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  1. I just know that the Madden/TKR beef won't end well and I don't even care about what's coming from a player that I won't name's mouth since they are a figment of everyone's imagination and it annoys them.

  2. When a 10k+ member discord server pings everyone telling them to join Camelots server..

  3. Y'all ever have trouble sleeping, but then it gets so close to morning when you have to wake up for work so you panic and don't sleep so you aren't late or miss work?

    Me rn, i also found a species called Raccoon dogs tonight and they are amazing.

  4. can confirm, was hanging with a bunch of friends and had too much, I ended up turning into a baked good, what are the odds of that????
  5. Uh, yeah basically the title. I don't think I've ever really seen a time where they weren't on the forums going crazy at people. Discuss. edit: Dang i forgot to ping everyone
  6. Peace is happening you say?

    Well, I will note that it might happen before Thanksgiving since that's when the Holidays start since the holidays is all about spending time with your loved ones like Family and Friends and not to go nuts over peace agreements and no one wants to work on achieving peace during the Holidays anyway. We either see Peace happen now or let it continue till New Years. Up to you on the choices since I don't make them.

  7. Problem with MAPs not used in this war https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=525651 Maps weren't used with my airstrike. Can you remove the 4 MAPs that should have been removed for doing that airstrike please? Thank you
  8. Why is it that cheeseburgers come with cheese, but hamburgers don't come with ham?

    1. Blackbird


      Hamburgers originated in the city of Hamburg, Germany. They were named after a cut of steak called the “hamburg”.

      “In the late eighteenth century, the largest ports in Europe were in Germany. Sailors who had visited the ports of Hamburg, Germany and New York, brought this food and term “Hamburg Steak” into popular usage. To attract German sailors, eating stands along the New York city harbor offered “steak cooked in the Hamburg style.”

      -History of Hamburgers, Whats Cooking America


      The intention of the word “hamburg” was not implying there was ham in it at all. Americans have modified this food and coined it “hamburger”, incorporating it into our culture.

      America has also simplified this term to burger, with a cheeseburger being a hamburger with cheese.

      Source: Quora.com

    2. Godwinson
  9. Congrats on being in your first global whether you wanted to or not . Hope the rebuild is swift!
  10. So we got another IQ sized sphere (dunno actual comparisons) again? Feelsbadman
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