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  1. Cleaning crews clearly need a raise
  2. Can you like. Declare war before I retire next time? Good luck.
  3. Not to spoil the meme. But Knightfall + VietQuack + Guns & Roses. Still not a lot I reckon, but it's weird that it's happened thrice.
  4. Oh my, why didn't you tell me you were posting a DoE, I woulda rushed here! Good luck you guys!
  5. What I get out of this thread and the various servers talking about it is. TKR exists Therefore Hegemony Any facts or reality to the matter be damned.
  6. I like you guys already. Good luck!
  7. Obviously you need to start using irc
  8. We sorted this out. Appeal approved, please make sure you refresh your memory of #rules-and-info and pinned messages upon your rejoin 🙂
  9. Hey there! Do you know who issued the ban/can you supply a screenshot of the bot message sent to you informing you of your ban?
  10. Huzzah, we've made it from Theocratic Dictatorship, to Military Coup, to Absolute Monarchy in just one day!
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