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  1. Alex

    Out of Character attack in war declaration

    I issued a strike against the user's account, he responded saying he was sorry and it wouldn't happen again. If it happens again, I'll take harsher action.
  2. Alex

    Did Someone Already Reported This Guy?

    It's been handled, thanks.
  3. Alex

    Inappropriate City Names

    Thanks for the report, it looks like they've since updated their city names to be in-line with the Game Rules.
  4. Alex

    Out of Character attack in war declaration

    This is the only offense they have recorded in-game. My goal is to encourage people to follow the rules, not ban everyone.
  5. No, communism isn't against the rules.
  6. Alex

    communist themed profile

    That's not against the rules. You can review the forum rules here:
  7. Alex

    Broken forum pip.

    When we upgraded to IPS4 (the forum software) we could no longer have different image extensions for alliance pips. I made an announcement that all pips would need to be resubmitted as .PNG files if they weren't .PNG already, and Arrgh just never resubmitted a new pip, so it's broken. If you resubmit the pip, I'll fix it.
  8. Alex

    Declaration of War

    This thread seems to have severely derailed, and I am concerned about the shift from IC politicking to OOC attacks. I would like to urge everyone to take a deep breath and consider that you're playing an online game with real people from around the world. Each player is a living, breathing person, and while you're not required to like them or work together with them, I urge you to have compassion and respect for them as real people. The things that you do and post can have real-life consequences for some. I would like to have a stronger, friendly community, than an abhorrently toxic one, and I hope all of you agree. With that, I'm locking this thread, and I'm hoping that other, future threads can proceed in a friendlier manner.
  9. Alex

    Suspecting the VMer

    This has been reported to me a lot, so I'll just post it publicly here: The bank is empty, and he's not hiding it in his nation, either. As far as I can tell, no rules are being violated.
  10. Alex

    Target Aircraft Not Working

    Dogfights don't append any extra information to the report message, if that's what you mean. The other attack types do (and X tanks/ships/soldiers/etc.) but the attack message already reports the number of aircraft you destroy regardless of attack type so there's not a need for extra messaging. As far as I know, it's all working properly.
  11. Alex

    Possible Multi

    These two nations: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=165761 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=169064 Are using the same device & e-mails, that looks like enough to call them multis to me.
  12. Alex

    Multiples in Test Server

    Unless we're running a tournament on the test server, I'm not really going to moderate it. It's for testing things, it's regularly reset and wiped with no warning, I wouldn't take anything that happens there too seriously.
  13. Alex

    Vulgar war declaration message

    I will warn the offending player. Thanks for making the report.
  14. Alex


    Locking because this has been fixed.
  15. Alex

    Target Aircraft Not Working

    What do you mean it does nothing? This is the first I've heard of something like this, dogfights should work properly.

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