, (better known as Panzer), bids farewell to Politics and War. Due to irresponsible and somewhat inappropriate decisions/actions made by me in the past I’ve completely ruined my reputation among the strong knit community. I may return along the road in the future but as of now I’m going to be taking an extended break so hopefully everyone will forgot about me and I can come back and cause more problems kek Panzer’s list of fiends: Rebel Epi Papi adam ❤️❤️❤️❤️👅 Thiney boy
  4. ChristianTheGOAT

    SNN: Springtime for Shifty

    >when BoC offers Panzer High Gov IA ya i think there is something wrong here
  5. ChristianTheGOAT

    SNN-Triple P-Entente-ration

    Ayyyyyy looks like Panzer has -28383819034 reputation now! and a side note, I threatened to demote Rouge after he went off on KoM gov, he got all pissy after Don went Autist and showed him that screenshot, then couped me kek. stop saying I tried to Coup him lmao all I did was threaten to demote. Thanks to @ROUGEshadow567 my rep went down an extra 17737439109 this time. Plus epi told me that once the bank was transferred into an offshore he would help hide it in Goon Squad.
  6. ChristianTheGOAT

    BoC and TF Presents: A Meme Competition!

    funniest thing ever is gonna be when Alex quits the game
  7. ChristianTheGOAT

    Liberation Time!

    it’s okay I’ve always been on your side Keegoz, don’t roll don’t roll I’m confused, is shadow more retarded then me? Right? I think? Anyways enjoy rolling me I have nothing anyways. @TheRebelMan have you ever wondered why people don’t like you?
  8. ChristianTheGOAT

    Liberation Time!

    03/19 03:48 am - Greater Danish Empire applied to join the alliance Esquire Templar. 03/19 03:58 am - Greater Danish Empire declared war on New Rome for the reason of "#CoupKeegozReeeeeeeeeee". 03/19 03:57 am - Greater Danish Empire declared war on Humpetima for the reason of "letter to adam, i love you :))". 03/19 03:55 am - Greater Danish Empire declared war on Spudland for the reason of "what what, are you gonna call Keegoz, idk maybe shid n *** ?". 03/19 03:53 am - Greater Danish Empire declared war on Normanlandia for the reason of "Milcom this cuck faces".
  9. ChristianTheGOAT

    Where we droppin bois?

    Everyone over here talking about dropping on the Fortnite map, when in reality y’all should’ve dropped on the supply ship 😏😎
  10. ChristianTheGOAT

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    Admit it, Christian carried the Coalition : )
  11. ChristianTheGOAT

    The couping of Sirius

    So let me guess Sean was secretly leading the alliance.
  12. ChristianTheGOAT

    Knights of Malta DoE

    Welp time to disband literally every knight themed alliance in Orbis
  13. ChristianTheGOAT

    Wow Camelot. you really missing me this much? @Lords @Wizards

    If it doesn't matter then tell your friends in Empyrea to shutup about it
  14. ChristianTheGOAT

    Explanation of empy/camelot skirmish

    who said they aren't >.>

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