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  1. What even is a raccoon though?

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    2. Ukunaka


      Raccoons are of the Super Family Musteloidea, which includes, ringtails, weasels, skunks, red pandas and others, further up they are in the infraorder  Arctoidea which they share with Ursoidea (Bears) and Pinnipedias (Seals and Walrus)

    3. Buorhann
    4. Smith
  2. CuppyCakeYums

    Tales of Salty Nord : Pantheon strikes back

    Well I can take your happy meal then
  3. All the worlds problems can be solved with wolves

    1. Smith


      What about a shortage of deer 

    2. CuppyCakeYums
    3. Smith



  4. CuppyCakeYums

    Let's Dance

    Have fun in your new place! o7
  5. Shifty doesn't suck

  6. CuppyCakeYums

    Shifty News Network-Viewer Discretion is Advised

  7. CuppyCakeYums

    Player Advertisement's

    Dunno if its a ndf or whatever but i see alot of old ones magically appeared aswell, like ads for tTO and lord which have disbanded
  8. CuppyCakeYums

    Breaking News from the Shifty News Network-Fark hospitalized

    bamboozle = banboozle
  9. CuppyCakeYums

    The Commonwealth protects The Dixie Union

    Nice to have you as our protectorate! o7 Edited: the announcement post was super lame though, should have spiced it up
  10. CuppyCakeYums

    Econ Questions

    Well I am glad to see you have moved past how you conducted business in December.
  11. CuppyCakeYums

    Econ Questions

    Same honestly
  12. CuppyCakeYums

    Econ Questions

    Apparently their current leader got the money. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=31300&display=bank Also the reference to my comment about Tiggera: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=3073&display=bank
  13. CuppyCakeYums

    Econ Questions

    Oh. I was just going through some logs of Pantheon, and saw $650m were sent to their leader for a city grant. I was confused and dunno how it was helping/whether it was helping. Especially since a lot of their bank was from Tiggera. Is it a wise decision?
  14. CuppyCakeYums

    Econ Questions

    Obviously I am still a bit confused because as you could assume from my title, I am probably not too good with econ. I also dont get how it could be a jab when im just trying to learn how alliance econ works
  15. CuppyCakeYums

    Econ Questions

    So this is obviously a bit late but I just noticed some stuff now and was a bit confused, if anyone could help me out that would be great! Say if an alliance needs to rebuild their bank, should they be giving out large grants and/or loans during it?

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