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  1. Alex

    No Beige If Recent Offensive War

    It would absolutely eliminate the strategy of declaring a war right before you're about to get Beiged so that no one can counter you.
  2. Alex

    Huge sale of nations in P&W

    I'll give you $1000 for all of them The thing is, I don't have all the money right now, but my rich uncle just came into some money. He's in jail and can't access the account, but if you just wire $50 to his bank account it'll give access so I can wire you the $1000 Please join my discord account and we can work out the details P.S. I also frick Alex because gay
  3. Alex

    Beige paradox options

    I have a separate idea related to this issue which I've posted here:
  4. To avoid moderation issues and basically just stupid abuse of the Beige system, I'm proposing what I believe is a minor gameplay change that will really only impact people trying to abuse the system. My proposal is simply this: If you have declared an offensive war in the past 24 hours, and someone defeats you in a war, you do not get any Beige time. I am talking a strict, actual 24 hour limit, not based on turns or the midnight update. I think this will eliminate any capacity for abuse like we've seen, without sharply diminishing Beige's role as a comeback mechanism for players that have really been defeated (and aren't trying to engage in additional offensive wars.) Let me know your thoughts, and unless there are some major complaints, I will have this implemented live shortly.
  5. Alex

    Remember Me?

    It did get fixed a while back, just for the record.
  6. Alex


    120 turns = 10 days
  7. Plz unban my P&W account 

    Really I am not using two account 

    1. Featherine


      That's what they all say. C'mon, do you think we're dumb? You're probably the 300th person to say that.

    2. Zed


      I thought we were all the same account?

      It wasn't long ago we were all members of Rose...

    3. Heliosh22


      I don't know about them but I am not free to run many Nation on board game

      Last time I request you unblock me or not

      If not I will show hatahalya

      And main problem of you admins is you ban players when you find two account you can't investigate & you ask player there personal things like there image!

      What is the proof that you can't use this images for any other things.

  8. Alex

    Resources and money

    Yes, if your alliance is taxing you at 100%, you would not have any income (as it all is going to your alliance.) This would be indicated on your Revenue page.
  9. Alex

    Large bugs

    If you're having trouble with the app, I'd recommend just opening https://politicsandwar.com in your mobile web browser and playing the game that way.
  10. Alex

    Can't redeem credits

    Ah, I can't believe I haven't noticed for this long. Thank you, I will fix this ASAP.
  11. Alex

    Anthems Not Auto-Playing [Chrome]

    Strange, it's likely something on YouTube's end. I'll check it out, though, thanks for letting me know.
  12. Alex

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    Yes, believe me that there's nothing more than I like to not have a bunch of angry players sending me DMs and stirring up things on the forums. You can believe me when I say I won't do it again because it very much aligns with my self-interest in minimizing moderation work.
  13. Alex

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    I suppose I might as well jump in here- This was a particularly difficult decision where I had to weigh protecting the anonymity of one player, who placed a bounty, and what I perceived to be as chronic racial harassment of another player. You are free to criticize my decision, as many of you are, but you are obviously not privy to the same level of information that I am. I've been doing this for long enough now that I've had many people try to use their position as donators to buy influence in-game, try to outright bribe me, etc. and I've prided myself by not accepting literally thousands of dollars to help players succeed in the game "under the table." I bring this up, because similarly I pride myself in being transparent, not taking sides in player disputes, etc. I think that I tend to do very well at that, particularly through apathy. I don't care or even follow the various alliances, coalitions, and wars that happen at this point. There was a time when the game was smaller and a larger part of my life that I did know who all the big alliances and leaders were, but we're past that point now. So if anyone thinks that I am taking sides in any particular situation, just know that I don't care enough to do so. Now this one particular instance, the only instance I've ever revealed a player's anonymous bounty, was in hindsight a mistake. I did not do it with any intention of playing favorites, contributing to in-game politics, etc. but only as one person sympathetic to another being harassed for no reason other than being black. Racism is wrong, and I did punish Thalmor and threaten to ban him if it ever happened again, and that was not part of the mistake. The mistake was, of course, succumbing to my sympathy for another's unjust harassment and letting that weigh more in my mind than transparency, objectivity, and all of the other qualities that make a good admin. So yes, I obviously screwed up here, you're right to criticize me. I'll do my best to go back to administrating through apathy, which imo is fair for everyone. But for the sake of transparency, and hopefully to build a little trust and ensure you that this was a one time thing, and that I really don't care who puts a bounty on who for whatever reason so long as it's within the rules, I will include logs of my conversation with Queen M. It should be apparent by reading them that I did not expect divulging this one bit of information would result in anything further. Of course I was wrong, and it was wrong to entrust a player with this information with the first place, but I'm just hoping you can see where I'm coming from and that at least I think my heart was in the right place. So tl;dr I'm sorry, you're right to criticize me This is the only time it's happened before (or since) and I have no intention of doing it again I have obviously learned from my mistake here not to entrust sensitive information to a player I don't care enough about your in-game politics to want to influence it or take sides or whatever What's done is done and I can't go back and undo it, however, I am hoping that by being open and transparent we can all move on from here EDIT: For extreme clarity, I will again reiterate that this was a one time thing, there have not been other instances of this, and going forward I will NOT breach player anonymity such as in this case (short of a court order, of course)
  14. Why must I log on everyday to 20+ PMs 😫

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Featherine


      You're the owner of the game. Of course people are going to bug you.

    3. Rimski


      Leave and let the workers class rule! No more mods! All equality!

    4. Columbus Griffin

      Columbus Griffin

      Coz you're the one earning from this game!


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