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  1. We are all playing P&W, school systems of multitudes of nations have obviously failed us...
  2. Name a year that has been good for tCW, with the exceptions of the first 2 years of P&W, I dare you to find one under the current name... Jokes aside, thanks for the good wishes...
  3. Jesus frick, I was actually mentioned in a serious post about gag orders, LMAO... ego-tripping my balls off on full stomach of vodka and beer right now
  4. I only have one question and I don= t have strong feelings about it one way or another, but why does my name always come up when some of us go rat-hunting ?
  5. Sphinx logs in any and all context are bad CB, their just bad everything, Sphinx is a bad bad man, luckily I answer to new and improved socialist overlords...
  6. Getting rolled a lil bit and actually able to negotiate a peace after almost a year long last war that ended just because some hentai was found and people still ask are you retarded, I guess there is no pleasing the Orbis peanut gallery . Nice treaty text btw also as always my signature on it was forged because everyone knows my hands are always to full with shots and beer mugs to even consider signing anything...
  7. Let me get this right first, S stands for shite , right ?
  8. Currently you can import either to one city or all of them. It would be nice if lets say importing to 1 through 10th city and 11th through 21 city was added to make more complex city building more easy then having to go through them all manually .
  9. Just a head´s up for Goon Squad, TCW generally doesn´t ask any protectorate to merge, it´s well known and documented historically that most our protectorates join/merge into TCW at somepoint or they die, we don´t have to ask them, it just happens without asking, sometimes even protectorates ask us if they could merge... Other point is small bank jokes, I´ll make em till corona finally gets me blacked out drunk, it´s like having a small pee-pee, and until proven otherwise I believe we are dealing with a micro-penis at this point....
  10. that church tank is amazing! does the bell ring every time the tanks fires ?
  11. Yeah this got all my spidey senses tingling the wrong way...
  12. While I can applaud any capitalist endeavour similar to this, I have a hard time believing Alex would be fine with the ads and advocating for one of my favourite over-priced cancer-sticks, which you´d need to do in this game for such sponsorship to happen. Soft drinks while arguably as dangerous to one´s health as cigarettes are just weirdly more accepted in western societies.
  13. Disclaimer: sadly none of those are official TCW talking- or viewpoints represented in this one at all. Finally our Socialist Overlord/Communist furry Sphinx more familiarly known to some as the Snake from down under, is not confident enough on his iron grip of power to call another few weeks as "democratic elections" for TCW. His clearly rigged em, paid the key officials in IA and these elections are just for show indented to consolidate his image as the one and only glorious leader of TCW to keep his insidious and down right wrong and oppressive economical policies in place, which tax the whales 100% while supporting the plebs who are too young to know anything about real loyalty or effectiveness in combat. While I have always been considered as the Shield of Democracy in the TCW even by previous prime ministers and canadian mad-men like Justin076, current elections being such an obvious ploy that I just had to speak out against em publicly... Also if anyone on is interested in my election platform the DNA has published the whole thing at TKR forums, it´s my most lit platform to date, if I do say so myself... Also DNA endorses only two candidates so far in the elections: Kalev60 and Aesir because the GPA mascot paid well for the endorsement #Legal-coup_or_DIE
  14. Can´t say that I agree with everything OP said but sticking with your allies no matter what is respectable. Good luck!
  15. This here is one of the best examples to support the TCW internal opposition to our Socialist Overlords /Communist Furries instead of trying to advocate the whole AA bad, which is stupid view point on Shitfyies part... clearly he is also compensating for not able to get anything good, and dragging the trash leak about Mal of all people trying to shine a light at rulebreaking ... Just weak and SAD.
  16. there is still hope.. From what I´ve seen so far Curu active as hell on the forums to see who cares about them leaving and smacking the ones making fun of them leaving. Enjoyed working with you to take over the upper tier it was fun, what followed and how it all played not that much, and hope BK finds a good game in which to become strong again. Sad to see all of them go because a way smaller cheater group but it is what it is and sometimes people just go home like Cartman...
  17. Dear Bjorn if 30 page report by Alex where he laid out the cheaters plan, actions and pretty cut and dry proof did not sink in why do you think your question can break throw the brain washing? To Op my decision was easy to curb the more joyious in my AA to not dance on the graves of our fallen enemies too much, to keep playing more actively as the guilty have finally brought to justice and to invest more time in making my small place on Orbis a more brighter place... I feel everything is again possible on Orbis with the great toxicity now gone or at-least curbed for the moment and think it is again a game worth playing.
  18. Honestly it sucks for so many having to suffer because of the cheating few. Having been an alliance leader in similar situation where half the Orbis wanted you dead for valid reasons (neutral bashing for me) It was a hard thing to keep going, ultimately we reasoned at the time that pressuring our members to delete as final frick you was out of the question as we were not that weak-willed to get our members do give up on ties to others and their time invested in the game. It´s sad to see some "leaders" think it´s a good idea to get their members to quit as protest against punishment of cut and dry cheating on massive scale. But I guess it´s ultimately up to them, how they want to be, be remembered and play and live. Still sad to see so many established and rich history having AA´s to fold over over this little fiasco of cheating. My heart goes out to the rank and file members as they did nothing wrong and are faceing a hard decision of either going with their community and throwing in many cases years of gameplay away or sticking around and finding a new home...
  19. lol, like the OD love was that good or different from any other love Orbis has ever given us... Probably have to finally coup Sphinx too bad I was too late and can´t bring GPA back no-more to correct the coerce your are suggesting is waiting us
  20. As one of the last 3 GPA Triumvirs known on Orbis this charter is kind of off especially the governing section... otherwise good attempt but Orbis has never been kind to neutrals, we want reps or neutral pixxels shall burn....
  21. gone quiet into the dark night my sweet prince, why I got banned from disbanded discord I´ll never know, SAD.
  22. Obvious attempts at poaching a corpse aside in this tread, pressuring your members to throw away their time in game and connections they made with other people feels just wrong even for Orbis...
  23. Good luck on peace, and good luck moving forward, it´ s been real Gentlemen. I hope unlike some others I hear rumours about you stick around for years to come and get more fun out of this game.
  24. I guess it´s good for Camelot to get peace even if for only a little while as IQ might just wanna roll you now... Alex man bad, cheating Manga-Man good was a weird line though
  25. kalev60


    Kind of late to this party, all that NPO provided and as it turned out illegaliy gained booze and manga kept be from properly celebrating this fine little peace with now sadly fangless great snakes. Even went as far as ingrantly offering to start peace talks again with T$ on our safe for work embassy not that foxy dungeonly whole the likes of Letum would even approve but I digress. So once again it´s good to give a peace a change and despite all the pleb drama, the little nations are running around like the world is on fire or something it´s cool to chill around 8k nations strength and have em eat cake you paid for with your precious whale oil...
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