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  1. I've removed the nation, thanks!
  2. All the data is collected, the issue is that displaying it all can cause issues. I have it set to randomly select whether each day's record is shown or not (for all alliances, not just yours and not just "micros")
  3. Alex

    racism nation

    Removed the nation, thanks!
  4. This doesn't address your suggestion completely, but I do want to point out that I added this page some time ago: https://politicsandwar.com/test-server/
  5. I agree it's a good suggestion, it's just relatively low on my list of things to do.
  6. We'd have tons of war slot filling reports from players (mostly newbies) declaring wars then going inactive. I think it makes sense to have wars end naturally after a certain point. Of course, the length of time that is is up for debate.
  7. Your tax rate is inversely proportional to your average income such that there's no "best" policy. If there were, people would have to sacrifice roleplay for an optimal build, which IMO isn't ideal.
  8. I don't believe the forum software has any way to enable/disable reactions by subforum, as we've looked at this in the past. It's either available everywhere or nowhere.
  9. Sorry this was not made clear - but if the defender is the loser, and they have 50 or less resistance remaining, they would receive the beige time. By forcing people to stay on beige, there's more incentive to want to win wars and beige your opponent. Keeping them out of the fight and making it harder for them to coordinate a blitz removes a lot of the incentive to fight the war but not want to win it.
  10. Alex

    Visual bug

    I think this should be fixed now, though I haven't been able to push the fix to the live server yet.
  11. Allies declaring war on you just to give you beige time (not to fight a real war) is very obviously slot filling, and it's a lot harder to claim that it's something else. And it's not true that you have to lose your military to get to beige. You could, for example, declare a bunch of offensive wars on allies, let them all beige you with ships or something, while keeping full ground and air forces. There is no ETA at this time.
  12. Poster has no matching nation, so topic has been locked.
  13. This is a duplicate topic of
  14. Alex

    Ban apeal

    Your ban will expire automatically after 89 days. At that point, you will be allowed to create a new nation and try again. To respond to your questions/protestations, your city names were things like "rayshard brooks deserved what he got" and "cops should get an RPG to deal wtih blm" which are statements that promote violence and arguably racism (at least the latter) which is not tolerated here.
  15. Again I don't really disagree with the way that you're explaining it, but allowing this method allows face "copycat" methods where you could, say, declare a war on an ally or an ally of an ally and do no real attacks claiming that you're just overextending because you need some time to recover, when in reality you're just filling their slots for their benefit. Then they could just really take their time to turn around and win the war, for example, keeping their slots filled the whole time. In my opinion it just creates too much room for abuse, and people get really creative at coming up with ways to abuse things.
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