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  1. CuppyCakeYums

    Welcome back Felkey! (A video tribute)

    for some reason this song sounds super familiar but i cant remember the name of it
  2. CuppyCakeYums

    The Griffin in the Tree Accords

    don't ask me why the last bit turned black, i realize now copy and pasting off of a google doc is terrible and i hate the forums editing options, that is all
  3. CuppyCakeYums

    The Griffin in the Tree Accords

    TL:DR at the bottom So one sadly hot Autumn day, there was a GIANT tree on the top of a hill. A pack of Griffins were flying when they noticed the giant tree in the distance. The leaders of the Griffins decided to head out by themselves to check out this unnaturally large tree. So the leaders landed under the tree, looking up and seeing how vast its leaves and branches were. "I think we should claim this as ours" Said leader JtTeE. "How do we claim things again? It’s been months and my memory is a bit poor" replied Synthesis. "We get one of us to piss on it! Like a cat!" Roared Memph. So 8mrgrim8 is chosen as the designated claimer and starts huddling beside the tree, ready to take his griffinous leak when the tree started making a noise! "OH NO THIS THING WON’T PISS ON OUR TREE" Was heard from up above in the cloud of leaves. The Griffin leaders all jumped back in attack formation when they see one after another, common humans sprouting from hiding to look down at them "Yo this is our tree, wanna kerfuffle?" Came from the man who looked to be the human leader. "Uh, I'd rather not, we are a bit hungry though" Replied 8mrgrim8. Out of nowhere, a smaller human starts shaking one of the branches, the Griffins are confused but still on guard about what the human was doing. The little human shook the tree so that piles and piles of cake fall down out of the leaves in front of Griffins. "Have some of our cake! Also, we haven’t even introduced each of ourselves yet, I'm Purpley and the one who said he wants to scrap is our leader Felkey". Later on after the first appearance of the two groups, Purpley invited the Griffin leaders (and the pack the Griffins mentioned about) to come mingle for a meeting party! So all the humans and Griffins met and had a get together, eating lots of cake and delicacies that the humans offered, even though most of it was cake. The Griffins and humans got together more and more as days passed, introducing and having a good time together. After the leaders of each group had introduced themselves and had a chat, getting to know each groups culture, how they are, and what they like, the first get together seemed to be a success because both groups seemed to really like each other right off the bat. "Sorry for the confusion at the beginning, it was nice to meet you guys! The Commoners are pretty cool" Said 8mrgrim8. "No worries, happens sometimes when we take a snooze, you guys are pretty amazing as well, as we said we have no Griffins here but we have something similar, we have a pet Sphinx!" Replies Felkey. They all laugh and have a grand time “So this first appearance has turned out a lot better than I expected, we were looking for more people to be friends with, what do you say? We don’t bite... most of the time" JtTeE says "Friends sounds good! We might show ourselves as aggressive sometimes, even when we first meet but getting friends is awesome!" Blurted out Sven, one of The Commoners leaders. "What is a friend to you guys though?" Mentioned Lionstar. "Well, friends are close to each other, if they hear something interesting they will tell each other, same goes if your friend is in danger!" Replied JtTeE. "Especially with that danger, friends will come and defend you if anything happens" Memph added. "Friends also rightfully help each other on occasions where you need to strike first! Boomed Synthesis. The Commoner leaders looked at each other, and showed big smiles. "That sounds exactly like friends should be!" Chuckles Purpley. "What happens if we stop being friends though?" Was asked by the pessimist Felkey. A quick pause of silence happened from both sides. "Well, even if we stop being friends, we will tell each other about it, but we don’t think friendships should go like that though!" Smiled JtTeE. "I guess we should celebrate our new found friendship with more cake and tea then?!" Purpley said as she jumped with glee. So they all celebrated, eating more cake and having a good time with each other over their new bond of friendship. Common Humans and Griffins, together. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Griffin in the Tree Accords Guardian and The Commonwealth have agreed to the following terms: Article 1 If one alliance hears something interesting, they should inform the other alliance should it pertain to them. Article 2 If one alliance is attacked, the other alliance must come to their defense. Article 3 Both alliances reserve the right to enter into a joint offensive together. Article 4 If either alliance wishes to end this agreement, a 72 hour notice must be given wherein a NAP will be observed for that 72 hour period. Signed for Guardian, Memph - High Government JtTeE - High Government 8mrgrim8 - High Government Synthesis - He does things too. Signed for TCW, Felkey - Prime Minister Purplemoon/Yui - Chief of Staff, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sphinx - Minister of Finance Lionstar - Minister of the Interior Sven Shieldmaker - Minister of Defense and guy who refuses to buy more cities
  4. Hey guys if you get a chance go downvote in whatever thread that's posted in. Thanks fam. 

  5. the person above eats cats

  6. CuppyCakeYums

    We need to settle this. Is it GOB or is it Grumpy?

    I usually call them grumps
  7. CuppyCakeYums

    Shifty News Network-Breadfan

    Bruh, they haven't fought in a war for like a year right? They probably sitting on 1tril from that peacetime!
  8. CuppyCakeYums

    Shifty News Network-Breadfan

    I can't search back to post it here cause I'm on phone and too lazy, but it's not the first time a t$ gov member got looted when holding the bank. Months and months ago Tim was also beiged by an arrgh member while holding a portion of the bank, so it's a bit funny that it happened again, but a different gov member having it happen this time. Animal Pic: rippp
  9. CuppyCakeYums

    Alliance relevance rank!

    just went to go check, turns out he is already in e$ rip, mean joke means nothing now but i'm still just as worried 😭
  10. CuppyCakeYums

    Alliance relevance rank!

    Probably not the best relevancy rank, Not putting my alliance in it cause reasons and! Also my first and hopefully only time I make a hopefully decent post for fun so don't kill me please! 1. NPO 2. TKR 3. t$ 4. BK 5. KT 6.CoS 7. TEst (spelt right?) 8. Polaris 9. TFP 10. Pantheon Even with my bias against them Basically what I thought for here is put the leaders of their respective spheres in the top 10 because they get to have the most weight to throw around other than themselves (NPO, TKR, t$ for being the leaders of the main spheres, with BK being a sorta coleader sort of thing with NPO. And KT and Polaris for being leaders of their respective spheres even though their groups are smaller the larger ones. If anyone disagrees with the KT or Polaris ones I also put them in while being leaders because even if they arent, they are the largest alliances in their spheres in terms of score so they get to have the most leverage to do stuff in my eyes. CoS and TEst are basically the same to me, they are both wildcardish alliances that could effect how a war goes for any side while not being paper aligned to any sphere at all, and noone really knows what they are doing half the time so its makes their relevancy go up cause of that and their theoretical mil strength that could harm the sweet spots of multiple spheres. TFP cause they have probably the strongest alliance i believe in Military strength as their MD partner while also being one of the largest alliances in member count (over 100 right?) and not aligned to any main sphere through an M treaty, meaning their numbers plus their M tie with guardian could change how a war goes depending on who they are fighting against SCARY! Even though I don't like Pantheon I have to give them credit because of how well their lower tier is grouped along with their size and allies, they seem to be getting better in Milcom (they actually raid and do well, despite probably raiding alooooot of people they shouldn't be) So yeah, big alliance, lower tier is grouped well and solid allies, out of the remaining top 20 I would have to choose, Id put pantheon in here because (sorry for the others I didn't put in here cause it could be offensive and it was rushed a bit) they have a lot more that could push them to relevancy than the remaining top 20 people that I didn't include. Sorry for my bad English if I messed up explaining and my wording, i'm not good at it lol but I am happy I got to do something I thought was fun! Thanks for letting me join in. Insert mean joke here: I think Itachi should go back to E$ if it's t$'s training alliance because he should probably learn a few things before going back up to t$ I've been trying to always post a pic at the end of my comments now on the forums so here is an Otter!
  11. CuppyCakeYums

    The Crows Ahead Cry War

    First! Also, two weeks starting from now.
  12. Smith uses his tinderdates to lure and steal cats!!!

    1. Yui


      The meanie!

    2. Rimski


      put him to a firing squad?

  13. Discord Mods are not TRASH, they live in the same not a dump world as wiki mods. 

    1. Rimski


      They are p trash

  14. I like my coffee like I like my coffee.


    I don't like coffee


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