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  1. It's true - I did create these accounts with the intention of playing the game on mobile for a bit to see what was working well and what wasn't, improve the mobile UI, and learn more about other ways to improve the new player experience (e.g. tutorial.) My intention was to cover up my multis so that I could at least play for a few weeks and see how it went, but I did a poor job with my first once and then I thought I patched it so I wouldn't show up on the same unique ID for the second account, but again there must have been a bug there. Nothing particularly nefarious, this is something I've done over the years and IMO has led to a lot of quality of life improvements in the game. In fact, one of the most common criticisms I've gotten is that because I don't play the game I tend to make bad decisions in developing it. Other than my main multi account though, Kastor, there's really nothing remarkable to see here. I just went through the tutorial and objectives twice on my phone in the app version of the game.
  2. Issued a moderation strike, thank you
  3. This would be caused by a bad image embed in your alliance description. They used to be encoded as text directly into the description, now images get uploaded directly to the server and are then linked. To fix this, edit your alliance description and cut and paste it back in. That should fix the image embedding issue and will fix the broken javascript like proposing new treaties, and also your score graphs on your alliance page will come back again.
  4. Alex


    I deleted the multi and issued a strike against the main nation, thanks!
  5. I think these may be kids at school playing together, so I'm leaving them be for now
  6. Deleted the multi, issued a strike against main account
  7. Alex


    Deleted the inactive multi
  8. Alex


    Deleted the inactive multi
  9. Alex


    Deleted the small nation, issued a strike against the other
  10. Alex


    Both went inactive and neither validated emails so I've deleted them both.
  11. Alex


    Both went inactive and neither validated emails, so I deleted them both.
  12. Are you getting an error message? I'm not sure why you wouldn't be able to edit pages, unless you don't have an account and the pages you're trying are locked for editing from unregistered users.
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