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  1. For some reason I struggle to sympathize with a group like BK. Hacking is unacceptable, but BK's eternal struggle to kill the game is more of a crime.
  2. Not sure what's going on here but I take it IQ was being a shit ally again. What a bunch of dorks.
  3. Dude you're honestly full of shit up to your neck. You want to control the game with an iron fist and drive it into the fricking ground. Keep hiding behind NPO you big wuss.
  4. Wars are so long that alliances can enter and exit several times, against opposing sides. What a time to be a alive.
  5. You're implying that our-side is the only one facing inactivity and deletions? Scrolling through your sides alliance membership pages I can see just as much as a problem. Regardless, I'm beating a dead horse whenever I say anything to anyone on your side. Like talking to a wall.
  6. I see Leo's head didn't explode yet from the pressure of his ever-growing ego and therefore this war is still going on. The decrease in activity can be pegged on the agonizing month's long war. Yes people delete in wars, they are weak. But in these long wars where nations are essentially deemed useless and sat on for periods longer than two months can force anyone to just peace out or delete. These long wars are the death of the game, so you've got what you wanted IQ.
  7. They're absolutely meaningless, forever in the shadow of their BK-IQ overlords. Doesn't matter how aggressive they are, they'll never doing anything on their own and will always come to the side of daddy BK/IQ. In that, they are no different than Vanguard was.
  8. Truth be told, however long this war drags on, it doesn't change the outcome, IQ loses the war, but everyone loses because after two years, we put the final nail in the coffin of hopes at a changed game. IQ wants nothing less than game domination and a bi-polar world. Rinse and repeat as all they ever want to do is fight the same stupid wars over and over again.
  9. Can my offshore be added please, just to my regular stats in TGH. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5754
  10. Why does shit like this keep happening?
  11. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way @Aragorn, son of Arathorn @Roquentin @Auctor
  12. Who’s side were they on? Ours or IQ?
  13. Well IQ kinda set a precedent last global war that these things are supposed to go on for a meaningless long ass time. Unless Leo's head explodes due to his exponentially growing ego, I expect a minimum 4 month war. Honestly, if this shit is still going on in August Im peacing.
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