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  1. TCW still got rolled because they only switched for self-serving reasons after 8 months of war, pissed everyone off during the process, and continued to do so during the NAP. Were you aware that even as they were switching sides, they were still trying to leverage terms on Coalition A? So, no, the how and why of when people switched matters, as does what they've done since.
  2. You're missing my point. I'm not addressing your points on NAPs in general, nor do I wish to. I don't disagree with a lot of what you've said, as you well know, so please spare me the lecture. NPOLT, however, was a unique circumstance and should be excluded from your narrative.
  3. Yeah, okay, no. Much as I am not much a fan of NAPs, we all needed a $&@%ing break there, after 9 months of war and the game as a whole needed to recover. NAPs were signed before NPOLT too, you know. An extraordinary circumstance that I hope to God is never repeated is not the cause of what you're proclaiming when it's been something that's been prevalent for years and people have been complaining about since at least ToT.
  4. LUCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII OMG CONGRATS To Valk, congratulations on a very well deserved retirement. Despite our IC differences in the more recent past, I've always had great respect for you and you've served Rose through some of the most challenging times any of us have had to contend with in this game. 🍻
  5. We only hit one group in that time period and it wasn't random nor was the NAP a factor in why we hit them. Don't get your knickers in a twist simply because I answered a question. My statement made no judgement but I'm not going to not set the record straight when this was not something we particularly like nor something we would have asked for, a fact which your coalition is well aware of. We've made little secret our dislike of NAPs and so your coalition would have known they needed to ask for one if they wanted one. Don't pretend it's altruistic when both t$ and Rose are clearly just wanting to shield themselves from who they see as their two biggest threats in the interim, given that they took care to make it a blanket NAP. As for why we didn't fight it, Ronny already answered that: Essentially, it was deemed to be pretty thoroughly in the "not worth arguing about" category. We didn't see you guys as likely to get rid of it - especially since it was basically all you asked for - and it would be incredibly pointless to waste time arguing to get it down when your side wasn't likely to budge significantly on the length either. As hidude pointed out, there's a point at which NAPs become functionally useless. Plus, we had other things worth spending more time on and wasting capital on a useless mission would not have aided that. Are you making fun of my drawing? ;-;
  6. Yes, I'm sure it was very altruistic. Our 1 member who actually reacted there thanks you.
  7. Bollywood asked for it.
  8. Good war, everyone! o7 @Sval I hope you like your 🥔
  9. Voting happens after the war ends
  10. Haven't y'all already been doing this? Where have you been the last three years? Why else have I been raising little psychopaths to share in my love of being outnumbered? Smdh.
  11. https://giphy.com/gifs/cute-look-wyd-1isd0IHAY2xOz84vG6
  12. I don't think you're paying well enough attention to the politics if "secret treaties" is your only take away from the CBs of the last few wars.
  13. I think you need to revisit that as I neither insulted your intelligence nor did anyone from my alliance upvote. I questioned your usage of the word "shady" to describe those actions. Your #1 is quite clearly: "When losing the argument, pull out a 'no u', even if it doesn't make sense." Regarding the rest of what you said in this thread, you'll forgive me if I ignore you since you blaming "trillion-dollar wars" on TKR is a pastime of yours, just like when you decided to pin NPOLT on us. I look forward to seeing what your next hot take is.
  14. I think you need a dictionary. Luckily I have so many readily available given the dubious literacy of this game.
  15. "&" sounds like a wonderful game. Full of possibilities.
  16. We'll still be good even if you do engage in snarky smack talk with me ❤️
  17. Big talk for someone who doesn't understand how damage and war works. Name Withheld has 1b more damage dealt than you despite having 20 members to your 180 and getting blitzed.
  18. There's a lot more context to that. HW didn't do as well as they did in that war based on their own merit. Lots of mistakes were made that contributed to said advantage. You should go check out this post for a pretty detailed analysis of why that happened the way it did:
  19. Lazy is spending three days yelling at your FA for not actually saying their real reasons and doing your alliance a disservice with the ones they did give? Duly noted, Eumir. Stick to shitposting. You're a lot better at it.
  20. Oh, man, you're effort posting? This is worse than I thought. Checks Eumir's forehead for fever. For real though, no. Hegemony, like dogpile and consolidation and several other words on Orbis, are little more than tired old buzzwords that have been in play for years and no longer have any actual meaning because people throw them around like they're going out of style. I should make a list sometime. Regarding the rest of what you said, us "flailing our arms" got you from this terrible post post to this wonderful-by-comparison glow up. You're welcome. Y'all may have wanted GG but you didn't really say that at the time, you just spouted off some nonsense conspiracy theories. Furthermore, not all your reasoning has to do with GG. Stop complaining about us being involved on the forums/saying we're making it all about us when your reasons (such as your silly theories) include us and, even if it didn't, we're still well within our rights to counter nonsense being thrown at our allies. It's a lazy technique designed to shut people up by shaming them because you can't actually counter the argument, whether by skill or choice.
  21. I think it's time for some coffee, Eumir. You seem like you could use a pick-me-up; your shitposting is lacking this morning.
  22. Awful defensive there. It's okay, you don't have to admit your love for us. We know it's there.
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