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  1. Ah, that explains the 10k score drop
  2. This is the Adeptus Mechanicus (Ad Mech) DoE (Declaration of open Eroticism) This is the story of how Ad Mech came to be (part 1) Requirements to join: 1) being team-oriented and desiring to work towards a greater goal, to the point of taking 100% taxes 2) not being afraid to lose all of your infra and resources in our wars 3) following orders 4) being fluent in english 5) being able to at least log in daily 6) being willing to learn Discord link: https://discordapp.com/invite/tgqtYnr Credits: Ryleh wrote the story, editted by Senry, image created by Odin
  3. Ryleh

    War Stats

    Lose infra one time, rebuy back up to 700, lose it again. That's how it'd be pushed down so much.
  4. The Nuclear Korea War
  5. I'd argue against this, as would all of the other highly successful pirates Much of the time it is close because you have a marked disadvantage due to lack of military/counters/etc as Micchan said.
  6. I mean, it's spanish armada, i dont know why it wouldn't be ships...
  7. Ryleh

    A WiFi DoW

    Let the world burnnnn
  8. I think the people would be very cautious. Have a 3rd nation made weeks if not months earlier.
  9. I wonder if @Alex has anything to say to this or if he'll just ignore it. (no excuse now alex for not reading this )
  10. Nice. Thought it was gonna be TKR-Pan treaty going, but oh well Maybe next time Good luck not Cynic!
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