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  1. Just a quick announcement (and first post!) that this has been changed from a "Category" to a proper subforum, so that you can make general posts about mobile games here.
  2. It's hard for me to say that it's War Slot Filling in this case. While this war may have been inconvenient, it does clearly appear to be a raid using ships to get the fastest beige possible. And it does appear that the defender, Ortego, made an effort to fight back and actually did a decent amount of damage and stole a fair bit of money. Without some sort of proof that this was a coordinated effort between the nations to fill the slot, I'm inclined to believe that it's not a violation of the War Slot Filling rule.
  3. Alex

    Piss Face Credits

    He used stolen money which had to be returned per the Game Rules. It would hardly be fair to allow him to keep the benefits of the $500,000,000 he stole breaking the rules. As for the Credits, I don't have a problem with that, but why isn't he making a post himself (why are you doing it?)
  4. Thank you, they will be banned shortly.
  5. You can't make manufactured resources today (this turn) with raw resources you'll have tomorrow (next turn.) You need to have the raw resources on hand, in your nation's inventory (not just be about to produce them) to make the manufactured resources. How could you make for example gasoline out of oil you haven't produced yet?
  6. No. It was my mistake, and the bug was fixed as quickly as possible.
  7. Check the timestamps compared to my post above, where I fixed the bug about 17 hours later.
  8. Were any of the results of the attack recorded?
  9. I have a ton of stuff to go through, and not enough time to deal with joke threads like this currently. I'm locking it.
  10. If you delete an alliance while blockaded, the funds are deleted, not automatically disbursed.
  11. Alex

    Obvious Multis

    Hard to say for sure that they're multis, right now as long as they're not in violation of the rules I don't have enough evidence to take moderation action.
  12. It's not easy to make such determinations, and I consider every war individually. Moderation of war slot filling is never a "one-size-fits-all" process. To answer your question, The Terapin Federation could have easily won the war (not had a nation sitting on him with a blockade) if he wanted to (look at the superior airforce.) That wasn't happening, so it seems pretty obvious to me that they're coordinating somehow or another to the benefit of The Terapin Federation (keeping their defensive war slot filled.)
  13. Alex

    slot filling

    The war has already ended, and I'm not going to change anything that's happened, but it does look to me to have been War Slot Filling. It's an Ordinary war doing minimal damage and minimal loot, where there is reason to believe there is probable coordination between the attacker and defender. The attacker will receive a moderation strike for War Slot Filling.
  14. Alex


    They have been banned, thank you.
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