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Brrrrring me Peace


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Best wishes. Maybe next war we’ll be on the same side of the line 


Wine for courage, making love to a camp follower. Tomorrow the battalion leaves for Burgundy.
Wine for courage, and two hours of sleep before dawn. Thank you, thank you  recruiters

You've got wine and a camp follower..thank you, thank you, recruiters

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It was fun getting to pester you guys when I was able to rebuild.  Good luck rebuilding and maybe we can join you in peace soon.

2 minutes ago, Micchan said:

So Polaris was one of the hostages and now they are free to peace?

Read the room


Former leader of Chocolate Castle 4/1/2021

"It's pretty easy to get abused by Rosey without being a weirdo about it" - Betilius

"Rosey is everything I look for in a fighter" - partisan

"I’m very much not surprised that Lossi has you blocked tbh" - @MCMaster-095

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1 hour ago, Eva-Beatrice said:

Free Eva's waifus from imprisonment in the Polaris server. Do the right thing.


1 hour ago, kalev60 said:

Good luck on peace, and good luck moving forward, it´ s been real Gentlemen. I hope unlike some others I hear rumours about you stick around for years to come and get more fun out of this game.  :)


Polaris endures.  We will continue until the lights go out.  In the end there will be Order.

It was a pretty fun time, I must say however that something needs to change because individual wars are now about as boring as they can be.

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