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  1. Justin076

    Where we droppin bois?

    Ahhhh yesss, nothing like getting triggered by an article and recruiting your protectorates and Arrgh to fight a micro on a scale of 5:1(not counting Arrgh). That sure makes you look a lot better than the article portrayed you. Pffft please, more like a burning trash compactor.
  2. Justin076

    To whom it may concern.

    I am far from concerned.
  3. Justin076

    The glorious adventures of Evil Bo

    Well played
  4. Justin076

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    Can't wait to see these VM'ers get torn the frick open. Endiness.......... whewww thats hot.
  5. Justin076

    The couping of Sirius

    Gosh man chill out, no need to get so sirius.
  6. Justin076

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Not as fat as your and IQ's ego now that you've managed to win a dog-pile with the help of skilled, capable fighters(Sydni, TEst, CoS).
  7. Justin076

    Alliances that don't raid

    Hi I’m from Polaris. As a member of Vanguard we do not engage in conflict because we’re a bunch of pusseis;. So join and have your dream come true. Polaris: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=2358
  8. Justin076

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Going on February and this war from October still ongoing? What a fricking pathetic disgrace all sides of this war are. Like seriously? Four fricking months? This is setting a terrible precedent for the future of this game. People talking about this game getting a second life but holy shit this is probably the lowest of all time. People who complained about a 6 month nap, well how about one side of a global sitting on the other for four months. IQ/Syndi(not all of Syndi cause I know some want out) suck a dick. TKR/TCW, swallow your pride and accept terms because you’ve been clearly beat. *waits for movement from bobber, places rod in holder and cracks a beer*
  9. Justin076

    Politics and War Awards 2018 - Winners

    Pathetic and inaccurate as usual. Hats off to the organizers.
  10. Justin076

    Rado Twerk Video

    Well frankly if you read the fine print, he said he would make the video. He wasn't necessarily obligated to show it to us. This is him teasing us...
  11. Justin076

    Laugh reacts on forums

    We need something even worse than a downvote to show our disgust with certain posts. Posters like @Noctis for instance. A downvote doesn’t do justice.
  12. Justin076

    Rado Twerk Video

  13. Justin076

    Why the wall is a great idea

    I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm well aware of my argument, it being that yes the wall isn't impenetrable, but its goal is to discourage crossings and slow crossings to allow agents to prevent those crossings before the people can land and claim asylum. Like I know you robots have trouble with logic but I'm betting that the chances of crossing into the US are lower in the situation on the left rather than the right. Also please, don't for a second try and talk to me about 5.7 billion. Since when have lefties ever been economically conscious with their spending? That is literally a fraction of the US budget and hundredths of a percent of the 10+ trillion dollars your golden boy Obama added to your national debt. So don't try and target Trump for lowering taxes when you have such a high debt. Like is that how thick your side of the aisle is? You are literally against tax relief for American families and businesses? Like your side doubled the debt, don't complain that we are now not suffering trying to pay off your bills.
  14. Justin076

    Why the wall is a great idea

    Hello NPC Anti-Trump robot. Hopefully your programmers gave you the ability to interpret English so you have the ability to read my post. First off, wow what a load of unhinged garbage in your two posts. It’s become cliche for you anti-trumpers but wow you’re on a high level of WOW. As proven by basic logic and the laws of physics, the Human body is incapable of walking through solid, physical barriers. That is the reason why for many many thousands of years humans have been building physical barriers to protect themselves from the elements and other humans. We build walls around our homes to protect us from the elements and others. We lock our doors to prevent break-ins. We build fences around school playgrounds to keep the children from runnings away. We install fences around compounds, sometimes adding barbed wire to prevent entry and or exit by unauthorized persons. Now while we do all of these things, we are of the full understanding that these barriers are penetrable. No boat is unsinkable and no barrier can’t be broken. However, they do fill their purpose of protecting us and other things. They are designed to make it difficult if not almost impossible for penetration to occur. And quite frankly that’s the goal of the wall. Yeah sure we can try and climb it despite it probably being designed to make it incredibly difficult to do so, we can also try and tunnel it but that would take a long time and there will probably be things in place to prevent that. The wall isn’t designed to completely stop illegals and isn’t promised as that. The goal is to make it way more difficult than simply walking across a imaginary line we call national borders and to discourage those from making an original plan to try and cross. If I’m someone thinking about making the long journey to cross the US border I’d be a lot more discouraged if their was a massive barrier in my way than nothing at all and all it took was walking in and claiming asylum. That would probably prevent me from ever making the trip. Further if I did make the trip, the chances of me being able to cross the barrier before being caught and prevented from ever crossing into the US and claiming asylum are low. That’s the other goal, to delay those crossings so there can be a response so the original crossing can be prevented and those migrants can’t claim asylum on US territory. Do some research dude, where barriers have been built along stretches of the border with Mexico, crossings have decreased exponentially. The fence put in from El Paso to New Mexico decreased crossings by 89%. Facts are facts. I know you robots are designed to ignore facts and logic but try and fight the instinct and think for yourself for once.

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