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  1. Wait, are you telling me that Rose gov members receiving billions in "loans" that never get paid back is actually some sort of embezzling scheme? I am SHOCKED.
  2. A change is well overdue. We've all been on the losing sides of a war and we all know how ridiculously OP Iron Dome is. Either nerf Iron Dome or increase missile construction capability. For literal years we've been trying to improve the losing sides ability to inflict damage and keep the individual player active and this is one of the best ways of doing so. Zeroed players, whose only option is to lob a nuke and/or one or two missiles per day against 3-8 opponents shouldn't deal with 50/50 odds.
  3. Alliance of the Year: The SyndicateMost Powerful Alliance: The SyndicateMost Improved Alliance: The SyndicateBest Rookie Alliance (must be an alliance formed in 2020): EclipseMost Missed Alliance: Church of SpaceologyBest Alliance for New Players: The EnterpriseMost Honorable Alliance: The Knights RadiantMost Immoral Alliance: New Pacific OrderMost Controversial Alliance: New Pacific OrderBiggest Warmongers: MythicBiggest Pixel-Huggers: Grumpy Old BastardsWorst Fighting Alliance: Grumpy Old BastardsBest Alliance Growth: RoseMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: ArrghMost Likely to be Rolled in 2021
  4. Wow Adam and Vero, I sent that intimate photo in confidence 😒 Also @theo
  5. Me whenever I dare to glace at Phoenyx's posts.
  6. We're focused on the quantity because the quality is also trash. So we have to scroll through 7 shitty posts, not just 1.
  7. I was on voice call with Patrick when he received this message, oddly enough his keyboard was sticking, which can explain this. Best wishes 😀
  8. >"TKR sphere in ontrack to the special Olympics gold yet again!" Seriously dude, grow the hell up and get off the forums. You're not even an active member of this game, so why you felt the need to come on here, spew out a bunch of garbage and inappropriate insults at TKR, trying to justify them being rolled out of the game is beyond me. Frankly, your legacy in this game is ghastly and you're just making yourself look even more foolish, move on. You don't have an ounce of credibility.
  9. Just trying to get caught up here. Okay.... so we get logs that indicate TCW/Swamp were gunning for Quack with the support of HM. This is denied by both parties. We get confirmation from several people indicating that cooperation/paperless agreements were in place between Swamp and HM. SRD enters this thread and I can only assume mistakenly admits that such discussions took place, such coalition was formed and that they were just waiting for Rose before they made their move. Tyrion enters and fans the flames of the dumpster fire that SRD started, admitting that Swamp and H
  10. Are you jealous that some alliances econ can actually grow without taxing 100/100? Econ genius.
  11. Perhaps don't march around the forums and private chats spewing some sort of "moral superiority" rhetoric when, for the second time in less than two months, you guys have crossed sphere lines with paperless agreements to dogpile a sphere. I mean seriously Thalmor, we both spent two years together in KETOG pushing for a multi-polar world where politics and activity isn't stifled and where more fair wars could ensue. By your own standards, Hedge has done more harm to the idea of a multi-polar world than any sphere in the game, including by a long shot, The Syndicate. Compare The Synd
  12. Is there anyone left in the game they can throw at us?
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