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  1. Alex

    Nazi names used

    Thank you, I will issue a ban.
  2. Alex

    Slot Filling

    While I don't think the intent was to prevent others from attacking the defender here, this is 100% war slot filling. The war was declared without any intent to win the war, with even leaving evidence in your war declaration reason: "You need 300th win i need an achievement" Per the Game Rules, there's no doubt that this is war slot filling. Therefore, I have issued a moderation strike in-game.
  3. Alex

    Banned nation

    Your ban appeal has been denied. We have very strict rules against Nazism and Anti-Semitism.
  4. This nation has been banned, thank you.
  5. This nation has been banned permanently, thank you.
  6. New nations have a really high GDP per Capita just by their nature of having really low population. I don't see where it says their GDP per Capita is 0, and I don't know that it's a bug necessarily.
  7. I'm not sure I understand what the suggestion is. Instead of randomly deciding where treasures go, just give it to whoever clicks "I want it"?
  8. I have removed the nation, thank you.
  9. This nation has been permanently banned. Thank you.
  10. Assuming this is correct (the new picture doesn't really look like Hitler to me) this isn't against the rules.
  11. I'm pretty sure it's affected everyone. It seems that sometimes the alliance seniority increment-er times out and doesn't run. I'm working on it.
  12. I issued a moderation strike in-game, thanks.
  13. Thanks, I will issue a ban.
  14. IMO, your NIT project seems overpowered. I think that would just become a must-have for every nation, whereas I think projects that create more strategic trade-offs are better for gameplay. In terms of revisions to the project system, similarly I don't think we should make projects easier to get or more available for the same reason - if everyone can just have every project, there is no strategic decision making involved, no room for different and varied playstyles, etc. As for project timers, I agree they should be reduced. IMO, it would be good to separate project/city timers and reduce both to something like 7 days (1 week).
  15. That's odd. I can fix that for you.
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