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  1. Econ Questions

    Well I am glad to see you have moved past how you conducted business in December.
  2. Econ Questions

    Same honestly
  3. Econ Questions

    Apparently their current leader got the money. Also the reference to my comment about Tiggera:
  4. Econ Questions

    Oh. I was just going through some logs of Pantheon, and saw $650m were sent to their leader for a city grant. I was confused and dunno how it was helping/whether it was helping. Especially since a lot of their bank was from Tiggera. Is it a wise decision?
  5. Econ Questions

    Obviously I am still a bit confused because as you could assume from my title, I am probably not too good with econ. I also dont get how it could be a jab when im just trying to learn how alliance econ works
  6. Econ Questions

    So this is obviously a bit late but I just noticed some stuff now and was a bit confused, if anyone could help me out that would be great! Say if an alliance needs to rebuild their bank, should they be giving out large grants and/or loans during it?
  7. Congratulations to Roquentin

    Bread is bad for birds, feed them cornseeds or bird feed bro smh
  8. The End (of Orbis?!).

    Uh, congrats? feelspenguinman
  9. War Stats

    To be fair, that's a bit of work because if he has to do that he would have to add all of the people who left NB (Spanish Armada peeps etc.) that went to form their own smaller micro
  10. Guardian Announcement

    Lets go Guardian! Have fun all
  11. So since the rest of my gov is lazy they are making me write this up, unfortunately for them im probably the most lazy one of us. Since we are bored and reasons! We decided we want to have fun along with WTF TCW declares on WTF Let them eat cake i guess Felkeys war music for 2018:
  12. ROK's Declaration of War

    Hope it goes well, GL ragnarok!
  13. Mandate Mechanicus

    Good Luck! Expect lots! Gives cake
  14. Hello From New Airlandia

    Hello! Hope you have been liking the game so far cake or pie?