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  1. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Gratz Queen, hope everything works out!
  2. Important ODN Announcement

    While I do find this decision to be a poor one, for your morale, growth and the future of your alliance. I can respect it. But honestly, TGH is an alliance full of fighters who crave the frick out of war. This is literally awesome for us hahaha PRAISE BUORKHANN!
  3. And So the Dust Settles

    Don't let the "white peace" fool you. We all know the true outcome...
  4. And So the Dust Settles

    6 month NAP is whack. Frig IQ for that dumb shit. See your asses on October 18th.
  5. War Stats 2.0

    When he wins they better parade it on their alliance page with the rest of their well-deserved awards.
  6. War Stats 2.0

    Alright so after a bit of digging and calculating. One, your infrastructure damage is correct compared to the stat tracker. However it is calculated much differently than how Frawley was calculating it. Which is leaving to heavily changed numbers. This is the comparison, in damage suffered by IQ, compared to Frawley's 13 day outdated stats. The steel and aluminum prices are both the same at $5000 and $3000 respectively and money lost is not included in Leo's stats as Frawley didn't have them available on his. As we can clearly see here, IQ's damage suffered total has gone from 102 billion on April 3rd to 87 billion on April 16th. I'm no scientist but these numbers don't make any sense. Now due to the fact that the unit kills are accurate, it is obviously the difference in the infra calculations. Frawley's being much more accurate. For example, in Frawley's statistics, The Golden Horde had done 8.078 billion in infrastructure damage as of April 3rd, however according to these statistics, we've only done 2.764 billion in infrastructure damage as of April 16th. That is a substantial difference. In conclusion. Due to the highly inaccurate infrastructure calculations, especially in comparison with Frawley's own statistics, its hard to say these statistics are credible and a good representation of how much damage each side has done and especially how the war has been going since Frawley's last update. EDIT: On a side note, its good to see some individual nation stats finally. So thank you for that, whomever is responsible for these. If we could get some more accurate infra damage totals then we'd be golden. With love xoxo, Justin076, BK's Favorite Person
  7. War Stats 2.0

    If that’s the case all it does is lead to me question the accuracy of past war stats. Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that these stats just don’t add up, not even close. IQ’s damage suffered is more than 15 billion less than what it was from Frawley’s stats which were last updated at the beginning of the month... They simply don’t make sense.
  8. War Stats 2.0

    Yes I’m fact they are inaccurate. But only for the value of infra destroyed, not for levels destroyed. If he was using the stat trackers statistics, he would have correct infra destroyed but false value of infra destroyed. This isn’t the fact therefore isn’t a valid excuse for these statistics. Furthermore, my damage suffered stats are accurate to the decimal. Which makes it appear strange to me that IQ’s damage stats are correct why ours are deflated as much as 47% on basic infra levels destroyed. Much more when it comes to value.
  9. War Stats 2.0

    #BringBackYoso No, literally, bring him back, these stats are whack! You see, I've been bored, and waiting to discredit someones stats. Today is my day. I've been manually logging my war stats for every single war and usually every single battle. So I don't have to go far to see that these stats are a load of crap. Here is the infra damage you have for mi: 27,577.73 destroyed by me, valued at just $138,847,218.00 However, my stats, which line up with your unit kills almost perfectly, show a much different picture when it comes to infrastructure damage: The value of my infrastructure destroyed is also $680,000,000, not $138,000,000. I've manually entered the majority of my battles into the infra cost calculator to get precise numbers. Some battles I wasn't able to calculate however, those battles simply aren't included in my stats. So, as we see, there is a lovely 20,735.46 difference in infra destroyed and a beautiful $542,000,000 shortage in value of infra destroyed. Oh but no worries, my infra damage suffered and value is actually perfect, no shocker there. Now, if I were a betting man, I'm going to assume these deflated values sweep right across non-IQ and aren't just a factor with one TGH member. Point being, we appreciate the memes Leo, but you're taking it a bit too far when it comes to this meme of war stats.
  10. Congratulations to Roquentin

    >When you run out of potential treaties to sign so you just start merging all your alliances together ”Bodiakstonaeron” BK+Zod+CS+Lord
  11. Are you going to keep running?

    Now, I understand real life shit happens. Thats not the issue here. If the people in question are busy, then that's totally fine. However, you have to understand that there's room for skepticism. The fact that both nations in question entered VM at the exact beginning of the war. Have regularly logged into their nations daily. Continue editing on the wiki. Have time to post massive roleplay texts in the roleplay section of the forums. It's hard for me and I'm sure others to believe that there's truly not "enough time" to fight. I have nothing personal against the people in question and if there is a medical issue at hand I wish them well. However I take issue with war dodgers, especially government members whom are supposed to take leadership roles and be there for their members. Now I know throughout the past there's been problems with calling out war dodgers, because none of us know whats going on in people's lives. But seeing people in VM be regularly logging in, editing their wiki pages, roleplaying on the forums and being discord active, you begin to connect the dots and draw conclusions. Again, if there's medical issues, I wish that person to be well.
  12. Are you going to keep running?

    As we see above, we can at this time confirm that thee, Eva-Beatrice, Imperial Officer of Polaris has not gone back into VM and has finally joined the members she helps govern in the fight. But, Eva was not the only one guilty of dodging the war. We are now waiting on the bank hiding bandit Featherine of Meta Board, another Imperial Officer of Polaris to come out and join the fight. Featherine immediately went into VM to illegally protect the bank as the war started and went back into VM after the first VM timer expired. Come back in 8 days to see if another Polaris government member will willingly join the war that the rest of the alliance has been busy fighting.
  13. Are you going to keep running?

    Is Eva, Imperial Officer of Polaris going to keep running or will Eva come out and fight to defend her fellow alliance mates? Come back in 7 hours to find out!
  14. War Stats

    Shocker, the one stat not included in Frawley's sheets heavily inflate the damage totals for IQ.. For those wondering, including the most recent damage totals and value of loot lost. Here are the latest damage statistics... IQ Damage Suffered: $134.166 Billion (-$50.231 Billion) KT/Rose Side Damage Suffered: $83.935 Billion (+$50.231 Billion) Looking great IQ, keep it up. (Off topic, but including TJest war damage to IQ, they have taken 175 billion dollars in damage over the past 2 months )
  15. The Fire is Very Warm

    Please teach me how to war daddy