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  1. More weight in BK’s court, minispheres were a cute two day trend weren’t they? Seriously though... I know the signators behind this treaty don’t intend for it but inevitably this indirectly consolidates more strength behind BK... Aside from that, congratulations to the signators, kinda cute to see this old guard bloc get a second life.
  2. Justin076

    Careful, it's Soup!

    Many often talk about the need and their desire to have more fair wars, yet even the most "ballsy" rarely ever do it. This war despite the first strike advantage is not anywhere near 100% favourable for soup, especially looking at that tiering sheet. Respectable move for your first war, I hope others take this as an example. Well done. PS: Kastor... lmao And James.... get off the crack.
  3. Justin076

    What do you like about war?

    The tears, memes and salt on the OWF is the best part. The best of this community comes out during war(also the worst). Good content is created. The blowing others shit up is also kinda fun.
  4. Justin076

    Remove war

  5. Justin076

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    Fake treaty, I never gave my signature. Also lmao Leo is mad.
  6. Justin076

    ICYMI: PWN Talks Politics

    The Golden Guardians of the Grumpy Old Templars
  7. I'm literally cringing right now, "normal price". There is no normal price on resources. Take oil and gas for instance, in real life, as much as people want to believe their is a "normal price" and manipulate things to try and achieve that "normal price", fact is there is no normal price. The price is what the price is and no matter what you do the market will decide. The second you try and manipulate the market by trying to buy up the offers and increase the price, everyone will flood the market with offers to try and sell for that price and guess what? The price will fall back or even further than before. This is basic economics folks. Accept the market for what it is.
  8. Justin076

    underinflated resssources price

    You don’t need to be an economist to understand the dynamics of supply and demand.
  9. Justin076

    @everyone - It's true.

  10. Justin076

    An Ocean Voyage

    You're all wrong. We are just taking a stance and showing our support for the LGBT(whatever other letters they have now) community.
  11. Justin076


    The 30 day shit is weak, like your coming off as trying to create a better game dynamic but at the same time still throwing that weight around to stifle anything from happening. As for Pantheon, they’re running out of big, decent alliances they can hide in the shadow of, this might be it for them.
  12. Justin076

    An Ocean Voyage

    Kayser has finally fulfilled his destiny.
  13. Justin076

    Chaos sphere is the worse sphere

    lol nice bait. TKR and CoS are definitely in the group of best fighters. Soup is a mixed bag of some good some bad, but could do alright. SK is well, we’ll see how they do.
  14. Now that she's back in the atmosphere,
    With drops of Jupiter in her hair, hey, hey

  15. Justin076

    TGH-T$ protectorate

    Weak as frick. TGH is above this shitty ass April Fools shit. Absolute minimalist effort.

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