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  1. We won't be seeking peace so .... I guess we will do whatever it is we normally do, fight until we can't fight anymore then get gang banged until someone else seeks peace You may well find we don't actually care about anything at all, except our allies.
  2. You understand that just saying the same stupid things over and over doesn't make them true? Obviously not. Please continue.
  3. Yeah, sorry I can't communicate with people who talk like 12 year olds. Piss or get off the pot.
  4. I have no idea what you are saying, try to use words that have actual meaning. I don't live in your shit post world.
  5. Not as awkward as some of your previous work Holton.
  6. Care factor is still zero. Shit post is shit post.
  7. Nah, we still don't give a @#$%.
  8. I see how it is, I see how it can be. I know how it was, I know how it can be. Black Knight, a long way from home. o/ Polaris
  9. Is there anyone else you would like to have banned while we are on a roll? Perhaps if you could make a list of all people who are deserving of being banned it will save everyone a whole lot of time.
  10. You have made your complaint, now you are just trying really hard. I personally couldn't care less about the value of my opinion. If your desire is to complain about the standard of moderation then perhaps that should have been the focus of the OP. You need to develop some focus to your outrage.
  11. Surely if you were looking to do anything other than grandstand about it, you would have simply messaged the Admin. At the end of the day I find this kind of behavior to be infantile and it should be treated as such. If you must ''take offence'' then do so quietly without the faux outrage. The TOS is the loosest document written, it has no legal value at all. If Admin chooses to take action then so be it, the opinions of everyone else, including the OP are completely irrelevant. The whole community needs to do a whole lot better across the board. We could start right now for example.
  12. Yes, I am suggesting you are deliberately presenting a twisted version of events that suits your agenda.
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