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  1. And you're not being truthful about this either. First, to my knowledge, no one has been pushed to eat cat food or pay any real-life money. What happened in Cyber Nations I don't know, but I don't know of any instances of that in this game. Second, I don't have clear evidence of who has done what. Again, to my knowledge, none of this has happened in-game, on the forum, or in the official Politics & War Discord Server. Anyone could make a private discord server, make a fake copycat Elijah Mikaelson discord account, find some recently uploaded YouTube video of some kid doing something, send messages telling another fake discord account to do whatever was in the video, and then compile all the information into a really nice detailed report. I wouldn't be surprised if someone does so at this point to be humorous / make a point. And the point is that I am not the police, I can't control what happens in other private Discord servers, and nor will I try. I did my due diligence, which was making a comprehensive report to Discord, who has the ability to follow up on the actions, collect personal information stored on their servers, and file reports with relevant authorities. If your solution is just "ban GOONS" I think most will agree that is completely unreasonable and wrong (for the same reason I outlined above, it would be very easy to have any alliance banned if all you had to do was fake an instance of someone posting a video in a private Discord server.)
  2. Alex

    Game ban

    I've removed the bans, so long as you don't create more than one nation in the future you'll be all set.
  3. What you may not realize is that the P&W forum actually used to have this feature, and it was just recently removed: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/27291-1272019-removing-downvotes-on-the-forum/
  4. To my knowledge, these incidents happened on Discord, not in-game. I provided a very detailed report to Discord's Trust & Safety team to review the incident and take action, because they have all of the information. I did my best to make a report to the FBI, but I don't have the names, addresses, etc. information of those who encouraged others to commit these actions. Ultimately, this is a matter for the authorities - not me - to handle.
  5. You're conflating two completely separate instances. @Elijah Mikaelson getting penalized for protecting money and resources in Vacation Mode had nothing to do with investigating where some missing bank funds had gone (under the presumption there was possibly a bug in the game) and those instances were separated by a considerable amount of time anyway.
  6. As far as I know there's no way to do that. We are limited by the options provided with the forum software. I disagree. No one is forced to write toxic or rule-breaking posts. If you choose to do so, you will be rooted out via the forum rules, and the forum will become a less toxic place as toxic players find themselves prohibited from participating.
  7. An addendum to the announcement: I imagined it would be easy to find a list of all users with negative reputation and set them all to 0 rep, but I haven't been able to do so yet. It may be a few days before all users with negative reputation are reset to 0. In the meantime, if you have negative reputation and would like it reset to 0, please send a private message to myself or @Chief Wiggum. Thank you.
  8. Well, that was per the Game Rules. If you take an alliance bank and hide it in Vacation Mode, 20% is deleted and the 80% returned. So, in this case, I apparently deleted $5,449,577,952.00 worth of money and resources, which means @Elijah Mikaelson went into Vacation Mode with $27,247,889,760 worth of money and resources that had just been withdrawn from the alliance bank in his nation. In my opinion, it's very clear that withdrawing $27,247,889,760 from an alliance bank and going into Vacation Mode is a violation of the "Hiding Alliance Banks" rule. I suppose you could disagree with my interpretation of the rule, but, I imagine most reasonable players would agree that taking $27b from an alliance bank and hiding it in VM is a violation.
  9. Hello, This is just a heads up that I have disabled "downvotes" and negative reputation on the forum. It may take some time to reset all users with negative reputation to the new minimum (zero) so if you're reading this and that hasn't been completed yet, please bear with me for some time. It's been suggested many times that we revise / eliminate the reputation system, and I've finally decided to act. "Downvotes" are really just the laziest way to voice disagreement with someone, and contribute to the negativity and toxicity that is plaguing the game currently. If you disagree with someone's post, you'll be forced to type a response explaining why. Single word posts like "no," "this sucks," etc. are still spam and will still earn you warning points as they always have per the Forum Rules. Also, I've enabled the "Thanks" react to posts as well. Feel free to try it out on this post here
  10. Discord is down? Oh, the relief. The sweet, sweet relief.

    1. Chief Wiggum

      Chief Wiggum

      Yeah... relief...

      This will just get more people at the forums. :v

    2. Madden8021


      Cheif Wiggum is right, it'll just bring everyone to the forums and bicker on the "now popular" topics as usual.

    3. ArcKnox


      Alex: Discord is down? Oh, the relief. The sweet, sweet relief.

      Everyone else:


  11. I think that's intended functionality that the breadcrumbs disappear when you're at the top of the page. In any case, I can't really fix it, it's a forum software issue and not one I really have control over.
  12. I'm not sure why that was happening, but I rebooted two of the servers last night and it seems to have resolved the issue.
  13. Thanks. I will issue a moderation strike and take down the description.
  14. Thanks, that nation has been removed.
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