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  1. Alex

    Politics and War 2018 Meme Year Review

    You missed the gems in this thread, though
  2. I am not trying to rebalance the war system. That is not what this suggestion is about. attacks dataset.xlsx This is off-topic, but it was suggested by players, and at least twice I submitted a very detailed proposal and even went so far as to start in-game development when people hated my proposals on the forum and made comments like "I'd rather have no perks than this" and so the idea was nixed (at least two separate times.)
  3. This is only for defending against airstrikes where the enemy is targeting your ships. It's already a pretty minor buff that only gets used in niche battle cases, in my opinion I don't see any reason it would need to be nerfed further to be implemented. That's a huge amount of added complexity, and definitely deserves a separate discussion in a separate topic. This thread is about a minor project addition - adding new military units would drastically change the war system and probably require a complete rebalance which is neither easy nor fun (for me or the players, generally.) Which problems with this suggestion specifically have I ignored? Most of the "feedback" has been unrelated to the suggestion, and just spinoff ideas for completely new or separate suggestions unrelated to the project. I am asking for input in this particular thread about this particular suggestion, not every player's solution to whatever issue that player thinks the problem with the game is. We can definitely have those discussions, but the point of threads/topics in this subforum is that we separate the discussions to keep things organized. One point I did not address was that yes, large nations do have more slots to fill than projects and will just buy this for no other reason than they can afford it and there's no reason not to. I understand and agree with that, and ideally we'd have a lot more projects so that that's not necessarily the case, and there is some opportunity cost and decision-making involved in deciding which projects to purchase. However, to get to that point we have to get these suggestions through the feedback phase so they can be implemented in-game.
  4. A little late, but welcome to the forum!
  5. You're right, this was a separate issue. I'll see about removing the ability to have multiple of the same treaty with the same alliance soon.
  6. I'm not trying to solve any problems, I'm looking to add new content and create more and different scenarios. At some point, the war system just gets repetitive due to simplicity - adding different strategy options makes the game more interesting (and fun) in my opinion, versus the same rigid playstyles. This is the point that I think needs to be emphasized here - this thread has basically derailed into a "how to completely change the war system" thread which is not at all the point of this suggestion. Adding this project is a very minor expansion to the existing mechanics, and ultimately if you don't like it, you don't have to use it. So long as it isn't overpowered and gamebreaking, I'm of the opinion that more options > less options.
  7. Have anyone's opinions changed on this suggestion? I'd like to bring it back to the forefront for discussion, and look at implementing it on the test server shortly.
  8. I'm not sure the voting categories were the same, and also it would be pretty difficult to differentiate between awards. Obviously you can hover over a given award to see the full explanation, but I don't know how easy that is to do on every mobile device. For users who received the same award in 2017 and 2018, it would just look like they got the same award twice for some reason, and it may be confusing / unclean.
  9. Alex

    War Attacks API

    I think you think Chris is someone different than who he is. Our Chris has no affiliation with Project-Terra, or any game like this until he started working with me here. He also doesn't have development access to fix something like this. I'll look at solving this right now. EDIT: The issue was a minor bug in the code that caused the calculated and recorded value for the cost of infrastructure destroyed in missile attacks to be calculated as the value between 0 and the infrastructure in the city before the attack. This bug has been fixed now, so the values should be properly recorded going forward, but unfortunately there's no way to correct the stored value. In theory, you could calculate the correct value yourself however using the recorded amount of infrastructure destroyed along with the recorded city infrastructure before the attack and run the calculation manually yourself using the infrastructure pricing formula.
  10. Alex

    Nation Score Chart Broken

    Good news everyone - not only has this issue been fixed, but I also started tracking the number of Projects a nation has directly on September 26 of last year, so the score graph after that point in time won't have any weird fluctuations in the Project score.
  11. I was able to write and execute a query to drop all existing treaties where one or more participants are defunct alliances. I'll put it on my to-do list to automate this removal process in the future.
  12. Alex

    2018 P&W Award Voting

    A clarifying post now that I'm back and reading up roughly on the discussions here: Early in my trip, Chris contacted me and asked if I had any issue with the yearly awards being held off-site, and I said no, that's not an issue. These awards are not hosted or overseen by me, as far as I'm concerned, it's completely community run and you should take the entire process (categories to vote in, nominations, voting, etc.) with a grain of salt. This is all just for fun anyway, it's not like winning a vote gives your nation an in-game cash boost or something. I understand the privacy concerns about using a different website, and I think it is smart to be thoughtful and forward thinking about such things. However, this is such a voluntary and unimportant aspect of the game that you can simply not participate if you're that concerned about it. I also understand the concerns about the vote being rigged, and to be honest, I have no idea whether it was rigged or not, I didn't oversee things at all. Again, take all the results with a grain of salt. While I don't really see an incentive to rig the vote (why have a vote in the first place, you could just proclaim so-and-so as [insert category] of the year in a post with much less effort) it is possible. From what I've read, the pollsters are releasing all the voting data publicly for post-validation anyway, so I imagine we'll find out whether it was rigged or not. Someone also mentioned why in-game awards weren't added for 2017 - the reason is that no one made the award icons. Because I'm not overseeing this process, I have never put in the effort to find/create icons for all of the categories, and have told the yearly award administrators that if someone creates a set of awards (for everyone, not just for the award that you won) I'll add them in-game. That happened in 2016 and 2018, but not last year, for whatever reason. Someone could go make a set of award icons now and I could go back and add the 2017 awards in-game as well. Anyway, I hope that about summarizes things. As I said in the results thread, if you received an award in-game that you don't want, just shoot me a message (Discord DM, PM here, PM in-game) and I will remove it for you (or your alliance.) I'd like to get a better voting/polling system setup in-game for a variety of purposes, and it would probably be ideal to build in voting into the game next year and do it more officially. As of now my plan is to really just work P&W full-time in the second half of this year, so I should have plenty of time to configure such a system and even administrate the awards more officially.
  13. Seeing as someone was kind enough to provide award icons for each of the categories, I've added the awards in-game for nations and alliances. Some of the categories are negative, so if anyone would like an award removed from their nation/alliance page, just let me know. Easiest way is to shoot me a message on Discord, but a PM here or in-game will work as well. Also, it was a lot of manually entry setting up the awards, so if I have made any mistakes (incorrect icon, award assigned to wrong person, missing award) please let me know about that as well. And I should probably just add in that I did not facilitate or participate in these yearly awards at all; they were community run and a "for fun" thing. Someone has put them on every year, and I have added awards in-game in the past when someone has taken time to create the awards (for everyone.) I believe last year no one made award icons, so none were added in-game.
  14. Alex

    Potential Multi

    Just there being multiple nations on the same Unique ID is not against the rules. Do you have any other evidence of rule-breaking activity?
  15. My apologies for being gone; I had left right on the 30th as this started. I don't really have anything new to add to what Chris said, only to reiterate that Nazism has always been against the rules, and isn't allowed here.

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