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  1. You see, that just gets you kicked if you enable this feature. So you didn't actually solve anything.
  2. So, before I blatantly lol at you, I'll explain I used to be in the whale sphere, and they have quite easily some of the lowest taxes for small nations (grumpy, arguably THE whale alliance) has no taxes whatsoever as I recall. So I don't get so much as the premise of your argument. That said, god you might be the dumbest poster of the year lol. So gg on that.
  3. The API remake was "on the agenda" for nearly a year until Alex finally brought on volunteers who were willing to do it for free because the pressure from the community wouldn't shut up. So, respectfully, the community shouldn't believe it until it's implemented, which being on the test server, I still haven't seen it, nor any reason to believe it's been set up for live.
  4. @Menhera I'm going to give you 30m to buy these two treasures. Then find someone else in the AA to buy another 2. I'll buy two myself too. Tldr, you've solved nothing and it's a stupid rule.
  5. Go paperless on your next birthday
  6. Had a lot of fun! Good luck you guys!
  7. 1. All wars should end in beige, peace or be allowed to expire. 2. Any war(s) declared after this was posted shall be dealt with accordingly. 3. Both parties respect the sovereignty of each other and agree that no "salt" exists between each other in any way. 4. A 14 day NAP exists between all parties effective immediately after this agreement. To be enforced in-game by signatories desiring to do so. For The Imperium /s/ Lord Vader, Emperor For Chocolate Castle /s/ Lossi, Chocolate Queen /s/ Menhera, Chocolate Popess For The Wei /s/ James (Regent of the South) /s/ The Royalist (whelk of the North) /s/ Penguin (Flying General) tl;dr The Imperium along with Chocolate Castle declares White Peace with The Wei
  8. In addition to this, if the messages got deleted, you can copy their ID, copy the id of the messages prior, and the messages after, and they will be able to see the cached version of the message. Also, the screenshot you sent here will help them see what they're looking for, but as rush said, will not be usable as evidence so make sure you get message links and IDs. But this is definitely something for trust and safety to take a look at.
  9. Queen Lossi takes no official responsibility for the declaration of war. My job kicks in after war is declared. I provide results, not causes.
  10. Wouldn't be caught dead with your number
  11. Yeah, S.A.L.T. nukes do quite a bit of damage to high infra
  12. Mine's adapted a lot over time. City names and the nation come from a novel I wrote. The theme of the nation itself is just anime. Long ago I might have had the enthusiasm for a coherent theme, but it is no more.
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