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  1. Two upgrades in one day... angry hippo noises heard in the distance Congrats guys!
  2. The only rot in this world is UPN's continued existence.
  3. Everyone gangster till hood Ame's pulls up (This is a fricking masterpiece)
  4. So to follow up with the previous war killing changes, you're going to introduce a change that puts aggressors at an overwhelming disadvantage. This change creates an environment where no one is ever going to want to pull the trigger. The past changes were massive blows to any incentive to go to war, this change, this is the final nail in the coffin. As mentioned above, when the NAP approaches an end, everyone's just going to decom and build their units into reserve, no ones going to blitz someone if their opponents units aren't killable, and surely aren't going to declare on them and be a sitting duck until their opponent comes active and whips out their reserve. Like I'm getting to the point where I'm actually suspecting the goal of all these changes are to kill the war system, there's no way that you and Alex can get together and come up with not one, but two, but three, but four, but five straight awful ideas. Maybe we need to get the games biggest pixel-hugger off the case.
  5. So not only have you nerfed military score to the point where you can be zeroed but still be in range of people with max mil in your city range, but now you've removed the only chance anyone ever had at getting back in the ring if they get knocked down. I mean seriously, have you ever cared to take a step back and evaluate how your changes will impact gameplay? An absolute joke, like seriously, your last few updates have been absolute trash and are destroying the war system. Time for a rollback to the spring.
  6. I think all of us former and current leaders can recognize the amount of time, hard work, dedication and stress that goes into leading an alliance. Adrienne, you led TKR through a very eventful time period. From Kightfall to NPO's Last Time, you dealt with tremendous adversity, yet you leave leadership with TKR at the number one spot, that speaks volumes! Congratulations on such a successful run and all the best in your retirement
  7. Looks an awful lot like the theory I proposed two weeks ago.
  8. There’s a difference between not wanting change and not wanting to see a terrible update implemented into the game. This update ruins the war system, which will obviously ripple through other areas of the game.
  9. It's becoming quite clear to me that absolutely none of these changes were tested and simulated as to how they would take affect. The carelessness with just going in and manipulating a few values in the coding and slapping the branding of an "game fixing update" is absurd. Had these changes actually been tested, I pray that they would never have been considered. Just to bring attention to some of the issues uncovered thus far: > Air Superiority doesn't affect tanks effectiveness against aircraft (tanks against aircraft, sounds crazy even saying that in a sentence). > The kill rates have been nerfed but casualties haven't. The kill ratios in an immense triumph ground attack are literally 1:1. > It's virtually impossible to zero a nation with three fully maxed nations slotting them. > With no changes to resource use in attacks by units and no change to inflicted casualties but yet a massive nerf to kills, you often will net negative in any IT dogfight? It's literally costing more in resources than you can possibly kill because of how much kills have been nerfed. These are just a few, more to come.....
  10. Except that as of right now, air superiority does not limit tanks effectiveness against aircraft, only against other ground. I'm hoping this wasn't the intended set up. @Alex
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