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  1. Permanently banned, thank you.
  2. I would not consider this a violation of the rules.
  3. Thank you. I have forwarded this information to the app guy, our next step is to try and reproduce the error on our end through emulation and then figure out how to fix it. Hopefully that won't take too long now that we know what we need to emulate
  4. This is a no-discussion forum. A warning was issued, and this topic is now being locked.
  5. Creating 3 nations while you're waiting for your ban to expire for creating multiple nations isn't a very good strategy. I've banned your new multis. Wait for your ban (now bans) to expire, and then create ONE nation.
  6. It's a known issue, we are working on it.
  7. In the future, feel free to use the "Report" functionality built into the forum software, as this is really more of a forum report than a Game Report. That said, I'll issue a warning, and if there's no nation matching this forum account it will be flagged as "No Matching Nation" which is effectively a ban until they link their nation and appeal it.
  8. Alex


    I guess some people never learn. Will re-ban, thank you.
  9. I don't see strong enough evidence to say they are multis at this time, but thank you for the report.
  10. Thank you, those nations have been banned as well.
  11. Note: I did end up changing it back to resetting at the midnight update.
  12. Hi @Nicoo0o0, thank you for the thorough report and including the video. I am going to chat with the app developer and see if we can figure out what's going on. In the meantime, you should be able to play at https://politicsandwar.com in your mobile browser hopefully without these issues. Thank you! @Nicoo0o0 Can you tell me what device you are using here?
  13. We could reduce the cost of rebuilding previously built infrastructure.
  14. It looks like they might be kids at a school based on the email addresses.
  15. Thank you, I have removed the nation.
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