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  1. Alex

    Achievements loading in pieces or not at all

    I think it's because you were on the defensive side; I set up those initial achievements to be for offensive wars where you choose the war type.
  2. Alex

    Inactive deletion

    Nations can manually put themselves in Vacation Mode for up to 1 year. Automatic inactivity deletion only lasts 270 days, however.
  3. Alex

    Achievements loading in pieces or not at all

    A lot of the achievements aren't retroactive, meaning you'll unlock those achievements the next time you win a raid/attrition war.
  4. Alex

    3rd Time's a Charm!

    Welcome back!
  5. Alex

    Incorrect army value while under air superiority

    I think I found the issue. It should be fixed locally, and pushed out live with the next update (sometime soon.)
  6. Hey everyone, Achievements have finally been implemented in-game! This initial release features 36 unlockable achievements (with plenty more to come in the future), the ability to showcase achievements on your nation page, and the ability to choose which achievements are showcased from the Edit nation page. Achievements are showcased on nation pages like so: Note: On mobile, only the first achievement will appear (to save space.) There is a link to edit your achievement selection on the top of the Edit Nation page. This is a direct link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/edit/achievements/ Achievements, unfortunately, are not retroactive. Even if you meet the requirements for a particular achievement (i.e. Build a Hangar) you may have to complete the action again to trigger the unlock. You will receive a notification in-game when you unlock an achievement. At this time, I am not giving out a full list of all the achievements implemented in the game. It should be fun to let you all figure out what achievements exist and are possible to unlock. If you have a suggestion for a new achievement, please don't message me, there is an official suggestion thread here: Like I said, plenty of new achievements will get added. The hard work is done (setting up the system/interface) and so I don't expect we'll run out of achievements to unlock and feature anytime soon. If you have any questions, let me know!
  7. Alex

    Achievement Suggestion Masterlist

    There's one like this already
  8. First, I am not posting a master list of all achievements implemented in-game. That is for you to figure out. This thread is for people to suggest their achievement ideas. Suggestions should be replies to this post, in the following format: Achievement Name: Achievement Description (how to unlock): Example: Have at it!
  9. Alex

    Possible Multi

    That's only the case if they're Verified (in which case they're exempt from the other rules as well, such as using alliance banks to transfer funds, or trading resources directly, etc.)
  10. Alex


    It toes the line, I believe it's been reported before and I let it slide.
  11. Alex


    Thanks, that nation has been removed.
  12. Alex

    Incorrect army value while under air superiority

    Are you sure? It's built into the code (looks proper) to half the tank value if your enemy has Air Superiority. It's only for the war that you're in, i.e. if Nation A is at war with nations B and C, but only Nation B has Air Superiority over Nation A, then Nation A will only see halved tank army values in its war against Nation B (not Nation C.) Does that clear anything up?
  13. Alex

    Parts of the game not loading.

    Me and ss23 are looking into the issue - it's not exactly clear why this started happening yet. In the meantime, I'd be careful about using the site right at update when it's under heavy load (i.e. if you're going to do something immediately before update, do it earlier to be safe.)
  14. Alex

    Parts of the game not loading.

    What pages weren't really loading properly? I'm not sure what was going on yet.
  15. Alex

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome to Politics & War!

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