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  1. This was just fixed locally; it should be pushed live very soon.
  2. Alex

    Nation Score Chart Broken

    Hm, good catch. I'll take a look. It looks like the information is still being tracked properly, but not displayed correctly. Maybe it's just too many data for the graph, I'm not sure.
  3. Alex

    Land leaderboard

    It's on my to-do list
  4. Alex


    Thank you for your report. Given the limited nature of the cheating, I have banned only one of the nations and issued a strongly worded message to the other that if they cheats again, they will be banned and all of their progress will be lost.
  5. Alex

    Lower Resistance Damage

    This seems like a more elegant solution. I'm not opposed to this by any means, but I would really like to see a lot of feedback before making such a significant change.
  6. I'll see if I can get this fixed soon. Thanks for the report.
  7. Alex

    Vulgar Country Shapes

    Yeah, this is my sentiment. I don't think this nation map is going to ruin anyone's life or scar any children.
  8. Alex

    Multi Made Today

    This has been handled. That player did create multiple nations, and because they violated the Game Rules in the process of the 'bank stealing' the funds were return as-is precedent. The player has been banned, though may be unbanned if they promise to never violate the rules again. As a foreword to anyone else reading this report: I do not normally return alliance bank contents that are stolen, unless there was some sort of cheating/rule violation in the process of the alliance bank 'theft'.
  9. Alex

    Multi Made Today

    I'm investigating now, thanks for your report.
  10. Alex

    Baseball bug?

    Do you have multiple tabs open? This error is a result of cookies being saved incorrectly in your browser.
  11. Alex

    Baseball bug?

    Can you copy and paste the error message?
  12. Your nation page only displays your nation. This is because if we displayed all of the nation polygons around you, there would be overlapping chaos. If you go to someone else's nation page you will see their nation polygon, or if you go to the World Map you can see the top 250 nations as points (flags).
  13. Thanks for the kind words! And I really hope it will draw in more players; that was the whole intent!
  14. Oil, Coal, and Uranium. It also has Food, but with permanent -50% Food production. Here's the new distribution table:

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