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  1. I'm not sure why it wouldn't be working. You may have the best luck asking other people who are more knowledgeable about API usage than me in #api on the Discord Server.
  2. Quickest way is probably just to shoot me a DM on Discord. However, for clarification, you were charged for the additional 2K infra you didn't mean to purchase, correct?
  3. I believe the (lack of) capitalization is from people spelling his name without a capitalized first letter when they create the embargo. Very minor bug, but thanks for letting me know!
  4. Alex


    A warning has been issued for spam posting. Topic locked.
  5. I created a "calibration" script to calculate how many MAPs a war should have, and update it if it's greater than the calibrated amount. Because you did some attacks before that shouldn't have happened due to MAP restrictions, it must be deducting your new MAPs immediately.
  6. Alex


    They are, they're just in Vacation Mode. You need to toggle that option when searching, as Vacation Mode nations are excluded by default.
  7. I'm aware of the issue, thanks for the report. Please let me know if it happens again.
  8. I'm aware of the issue, thanks for the report. Please let me know if it happens again.
  9. I'm aware of the issue, thanks for the report. Please let me know if it happens again.
  10. Alex

    Extra Maps Used

    Thanks for letting me know. Please let me know if it happens again.
  11. Thank you for pinging me. In the future, please report any and all posts you see like this, and it will automatically flag them for moderator review. This user has been permanently banned from the forum based on this content I've seen posted here. I have no interest in tolerating pedophilia or pedophilia-apologists on this forum. Locking this topic, as I don't imagine anything else good can come of it now.
  12. Alex


    I'm not sure I see clear evidence that they're controlled by the same player. Do you have any evidence besides that they've shared the same IP address (unique ID)?
  13. That first attack that's logged there never went through. No damage, no MAPs taken, etc. It was because of a patch I pushed through but had a typo and broke the war pages for about 5 minutes earlier today. See: Also, moving to Tech Support.
  14. I had pushed live an attempted fix for the MAP deduction bug that's ravaging the game, and there was a typo causing the page to break. Sorry about that, it's fixed now.
  15. Moving to Tech Support. Thanks for letting me know. I've added an additional check at the end of the script to again deduct the MAPs if they weren't deducted before. Maybe this will help sort out the issue. Please report if it happens again.
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