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  1. Well fought war by all parties. Was a pleasure meeting all of you on the field of battle. Also cheers to a drama free peace process. Also @Emperor Adam better luck on your rng the next time we fight. 😛
  2. Why do you think I havent declared on you. .............. ............. Yet
  3. Congratz guys and good luck!!! Happy to be working with ya'll.
  4. Its ok. My dow for TLR ended up in a spoiler and I couldnt fix it. /shrug Good Luck guys.
  5. Good luck on the rebuild to all. Well fought on both sides.
  6. Looks at watch I dont have all day here. I have things to do. 😒
  7. Congratz Wana and good luck in retirement Adam!!!
  8. It was a warm spring afternoon as Adam, Benfro, Wizel, Yosodog, and LordStrum, among others, were sitting around the table celebrating their victory over Swamp. Peace had been achieved and The Swamp had been drained. As everyone is finishing their meals, Benfro and Yosodog rise from their chairs. Benfro raises his beer, “Friends. It's been one hell of a ride but all great things must come to an end. It was an honor to go to hell and back with you all but the time for Quack to split is upon us. You have been awesome allies and we wouldn't have changed anything for all the money in the world. To Quack.” Everyone raises their beverages of choice. “To Quack!” Yoso then raises his drink, “Hell of a ride indeed. Thanks for everything. And one last thing BK is taking Wana and Eumir with us! To Quack!” Everyone laughs. “To Quack!” “It's never good-bye. See you again.” tl:dr -TKR/t$ and BK/t$ treaties will be ending in 72 hours.
  9. Congratz on 1 year guys!!! Here's to many more!
  10. Wizel16


    Very well thought out @Yosodog 10/10 Would recommend.
  11. On the 30th of April, Shifty releases a plethora of information from the Swamp and The Lost Empire servers. Among that information, two topics stood out: First, a statement that there shouldn’t be a leak issue as Sphinx isn't in the server...Well, that aged incredibly poorly. The second was a plan by TLE to hit our ally The Order for “practice.” *Spoiler Alert* This one won't age well either. This is a direct threat towards TO and as such we shall beat the drums of war for One Last Ride to Drain the Swamp. TKR defends her allies; we will avenge them! Tl;dr: TKR rules, Swamp droolz.
  12. Ayyy Lmao Cant wait to do shit together and stuff
  13. TKArrgh is the only way to go. Welcome friends!
  14. Let me start off by saying Lorship is indeed a fine gentlemen. Why else would we choose him. Go Trojans. Irish suck!
  15. Happy Birthday Guys!! 5 years is stronk!
  16. Congratz @TigerFire!! Well deserved. And welcome @Lord Vader!!!
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