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Community Answers

  1. Looks like they already deleted it
  2. Alex


    I removed two nations that were inactive and never validated their emails; the other two I am not convinced are multis.
  3. Yeah, the two old ones never logged back in so I just removed them. Thanks!
  4. I didn't realize Keno would make people ragequit, lol. I'll update the code so that it skips anyone who no longer has a nation.
  5. Thanks - that player already had 90 moderation points and just found themselves banned from the game.
  6. 1. I do have a company, Yellowstone Digital Media, that I run the game under. I am leading the development, I did bring on a part-time developer around this time last year, and also hired a guy to build and manage the app versions of the game early this year. 2. I am continuing to develop the game. Currently working on a new alliance positions system, treasure transfer system, and then there are bigger plans in the works like developing a new tutorial for the game and reworking the Beige system. I have plenty of ideas for longer term changes as well, like creating a UN style body, implementing regions into the game, more in-depth "single-player" roleplay mechanics like a legislative system for your nation, etc. 3. There may be big additions, but I am trying to stay away from any radical plans. Being that this is a persistent game, it's not very fair to just radically change things 7+ years down the line and completely ruin people's game plans and strategies. I am trying to add more rather than change existing core mechanics.
  7. Looks great! Thank you for your submission! Sure, anything is fine really. Just be creative!
  8. Yes, as I said in the OP people have done Minecraft pumpkins in the past.
  9. I reserve the right to reject non-P&W pumpkins 😉
  10. Sorry about that - must have been a large image size. I just added it to your post for you. Thank you for your submission! That's so exciting to have one in already!
  11. Hello everyone, A couple of years ago in 2018, and then again last year in 2020 (what were we doing in 2019?), we held a P&W themed pumpkin carving contest. Let's do it a third time! We have had some really cool submissions in the past, such as: (and many more. I encourage you to go look at past threads!) Plus, there will be prizes! Here are the rules: To enter, you need to come up with some Politics & War related concept (game related, alliance related, nation related, player related, etc.) and carve it into a pumpkin. Or paint it on a pumpkin. Or paint it on a watermelon. Or build it in minecraft. Or 3D print it. You have a broad creative license. Then, take a picture of your "pumpkin" and submit it here as a reply in this thread to enter the competition. You will have approximately 18 days to create and submit your entry. This thread will lock on October 25, and then we will have a period of voting from October 24 - October 29 where everyone will be able to vote on their favorite pumpkins. The winners will then be announced either October 30 or October 31. *I know some players, depending on their geographic locations IRL may not have access to pumpkins. For this reason, I am okay with submissions that are carvings into other fruits / vegetables (e.g. a watermelon, a turnip, whatever you might have access to.) Or you can make a digital pumpkin. The world is your oyster! Here are the prizes: Everyone who participates will be guaranteed a special Halloween 2021 achievement for their nation related to this event. The top 3 winners based on voting will receive 5 Credits for their nation each, as well as a special nation award in-game. The #1 winner will get 10 Credits (total). Other Notes: I reserve the right to reject submissions not related to Politics and War. You can submit multiple photos in the thread, but you need to identify one primary photo that we will use for voting. I'd like to feature your creations on social media on our Politics and War accounts! If you do not want me to share your photo in this way, please just make a note of that when you post your submission. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here in this thread so that everyone can see the questions and answers. That's it! I hope you'll enjoy this fun little festive contest and giveaway. I am excited to see what you all can come up with!
  12. I'm not opposed to the idea; I think calculated the std dev would be ideal but also unnecessarily complex & potentially taxing on the server to do for each trade. Most resources (exception of Food and Credits) trade around the same price. Either setting a fixed amount (say, $1,000) or percentage off average price would be simpler & easier to implement. E.g. If the average price is $3,345 and you make a typo like punching in $334 instead of $3,344 it would pop up (either by fixed method or percentage method.) I think this could help with the alarm fatigue (get so used to the popup that you don't really look at it) that @Talus is talking about. I'd like to hear some more feedback though before pushing something like this.
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