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  1. Alex

    A Definite Multi

    Looks an awful lot like an infamous multier typically known as "Kunal." However, I don't see sufficient evidence that there's multis, and as a matter of principle we don't accept Discord screenshots as evidence because 1) they're easily faked and 2) even if they're not fake there's no way to prove that the person on Discord is the same as the person in-game. Anyone could make a discord account and pretend to be a different player from the game. If you find more convincing evidence (in-game messages, other nations that you think are controlled by the same person) please let us know.
  2. Alex

    Self Incriminating Multi

    The nations have been banned, thanks for the report.
  3. Alex

    The Kingdom of Kaldania

    Welcome to Politics & War!
  4. Alex


    Welcome to Politics & War! I (and probably most of us) also used to play CN
  5. Alex

    Leader Name

    Thanks for letting me know. I've issued the user a strict warning about our no-Nazi policy and changed their leader name.
  6. Alex


    Welcome back!
  7. Alex


    Hey, welcome to Politics & War!
  8. Yes, thank you for letting me know, I'll see about getting this fixed straightaway.
  9. Alex


    Welcome to the game!
  10. Alex

    Market Improvements

    I agree about arbitrage, and that's actually the concept I had set up for StateKraft before I shelved the project. I think it's a little late here to make such a drastic change to how trading works. As for trade bots, sure, the algorithm creation might be fun for the ~10 people that are capable of making a trade bot and designing an algorithm to trade for them. Everyone else will be stuck using someone else's bot, or getting taken advantage of by trading manually. It would eliminate personal player participation for 99% of the players in the game.
  11. Locking for gravedig, as well as the fact that the OP has filter-evasion images which violate the forum rules (since been removed.)
  12. Alex

    Market Improvements

    I think 1, 3, and 5 as well as the bugfixes are what you can realistically expect sometime in the future. I don't have any desire to set up automatic trade fulfillment or allow trade bots in the game, however. You said it yourself - the market is one of the best parts about the game. Automating it into something meaningless would, I think, quite effectively destroy one of the best parts of the game. Opportunities for arbitrage make the game far more interesting in my opinion. Communication about trades, speculation on prices, etc. all add to the important of in-game coordination and activity. Letting algorithms decide all the buying and selling would remove a huge driver of activity in-game.
  13. Alex

    100% multi

    I suppose it's hard to say, but I wouldn't say there's a 100% chance that those nations are the same player. The money exchanged was a pretty trivially small amount in the grand scheme of things, and Alagaesiaa has been inactive for over a month anyway. I'll continue to monitor the situation to see if more evidence comes up, but at this time I don't see rule-breaking activity that warrants any moderation action.
  14. Alex

    Introductory Remarks

    Welcome to the game!
  15. Alex

    Trade Bots

    Sure, me too, but they're not going away, and as I've stated repeatedly, there's no way to enforce a ban on them anyway. I'd love a world where no one ever cheated or used scripts, but Pandora's box is already open and there's no chance we're ever going to be able to go back.

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