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  1. We ARE tired, but we hold our honor to a higher degree than our personal feelings. I wouldn't have minded staying comfy making cash, but I have a responsibility to my allies, and to a game I love tolerate. An eternal hegemony that kills the game is in no ones interest, not even the hegemon. Sphinx's responsibility for the war continuing does increase, but his responsibility for a (probable) eventual positive peace deal has increased more. Always an even trade.
  2. It was worth losing like 400m in infra also, I'm just a random nation to you Epi?
  3. Ryleh


    Says mr ill promote anime for money
  4. Ryleh


    Do you have the base image? without the red on it. GET IN THE GODDAMN MECH SHINJI ummmm, no. Cu Chulainn is best girl in the fate franchise. Although Gilgamesh is a TOTAL dom, which is pretty great.
  5. I am currently blockaded, but i will get cash to you.
  6. Weebunism is a good micro cause they're an anime micro. I will throw money at anything promoting anime.
  7. I quite like Skaes gifs. They're usually kinda cute, and i enjoy cute stuff.
  8. The great and allmighty Ryleh
  9. DUCK MAN BAD am i doing it right
  10. Yeah, terrible choice on our part
  11. I can make sure that doesn't happen 🙂
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