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  1. Ironic that this topic needs to be moved, as this isn't a bug report.
  2. Alex

    reCAPTCHA broken?

    I've never seen that either. reCAPTCHA is served through Google, so there's not a lot I can do to fix it.
  3. Alex

    Infra brought for city.

    I fixed this a while back.
  4. Alex

    Treasure has despawned

    That's not a bug, just the way the game is set up currently. The intention is that respawning a treasure when someone goes into Vacation Mode prevents a treasure from being "locked up" while that nation is invulnerable to new war declarations, but obviously this is an example of an unfavorable outcome as a result of the mechanic. I'm going to close this report since it's not a bug, but if you would like to make a suggestion for changing the mechanics behind the situation here, this is the correct forum: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/forum/52-game-suggestions/
  5. Alex

    Monthly Credit Reset

    It was just a little late this month, sorry about that!
  6. Alex

    Image Rehost Requests

  7. Alex

    Image Rehost Requests

    The original Imgur links still work, they're just not embedding properly. Just post the original links here, if they're still not working. On a related note, I think I was able to bypass the embed problem by changing the URLs from https to http. AFAIK most/all flags are working properly now; if anyone has an image that still isn't working, or something like a player ad that is broken, please post here and let me know.
  8. Alex

    Real money trading

    Well, I wouldn't say it's against to rules to pay someone $5,000,000 (or whatever amount) in-game to design a flag for your nation or alliance. I don't think this constitutes as being against the rules.
  9. Alex

    4/19/2015 - Vacation Mode

    You can't go for more than a year I believe.
  10. Alex

    Image Rehost Requests

    If you have images in-game that are not showing up currently, please make a post here in the following format and I will rehost your image on the site to prevent any issues with it not displaying properly. For all other images (images linked to in-game, such as on nation or alliance pages, as well as VIP images that you provide URLs for) you will probably need to reupload your images somewhere different than Imgur and change those links yourself. @Zhen has recommended this site for free image hosting: https://imgbb.com/ Please keep this thread clear of discussion so I can efficiently get images rehosted quickly. Thank you.
  11. That's odd. Are they brand new conversations or old ones?
  12. Alex

    Tip Button for Baseball

    The way teams get money is intentionally configured so that you get paid a lot more to host games. Someone can come through and clear 30 pending host games in about as many seconds, because you just hit the play away game. There has to be an incentive to host games (larger payout) otherwise the whole system wouldn't work. I find it amusing that "tipping" has become the norm, but I don't understand it. I wouldn't tip someone for just clicking a button to play an away game.
  13. The code should be updated now so that future messages inside of favorited conversations will not be pruned automatically after 90 days.
  14. I'll see if I can get that fixed.
  15. This was resolved some time ago.

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