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  1. Lossi

    War Slot Filling

    While I don't mind looking these things up for you and sending a log. If you don't keep track of the number on the ticket, that's not something we can reasonably do. Ticket 938, and the surrounding tickets I could find don't involve you, and were mostly about VIP.
  2. Here's a thought for you. Don't try to force people to play within your vision. Does slot filling suck? Sure but if it's mechanically possible with features intentionally coded by you, it shouldn't be against the rules.
  3. Says it on the tin. Let alliances create achievements that can be given by the gov members to be showcased with or in-place of the game achievements. A lot of AA's already have a ribbon system, that this would be able to formalize.
  4. Merge t$, ally Fark, blitz Camelot Next: tCW, Weebunism, guardian
  5. If by interesting, you mean Keno cheater, selling cash for real life money, paying people to slot his spies, scamming people for months, and raging anytime someone called him out on it, then yeah. I guess it's extremely fascinating it took Alex this long to ban him, guess that's what paying Alex 40$ a month will do for you.
  6. I'm sorry you have poor judgement of character.
  7. Don't even know if I'd call it a victory. Victory would have been Alex banning him for the money selling scandal. Just glad to see a cheater gone at this point.
  8. You won't be missed, bye felicia
  9. Pixel huggers gotta hug it out.
  10. Our chocolate has special ingredients which prevent weight gain. Just be sure to buy it from us!
  11. I hear Lindt has your chocolaty needs covered. This chocolate advertisement brought to you by Raid Shadow Legends. We'll need them to protect us from the heat of your soup. Can't have us melting and whatnot.
  12. Oh no, don't let menny see this. We'll multiply faster than GPWC.
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