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  1. Alex

    Break Down Alliance Score by Parts

    I'll have to start tracking alliance stats more rigorously, and then this will be a possibility.
  2. I agree, it would be cool, but it adds a lot of complexity and room for things to go wrong, plus it's a lot of work. That's not to say that in a perfect world I wouldn't add it, just that given reasonable time and effort constraints, this probably won't happen (or if it does, certainly not anytime soon.)
  3. Alex

    Tie military into city count instead of pop

    This already exists. Your military is hard capped by how many military improvements you have, which is hard capped by how many cities you have. Are you suggesting less military improvements per city? I.E. Only 3 Barracks instead of 5 or something?
  4. Alex

    Order Treaties by Significance Not Date

    I've re-ordered treaties by type in ascending alphabetical order, so it'll be pretty close to what you're asking for. It will go live with the next patch (probably a few hours.)
  5. Any chance i can get my IP unbanned? 

  6. Alex

    Question about City Timers and Projects

    The first 10 cities do not have a timer. Projects still have timers.
  7. Alex

    Player Advertisement's

    Mad Max is correct. You can see in #changelog in the Discord Server that I have removed the view limit on ads, so some old ads that hit their view limit (but never ran for the full 20 days) became active again. There were so many like this that I deleted all ads older than 1 year to remove really old stuff, and then deleted a few extra ads with broken images.
  8. bug makes it impossible to deomission imiltary units. pls tier 3 bug reward...

    1. Hagard


      You cant decommission units the day you recruit them

  9. I'm sure you've gotten a ton of e-mails or other notifications about websites updating their privacy policies in response to the new GDPR law going into effect in the European Union. Well, I figured I'd jump on the wagon as well. Honestly, I'm not sure the law necessarily applies to the game, seeing as we're less than 250 employees, and don't meet most of the other requirements set forth in the law (we don't process any payment info, or really store any of your personal information) but I figured I'd see what I can do to get us in line with the regulation. As such, I've spent some time and revamped the Privacy Policy. You can find the updated Privacy Policy here: https://politicsandwar.com/privacy/ Here is a copy of the new privacy policy as well: For transparency/archive's sake, here is also a copy of the old Privacy Policy. Not a ton has changed, but I have explicitly updated and listed what personal information of yours we may store and why. This, of course, is your notice of the change. If you have any questions, you can ask here.
  10. Alex

    "N*gger Killer"

    Someone reported them on Discord (and in-game) and thus they've been banned and deleted already. Thanks for the report though @Rogue
  11. Alex

    Baseball Needs Some Tweaking

    1) That's the incentive to win. 2) The point of Baseball is to give you something to do to kill time. Tediously clicking a button accomplishes that. 3) It doesn't need a minimum. I don't care if you never play baseball, it's an entirely optional part of the game to serve as something to do to kill time when you're bored. 4) Sounds like a ridiculous buff for nations with maxxed out baseball teams. 5) Why? The point of baseball is to give you something to do. You don't have anything more to do if it's suddenly limited and you hit the limit.
  12. Because if it's too high, it's an incentive to want to be Beiged, which creates awkward mechanics and strategies. I did not intend to have it taxable, I was thinking a flat cash bonus after the fact. Just free extra money for the nation, basically. As for alliances shifting and whatnot, I am sure that would undoubtedly happen. I think the 14 day limit for changing color for alliances would limit it from happening too frequently, though. And nation color changing could be limited to 5 or 7 days or something as well to restrict too frequent shifting.
  13. So we all know Colors are basically meaningless. I think they're a neat idea to form cleavages between players, but aside from role-play, they don't do much. We've experimented with different options before, with not a lot of great success. This proposal is to define each color in terms of trade. This would be essentially a new mechanic, you can think of it as each color being it's own Trade Deal/Organization, and each nation gets to join one exclusively. How it works in practice is simple, every turn each nation on a given color would get a cash bonus equivalent to the average monetary net income of all nations on that color, divided by the total number of nations on that color. For example, here are current figures: So if you were an Aqua nation, you'd get a free $12,514 (~$150k/day) each turn just by being on the Aqua color. The "justification" is that your nation is doing 'extra' trading with other Aqua nations (behind the scenes) and you're all getting a shared bonus from that free-trade. This creates a trade-off then, between wanting big, producing nations on your color, and having too many small nations that bring the average down. Of course, it's free money for all nations involved, but being a flat bonus it is relatively larger for smaller nations. This is one additional way we can ease the growth of new players. Now, I would add a few stipulations to this "Active Trade Bonus" as I've dubbed it, just to ensure it's not plainly free money. You would have to be an active nation to receive it. By active, I mean either logged in on the current server-day, or have logged in on the day previous. Essentially, it would work like the login bonus does. If you're gone for 2+ days, you'll stop receiving the free bonus money until it comes back. The bonus amount would still be figured by dividing total nations though, not just active nations. If you're in an alliance, you need to be on the same color as your alliance to receive the bonus. Similar to how the current Color Bonus works. I would remove the existing, 3% gross income color bonus. I have looked at rough figures (not exact) but for the average nation, it wouldn't be until ~City 32 that you'd actually be losing money from this change, assuming you're getting $20,000 per turn ($240,000 extra per day.) Beige nations would receive some flat rate, like $20,000 per turn. Gray nations would receive no bonus, $0/turn. You would not receive the Active Trade Bonus if you were blockaded. In sum, this change would: Give Colors some meaning. There might actually be competition again to get people to move colors as you all try to maximize your cash bonuses. (You can always defeat someone in a war to kick them off of your color) Free money for everyone (I can't go wrong with that, right?) but not too much, and in particular comparatively more for smaller, active, growing nations Another reason to be active and log in everyday In addition, I may want to change "Color" to something like "Color Faction", "Color League", "Color Bloc", etc. to make it more clear what they are (particularly for new players.) I'd probably do a poll on that with suggestions and let you guys all decide what to call them. As usual, indicate favor/disfavor with like/dislike buttons, and leave your feedback in the replies!
  14. For those of you that are unaware, there is a city age bonus to population that is equivalent to (DaysOld/3000)% This bonus was added when the game was first made because I didn't want every city to have the exact same population (I just thought that would look lame.) Like a lot of things, there wasn't much foresight for how it would play out years later. Nowadays, the oldest cities are nearing 4 years old (1460 days) and that is equivalent to an almost 50% increase in population. It has a huge effect on gameplay, when in reality, it was not intended to have any real effect at all. My proposal is here is not to even cut the income of any current nation, or reduce the bonus, but to simply cap it at some arbitrary number that is above whatever the maximum bonus currently is (oldest city in the game's bonus.) That means that they will not continue to have an increasing population in that city (or any city subsequently that reaches the maximum age for the bonus), but they will still retain all of the bonus that they have received thus far, and newer nations will experience growing bonuses to the same point. Given that there have been many calls to either severely reduce the effect of city age on population, and to just plain remove it as well, I think this is a very fair proposal. Just looking for some feedback here and to see if everyone else thinks this is as reasonable of a solution as I think that it is. Let me know with either Likes/Dislikes or comments.
  15. Alex


    You will need to be Verified again given your multiple same network connections and such heavy trading.

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