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  1. I'd like to clarify that this isn't going to show you the calculations behind the scene. This will only show the updated max kill only.
  2. Pre I know about this but this is years late now. Either get it done soon enough or just allow us to go the OG way till it is done.
  3. What was Rose's CB for their Quack war? Besides the point is there are less downsides to allowing this than not allowing this. We all want a more dynamic game, not one where doing intelligent things is banned since the rest are too dumb.
  4. Currently, the game rules ban "Treasure Trading", ie, the ability to transfer treasures to a different person or alliance for in-game cash. The way treasures work is that if you hold a treasure and someone defeats you in a war, you forfeit your treasure to the victor. This can work as a treasure transfer mechanic where you can ask someone to declare war on you or declare war on them and lose the war to transfer treasures to them. Earlier, treasure trading wasn't banned and I've talked to people who sold treasures to different alliances for a big chunk of money ranging in the hundreds of mi
  5. Currently, the pages for war attacks only show the maximum amount of troops/units/infra that can be killed/destroyed with the attack. This data however is fixed to the maximum amount of units you have at your disposal. For example, take a look at the airstrike screen below: Even if I was to change the number of aircrafts to say 3, it won't update the information for Max unit/infra kills. My suggestion is that this should be dynamic. If I change the number of units, I should be able to see how much I can kill with the reduced number of units. This helps people who are new to the
  6. The way military works is everyone is limited to a set military/city. Without such a limit, people could just spam militaries and it becomes as good as Richest=Strongest or Biggest=Strongest And believe me when I say Tanks are one of the strongest units in game, particularly because they can kill planes, soldiers and tanks in a single hit. This however is kind of balanced by how fast they die during ground battles.
  7. Thank you for your services! Together we shall make sure Polaris and Alpha banks are looted....errrrr I mean they are put on the mapagain
  8. {DOW} ET declares war on United Vanguard Confederation
  9. TFW u realize cities for non-aligned is from KT alone
  10. Rose is treatied to Camelot and ASM Both of them are sus as well High time we rename Rose Sphere to Susphere
  12. Oblivion and Rose have had secret treaties for ever. What's new?
  13. Punny wei to celebrate your borgday innit?
  14. ESQUIRE TEMPLAR LIBERATION FRONT ANNOUNCEMENT @JadenStar10 The Liberation Front has heard your prayers. An IRON FIST shall crush IRON. ETLF hereby recognizes hostilities with IRON May god have mercy on your souls.
  15. Ingame grudges and IRL grudges are totally different issues. Ingame grudge wars like the last global fought against Quack for being too powerful is never the same as IRL grudge wars like the 69D war. Here partisan means to say he and by extension T$ dont want to fight someone due to IRL grudges. In fact I am wrong to say IRL grudges. A better term would be Out Of Game grudges.
  17. He wont soon enough. Thank you
  18. Don't lie! The truth is out!
  19. Damn so we remembered to attack someone today after all.
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